July 4th Celebrations on "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday August 25th) -- a 60-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled July 4th Celebrations:
The Gosselins celebrate this holiday with food, fun and fireworks by the lighthouse.


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Canadian Kate said...

Episode description from my TV listings:

The Gosselin's celebrate this holiday with food, fun and fireworks by the lighthouse. (New)

AnnaK said...

So I guess no more family tradition of going back to their hometown for a parade and picnic. You know traditions are so important to them. Maybe the city wouldn't provide them with bodyguards.

Anon 621 said...

OK. So I have one alcoholic beverage left in my fridge. I do not have to work tomorrow :)

Question: should I take a sip (I'm pretty hard core, lol):

Every time K treats J like a 4 yr old?

Treats Joel like a 9th class citizen?

Slaps Jon (although I think she has been told to STOP this.)

Screeches like a banshee? (wait, I don't have enough beverage to do me for an hour with this rule!)

Whenever K says she is exhausted/tired?

Or finally, when the kids slug/slap/push Jenny or each other in a meltdown sort of way?

Carrie Ann said...

Kate admitted that she should have gotten the worse mommy of the year award? The sky must be falling!!

Anonymous said...

For the love of God!!!

"NO MORE!!!!" Kate!

Stop screeching at your children and making them do things that they don't want to do---JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT IT!!!!

Less than 8 minutes into the show---I have a migraine!!!!

Anonymous said...

It has just started and there is already yelling, clear gender roles and an unhappy Maddy. I don't even have to watch the rest of the show.

fozzybear said...

How could Kate not know that having the little girls get cornrows wouldn't hurt? Not to mention the hair headaches afterwards.

K.C. said...

What kind of an IDIOT has 4 year old's hair cornrowed, (spelling?). I am Caucasian, I don't claim to know ANY thing about tight little braids but even I know that must hurt! Quit bribing your kids with candy and crabs. Please, for the love of God, let them be individuals. If Mady doesn't want it it's HER hair. Sorry for the outburt, I just can't stand this! I think this is it for me.

Sara said...

Wow- and the Gossa-Momma-Drama starts from the very begining of the episode! Why force the twins to get their hair braided when they CLEARLY don't want to? So ridiculous. But I'm sure TLC thought up that little diddy. And she says she's no good at doing the girl's hair. First of all- HOW many girls does she have?! And for HOW many years?! And she's no good at doing there hair in such a way that it can weather a pool? I used to feel inferior to her way nach when...but now I feel like supermom!

Anonymous said...

Note to Kate: Don't sing!

Kristie said...

I cannot believe this woman acts like this! And oh my goodness the boys wanted to help!! I feel so bad for them.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was going well (though I missed the very beginning) until Kate said that let's just face it boys hands and nails are always so dirty. What a snag! The girls washed their hands and the boys couldn't have? She makes me so angry & sad for her little boys. They are wonderful and she treats them like crap! PLEASE KON send your boys to live with Kevin & Jodi. They will love them no matter how "dirty" they are to you.

amandarella82 said...

Yeah, why didn't she let the boys help with the cake? My boys love helping out with stuff like that. She is such a witch!

Anon621 said...

19 minutes in. Glad I didn't take a sip every time she bribed the kids. Even with that left out, I am well into half of my beverage! (I did think the morgue thing was hysterical, though. Could be the drink talking.)

Hmmm....Coming up: A crab serves crab!!!!!

fozzybear said...

What was wrong with the boys helping with the cake? I have two boys. One 16 and the other 13. They have both liked to cook since they were wee tots. Anytime they want to I allow them to help in the kitchen. :(

JenJen said...

Seriously Jon, how dare you bleed like a human?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the above posters. Kate forced the the girls to do the braids. Even when the older girls said they didn't want them.

Making the cake and yelling at them for eating strawberries then she bribed them to take a picture with a strawberry the woman needs help.

Then of course the boys being second class

Keep your bleeding to a minimum??? If I were him I would leave her and take the kids

JC said...

First time commenting, but I just wanted to say that from the sound of your comments, I think my decision to remove J & K from my DVR was a good one. I just can't watch this behavior anymore.

Carrie Ann said...

When Kate said, "Thank you for living in a free country," I couldn't help but laugh. KON is taking the living in a free country quite literally.

Anonymous said...

