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More spin and damage control on CBN (the 700 Club) - October 30

According to CBN (the 700 Club), Jon and Kate (plus the kids) will be on. Tell us what you think-- what messages did you hear from this family?

Now THAT'S Impressive!

Man, I just can’t get enough of this place! Stunning, indeed.

I can almost picture the Gosselin kids sledding through the snow in that massive backyard. Little Aaden could have all kinds of animals housed in that barn to keep him delightfully occupied. That pool! They couldn't possibly keep Cara and Mady out of it!

Would you get a load of that driveway? That driveway looks like it was MADE to be the perfect spot for Kate to plant her four dollar white plastic lawn chair at the top of that big old hill and survey her little Queendom, high above the residents of Berks County, just where she belongs.

Wow. Just, wow. They really should look into it.

Want a closer look? Sure you do...

House slideshow here.

Katie Irene on the Bonnie Hunt Show- Oct 28th

Kate is taking time out from being EXHAUSTED to shill on Bonnie Hunt's show. Tell us how you feel about it!

Recap: Prep for Hawaii

Submitted by Dew

On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8! Shockingly, they're going on another free trip to Hawaii. Hawaii?! Dang! Looks like some major damage control between Kate and Joel, and Kate gets a free drop-dead gorgeous wedding dress.

While I'm watching the credits, how is everyone's 401(k)'s doing? Because mine- not so hot. But Suzy Orman insists I should stay the course… I'm trying, Suzy, but it's hard. Now is certainly not the time for most of us to be making any major purchases I would think, especially not our dream houses.

Despite quite obviously having a personal stylist now, Kate's hair is truly horrendous. Oh, it's gone way past reverse mullet or a hyena's butt, as others have described it so well. It's reverse mullet, hyena's butt, and Venus fly trap meet my puppy's dog bed when I haven't washed it in three weeks. It's really embarrassing to look at, but that's okay because I don't enjoy looking at this woman anyway.

It's one week before their big trip to Hawaii, and Kate and Jon gather the kids together to watch home movies of their wedding.Kate says they wanted to go to Hawaii for their first wedding (with what money?), but then she blames her family members for not wanting to fork over the dough to actually fly out there for it. Wow, that is really God awful of those people, not wanting to spend three or four or five grand to haul their Pennsylvanian butts to Hawaii for Jon and his special new wife Kate. Don't they like warm weather? I would estrange them too. So because nobody could, or maybe didn't want to, go all the way out to Hawaii, they settled for having an absolutely gorgeous positively romantic storybook wedding at some castle/mansion looking place. Poor them.

Personally, I hope I would be a little embarrassed to even ask my family to make a sacrifice like that for my wedding. Weddings already put such a financial burden on your family in the first place, between the gifts and buying a new dress/suit for it and possibly even helping to pay for it as Jon's family verifiably did, I hope I would hold my tongue and not ask for something that outrageous. Also my boyfriend mentioned cost of chipping in for a stripper, too, plus tip. Not that he would EVER have that at his bachelor party, baby. So yeah, weddings are expensive for your family even on a small scale.

The wedding video shows a picture of Jon when he was maybe about eight. Aww, he's adorable! He looks just like Mady, only with a Moe Howard bowl cut. I would really love to see Moe poke Kate in the eyes--boing! I digress....The expression on eight-year-old Jon's face is so innocent. Little boy has no idea what he is destined for, castration by shrew. Kate says they were "thinking" and "dreaming" of going to Hawaii for a long time. They most likely also did a lot of massive hinting, to anyone and everyone who remotely had any connections to Hawaii, and finally some unsuspecting hotel caught on and offered them a free getaway. Kate says the trip just "appeared." Well, give me a magic wand and call me a fairy. What a stupid thing to say, a thousand-dollar free trip just appeared, and way to discount how hard everyone worked to put it together for all of them. It appeared, or was pieced together meticulously and given to them, handed to them on a silver platter, because she has splashed her eight wonderful children who deserve better than this all over our television sets for going on four years now and pretty much most likely set them up for a lifetime of issues. So yes in that sense, the trip did appear. But hey, at least they're getting to go to Hawaii!

Two minutes in and I'm already super annoyed.

Like cherry on a sundae of poo, Kate also says, "You don't have to ask us twice!" Why do I feel like she's saying that with the intent to annoy people who can't stand her? I have to admit it's working. I could write a dissertation on why she needs to say no to most of this stuff, but everyone else has already covered it so extensively on this blog and I couldn't add much more to it, so I won't bore you.Anyway, at least Hawaii should be mildly interesting. I don't really know much about that state. Most of what I know is from watching Dog the Bounty Hunter. He has cute little kids too, but we rarely if ever see them on camera. Dog makes Hawaii kind of seem like all it is a bunch of Samoan meth heads and their co-signer mothers who lie about their whereabouts, but I'm sure it's actually a very lovely place. I guess I'd like to go, but like most Americans I really can't afford something like that in this kind of economy. Maybe someday...

Jon's shirt says "No worry, beef curry." At first I thought it said No worry, be Kate. Which didn't make sense to me at all. Why would anyone want to be Kate? And you should be really worried if you do. I had to Google that phrase since I've never heard it, and apparently it's sort of something they say in Hawaii for some reason. Pidgin speak for no worries. Maybe a tour guide will explain it further, but I'm guessing Kate will complain about how boring the tour is and tune out before he gets to that point. I'm glad I figured this out right away, because I spent half a year wondering why Dog the Bounty Hunter was calling all his clients a brassiere until I found out that "bra" means "brother" in Hawaii speak. I don't think I'm really that well-suited for the Aloha state, but it would still be nice to visit.

Kate explains to the kids that she and Jon are going to get married again. If Kate can correct Jon, I'm going to correct Kate. Getting remarried means you're marrying someone else. Renewing your vows means you're marrying the same person again. Since I can't imagine anyone else who would marry into this madness, her only choice here is to renew her vows. But she keeps getting it wrong, over and over. I want Jon to correct her so bad, but he's never been like that. Guys usually aren't.Kate keeps making little digs at her first wedding and how she wasn't happy with it. It's super obvious, and super bitchy, too. She kind of makes it sound like the person with the purse strings, which obviously wasn't her, put their foot down on a few things, such as going to Hawaii, and Kate got all offended. How incredibly childish. If you don't like how the wedding is going at the mansion, you're welcome to throw your own wedding down at the Fire Hall on 5th and Main on your own dime. See how your photos look over there with the harsh fluorescent lighting and the coffee makers and folding tables in the background and the Mr. Mix-a-Cheapo D.J. running the thing (and who has only remotely good songs in his repertoire, such as "I Will Survive" and "Best for Last." )

Kate says they can't wait to have their own wedding with just them present and no one telling them what to do. Yee-ouch! Where is Moe? Poke this bitch. Kate assures the kids a wedding means she and Daddy are going to stay together forever. Jon kind of says nothing.Kate explains that they didn't want to do the whole six hour time change in one setting. Instead they'll break it up in San Diego so they can do three and three. I actually think that will just make it harder, because instead of just getting it over with at once, sleeping it off and be done with it, they'll have to go through it twice. The reality is I think the producers just wanted to scrounge up some things for them to do on the way to really drag this all out. Incidentally, I'm disappointed we're not in Hawaii yet. At this rate I don't think we're even going to make it to the airport before the episode is over. So now we have an entire episode just talking about going there, like so many episodes that have come before it and that I've even recapped before. So boring and so arrogant, too.

Kate says once again she wants to show the kids that she and Jon are always going to be together. Jon once again says nothing. Heh.Kate smothers Joel with kisses and tells him he's going to be a great husband. I think he will be, too, despite his mother and his dysfunctional childhood. And if he moves to certain states he can even marry another man since Jon and Kate seemed convinced he swings that way. Joel loves this affection; he is beaming and hugs Kate back so tightly. He needs so much more of this kind of thing to even begin to make up for all the rejection he's been through.Kate goes into a long explanation about how they wrote their own vows for their first wedding and are going to do it for the renewal too. In Jon's vows he says he promises to stand by Kate's side as they face "new and challenging experiences," such as day long photo shoots and filming schedules, freebies, tummy tucks, hair plugs, and selling their children's photographs to strangers for 20 bucks apiece. Kate remarks how prophetic it all was. Jon describes it as "scary." Yeah, uh, I'm gonna go with scary.

Most of the kids want to sit with Jon on the airplane, big surprise. But probably because Kate has thrown Joel a bone by giving him a few kisses earlier, he pushes all his chips in and tells Mommy he wants to sit next to her on the plane. Kate showers him with more hugs and makes a big show of it for the cameras. I'm trying not to label every nice thing she does as damage control, but this so obviously is. Especially when she goes on to explain how much they love Joel and fight over him. Since when? Kate claims they covet him. Covet? Hey, Cleopatra, I thought you're supposed to covet things like you're neighbor's wife, not your son. Weird. Anyway, she explains that it's not that she loves Joel for who he is and the special and unique and adorable personality he has, but that thou shalt love him because he's quiet on airplanes and just sits there like a zombie. Joel has apparently learned it's better just to lay low and not bug Kate with anything. That was my strategy at one of my old jobs with my crazy possibly schizoid boss, and it worked quite nicely to survive until I could quit. Unfortunately Joel can't quit Kate, but he's a good little traveler in any case I guess.

