Gawking at the Gosselins has an interesting article - Gawkers sometimes forget discretion to glimpse Gosselins.

Sam Gatchell, police chief of the Northwest Regional Lancaster County Police Department, said officers have not received any complaints about traffic from neighbors in the development.

At one point, the Gosselins had contacted the police with concerns people were taking pictures and approaching their front door, he said.

"People didn't use good discretion. Instead of people taking pictures from the street they were up in the yard," Gatshall said.

Then, eyebrows raised this summer when signs appeared on the Gosselins' front lawn, with the warnings to "Stop" and "Do Not Enter" along with instructions not to stop in front of their house, take pictures and talk to them.

"Maybe they are having some issues with privacy but I haven't really seen anything indicating that," said Paul Wooldridge, 48, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

The signs were removed within a few days but not in time to avoid a heated debate in the blogosphere."

This illustrates some of the concerns we have for the kids - that the Gosselins aren't discreet enough about their location. We really don't want people on the Gosselins' lawn either.


Anonymous said...

That's what TV and movies stars have to deal with in exchange for all of their money: the loss of privacy. If they don't want gawkers, there's a solution: cancel their TV show. People will forget about them very quickly.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 12:07. Whoops! That's what happens when you make your life public -- including the intimate details of your kids' lives. Yep, people will soon be happy to forget you if you get off the public radar (TV, pity sermons to beg money from churches and all).

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the G's do not deserve to have complete strangers on their private property.

HOWEVER, they brought all the attention on themselves, practically begged for it, as a matter of fact.

Even tho all the attention and curiosity started from fans,I have no doubt that the attention is now from the negative publicity ......

Anonymous said...

I agree; being the subject of a well-known TV show will result in a loss of privacy. It comes with the territory, and the Gosselins need to learn how to adjust, rather than closing themselves off entirely to the public.

On the other hand, I think I would be peeved if strangers came to my door asking for pictures. A line has to be drawn somewhere...

On the show, street signs/license plate #s are already blurred out. But, you can't stop the surrounding neighbors from telling others where they live. I would imagine their phone # is unlisted.

Anonymous said...

They cant have it both ways. They need to get off the TV if they want privacy. I am ready to never see their greedy faces again myself. (I stopped watching the show and will NOT be ordering book or DVD's.) Jon and Kate are not people I would want to know and I feel sorry for those kids who are stuck with them for parents..

Anonymous said...

I saw this post on another blog and I read it.. Really speaks volumes.

It's something all of us could do.. I think this pastor has hit it on the head. Someone has to defend these children and do it ethically and with tact. I believe Serena and the "gurls" are doing just that.

I wonder if he's married??? :))

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else feel like this article in incomplete? I understand what it is saying, and I agree that strangers shouldn't be bothering them (for the safety of the kids). But there is really no point to this story.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the sign was put up to get even more attention. Really, if they had, had problems, I believe they would not have hesitated to call the police. Yet, the police know of no such problems.

beachluvin said...

Add "publicist' to their staff.

Anonymous said...

I love how Kate and Jon are concerned about THEIR privacy but not their kids who are displayed on national TV in front of millions every week. Privacy is something this kids do not know and since Jon and Kate don't know the correct meaning of it, I doubt they ever will.

Anonymous said...

taking pictures from the street is one thing. Walking onto their private property is another. Walking up to their door is frightening!

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike what the G's are doing to their children, I must say that this was an irresponsible piece of journalism. Now, any rabid fan can use the identifying pieces of info in the piece to pinpoint their house. I know that it is no secret to the townsfolk who by and large seem uninterested, but what about the crazy in, say, California who just wants to get close to them? A few clicks of the mouse and I even found their house. Think of the children's safety for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the nuts will come out of the woodwork when you open your lives and more importantly your children's lives, the intimate details of which should never be in the public domain. Ask movie stars, sports stars, politicians. You want to play with the big boys, I'm sorry, but the crazy people who just loooove you so much will find you. You can not have it both ways. You don't mind us seeing your kids on the potty or in the shower, but you object to people on your street?

Listen, Kon, I would not want that either. I would be livid if people were trampling my lawn and bothering me at home or trying to talk to my kids when they were out just trying to play. But you asked for it and I didn't. My husband and I drag ourselves up each and every work day and go to work so that we can have a home and buy food and college for the kids. Are you getting the point, Kon? Are you there?