Could not believe the whole cake thing. She blamed not letting the boys help on the girls saying the girls didn't want the boys to help. I call shenanigans!

How odd is it that these people celebrate every. single. holiday. without nary a relative in sight. Balloons and holiday-themed paper plates do not make a holiday.

Love Jenny. That quarter trick was awesome and she had those kids' full attention and she didn't even have to scream at them. Golly.

Kate's prayer was great. "That you that we can live in a free country." With free vacations, free Juicy Juice, free Love Offerings, free chef, free family helper, blah blah blah Amen.

Kristen said...

So far the only thing I haven't liked about this episode was Kate yelling at the girls when they were eating the strawberrys. Hey, at least it wasn't chips or something! I would have been perfectly glad they were eating fruit!

Becky said...

I cannot believe this craziness that I am watching. Poor little boy wanted to help with the cake, FORCING the girls to get their hair braided, FLIPPING OUT if the misplaced a blueberry or even touched the icing.....And all the while trying to act like they are this one big happy family just so she can have some photo ops and then SHOVE them outside again.

Mady used to annoy me but now I LOVE her because I feel like she is on to her mother's game. And the fact that she gives them a hard time makes me smile.

I used to like the show and take it at face value and to be honest she used to make me feel like an inferior mother. I have 2 children (ages 3 and 20 months) and they run me ragged and I thought I must not be a good enough mom if she could do it all with 8 kids. Then I just started to feel like something was not right with them and I found Julie's blog and then this site and my suspicions were confirmed. Now, I feel like a great mother compared to Kate. She is JUST AWFUL!!! Those poor kids!!

Oh, and P.S. I hope she is not trying to act like that cake is an ORIGINAL idea of her cuz it is SOOOOO NOT!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, why didn't she let the boys help with the cake? My boys love helping out with stuff like that. She is such a witch!"

I'm sitting in my office waiting for some time to lapse to make tivo'ing easier...

but my preliminary observation--I thought she said something to the effect that the girls "claimed" it or something.

I found it odd that she did something "special" with the girls (I personally think cornrows look silly!!!) and then went home and did a project (the cake without the boys).

I found her mommy comment to not be true to heart, but rather a mockery of the commentary out there.

I'm neither a Kate supporter or a Kate-hater--I'm on the fence and see Kate for who she is and understand she's under public scrutiny...but then there's the "you made your bed now lie in it" philosophy that keeps chiming in my head.

I think she does love all of her kids despite her (repeated) mistakes.

Go on a cruise ship and you will see just how many people will get cornrows on a 4 year old (a friend of mine got her 4-year olds done before a cruise b/c it truly (in her mind) made things easier and her 4yo enjoyed them. I imagine they must have had a gentler process b/c she didn't mention anything about pain.

One of the girls wasn't crying at all when the cornrows began--I think I might have seen just a typical "getting my hair done" facial expression.

Wraps don't hurt--my oldest has had one a couple of years ago. She is 1 year older than the twins. I know they had a braid--but such drama.

And Kate should NOT have forced them to do it which is what she essentially did. Especially for a pricey service as cornrows whether or not it was her pocketbook covering it.

My girls how goes up only 3 times per year--recital pics, recital rehearsal, and recital. They know it has to be done and they do not fight it. It simply is the rules. But there is noway they would tolerate it on a daily basis nor would I make them. They are cool with it when it is required but want it out immediately when it is over.

Cornrows--uhhh...my kids wouldn't tolerate it even if mommy and daddy were getting paid for a television show covering that.

And I hate them--they are so "tourist-like" especially when folks wouldn't get them in their ordinary lives but somehow thinks it looks cool on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Ok, how sad was Joel (I think it was Joel) when he asked Jon if he could help him grill and Jon said, "No, I don't need any help." It's not about whether you NEED help, Jon, let him help you, spend quality time with him. His face after being told "no" was so sad.

And Kate not letting the boys help with the cake because boys' hands are "always so dirty". Sigh.

And hearing Leah say, "I'm cleaning da bird poop" was cute enough to almost save the episode so far. Almost.

Praying for Snow said...

Man, only 1/3 of the way in and we've seen Kate force the kids to get painful braids (bribery in exchange for cuteness), force them to smile (fruit bribery in exchange for a happy family photo), and we've seen both of the KONs ignore Joel. Did we expect any less/more? Blargh.

