"I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life."

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I'm from Houston. I haven't had power for a week; still don't have power at home, I do at work. I think this has finally done it for me. Reading your comments about their latest disgusting actions has finally put into perspective how truly horrible these people are.

There are people all around me who worked hard all of their lives, raised their children properly, are fantastic individuals, and are now homeless thanks to the hurricane. There are people who TRULY need clothes, food, money, shelter, etc, who can't get it, and these idiots leech every bit of "free" anything that they can get their grubby little hands on.

Jon and Kate, keep on keepin' on. Enjoy your children's therapy. Enjoy your fleeting material crap. Enjoy your temporary wealth. We have to rebuild, but because we didn't alienate our friends, family, and neighbors, we have people to assist us in doing so. We can chill out after a hard day of putting our lives back together, crack open a cold beer, and chat. You get to bitch, moan, and complain about freebies.

I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life, any day.

To any fellow Texans, Louisianans, or anyone who knows/is related to victims of this hurricane, my heart goes out to you.


Anonymous said...

Yes, God bless those that have suffered due to Ike. I too feel enough is enough. Yes, figure 8 and TLC you've given the Gosselins the fine life and helped her finish off isolating her family from anyone that could protect them from her issues. Keep on giving her all her black lump of coal heart desires she will never be grateful or gracious.

We have all learned she is a nasty piece of work. Now do something useful with reality and go to the hurricane victims (and throw in a few military families) give some of those freebies and spa days to the people that will be grateful and gracious. Kate's constant bitchitude is over done and if you ever want me to believe your channel has any credibility with the TLC tag actually show some TLC to the deserving instead of the freaks.

Anonymous said...

I'm so, so sorry for what you have all been through.

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you all find peace soon. It must be so awful.

bri said...

I agree. Beyond the incredible selfishness of tricking or lying to get donations and bartering their children's privacy for freebies, if it is in fact true that they then turn around and sell clothes and toys for a profit to consignment (or ebay, or who knows what)...they are horrible people. We don't have much money but I've never sold one piece of clothing- what doesn't fit, or isn't wanted, is donated. And there have been times that I was the customer at Goodwill as well- I know they and their kids are much too good for that, though. The pretense of Christian (or any) values and morals is beyond me when their actions blatantly fly in the face of decency.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of the hurricanes and storms.

I have no words of comfort or support for Kon. They have deliberately fashioned their own web of lies and deceit and will some day reap the consequences of their greed and notoriety.

Roo said...

I feel the exact same way. My niece and her twins have been displaced b/c of the hurricane. Her power came on today and the real work has only just begun.

Jon and Kate deserve nothing. They put themselves in this situation. Perhaps if they had been humble and truthful from the beginning people wouldn't dislike them so much now. Imo, there is nothing their PR firm can do to make these dolts likeable....nothing.

You are in my prayers, I wish I could do more than that though.

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you. They say when everything you have is taken away from you, you find strength in your friends and family because that's all you really have left and that is what is really important. I'm sure that strength will help you get through the rebuilding process.

Unlike Kon, I am sure you have not pushed away anyone because they are no longer of use to you or have dared to discuss a situation with you. Life does have a way of bringing us back to reality. They deserve whatever karma comes back to them (but the kids don't).

I wish you all the best.

Barb said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. I can only image what you're going through.

Except, I'm a little nervous now because I think that Kate Irene will decide that they need to give back and will have an episode where they pack up the 'tups clothes for people suffering from Hurricane Ike.

I've seen too many examples of KON trying to do damage control and it's based on what they read on this blog.

Anonymous said...

I live in the hurricane effected area(Katrina, Rita,Gustav and Ike)and find the parallel you attempt to draw is nonsensical. People and businesses give to them(Gosselins) because they choose. There is no basis to compare the need of those ravaged by the hurricane with the need of a stable, established family in the Northeast.

I am not a Kate defender because I think she is WHACK, is cruel to Jon who really helps and appears to enjoy actually playing with the children which she never does, but the hurricane parallel just does not compute.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I feel like this was a great entry. Living in New Orleans and having been hit by Katrina, I see where you stand. I think saying that while Jon and Kate whine and moan about how they're not getting enough, there are ACTUALLY people out there who AREN'T getting enough who really NEED it. Makes sense to me ;)

Travis said...

