Where are the grandparents?

This article attempts to answer part of the biggest questions of the Gosselin family. Where are the grandparents?

Jon's father is the only one who gets mentioned. He was involved with the family until his death.

When queried, Kate has said "They are not involved with our day-to-day lives" and also "They didn't know how to help". Her parents took care of the twins while she was hospitalized when pregnant with the sextuplets, and were around during the birth announcements.

Kate's family have remained silent on the issue. One of her sisters wrote this in a public blog entry:
"So pretty much lately I've realized that I'm denying myself the ability to have relationships with certain people because doing so will bring me down emotionally and spiritually and following and trusting in Him. That is a rough thing when my mind wants to take steps to have a relationship with this person or persons, but my heart (where the Holy Spirit is guiding and directing me) is urging me to just follow God and let everything else take care of itself.

For the privacy of those involved, I want to try to keep things as vague as possible. But I want to give a more specific example of what it is that I am going through. I need to get it out!

Basically, I feel that I am being forced to choose between two people or groups of people. As it is now, I am respectful and loyal to one person or persons (whom we shall refer to as Person A), steadily building a healthy, Godly relationship with them, but I am missing out on a relationship with one or more other individuals (whom we shall refer to as Person B) in my family who do not get along with the aforementioned person (Person A) or persons. I am assuming that they (Person B) will "like me" (conditionally, of course) if I pretty much say, "boo to you" (in my husband's terminology) to Person A. But in order to be in their (Person B) life, I would have to give up Person A (and also violate a 10 commandment... honor thy father and thy mother...). See my plight... or have I confused you beyond belief?

The truth is... I miss Person B. I grew up with Person B, I love them, I want the best for them, and I would love to be in their life. But Person B, I KNOW, would bring me down emotionally and spiritually. I've missed seeing Person B's children grow... Person B's children and my child aren't getting to grow up together (they're cousins). This stinks!

Person B probably doesn't think I even care because I've had no contact with them. The truth is, I care so very much, but I am afraid of being taken advantage of, caught in the middle of a horrible battle, and hurt. The last contact I had with Person B was a phone call, which started out as planning a visit/favor/transaction and turned into Person B being harsh and accusatory. I hold no animosity towards Person B for this; it just shows that things have been rocky or just plain nonexistent relationship-wise. The whole thing just saddens me really.

So basically, I guess this is one relationship that I've had to give up in order to do the right thing. Maybe at a later time in a later post I can be more specific, but right now I don't feel as though I am to be too descriptive.

One final comment (and this probably won't make sense to anyone): I wish with all my heart that I did not have to watch television to see Person B. :'( I pray that someday God will bring healing... and in the meantime I know I am learning so much from all the trials and things that I am going through."

(This sister had to close her blogs after people started commenting, because she is Kate's sister. This is why I'm not identifying her.)

So if you do the math, Person A is one of the parents, and Person B is Kate - the person on TV. Whatever happened to estrange Kate from her parents, it appears to be serious enought that she has also distanced herself from most of her family. We know that her brother Kevin (Jodi's husband) is still involved - although I think he'll never go near those nasty potties again!

The rumor mill states that Kate's father, a pastor, helped organize donations for the sextuplets. Like six cribs, which Kate allegedly refused because they didn't match. She was also apparently rude to the church volunteers and drove them away. Niiiiiice.