Good Ol' Jon

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MadPanda: (Post#803)

I just can not believe what Jon Gosselin has been reduced to. What possessed him to think it was cool to get hairplugs? I just hate to see him at Kate's beck and call as bitch and manservant. I just want him to stand up to the woman. I personally have nothing against Kate but it upsets me to see him cut down as he always is by his wife.What happened to him? I wonder if it's the newfound fame or the overwhelming task of fathering 8 little ones.I ask this as someone who knew Jon in his glory days.......and it saddens me to see him in this state.I know this may be hard to believe given his new plugs (why Jon why?!?!) and the edit of lackluster/childish personality but Jon was quite the heartthrob in his heyday. My oldest sister dated him and this was a while back and I was a lot younger and more immature in those days but I was in L-O-V-E with him. With a capital L-U-V. I still have notebooks with "(name withheld) Gosselin" doodled all over with squiggly hearts. I resented my sister greatly during the time period when they were hot 'n' heavy.I hope I don't get shot down for saying this but Jon was kind of like a Luke Perry type. Ridiculously good looking (the camera does not do him justice.....those eyes....they will melt you) and with a constant blase coolness. It drove my sister nuts. And all of her friends. And me.It didn't matter that he lived with his mother or he didn't have any ambitions. He was just the epitome of cool. And that's all that mattered in those days. In all my interactions with him I have to say he was a really nice, conversational guy. Really socially oriented. Not exactly life of the party but a good addition.And I won't be vulgar or anything but despite the lack of expressing emotions properly he apparently was very good at physical affections. Kissing, cuddling, hugs, and the like. ;-)Now I tune in to see him get ridiculed and condescended towards, slapped, and look miserable. :sigh: I do enjoy seeing him with his adorable children. I always envisioned he'd be a good father when I fantacized about our lives together, when I was younger of course. Lol.I noticed Jon has been getting ridiculed a lot for his hairplug decision. I totally understand, it's very W-T-F. And he has been acting kind of immature and hostile in some episodes. I just wanted to let it be known that once upon a time Jon was a very sweet, cool guy who was just totally awesome and he would laugh just as much as anyone over balding men with hairplugs. It looks like he's gone off the deep end is all.