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A Conversation With Santa

A Conversation With Santa

Santa takes time out of his busy toy-making schedule for an exclusive chat with Jon and Kate Gosselin, stars of TLC’s hit show Jon & Kate + 8.


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What Should the Gosselins Get the Kids for Christmas

We've seen and heard what Jon and Kate say they are getting the kids for Christmas and what their plans are. What would you give them or do with the children?

Happy Holidays

We wish everyone happy holidays from the blog administrators. May those who travel do so safely and may all your celebrations be cheerful and safe. Thank you all for being such loyal readers.

The Twelve Days of Gosselin

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Gosselins gave to us:

Twelve helpers helping
Eleven daily tantrums
Ten prepared meals
Nine fewer loved ones
Eight exploited children
Seven new seasons
Six free vacations
Five slaps for Jon
Four hugs for Hannah
Three "icky" boys
Two miserable twins
One horrendous hairstyle and a shrew-a-shrieking on the TV.

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Another Book Signing

Kate was signing books again last night. It's nothing new, but this one includes an awesome pic of her!

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Jon's Interview with Philly Inquirer

To see it go here.

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Interview with Jon

Go here. (I had to use download to get the podcasts to play. For those having trouble that might help.)

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Giving Back Recap

Our right jolly old elves, Jon and Kate, hitch up their eight tiny meal tickets and fly down to Memphis to spread holiday cheer and Kmart toys to the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I love St. Jude’s and I’m not going to rip on them. However, I will note that it is wrong to give the impression that the Gosselins paid for any of the gifts or items that they delivered, when they clearly did not. I'm not even going to touch J&K's inability to do basic math. It was nice to see Bev, though.

Twas the night before some random November day when all through the $1.3 million-dollar house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even Jon’s spouse.
The stockings were hung by the suitcases with care,
In hopes that free toys from Kmart soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of organic catered sugar-plums danced in their heads.
And Kate in her wonky asymmetrical kerchief, and Jon in his free Phillies cap
Had just settled their under achieving brains for a long winter’s nap.

When out on the professionally manicured lawn there arose such a clatter,
Jon sprang from his basement bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window he flew like a flash
Tore open the shutters and threw up the production crew’s poorly-installed sash.

The moon on the ill-supported breast of the trespassing new snow
Gave the luster of mid-day to objects below.
When, what to my freshly-lasered eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh and eight Asian-featured reindeer.

With a despotic driver so exhausted and hick,
I knew it a moment it must be Kate’s schtick.
More rapid than beagles her coursers they came,
As she complained and shouted and called them by name!

Now, Mady! Now, Cara! Now, Leah and Collin!
On, Hannah! On, Joelly! On, Alexis and Aaden!
To the end of the driveway, to the top of the mall!
Now, cash away! Cash away! Cash away, all!

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly
When they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky.
So on down to Memphis, the coursers they flew
With a sleigh full of toys and Kate’s enormous sense of entitlement, too.

And then in a twinkling, I heard on the hotel roof,
The hitting and whining of each little hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down to the hospital lobby they came with a bound.

She was dressed all in free clothes from her head to her foot,
And her soul was all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of toys she had Jon throw on his back,
She looked like a peddler with an Ann Taylor Loft sack.

Her tummy, how flat! His hair plugs, so scary!
Her teeth were all glowy. He wondered, What did I marry?
His droll little mouth was tied shut with a bow.
Will the children forgive him? He just doesn’t know.

What remained of Jon’s manhood, she held tight in her teeth.
She needed a pedicure and it showed on her feet!
With her white plastic chair and a surgically taut belly,
She published her recipe for crackers with organic jelly.

He was chubby and plump before getting a trainer for himself,
And Kate handed out books from Zondervan’s shelf.
A wink from his eye and a twist of her head
Soon let us all know of the lies we’ve been fed.

She made up some words, then put the children to work.
She filled all their sippy cups then called Jon a jerk
Before giving her husband a punch in the nose,
She belittled her children, that’s just how it goes.

"It must be done my way," to Aunt Jodi, Kate bristled.
And away they all flew like a Hawaii-bound missile.
And I heard them proclaim as they drove out of sight,
Our life is our show and our show is our life!

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More Shopping Tips from Kate..... I KNOW!

I'm sure you all are as tired of hearing this from her as I am, but this one struck me as particularly funny. She really has no self awareness.


Thanks to Yolanda and anyone else who sent this link in

An early Xmas present

Tom and Trix Plus Six updated last night with a new chapter.

