What we want to see or don't want to see

I think everyone knows or expects that the episode I long to see is the series finale. But as long as Jon and Kate chose to be on TV showcasing their brood, what would you like to see them doing?


Anonymous said...

I personally would love to see some footage that was removed from the show to see if they are any different than they appear.

SChant said...

What I don't want to see:

The kids in underwear, bathing, or any other indecent pose.
Kate hitting Jon.
Kate demeaning Jon.
Both parents criticizing children. Parents ignoring bad behavior. Favoritism.
Kate's constant complaining.

I could really go on forever with this, but I won't.

What I would love to see:

Less filming. I think the show could have been acceptable if they would have limited the amount of filming they have done.
More individual time spent with each child.
Kate cooking, cleaning, sweating, driving, doing every day Mom things.
The kids reading, writing, drawing, and being creative.
I would love to see Kate and Jon's extended family become active with the family, and I would also love to see Kate babysitting for Jodie. (Return the favor)

I could also think of many more to add to this list, but I have finals to study for.

Anonymous said...

I will not give them any ideas for new shows. Next!

Anonymous said...

I want to see Kate and/or Jon sitting down and reading with the kids. Doesn't have to be all of them at the same time. I'd like to see them maybe read a book before nap, or bedtime. The times I've seen bedtime it seems they just bathe, dress, brush teeth and wrangle them into bed while Kate moans, "I love bedtime." Reading to kids at bedtime/naptime makes for a happy bedtime routine.

I'd also like to see the parents SIT DOWN with the kids at dinner sometimes, which I know is hard seeing as the kids may need stuff. But the older girls can get their own drinks and whatnot.

I'd also like to see the kids doing art projects with Kate sitting there, not hyperventilating about the mess. Or let the kids have some messy Playdoh time outside, or fingerpainting. Sidewalk chalk! Something.

I'd like to see them doing household chores together, not as a prerehearsed "clean out the garage" episode, just a day where the 'tups start learning how to help out. They used to show them doing stuff like that, now it's all "trip to NY, trip to Hawaii, oh GOSH this is hard work!"

Unknown said...

I want to see Kate's mom & dad, her brother & sisters with their spouses & kids, Jon's mom & brothers.

Not just them standing around either I want to see interaction.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see them all in counseling so things can stop being so crazy around there. I would like to see Mady and Cara not be pushed to the side, they are just as important as the tups. I would like to see everybody be treated kindly, Kate and Jon included! So basically I would like to see a whole new Jon and Kate plus eight, well actually I think it would be more like the first hour special.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Jon and Kate admitting that the show was a mistake and that they were wrong and that they are asking for forgiveness. End of story.

(** No one will be hurt if they close up shop now. They made their millions. The children will have a somewhat normal life and all will be well in the world again.)

Anonymous said...

Why should we give them any more idea's for more episodes? Get this show off the a air!

Anonymous said...

I would like for them to realize its time to have the cameras turned off and for them to live their life as it should be. To acknowledge that its been too much although was great while it lasted and that they need to do nothing more than put all their focus on their children without the public eye. Thats what i would like to see. Jon and Kate, just be every day normal parents to your kids whom God blessed you to have. Love them,appreciate them,give them your attention. Those kids deserve it..

IrishNYC said...

More parenting, less shilling for corporate sponsors.

More reality, less all-expenses paid everything.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see J & K get a job !

Anonymous said...

"and I would also love to see Kate babysitting for Jodie. (Return the favor)"

If you were Jodi, would you leave your kids with Kate? I wouldn't leave my pet with Kate - I love her too much.

Episodes I would like to see:

Kate in counseling
Kate and Jon in parenting classes
meaningful interaction with parents and siblings, not using them to help with babysitting or household tasks.
Kate and Jon praising Mady and Joel

Anonymous said...

giving back, really truly giving back, like working in a soup kitchen or something...and then maybe a psychological evaluation of Kate...that would be entertaining

Anonymous said...

i would like to see them show some real honest affection towards eachother and there children. Everything on that show is so staged anymore its hard to tell whats real and what isnt. I was watching the show tonight in between wife swap and it was the episode where they went to the florida keys and they were such different people. Kate actually told the cameras to leave bc jon would know something was up which means even as they were doing the show at some point the cameras were not there all the time. And when they went to dinner for jons birthday beth and her husband were there and jodi and kates brother and they all seemed genuinely happy. Watching episodes like that one just makes me sad for them and the people they have cut out of theirs and those poor chldrens lives..

