I Feel Sorry for Mady

Mady seems like the kind of person who would thrive being an only child, or perhaps just one of two. Not because she is an attention whore or spoiled or bratty, but she strikes me as very smart and would probably love to be involved in various projects all the time if she had an adult willing to lead the way.

She'd be the kind of kid who would love working on her Science Fair project and would spend weeks getting it totally awesome... if an adult had the time to sit with her and give a little focused guidance. When she gets older, she'd probably be the type who would love to work little odd jobs to save up money for Space Camp in the summer. She would probably enjoy getting involved in local politics or volunteer work, she would probably earn a bunch of badges if she were a Girl Scout and sell a bunch of cookies, etc., etc... in other words, she could probably go as far as an adult would be willing to lead her.

Only she is stuck in a gaggle of other kids with a narcissistic, self-absorbed mother and an ineffectual father, followed by cameras constantly, dragged around the country, and constantly marginalized, demeaned, dismissed, and badmouthed right in front of her.

I feel sorry for Mady.

What's Kate's Excuse?

It's really hard to tell from a distance what is behind someone's behavior, but like other viewers I've talked to, I think there is an element of abuse or at least ill treatment in Kate's past. That sort of damage to the childhood psyche can manifest itself in several ways -- including coloring everything about how they view their past.

She could now be thinking of herself as having been quite deprived materially, hence the negative comments about how she never got to "go anywhere" growing up. It would be a way to make her a victim while distancing herself from the actual abuse -- if she was abused, it would mean that she was bad and not worthy. If she were simply "poor", it would help let her off the hook.

It could explain her apparent treatment of Jon as merely someone she can control and upon whom she can heap her frustration and disdain.

It could also explain how she seems completely incapable of feeling any maternal bond with her children. Speaking for myself, that bond is incredibly strong and powerful, and while it may not make me a perfect mother, it absolutely prevents me from treating my children the way that Kate treats hers. I could never live with the guilt of thinking that my own cruelty was causing my children emotional distress -- but Kate seems not only unfazed by that thought, she seems totally oblivious to the possibility.

Anyway, who really knows... but Kate's horrible treatment of those around her seem much too pathological to be just a spoiled brat acting out of resentment -- she seems to be acting out hurt and rage that didn't have a place to go when she was a child. Not that I have any sympathy for her; if that's true, there are plenty of adults who cared enough to seek therapy and course correct so as not to perpetuate the cycle.

There is No End to the Insanity

I am concerned about their parenting skills as well. Madelyn can't go a week without getting slammed by one or both of her parents. Cara races a scooter (to catch up to her dad's rollerblading) without a helmet. Joel is sick with a stomach bug and a fever and vomits on his comforter. Kate puts him on the floor in the laundry room because he "increased her laundry." (Not that she really completes her own laundry...she has minions who fold, iron and put it away.) She bailed out of her son's "one-on-one" trips, although both parents went with their daughters. She was upset that her son Aaden was not "perfect" when he had to get glasses. Jon mocks Joel's speech impediment. Kate had a tantrum and threw a toy grill down the stairs, and angrily interrogated the boys about a dresser knob. Finally, Kate threatened to throw away Collin's security item because he committed the cardinal sin of getting gum on it.I am sure I can think of more...

The Crayola factory nightmare. Apparently, Kate is an ignorant wench who is unaware that Crayola markers are washable, and have been for at least ten years. And she made the guys delivering her FREE piano remove their shoes... even though it was the same carpeting they removed less than a month later. I do believe men moving pianos are entitled to keep their steel-toed boots on... as a matter of fact, I think it is a law.

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The Crazies Are All Over the Place

It is obvious from the links on this site that there are dozens of fanatics out there who are worshipping the Gosselins. (These links exist. You might have to join Facebook to access them... or find them on Google.)

The contributors to this site easily found those blogs. The links on YouTube are too numerous to link to.

If I were Jon or Kate, I'd be extremely upset that my kids have become internet personalities. I would want to get off the TLC treadmill as quickly as possible and try to return to a normal life.
And NO, their life isn't anywhere near "normal" at this time. It's really too bad that the children have become "used to" the tv people, but they seem to have lost a lot of people* in their short lives, and I'm sure they would cope.

*Grandma Kreider, friend Susan, et al.

Where Do I Begin?

