Episode Recap: 9/29 Viewer FAQ

Ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies. Such a nice thought, however, this is the Gosselin house and I'm afraid that statement just isn't going to work.

Truthiness is, according to Steven Colbert, fact that we know not from books, research, or history, but statements we know to be true because of how we feel. That gut instinct that allows us to proceed blindly through the process of life without worry, conscience, or thought.

It's FAQ night on the Gosselin couch. Thankfully, Jon reminds us all that FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions" so that the folks will understand.

Kate is asked how she provides all those meals. Kate's truthiness is she spends her time making a meal, serving a meal, cleaning up after the meal, then cleaning up everything else.

The truth is that Kate makes her way to the Craft Services table, serves the Craft Services food to the family, has the family helper clean up after everyone, then has the helper clean up everything else. Unless it's personal chef night, then the chef does all that. An astute viewer asks: Why don't the children play in the backyard? Kate digs into her Ann Taylor Loft bag of truthiness and explains how the children love their bikes and other rolly toys and since the driveway is large and flat, it's more fun for the children to play there.

Later in the episode, Mady is thoughtful enough to truthfully tell us that Kate sits in the chair in the garage and barks orders at Jon like she is a queen bee. Thanks, Mady. When the children are playing in the driveway, it allows Kate to take notice of those rude, obnoxious neighbors who insist on waving, smiling, or speaking to the Gosselins.

Why do the children wear shoes in hotel rooms? Well, the truthiness of the matter is that hotel floors are icky. They are ickier even than standing barefooted on the petroleum-product-and-urine-covered pavement of a gas station. Why, you ask? Because it rains at gas stations. Even under those giant car port-like pavilion things, the pavement manages to get cleaner than hotel carpet after housekeeping. Besides, rain is just more natural.

Common sense tells us that if "natural" is what Kate wants, anything that falls or drips from the human body is more "natural" than the oil/gasoline/window washer fluid the rain fails to wash away, particularly from under those giant car port-like pavilions, at the gas station. That, however, is beside the point. I'm betting that way more loogies get hauked in the parking lot of that gas station than on the carpet of any given hotel room. I'd be more worried about the last time the bedspread was washed. Besides, I don't think the Gosselins are Motel 6ing it these days.

The truthiness of why we see the children hit each other so often, particularly on the head, lies in the fact that they are all the same age and at the same developmental age so sibling rivalry is magnified by the sheer number of children.

Any Kindergarten or Pre-school teacher will tell you that they have classes of well over 6 or 8 students in which all the children are the same age and hitting is not allowed. If the children are monitored closely and receive appropriate consequences each time they strike another child, the unwanted behavior will stop. Even with both parents at home and helpers available, this doesn't happen in the Gosselin house, so the hitting continues. It might also help if Kate would stop hitting Jon.

Inquiring emailers want to know when J&K knew Aaden needed glasses and if he has a strong prescription. The truthiness version tells us that Aaden's eyesight is likely due to receiving oxygen as a result of being born premature and standing too close to the televison. There was plenty of discussion of whether the child is near sighted or far sighted. Neither J nor K knew for sure.

Honestly, the whole bit about the oxygen and premies is probably the truth. However, if Aaden's eyesight is damaged from standing too close to the television then I have to believe that when he crosses his eyes they will stick that way. And, as he and most other boys mature, he will eventually be walking around with hairy palms. The truth is that the boy is probably near sighted, meaning he can't see things at a distance, which is why he needs to stand near the television. It also means he probably needs a new prescription. I won't even go into the hours the child spends standing under the studio lights that have been installed in his home.

This also brings to mind the time when J&K went to court to keep their Government-provided nurse an extra year, despite the fact that the children were healthy. Didn't Kate argue that Aaden's eyesight was a disability? Now J&K are saying that his prescription is very mild. Whatever.

Jon cuts off Kate and for a brief second (*snicker*) and we're hopeful that we won't have to listen to her, but she cuts him off right back (because that's only fair) and chatters on. YAWN

If you were wondering how the Gosselins find so many fun activities for the children and how they keep them interested, you're about to find out. I was nodding off here, but Kate spews some truthiness about looking for places to go that can accommodate 8 kids and appeal to both the twins and the tups. They are all about providing their children with experiences.

I'll keep the truth short. They go places that are FREE. The experience of paying for things is apparently not of much importance.