Anonymous said...

They should've been more discreet with their location. Why so many shots of the front of the house, driveway, and neighborhood? They should put down a concrete slab and fence in their backyard. I'd try to be way more anonymous. Then again, I would never, in a million years, have my child on tv! There are so many nutjobs out their I cannot believe that people would make their life a reality show. Crazy, crazy, crazy what greed will do to people. Do a Dateline special once every five years if you must. But this fiasco that their life has turned into? Insane!
I sensed an "annoyed with kon" tone in the article, anybody else?

Anonymous said...

I think a once a year interview or show would be great substitute for what they have now. It'd be a nice way for everyone to get an update on the kids and see how they've grown without it being a daily interuption in their lives.

Anonymous said...

The article mentioned Kreider the farm owned/operated by Kate's family?

Sharla said...

No relation of which we are aware. Kreider is a relatively common name in that part of Pennsylvania.

FIONA said...

Even tho all the attention and curiosity started from fans,I have no doubt that the attention is now from the negative publicity ......

9/08/2008 12:54 PM

Maybe....maybe not. I have read some pretty odd things mentioned on fan sites, about stopping by on a vacation, and various things like that. And then you throw in the people who want to send them gifts etc...I think it very well might be the hardcore fans that would be so enthralled with the family that would stop.

As much disdain as I hold for Jon and Kate and their past and present scamming, I would never, ever waste my time on them.

Anonymous said...

I have thought about this as being a potential safety concern for the children. There are a LOT of crazy people out there and its likely that some of them watch Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Thanks to the show, viewers know intimate details about each of the kids. Details perfect strangers should NOT know. Combine that with the fact that at least SOME of the viewers know EXACTLY where their house is and that thanks to the show we also know the layout of their house and you've got TONS of room for disaster to strike.

Sure, they're looking to move, but if they keep doing the show it won't be long until the same information is once again made available to the public. They are in the public's eye, which they brought on themselves and apparently want, to a certain degree, and they are NEVER going to be able to "hide".

It's ashame. Those kids will never just be 'the anonymous kid down the street'. And sadly, I think that's EXACTLY what Kate wants for her kids. I think she equates "fame" with success. We won't know till some time down the road whether that will be true for these kids and I really can't believe that's a gamble she is willing to take.

And yes, I say "Kate" because I really believe that most of what goes on in that household/family is being done at the will of Kate. It's obvious she's the one who calls the shots!

Anonymous said...

I think that the Gosselins are trying to make it sounds worse than it is. The neighbors don't seem bothered by people driving up and down the street. It sounds like they have people occasionally driving by, sometimes taking a picture from the street and the very seldom person actually going onto their property.
And if I were them I wouldn't be worried about the people who don't like them stalking them. It is the over the top fans that cross the line and do crazy things. Like the ones they allow to send their kids gifts.

Anonymous said...


How can a person work so hard to be famous then be so bothered by all the trappings of it.

On one hand, they want people to be drawn to their family, but on the other had they don't want people to be drawn to their family.

While I think it's horrible that people will just walk up to the door (the Juicy Juice man notwithstanding) for no other reason than they want to see the family they see on TV, it's nuts to put a sign in the yard that people aren't to wave or speak to them. They simply can't have it both ways and I would thing that they would know that.

Anonymous said...

And if I were them I wouldn't be worried about the people who don't like them stalking them. It is the over the top fans that cross the line and do crazy things. Like the ones they allow to send their kids gifts.

Such a good point, Anonymous, I recall being shocked when I saw Kate letting the kids open gifts from strangers. If that were me, those gifts would be acknowledged and the people would be thanked and the items would go directly to charity. It's like they are training those kids to accept handouts from strangers at a very young age. So sad.

To the poster commenting on their diet. I couldn't care less what those kids eat. I agree that they look pretty healthy to me.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most about people sending gifts is that the packages that fans had sent had not been viewed by Jon or Kate before the girls were allowed to open them. ANYTHING could have been put in those packages. I would never allow my child to accept a box from a stranger, not knowing what was inside of it! Some pervert could have sent them something horrible.

Anonymous said...


while I agree with much of what you say, I disagree with certain comments such as because the kids look well fed and/or perfectly healthy that commenting on their diet and other such details should be "off limits"

They are showing us these supposedly insignificant details on the show weekly, and this is not a fan site, hence people will comment. Some of the sextuplets have vomiting issues, sickness issues, sleeping issues, breath through nebulizers once or twice a week, have developed eating issues (kate said they don't eat and its becoming more of a problem) and even bowel issues (don't blame ME for stating this... this was all shown on their show!)

