Episode Recap: 10/10 Say Yes to the Dress

On this episode of Say Yes To The Dress...

Kate Gosselin makes an appearance to get her FREE gown for her upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I’m tickled to learn that there will be other brides featured on the show so I won’t have to listen to Kate bead obsess for the entire half hour. (continued)

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Sharla said...

First up is Liz who has no idea what she wants. She likes a-line, trumpet, mermaid, beading, ruching, all of it. Her tactful tuba-playing 400-pound fiance tells her she has a bubble butt in the first dress and looks like a fish in the second dress. The third dress? Nice boobs, but it’s not white enough. Tubby the tuba likes the last dress, but wifey-to-be still doesn’t know what she wants so she becomes a great big waste of time.

Next up…our Katie Irene who comes to Kleinfelds alone. Alone. No one, not even the high-ranking Hannie, gets to offer an opinion on the apparel for the Gosselin’s upcoming nuptials. It seems Keasha lost the round of rock-paper-scissors among the consultants and must attend to Kate’s needs.

We’re told that the vow renewal ceremony will be in Hawaii, where their first wedding in the summer of 1999 was supposed to take place. Kate says that it’s important to show the kids that they are committed to each other. Unfortunately, there is no ceremony to show the children how committed they are to their children’s well-being. Oh, wait, that would be the wrap party they’ll hold when the series is finally canceled.

Kate’s wants are simple. No foofy. No poofy. BUT, she must buy a sample dress because she has to leave with it TODAY because… um, because….. Well, there is no good reason for her to leave with it that day because the ceremony is two months away. Demanding for the sake of being demanding makes for good television.

First, Kate tries on the dress she likes least. Evidently, process of elimination is Kate’s method of finding the perfect dress.

Next she tries on a rather dull number. Kate likes the empire waist and the beading, but is concerned about the cleavage. Personally, I think the excess cleavage goes well with the abundance of makeup she’s been wearing lately. She could collect a whole other kind of “love offering” if you know what I mean. Seriously, with all that makeup, if the woman ever smiled it would crack and she’d have an avalanche on her face.

Third dress is Richard Glasgow with Swarovski crystal beading. Lovely. However, the neckline is a tad too low. Apparently Kate likes to show off her legs, but she seems unwilling to grease up those boobs and show them a little daylight. The consultants get on the phone to the designer to see if he can perform a boobage reduction on the dress.

Meanwhile, some Korean chick is having boobage remorse. Her dress is ready but, on second thought, all that cleavage might not be appropriate. Unfortunately for the nice Korean girl, this is all about Kate so we can’t give too much time to the Korean chick because Kate wishes she was Korean and her presence in Kate’s show is just a slap in the face, despite their commonalities of too many boobies and too many Korean relatives. Call it Korean envy, perhaps.

Oops, Kate is trying on another dress. It’s strapless and she doesn’t like to go strapless, but it makes her look skinny and skinny is important. The sales ladies are annoyed and tried to talk her back into the third dress. Sell, ladies sell!

We talk a bit with Randy the Fashion Director. He’s a FREE helper and Kate ought to love that.

Now we take a comedic break and watch sales consultant, Audrey, who at 50, likes to try on the dresses. Ya know what, if I worked there, I’d be trying on the dresses, too. Good for her.

Next up is Linda, who has been dating David for 32 years. Thirty-two years. This is the woman who should have a reality show. Anyway, David finally coughed up a ring and Linda finally gets to buy a dress, damn it. At least this woman has the desire to be tactful and appropriate for someone in her fifties. She knows that being skinny is NOT the most important thing.

What? It’s over. There’s no two-dress drama. No evisceration of the dresses in order to appease Kate’s extravagant, self-indulgent tastes? I don’t get it. Is it a two-parter? I wanted tears, tantrums, and eye rolls from the consultants. For the first time in any program involving a Gosselin we don’t get to see the over-the-top megalomanic payoff. What’s up with that? I didn’t even get to use all my best words.

On some outtakes episode of Say Yes To The Dress far off into the future are we going to see the Kate, with whom we’ve become so familiar, deliver on the dramatics? I don’t know. I have to be honest though, Kate without the screaming fits is about as entertaining as a dial tone.

Carla said...

I thought she was very well behaved. But then again, she was alone. I suspect she gets along fine with her fellow man at the salon, spa, and boutiques when she is without the children. One might even guess she would have been a happy person if she was very rich and very child-free! She could float effortlessly from gown fittings to pedicures with nary a grimace....she just simply isn't cut out for the job of Mom.

Anonymous said...

The dress that she apparently chose does not appear to be the dress she is wearing in People. What's up with that??

Pattilynn said...

I actually felt sorry for Kate. imho I thought she looked like it was a bit of a chore and not a special event. yes I know she brought this on herself. but no matter what she will always look back and see she did this alone. there wasn't even the j&k crew.

Kate if you are reading these please take to heart... really LOVE your children..really put them first... money is temporary... them walking away is not. you WILL experence that being alone (from the ones you love) again if you are not careful.