There is so much that can be said about Kate Gosselin (and Jon is beginning to follow suit):


. Put a sick, feverish, vomiting child down on the laundry room floor on a thin blanket... this was after yelling at him for vomiting on his comforter

. Allows her 3-year-olds to watch videos of their show, letting them see their mother smacking their father and talking about the kids' personalities and behavior

. Denigrates her husband while talking to her children ("Daddy is mean. Ignore him." "Daddy doesn't care about your safety.")

. Blatantly "plays favorites," e.g., comforting Hannah when she cried because Kate was leaving and giving Joel time-out because he cried for daddy. She also accompanied each girl (all 5) for their "day out" and ignored the boys.

. Totally ignores the fact that her children have been televised on the potty and being bathed, disallowing them any dignity or privacy (from the video crew and the viewing audience). These views have shown up all over the internet.

. Seems to be trying to keep her sextuplets as babies as long as possible... instead of teaching them to be self-sufficient... sippy cups, being dressed, et al.

. Does not seem to be teaching her children any self-control or inter-personal abilities. They need to interact with children other than relatives. She usually does not intervene when they have altercations. They bite, smack, scream, etc.

. Does not let the children be children. For example, at the Crayola "factory," she would not let her kids play with WASHABLE markers, not even the twins. When Jon asked "Can't they have fun?" she replied "Not these kids." What kind of mother would say such a thing? She was concerned that it might make more work for her. She is petrified that they might get dirty.

. Terrorized her child because he got a little gum on his teddy bear. She threatened to throw it away, while he cried his heart out.


. Competed against his children (hide and seek), cheated, and gloated when he won!

. Makes fun of Joel's lisp.

. Was blatantly bored during his day out with Joel.

. Made fun of Collin saying "thank you" after he assisted him during his constipation. I'm really impressed that Collin said thank you.

. Sat in the garage playing with his new cell phone while he was supposed to be watching/playing with his children.

The list can go on and on. I imagine that it could be never-ending. Please feel free to add to this list if you see fit.


P.S. I noticed that "Golden Snitch" was very upset because the speaking engagements are "their only source of income" and nasty people are trying to stop them! What in the world ever happened to Jon's "job"?

There was also one episode in which Jon said "Kate was taking care of business so I got to watch the kids." What business is Kate in?

There are just so many reasons to be disgusted with this couple.

Why I'm a "Hater"

Like many people, I enjoyed the first couple of specials. Adorable kids, she's kinda mean, but it was pleasant viewing.

Once the series started and people started talking, I realized how much hypocrisy there is.

For example, if you go to the FAQ page on the Gosselins' own website, they state:
Contrary to popular belief, none of our kids have been given a college scholarship nor are there any funds set up in any accounts to pay for college!!! That is another area where we are trusting the Lord to provide when that time comes!!!!! Scary, but necessary!!!!! :)

But a little Googling reveals that on the sextuplets' first birthday, the Lt-Governor of Pennsylvania announced that tuition accounts had been set up for all eight Gosselin children.

One TWoP reader hypothesised that perhaps the parents didn't know about this. Um, this was announced at the birthday party. I think Jon & Kate would have been there ...

Another hypothesis is that nobody has actually donated to the funds, which I doubt. My personal opinion is that (a) Jon & Kate have no control over the funds so therefore they don't exist (b) mentioning the funds, even giving directions on how to donate, on their website diminishes their portrait of themselves as people in need.

Once I realized this deception, I started looking more closely at the situation, and I guess I became one of the "haters". I don't call Child Protective Services on them, I don't e-mail churches where the parents will appear, I have no idea where the girls go to school - but since I don't speak of the parents in glowing terms, I get classified as a "hater". And believe or not, I don't spend my free time Googling the Gosselins.

Want to know another way that they portray themselves as in need? They go to speaking engagements and tell of how hard it was for them in beginning. And I do believe it was hard for them, I am sure they were overwhelmed.

But now? They are selling photos of themselves and their kids. If you have a Facebook account, you can see one of the pictures with some comments here.

Note that the person who bought a picture said "THAT postcard was $20 the regular-sized ones were $10...i just had to tell myself...ok, poor college student, it's for a good cause! lol"

I think college students are more of a good cause than the Gosselins! The Gosselins have all sorts of freebies given to them, they are not a good cause any more. Except for the college funds. ;-)