Personally, I think Kate's "organic meals" are a joke. They look like an amalgum of processed organic snack foods supplemented with a couple of pieces of fresh fruit and or one spear of broccoli. Yet she goes on and on bragging about her cooking skills. I have only ever seen her make monkey munch. Of course this topic will invite comments and speculation from viewers. I don't think it's right of you to disregard those kind of concerns. Perhaps it's not what you would focus on, but maybe it is what other people notice and comment on in well constructed grammatical sentences and posts, and this does not make them "haters", obsesssing over "insignificant details".

When the kids have the opportunity to eat a well cooked healthy meal like Sara Snow made for them, or even Jon's asian meal night, they absolutely inhaled the food. And we hear Kate comments such as "if I cooked like that every day we'd only eat once a week (or was it month". All these things are very very telling, and commenting on them is not "nitpicking". Not at all.

I saw your post that you don't think what the gosselins did in the past is relevant to now and it makes you angry to read posts about it. To many of us, it is of supreme importance because it shows the kind of people they are.

I applaud this site for maintaining integrity and allowing many opinions through. It seems like the criteria is that the post needs to be well written and relevant to the topic at hand.

I see people who post like crazy on this site going on other sites and saying this site has "lost integrity". I think the only think that has changed is that perhaps the individual posters are experiencing some sort of burn out. The Gosselins have glowing publicity coming at us from all angles by people who are profitting of this phenomena, kids be damned! If there are some critical comments about them that are well written and articulated properly, I say they need to be given due respect.

I also think it's sort of tacky to turn on a non profit site such as this where volunteers are working hard to compile info and sift through comments that they have no power to edit. I once had an issue where a frequent poster here (who I will not name) took some of my comments from one thread and cut and pasted them on an entirely different thread where they made no sense and commented critically on them. They did this so that their comments would be read and not ignored since the original thread was almost dead. How does this action have any integrity???? They were cutting and pasting to support their own view in an irrelevant (but active) thread, in effect distorting someone else's thoughts so that they would support their own view. That action has no integrity yet this is the person who is complaining on other sites that this site has "lost integrity". It's very ironic.

When that incident happened I did not want my post distorted so I emailed Serena and explained how this sort of out of context cutting and pasting should be cautioned against since it can lead to posts being carried to other posts willy nilly to support ideas the initial commenter had no clue about. Serena got back to me right away and removed the out of context posts and she was very thorough and easy to deal with. I find the blog owners here very approachable. Perhaps some of you who have suggestions could email them rather than berating them on other sites, yet coming back all the time to post. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous --

I really appreciate your response. I tend to blather on here from my black vinyl pulpit and am not above the production of a load of verbal crap.

Regarding their diets. I'm not a health professional. I'm sitting here eating Oreos and washing them down with Diet Dr. Pepper. Saying that I don't care what they eat is just my way of saying that I wouldn't know a balanced diet if it slapped me on the cellulite. I leave those comments for the professionals. I'm not saying their diet is good or bad, I'm saying that I really don't know.

I saw your post that you don't think what the Gosselins did in the past is relevant to now and it makes you angry to read posts about it. To many of us, it is of supreme importance because it shows the kind of people they are.

I don't remember saying that, exactly, I think that might be a para-phrase, but I don't doubt that I could have said that. What I probably should have stated more clearly is that I care what happens next. A very wise person (thanks Uncle Jerry) once told me that the most important thing you will ever do is the NEXT thing. It's more important than anything you have done or are doing right now. All change and all improvement is based on the thing you do NEXT. The thing you do NEXT can heal a lot of what has gone wrong in the past. I'm more concerned in the changes that the Gosselins could make and whether or not they choose to make them.

I don't think this site has lost integrity. Lots of my posts (yeah, I talk a lot) don't make it through and I simply don't sweat it. It can't be easy trying to keep track of all the conversations on here so you can understand the context of each post. Besides, whenever something of mine ends up on the scrap heap, I just think, "Well, there's plenty more where that came from."