Three favorite things:
Crab legs
The spa

Yep, that's about right, Kate.

But how cute were the kids watching Jenny doing magic tricks? :)

Becky said...

And on the "Coming Up" she gets all militant about "Every year we take a pic on 4th of July" and all the kids are miserable and she does not care. She wants this family just for the photo ops and money. It's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I have beeen a lurker for sometime now, but this episode ranks right up there with the cupgate in my book.

Her nasty little comments about the boys nails and being dirty, was a little over the top. I think it was really bad when she was screaming at the girls for eating strawberries. Then a few breaths later wants to take their picture.

You just feel for Joel when he walks down the steps. He looked so sad that he wasn't allowed to participate in the cake decorating.

tmc said...

When Kate said, "Thank you for living in a free country," I couldn't help but laugh. KON is taking the living in a free country quite literally.

I vote for this comment to be "Comment of the Week". It was awesome.

fozzybear said...


I think everyone knows that particular cake is a recipe by Cool Whip not a Kate orginal!

Kristen said...

It looks J+K are about to fall off their sides of the sofa they are so far apart!

JenJen said...

I got corn rows when I was little and we were on a cruise to Jamaica. It was painful (I remember it to this day!) but I really liked it afterward. I was happy I did it.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish Chinette would sponser them. Those flimsey paper plates they used were pathetic. Potatoes - corn on the cob- seafood. All served on plated with the the strength of construction paper.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably Kate still pretends that they can't afford anything but hot dogs and hamburgers--that having crab is such a rare treat! Why can't they admit that between the lucrative television show and the weekends of begging in churches, they've come a long way baby. Please stop the pretense of poverty--we'd might appreciate the honesty and actually be happy for them, who knows?

Anonymous said...

As much as J$K piss me off with their lies and greed, I hardly think "forcing" your girls to get braids even pings my radar. Am I the only one who has made kids do things they didn't want to? Wear clothes, shoes and hairstyles they didn't choose?

Anonymous said...

Kate wouldn't even call it "Cool Whip", she had to say, "that frozen dessert topping that you thaw and then spread". How ridiculous can you get? I don't blame Cool Whip for not wanting to pay for the advertising but come on...

Becky said...

Just had to throw that out there.....The way Kate said it, I felt like she was trying to take cred.

fozzybear said...

"Jon, go light the fireworks! Living in jail might be preferable to living with Kate!"

moi said...

"Worst mommy award" -- Kate, you're about 20 episodes late on this observation.

I love how Cara and Mady called her out on the "we never do fireworks at home, either." Uh, clearly you do.

I can't bear looking at Joel's sweet, sad face much longer. How anyone can justify the treatment of this poor lil' guy is beyond me.

I'm without any more words this week. More than anything, I'm seething. I hope TLC is happy to perpetuate the myth of this "happy" family all in the name of the Almighty Dollar.

Anonymous said...

Love Joel, Love him when he said to the camera guy, "Do you yove cake? With icing? And strawberries?"

So cute and yet sad to see Joel trying to get attention and recognition from anyone BUT mom and dad.

I also loved Leah being all smart by figuring out to cut her cake into pieces to get more.

And then Mady and Cara freaking out saying, "I hate it here!" Yeah, too bad your parents, TLC, I mean Jon and Kate, have decided to move there.

Dream on little girl, if mom won't even let you decide how to wear your hair do you think she's going to care where you prefer to live?

Oh, and Joel, again trying to get attention FROM anywhere, saying, "Aaden did it" when Collin got in trouble for taking his shoes off or something...and then not a minute later the camera swings around and you, indeed, see Aaden taking off his shoes.

Going back a little-did anyone else think Aaden looked unsure of himself when Kate was holding him saying, "Are you a crab man?" and kissing him? He looked like he didn't know quite what to do....mom holding me....strange...

hellokitty said...

My heart just bleeds for Joel.

Ruthe said...

Girlfriend couldn't hold up on taking the picture for five minutes while her daughter visited the bathroom?

It's no wonder there's always a pouty/whiney/teary-eyed youngster in the pictures.

Now she can stop bitching about how it's her camera's fault ...

balletbrat said...

Lordy Be, it's tupcake gate

Team_Herbie said...