God bless you and everyone else who has been affected by a natural disaster. My parents went through the most horrible ice storm to date in Mississippi and were without power for about a month. My younger sister and her friend had to come stay with me in my dorm room across state. They looked like they had bathed in Crisco they were so greasy. No hot water for a LONG time...

My husband and I survived "Hurricane Elvis" in Memphis and were without power for several weeks. And, like in Texas, we were freaking hot! We were lucky and didn't have trees in our house but it took a while to leave the house. Also, it was a complete SURPRISE. I had just gotten back from my morning run and my husband threw me from the shower into the closet with him until it passed.

Kon have no idea what it's like...

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you were affected by that storm. I'm a fellow hurricane victim (Katrina) so I feel your pain. I've often wondered how KON would of made it in a FEMA camper. My family of 6 (yeah Kate ONLY 6) lived in a travel trailer for 5 months after that storm. It does make me sick how they act like they DESERVE those freebies. So you had a bunch of kids, BIG WHOOP.
I do think those kids are precious and I pray they won't be totally screwed up as they grow up.
I started out really liking the show but after a few episodes Kate's rude comments and flat out lack of manners turns my stomach.
BTW Serena-help from Mississippi is on the way. A bunch of churches are taking donations and should be heading out this weekend. I wish you all the best and thoughts and prayers are with you all.

mlou said...

"I am not a Kate defender because I think she is WHACK, is cruel to Jon who really helps and appears to enjoy actually playing with the children which she never does, but the hurricane parallel just does not compute."

I cannot speak for Serena but what I got from this is that in these times that we are living in, it is a slap in the face to see a family given so much keep getting more and more and more.

We are in the middle of a war, thousands of people are losing their jobs everyday. People have a hard time buying groceries because of gas prices, people are having their homes foreclosed due to the mortgage crisis. The list goes on and on, but I think you get my point.

I can't stand Kate, that's no secret, but when you see someone constantly getting and never giving while there are so many who are struggling to get through each day it becomes sickening.

Adversity brings strength, something IMO Kate will never have.
It also brings families, friends & communities closer together, again I don't see Kate having this in the near future.

When you leave this earth, you can't take anything with you. A concept Kate has yet to grasp.

Bottom line, I believe most of us would have all our struggles instead of leading the life Kate seems to lead day by day.

mlou said...

In my last post I said Serena, I meant carolina, Sorry!!!

Anonymous said...

As I sit at my computer (powered by generator) I am reflecting on the past week. My lights are still out, but I have a home, family and support. I have family and friends who lost everything . They live in Bridge City and Crystal Beach. It is hot here and people are sad and afraid, we hear horror stories all day about what our families and neighbors are going through. BUT... we all help each other. If this family even dare dreams of moving to the coast they better get a damned grip and realize that evacuations and hurricane aftermath are horrible experiences. Diva attitudes will not be tolerated and everyone is equal. WE ALL HELP EACH OTHER. You will walk on dirty hotel floor and be grateful you found a vacant hotel room. You will eat a Salvation Army meal, or cold soup from a can and thank God for it organic or not. Your neighbor who se roof flew off their house will gladly accept your hand me downs, stained and all, matching or not and thank with tears in their eyes. You WON'T slap your husband or scream at yours kids because you are thankful you are all together and alive and not washed out to sea. And finally, you won't have cable, so you can't watch TLC and you realize watching that #%$# just stressed you out any way. To all my fellow Hurricane survivors hang in there - the Gulf is cooling down and Fall is on its way!!

Spootie said...

Carolina hang in there. Help is on the way. My heart and prayers are with you.

I realized in reading your post the most telling part is comes from something I experienced and I know you are too. When Isabel hit us [in VA & not the magnitude of Ike or Katrina] we were without power, water and school/work for 9 days.

We were fortunate - our neighbors who had, shared - our families who weren't hit - welcomed us for showers and warm meals - our whole neighborhood turned into a big family - and although we had to drive 100 miles round trip to obtain ice & batteries - people were kind and generous [strangers] even tho' they didn't know our situation.

I see your point completely. If Kon hasn't figured out how to alienate their entire community/family - they will have to turn to their sheeple to be taken care of - heaven forbid & I do NOT wish it on them - if they move to a coastal area and ever get slapped like the rest of us.