Like most of you, I don't like direct criticism of specific children. I don't think it's fair. I remember doing lots of stupid stuff when I was a kid. Hell, when I was in 3rd grade my teacher called in my parents to tell them that I was so shy and withdrawn that I would never be able to interact properly in a social setting. Uh-huh. By the time I graduated High School, I was voted class clown.

People change and they grow and they usually get better with age and these children should be allowed to become who they are meant to be without having to live down the critical opinion of strangers. And that includes all of us.

Anonymous said...

Obviously many on this site choose to point out signs that the harm that is happening to these children is actually becoming visible. As frightening as their over-exposure is for safety reasons, it is also for what it may be doing to their overall quality of life. A poignant image can be seen here:

I am sure they chose the best photo possible. And yet, not a single one of those kids looks at all happy.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Exposing your life on national tv = invasion of privacy. Did they really think it wouldn't happen to them? They were the ones who decided it would be a good idea for their family to expose their private life on television every week, right? Jon and Kate are worse than most actors, since they are eagerly putting their kids on camera, while most actors are trying to keep their children's lives private.

J&K's PR people probably thought this would be another step in justifying the huge gated home they will probably live in soon. Boo hoo for poor Jon and Kate Gosselin, who didn't seem to understand that putting yourself on tv brings your super fans right to your front door. Rrrright.

Anonymous said...

ThreeFarmers said...

How can a person work so hard to be famous then be so bothered by all the trappings of it.

On one hand, they want people to be drawn to their family, but on the other had they don't want people to be drawn to their family.

That pretty much sums it up, Three Farmers. It seems that when people are opening their wallets at Kon's speaking engagements, pre-ordering the book, sending their kids gifts and boosting the ratings for the show, they are called faithful fans. When someone simply says hello to Kate at the grocery store- they're stalkers. They absolutely want it both ways, which is so breathtakingly arrogant IMO.

I believe the purpose of the article was to stir the pot and to point readers towards the "blogosphere." At the very least... people need to be made aware that the Gosselins are millionaires and under no circumstances should anyone be handing their hard *earned* money over to them. With the book coming out soon, the timing couldn't have been better.

babyaby said...

I'm sure if that person in their front yard came to the door with a "love offering"...there would be no complaints from J&K about lack of privacy...errr. these two are the biggest scam artists ever

Robert said...

Okay, maybe I'm being a little too logical here but.....

If J&K are concerned with people walking on their lawn or up the the door, perhaps they could invest in this new invention called a FENCE.

Of course, there is the possibility that there are local laws or association rules preventing that..

Really though think about it - a nice high brick wall. They couldn't see the neighbors, the neighbors couldn't see them - It's a win-win for everybody!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "At least they'll look cute."

To Kate, this is to be the first and foremost priority!! Just like playing with a doll baby, dress them up in cute 'outfits' and then prop and pose them for the camera.

Onomatopoeia said...

Oh, Lordy be...

They are now TV personalities and must deal with whatever comes with that. It's WAY too late for martyrdom...the time for pissing and moaning is over. They should have been much more careful of what they wished for and now they can't cope with the so-called stalkerazzi. I don't mean to be cruel (well, maybe a little), but get off the cross...somebody else needs the wood.

Anonymous said...

Kate has friends?

Libby said...

Gawking? It is the price you pay for fame...oh sorry, it is the price your children are paying for your fame!
They want to pick and choose which parts of being famous they want to embrace! You know what? Too bad..."celebrities" have to deal with 'gawking' and picture taking, but some celebrities do everything they can to protect their children from the glare of the cameras instead of thrusting them into it! Jon & Kate want the 'fame' and most importantly the 'fortune' of being in the public eye and they are using their children to do it because let's face it...if it wasn't for their kids...they would be nobodies.

Anonymous said...

ANON said: Obviously many on this site choose to point out signs that the harm that is happening to these children is actually becoming visible. As frightening as their over-exposure is for safety reasons, it is also for what it may be doing to their overall quality of life. A poignant image can be seen here:

I am sure they chose the best photo possible. And yet, not a single one of those kids looks at all happy.

So sad.

9/08/2008 7:08 PM

Actually, what is more upsetting is the two that ARE smiling, the parents. You can almost hear Kate screaming "Cha Ching" "Mama's going to the Spa!!"

Anonymous said...

