Tom and Trix Plus Six

Tom and Trix Plus 6, a Jon & Kate Plus 8 parody blog, has been updated tonight with Part 3 of Trading Spouses, the fictional Gosselin/Duggar crossover.


ThreeFarmers said...

I can taste the organic tater tot casserole, now.

Jayne said...

Too funny! I can totally see Kate being that way --- only worse!

sis said...

Yay! Heading over to get my fix now!

Angela,you rock!

Anonymous said...

"Ask me what you can do to help me!" Always a classic.

Anonymous said...

Pure genius, as always! Thanks for the bright spot in my morning!

Blessings From Above said...

LMAO!!!! This is hilarious. I so hope Kate watches this one day!

AnnaK said...

Awesome job! Really funny!

Angela said...

Thanks for your comments everyone!

Abby said...

You are BRILLIANT! I so appreciate your dead-on parody of this dysfunctional family and especially Mrs. SuperMom,Kate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the levity! I'm hoping you're hard at work on the next one ;-) You're great!

Jan said...

Bibs R Us

Bibs are purchased as soon as we find
We’re having a baby, no matter which kind.
The pink bibs are girly and sometimes have lace
The boy bibs have trains, trucks or Big Bird’s face.
Some bibs are neutral, but colorful, still
But all pick up food or an occasional spill.
The problem with bibs can really become
When they’re placed on teenagers by their Mom.
If you’re on the swim team, they flap in your face
And while running track, they could cost you the race.
But Mom wants the clothes to really stay clean
So, you’d better wear one, or she might get mean.
Hellllloooo, Hellllooooo, your shirt has a stain
That means 10 hours with Tide Stick and Gain.
Some have Velcro, others tie in the back
But we always wear them for every snack.
All home movies show us in our bibs
Even my prom bib came down to my ribs.
Our wedding bibs will be the last ones we wear
After that, we’re on our own…and no one will care
If our clothing sports leftovers from our lunch
Or crumbs and sugar from Monkey Munch.