Anonymous said...

I'm half way thru the show about "the dress" and first its about her, her, her...then someone must have reminded her about Jon, then its more about her, then she says "the kids are gonna love it". The kids are gonna love it? Jeez lady, give us a break. She can't even smile at the fact she's getting a freebie either, and from a designer on top of that. Then at the end she of course plugs (with great pleasure ie. no smile again) the Hawaii episode. I'm pretty sure that those flowers (red ones in the picture in People) are not safe as they have the yellow stem in the middle with sticky stuff (I heard they're poisonous...not good for little ones when u don't know what they may or may not be allergic to yet, hopefully they were fake props) I would be more concerned with that then anything else Kate!

Anonymous said...

I actually felt sorry for Kate. imho I thought she looked like it was a bit of a chore and not a special event. yes I know she brought this on herself. but no matter what she will always look back and see she did this alone. there wasn't even the j&k crew.

Now Pattilynn, this is Gosselins WITHOUT pity. You can't pity them here. Bless your kind little heart. I know you mean well, but we have a standard to uphold. *grin*

SmartyQ said...

I honestly thought that Katie either was on tranquilizers or was angry because Figure 8 insisted on a reason (vow renewal) to pay for the Hawaiian trip. I think she was at Kleinfelds because she had to be there, and in this case, she had to be, well, as pleasant as Katie ever is to the little people who serve her. That's probably why she slathered on the warpaint—in anticipation of a battle if they tried to palm off a cheap gown on her.

But, at least, she wasn't chewing her gum cud today. :)

Anonymous said...

Sharla and 3 Farmers, you have had me laughing all day long. I didn't see the show, but reading your comments is so much better than watching KON on tv.

I'm glad I found this site. I thank all who are responsible for giving us the addresses of the sponsors. I have gotten a somewhat sincere response from one of them.

I really believe the children are treated just about as bad as the Dionne quintuplets. Both groups are constantly on display.

Sharla said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it, but my only contribution was posting. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this ... anyone know if it will be on again???

Anonymous said...

I did NOT watch the Say Yes To The Dress episode but wanted to comment on her gown of choice for the renewal ceremony.

IMO, the gown she wore did not flatter her figure at all. For a woman who claims to work out 75 minutes a pop to stay in shape, the dress did nothing in the way of accentuating her efforts. I do agree with Kate's decision to go with an Empire inspired design feature, however, the fullness and excess of fabric in the remaining portion of the gown IMO does not do justice to her figure and quite frankly borders on looking rather 'maternity' like. As stated in a previous post, it would have been more appropriate/fitting to the locality of the occassion if Kate were to wear a more authentic native inspired Hawaiian dress.

Casey said...

Kate mentioned how she bought her first dress there, so that was more than likely why she returned. Also it's in New York and they live in PA, most women have to go back three or four times to get their dresses fitted and I am sure in two months there isn't enough time for that and that is also a lot of travel back and forth.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see Kate on the show (I only caught a bit and it was when the woman with the boobies wanted them covered). She might have been acting differently because this show WASN'T ABOUT HER. It's about the employees at Kleinfelder's. She was only a bit player in this reality drama.

Now if this aired on Jon and Kate + 8 she might have had a different persona. But this wasn't her producers, her directors, her camera people, her production assistants, and her assistants.

She was merely a customer at the store and from your summary of the show that seems how she was treated. And that's the way it should be. I think when you go to a bridal store you expect to be treated a certain way but not as if you were the Queen of England coming to purchase a dress for a special occasion.

You say that the wedding was supposed to be in Hawaii in 1999. I didn't know that. Anyone know why they didn't go and do it there? Wait a minute, I think I got my own anser. THEY WOULD HAVE HAD TO PAY FOR IT THEMSELVES.

I only hope that the children are brought into the ceremony in a meaninful way. But how meaningful can it be to four year olds? I hope that the twins are an integral part of the ceremony and that they make it real and loving and meaningful for them. But I only can see a "made for TV event" that has nothing to do with love, commitment, family, values, or relationships.

Pattilynn said...

"Now Pattilynn, this is Gosselins WITHOUT pity. You can't pity them here. Bless your kind little heart. I know you mean well, but we have a standard to uphold. *grin*"

Threefarmers... LOL!!!
I'm so sorry! :):):) (my husband says I would find something nice to say about H-tler!) soooo not true! but my nature just can't help it. will keep it in check for here LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Well I watched the show last night and I must admit Kate was really well behaved and seemed to really appreciate the people who were helping her. Perhaps she is starting to realize how she has been acting lately. Last night was like a look back at the old Kate. The one from the first hour special.

Congrats Kate!

Brandon said...

I stopped watching the show. The more y'all watch, the more TLC will think the show is liked and the more spoiled Kate will get.

Too many kids in foster homes and orphanages go with needs unattended. TLC...do a reality show on them and give them trips and material things.