The tups see doctors on a regular basis. I imagine if they were suffering any health issues as a result of their diet, the doctors would have stopped that in a hurry. We really have no evidence whatsoever that the children are malnourished, yet tons of evidence to the contrary.
What evidence to the contrary do we have? Morbidly obese people are often malnourished due to the fact they eat crap. So the fact they aren't emaciated means nothing. If you have seen their lab work on the show or internet I'd love to see it otherwise all we know is what we see and I've not seen a balanced meal on that show yet. Yes, Kate claims all sorts of things but as we have learned from friends, family, neighbors and church members she also is quite the lying lier.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, and meaning absolutely no disrepect to the many wonderful posters here, I'm not altogether convinced that all those claiming that Kate is inadequately nourishing her children are registered dieticians who have fed their own children perfectly square meals every single day of their lives.

9/08/2008 7:41 PM

anon, are you failing to see that the reason why the diet even comes up as an issue is because Kate rambles on and on about "how she feeds her kids organically.. that is the gift that she gives them" then lauds HER OWN cooking skills episode after episode??? Arrogant comments like that from her is what begs for these comments. It's not an issue of one or two less than square meals. It's her bragging about how wonderfully she feeds her special children, then we see the lunches and they are again examples of LAZY PARENTING that she exhibits in so many aspects of her life. All talk and no substance, yet again!

That is what people have issue with.

Anonymous said...

ANON said: Obviously many on this site choose to point out signs that the harm that is happening to these children is actually becoming visible. As frightening as their over-exposure is for safety reasons, it is also for what it may be doing to their overall quality of life. A poignant image can be seen here:

What a sad photo. J&K grinning like Cheshire cats, but none of the kids smiling at all. I think the kids are probably so jaded from photo shoots, traveling, etc. that the idea of having their photo taken is not fun anymore. It kind of makes one nostalgic about the early days of the show with Kate's faulty digital camera. Back then the episodes did not seem very scripted, just run of the mill activities for an albeit not run of the mill family. My, have times changed.

Does anyone else think that it is odd that the twins do no outside school activities, except for piano, violin, and the cooking class. (Mady must take violin at school as she is shown getting on the bus with her violin.) But, the music and cooking activities were part of the show, so don't "count" as actual activities in my opinion. A child should be allowed to pick an activity or at least try out an activity and then perhaps decide that it is not what he/she wanted. I think J&K are not allowing their children to make decisions about what they do outside school. I can imagine the dinnertable conversations from "I want to drop piano" to "No, we have an endorsement deal with Piano R Us!" So sad.

Do you remember the piano was delivered in a truck emblazoned with the name of the company--it was not blurred out like the other logos? The owner supervised the installation himself.

I am reminded of the statement by Paul Petersen (A Minor Consideration) that "little kids need secrets and spaces to grow." I would contend that these two children are old enough to realize that their lives are not like other kids. They probably know that decisions are made for them and that they live in a fishbowl.

Now some would say that parents everywhere are signing children up for activities that the children are not particularly interested in. But, if a child is desperately unhappy with taking piano lessons or hates to run at soccer, the parent has only to make a decision in the best interests of the child only. Some would say that their child should continue with lessons no matter while others would let the child drop the class. This family have to consider a host of other factors when making a decision about their kids, such as, how will this affect the production schedule and continuity, what will the network think, etc.

Anonymous said...

RE: "Do you remember the piano was delivered in a truck emblazoned with the name of the company--it was not blurred out like the other logos? The owner supervised the installation himself."
Kate said herself that it was "donated". So of course the piano company wants the exposure and on-air advertisement. AND they'll be able to write it off on their taxes. By the way, I hate when Kate says things are DONATED. No Kate, it's a FREEBIE. Donations are given to people who are in NEED, and I don't think you really NEEDED a piano. If you want your kid to learn to play music and you can't afford it, do what the rest of us hard-working citizens do and buy her a pre-owned french horn or something.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you'd think they'd get Mady a keyboard. Albeit, a NICE keyboard. Baby grand/grand piano is unneccesary, Kate. Especially since y'all are so ~crowded~ as it is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all the unwanted attention from fans stopping by has stopped the kids from playing in the front driveway (apparently unsupervised, unless the crew is in the role of babysitter).

I always thought the backyard was a better solution since strangers couldn't get as close to them as quickly as they could out front.

Anyone know what the current situation is regarding the children playing in front?

Unknown said...

I think a publicist is around 8000.00 to 9000.00 per month. That's what another show on TLC said.

Anonymous said...