Is Mady like Kate and Cara like Jon? Truthinessly, Kate doesn't think Mady is like her because Kate wasn't like that (whatever "that" is) when she was young. Mady is dramatic and outspoken. Cara is sort of like Jon, but they don't like to label the kids. Cara keeps things inside and then explodes later like her father does whereas Kate's explosions are peppered throughout the day like landmines.

Truthfully, Mady may not be like Kate was when she was young, but she's a lot like Kate is TODAY. The glaringly obvious difference between Kate and Mady is that Mady is quite intelligent and tends to blurt out the truth. Kate, on the other hand, is dumber than a bag of hammers and blurts out whatever she has to to make herself look good. I think Jon and Cara are very similar, except Cara's future employment prospects are much brighter.

Do they pay for their trips? The truthiness of the matter is the Gosselins are invited to visit various resorts and vacation spots and they go to promote the resort. They are very grateful and enjoy making family memories.

Do they pay for their trips? No.

In all truthiness, Kate's suggestions for fussy eaters are as follows: kids will eat when they are hungry and they will eat what is put in front of them. They will not starve themselves.

Starving becomes increasingly less likely as long as the Craft Services table and private chefs are around.

Do Mady & Cara have favorites among the tups? Mady and Cara love all the tups equally, except Mady seems to be extra close to Leah and Cara and Collin are C buddies since their names start with the same letter.

Yes, absolutely, the kids all love each other as is proven by the constant complaining and whining and the near-constant hitting and sibling rivalry.

Are the Gosselins moving? Stay tuned, big things will be coming. They won't be living in the same town or the same school district. They have to go somewhere where they will have space because they are jammed into their little house.

The truth is evident when the children are shown running through the little girls' very large and practically empty bedroom. We know the boys' room is about the same. We also know that there is a study room for Mady and Cara despite the fact that the twins have a huge bedroom upstairs. I suspect that the Gosselin home would be much more spacious if they'd lose the film crew and all the equipment. Cutting down on the staff of "helpers" wouldn't hurt, either. Note to Gosselins: just because you tell us how badly you're jammed into that house doesn't mean it's true. We can see for ourselves there is lots of room to grow in that house.

What is the BRATT diet or the sick kid diet? We learn that nothing binds up kids with runny poop better than a diet of bananas, rice, applesauce, tea, and toast.

Seriously, how is that different than how we see those kids eat on most other days? Is being banished to the laundry room floor also part of the diet?

How long will they keep the cameras around? They gauge the future of the show from season to season. They will keep the cameras around as long as it feels healthy. And yes, the cameras make them a stronger family.

How can they tell one "season" from the next when they all seam to run together. We're on Season 4 of the series and the tups are 4 and the series started (specials not included) when the tups were 2. That's two very long seasons a year. How can they tell what's "healthy" and what isn't when they've never had a real break? How, exactly, does a camera make you healthy? Someone explain this to me, please! I can't even fathom how the cameras make them a stronger family. Maybe pretending to be a happy family in front of the cameras is rubbing off in the real life, I don't know. Bottom line: they will keep the cameras around as long as it is profitable to do so.

Do they have tattoos? Yes, they have tattoos. In a truthiness world, Kate is sporting a Pooh tat on her ankle and an olive branch on her belly. Jon has four tattoos including a Korean flag, a yin yang symbol, some letters and a sand thing. The tattoos were the dumbest thing they ever did, but they teach the children not to let other people color on them. Did you hear that? THEY WISH THEY DIDN'T HAVE TATTOOS! I'm sure laser tattoo removal will suddenly appear on their doorstep.

In reality, Kate's olive branch was a rose that was hacked away during her free tummy tuck. (I'm surprised she didn't charge the Doctor for the cost of her tattoo.) And those tattoos are by no stretch of the imagination the dumbest things this pair has ever done. Those tats won't teach the kids not to let others color on them, but they may teach the kids not to get drunk, go to a tattoo parlor, and PAY to let someone else color on them.

It's decided that while J&K are being interviewed, the kids are with a babysitter/helper and are playing or doing crafts or something.

Most notably, for the second new episode in a row, we are clued in on how strong J&K's relationship is. They maintain their spark because they realize that they are the only two people in the world who understand each other, totally disregarding the fact that they are the only two people in the world who can tolerate the other. Maybe if they'd give the in-laws a call, they would find a whole bunch of other people who would love them whether they had a show or not.