Katie said...

I didn't watch the show because I didn't realize it was on, but I will probably catch it later. It does make me sad when someone posted that Kate was alone in picking out her dress. How much fun would Mady and Cara have had if they had been involved? I see lots of women on that show with their little girls in tow, helping Mommy pick out her princess dress. That might have been a special day for just the "big girls." How sad they weren't involved! My husband and I are planning to renew our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary so I can have the wedding I always dreamed about (due to financial issues, we were married in the local courthouse and had a party afterward) and one of the many things I'm looking forward to about this is involving all of our children from start to finish with preperations, etc.

She missed a memory there. But it appears that she is missing many memories lately...

momof5 said...

3F-as always your recap is much funnier and more entertaining than the show! All I can say is please, oh please, can they stop pushing Kate on all of us? She's about as entertaining on this episode as watching paint dry!!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't she take her "best friend" Beth who has "impeccable taste"? I have the People magazine (I'm a subscriber) and that is NOT the dress in the photographs. The only things that remained the same are the straps and empire waist. The front of the dress is completely changed and now covered with beading. What happened to the REAL show? Two dresses WERE obviously combined.

Anonymous said...

ugh kate!! let me just tell you honey, that dress you picked, NOT flattering whatsoever.
looked like lingerie...and kate in lingerie...PUH-LEASE!
the last dress she tried on (the strapless) was much better, but what was the problem with it being strapless? cmon now...its not like its too risque! youre in hawaii...i think a strapless would be appropriate.
i just cant stand this woman because she is sooo stuck up! she acted like she wanted to be anywhere else (i mean, except with her family...)than Kleinfields. show a little bit of humility for once. youre getting a FREE dress. ugh i just want to shake this woman sometimes!

Anne said...

Say yes to the dress, maybe but say NO to the book!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the People pictures, its looks as if there is TWO dresses.

Anonymous said...

IMO the truly sad part about Kate being alone at such a senitmental time was not that the kids were not there (even just Mady & Cara) but that it is pretty much confirmed now that she really doesn't have any friends of her own left. As much as it is of her own doing, it is still just plain sad that any woman should have no friends.

Maybe these type of experiences will make Kate realize what she is making of her life and how alienating every friend that loves you can make for VERY lonely times. As much as having such a large immediate family may keep her busy on most days, there is just NO replacing a best friend in times such as these.

Anonymous said...

I forgot Kate would be on. Then when "Say Yes..." started, I began watching. This was not an All About Kate Show!! How great. Even greater, that London lady, on What Not To Wear, was given much more exposure than Kate. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of other shows, Fox Reality Channel Really Awards is on tonight, I doubt if this show will be on there, but it kind of shows you where reality tv can take you too..

Rosey in Washington said...

Katie said...
"It does make me sad when someone posted that Kate was alone in picking out her dress. How much fun would Mady and Cara have had if they had been involved? I see lots of women on that show with their little girls in tow, helping Mommy pick out her princess dress."

Of course Mady and Cara couldnt go help their mom pick out her dress...they were too busy WORKING at the "family business" at home.

Anonymous said...

It would have been a a great opportunity and sentimental 'memory' for Mady & Cara if Kate had included them in the chosing of the wedding gown. However , since the event ( shopping for the dress)was obviously one that was contrived and compensated for, per an obligation by/with TLC production, any opportunity to make the day one of sentimental importance for Kate's oldest girls , was simply not on the agenda. And how extremely sad is that!!!!

mollybloom said...

My observations:

Kate has had a boob lift. She didn't want to show them off because she didn't want us to know. We know.

Kate doesn't have girlfriends or relatives to go with her for an event many would find fun. Well, it doesn't matter because it's just another episode, not a real-life experience.

Kate didn't smile very much. Obviously getting costume fitting for an upcoming show is just another chore. Hey, Kate. You asked for this job.

Kate met her match in Tuba family. Bride Liz was Jon to Tuba-fiance's Kate. Now, if Tuba family can have a lot of kids, they too can be a dysfunctional family with a reality show of their very own. Are you listening, TLC?

The new, improved Kate. Tough, but really a pussy cat. The PR firm earns its big bucks.

The English language grows. We have flofferly and pooferly. Quiet, spell-check!

I didn't see a price for the designer frock, and this show always shows the price. Oh, wait, it's a comp. A promotion for Jon and Kate (clips and Kate's voice over) and an expensive dress. What a great country!

Anonymous said...

I thought Kate looked fat in that dress. It was hideous when she tried it on and it looked worse in the People magazine article. Empire waist gowns clearly aren't her best look.

Kate looked and sounded very different in this show than her own. Did anyone else notice that? She looked uncomfortable, all business and somewhat awkward. She has less confidence when Jon isn't around to take crap from her.

Anonymous said...

How sad for Katie Irene; all alone.
Too bad.
I don't think I have ever seen another "bride " come alone since I've watched the show.
That's so telling.
And she was way overdressed for this.