For good measure, Kate also makes it clear she hates sitting with Alexis. Oh geez, she is your child. Someone has to sit with her, and it's gonna be either you or Jon. I find out later that the nanny is coming along, so never mind, they can just pass Alexis off on her. Psyche! Coming up, Say Yes to the Dress! Say No to the Shrew! The show recaps Kate's brief stint on the TLC show Say Yes to the Dress. And I'd like to point out that show crossovers are one of my top four reasons why I think shows usually jump the shark, or stop being good anymore. The others are same role different actor, getting married, and having a baby. Well, they're getting married in this episode, so two out of three. And they've mentioned they want to adopt a baby, so I say that counts. All they need to do is replace Joel with Dakota Fanning's little brother and they're officially sunk. This whole boring thing has already been recapped before on the blog, so I refer you over there if you want to relive it. The mini-recap is Kate gets a brand new thousand dollar dress, and is super ungrateful.

Up next, Kate tortures Mady-and not just by being Kate!

We're back. It's the day before the trip. This has all gotten so boring both Jon and Kate sound like they already took their Dramamine for the long flight. Yawn, Jon tells the kids to clean their room, Kate brushes the girls' hair. Hannie can't even reach her long mane to brush it all, so it ends up just getting half brushed. They think this is cute and funny. I think it is ridiculous and not cute at all. I hope she gets lice and has to get a buzz cut. Okay, okay, I don't really wish harm on the child, but I do wish someone would cut her hair.Kate is giving all the little girls pedicures. Kate tells Mady they have to get up at five in the morning tomorrow. "Waa!" Mady replies. It sucks, but somebody's got to get up early or there would be no one to go on nice trips ever again! Waa! Kate has all the supplies for pedicures because they always give "you" a bag of pedicure stuff when you leave. They…do? Not at any place I've been to. Maybe a free foot cream sample but an actual full on do-it-yourself pedicure kit? I have a feeling that was another freebie, and Kate is either pretending it wasn't or just really stupid and out of touch.Kate is filing and buffing Mady's cute little toes like she's reaping wheat. I hope we see some sheaves stacked up by the time she's done to show for it. Mady says ouch, and Kate snaps that she's never heard anyone whine and complain like this. She cannot resist yet another dig at her family.

She says if her mom had taken the time to give her a pedicure at this age she would have sat for four hours, implying once again her mom didn't do anything for her. Maybe she didn't, who knows, although one really has to wonder when not just Kate's mom has disappeared, but so has her dad, most of Jon's extended family, Beth, Beth's kids, Nana Janet, Carla, Carla's daughter, Jodi, Jodi's kids, Uncle Kevin, the rest of Kate's siblings, and I'm sure I'm missing several but you get the idea. Kate has so many relationship issues I think she's going to explode, and she's passing them right on down to her children. Nice.I'm just going to add that when you hear one person's side of the story about an estrangement, as we have Kate's, but you haven't heard a word from the other side, her mother, I think you have to at minimum err on the side of giving the other person the benefit of the doubt. Until I hear her mother's side, and she's certainly under no obligation to speak out, Kate's not going to ever get me to assume this was all her mother's fault and not Kate's, too.

Moving on.

They packed seven suitcases, two wardrobe bags, and several carry ons. I feel like I've seen this episode before. Oh yeah, it was called Plane Ride to Utah. I'm going to skip it since it's just the same old boring blah blah. You can watch it yourself if you really want to watch this drivel. The only thing that's interesting is her wedding dress was shipped directly from New York. Wow. We see that Kate is still undermining Jon just like the good ole days. He's telling one of the little girls to get in the house. Kate warns him to "be patient with them." Is Kate for real here? She thinks so.

Coming up, Alexis is super cute. She's like a little Asian leprechaun. She will even lead her parents to a pot of gold!

Jon got up at 4 a.m. on the day of the trip. Alexis is wide awake and cheerful and ready to go and totally adorable. "It's me!!!" she says, pointing to her chest. Aw, yes it is, Lexi!Aaden scurries over to the garbage can with what honestly looks like a pair of underwear and throws it in the garbage. That's weird. Did he have a little accident? Poor little guy. Kate is absolutely nowhere to be found, I am sure she is sleeping in until the last minute, and Jon is too busy getting ready to go, so there's really no one to help him.They're all stepping into their cute little crocs. I actually like crocs, I don't think they're ugly at all like some people do, but I've heard they can actually be really dangerous like getting stuck in escalators and stuff. Eek.Does TLC think we don't watch these episodes?

This is getting hysterical. Not three or four episodes ago Kate explained that the reason everyone who loved them, or rather the kids, the most, like Beth and Jodi, were no longer in their lives was because they didn't really need helpers anymore and wanted to kind of do things themselves now. If Beth and Jodi are reading this, I wish you were still in the kids' lives. They need you.Anyway! Kate conveniently changes her tune so she can bring her nanny along and dump Alexis on her when she gets difficult. "We can't still travel without at least one helper," Kate explains in weird syntax. Jon, correct her! He won't though.

Once again a casual observer might think a free trip to Hawaii would be any nanny's dream, but I can assure you this will be all work and no sunbathing for poor Jenny, and I feel very sorry for her. Good luck with that one. Here's hoping she at least gets her own bed, but I'm not counting on it.Jon said they just need to brush their teeth, put shoes on and "brush the little girls' hair." "DO the little girls' hair," Kate corrects. Utterly unnecessary, and that Kate, is why Joel McHale over at Talk Soup predicts this show will soon be renamed, "Jon Minus Nine!" It's a really good thing you no longer need your spouse to consent to divorce, because if you did, Jon would never get one. Ever. The truth of the matter is Jenny is actually doing the little girls' hair, so Kate didn't even have to do that.

Are we supposed to feel like it's all very hectic and busy? Because I sure don't. Not feeling the drama at all. The bus comes to pick them up at five, and still no sign of Kate. On the couch, she can't even take talking about the bus coming so early, and is yawning. I really think Jon carried her to the bus, tucked her in, and handed Kate her coffee. Joel apparently took some time over this week to really ponder his decision to sit with Kate on the plane, and wisely realized he blurted that out under the influence of his mother cuddling and kissing him and was not thinking clearly. Never make important decisions like that under those circumstances. He has since remembered she's not actually normally that kind and cool around him, and has changed his tune. He now tells Jon he wants to sit with him. Jon, to his credit, tells Joel no he's a traitor and he needs to sit with Mommy. I think Jon actually doesn't want to hurt Kate's feelings here. Because as much as she laughs it off, it must hurt Kate just a little bit that the children never want to sit with her and almost always prefer Jon. Not saying she doesn't bring it on herself, but still, that must hurt. Kate doesn't just accept this though, she has to go accuse Jon of being mean to him, and now Jon is totally justified in calling Kate out. He TRIED to be nice to her and brush this aside and not hurt her feelings. She wouldn't let him. He tells her straight up she butters Joel up and might as well have a bag of Hershey kisses with her. He's doing that thing where he's half joking, half serious. I love it.

A small part of me still feels sorry for Kate that her own children aren't that crazy about her. I think deep down a lot of her behavior is overcompensating for all these shortcomings. That's not even the half of it, I think it's a whole HOST of things, but this is just one side issue contributing to her behavior, I think. Jon talks about using the camping lanterns they recently bought, or rather bought with TLC's credit card, to load the bus in the dark. We spend a ridiculous amount of time talking about this. Mady and Cara are grumps, (How dare they! It's only five a.m.), and everyone piles into the bus.

Next up, a side trip to San Diego, America's most economical vacation spot where you really can't beat the gas prices.

Prep for Hawaii- Oct 27

Jon and Kate and all eight kids are off to see the beauty of Hawaii- a perk of the "family job". Kate stresses during the packing process and she takes advantage of even more publicity by choosing a ridiculous dress for her renewal of vows ceremony.

Making the Rounds

What is this, the third or fourth television program Jon and Kate have been featured on in the past week or two? They better hope they don't suffer overexposure.

Free Discussion 10/25-10/31

For discussion on the Gosselins where you don't see a more appropriate home for comments.

Two Posters, One Idea

We recently received both of these comments, just days apart. These sentiments are shared by many, so it seemed the right time to share them in a post.


Submitted by themrs and Pattilynn

SEVEN potties! That MIGHT cover it.

Why would the Gosselins want to move to North Carolina when there are simply gorgeous properties like this located right in Pennsylvania that could be perfectly suitable for them?