Anonymous said...

I would like to see them do an episode where they acknowledge their critics and answer some questions.

1.) What happened to Jodi and Beth?
2.) Why are you taking love offerings at churches?
3.) How long are you going to keep doing the show?
4.) How do you think the show has affected your children?

I could go on but you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

Everything everyone has already mentioned PLUS: an on-air apology to Aunt Jodi for treating her so incredibly horribly!

Anonymous said...

I would appreciate Jon and Kate looking into the camera on their interview sofa telling all the viewers the reason they are ending the "show": to allow their children the chance at a childhood.
God knows the little ones have never had one yet and the twins didn't get one for many years before this mess started.

qtrfan said...

I would like them to appear on Dr. Phil and "get real" about the whole fiasco. A bonus would be to include all the relatives that have disappeared. This obviously should be without the children present on the show.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Jon really stand up to Kate and retrieve his testicles.

I'd like to see Mady loved.

Anonymous said...

I do want to see the show cancelled, but if forced to say what I would like to see if I can't have my first wish: I'd like to see Jon waking up to a new day at home by himself in the big bed and sitting down to a nice and fun breakfast with his kids, no rush, no crying, no problem. I'd like to then see him sit down in the middle of the floor and just play with the kids, maybe let them climb on him and afterwards listen to them read to him and the kids take turns -- all still in their PJs.

Then I'd like to see them all quick get ready because Grama and Grampa and all the relatives are coming over for a BBQ which Jon will provide while the others bring covered dishes of whatever they like.

I want to see the kids in all different clothes they picked out themselves and with their hair combed however they could comb it, out in the yard playing with all their cousins and maybe some family dogs. Everyone would sit down wherever they wanted to and eat whatever they wanted to eat. Much laughter and fun would ensue.

After all have gone and Jon has helped stuff all the paper plates in the outside garbage and has decided just to rinse off the inside plates and run the dishwasher later, I want to see Jon showing the kids the new postcard that Kate has sent them from her private island where she will be spending the rest of her life and most of their money. It will be worth it, Jon will say to them, and they will all nod.

Then I want to see all the kids getting their own baths behind closed doors and getting themselves dressed the same way for bed. As he kisses the last one of them goodnight, I want to see a contented smile on Jon's face as he walks back downstairs to have a beer with a good friend and watch some football. He will smile and the good friend will nod. Everything will be good in the Gosselin household.

Photo Mommy said...

I would really like to see the kids playing with other children.

Unfortunately, Kate makes sure no one comes into their bubble. Mady can't even get phone calls from her schoolmates.

Real healthy, Kate

I just want to see this alleged good behavior with other children and them talking and learning from each other and all children do.

Anonymous said...

What I would like to see is Jon stand up to Kate once and for all. Instead of saying through his closed lips "I'm not saying anything."

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a new show entitled "Kate enters long-term psychological counseling".

Anonymous said...

Kate cooking, cleaning, sweating, driving, doing every day Mom things.


I honestly couldn't care less if Kate had people doing these things for her if she is using her time instead to give affection to her children. It's a great option if one can afford it. What I do have a problem with though is her having this help, lying about it, and using it as "me" time.

funkycatt said...

I want to see Jon and Kate treat each other and their children with love and respect.

I want to see the kids have the chance to be children, not support their own family.

I want to see kids having a great time, and Jon and Kate truly APPRECIATING everything they have. From the great home to the amazingly healthy, strong, smart, beautiful children god has given them.

I don't want to see Mady or Care whining or miserable. I don't want to see the boys ignored. I never want to see Hannah with attitude or the other girls yelling.

I never, ever, ever want to see another child in a state of undress, in the restroom or any other comprimised situation.

If the cameras are to remain the sextuplets bedrooms, I want to see them in Jon and Kate's bedroom, too. (See how long that lasts).

I don't want to see any of the kids ever drug to any activity they aren't intereested in.

Lastly, I want to see all of the kids get PAID for ALL of their labor.

I want to see loving extended friends and family back in their lives.

Anonymous said...