I know that TV lights are harsh....but is it really necessary to put on clown makeup?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to step on the other side of the fence on this one...

Just b/c one appears on a tv show, does that really entitle the rest of the world to flock to their home as though it were a tourist attraction in Anaheim or Orlando?

I had posted before anonymously but had mentioned my folks did a show once. At first it was funny to see cars drive by the house--do the stop, slow back up, and then inch forward as they got a "really good look" at the place (and for all intents and purposes--it was a home they wanted to see the house in person, that was understandable).

But when it continued as the show lived on in perpetuity in reruns for several years...we began closing up the front of our home b/c with floor to ceiling windows--we lost our privacy b/c folks were coming and wanted a peek. (little did they know that the home had been staged and all we had was ratty furniture).

I mean--everyone is entitled to enjoy a Sunday morning in their jammies on the couch without a live audience...which is much different than a television audience.

Not everyone goes on television to become "stars" (general statement...I'm sure that Kate is wanting that high life some what). They just enjoy the craft of acting.

I don't understand reality shows that enter the home for someone famous, infamous, or not so much before but way famous now. I just don't get it.

But just b/c they "invite" you in by camera--doesn't mean you have a standing invitation to gawk.

I mean..if you invite someone to your home for dinner--they come in your home, use the bathroom, sit on the sofa, maybe helped you sautee some veggies on your stove....

Does that entitle them to constantly drive by your home to see what you are doing now? Slowly driving by, taking that peek.

Being invited once, or even repeatedly never gives you, the guest--physical or virtual any right what so ever to gawk.

So I'm afraid on this note I do have to side with the Gosselin family.

As much as they are on tv a lot and film continuously, I don't think they are like big brother with cameras recording 24/7 and they too even have a right to privacy that they are still within their rights to claim.

Fans tend to blur the lines often between fantasy and reality and many fans think they are friends with their celebrity of choice.

There is always a line and it is a shame that the public thinks they can determine where that line is allowed to be.

And if Jon and Kate felt the need to put up signs, I would hazard to say that they probably have a correct perception that some folks out their are blurring that line. And it probably wasn't something they were counting on.

Eventually for my family, the drive bys stopped. I guess they stopped showing the episodes featuring our home.

Heck--my mom still gets recognized on occasion by some die hards of the show, but since it is so flatters her. But she is entitled to feel uncomfortable at any point.

Just like the Gosselins.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should be posting this here, but I feel as if I need to say something.

I'm not that old, and I am a step mother and in the earlier seasons I loved watching this show because it showed me what normal was for a family. Sometimes spouses fight, and kids will be kids. It honestly made my life feel normal because earlier seasons were just them sitting at home trying to make it through the day, like the rest of us. Sometimes I even felt inspired to be a better step-parent (and real parent when I decide I'm ready to have children)

I usually don't chime in very quickly when it comes to fights and what not (the whole Beth and Jodi issue) but I am really aggravated on how it went from a show, showing their a show showing how many vacations they go on and all the fun things they do and blah blah blah. Most families can afford 1 vacation a year in the summer...if that.

They're going on vacations every 2 days, what's up with that?
I used to really like Kate, I used to think she was great...but I've done some digging, and sure I'm positive that a lot of it is just rumors...but at the same time I'm positive that it has truth to it.

It went from being about the children, and a big endorsement deal. I have noticed the close ups on all the toys they got (most recent that vtech game)

It's about money, and you realize that their kids are slowly turning into brats, probably for attention and lack of from their parents.

I guess I'm just really disappointed because they used to be role models for me. I really did look up to them, and now to know that they pushed so much help out the door, didn't allow donations because they didn't match or they weren't new. They won't accept any free dealios unless it's top of the line and their getting paid. I'm tired of seeing all the free physical changes they're getting (I didn't mind the lypo, but hair transplants and teeth whitening...I mean come on?)Maybe some counseling.

Their things keep getting nicer and yet they still have their hand reached out for more. I feel bad for the children.
I have never felt so much disappointment over something like this...

This step mom/future mother is very, very disappointed.

(sorry about the long post!)


Anonymous said...

Lore, I agree with you 100%. Whereas the kids were cute at one time, you're beginning to see in them more and more the constant whining and behavior exhibited by the two older girls. I recall at one point Hannah ("the" favorite) was sitting in the garage (something about shoes?) and screaming. You could close your eyes and imagine Mady doing it (which she has!) Multiply that by 8 and imagine what that house is going to be like. And it doesn't matter how many "things" the kids have - the kids are getting to the age now where they are no longer cute and their behavior is going to become more and mor obnoxious.