I prefer my family and wonderful neighbors over sheeple anyday.

The baaaaaaaing EXHAUSTS me ;D

Anonymous said...

Jon and Kate's true blessings are to have such loving and true friends and family. Somehow they always refer to material things as blessings. So sad. And to take advantage of people's kindness is despictable. More, more, more....like a disease.

Lonnyswife said...

Could it be that the parallels carolina was attempting to draw were based more on the fact that there are simple things in life we take for granted. That we should be grateful for?
The G's have been given so much by so many and continue to come across as being deserving. Being 'owed' something. They continue to ask for more.
In a repeat last night Kate mentioned that every tup birthday was a reminder of how lucky they were to have made it this far with the tups, due to all the myriad things that can go wrong with HMO's.
Saying it doesn't make it so. The woman can certainly talk the talk as we have all seen, but she isn't able or won't walk the walk.

Ilovemykids said...

Family and friends are blessings sent from God. Long after Figure 8 has packed up and gone away, will Kate and Jon stop and think about how they tossed away their family and friends over "things"? My guess is no.

Cincymom said...

I live in Cincinnati and we had the aftermath from Ike all the way up here. It hit Sunday with a very powerful windstorm for 5 hours, with winds up to 75 miles per hour (in the Midwest!!!). Power was out for 800,000 customers for two days and still for about 125,000 customers and its been one week(remember, a customer is a house and there could be 8 people in there!). I just couldn't believe how it hit with no warning as to the magnitude of what was coming. My thoughts to those who have it so much worse down South. We were lucky to have 75 degree weather, a full moon and running water, which made it very comfortable. The earlier post about how when bad things happen, you have your family to help you through it, really struck a chord with me. It reminds me how important it is to live each day to its fullest and keep family first, not material things. I'd rather have a cramped house with friends running all over the place, than a big fancy house on a hill and be all alone.

Libby said...

Such a crying shame! This is what really matters, the kind-hearted, family oriented, loving families who have been displaced or rendered homeless because of Ike...not the selfish, self-centered and greedy Gosselins! This is reality, the day to day, unscripted lives of those living through a tragedy. Visit PennMommy's blog and read of the hospitalization of her youngest son, in and out of ICU after having a ruptured appendix. Or as she describes, the many people in the same hospital who were injured in the Chatsworth MetroLink crash.
Jon and Kate will keep selfishly grabbing everything they can and will continue to sell out the offspring they were so desperate to have!

Ilovemykids said...

I wonder if Figure 8 would do a series of specials on how these hurricane surviors get by on a day to day basis while trying to put their lives and their homes back together?

As I think about it.....no, they wouldn't. Now who would really watch a show about "real" life when they can tune in and see the weekly installment of "Jon and Kate - how to become millionaires off the back of our kids".

Laura said...

I really wish Kate wouldn't say "if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't do it", in regard to having 'tups. She is unspeakably blessed to have 8 beautiful, smart, healthy children--I can hardly believe she sees it as a "nightmare"!!

Christian_N_Daniel_Mommy said...

My heart goes out to you and the rest of the Texas residents that were affected by this storm. I have never lost my home or personal belongings in an act of God before so I can’t really relate to what you’re going through but I have witnessed what it has done to the people who have been affected.

What would happen if J&K and their 8 lost their home in a major catastrophe?

I wonder how J&K would handle staying in a FEMA trailer and I can already see Kate’s reaction to losing her home. She would go on a ramped emotional rollercoaster spewing animosity, self-pity and fear for the entire world to see. She’ll yell at Jon and the kids. She’ll somehow find a way to break the little kids’ hearts by telling them that their teddy bears or “chewies” are destroyed and she’ll whine about not getting to go to the spa.

Kate: “Well that house was too small for us anyway”…

15 minutes later she’ll be breaking down and acting like a three-year-old. Her excuse will be that “everyone involved needed a good cry” and since she’s the most immature one – it should be her. All the kids would probably have to sleep *gasp* on the floor in a dirty trailer but wait… if they just happen to be sick then it’s OK cause we wouldn’t want to have to actually change bed sheets would we? Oh and do those FEMA trailers come with housekeepers because we’re having a hard time finding hired help to come wash & fold our laundry. I mean, can you imagine ! They all wanted to go help out their own families! Kate: It’s always like that, as soon as we find good help they all realize what a bitch I am and quit on us… I can’t imagine why we just can’t keep some stable help/family/workhorses around here. It’s frustrating. Don’t you think its frustrating Jon?