I want to see one more special, 20 years from now when the show has been off the air for 20 years. The kids will talk about the dark period when the show was on, and then about the light than came when it ended and the family entered counselling. They will speak of how they all learned about common decency and kindness.

Kate and Jon will apologize to the public for what they put their kds through. They will speak of all that they have learned, and that they would give anything to get those years back. They will still be working the jobs they got after the show. Kate as a nurse, Jon running a foundation to help other famiiles with higher order multiples.

The special will last an hour, and that's all we will have heard of these people again.

laura linger said...

I'd like to see Lord and Lady GimmeGimme sit down with a panel of former child stars: PP, Danny Bonaduce, Willie Aames, Adam Rich, Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, Maureen McCormick, a friend or relative of Dana Plato, etc. Then I would like to see said panel "tell it like it is" as to how child stardom and the camera's constant intrusion into their lives affected them as adults.

Then we'd watch Kate's wonky eye get all twitchy and wonkier, and we'd watch TBW shift uncomfortably in his "Don't Worry Beef Curry" t-shirt, and know that they are just thinking about how they can parlay this into more of Mady's supposed bratty behavior.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see J & K Gosselin for ONCE take some ownership of accountability for their choices in life instead of using, ' God', extended family, infertility, medical science, past employers, helpers/volunteers, each other, those who dont understand them, those who didnt/dont know how the help them, 'who are we to say no' etc and so on as their 'go to' excuse/justification/personal approver of all things in life!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want the show to end and for Jon and Kate to do something that has nothing to do with the existence of their children.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to see anything on TV

I would like to see a press release tomorrow from The Gosselins, TLC and Figure 8, stating that while they are thankful to their loyal viewers, it is time for the next chapter in everyone's lives.


5 (or more) years from now, I would like to see an article in People Magazine, or elsewhere reputable, with an update on the family. Hopefully, it will discuss how the kids are all thriving academically, socially, and in all of their other endeavors, be it sports, dance, theatre, etc.

I hope to read that Jon and Kate hired a professional to manage their money from the show, and that money has been separated into 9 equal funds: 1 for each child and 1 for J&K.

I hope to read that with all of her kids in school, Kate decided to go back to nursing part time. Jon decided to use some of their money to go to school and get an IT degree of some kind, and he now works full time. Their jobs plus income from the show and book(s), provides a very comfortable life for them and the kids.

I hope to read that the kids now see all of their extended family on a regular basis and once again spend their Sundays at Beth and Bob's house.

It is probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to hear about in the future.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Kate in a room with all of those supportive friends and family that were cast aside so cruelly and watch her try to defend her contemptable behavior face to face with the people who did nothing but try and do what good friends and family do for each other.

I would also love to see the kids being brought up in a caring and nurturing environment where they are allowed to play, have friends, dress differently, and not be filmed in various states of undress. In a nutshell, I would love to see the show end.

ratherbkayaking said...

I'd like to see an episode of "take your daughters and sons to work day". Oh, wait. Neither of them have a job....

Anonymous said...

I really think they (J&K) need parenting advice and help...and, a little therapy to boot! I would love, love, love to see TRUE PARENTING/FAMILY EXPERTS come in with fresh eyes and talk to J&K about parenting, family and love...it is clear from the way Kate has so easily dismissed the people in her life that something is seriously (and dangerously) lacking - and, I think even the best family can benefit from experts...what I don't want to see is Jon & Kate being held out to be any kind of expert of anything.

Anonymous said...

I would so love to see those little girls with their hair OUT OF THEIR EYES!

Have Jon stand up to Kate in a mature way and not like a damn kid.

Have the Gosselins make up with Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin. But as for Kate returing the fav by babysitting for her nieces and nephew...NO WAY.That is a scary thought.

Throw those damn dirty bibs away.

Brush the tups kids and hae them spit and rinse.

Let the back of her(Kate's) hair grow out.

Clean out her messy closet.

Make a decent lunch for the kids.
Ex:grilled cheese sandwiches and hot soup.

Tell Mady that she needs to back up and start all over again with her words...In other words. BE MORE RESPECTFUL.

Ahh well...The list goes on but now I am exhausted...

Lizzy said...

Find a sponsor willing to donate them a couple of souls and maybe some parenting skills beyond, "Here, I bought you this shiny new thing! See how much this means I love you? Now go away and shut up."

Anonymous said...

