Genetically Toxic? What a Coincidence!

Kate has two parents and three sisters from whom she is alienated.

Jon has a mother and two brothers from whom he is alienated.

That's 8 people.

Are ALL 8 people evil/toxic? That doesn't seem quite right... or reasonable... or logical. I used to think, "Boy, Kate's parents must be really terrible." But I'm not so sure any more.

I truly understand keeping your kids away from toxic relatives. But is it possible that all 8 people are evil?

The Truth Will Set You Free

I'm glad I found this. I will say that I have also received threats due to some things I have posted on various boards, and I'm pretty confident that I know who is behind it. I've been silent for four years, but some more recent "behind the scenes" things have taken place, which caused me to speak out. I did, and started receiving threats. Well, I won't be intimidated or "commented into submission". I've decided to step back out because the truth needs to be told. I'd also like to say that I don't know mrsbananabethanna, but I do know that what she said is true. I've known Jon and Kate for years -- before the sextuplets -- and I think it's time that those of us who know what's really going on -- speak out!

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Degrees of Abuse and Exploitation

I have frequently read comments by others about the Gosselin children and how they are well cared for and should never be the focus of any child advocacy attention. Back in the day, I posted to the best of my abilities at TWoP, composing posts the best way I could that kept me from being banned, while advocating for the end of exploitation of the Gosselin children; I am sure you all have read me over there. I respect that others have their own views, and I appreciated reading well thought out posts on both sides of this rather volatile and controversial issue. What I didn’t appreciate, and could have easily put myself in a banning situation over there by replying to, were the few that would continually copy and paste well thought out posts only to reply to each phrase with canned words of refute, with no real educated debate. I did not read those page-long posts, as there seemed to be not one original thought being shared, only time and space being taken up with regurgitated and tired words.

I am not a cat lady. We share our home with a happy brindle boxer. I am principal/creative director of my own ad agency and have portfolios that have taken first place in the nation in various juried shows. That’s what I do to pay my bills.

My volunteer time is spent advocating for children in the juvenile court system, children who need someone to be their voice. I am eyes and ears for the judges on my cases, as they do not have the resources to get off the bench and observe their special charges to see what really goes on in their lives, and if their own court orders on behalf of these children are being carried out appropriately. My reports are first to be read by these judges, even before reports from the guardian ad litem and case workers on the case. I am court appointed and sworn in by the courts. I cannot speak to you about my individual cases, as the children are granted absolute privacy, but I can speak to you about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children). I have been trained to observe and catch all details, and I have seen horrible things, and situations that heal and bounce back to productivity. I have been trained to speak up for a child and report what I see to the courts in the child’s best interest.

The first Jon & Kate plus Eight show I saw was “PottyGate” and I honestly sat and watched what had to have been the filming of these children during private times with my mouth hanging open. I could not understand how camera crews were allowed to film little boys sitting on potty chairs with nude scenes obviously being filmed, whether they were edited out or not. The next day I looked around and found “Hannah Pooped” on YouTube, Hannah with no blurring of her complete nudity, TLC logo in the lower corner. Even if she had been blurred, the camera crews were still there filming those private times, obviously the footage exists. I spoke to my CASA supervisor and was told that this is absolutely inappropriate, any daycare would be shut down for such behavior, and the best course of action would be through the PA Attorney General’s office. I did email Mr. Corbett about my concerns regarding the nude footage and the “Hannah Pooped” footage on YouTube that had been viewed close to 12,000 times. No response. Mr. Corbett does have a lot of PR on his website regarding pedophile arrests, and that is great. I know that this is a case where children are being fed, clothed and housed and AG resources are slim. It doesn’t make the level of abuse or exploitation ok, it just makes it a lower priority on a long list. I don’t have the time or resources to make myself additionally available to push for legislation changes in PA.