Some Gosselin Christmas Humor

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Go here.

Can You Name a Good Quality about Jon as a Parent?

We had Kate last week. This week let's see what people can think of for Jon.

About Beth as the Author of Multiple Bles8ings

Reading Eagle article quoting Beth about writing the book is here.

Thank you, Tess.

Philadelphia Parenting Examiner

Read the story here.

An additional article with Jon's comment about the families is here.

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Article in Honolulu Paper

It's here.

What we want to see or don't want to see

I think everyone knows or expects that the episode I long to see is the series finale. But as long as Jon and Kate chose to be on TV showcasing their brood, what would you like to see them doing?

Twins are Mommy for a Day Recap

The Twins are Mommy for a Day on this episode of Jon & Kate + 8. A bit of role reversal goes on in the soon-to-be former Gosselin house when Mady and Cara take on Kate’s duties for a day. Will they be able to put grapes on a plate? Will Hannah get the sort of favoritism to which she’s become accustomed? Will the Twins be able to regulate their own blood sugar levels? Stay tuned.


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Twins Play Mommy, December 8

Monday, December 8. The twins are excited when Jon and Kate give them an opportunity to be a mommy to the sextuplets for an entire day. But as they try to guide, feed, and instruct their younger siblings, they soon learn that the grass isn?t always greener on the other side.

30 minutes.

"Multiple Blessings" - Publicity Release

Article information sent by an alert viewer

Reality TV couple delivers 'Multiple Blessings' Zondervan will release on Tuesday, Oct. 14, Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving With Twins and Sextuplets by Kate Gosselin and her husband, Jon—who star in the hit reality TV series Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC.

Kate Gosselin said writing a book was the last thing on their minds after they found they were pregnant with sextuplets, just three years after giving birth to twin daughters. "Soon after (the sextuplets) were born, people said, 'Oh you need to write a book,' " Kate Gosselin told Christian Retailing. "I remember for the longest time my joke was, 'Yeah, in my spare time, right?' … But after a while of living it, it kind of felt like we were living a book."

Beth Carson, the couple's friend, offered to help them "capture the memories on paper" of their unique family situation. "I had told her (Carson) numerous times that I needed to write this book ... for the kids," Gosselin explained. "I need them to know how much that they were wanted, loved and know it wasn't the plan we had (to have them). It was the plan God had for our family."

Co-written by Carson, Multiple Blessings reveals details of the couple's journey as they raise their eight children, while striving to honor Christ in spite of emotional, financial, social and physical exhaustion.

"There was really no story to tell if you minus God and His plans out of it," Gosselin said. "So it's very important to tell it the way it was, the lessons we have learned and are still learning through our story."

Zondervan has no book tour plans for the Gosselins, but the couple plans to promote Multiple Blessings as they speak in churches—a ministry that has increased with the growing popularity of Jon & Kate Plus 8, Gosselin said.

The Gosselins were scheduled to appear Oct. 16 on Good Morning America and Oct. 17 on Fox & Friends. The November issue of Good Housekeeping will feature the Gosselins on the cover as well as an excerpt from Multiple Blessings. Ladies Home Journal was to feature the book in this month's issue, and Redbook will have a story on the book in its December issue.

What I Like about Kate

Challenge for the day: list at list one positive example of Kate's parenting.

Kate's Next Proposed Opus

Eight Little Faces or child exploitation in one easy to purchase volume.

The O'Reilly Factor

He's scheduled to have an interview with Paul Peterson be shown at 5 and 8 tonight. If anyone watches please let us know if the Gosselins are discussed.

That Christmas Card Moment

I used to be a loyal viewer of Jon and Kate. There was something comforting about seeing other people having to do the same mundane tasks that every parent does, but with a greater number of children. I stopped watching, when the show became an infomercial for various resorts around the country and demonstrations of the latest toys. I couldn’t resist watching the latest “vow renewal” episode, since TLC hyped the show, with glossy slow-motion filming and a new pull-at-your-heartstrings song, but the episode fell flat.

I actually feel sorry for Kate. She seems to live her life, as a series of photo-ops. As long as she has the beautiful 8x10 of her family in impeccable, carefully chosen clothing, she doesn’t care if anyone is actually enjoying themselves or having a good life. You can see the glee on her face, as the family lines up for the “one big photo” or is forced to do the canned events that in her mind constitute a “perfect family”; oblivious to the looks of disdain on everyone else’s face. I think these photos and staged moments are how she justifies her choices. The problem is she is forcing her family to dress-up and sit for the “Christmas card photo,” every day of their life.