I don't want to see any show ideas such as some have mentioned here because all that would be contrived and fake. The only thing at this point worth seeing is KON having a Q&A show but this time answering the hard questions they ignore. It's like the elephant in the room when they do these things. They know what people really want to know but won't address it. They need to state what went wrong. They need to admit they need help, both marital and personal counseling. They need to admit the show is bad for their kids and that the family has fallen into hopeless dysfunction. Kate obviously needs to bond with all her kids other than Hannah. The twins need help--seriously. If they do not admit fault, the only other thing I'd like to see is an intervention show with all their ex loved ones discussing them as the producers tell us the show has been cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Nothing! Just cancel this show already..

Anonymous said...

I would like to see all 10 of them waving goodbye as the camera goes to black...

Onomatopoeia said...

I also don't want to see the show anymore but I've always had this great idea for an episode:

TLC Wife Swap

Kate swaps places with Michelle Duggar for a week and goes to Arkansas to take care of Jim-Bob and the 17 Duggars. Jinger teaches her to make tater-tot casserole, sew her own clothes, and flatten down that porcupine ass growing in the top of her head. Kate eventually joins the Quiverfull movement and turns her life around.

Michelle goes to Pennsylvania, gives Jon his balls back, and all 8 Gosselin kids are loved equally and without condition. Under protest, she gets a mani-pedi and hair highlights. She invites all of Jon and Kate's former friends and family for a big cook-out where they play broomball and sing hymns. Satisfied that she has turned their lives around, she leaves the Gosselins in the capable hands of Jodie, Kevin, Beth, Carla and Nana Janet. Kate returns to Pennsylvania and is committed to Wernersville State Hospital. Jon finds that he can actually play a decent game of golf now that he has his balls back.

...to be continued...

Anonymous said...

I agree, don't give them any more ideas. Clearly J&K read this blog as do the producers/writers. However, what i would like to see is the show end, Jon & Kate sell the New 1.3 million dollar Konpound, use the money from the sell to invest in the kids futures and get REAL jobs and experience REAL life as a family of 10.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the parents sit down with the Dionne Quints and have a serious talk about how damaging their show is doing.

I want to see the children paid for there labor and able to spend it as they wish - even if it is on an unorganic treat or something messy.

I do not want to see the children hurt by being called ugly or nastyor yucky.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see this show ended for 10 yrs and then do a season of it when they're teenagers. Hopefully in that time they can get themselves and their children back on the right track.

kiki said...

a reality show within a reality show:

Four times a year:

Kate must live the life of other families for a week. (maybe a large family that has no staff. maybe a family without corporate sponsorhip forcing one or both parents to actually work. maybe a single parent family
living in low-income housing.)

The sense of entitlement, the complaining about their lifestyle which is actually easier than many, the blaring lack of gratitude....I find all of this fascinating.

This blog and its posters are so perceptive.

I also love the insight about the exploitation factor. It was bothering me all along, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Please excuse the gushing; I only recently discovered J&K+8, and then this response...I am not over any of it yet!!!

Anonymous said...

I would not like to see:
The vapid, empty shell of what passes for entertainment and television called J&K. Admit it: it has gotten pretty bad and unwatchable. We stopped watching at the beginning of the season, I stop by this blog occasionally now when nothing is going on at work.

I would like to see:
The show canceled.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be a hoot to see Kate and Amy Roloff trade spouses for a month, not a week. Amy could do it well. Kate? Not so much!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Kate in a straight jacket being hauled to a waiting ambulance with all the little kids watching and CHEERING! Naaa ... that's just too mean. I would just like the show to end.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Kate naked in the shower and sitting on the toilet. Then I want her to hold up her poop to the camera and smile.

I'd like to see someone yank the morning coffee right out of her hands and say "That's messy. You can't have that."

I'd like to see her get a love tap (whollop) and be told she is mean and ugly.

I'd like her to answer the real questions after she takes a truth drug. Then I'd like her to go away.

Weed said...

Wow Virginia - that bought a tear to my eye, with your post. Wouldn't that be truly wonderful. Just Jon and his children, family and friends. And that knowing nod/smile to his buddy - I could picture if perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Sidney said...
I think it would be a hoot to see Kate and Amy Roloff trade spouses for a month, not a week. Amy could do it well. Kate? Not so much!