Jon: Yep. Frustrating. *Thinking:

Maybe if you would stop barking demands and expectations of everyone who has ever been in your life or wanted to help you then maybe we can keep our help!*
She’ll probably rally for two FEMA trailers so that the icky boys and the twins can stay in one with Jon and she and the ‘tup girls can stay in another cause lets face it, they’re cuter and you can dress them up more like dolls and do their hair. Boys are just icky and Mady and Cara are older and less resemble babies.

God forbid the Gosselins EVER have to experience losing their home. I would say that losing their home and belongings may humble them enough to contact their estranged families and get back together with them, possibly even stay with them while their house is being re-built but no, that would be beyond Kate. She would rather stay in a FEMA trailer and complain, complain, complain and cry to add more drama to her show than to swallow her pride.

I’m sure somewhere mid-hour long special “The Gosselins’ Tragedy” there will be a scene with Jon & Kate huddled together with their kids “praying” hugging and kissing one another and there will be some special effects like slow motion added and sad moving music. Kate will say something melodramatic along the way like “It really does make you sit back and count your blessings” because it’s in the script or she’s been prompted to. They’ll have a follow up episode with all the Gosselin kids helping to re-build their community not because Jon and Kate thought it would be nice to “give back” to a community that’s been emptying their pockets to them for almost half a decade now but because the production crew came up with the idea and “wouldn’t it be cute to see the tups getting their hands dirty helping to rebuild homes and plant sod?” Kate: Oh yes, that will be lovely … oh wait… does that mean they won’t get to dress up in cute matching clothes? We probably should re-think that…”

At the end of that special I will have just been surprised that the rain and winds haven’t already melted Kate and I’m not talking about in the emotional/mental way… I’m talking about Wicked Witch of the West way.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the Kate's Labor Day episode, J & K sat on the couch reflecting back on how their life was much more 'simple' when the tups were newborns. Kate cried tears and Jon explained that 'things have changed' and their life has become alot 'more difficult' because they are in the public eye. J & K made the choice to continue to be in the public eye. They could have taken all their children and retreated quietly back to their home in PA. Like the Dilley family. Demanded that the public and media respect their privacy . But that was not the case. J & K used their situation to intentionally pursue the public and media for personal gain! They contractually agreed to allow cameras in to their home giving the public a 'peek in to the window' of their lives. Here it is, some four plus years later, and they continue to exploit their children for personal gain. J & K 's greed and self entitled attitude served priority over that of living the 'simple life'. It is unfortunate that they justify a choice that would ultimately result in losing what so many work so hard to preserve, privacy, integrity, and the respect of family and friends.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog. Just checked the "offical" Gosselin site. Why is everything on Alexis' little page all written in "baby" talk. No one else is written like that. And did anyone see how Leah "likes to sneak downstairs at night and cuddle with mommy and daddy"....hmmm...but Alexis is banished to the dungeon for waking up at night? WTF?? And poor Joel is the only one with nothing written on his page. Forgotten little Joel. So sad. Shame on them!!

Anonymous said...

What other than the amount of money these people are gathering is the difference between this show and the old circus freak shows where you paid your dime (or whatever it was) for a chance to go into the tent and look at, oh, the tattoed lady or the strongest man in the world? TV is now our tent and although I would not call the children freaks (I love the kids) their own PARENTS are treating them like freaks and like the parents of old have sold them to the highest bidder to be shown like the boy-dog for the amusement of others and the financial benefit of themselves. I see no difference. Shame on you both indeed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Figure 8 would do a series of specials on how these hurricane survivors get by on a day to day basis while trying to put their lives and their homes back together?

Wouldn't that be exploiting those children?

I am so sorry for all above posters that have tragically gone through natural disasters...my head and heart can't even comprehend. However, it is unfair to "wish to see Kate living in a FEMA trailer, etc" because nobody knows what that would be like until they are put in that position. I would hope and pray nobody has to ever experience that.

Renee said...

