Tom and Trix Plus Six

This parody blog has been updated with Episode Six. "Trading Spouses" with the Duggars!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

Now you see it, now you don't...depending upon what reality television production wants you to believe about the making of Jon & Kate plus Eight. I think it's very easy and comfortable for many viewers to sit and watch these shows with no discernment at all as to what it actually requires to create a show like this week after week. I am more likely to watch with more interest in how and why this show happens, and what it takes to keep a production like this going for years on end. I think of the toll it takes on all involved as well as life-changing procedures that must happen within the home or "set" to produce such a show week after week, year after year. It is very easy to forget about the "fourth wall" as we sit complacently watching a gaggle of cute children interact in what we think is their normal and everyday lives. Reality television production doesn't want the viewer to think about the fourth wall much. We have heard Jenn ask Kate questions that could prompt a controversial answer now and then, but for the most part she and her crew want to remain invisible. This never makes them go away in real life, however and the wall is there in every single thing we see as viewers, whether we think of it's impact or not.

What is the fourth wall? A busy, needy, time and space consuming staff of production, sound and camera people with all of their lights, cameras and equipment and electric cords running everywhere behind the camera. It also includes all of the brainstorming required to create episodes out of thin air when content is used, and used, and over-used again and again, planning, making the home appropriate for a film stage, scheduling, re-scheduling, and re-shooting of episodes gone bad, editing, going back and shooting once again when public outcry requires schedule changes, damage control. Let's also remember how the fourth wall removes peace and sanctuary from the home environment and every activity the family participates in while being filmed and prompts activities that may not otherwise be done, for the sake of 40-50 episodes a year.

Would living this way make any of us feel weary and stressed, day after day—year after year? Would it change forever the dynamics of the family, change personalities within the family? Would living this way cause a high-strung mother to lose her temper more often than ever? This is the only life the Gosslings know, "Life Behind the Fourth Wall". Perhaps this will be a great tell-all book at some point in the future. Would any of us like our own children to be in a place where they may have enough content to fill a book such as this when they are grown and trying to come to terms with how they were required to lived their young lives in Central PA? Will this type of stressful lifestyle cause further estrangement within a family already isolated from close relatives in the future?

The Show! The Show!

(Posted for RKwrite)

The answer to why they couldn't cancel the trip to LA due to sick kids is simple . . .THE SHOW, THE SHOW, THE SHOW!

After all, if you're not working, and THE SHOW is your only source of income, you better be sure that there is an "interesting" and "important" subject (like hairplugs for Jon) for THE SHOW underway. I mean you have to feed all those kids and organic fluff is more expensive than regular fluff, not to mention organic peanut butter and organic tortilla chips and organic lollipops.

You have to be sure that IMPORTANT sponsors give you matching clothing for all those kids. The schedule can't be changed because you have go to all those churches to speak about all those "wonderful" children, and how you were blessed by GOD, not to mention chemistry. The speeches are IMPORTANT, because they help spread the message of what good Christians you are, and then the plate is passed and love offerings are given, and you sell beautiful postcards of all those WONDERFUL children to the sheeple who love you, and the money (as they say in Evita) keeps rolling in.

That money is needed, because who knows when the gravy train is going to stop, because someday soon the public will tire of enormous families with many children and of high order multiples, and then what will you do? Kate has to have fame and be IMPORTANT and you both need to be able to support your kids, so forget the sick kids, and hop that plane, and get those hairplugs, cause time and fame are awasting!