You Ask, Kate Answers Recap

The hero is exposed when
His crimes are brought to the light of day
Won't be feeling sorry, sorry, sorry
On the judgement day

Wasn't it me who said
There'll be a price to pay

-Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson
“The Hero Takes A Fall”


Submitted by Laura Linger


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Corrin said...

Ok I have to say something or my poor brain is going to explode. I just spent the last hour and a half saying good bye to my husband who is leaving for a year tour in Iraq. I am 7 weeks pregnant and will give birth without my husband and I also have a 17 month old. I have been told several times that it will be so hard to be a single mother and I find this offensive to true single mothers. I have financial support as well as emotional support from my husband even if he is not here and that is something that few single mothers get. That being sad how on earth can a woman who only has her kids every other week and even then has around the clock help claim to be a single mother. It is disgusting and every single mother out there should be outraged by this and not give her any recontion what so ever.

Im sorry to ramble I just couldn't stand hearing the words kate gosselin and single mother in the same sentence any more.

she is evil said...

Corrin, bless you and your husband and you have every reason to be outraged with Kate Frickin Gosselin and her sob story and claims of being a single mother. Not only does she not do the actual mothering of her kids, she is NOT a single mother. Jon takes care of those kids as much as she does, actually more in my opinion. I believe he spends more time with the kids than she does and actually interacts with the kids while he is there. Photographs of the children with each parent show an obvious bond and affection between Jon and the kids. Kate, not so much. Instead of bitching how hard she has it and how she's doing it on her own, she should be thankful that her soon to be ex-husband is involved with the kids and loves them. I once read a quote from Virginia Madsen where she praised her ex, Antonio Sabato (yum). She said something like, "I don't consider myself a single mother. Antonio helps all the time and is a great father.". Now that's a classy and healthy way to portray your ex to the world.

Best of luck to you and your family. May your pregnancy and baby be healthy and may your husband return home safely soon. And know that your recognition of your husband's love and support is wonderful and the way it should be. Kate could learn a thing or two from you

readerlady said...

Corrin, I'll be praying for your husband's safe return. Please thank him from me for his service to our country, and thank you for your sacrifice. ITA that Khate is an insult to single mothers everywhere. Even if Jon were totally uninvolved, she wouldn't be a true single mother. Not with all the paid help she has available to her. Not that many "single" mothers don't have support systems, from friends and family, but few have the resources to afford the full and part-time help that Khate seems to take for granted.

Mommy Martyr said...

TLC has started to have a little cheek, at least. When Kate was gushing about the perfect filming crew as part of the family (not verbatim), they showed a clip of Kate storming around, flapping her hands in annoyance at the crew who had made the mistake of entering "her" area in the kitchen.

I believe there were other instances as well, when I remember, will post.

Anonymous said...

I wish for safety for your husband and hands to hold when you have your new baby.
Bless you all.

Outraged in Ohio said...

Corrin, EXCELLENT post. You are a great example of the courage and integrity of many silent single moms out here.

And you are so right: Kate playing the melodramatic "I'd DIE for my children" card and whining about how difficult her life is, how alone, how Can Do she suddenly is, blah blah blah is an absolute insult to women who are actually dealing (or have dealt) with REAL LIFE difficulties and with no public recognition and no TLC salary.

Well said, and I, too, will hold you and your family in my thoughts. Best wishes.

Piper said...

Love the Bangles reference. The whole song describes Kate well. We definitely won't feel bad at all when this "hero" takes a fall.
I went to the store today, and at the checkout line, I couldn't help but notice that the Gosselins' faces aren't anywhere on the magazine covers. It's about time!
Also, I'm glad to see that Kevin and Jodi were reunited with their nieces and nephews. It's good to know that Jon lets the kids see their cousins. Baby Benny's gotten so big!
This week, Kate answered questions, while Jon mended some broken bonds. Am I Team Jon now? Still not sure yet, but this was a very good move on his part.

karma train said...

Kate said they always wanted to renew their wedding vows in HI.....BULL.
When they were departing an airport from another trip, she and i think beth were talking about where a good place would be to go next...beth suggested HI....Kate said, oh that would be great...hey Jon, we could go and renew our vows there....

On the question show the other night, at the end of the segment concerning the vow renewal episode...she said at the end..'it was a good trip'...she realized she had said the wrong thing. she is so stupid.!

kathy said...

Happy to report that Jon and Hailey have broken up . . .

that it, until The Insider comes a-knockin' with the "Reconciliation Story" in about 2 weeks . . .

judyv said...

Corrin, you sound like a very strong lady. Almost 20 years ago, my Navy husband was sent to Saudi Arabia a month before our son was born. I ended up being a "single" mom for the first 7 months of our son's life. Like you, I knew I wasn't truly a "single mother" however. My husband was there for us, financially and emotionally. I felt (and still feel) extremely fortunate.

Kate's whining about being a single mom is getting on my nerves too, especially knowing the real struggles that actual single moms I've been acquainted with have gone through

Mommy Martyr said...

The Q&A interview was simply painful to watch. The question mentioned book signings and fans, Kate: "Oh yes, the people who wait 6-7 hours to see me! Like, who would I really wait 6-7 hours for?"

Mop the floor with them, Kate, serves them right for being your fan!

anotherthing... said...


Excellent post. Thank you for your service to our country. I hope his return will be safe and soon to your new bundle of joy and sweet little one. :) Bless you and your husband: your family will be in my thoughts & prayers.

GAmom said...

Simply the...

best. recap. ever.

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