Submitted by ThreeFarmers

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New Episode Monday 9/29 Viewer FAQ

The ambitious parents of sextuplets answer some of the 150-plus emails they receive every day from curious viewers around the country, dispelling mysteries about how the laundry gets done and whether they plan to have more kids.

Have the Gosselins Given Fertility Treatments a Bad Name?

This post was sent via email by a viewer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Why the Negative Attitude Toward Fertility Treatments? Like many people here I used to be a fan of the show and I respected and admired Jon and Kate for their apparent dedication to their children. A few months ago I began to have doubts about Kate's character (GumGate) which led me to search the internet and eventually brought me here.The lies and deception went much deeper than I ever imagined and now I am just waiting and hoping for the show to be canceled.

That said, many people on this site make very derogatory comments in regards to PCOS, infertility in general and fertility treatments. My husband and I tried for 7 years to start a family and bring home a healthy baby. My premature twins died in my arms with our tears falling on their perfect little hands. We had to bury them before we even saw them smile. Thankfully, we now have a beautiful and healthy toddler that is the center of our world.

Those who have never struggled to conceive or have never lost a child cannot even begin to understand the heartache, grief and stress it causes. When I read people's comments that say or imply things like "It was God's plan for them to be infertile", it makes my blood boil. People with infertilty issues are not any more or less entitled to be parents than the 15 year old girl who gets pregnant or the happy couple with the white picket fence. How a baby is made has nothing to do with parenting skills. Just because Kate is a shrew doesn't mean all people with infertility issues will disregard their childrens wants, needs and rights the way that she does. The stereotypes are just not necessary and really degrade the quality of this site and insult those of us who have had to struggle to build a family.

How We Got Here

This week's episode is a repeat. It's the episode showing early home videos.

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"I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life."

Blog entry created from a comment submitted by carolina.

I'm from Houston. I haven't had power for a week; still don't have power at home, I do at work. I think this has finally done it for me. Reading your comments about their latest disgusting actions has finally put into perspective how truly horrible these people are.

There are people all around me who worked hard all of their lives, raised their children properly, are fantastic individuals, and are now homeless thanks to the hurricane. There are people who TRULY need clothes, food, money, shelter, etc, who can't get it, and these idiots leech every bit of "free" anything that they can get their grubby little hands on.

Jon and Kate, keep on keepin' on. Enjoy your children's therapy. Enjoy your fleeting material crap. Enjoy your temporary wealth. We have to rebuild, but because we didn't alienate our friends, family, and neighbors, we have people to assist us in doing so. We can chill out after a hard day of putting our lives back together, crack open a cold beer, and chat. You get to bitch, moan, and complain about freebies.

I'll take my hurricane over your miserable life, any day.

To any fellow Texans, Louisianans, or anyone who knows/is related to victims of this hurricane, my heart goes out to you.

Episode Recap: Sight and Sound - 09/15/2008

Submitted for publication via email by Three Farmers.

In the beginning, God created free tickets.

But first, we have to clear up some misinformation that Alexis is forced by her parents to sleep in the basement because, as we learned in a previous episode, she wakes up all the other little kids. We have to hear the truth about Alexis's basement dwelling with the much more parent-friendly, "She loves it down there, she's like a bat." The show opens with the proclamation that, despite the fact that Alexis has been sleeping alone in the dark basement for many months, the room she formerly shared with her sisters is still her room so she is responsible for her share of the cleaning. After all, her bed is in there, if not Alexis, on a regular basis. ...continued

Just One More

Just one more child . . .
And then there were eight.
Love should have grown,
but there’s too little, too late.

Just one more child . . .
No safe place to go.
“The show is our life.
Our life is the show.”

Perform for the camera.
Just one more take.
“Just do what you’re told!
There are memories to make!”

Just one more episode . . .
“Pick up the pace!”
Childhood vanishes
without a trace.

Just one more season . . .
Just one more year . . .
Just one more child . . .
Just one more tear . . .

Written by Marina

Try To Remember (with compliments to the Fantastiks)

This is going to be a short post/poll. Please keep your responses short and to the point.

Jon and Kate say that their kids LOVE to travel. They are having so much fun traveling and seeing new places and people. I say that is BS. I don't think those sextuplets know where they are most of the time or why they are there. The twins might be a little "wiser," but that is probably why they appear to be unhappier. The twins know that they are being dragged hither, thither, and yon because of the sextuplets' existence. I did not get the impression at Disney World that the twins remembered anything from the first time they were there -- at the age of three. Do you think the sextuplets remember getting pumpkins or their Christmas tree at the age of 2? I doubt they've gone back and done it again.