And, regarding another post I read, yes it's true - boys do tend to cling to their mothers and I just think it's a down right shame that Kate treats the boys like they're gross and dirty. Only within the last episode or two have you actually seen her relating to the boys at all. That's amazing, given that J&K don't read these cruel and terrible blogs.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Out of Mady and Cara, I dislike Mady the most..but only because her parents aren't nipping her jealousy and tantrums in the butt.
If she has attitude, at that's not her fault. It's the parents fault for not stopping that behavior to begin with. I'm 20 years old with a 7 year old step daughter and if she complained about what shoes she was wearing, I wouldn't stand for that..but that's just me.

I think that J&K should understand that the older children are role models, and that they are role models to all their children...and they are setting a terrible example. If one is a brat, another will follow..and since there are so many of them..they'll all try to fit in.

Another thing I wanted to say, which has been said many that Kate barks orders all the time. I feel that Jon should be renamed to busboy or something because I always see him doing something..and Kate is sitting in a chair being miserable. Sometimes I think that a little TV time has made her into Oprah.
What does that show her children? That all women have to be nags, and that all men have to be submissive to their wives? There are other families out there with multiples, I know not a lot..or fewer children, but I understand that the parents get a long much more.

When I fight with my SO, I don't do it in front of the child. I remember my parents fighting and putting each other down when I was young, what makes it any different for anyone else? Just because they are children, doesn't mean that they are dumber than a doornail.

If Jon and Kate ever do stumble across this, I really hope that they see that they are becoming different people to their watchers and it really leaves a bad taste if everyone's mouth. If I ever see any of them in public I doubt I'll even say hello, besides...from what I read they're too good to say hello anyway
(and you have to pay 20 dollars for an autograph? go figure..might as well go to eBay!)


Anonymous said...

Yes. Out of Mady and Cara, I dislike Mady the most..but only because her parents aren't nipping her jealousy and tantrums in the butt.
If she has attitude, at that's not her fault. It's the parents fault for not stopping that behavior to begin with. I'm 20 years old with a 7 year old step daughter and if she complained about what shoes she was wearing, I wouldn't stand for that..but that's just me.

For every negative thing out there about Mady, I'm determined to put something good out there.

I love Mady. I think she is an awesome kid. Her parents make such an issue out of the fact that Cara is a better skier or Cara is better on roller blades. Or how Cara is quieter and is better with the little kids. Even when Mady is behaving well, I've seen Kate look into the camera (within earshot of Mady) and say something like, "She's having a good day, but you never know with Mady." Her parents are always making negative comments about her to the camera. I would be frustrated beyond believe if I were that age having to deal with that. It's a betrayal. Your parents are supposed to be your safe place. They are not supposed to be ratting you out in a public venue.

Mady is reacting to a very bad situation that her parents have put her in. I'll never forget when a 4-year-old Mady READ a note written to her in the first special. She's intelligent, articulate, and outspoken. She needs more love. She needs more support. She needs to feel secure about her place in that family so that she doesn't need to feel jealous. The tups get all the attention. The tups are the focus of the show. The twins are an afterthought in both the family and that show. After all, the show is their life and the life is their show. Remember?

You can't talk someone out of being jealous. And you can't discipline it away. Jealousy is only under control when a person feels better about themselves.

Mady is great. I wish I had 10 Mady's. Cara's awesome, too, but let it be known that we Farmers are full on Mady's fans!

Anonymous said...

It's not that I hate Mady, I just feel myself getting frustrated a lot when she's on camera. I'm positive she's a great kid..I just wish the parents would tend to her more because she obviously needs the attention (not in a bad way, just attention in general)

Anonymous said...

Mady is great kid. She is unfortunately overshadowed by her six siblings. That's life. She will have to deal with it.

I feel bad for the older twins, because raising them and sextuplets means they get less attention.

Anonymous said...

Mady is without a doubt my favorite child on that show. IMO, she knows something's wrong with her life and she does the best she can in her own 7 year old way to cope. I hope that when she's an adult she will realize that many of us supported her when she was forced to live her life in the camera's glare.

Bev Okin-Larkin said...