As time went on, the “Hannah Pooped” video was taken down, kudos. I became more aware of the studio lighting these kids are exposed to day in and day out in their own home. Camera crews are in their home before they wake up until after they go to sleep 3-4 (probably more) days a week. This becomes a child labor issue. SAG child actors can only work 20 minutes in any hour and must have people on set that look out for only them. This doesn’t happen for reality television kids. When these children are scheduled to visit a zoo, and film footage is so bad from the rainy day that they must visit another zoo for another whole day to get workable film, is it their real lives, or scripted and scheduled? This is only one example of what I am sure are many encroaching situations on the Gosselin children’s childhoods that change forever how they grow. As time goes by, it seems that privacy for the tups is non-existent and at 4 years of age there are still camera crews filming them while bathing and other private situations. Let’s think back to when this show was new… did we ever see the twins being filmed in the bath or physically private situations? Why has it been ok for them to have “off limit” areas of their lives but not the tups? Why isn’t anyone standing up and saying this isn’t ok, someone that can do something about it? Why is it ok to film the twins, and now more often the tups, in situations of emotional turmoil that should be considered much more private, sacred and held within the sanctuary and privacy of the family? How much more will we see in the coming season, as we become numb to the inappropriate situations we have already seen and production must develop, schedule and script new controversy that will continue to pull us in?

I live states away from this family, and am ineffective in advocating for them from my state and county. I would have many more people of power here in my state and county that I could rely on to listen to me, respect my thoughts and hear my issues regarding this family and reality television families to come. I cannot do it in Pennsylvania. I’m sure Jon and Kate are happy about that. God Bless the children.

"You're not mad at me, are you honey?"

From the discussion page of the Gosselin Wikipedia entry:

Kate did not do IVF. There were no eggs transferred.

Kate used Clomid and Intrauterine Insemination (they inject semen into her cervix) with both pregnancies. But, when she went to get pregnant with the tups, her ovaries became overstimulated with the Clomid and she had 8 ripe follicles. The Dr refused to inseminate her and hospitalized her. Apparently the Drs orders didnt matter to Kate and she had sex with Jon anyway and she was diagnosed pregnant 5 weeks later.

Their website's OUR STORY references the overstimulated ovary hospitalization and the fact that she was diagnosed pregnant a mere 5 weeks after the overstimulation. Furthermore, several times on the show Kate talks about being diagnosed pregnant with the tups and rubs Jons thigh and says, "You're not mad at me are you Honey?" An inference can be had that she had sex with him in an overstimulated state, and kinda tricked him to get her pregnant.

Reprinted with permission from Preesi.

"I can find you..."

I (along with some of the people here!) have been working on the Wikipedia post. I have written for Wiki before, so I know the rules in general...don't make up things, and cite references when you make a statement. Occasionally, a statement is contested, and additional citing is needed. No biggie.

I have never, ever had any writing I have done be as hotly contested as the Jon and Kate piece. When the names of Kate's PARENTS were contested, I knew something unusual was up. I went to cite the Lt. Governor's speech opening up TAF accounts for all 8 kids (which directly contradicts their webpage that says they have no such funds.)and discovered that, although the link to the speech was on his site, the speech itself is deleted. All of the other speeches he gave during the same time frame are, indeed, on the website. Fortunately, I found a word-for-word copy of the speech elsewhere. I believe whoever challenged me KNEW that speech had been removed, and I would have to remove that contradiction.

I was also contested on the fact that Jon used to work for the state of PA in the Governor's Office, that he is now self-employed, that they do public speaking (yes, their schedule was removed from their site) that they sometimes get love offerings at these speeches, and that the sell pictures. The only thing not contested were the names,birthdays,weights and direct quotes that were positive.

And hey, I was trying to keep it neutral while involving the controversy. For a little while last night, the sentence, "We now live in Pennsylvania" appeared on the "controversy" section. I did not do anything about it, but it disappeared later.

Finally, this morning, I received a private message via Wikipedia. It said, "Why are you doing this? Just leave them alone because I can find you." I laughed it off, but why is someone threatening me over a Wikipedia page? Do they not realize that the more they press, the deeper we will dig? Dirt piles up when digging occurs, and not all of the dirt goes back in the hole...

Reprinted with permission from Steph.