As a fellow former hurricane victim (Wilma- it DEVASTATED our area) my heart goes out to everyone dealing with the aftermath of Ike. If those boneheads think the NC coast is the best place for 8 small children to move to they're gonna have a major wake up call eventually. It's bad enough evacuating with just yourself and your cat! November 30th can not come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

And poor Joel is the only one with nothing written on his page. Forgotten little Joel.

?? Joel has a page just like all the other kids. What site are you looking at?

Chris said...

The good about a hurricaine is you know it's coming and can evacuate. The bad thing about a hurricaine is you know it's coming and can evacuate.

That being said, I wouldn't wish having to live in a FEMA trailer on my worst enemy. Not even the worst criminal on earth. My heart goes out to everyone affected by any natual disaster. It's a time for us too all donate whatever we can and hope that it's never our turn to be on the receiving end.

Anonymous said...

I had a yard sale today...toward the end, a lady walked up with six kids, ages 2 to 8, and an infant wrapped on her body. She asked, "do you happen to have a giant stockpot? I have to make my soups in 3 pots for all the kids." Well yes I had a stockpot, but it wasn't for sale because I use it one time a year to make collards on New Years Day. But as I looked at this one mother, and 7 - fairly behaved but totally typical kids,I thought - she is going to get better use out of the stockpot than I do, so I sold it for 3 bucks.. As she left, I said, wow 7 kids, how do you do it, and she looked at me confused kinda, like, that's my life, I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Rather than see these two famewhores every week, I'd love TLC to vignette a family with 6,7,8 or more kids...ONE TIME...there are "real people" with lots of kids out there and they are way more interesting than JK.

BTW, there is a post on IMDB from someone who attended a speaking engagement, then ran into JK at a restaurant afterward...I didn't think JK had any more pegs to get knocked down in my book but after reading that post, they did..

Anonymous said...

IMDB? What is that? I'd like to read what they wrote.

That's what I find so terribly strange about this couple. My parents had as many children as the G's do, my grandmother had 12 children and they grew up during the depression. They owned orange groves in FL so they probably did better than most, but can you imagine what all them went through compared to the G's? And they thought nothing of it. I laughed when you said the woman gave you a blank look when you asked her about her 7 kids because I know that's exactly the look you'd get from my mother and my grandmother -- like what are you talking about? I chose to have these kids, they are mine and you do what you have to do.

Anonymous said...

When I go to the Official site Joel's page says Under Construction, has for a while now. I only see that on Joel's page.

momof5 said...

I'm not sure where to post this but I was just on Pennmommy's site and she just received a certified letter from what turned out to be a bogus attorney telling her to "Cease and desist" with her blog. Wow, guess the truth really is upsetting to some people!

Anonymous said...

"BTW, there is a post on IMDB from someone who attended a speaking engagement, then ran into JK at a restaurant afterward...I didn't think JK had any more pegs to get knocked down in my book but after reading that post, they did.."
Can you please post the link to this? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where to post this - the National Enquirer (just out) has another article about the G's. This time, it's an interview with Paul Peteren of A Monor Consideration advocating for the show to stop once and for all. I was reading PennMommy's blog and Bohemian Moon left a comment about it and a link to the article. The end is near for the G's!

Martina said...

It was nice to read this. We've been hosting family from Kingwood, one of the harder hit areas of Houston and they are going home today after nine days of staying with us. They are going home to non power. We've had 13 people in our home and it's really made me think (and rethink) my priorities.

The Gosselins need our prayers. They don't benefit from my cruising the internet reading about them.

This is our second time to host family (Rita from three years ago too). Family is OH so important. To believe anything else is to deprive yourself of God's blessings.

Lonnyswife said...

Here is the IMDB link again for the post from the lady who's interaction with the 'celebrities' after the engagement was pretty much 'par for the course'.
IMDB-internet movie data base
Because of the show being on video.
There is a rumor that a sometimes poster called Disneyfamily is actually Kon.
Anyway you can read all the forum posts by clicking on Jon& Kate + 8 (2007) above the actual post.
Lots of tweeners post here.


Carolina said...

wow, thanks you guys for the fantastic comments!

I had just meant that this storm kind of put into perspective that there *are* people displaced by storms (even storms from years ago,) families driven apart by war, and the Gosselins have no idea how blessed they truly are.

I'm simply thankful that the people I love are safe and sound (we don't have power at home still, but most people I know do) and it's been a bonding experience between my fiance and I.