How sad that such a beautiful ceremony would only be witnessed by strangers; including the strangers that posed as “family.” The Bible verses on the cake, the flowing gown, and the perfectly painted fingernails do not make the “perfect wedding.” The top hat, the caroling, and the gingerbread nativity do not make the “perfect Christmas.” Kindness, Love, Respect, and Sincerity are the only components you need for a “perfect day.” If only Kate would write that on a 3x5 note card to hang on her cabinet.

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Free Discussion 12/4 to 12/11 and Question and Answers

To corral the comments that are popping up that people are saying I don't know where to put this or are off topic for the other posts, here is a spot. Also we've seen quite a few questions lately, so put those here also.

I'll start. One question came through today asking if we had plans to convert the blog to a board. We don't at this time as I don't think direct conversion is possible and none of the admins/mods is up to handling both a board and a blog at this time. I'm sorry that sometimes it's tough to keep up with where you were last time, but right now this is what we can handle.

Tups Turn 50

Lt Gov Knoll remarks...I try to picture 46 years from now when Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel will get together for their 50th birthday party. There will be more candles at that event than there were at the Vatican a few weeks ago. It will look like the runway lights have been turned on at an airport."

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Need Helpful Savings Tips? Kate Can Help!

Procter & Gamble opened a new store on Black Friday... and who was there? Our very favorite budget queen.


I wonder if she took the kids to Manhattan or if she left them on the holiday weekend.

It's a Book recap

The latest debacle…er, episode of Jon & Kate + 8 proclaims in a decidedly exclamatory way that It’s a Book, as if they’ve never seen one before in their lives. Regarding Multiple Bles8ings, in an effort to review it, I’ve been on a waiting list at my local library for about 6 weeks. While I’m chagrined that so many people wish to read this heaping helping of organic verbal succotash, I’m bolstered by the fact that just as many of those same readers refuse to buy it. I wonder why Kate never suggests that people use their library rather than paying for books? Such a great money-saving tip.

Kate states from the onset that the book was written so that their memories are recorded before they are forgotten. Of course, after 4 seasons of their show, they must be hard up on documented memories. Perhaps they should purchase seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. Kate is so proud of herself for writing that book. A notion that is so steeped in crazy that I can feel Beth Carson rolling her eyes from my squatty little desk here in mid-Illinois.

Evidently, every single email they get tells of some reader alternately laughing then crying while unable to put down their book. I know this is a lie because MY email to them certainly didn’t read anything like that. *grin*

Now that the book is written, it’s time to promote it. That means taking the kids out of school, renting a bus, and heading to New York City. Jon mentions that it would be too boring to have a show about them just sitting around the house so that’s why it’s good to do all these trips. I’m sure the twins’ teachers would agree. Psst, Jon. If your life is that boring, then you shouldn’t have a show. The show is all about how not-boring your life is. Careful you don’t shoot yourself in the foot, son.

I certainly hope that the twins and tups have punched their time cards because they are about to set out on a 14-hour trip to the city to promote their parent’s book. Jon and Kate have just admitted that promoting is their work so if it is work for the parents it is work for the children. I think Paul Petersen should issue a ruling on this one.

But first, we must pay the bills and promote the Wii. They are playing some music game where everyone plays an instrument and they make a band. Several smiling children bounce around a bit then Jon orders everyone up to bed because they have to leave at 5 a.m. to get to NYC on time. While most of the kids immediately march upstairs, we see Hannah throw herself on the floor in a wee bit of a fit in protest of her bedtime, but editing takes over and we don’t get to witness the favored child come unglued. I give this kid a few more months before that long hair is gone and she’s sporting Kate’s yucca plant hairdo.

It’s morning and the bus is loaded and Kate yammers on for a while about how all of this promoting is normal for the kids and such fun. Kate spins a bit of fiction as she says that it isn’t stressful for her anymore. Thank you, Valium.

They visit Good Morning America where we don’t see much of the interview. Someone from the GMA staff passes out lollipops to the kids after their segment which doesn’t please Kate at all. They aren’t organic lollipops and the kids will get sticky. The children bicker and Kate takes the lollipops away, although Hannah is seen with hers later. She tells the kids that she saw a sign that read “no lollipops”. That would be parenting tip #86, I suppose.