Now, here is the question: How much/what do you remember from when you were 2 years old or 3 years old or 4 years old??? Are the Gosselins truly "making memories"? For whom?

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DWoP: Brought to you by GWoP

The Duggar family of Tontitown, Arkansas has 17 children and is expecting baby #18 on New Year's Day, 2009. Up until now, they have been featured in occasional specials broadcast on Discovery Health.

Earlier this year the Duggar Family began filming for an ongoing weekly series titled 17 Kids and Counting, scheduled to debut on October 1, 2008. This series is being produced for Discovery Health by Figure 8 Films, the same company producing the Jon & Kate Plus Eight series.

We are pleased to announce our new blog dedicated to discussing this series -- "Duggars Without Pity". We look forward to seeing you there!

Branding the Gosselin™ Family

Submitted for publication via email by mtnmom.

I have been on your blog since its inception (I have comments on one of the first posts) and "hung out" with you guys on TWoP. I just finished reading your Question and Answer section and wanted to comment a bit on the following question (see below):

QUESTION: Can you shed some light on the sponsors. Do the producers contact Crayola and ask to come film or is it the other way around. Also does TLC pay for everything on the trips and outings such as the trip to Utah or the special days or do the Gosselins also contribute? I remember Jon mentioning something about setting aside money to allow for these special days.

ANSWER: It is our impression that Figure 8 Films or TLC approach the venues. They then tell Jon and Kate where they are going. Anything that is filmed for the show is paid for by Figure 8/TLC. They paid for the trips to Disney World and Utah and all the amusement parks. We don't know for sure, but they probably also pay for the gas... and for any "helpers" who are "needed" to go along. I'm sure that Beth did not finance her trip to Utah. We do not know who paid for Beth and her 3 daughters to be waiting at Disney World.

I think that a LOT of viewers/readers believe that Figure 8 Films/TLC are the ones that PAY for things. In fact, it is the businesses that are shown (Juicy Juice, P&G, Southwest Air, Utah, etc.) that provide their services for FREE in exchange for being shown on TV. It is a well-known form of advertising, and much more preferred than buying a billboard or commercial for the business as it shows REAL people consuming/using/enjoying their product.

I also have a bit of "inside" knowledge. My husband works as the PR Manager for a very well-known local business here in northern Nevada. He promotes their nationally-known annual event. Because of Jon & Kate's popularity (whether positive or negative), his company offered Jon & Kate and family AND helpers an all-expenses-paid trip to our area.

My husband had trips planned for them to Lake Tahoe and many other activities that would appeal to the whole family (Spa Day, anyone?), as well as royal treatment during this annual event. In exchange, their trip/excursions would be shown on an episode (or two), much like the ski trip in Utah was handled. Many, many local businesses (as well as our area tourism board) were excited and planning on giving their services for free because of the potential national exposure. Although Jon & Kate never replied to the offer themselves, Figure 8 films was very, very interested (I do have proof and emails from Figure 8 films, if needed.).

Unfortunately, schedules were not able to coordinate this year for this to happen, but my husband will work on it for next year. (And I will be sure to keep you guys informed.) I do need to clarify, though. We are NOT fans or sheeple, but do find the whole train wreck amusing. (Our 8-year-old daughter was very excited, though!) This was just a (brilliant) idea for publicity and advertising for my husband's company, and our local area.

Sight and Sound

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday September 15th) -- a 30-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Sight and Sound:
The Gosselin children learn about the story of Adam and Eve by watching an interactive play at the Sight and Sound Theater in Strasburg, Pennsylvania.

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"I never met a kid I liked." - W.C. Fields

Administrative Note: Yesterday, we published this piece, written from the perspective of someone whose former defense of the show Jon & Kate Plus Eight was fueled by her infatuation with the Gosselin children.

Today we present the piece below, written from the perspective of someone who freely admits that she finds children (children in general, not the Gosselin children in particular) quite distasteful. If I didn't know better, I would say that Kate Gosselin herself wrote that second paragraph. ...continued

How can we miss them if they won't go away?

Reprinted with permission from scsun.

