Your Suggestions Come to Life

We love readers' suggestions -- this blog is staffed by a core group of contributors, but without all of our terrific readers participating every day, we would be off in some obscure corner collecting cobwebs.

All of your comments, emails, and submissions keep this place vibrant and interesting, and we would like to announce three new changes -- all inspired by your input:

1. There is a new link near the top of the sidebar, titled Questions and Answers -- click on the link and see how it works!

2. Just under that, there is now a display with a live slideshow featuring missing children being spotlighted by John Walsh's National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

3. Furthur down the sidebar, under Episode List, we have made the more recent Season 3 episodes hyperlinked directly to the corresponding blog discussion of each episode -- check it out!

Thanks for all of your participation, and please feel free to keep sending in your suggestions.

- The GWoP Staff

P.S. Don't forget that the sidebar also has a section titled "Top Three Topics" where you can quickly locate a recent blog entry that has been particularly busy with comments. Hopefully it will include the one you are looking for.


Whitney said...

I really like the idea of the missing children spotlight however I noticed that all of them are from the NY area. Is there a way to edit it to show the lost children from around the country?

Serena said...

Whitney -- whoops, thank you for pointing that out! The state parameter was set to NY and I had forgotten to remove it -- it's gone now and is showing children from all over the country.

amandarella82 said...

Another wonderful addition to a wonderful site! After all, it is all about the children!

Anonymous said...

Is there a place to report Gosselin sightings? They were at Legoland in California yesterday, TV crew in tow.

K.C. said...

Anonymous said...
Is there a place to report Gosselin sightings?

I think I suggested this, (via email), too. I would love to see a link on the sidebar allowing reports of Gosselin sightings. Many times there is nowhere to post these as the sightings often do not fit in with the topic of discussion.

funkycatt said...

Hey, great work on the site! I love all the new changes and had no idea they were reader suggestions. I especially like the link to missing children.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Serena, et al:
You are doing an excellent job and this is in no way a criticism of your blog. In spite of the hottest topics, etc., I still have lots of difficulty in finding what I've read and where to start back. I just wondered if there is anything you would suggest. (Understand that I'm not very computer savvy.)Is there any way that the comments can be numbered and even possibly the posts themselves? I know going back would be too much of a hassle but perhaps from a point forward? Since the entire blog's focus is on one primary topic, I find myself searching for where I left off. (My old eyes are not handling this well and I can only read for a short time at a sitting.) There may be some simple solution that I do not know.
Thank you for all the hard work you do. It is so obvious that many hours are invested by you moderators. The organization is quite impressive!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that this will be posted or not but as a nurse myself it is a very real concern for me, albeit a bit trivial. Does Kate ever feed her kids dairy?!?! I know there have been comments about Mady not "liking" it and all but all those kids ever drink is Juicy Juice! I only ever see a little bit of milk on their cereal. Not even any yogurt or cottage cheese, etc. It appears that Juicy Juice is a sponsor - but maybe she is not taking full advantage of a milk company coming to their aid by getting the kids to drink more dairy. Even the soy variety would make me feel better!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54- I'm sorry, I tried. I provided answers to most of the questions that were asked about what they spoke about. I am not comfortable saying exactly where the talk was, just for my own personal reasons...but it was posted by a Quarryville church and I called them for the information about tickets. The talk was not held at their church.

I'm sorry, but you really did not provide any answers - just generalizations, with no specifics. There would be no reason not to post the venue that they spoke at. It's my opinion your posts were just an attempt at some type of damage control. Now, if you can provide the name of venue and it proves to be legitimate, I'll apologize.

sabrinasmom said...

They really never eat fast food?

I am not an expert, I don't have inside information. I am just a regular viewer who just catches the inconsistencies. I don't watch with a pen and paper in my hand hanging on to every word. I have no hidden agenda. I inititially watched the show because of the kids. I have noticed that if you watch late at night or during the pair of shows during the day, where they are not shown in "sequence" you pick up on inconsistencies. Like "they didn't say that last week", now I kind of watch with the mindset of how are they going to contradict themselves this week.

With that being said:

I have seen one of the specials when Kate is shown in her bedroom and there is clearly a McDonald's cup on her nightstand. Also, the Utah show, Jon is shown bringing Happy Meals to the kids. So my answer is just from watching the show - you can formulate the "meaning". Also, I just thought of this - is Dunkin' Donuts organic?