12/11/2008 9:42 AM

I would like to see Kate trade places with ANY parent/family for a 24 hour period! Including standing in line at the lay away dept in K Mart. A good DOSE of true REALITY ! Not the Kate Gosselin generic made for TV version!

Anonymous said...

Kate finally loses it when the boys stage a mutiny. They banish Kate and her precious girls to the laundry room floor while they -

1)Eat as many chips as they'd like, not feeling the need to count them.
2)Switch the upstairs toys with the downstairs toys.
3)Start a bonfire to burn the bibs, sippy cups and high chairs.
4)Escort the film crew into J/K's bathroom, so we can see what's in there. It's the only room off limits. Why?
5)Skip the 3 hour nap and make mudpies.
6)Have dinner served from the person who makes it - the chef.
7)Risk losing a pinky or 2 and return to the laundry room with scissors to rectify Kate's horrendous hair.

Meanwhile, Jon has been in the backyard for hours (clueless) hitting plastic golf balls and kicking a soccer ball wondering why he hasn't hit any of his children? Go figure!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Jon go on a trip for a few days like Kate has done and leave Kate with all of the kids without any helpers.

I say this even though I want the show to end and do not really want the kids to be subjected to Kate's wrath 100%. I'm sure it would be more of a fiasco than this week's episode.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see that household when Kate has FIVE pre-teen/teenage daughters with their respective snotty attitudes living under her roof, now THAT would make for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

DirtyDisher said...
I'd like to see Kate naked in the shower and sitting on the toilet. Then I want her to hold up her poop to the camera and smile.

I'd like to see someone yank the morning coffee right out of her hands and say "That's messy. You can't have that."

I'd like to see her get a love tap (whollop) and be told she is mean and ugly.

I'd like her to answer the real questions after she takes a truth drug. Then I'd like her to go away.

12/11/2008 9:47 AM
Dirtydisher, this is perfect. If this actually happened, do you think Kate would "get it?" I'd like to think so, but wouldn't stake my life on it.

Anonymous said...

I see the "discussion board" has been closed and it's only 9pm here?
So, I'll put this comment here , and hopefully it will get posted!

I wrote:

Clear Day; Attention: Amy Palmer,
Re: PA Womens Show May 1-3, 2009
I am writing about your upcoming Womens show in May,2009. I understand that Journal Publications is sponsoring this show at the PA Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg.

This was their response:

Thank you for your comments. Due to contractual obligations will are continuing with our current guest speakers.

All my best,
Amy Palmer

Just letting all of you know that I got a response, but I'm also wondering what K/J have put into 'contracts' that doesnt' allow people to 'CANCEL'?

Anonymous said...

Until she has "hit bottom" and WILLING to really 'examine" herself, nothing will change.

I would LOVE to see TRUE LOVE and RESPECT for each child...to the degree that when their parents approached, they'd reach up with their arms, and then K/J would reach back and give them a BIG HUG and say, "I LOVE YOU" without any camera's...

Then, to be a 'grown women/man' admit they'd made mistakes, and be WILLING to LISTEN and APPLY new knowledge, so that those LOVELY 8 children would have a DECENT chance at life!

To say, "they are Christians" that love GOD, and show the TRUE aspects of that comment! --- the 'spirit' of a person following Christ, shows: love, patience, understanding,joy, etc.!

To have the show END...not continue, ...the 'tups' have NEVER had a normal life...they've never walked around and 'lived' normally without "LIGHTS" in the home made for TV, not for daily living..."they relate to 'booms'" instead of "normal' conversations...

To have them all back in their 'family' lives! To ask for forgiveness and LIVE that 'forgiveness'...then and only then, will they find true HAPPINESS AND JOY AND INNER PEACE!!!

No house, money, items, can bring that inner peace and joy,,,,the LOVE of family and friends brings THAT!

THen, in about 5-10 years, do an hour show, showing all of this was done, and how happy and content all 8 , plus K/J are!
Will this happen? NOT unless J/K ADMIT their 'lack of parenting" and their "wrong choices"...HOW SAD!!

Anonymous said...

Several years ago, I saw this really smart lady on Oprah who pointed out that when we say we love someone "love" is a verb. That means it does not manifest itself through words, but through actions.

Love is something you do, not something you say.

