Jon & Kate Gosselin Gratitude

This is the time each morning that I make my gratitude list to start my day. This grounds me and hopefully turns those especially stressful days in my corner into something of value and accomplishment.

I am Christian, have mentioned it before and give God Thanks and Praise for my gratitude list. I know there is a full spectrum of places to send one's gratitude to, and I respect every individual choice. I share this as it's especially bothersome for me to observe the Gosselin form of Christian gratitude, I try to say this without judgement, but I do have my human weaknesses.

A growing number of years ago I was laid off the day after 9/11. Creative director at a Chicago ad agency that was hit hard by the last recession that hit the web sector especially badly. I was the highest paid/first to go scenario. We were a two income family with a blend of 6 remarkable children, 4 in college. We had a home large and beautiful enough to accommodate these beautiful children in an affluent suburb. I was also taking anti-depressants, as my life was too busy and agency life can be very chew you up and spit you out, as I experienced first hand.

I applied for every position available for a year, but no one was hiring. I started building my own client base, and am Blessed with where it has grown to this day. My second marriage was in trouble. Charming man, everyone loved him. He was a great stepdad, other than the fact that he couldn't treat his stepchildren's mother with enough respect to not cheat on her. A funny thing about me? I cannot abide adultery in my own life. The marriage ended, the house was sold and I found a place we could afford, my children and I. It's smaller, but beautiful and warm and it's been my home since then. My children come and go with happiness and fun. My youngest is still in college, and still here with me, much to his dismay ;-)

I was thinking back this morning to that first year in this smaller home. I shake my head and wonder how I took the leap to leave. My income could have been sorely inadequate and I could have easily been on the street. Every bill got paid, however, and every child was able to continue working toward their degree. It was blind faith, could have been stupid faith. I do give Thanks and Praise for coming through those times as well as we have. I prayed for guidance and assistance, but never expected it to be in the form of handouts, only to give me enough strength to provide for myself and my children with my own abilities. I do my best to give back with service to those in need.

This is why I am so saddened and conflicted with the Gosselin story of "God will provide". I am conflicted with their blatant materialism, hypocritically opposed to what they speak about on the church circuit. I am saddened that this able-bodied and blessed couple is so incensed with keeping up the charade that they bully and try to make disappear every opposing opinion that they can, rather than taking the criticism to heart. I am saddened that they don't count their blessings, and do something to pay it forward, spiritually, emotionally and financially, from the heart. I am saddened that they are taking love offerings from those that have less than they do.