They arrive at Fox and Friends, the second stop of the morning, to do a taped segment. Kate stresses that she doesn’t allow the children to do more than two appearances a day and they prefer that one of the two is taped. Kate doles out treats saying that the kids who crowd her don’t get a drink. Huh? Kate, you have 8 kids, it’s your job to be crowded. Perhaps your space would be less invaded if you’d put Hannah down now and then. It’s snacks and sippy cups all around before the kids are hustled onto this huge sofa where they can squirm and be noisy in full view of their parents.

We get a quick glimpse of someone from Zondervan, their publisher. We should see that the exploitive folks at Zondervan get some mail.

Kate, who now considers herself a full-on literati, tells Fox that the book is getting awesome reviews. Kate needs to get something clear. The word “awe” means having the power to inspire dread. The word isn’t necessarily positive. I know people use “awesome” all the time assuming it’s a positive description. It’s not. It is pretty darn funny that she describes her book reviews as things that inspire terror or dread. You stand in awe of something that has the authority to hurt you or has some power over you.

Kate says she loves to meet people. I would imagine that’s because it gives her someone else to which to condescend. Jon later makes the same remark. I guess they got their scripts mixed up.

Jon mentions something about being in a city of 17 million people. Um, Jon, there are a little over 8 million people in NYC. For your figure to be correct, about 9 million people would have had to rush out of the city upon your arrival simply to make room for your borough-sized ego.

Kate reiterates that the reason they wrote the book is so the kids know the struggle they went through but that they love and want every one of them. I guess she keeps saying this to off-set the previous statements she’s made that the tups are the result of an infertility nightmare and that they wanted only one baby. I’m sure the kids will work all this out in a reasonable way when they are teenagers. Jon and Kate AGAIN state how they are not going anywhere and they will be together forever. That’s because saying it makes it so.

While Kate went to the 700 Club to do an hour-long interview, Jon fed the kids lunch because it is important for them to stay on schedule. The fact that the children’s actual schedules have them in school at this time of day, notwithstanding.

Kate talks about how she does a lot of stuff by herself now. It seems she does her best parenting when the children are a couple hundred miles away.

The pressers are complete and the family heads to Central Park for some low-budget fun on the swings and such. The kids have fun, but Kate’s hair is starting to look a little wonky, so it’s time to relax in a carriage ride through the park. On the way, Collin runs into a pillar and is crying. Kate, with Hannah in tow, tells him he’s fine and shoves him over to Jon. Seems Colly can’t interrupt Kate’s quality Hannie time.

They climb into two carriages, with Hannie perched high atop Kate’s lap. The ride is the most enjoyable part of the episode. The kids are peaceful and a few snooze. After the ride, Jon is heard very clearly saying “Thank you very much, Sir.” to the coachman. Good for him. With all the concessions they are given in nearly every episode and as much as others go out of their way to accommodate this family, that phrase should be heard from all of them several times an episode.

It’s about 3:30 p.m. and time to climb back into the bus for their 3 ½ hour ride back to E-town. Kate mentions (sitting next to Hannah, of course) that the bus is a great place for the twins to do their school work. Actually, school is a great place to do their school work. Kate says she brought pajamas for the long drive home, but the kids are still in their regular clothes when they pull into the driveway.

Everyone is exhausted and most are sleeping, including Jon. Exhaustion is something Jon and Kate are used to. Not to insult Einstein, but the Gosselin theory of imbecility states that E = MC² - K. Meaning that energy can only exist without Kate and her omnipresent exhaustion. Kate, in fact, manages to suck all positive energy out of any situation. A human black hole where energy, motivation, and proper haircuts go to die. With all of this Kate-provided exhaustion and suction, I’m straining to avoid the obvious joke, but I strive to keep the censors happy, so I’ll refrain.

As a rare treat, instead of giving us a rundown of their packing process prior to departure, we get all the details of the unpacking process upon their return, because THAT makes such good TV.

I’ve just spent the bigger part of 30 minutes listening to Kate tout the success of her literary effort with nary a mention of Beth Carson, another of the book’s credited authors. Kate only lives a few miles from Beth, now. It’s only a matter of time before they run into each other at the spa. Sure hope the cameras are there.

Submitted by Three Farmers

It's a Book! December 1

Monday, December 1. The entire Gosselin clan heads to New York City for the day, embarking on a press tour to promote their new book. After a busy morning of appearances on several well-known talk shows, Jon and Kate decide to take advantage of the Big Apple.

30 minutes.