No matter how much someone says they love you, if they do not treat you in a loving way, then it is not love.

I fully believe this view to be true. In fact, this sentiment got me past a few rotten boyfriends much more quickly than I would have otherwise.

I think the same idea applies to God. Loving God has nothing to do with how many Bible verses or devotionals that you can spout off or how many lame t-shirts you have. It's about acting in a loving way toward the people in your life. I'm fairly confident that God knows lip service when he hears it.

Anonymous said...

Love is something you do, not something you say.

I think that's basically what was written about here on GWOP in this entry back in August -- "Love is a behavior, not a feeling.".

Anonymous said...

ThreeFarmers,Travis,DirtyDisher and Onomatopoeia....I have to say that I truly enjoyed reading your comments.

avasmommy said...

I would love to see J&K on an episode of Intervention...surrounded by family and friends who actually love the children and want to send J&K away to parenting boot camp so that someone can kick some sense into their hoity toity a**es.

Anonymous said...

I want to see the kids dressed in un-matching outfits and playing in the mud!
I'd really love to see a J&K+8 version of "Kids Say the Darndest Things!" where they just ask the kids questions.... lets see what the kids have to say about their lives. That would be so heavily edited though... sad.
It would be nice to see what a day in the life is TRULY like. Ya'know, Kate at the spa...Jon at the gym...Nannies playing with the children...Chef's cooking, maids cleaning... REALity.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see all the kids being read to daily. I read to mine from the time they were several months old, and when they started talking they were very articulate - no baby talk.

I'd like to see Kate playing/ interacting in the backyard with the kids. Not sitting on a plastic chair directing traffic.

I'd like to see the kids rolling on the grass with grass stains on thier knees and mud on thier shoes. Playing like normal kids.

I'd like to see Kate doing craft projects with the kids. Actually getting paint or glue or whatever on their clean little hands. Soap and water will take care of the mess.

I'd like to see when all the plates are lined up on the kitchen counter for dinner - the tups line up and take their own plate to the table and climb onto their own chair by themselves. At 4.5 yrs old they don't need to be served like they're babies.

I'd really like to hear Jon tell Kate to stuff it.

And I'd really like to see the KON-artists show cancelled.

Anonymous said...

Kate [somehow] gets invited to be a contestant on "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader?". She fails to score a single point. On top of that, the fifth-graders trash-talk her for being such a total idiot. Kate then reams out Jon for not having a higher level of education [so he could prep her better for the taping].

Heidi said...

I liked the show when Jon cooked the Korean meal. He took a couple kids to the store and he spent the afternoon making a meal with love. That was nice (minus Kate`s attitude about him being in her domain).
Unmatched clothing, barefeet running thru the yard, catching bugs, messy hair, kool-aid stains around their lips..kid stuff!
The twins having friends over to hang out or do homework project together.
Jon watching a football game with a couple smelly friends and Kate curled up twitching in the corner of her messy closet!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the show go back to the way it was in the hr. specials and in the first few episodes. Two parents who just love there kids and want to do what is best for them. I want Kate to say "Thank you" when the kids help her. I want to see the both of them reading kids stories and hug them more than they yell at them. I want to see Mady and Cara actually happy like they once were, and just act like kids. I want Mady to stop being bratty, and Cara to stop fighting with Mady. I want to see Alexis smile and laugh as much as she did. I want to see Hannah actually being a kid and stop doing her mother's laundry. I want to see Aaden being loved more. I want to see Kate stop making fun of poor Collin's head and weight. I want to see Leah and Joel gain some weight!!!!!

big_smartmouth said...

"I'd like to see Jon really stand up to Kate and retrieve his testicles."

Pah! Awesome! I was thinking the same thing!

I would love to see the next time Kate corrects Jon's grammar, for him to throw a dictionary at the back of her head and yell,"When you can stop making up words, you can start worrying about my grammar, biotch!"

I would love for the next Maddi throws a fit, for them to actually punish her instead of excusing it off as "her personality".

I would love to see the kids actually playing with other children in the neighborhood instead of Kate shooing them away.

I would LOOOOVE to see Kate get a REAL haircut with highlights that look natural!

And, I would love at the end of the episode for it to start right into an hour special where all the ex friends, family members, volunteers and nannies give us a tell all about what REALLY is going on.

...Ah, someday, Sarah...someday