I have come to the conclusion that the defenders of J&K (and note that NO one who knows them personally appears to be among the 'defenders') have one reason for sticking their head in the sand and ignoring the raw, harsh reality of this reality family. I know the reason because I was once there, wondering how and why so many negative things were being said. ...continued

It's a JOB, not an Adventure

Administrative Note: This blog entry was originally published almost three months ago, long before the blog was so busy and had so many readers. Many of you may have missed it at the time. I think it's particularly relevant now that there is a heightened interest in these issues being taken by several different areas of the media.


Some people defend the protracted hours spent by the Gosselin children on the studio set permanently installed in their home by claiming that "they are just living their normal lives and cameras happen to be there". I would like to challenge that.

It is NOT like the children are merely living their normal lives and the cameras just tag along in the background, whirring silently away. Not by a long shot; if that were the case they would never have been able to piece together 30-40 coherent, streamlined episodes this past season. Probably more like 40-50 next season.

It is a production, with a rigorous schedule that must be followed to meet deadlines. There is a crew to coordinate, episode themes to create, scenes planned, staged, and shot. Many things can happen to force re-shoots -- the scene didn't go as required (lighting or sound issues), a child didn't cooperate, production changed their ideas mid-stream and decided to go in a different direction, etc.

Regular viewers often note discrepancies IN scenes and BETWEEN scenes that indicate re-staging of events to get seamless camera angles for example. The children LIVE on a production set. Why do you think there are child labor laws for professional child actors? Child advocates in the industry know full well how stressful it is to be involved in filming a production -- even a so-called "candid" production -- and demanded reasonable working conditions for minors. Conditions that the Gosselin children are denied.

The children don't even get to retreat to their own home for a safe haven -- they have to wait until production decides they have what they need for the day and then clear out. When they have an impacted colon, or a double ear infection, filming must go on because there is that production schedule always, always hanging over their heads.

No, it is far from benign and innocent. Children in situations like this need the same sort of protection that their professional peers have. Obviously they can't rely on their own parents or the production crew to give a damn about their rights. I won't even go into the issue of Coogan Law that doesn't apply here to protect the children's earnings. Do they even get any money? Or does it all line Jon and Kate's pockets? If the children are getting paid, is anyone legally required to shelter it? Nope, and I personally don't trust Jon and Kate to do so.

September 11

"One day your life will flash before your eyes.
Make sure it's worth watching." - Gerard Way

Note: If the above video doesn't display, click
here to view it directly on YouTube.

Gawking at the Gosselins

PennLive.com has an interesting article - Gawkers sometimes forget discretion to glimpse Gosselins.

Sam Gatchell, police chief of the Northwest Regional Lancaster County Police Department, said officers have not received any complaints about traffic from neighbors in the development.

At one point, the Gosselins had contacted the police with concerns people were taking pictures and approaching their front door, he said.

"People didn't use good discretion. Instead of people taking pictures from the street they were up in the yard," Gatshall said.

Then, eyebrows raised this summer when signs appeared on the Gosselins' front lawn, with the warnings to "Stop" and "Do Not Enter" along with instructions not to stop in front of their house, take pictures and talk to them.

"Maybe they are having some issues with privacy but I haven't really seen anything indicating that," said Paul Wooldridge, 48, a neighbor who lives a few doors down.

The signs were removed within a few days but not in time to avoid a heated debate in the blogosphere."

This illustrates some of the concerns we have for the kids - that the Gosselins aren't discreet enough about their location. We really don't want people on the Gosselins' lawn either.

Things I'd Like to See Jon and Kate Do

Things I Wish We'd See Jon & Kate Do:

1. Thank TLC, Figure 8 Films, the crew members, the audience, and their kids for assisting in giving them enough finances so that they won't ever have to choose between buying groceries or paying the mortgage, then promptly decline to sign on for anymore additional seasons.

2. Create a new contract with Figure 8 Films to allow for an annual special to update the audience on the family, and also to help put a little coin into the kids' college funds or for any other extraordinary needs the children might have. These specials will follow a strict format, allowing the cameraman to only shoot the kids learning, playing, involved in an activity or interacting with one another. The camera will never be allowed to capture the children in ANY state of nudity, including shots of underwear or using the loo. If a child needs to be taken away from a situation because of a punishment or in any way needs privacy, the camera should be banned from that area.