"Incredible homestead on 24 acres. Top of the line Craft Maid kitchen w/viking stove & Subzero ref.,cherry floors throughout first floor. Beautiful views,privacy and great entertaining areas. Lower level finished w/fireplace and bath. 24,000 gal. Carlton pool w/hot tub. First floor owners suite app. 800 sq.ft. 10 fenced acres, 4 stall bank barn with new siding, roof, electric & water. In-law or caretaker suite w/kit., BR, LR, BA 800 sq. ft add. Sep. heat and security. **Land is "NOT" able to be sub-divided"!"

Editor's Note:

Oh, drats! Our little linky-dinky up there seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties all of a sudden today. Strange.

Here, I just don’t want anyone to miss taking a gander at this lovely home.

Good thing I saved all those thumbnails.

Being Grateful

I wish she would just take a moment and look around.... I will try not to repeat what has been said a million times on here, but I feel the need after watching this show for the last 4 seasons, to get something off my back and off my mind.

I really wish that Kate Gosselin would take a moment to breathe, look around, and appreciate the little world she has created for herself. Yes, she has mentioned in brief little moments her thanks for this or that. But I don't think that she is really truly taking the time to realize how great she has it. As much as this woman disturbs the crap out of me, I honestly don't think that her intentions in the beginning were to live off the exploitation of her family or to throw the world's biggest pity party for having so many children.

However, I do think that, slowly, over time, everything just simply went to her head. Just like some people are pre-programmed all along to become drug addicts, and are just waiting for that first hit to send them off into the land of addiction. Some people, like Kate, are just pre-programmed to let themselves become completely engulfed in a life of fame, and cannot stop themselves from wanting more and more once they have gotten a taste of the good life. We see this all the time in celebrities. Once they see what their fame can give them, they expect nothing less. They now see themselves as above everyone else and literally believe that they DESERVE all the things given to them.

We clearly see that in Kate. We witness it all the time... how deserving she thinks she is. I honestly think she has become addicted to getting things handed to her, whether it be from do gooders with a big heart, or corporations who see the benifit of seeing the Gosselin kids using/playing with their products on a popular TV show.

Kate is now living like a kid in a candy store. She sees something she wants, or a trip she wants to take, and BAM... she knows exactly how to get it for free now. It's become very simple to her and I think the idea of all of this one day coming to an end is frightening. And that is why she cannot bring herself to end this show, no matter what kind of problems it may be causing for her children. Just like a junkie will put drugs before their kids, Kate is putting her hunger for more and more material things in front of her children's happiness.

And for two parents who do not work and who have accumulated all this wealth from the show, you'd think that they would be doing a lot more good for others. Maybe just pay it forward to families in the same situation as theirs. I mean we all know that she isn't the only woman in the world with a lot of kids, or with several sets of multiples, and it saddens me to see that she is the only one who gets such major benifits because of it. I think it would be awesome to see her help out those other families by either giving them some of her freebies or by giving those parents one of their free vacations.

I am a parent of one child, and my husband and I have struggled for a very very long time and never seem to be getting any further. I won't go into detail of our situation cause I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself. But the people around me and in my life have helped us out as best as they can (whether it be by helping us buy groceries once in a while, or giving my child hand me down clothes). It's not free vacations and it's not clothes from Gymboree, but am I ever thankful for every single bit of it. And, to tell you the truth, I could not even begin to live with myself if I didn't try to pay it forward in some way. If I can volunteer at a shelter's kitchen, donate what I can to charity, or watch someone's kid so their parents can look for a job, then Kate and Jon Gosselin can do SOMETHING too to give back for all they have recieved. And I really hope that one day they see that they don't need so much useless material things in order to be happy, and that Kate doesn't have to put on this show of perfect, spotless, high fashion wearing children in order to prove something to the world. No mother is perfect, and recognizing your faults as a mother is what helps you grow to be a better one.

Kate and Jon, please just look at the world we are living in and the people around you. It's not so easy for everyone, and the day you accept that you and your family can be happy just loving each other, being silly together, and just being yourselves will be the day you find true happiness.

Written by Sasha

"Ball Game" recap - Jon & Kate Plus 8

Submitted by 3Farmers

The old ball game might never be the same after Jon takes Cara and the boys to their first big league game in Philadelphia. Will the Phillies clinch their division? Will there be enough nachos to maintain healthy blood sugar levels? You’ll find out on this episode of Jon & Kate + 8.


Ball Game - October 20

It's a day of ballpark fun when the Gosselins are invited to a Phillies game by the manager. Jon takes the boys and Cara to see their first baseball game. After the game, they get to run around the bases, meet the mascot and even meet one of the players!

Tom and Trix Plus Six

The Jon & Kate parody blog, Tom and Trix Plus Six was updated today - now who is that "family helper"?

GWOP Responds to TLC's Official Statement

We appreciate TLC finally issuing a statement about the controversial Gosselin family whose show airs weekly on their network. In a statement to CNN, TLC said:

"Because of the show, the kids and the family have economic security and the luxury of a mom who can stay at home and raise them."

However, we are disappointed that a respected network like TLC has so cavalierly missed the real issue here. The issue is not how much money the family makes, or whether their mother, father, or both stay home with the children (which they BOTH do). The issue is the constant cameras in these children's once private lives, as Paul Petersen has so eloquently stated, turning their day-to-day existence into a "spectator sport." TLC first attempts to justify the show by stating that the family is now "economically secure." However, just because the family is making a lot of money and is undoubtedly secure in harsh economic times, does not make what this show is doing to the children right. In fact, TLC's statement has caused us all the more concern, because TLC now has admitted that it is all about the money. According to their statement, everything they are putting these children through is okay because they are making a lot of money for it.

Unfortunately, history has shown that the wealthiest of child celebrities, Paul Petersen included, had very tragic, lonely childhoods and often equally tough adulthoods. Tragically, more than a handful of child actors died far too young, from drug overdoses, suicide and the like. Many more lost all the money they made. Money has never been associated with happy little child actors. In fact, history has found the reverse to be true. The more money that exploited children make, the unhappier they are. And, lest we forget who is controlling the money the children are making, it is their parents.

TLC further attempts to justify the show by saying that the children have "a mom who can stay at home and raise them." There are many reasons why this part of their statement also does not hold up. Kate does not need to have a television show to stay home. Lots of parents of multiples stay home. Keith and Becki Dilley, parents of the Dilley sextuplets, both took a turn staying home throughout their children's school years... without a television show supporting them. If Kate really wants to stay home, she can find a way to do so without exploiting her children. Many families with many children manage to get by on only one income. Moreover, we believe that because of the show, Kate is spending even less time with the children than she would have if she worked a day job. Episode after episode, in addition to their speaking schedule, has confirmed that Kate, as well as Jon, leave these children on a regular basis for days at a time. The children are frequently left with relatives, babysitters, neighbors, and nannies, while their parents travel around the country speaking about their "economically insecure" situation, collecting love offerings, subjecting themselves to hair transplants and tummy tucks, and the like. They have even left the children when the children were very sick... so Jon could get hair implants. Just a few weeks ago, Kate left the children for several days for a "brown paper bag" school lunch campaign.

Even when they are home, Kate and Jon's days are filled with conference calls, interviews, filming, meetings, and other production requirements. It's hard to give eight children the attention they need under normal circumstances. One wonders how a celebrity family with these kinds of obligations manages to spend any time at all together -- time away from the cameras in private. In a recent episode, Kate and Jon were seen to be so busy that they could not even sit down together on the same interview couch. This is hardly what one would expect of a typical stay-at-home mom. If this show were intended to provide Kate with the ability to stay home, the unexpected result is that she has become a very absent mother. TLC's statement is simply an excuse, a weak justification for exploiting eight little children who have no say in the direction of their celebrity lives. There is no child advocate on set, no teacher on set, no laws regulating any aspect of production or the money they earn. (The "set" is usually their home.)

TLC has shown a blatant disregard for both the current and long-term effects of exposing children in this manner in a way, quite frankly, we're not sure we've ever seen before. We fear for the Gosselin children, and we also fear for the many reality show children who are sure to follow if nothing changes. TLC, we hope you will pay heed to Paul Petersen and the many other, less well-known but just as concerned, viewers who have spoken out about Jon and Kate Plus 8.

It is not okay to subject children to this kind of grueling, intrusive filming schedule. It is not okay to make celebrities out of unsuspecting little people. It is not okay to rob them of their parents' time and attention. It is not okay to deny them the money they are rightly owed, or to not protect the money they currently are definitely earning. It is not okay to place them at risk of falling off the right path, behind many other exploited child actors who have come before them. TLC, it is not okay to continue this show any longer.

