Television Without Pity (TWoP) Thread Closed for Good

Question: What lasted only five weeks and accumulated just under 3,000 posts?
Answer: The new but doomed Jon & Kate Plus 8 thread on TWoP.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 thread on the website Television Without Pity (TWoP) has always been troubled, with frequent moderator interference -- posts edited, posts deleted, posters warned, posters banned, the entire thread placed on lockdown, etc. In fact the original thread was deleted entirely and a new one opened on May 2, 2008.

That new thread was plagued with the same problems, and was again locked down on June 11, 2008. It's now been confirmed that TWoP will NOT be re-opening that thread. So if you want your Jon and Kate fix, this blog would be a good place to continue discussing the Gosselin issues that seem to polarize so many people.

(There are also several other forums in which you may discuss Jon & Kate Plus 8: Fans of Reality TV and If you know of any others, please post them here.)

Kate is a Masterpiece

Kate is a real masterpiece of deception and self-delusion. Shrugging off the absence of her parents by claiming, "we're just not that dependent", when they wouldn't be where they are today without a virtual ARMY of people helping them?

Kate forces her own sister to choose between a relationship with Kate or a relationship with her parents... then claims, "It's nothing bad, it's not like we hate them or anything". Making an ultimatim like that sure sounds like "something bad" to me. Or are people that disposable to Kate?

The parents were good enough to be in their lives before the tups came along, yet somehow they [in Kate's words] "didn't know how to help" after the tups came. Given what I know about Kate, I can easily imagine that translates to, "they didn't help the way I wanted them to".

Last night's "How We Got Here" episode was just a cobbled together patchwork of old, outdated footage, most of which has already been on AOL for quite a while. I have no idea how production thinks they can cobble together dozens of new episodes for the 4th season.

Wonder what all the sheeple who've donated money to them would think about Kate's "amazing spiritual walk" if they knew what kind of person she really is and how easily she dismisses people when they are no longer useful or when they threaten her limelight. Beth is history, Aunt Jodi next -- she's running out of people to kick out of her life. Her kids better not piss her off.

Here We Go Again....

I thought that both Jon and Kate doth protest too much on their "How It All Began" show, when they discussed their families.

Kate went on and on about her parents, but said NOTHING. Far from her usual glibness, she seemed to be tongue-tied.

She said that they were better off without them. That's an astonishing statement. She totally ignored the fact that she has three sisters and nieces and nephews.

Jon's "explanation" was just as absurd. His mother is remarried and works full-time? Is she a firefighter, always on call? She doesn't get any days off? What about the fact that he has two brothers? OH... maybe they too work full-time.

It's just bizarre that they're BOTH alienated from their families... and seem to be alienating their friends (e.g., Beth) also. Why in heaven's name did they even bother to bring up the subject?