Gosselins Without Pity - A Poem

When I started my blog, I wanted to write about the TLC reality shows that make up a large part of my TV viewing. In the process, I've come to some, not very positive comments about the Gosselin family, at least the parents, I love the kids. I liked this show at first, but was struck right from the beginning by Kate's treatment of Jon. She picks on her husband, puts him down, and actually slaps him in the face, something she refers to as love taps. After I began reading message boards about this show, I realized that others felt the same way, and then I began to have doubts about her parenting. As I learned more about the Gosselins, my view of them began to deteriorate. These people are using their children to bring themselves fame and fortune, lots of gifts from sponsors, love offerings at speaking engagements, a book deal, and TLC paying for trips and home improvement. Meanwhile, the eight kids are growing up with overhead television lights in their homes, and cameras filming their every move. Their personalities are dissected by their parents in front of a viewing audience, and that same audience saw the tups, toilet trained, bathed, and berated for childhood misdeeds. It can't be a healthy situation to grow up in, and while I continue to watch, I'm no longer really a fan. The poem below expresses my present feelings about Jon and Kate.

Jon and Kate are the parents of eight
But they don’t need your pity
After all, they’re sitting pretty.
Their dispositions aren’t sunny,
But they sure are making money!

Those appearances they make
Are really somewhat fake.
They get paid to appear,
And tell their story for folks to hear.
Picture postcards are sold
Those cute kids are really gold!
Then donations the believers bestow
“How, “ says Kate, “could I say no?”

Kate felt the need to berate
All the tups during knobgate
She threw Collin’s bear away
Because he got gum on it one day
Older daughter, Mady, is made to seem bratty
Helpers, kind and sweet,
They tend to mistreat
Kate slaps Jon
And their sniping goes on and on.

The meaning and the moral of this real life story:
Lots and lots of children means lots and lots of glory
So if you have sextuplets, don’t flip your lids
Go on TV and make a fortune off your kids!

Contributed by RKwrite