Submitted by Dew

CNN clip on Paul Petersen Discussing Jon & Kate Plus 8

As many of you know, CNN and Headline News have been running a clip about "Jon and Kate Plus 8", specifically on the exploitation of the children, since last night. Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration is interviewed - the Gosselins declined to be interviewed, so TLC issued a statement. And, and, and, Gosselins Without Pity and Truth Breeds Hatred were also mentioned in the story.

Eden has uploaded a copy of the clip on YouTube - thank you so much!

And thank you to Paul Petersen and CNN, specifically Brooke Anderson!

The clip mentions that no complaints have been filed with the Pennsylvania Labor Department - some of our commenters disagree with this. Contact the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board if you wish to be heard.

"Back to School" Recap

Submitted by ThreeFarmers

The twins are headed back to school and the tups enter Pre-K. Will the children miss being away from their parents? Or will they look at their parents and realize that through education life will give them many options that don’t involve exploitation, an inflated sense of entitlement, or the fraudulent solicitation of charitable dollars from people of lesser means than they? Time will tell.

It’s notable that, for the first time, Jon and Kate take to the couch separately. I’m interested to discover if Jon can construct a complete thought on his own and to see how Kate responds when she has no one belittle. They explain the situation by saying that their schedules are just too busy to be in the same room together.

Pre-school is three afternoons a week. For the first time the tups will learn to make friends who are outside of their sextet. This, to me, is startling. How can a young family with eight children living in a nice suburban neighborhood be so isolated that the children have yet to socialize with anyone their own age? Before school starts, they have to get their wellness checkups. During the weight/height check we learn that Hannah is the heaviest and Joel is the littlest. This is shocking to Kate because, in her expert medical opinion, Collin’s head should cause him to tip the scales. Kate later states, while the kids are being questioned about what foods they enjoy, that her kids will eat anything. That’ s because they are all very hungry, Kate. You’re vain. We get that, but you need to remember that you’re raising children, not hummingbirds.

Next, it’s time to pull out the sphygmomanometer and check everyone’s blood pressure then it’s into the gowns. Alexis gives Aaden a poke and he says “ouch” and Jon admonishes him for over reacting. For the first time in many, many episodes, we hear Kate tell Alexis to keep her hands to herself. Apparently, if their image consultant won’t allow Kate to hit, then no one else can, either. Leah has achy ears, so she got some antibiotics. Although Leah has been complaining about her ears for a while, Kate didn’t think a special trip to the doctor was necessary.

Speaking of that doctor, isn’t medical information supposed to be private? What sort of doctor would allow cameras in the room where a physical examination is taking place? Particularly when it involves children who are not old enough to give their consent. After the vision exam, we learn that Aaden’s vision is stable. The interviewer asks Kate about Aaden’s eye exam and she said she doesn’t know. Let’s rewind for a moment. When Kate was in NYC on her business trip she got snitty when Jon didn’t phone her to get her opinion about a tiny cut on Alexis’ head, but when asked about an issue at least as important as Alexis’ cut, Kate, who was there, albeit in another room, doesn’t care enough to learn the results. Poor Aaden, that’s the burden of being a boy in the Gosselin house.

Joel is despondent while being questioned about his likes and dislikes. He is sick to death of being last all the time. Kate does everything in birth order, which is her pathetically logical excuse for Joel’s place at the end of the line. She states that she might consider doing reverse birth order sometime so Joel won’t always be last. Hey, Kate. You’re mean. No child will ever understand your birth-order logic. How difficult is it to take turns? Teachers manage to do it with 20+ kids everyday because they understand that having the chance to be first now and then makes a child feel special. Kids are keenly aware of their place in line and in a family and to consistently put the same child last because of something as completely circumstantial as birth order, affects them deeply. If you knew that Joel was sad because he was last, then you knew enough to do it differently. I’ll say it again. You’re mean. By always using birth order, Joel already knows that he is last, no matter what.

Back in the driveway, the vans are parked sideways so there will be no drive-by gawking at the Gosselins. The kids play with a couple of remote controlled Tonka cars and Kate comments that since there are only two vehicles, the children will fight over them. Did you hear that? KATE NEEDS MORE THAN TWO! CARS SO THE CHILDREN WON’T FIGHT. I guess it’s easier to have six of everything than it is to teach the children to share. When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to fight over toys. If there was a fight, the toy was put away for at least a week. Perhaps Kate should get her head around the fact that those cars only run on two frequencies so you can only have two running in the same place at the same time. If there are more than two, the trucks will all react to the signal coming from the remote that is on the same frequency and they will all run into each other. Perhaps the Gosselins should know something about the products they agree to endorse on the show.

Jon does a training wheel-ectomy on Joel’s bike and everyone gets a chance to experience life on two wheels. With one quick push Joel gets his first taste of freedom and he takes to riding that two-wheeler like Kate to fertility treatments. GO, JOELLY, GO! All the other kids get a turn on the two-wheeler, but gravity isn’t working in their favor. Some of the kids are quite upset, but I am tickled to death that Joel is FIRST in something that is totally out of his mother’s control. Good for him. May this be the start of many exciting firsts in this little boy’s life. J&K have to mention that Joel was whining the whole time he was riding his bike. I don’t suppose it would have anything to do with his lack of confidence that comes from being last all the time, would it? Maybe it’s because every time he does something well, his parents have to find something negative to tell the cameras.

Too much fun and everyone is late for school. It’s a mad rush for the van and they make it just in time to be greeted by Miss Kimberly, their teacher. We don’t see any other children there so we really don’t know how the tups are socializing with other kids. Kate goes over the green/yellow/red method used for monitoring behavior in the classroom and lets everyone know that her children would probably never treat other children as badly as they treat each other.

It’s right about now that Kate slips in another of her made up words. This week’s entry is “stampled” which seems to be a mutation of “stomped” and “trampled.” It’s time that we start making up words to describe Jon and/or Kate. Here’s my entry: egophile- someone who is so enraptured by their own over-inflated self worth, that they fail to recognize the damage they are doing to those who are placed in their care.

As the show comes to a close, I look back at the title, Back To School, and notice that the only children going back to school are the twins and they weren’t seen in the episode at all. Did the twins get a break from filming or was their footage not interesting enough to save it from the editing room floor? I don’t know, but for some reason, they were omitted from an episode that was obviously named because of their perspective.

Jon is glad because the kids are getting bigger, doing things, and going places. He admits that time is flying. Kate tells us that she can still see “baby” when she looks at them. I would imagine that would have something to do with the bibs around their necks. That, and the fact that the children have the self-control of two-year-olds. She says that as they get older (like Mady and Cara) and start getting attitudes, she’ll be in trouble. That’s true. Exploitation does require some cooperation on the part of the children.

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"Mr. Mom" Recap

Submitted by ThreeFarmers

The Gosselins throw a monkey munch wrench into their strict ideas of hot, organic, whole wheat gender rolls when Kate leaves for “work” and Jon is left alone with the children for three days. What sort of madcap mayhem will ensue? We’ll find out on this episode of Jon & Kate + 8. (continued)

Birthday Musings

My birthday? I slept very late, so did my husband. Opened my gifts: Jo Malone orange blossom cologne and a Cuisinart combination blender/food processor. I nearly fainted over both! Husband made me a cappuccino while I spoke to my mom and sister on the phone. We spent the day relaxing, eating, watching true crime shows. Then I ran to Target for random junk we needed for the house. Husband is making me a special supper tonight.

I tell you all this because the Gosselin kids have been on my mind a lot today.

As I was driving home from Target, I was thinking about what a wonderful relaxing day it has been. My favorite kind of birthday. If it were my last birthday on this earth, I would be content with the kind of day it has been.

I realized why I enjoyed today so much: it was unplanned, leisurely, entirely at our own pace. We did what we liked, when we liked. I could just relax and just be ME: 38 years old ME. I could throw my hair up in a bun and run out to Target and not have to worry about anyone seeing me. (But oh, do I smell good!)

We'll relax and have a lovely dinner tonight. I didn't have to nag and cajole my husband into making me a birthday supper. He didn't make a big production out of getting the groceries for it.

And that is what the Gosselin children are being deprived of: the joys of being a Private Citizen. Anyone who ever dreams of fame and stardom would do well to remember how much we all take being "private" for granted. It's one hell of a trade-off, even when you are an adult and capable of making the decision to make that trade for yourself. Kids don't have that privilege when their parents are money-grubbing famewhores with a taste for free ski trips to Utah and weekly visits to the spa.

You know what? That's a damned crying shame, the life those kids are leading, the life that was thrust upon them. I contrast my wonderful 38th today with the "Smile! Smile for the cameras! Smile, dammit!" birthdays the tups and twins have had to endure ever since Lord and Lady Cha-Ching realized that the GimmeGimme train was in their A, B, C, D, E, F, and G station.

This Private Citizen will tell Kate Gosselin to her face that there ain't no way the way those kids are being forced to live is any better. Give me my anonymous trip to Target and a private dinner for just my husband and me ANY day.