3. Find a reputable marriage counselor who specializes in bringing both parties to an equal ground. This means Kate will have to realize that she is not God, and that her way is not the only one. Jon will have to realize that he is a grown-up, and if he bows his head and acts like a whipped little boy for the rest of his life, his sons might not grow up to be strong men because they didn't have one to learn from. They would be best suited to a study on empathy, because neither one seems to understand how anyone feels but themselves.

4. Re-introduce themselves and the kids to their extended family, put the past behind them and realize that money and fame will fade, but your family will still be your family, even after the glory is gone.

5. Allow a child to spend a day or sleepover at family member's house by themselves. Just because they were born together, it doesn't mean they always have to be grouped in two's or three's or all together. Kate needs constant breaks from the kids in order to unwind, and it is very likely that the kids sometimes need a break from the whole group too.

6. Reseach better ways to earn money while staying at home with the kids. Kate could consider becoming an author, perhaps of childrens books, because she seemingly likes to write. Or, once the tups are in school, she could return to nursing. Jon could build up a business with their stockpile of cash, doing whatever it is that he does.

7. Make it a point to exercise together, even if it is a walk around the block at night. They should involve themselves in family exercise also, such as riding bikes or calisthenics. No pointing out the other person's flaws, or the childrens', unless they are prepared to address their own. Kate should see a physician to discover the cause of her chronic fatigue, which comes from no particular outside source.

8. Become involved with the community. It is important for children to see their parents in selfless acts and neighborhood contribution. This involves more than just writing a check or touting the cause. Become involved in groups for parents, such as the PTA (which is important because the Gosselin kids might consist of half the kindergarten class), enjoy the company of neighbors, attend town meetings and help organize events for the school, their church, or even the volunteer fire department. If Kate can throw a circus for her three year olds, she is capable of making a batch of cookies for a bake-sale.

9. Take a moment to consider their children's feelings. Put themselves back to that age, and remember how they felt when certain things were said or done to them. Remember the things that made them happy, and the things that hurt terribly. Once again, learn empathy.

10. Stop dressing the kids indentically. Each gender of tups would have three times the wardrobe if, instead of buying all identical items, three different items were bought. A shirt that might only be worn by one girl once or twice a month and then grown out of quickly could be worn by all three girl tups once or twice a month, and have it's value used by the time they grow out of it. Identical outfits are cute at Christmas time or in family portraits, but completely unnecessary on a day-to-day basis.

11. Learn more information about health and nutrition. Just because an item is organic, it doesn't mean it's healthy. It means it was raised or grown without certain insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and hormones. It doesn't mean that it has less fat, sugar, etc. And since these products aren't always regulated, almost anything can be labeled organic. Kate should focus on the actual products she is using, how she prepares them, and how the menus are balanced, not just a word on a label that is trendy at the moment.

12. Take a cue from themselves when delegating tasks to the children- they should also be divided and assigned to each adult. Children usually absorb the desire to help by seeing their parents help each other.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave that up to you guys. What else would you like to see them do? Why? How would they go about it?

Submitted by Sara as a comment, but we think it's worthy of standing as a post. Thank you, Sara.

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Backyard Campout

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday September 8th) -- a 30-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Backyard Campout:
In this episode, Jon and Kate decide to mix it up and go camping in their own back yard! Everyone is ready and excited about smores and outdoors until the finicky weather threatens to cancel the nighttime adventure. Will rain clouds ruin the plans?

Note of Interest: This episode was filmed during the same time that the first National Enquirer article about Jon & Kate hit the stands... will the strain of that exposition show itself in their demeanors?

Comment of the Week Nomination

To help the blog admins we'd like to try something different. Please post your comment of the week nominations as a comment here. No comments on them or voting yet, just the nominated comments. Thanks very much.

How Come it is Like it is...

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As previously posted here, we do not condone viciousness or trolling. We really do not care to publish the personal experiences of other people because they had a mother similar to Kate. We try not to let armchair psychologists spout off. Sometimes, unfortunately, these things get through.

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Jon & Kate and the Magical Number 8

I read it over and over again - "give Kate a break - she has eight!" "Don't judge until you have 8 kids!" "8 kids! 8!!!"

I'm not saying having 8 kids is easy. I'm not saying having one kid is easy. I'm sure if a doctor told me I had multiple developing embryos in my uterus, I'd spend the rest of the day huddled under a comforter with a box of tissues. If not a whole week. And then crawl out, square my shoulders, and deal with it.