OK, let's look at this article for what it is:


By having the article published, they can now point to it and say, "See? All those gawkers and potential stalkers are why we must move....!"

That's all I have to say to it.

-- Beej

Anonymous said...

to lore:

I also used to dislike Mady because of her behavior, but after becoming involved with this site, I have crossed over to the other side in support of her. Her behavior, as so many others have stated, is a result of the constant abduction of her privacy and negative attention from her parents, mostly Kate. I'm rooting for her, as I am for the little G babes.

PS- to be fair, I believe the episode where Mady is complaining about her shoes is because they were too tight.....she had every right to complain, but Kate was too "EXHAUSTED" to see what was bothering Mady ......

Anonymous said...

Kate and Jon acknowledged on one show that they fight in front of the kids and shouldn't, but they said if they didn't do it then they'd never argue. I wonder when they look at the shows if Kate realizes or even hears and sees how hateful she can be to Jon and to the boys with some of the comments she makes? How can that possibly go over her head? The children are really picking up on it and the girls are especially prissy and are now treating the boys sometimes as outsiders. Although Cara seems so sweet to the boys and so does Mady on occasion. I wonder what in the world those kids are going to think of their father who just can't do anything right at all and who just dips his head at the mistress and says "Sorry, ma'am"? Not that he should yell back at her, but this stuff should not be resolved in front of those kids.

Anonymous said...

I think part of the reason Jon seems to be such a pushover sometimes is precisely because the kids are there and he doesn't want to argue in front of them. Of course, when Kate says something exceptionally stupid, he'll jump her case about it, but more often than not, he keeps his mouth shut. I think that's because he recognizes that the children are there.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 7:49 a.m. said: PS- to be fair, I believe the episode where Mady is complaining about her shoes is because they were too tight.....she had every right to complain, but Kate was too "EXHAUSTED" to see what was bothering Mady ......


I have a theory abouit the twin's shoes. The twins have issues with too tight shoes, wearing flips, etc. Do you suppose that the free clothes are for the six little ones only? That might explain why the twins don't wear as many matching clothes or well-made clothes. Just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Three Farmers: Maybe you are right and Jon doesn't always want to be bickering in front of the kids. Maybe, and I'm hopeful, he pleads his case with Kate in private. Although she seems to be as nasty as she can be and as insulting as she can be on the couch. Are the kids present when they are doing their interviews on the couch?

Anonymous said...

I think I heard them say that the kids are supposed to be upstairs while they are interviewing, but sometimes work their way downstairs.

I really didn't mean to imply that Jon kept his mouth shut so they could talk about it later. I don't think they do a lot of behind the scenes problem solving. I think he just lets it go. I think the way that J&K deal with each other on the couch is nothing to the way Kate screams around the kids.

You understood what I was saying in a way that was much nicer than the way I meant it.

FIONA said...

Actually, if you watch the show reqularly you would see that in fact Mady and Cara are matching or coordinating in their Gymbo outfits.

As far as the shoe theory, I think Kate spends her time focusing on other things such as what looks good, instead of if it fits.

Anonymous said...

While I understand that they're on television, which may not be the best idea. However, that doesn't mean people can walk up onto their private property to take photos. and for those of you who have or have not seen the show both parents have said that they will keep cameras around simply as long as it works out for their family. This is their family not yours and if this is what they choose to do then so be it. Think about it, they have 8 children and weren't exactly rich before this show came along, think of the opportunity this gave them to provide things for their kids. They love their children dearly and they did not plan to have 8 of them, but they did and are finding ways to deal with it as best they can. They had 8 children not just simply 8 children in 8 individual pregnancies, 2 pregnancies which resulted in 8 children, taking opportunities for donations for their family isn't selfish its smart. For those of you who counteract that with they had fertility treatments and knew it was a possibility, well actually lots of people have fertility treatments everyday and get just one baby. The gosselins love their children very much, and the crew members seem to interact with the children very well. While it may not be something you or I would ever do, take things from their perspective for just a second.

Anonymous said...

I have also noticed the kids wearing Gymbo outfits at one time or another. I used to work at the Gymboree Outlet here in VA, and a pair of jeans there were about $25. That is too expensive for a 3 or 4yr old to wear condsidering how quickly they grow, but thats just my opinion. Maddy reminds me of my niece, I think she has alot of personality and will be a great success no matter what she does in her future. Maddy has alot of heart, energy, and charisma. I am on team Maddy too !!