Submitted by Thalia Menninger

Where Jon and Kate Have Gone Wrong

Where Jon and Kate have gone wrong....Thinking they have cornered the market on sacrifice, pain, frustration, and struggle. They're no different from any other family, and I find it simultaneously laughable and infuriating that they somehow think they are special.

I may not have eight children, but I am a single parent to one little girl. Guess what? That is hard, stressful, sad at times, and frustrating too. No one said parenting was easy, regardless of how many kids you have or what your situation is: rich or poor, one parent or two, straight parents or gay, old parents or young. I LOVE my daughter. I enjoy her for who she is. Exactly who she is. Not a cookie-cutter, GAP ad version of who she is. Messy, clean, happy, sad, "meltdown", et cetera, I love her all along the way.Kate and Jon certainly seem, at least as far as the cameras capture, to be "I love you because I have to" parents. They need to become "I love you because you are you" parents.

That is my most valuable parenting advice. Love your children for who and what they are. It is clear from watching the show that they do not.

From a 24 year old single mother, who did not expect to have a baby, did not know anything about children prior to actually having one, who loves her daughter more than the sky and earth and land and sea, love your children for who they are, and PROTECT THEM.When I tune into that horrible program (which I am less likely to do these days because I feel sick after watching), all I see are two stressed out, selfish, mean-spirited parents playing to the cameras, and I see eight children who, while they are certainly not lacking in material possessions, trips, and "experiences,"are missing out dearly on what matters most, and that is a solid, secure home and supportive LOVING parents. Jon and Kate are just phoning it in at this point. Going through the motions is not effective parenting and I really could not care less what they or anybody else has to say in their defense. They have chosen this for themselves, and thrust themselves into the spotlight, so they deserve every word of criticism sent their way.

Yes, parenting is HARD WORK. Most of us do not have the luxury of freebies, trips, and "love offerings." Most of us would not exploit our children for the sake of the almighty dollar.

Submitted by DasMaedchen

Kate, How do You Sleep at Night?

I began to think about this last night as I struggled with my own bought of insomnia. I realize Jon is certainly an avid participant on the greed wagon, but from my perspective I see you, Kate as the driving force of this whole debacle. Kate, you have done nothing to contribute to society or make this world a better place. In fact, neither you or your husband work to support your own children. You chose this path. You chose to use fertility methods with increased odds of high order multiples. Instead of working to support the family you created, you have parlayed your children’s private moments into a lucrative lifestyle of your own by throwing them into the world of reality television. What about the “love offerings” you gather at churches? You claim to be “Christian”, yet you have the audacity to take money literally stuffed into buckets called “love offerings” from people who are living lifestyles far more simple than yours. Have you ever thought of the people who are giving you these love offerings? They are more likely than not your average American family struggling to pay their own bills in this economy. Why do you not tell them the truth about your good fortune? Why do you not tell the truth that college funds were in fact created by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the sextuplets? Why do you lie to them? Do you ever wonder while you lie awake at night if perhaps a family gave to you that did not have an excess to give because they believe your lies? It was not your faith or your god who chose you to be a mother of eight. Do you really think parents like the Baileys (who were also featured on TLC with a sextuplet pregnancy) wanted their babies any less? Do you think they lost two of their babies because they had less faith or fortitude than you? It was fertility treatments and then chance and only chance that led to the successful birth of your sextuplets. Why couldn’t you just be thankful for the lives of your children? Why couldn’t you just be thankful they were all healthy? Why couldn’t you be thankful for what was offered by your overwhelmingly generous community? When did your joy turn to greed and, as also discussed on this board, entitlement? Do you sleep better at night knowing your children had six matching cribs instead of the ones originally donated out of love? Do you sleep better at night knowing that fabric from Wal-Mart has never touched their skin? Are you proud of yourself when you walk out of Gymboree with bags filled with clothing that you haven’t paid for, haven’t worked for, and haven’t earned? Do you sleep well at night knowing that the show you sought for financial gain has shown your precious children at their most private moments (including nudity) for anyone to view as long as the internet exists? Are those trips to the spa actually relaxing when they have been paid for at the expense of your children’s privacy and dignity? Do you sleep well on all of your luxurious vacations knowing it has once again been paid for by the hard work of your children? Make no mistake Kate, those children are working. The camera does not lie. They are not having fun. They are not enjoying being raised in a studio that doubles as a home. Do you sleep well knowing that the kids are missing Aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin and their cousins? Do you sleep well knowing that you allowed your children to love Beth, Bob and their kids and then cut them off as well? Really Kate, how do you sleep?

Submitted by Jennifer, mommy of two

Will Stopping the Show Help?

This was submitted as a comment from Danielle, but we feel it is worthy as a post.

So I must admit, I have been a strong supporter of... So I must admit, I have been a strong supporter of J&K ever since I first saw the show despite all of the criticism I have heard about Kate. Today I spent a little more time really reading up and hearing what everyone has to say and, although I never thought Kate was perfect, I am less and less impressed by her. However, in response to criticism about the show being fueled by Kate's selfishness, why does anyone think stopping the show will safeguard her children from their mother's personality?

My mom is very much like Kate- although she claims that she is a selfless mother, reality shines through pretty clearly. Whether or not the show continues or not, the Gosselin children are always going to have their needs somewhat neglected (albeit not in a seriously abusive way). I have always felt that at least these kids really are getting these tremendous opportunities- I never had such experiences and I still have the same hang-ups anyone with a selfish and know-it-all mother like Kate would have.

I admit that I don't know what the future damages might be as the kids are so exposed and everything, but it's important to recognize that they will have the same parents whether the show airs or not. At least maybe they will have life experiences that will help them find themselves as individuals in the future. That's all we can hope for as viewers who truly care.

Identity Crisis

Each time I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, I worry that the Gosselin children do not have their own identities. I am an identical twin, and family as well as strangers regularly referred to my sister and me as "the twins" or "the girls." Our younger brother was never referred to as "the boy"; of course, he was always called by his name. I hated being one of "the twins," to the point that now (as a 29 year old) it makes me happy when anyone calls me by my first name. I craved that someone would want to know me, as opposed to us.

Watching Jon and Kate constantly refer to their children as "the girls", "the boys", "the little girls", "the babies", "the twins" etc. makes me very sad. I know what that was like as a child and can only imagine what it feels like to these children - especially Cara and Mady. They not only have to deal with being twins, but it is likely that they also feel they are competing with a set of 6 younger siblings that many consider more "special." They are taken on various TV shows/talk shows and often are not even addressed by the interviewer (all of the kids now are old enough to answer a simple/fun kid-type question). How does that make them feel individually? What is the purpose of them being there? I guess to be on display for the audience to gawk at, much like animals at a zoo.

Another very common and very negative part of being a multiple is the matching clothing. It alarms me that the Gosselin children are always dressed alike on outings and special occasions. This is something I also experienced as a child; sometimes my sister and I wore outfits in different colors, but they we were always dressed alike. I realize that with 8 kids it might be easier for them to wear the same clothes. However, it would be a huge boost to each child's independence and sense of identity if they were allowed to pick out their own clothes. Mady and Cara are clearly old enough to do so, and the sextuplets could also begin to have that freedom. I am not saying Kate should go out and buy them all different clothes, but she could allow them to pick which outfit they would like to wear that day. Every time they go out in public or on trips the children are dressed alike, as if to draw more attention. They are paraded around like perfect little identical dolls. The episode at Dutch Wonderland with the numbered shirts made me cringe. The idea that Jon and Kate numbered their own children but then were too "embarrassed" to wear their own matching shirts just made me sick to my stomach. How do they think it makes the children feel - especially Mady and Cara, who are old enough to understand the dehumanizing purpose behind the numbered shirts. I don't buy the excuse that the numbers make it easier for them to keep track of the kids. The same could have been accomplished by allowing each child to choose their own shirt, perhaps in a certain color.

If Jon and Kate are not careful, their children will grow up with serious social and emotional problems. These children need individuality and a sense of self, separate from a numbered position in a "group" of siblings.

Submitted by Diane

Good Morning America Appearance 10/16

Jon and Kate Gosselin will appear on GMA on Thursday, October 16th.

On the right hand side of the page, you can click the link to send questions to ask them.

Submitted by a GWOP viewer

Orlando Women's Show

New Episode - "Back to School" October 13, 2008

After a fun-filled summer, Jon and Kate prepare for the twins to head back to school and for the sextuplets to start their first year of pre-school! There's lots to do as all eight kids to head to school for the first time in Gosselin history.

A False Sense of Entitlement

As I was catching up on reading about the Gosselins last weekend, I noticed that many have replied to posts on various sites asking why some people are so bothered by Kate, Jon, or whoever on the show. I decided that it was time to clear my head and voice what makes me cringe, at the risk of being criticized for my all are welcome at your leisure.

I guess what gets me the most is the blatant lack of appreciation, the false sense of entitlement, and the always getting and not ever doing. And you know what? I'm not sure who is to blame for that. I believe that this is nothing new for many, many people. As a society, people have grown to expect things rather than earning them.