But why does the number 8 give Jon & Kate a pass on the quality of how they speak to their family? Why is Kate's behaviour supposed to be excusable if she has 8 kids?

What if it were Jon & Kate Plus 6? Is that when we can all agree that it's selfish for parents to fly across the country for a free hair transplant, leaving six sick kids in the care of a relative?

What if it were Jon & Kate Plus 4? Is it still forbidden to criticize her for threatening to throw Collin's bear because it had a bit of gum on it? Would everyone look at Collin sobbing and begging, and feel for the little guy then?

What if she hadn't gotten pregnant for a second time? Is it okay then to go "WTF?" when she uses a hypothetical forest full of sizzling and burning small animals, to explain to a 7 year old why they can't shoot off fireworks?

When the parents drive 75 miles to a bakery, then the mother helps one of the girls finish her supper, but nobody tells the boys they haven't eaten enough to get a cupcake, is 8 kids really a good defense?

You know, there are lots of people who deal with 8 or more children at a time, all day, who still treat people with dignity and respect. Day care workers. Teachers. If you witnessed your child's teacher shouting at them for sneaking pieces of strawberry while decorating a cake, would you shrug it off because s/he has to deal with 8+ children at a time?

Doctors and nurses and dentists deal with a parade of children all day, but they don't shrug off the kids by saying they have low blood sugar (I hope). If the child has a problem, they deal with it.

"Sure", I can hear some of you thinking, "these are professionals. They have to be patient and courteous to the children because they're paid to be."

So Kate doesn't have to be patient? Because she has 7 other children? (Which she has a nanny for).

And what about the McCaugheys? They have 8. They have 7 children the same age. Two of which have cerebral palsy. They're not on TV, whining. They limit themselves to yearly updates. The parents work for a living. They're dealing with 8. Why can't Jon & Kate?

So why is 8 so magical? What is the number of kids that she has to have before her behaviour can be brushed away by saying "She has "X" kids!!!"

They're Not Meerkats

As a follow-up to our recent blog entry (here), we noticed that Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration has spoken again regarding the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show:

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" is not the same as "Meerkat Manor." Children are not the same as animals being filmed in their natural state. There are, or at least there should be, rules when children are employed [or participate in] the Entertainment Business. Make no mistake, after four years of their most private moments being broadcast to a nation of voyeurs, the eight children who make up the "+ 8" are 'performers' in every sense of the term. They need and deserve the protection of the Law. But what if there are no Laws? Children in the entertainment business, in case you didn't know, are exempt from Federal Child labor law, and have been since 1938. Pennsylvania has no published child labor laws for kids in entertainment. Ask yourself the following: If anyone in the Gosselin home is being paid, who owns the money? Are there limits to the number of hours a child may work per day, and anyplace they can't be filmed? In the end there is only one question worth asking. "What will become of these children?"

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"Three things cannot be hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth."~Buddha

Posted by Penn Mommy on her blog:

Part 1

For months now, I have weighed my decision to come forth with my opinion and knowledge pertaining to the "stars" of Jon and Kate Plus 8. I've read quite a bit of information that has been posted about them: to be sure, some of it is false or likely false. Whenever you have a situation in which "reality television" is involved, you will get naysayers and cynics who strike just to strike. I don't defend or support that. No buts! I will say, however, that I was shocked by the number of people who have pegged certain things appropriately and/or come out with honest criticism of the Gosselins. Most notably, of course, is Aunt Jodi.

To read the rest of this amazing story, please go to In Support of the Truth.

Episode Recap: Plane Ride to Utah - 02/25/2008

Reprinted with permission from Dew.

On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8! Crying! Screaming! Tantrums! Only difference is this all takes place 20,000 feet in the air.

Credits. Sigh, what a cute show. If you only watched the credits.

The kids are kind of hanging around the living room and sitting on the stairs. There isn't a lot of room for them to be elsewhere with a ton of suitcases strewn all over the floor. Jon shouts, "Off the steps now! That's all I need before we leave is a broken leg!" ...continued

Question for Jon & Kate Gosselin

How can you say that the show is not impacting your children negatively? How can you say that they all want to continue?

Edited with new picture with unhappy face now shown.

"It doesn't take character..."

When watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, I keep wondering if I will find a reason to idolize them the way that others do. Aside from having a passel of kids, Jon and Kate Gosselin do not face any of the hardships or difficulties that many other families struggle with in a way that inspires me. ...continued