I taught a college course last year at a state university. I found that many of my students believed they were entitled to a good grade despite the quality of work that was turned in. And when they were handed their earned grade, not the "entitled" grade, you know what would happen? The begging and pleading would start. And when I said "no", then mommy and daddy were on my phone expecting to help their sense of "entitled" offspring get the grade they wanted. I would simply say that they were no longer in high school and I was unable to discuss their 18+ year old adult's (not child's) grades with them...they LOVED that. But, for many, I hope it was a wake-up call that maybe, just maybe, some of the values they had programmed into their children were not necessarily for hard work. Now, was this the case with all my students? Absolutely not. But it was a trend for myself and many other teachers in the department.

The comments made on the weekly chosen forum that is Jon and Kate Plus 8 are eerily familiar to my students' comments from the past. It is as if J&K left post-adolescence without learning the lessons of independence, hard work, and earned achievement. Instead, they have found themselves dependent on volunteers, family which has since found the error of their ways, and finally a television network that formed a financially glorifying dual relationship. And I can't stand that Jon and Kate still cannot admit that they never have, or never will, be able to do this on their own. I'm not saying they should have to do it alone, but at least stop pretending that's what they're doing just so they don't have to tire themselves to, gasp, say thank you.

They cannot even do family outings alone, as there is either a hired "helper" or a production crew along for the ride. And yet, I take something back. They have said thank the people that have paid them. To the people who have given them what they wanted. What about the people that fell short of their expectations...people like Jodi, Kate's family, or people that volunteered time and money to help a family in need? Nothing...not an ounce. Not even in their first TV special. They simply said that they were happy the volunteers were "gone". Gee, how "grateful".

Maybe it's a personal pet peeve of mine, but I cannot stand a false sense of entitlement. I'm actually contemplating doing my dissertation on the subject of "entitlement" in this sense and its relationship with educational motivation. Because if Jon and Kate were a part of the data for such research, I would imagine their correlation statistic would suggest entitlement up and motivation down.

Submitted by email from Heather

Kate and K Mart

Kate keeps bringing up K Mart and saving money. Is her info helpful? The good news is that it's just Kate and not the kids.

What are these things called "sales" that she was going on and on about? I never heard of such a thing. Gosh, I'm glad Kate Gosselin is there to clue me in to all these new and wondrous money saving tips! Me, I usually look for the most expensive thing because cheaper is NOT better, right?

And making lists and doing things the day BEFORE to stay organized? Why has no one ever written an article about this before or opened a store called, oh, say, The Container Store or Bed, Bath & Beyond or Wal-Mart in which I may purchase different sized plastic receptacles with which to organize various items into?

I've been going to the grocery store and just throwing things willy nilly into the cart. If only I had known of this list making phenomenon, I could get things I actually need. WOW.

From MadMarsha

How Not to Photoshop

Full disclosure - I haven't seen the "Picture Perfect" episode from Monday night yet. So I have no idea how the photography session actually went.

When I first saw the Good Housekeeping cover, I had a good laugh. This picture of a happy family is as manufactured as Jon & Kate Plus 8. (continued)

Episode Recap: 10/10 Say Yes to the Dress

On this episode of Say Yes To The Dress...

Kate Gosselin makes an appearance to get her FREE gown for her upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I’m tickled to learn that there will be other brides featured on the show so I won’t have to listen to Kate bead obsess for the entire half hour. (continued)

Posted for ThreeFarmers

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Say Yes to the Dress

Can Kate convince designers to turn two dresses into one?

Discuss the episode here....

Good Housekeeping Article

The new issue has hit the stands. There is also info available online at

Just the Twins....

I know we usually focus on all of the kids, but I got to thinking about the twins this past week. First we heard Kate say that they will continue to do the show as long as the family wants, it makes them stronger as a family, and the kids are happy with it. Just a few days later we learn that Cara and Mady both have had upsetting things said to them at school. Then the real train wreck came.... the Good Housekeeping photo shoot. When does the toll on the twins take precedence over Jon and Kate’s desires? Does it ever?

The tups don’t know any different, obviously not a good thing, but right now they are impacted less than the twins. They don’t remember a time when they weren’t taped a couple times a week, a time when there wasn’t a camera crew standing in their living room, and they probably don’t understand what this all means. At this point in their lives, this is just how their family lives. The twins, on the other hand, know this to be untrue.

It seems that almost every week, we see a very unhappy set of twins. Cara and Mady both are prone to outbursts. Cara almost seems nonexistent in most episodes, sometimes I don’t even remember seeing her at all. According to Kate, she lets things build silently for weeks and then has a meltdown. Mady is, more often than not, voicing her obvious displeasure with the entire scene. She’s either mugging for the camera or lashing out for it to go away. She’s said time and time again that she’s not happy at whatever event or place they’ve dragged the kids to. She just wants to leave and go home. The twins have put up a “no cameras allowed” sign. No matter how you cut it, that’s not right.

The twins know that what’s going on in their lives isn’t the norm. They know that their friends don’t have to wear a mic pack at home or have studio lights in the living room. There’s not a production crew in the kitchen when their friends get off the school bus. Jon and Kate are anything but careful about criticizing the kids, Mady more so than Cara. Do their friends repeat these things? Do the mean kids use Kate’s words to make fun of Mady? When Kate hauls off with a “love tap”, do the kids at school ask why their mom hits their dad? It’s not a stretch to assume that not only are the kids at school watching, they are repeating what they see and hear. Kids question. Kids don’t have that built in sensor to not bring up the embarrassing stuff they see. Kids mock. Kids are mean.

What are the twins getting from all of this? Jon and Kate get perks, their bills paid, all sorts of freebies, and don’t have to go work a real job. The tups get to go places and have people send them stuff in the mail. This is their life as they know it. Unfortunately it seems the twins are getting the short end of the reality show stick. They have to deal with kids at school, they get dragged to places not suited for their age because they have to appear in an episode, and the perks they get lag behind everyone else. We’ve seen them be afterthoughts on more than one occasion. Most of the pictures we see of the kids, one, if not both, of the girls has a sad, defeated look on her face. They get to be mocked and picked on, all so mom and dad never have to work a day in their lives. Two 8 year olds are bearing the brunt of the weight of the show. That doesn’t sit well with me. So why does it with their parents?

Another post on A Minor Consideration

A new post has been made that includes the most recent Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode:

The Chosen One

My kids are avid watchers of this show, but I just finished reading the article in People where they remarried in Hawaii and there were a few things that REALLY bothered me... not bad, but I would urge them to consider a few things. As an only child myself, my biggest regret was not having siblings, and it's not because my parents couldn't give me any, they chose not to. I understand that Jon & Kate both have siblings so they may not understand why I'm saying this. The thing that caught my attention was that they want to "adopt a baby so they can see what its like to have a child that's actually not a duplicate of another."

Coming from an only child, I have this to say... that child they adopt will not be able to relate because it will be "the only one" and I'm pretty sure will be reminded of that on a regular basis, and the others will likely gang up on that poor child simply because of that fact. Also, by putting "the non duplicate" in front of the camera with the rest of the kids, they will be forever reminding this child that they are not a "special duplicated child," especially when they end up releasing the dvd series.

Keep in mind I'm an only child AND a Mother who chose to give my older daughter a sibling before I went thru a horrendous hysterectomy that almost killed me. I am also blessed to be a Godparent to two boys. Jon & Kate seem to have this notion that no child is alike, but I can guarantee you... that child is going to feel left out its entire life. I'm trying to be very polite, but don't think they've even considered the consequences. I think they should consider some MAJOR counseling before taking this step... if I'm not mistaken they've been on Oprah, so maybe Dr Phil can help? Another freebie...

As "Devout Christians," I think they've been handed enough blessings already and their children have been blessed with more opportunities than most children will ever see in an entire lifetime. I'm a firm believer in "If you get one miracle in your life, you're lucky," and because of their eight miracles they should consider themselves EXTREMELY lucky, yet it doesn't seem like its enough unless this is the overall plan to keep the show going as long as possible. And of course these kids can't answer to be, or not to be in front of those cameras, but judging by the look on the 2 oldest faces and their attitudes, it doesn't seem they want anything to do with it (my youngest is the same age). Making excuses for the way they act on camera when they don't want to be on camera is not fooling us that are watching, its fooling themselves.

Hopefully, someday they don't regret what they've done... and, honestly, I would expect my husband to divorce me if I berated him like that on national television, which is the MAIN reason I don't watch it and remind my children every time they do that treating your spouse that way is not right. Please tell me I'm not the only person that looks at it this way!! I would really like to hear what other "only children" think of this.

Submitted by A One and Only Child

Something is Missing

The Gosselin children have clean faces, adorable matching clothes, and lots of playthings, some in multiples of six. They live in a nice house with a big backyard, and a great driveway for riding on their bikes and the many other ride-on toys they own. In their short lives, they’ve been taken on trips to Disneyworld, the Outer Banks, a Utah ski resort, and even Hawaii. They have two stay at home parents, who say they are the most wanted children in the world, and they even have a nanny to care for them, so what is the something that is missing?

What’s missing is the individual, totally engaged attention a child can get when they have a grandparent or two in their lives. I’m that kind of grandparent. When I take a child to my house or on an outing for the day, they are the center of my attention. Whether we are at the farmpark, a playground, a fast food restaurant, or playing a board game at my house, my mind is on that child, what he or she is doing, how they are doing it, while they are doing it.

The dynamic is different from parenting. When I was raising my sons, even when I was reading to one of them, or helping him with his homework, my mind was divided. I was wondering what the other two were doing, whether I’d have time to pay some bills, empty the dishwasher, fold the laundry. As a grandparent, I can put all that aside when I have one of my grandchildren. Being a grammie is the best thing I’ve ever done. I love doing it and I love seeing how much the things we do together mean to my grandchildren.

It makes me sad that the Gosselin children have no grandparents in their lives. I know that some grandparents live far away from their grandchildren and can’t spend time with them like I do. I know that some grandparents don’t have the time for or interest in spending time with their grandchildren for various reasons, and I know that some people feel that their parents are toxic and don’t belong in their children’s lives. I’m not sure that any of these examples fit the Gosselin children’s grandparents. For one thing, Kate’s parents and Jon’s mother were in the twins lives, before the sextuplets were born. For another, Kate’s parents actually took care of the twins when Kate was in the hospital before and right after the tups' births.

There is another thing missing from the Gosselin eight, and that has to do with history. Oh sure, when the kids supposedly asked, “where did I come from?” their parents took them to the NICU to show them where they were born and spent the early part of their lives. This answer isn’t going to satisfy them forever. Grandparents supply history, history that helps a child learn not just where he or she comes from, but helps them understand who he or she is, and what family he or she is part of.

I have four grandchildren, with two more on the way. The older boys are four and a half and five. They love to look at pictures of their fathers as babies and children. They ask which picture on my desk is of their dad, which ones are of their uncles. They understand that their fathers are brothers and that I am their fathers’ mom, as well as their grammie. They understand that they are cousins, that they are connected to each other, and that in some way, I am part of that connection.

My grandchildren are curious about those who went before them. I show them pictures of my parents, who are no longer with us. I tell them about my mother, who would have just adored them. I tell my older grandsons that their middle names start with E, because her name started that way. I show them pictures of themselves as babies with Papa, my father, and tell them that our only little girl so far is named after him.

As they get older, they and their siblings will want to know more about their ancestry. I remember learning that three of my grandparents came from Russia, and asking the only American born grandmother, where her parents came from. I wanted to know all about the countries and people that made me who I am, and I think most people do. I’ve read that this is part of the reason that adopted children who love and adore their adoptive parents, search for their biological parents. There is something in most humans that wants a history, that wants to know all about the ones that gave them their hair and eye color, their skin color, their ethnicity.
Jon Gosselin can talk about being half Korean, about having roots in Hawaii. He can even take his children to Hawaii, and perhaps someday to Korea, but the human being that made him half Korean, that tied him to Hawaii, is missing from his children’s world.

The children are going to want to know more about their grandparents as they get older. Mady, Cara, Alexis, Collin, Aaden, Leah, Hannah, and Joel talk about their Asian faces, but there is a whole other side to their heredity. Where did Kate’s grandparents live, her great grandparents? When did her ancestors leave their native lands to come to America, and where did they come from?

Grandparents pass on stories about their own children, stories Mom and Dad might wish to forget, but stories that make parents real to their children. My grandmother and my father were not close. There were some hard feelings, definitely deserved, between them, but she is the one who told me stories about my father. Those stories made me laugh, and realize things about the little boy behind the man. My grandfather on my mother’s side didn’t speak English well. He told all of us the same story over and over, in Yiddish. Yet, I told that story to my kids, and told stories about him, and the funny things he did when he traveled to Florida with my family when I was a child. I’ll be telling my grandchildren about Poppy, too, once they are old enough to understand who he was, because he was quite a character. Grandparents pass on history to their grandchildren. It’s part of our job.

Something is missing from the lives of the Gosselin eight. It’s a chance to have individual time, baking cookies, playing board games, reading books with an older person, who is able to concentrate completely on you. It’s personal history, put forth by someone who was there, and it is stories from the past that formed the future. Something is missing in the lives of the Gosselin eight, that can provide all of the above, and that something is grandparents.

Submitted by Grammier

Episode Recap: 10/06 GH Photo Shoot

Go away, camera!

Sorry, Joelly, but that didn’t happen last week and it’s not going to work for you this week, either, as the Gosselins do double duty working a photo shoot for the cover and a feature article in the November issue of Good Housekeeping magazine and providing footage for the latest episode of Jon & Kate + 8.

In fact, so I don’t inadvertently promote the magazine, and because Halloween, my favorite holiday, is just around the corner, I’m going to refer to the magazine as Ghouled Housefreaking magazine. After all, Kate is on that cover and I can’t think anything more ghoulish than that. In fact, for Halloween, I’m going to find a keg sized vat of hair gel, grease up my legs, and walk down the street bitching at my husband in her honor.

Unfortunately, it’s not Halloween yet. It’s not even fall when the Ghouled Housefreaking caravan of exploitive madness pulls up to the Gosselin home. (I guess that sign in the yard doesn’t apply to them.) In fact it’s still summer, when all of this goes down. It’s so much summer, that the temperature is hovering around 95 degrees. The crews set up tents, cameras, and stations for wardrobe, hair, and makeup. They also decorate the deck and hang a few wreaths on the walls to get rid of that sanitarium look of which Kate is so fond.

Kate informs the hair lady that she needs styled but that she has already applied an Exxon Valdez dose of hair gel to her Foghorn Leghorn hair do.

The kids LOVE this stuff. They love wearing a shirt under a long-sleeved sweater outside in 95-degree heat. That ROCKS. They even get to hold pumpkins and a couple of stuffed toys while they stand there unable to move or wipe the sweat from their damp, slightly heat stroke-ish, little brows.

Jon and Kate hit the couch to tell us that the cover will be great (over) exposure for the show and will be good for their family. How is standing outside in 95-degree heat good for anyone? Jon comments that they have never had a professional photo shoot before. I guess they had all those publicity photos that we’ve seen all over the place done by chimpanzees -- amateur chimpanzees at that.

Much to J & K’s chagrin, the Ghouled Housefreaking crew was large. Too large, in fact, for the mere 2000 sq. ft. first floor of their jammed house. Huh? The average American house isn’t 2000 square feet all together, let alone on a single floor. That figure doesn’t include the Gosselin’s finished basement. I think Jon is suffering from square footage envy. They’ll need a 8000 sq. ft. North Carolina estate to cure that.

Kate is worried about the memories the children will have of seeing Jon in make-up. One of the kids is heard saying “Daddy is a girl”. Apparently they are less concerned with memories the children have of their mother belittling their father. My mind hearkens back to a show where Jon and Kate were going out to dinner and Jon asks Kate if she needs anything ironed. While Jon is doing the ironing, Kate is in the kitchen screaming while she belittles his manhood because he isn’t helping her in the kitchen. Ah, it’s all about the MEMORIES isn’t it.

They pile onto the deck and Jon & Kate begin to complain that the photographer's strobe wasn’t working. Um, that strobe isn’t the only thing not working in your house. Kate holds Hannah, the favored child, while the others stand or sit around them. The highlight of Collin’s day is when he gets to say “busted” because, according to Kate, the puppets weren’t funny.

Mady, the voice of truth and honesty in this family, declares that she doesn’t care if she’s a super star. She was done. Unfortunately, Jon & Kate learn that Cara looked like someone told her she had to get her mother’s haircut because she didn’t crack a smile during the entire shoot. The kids LOVE photo shoots. It’s FUN for them.

Lunch, naps, then they get to do it all over again, in air conditioning this time.

One of the production people plays the piano with Mady. Why is it that Mady gets so attached to any adult female who pays her any positive attention? Hmmmm, I wonder what relationship is lacking in that child’s life?

The next day, they get up early and climb into the ginormous bus/limo thing that comes to pick them up for day two of this job. Yes, it is a job for those children. If there is any doubt about that after this episode, then there is something very wrong in the minds of those who think this isn’t work for these children.

Today’s photo shoot is much more comfortable because the temperature is 65 degrees. Kate requested that the temperature be 65 degrees. Did you hear that? KATE WANTS THE TEMPERATURE TO BE 65 DEGREES! Voila! It is so!

Upon arrival, the kids are immediately bribed to behave with Luna bars. This will also meet all their female nutritional needs and ensure that they understand that they only have to behave when they are given a treat.

The kids go around hugging everyone because they apparently think film crews are the same as trusted friends and family. Again, Mady finds a female crew member with which to bond. Jon thinks the most important thing is that the kids bond with the strangers. Yes, you want your kids to bond with strangers. Kate seems to be a bit concerned about it, which is the smartest thing I’ve heard her say in two years.

Everyone has to be skinny to fit on the cover. The whole family crams into this little space with a couple of small risers. Mady refuses to smile -- bless her little non-conformist heart. Kate says the kids were nervous because of the people holding them on the risers. Of course, the kids don’t know what it is to be nervous, right, Kate? This is FUN. The kids LOVE this stuff.

As a surprise, the crew brings out a dog to stop the meltdown of several of the children. It’s unknown whether the family is keeping the dog, which looks like a little Dandie Dinmont, but that’s just a guess on my part. The pup was cute and playful and I’m sure if it stays with the Gosselins, like a leach, Kate will suck the spirit right out of it.

Apparently, the kids were done working before their job was complete so the crew broke for lunch. As a reward (which is our new word for freebie) the children got these great little backpack/lunchbox things with a yummy lunch inside so that blood sugars won’t drop any lower than necessary. Of course, a paycheck is what these children should have gotten, but their parents will take care of that. We hope.

After their meal, it was back to work and that didn’t go well. (Isn’t this FUN, kids?) The kids were tired. They had spent two days in uncomfortable clothing under lights that were too bright and too hot with no guarantee of compensation.

Another, much funnier puppet lady comes out to save the day and the photographer was able to get the shot. They all dance to Footloose, the song about a bunch of rebelling young people growing up in a secluded and oppressive environment. Perfect. Everyone danced and had fun because fun looks better to the cameras than a bunch of kids doing two days of sweaty work. Kate dances with Hannah, of course. Jon dances with Leah and the rest just grab onto any adult who has time for them. The boys, however, still looked miserable, as if they’d never seen dancing before in their lives.

If you didn’t want to read the recap and decided to just jump to the last paragraph, here’s a summary. Hair was gelled, pictures were taken, children were miserable. At the end, everyone pretended to be happy. (Just like the last couple of episodes where J & K spent the end telling us how fab their marriage is.) They show us the finished Ghouled Housefreaking cover complete with appropriate airbrushing. Gosh, happiness sure is hard work.

Submitted by ThreeFarmers

Kate talks about KMart and layaway

This appeared in various markets across the country, here's one from Minnesota....

Added video link:

Please use this thread for discussion about the promo spot.

"Stunted Emotions"

On Sunday, October 5, the following comment by Carolyn Hax appeared in The Washington Post. The comment was made in response to a letter from a grandmother who was being kept out of her grandchildren's lives. The grandmother complained that her daughter-in-law was practically going out of her way to keep her out of their lives. Hax gave her ideas on what she could do to react to the situation. Although the letter was specifically about a grandmother, the response can be applied to any loving person in a child's life. She prefaced her response with the following:

"Controlling people are dangerous, especially to children, because they block the flow of normal information to their victims -- which then gives the victims a distorted emotional view. To oversimplify it: Mommy limits her kids' exposure to love from other sources, so they become dependent on Mommy, so they grow up uniquely ill-equipped to view Mommy objectively, so they enter the world (as friends, colleagues, spouses, parents) not only stunted but unable to recognize how stunted they are and why. Thanks Ma."

Picture Perfect - October 6, 2008

Good Housekeeping asked the Gosselins to be on the cover of the November issue, which proves more challenging than originally anticipated. With over 35 people on the premises, how does the family cope? And will Good Housekeeping get the perfect photo?

Is There A Method To The Madness?

As I sat here and read the latest articles here I think I had an epiphany. What if Jon and Kate are doing everything deliberately? Meaning drawing bad publicity to themselves intentionally. The show had been on for about 2 1/2 years and ratings were staring to dwindle. Then they start to stir up controversy by being talked about by tabloid magazines, bloggers, and whoever else just to get their name out there. Look what happened...Ratings picked up, more episodes are being added to seasons and there are several other shows popping up just like them. (Duggars- 17 and Counting, Bailey Multiples, Harris' Then Came Six.)

Since the bad publicity started they have gotten more freebies then ever. Trips to Hawaii, Disneyland, and more product placement. If there were as many letters going out to such places as Regis and Kelly as people say they are sending then I don't understand why they continue to let them on the show. Oh I is because they probably sky rocketed in the ratings for that show. Nice. Im thinking Jon and Kate really pulled the sheet over our eyes this time. I for one and totally done with this show, no more Youtube videos, Gosselin website. NOTHING. This show no longer exists for me.

Submitted by Kittie

Is or Was Jon a Decent Guy?

Some of you have stated that you think Jon is basically a decent guy who just happened to hook up with a termagant who snatched his pair away. I respectfully disagree. According to those who know Jon's history, he was a mama's boy, so it's likely he never had a pair. I think Katie made him feel he had a pair when she decided on him, and she played the ditz to get him. He must have felt soooo masculine until she got pregnant and let him know who was really in charge.

Some of you believe Jon is basically decent. I doubt that Jon ever was decent, ie, had ethics, because nothing had happened to him to make him face a decision requiring them. I think he had a thin veneer of amiability, but his parents separated when Jon was young. At that point, his mother babied him, and his father threw money at him without throwing in a little discipline or expecting a little responsibility. If Jon had fallen into the wrong crowd, he would have gone along with whatever they did. If, however, he got into trouble, I suspect he would have cried like a baby and want his mommy and daddy to get him out of the mess. Perhaps, in fact, Jon's dislike of Joel's whining is most likely based on déjà vu.

I certainly wouldn't have wanted to date him in college, which was fat chance anyway because he never went to college. You couldn't talk to him about anything because he doesn't know anything. The first time you had a meal together, you'd watch him wrap his arm around his plate, hunch over it and shovel in the food. That would do it because you'd realize this is not someone you can introduce to your friends.

I wouldn't have wanted him for a co-worker because he's unreliable, unmotivated and unintelligent. You'd end up doing his work and yours. His contribution to the company would be to inflate his entry-level, no-experience-required job into something suggesting at least middle management. Moreover, I suspect he's a pouter, and that's the worst flaw of all in a man.

Kon both have been insignificant until they got the tups. Katie was known for being a mean person and Jon for being a dunce. Until he met Katie he was a harmless dunce, but she dragged him down to her level of malice, and he's very happy there. We've seen him how he grabs the children, yanking them along, kicking at them in their plastic cars when they're in his way.

I believe Jon and Kate are a textbook example of folie à deux. Now they are somebody, and the worst traits of both of them are visible to all. Moreover, they're encouraged—these inconsequential life's losers—to believe they're actually worthwhile beings. Pfui!

Submitted by Quince.

Free Discussion 10/4-10/10

For discussion on the Gosselins that you don't see a more appropriate home for comments.

People Magazine

The article does not appear to be online and is too large to scan and place here but feel free to discuss it.

Jon and Kate in Birmingham

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

From pinkcupcake13. Thanks.

Sympathy to Julie and Aunt Jodi

Their grandmother passed away early this week after an extended illness.

She deteriorated very suddenly and Julie and Jodi's parents and extended family were with her as she passed peacefully.

Regis and Kelly appearance 10/3

Please post your comments about the show here. Thank you.


Do you know what "ICE" Means?

ICE = "In Case of Emergency" - this is the CODE WORD you should have in your Cell Phone to assist rescue personnel to find a family member should you be incapacitated in an accident.

Also, in these days of HIPAA, do you have your final wishes determined? No, I don't just mean a will - wills are all about the financial stuff.

With many couples living together if you are not legally married (and many states are outlawing "common law") the person who is your life partner will not be seen as such by the courts or a hospital if a family member wants to override the situation.

The family member will be seen as the primary contact and decider not the person they've been living with for years. Plus not being named in the Medical Directives or Power of Attorney can legally prevent a hospital from allowing you to be at your loved one's side or to even share diagnosis.

This is taking the time to look at your mortality and choices: do a GOOGLE search and find Advanced Medical Directives and Power of Attorney forms for your state (they do vary) and read and make decisions. Often the form must be signed by a notary (usually free at any bank).

This is important so you designate who will speak for you, and also your choices about whether to have physicians keep trying or to give you palliative care after a life-changing event.

MAKE SURE you tell someone! Keep a copies of both forms with you when you travel (I keep ours in our glove box), give copies to your physicians, and tell your family your final wishes - so they will be respected.

In the event you also wish to be an organ donor, it is simple to get the information on your driver's license, but tell someone so they can respect that wish as well.

I am not trying to be a "downer" just taking a moment to be a realist since so many of us blithely go through life without making sure these things are done - it is for peace of mind and to keep that final heart-breaking decision "off" your loved ones.

Submitted by Beverly. Thank you.