I find it ironic how so many things people commented on last week that the Gosselins never do happened on this episode. One of the little girls said please and thank you and they prayed before they ate. If I had blogs devoted to criticizing my parenting I would attempt to change also. I hope Jon and Kate sincerely want to do better for their children and are not doing it for show.

Anonymous said...

What's with all the 'rare treats'? Every episode consists of one type of 'rare treat' or another. J & K, quit calling everything a 'rare treat' you don't pay for it out of your own pocket!!! TLC wants it,and you get it and or you demand it and TLC accomodates. That isnt a rare treat, thats quid pro quo!

Team_Sassy said...

IMO The braiding of the girls hair may have hurt but what young child does not whine while parents do their hair esp. if they have been in and out of pools and the beach. I am sure their hair is hard to manage. Despite Kates past actions I believe she honestly wanted to make it easier for the girls with swimming. Also I am sure the girls will look at pictures now and think it was really special to have their hair like that.

moi said...

I vote for "IndependenceGate"

You know, the day we got our Independence from the oppressive Mother England and ... oh my, no wonder July 4th is significant to this family (or will be to the kids in about 11-ish years)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Yes, Kate, You're at the beach and you dont know what to do with your kids so please, send them to the deck to play. I thought that since they're on vacation we that we wouldve seen different stuff this week. Nope, same old house full of kids and parents yelling another week.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be interesting when J&K move their kids down to the mini McMansion in NC. As Cara & Mady said, we want to "go home". Well kids, get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does Kate look a little pregnant? I thought so last week and then again this week!

Kristin said...

help me with my math!

Wasn't Jenny only staying the 1st week to "help them get in a routine"?

At one point, Kate says something about them leaving on Friday. Wouldn't that mean they were already on week 2? But how could Jenny be there if she was only supposed to stay a week?

Lonnyswife said...

Carrie Ann said-When Kate said, "Thank you for living in a free country," I couldn't help but laugh. KON is taking the living in a free country quite

And next year in NC the line will be: Thank you for living free in the country

trilly said...

Anonymous said, "Is it just me or does Kate look a little pregnant? I thought so last week and then again this week!"

Nah, just too much indulgence in "rare" treats, and too much sitting on one's keester in a folding chair in the driveway.

Ravello said...

What were those moving objects on the periphery of Kate Gosselin? The objects she ignored, stiffed and ridiculed.
Oh, they were just her 3 sons. How dare these boys invade her space, get in her way, bother her in any way.
This woman will burn in hell for her treatment of the boys, especially Joel.
My heart ached for him, he is truly a lost soul and he is only 4 years old. A child without a mother.
It seems hopeless for Joel. Not much better for Colin and Aeden.

I agree with the poster upthread that Aeden seemed timid and uncertain when Kate was holding him.

What in heavens name is wrong with her? How can she be so cruel to her own flesh and blood.

fozzybear said...

God, lets pray...(Come on ya all do it with me!) that she's not pregnant!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Jons favorite thing at the end of the vacation. He mentioned he liked sitting on the deck and not having to do anything. Well Jon that is nothing new, everyday must be a favorite moment.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how Leah hit Joel in the face before she prayed? I know he started the prayer but hitting him???

Barb said...

I can't believe they prayed! Plus, they sang. I especially liked hearing Twinkle, Twinkle, because it sounded joyful and spontaneous.

Barb said...

Jenny was so good with the kiddos! I loved the nickel trick and how they tups tried to imitate it exactly.

Jenny also looked really cute with her hair up. In the past she just looked like she was trying to stay out of the way. But tonight she looked more comfortable with the camera.

Lonnyswife said...

I am hoping that TLC unintentionally showed alot of bribery:
lollipops braiding
strawberries picture with cake
cake picture with flags

because this is very much akin to the way animal handlers managed animals in movies and commercials.
Do the behavior/get a treat.
Do you see where I am going with this??

pootknot said...

As a mom of boys I am getting SO tired of the boy bashing. Poor Joel walked away with his head down as his mother explained once again how disgusting they were. In defense of the boys, how many "clean" 4 year old girls are there? Obviously Kate has an anomoly. I was a filthy child. I would actually make mud pies and eat them! When my mother got me dressed for church, she locked me in my room until we left to keep me clean.

There are all these special "girl" activities. THe only boy activity I have ever seen was the golf episode and of course Jon had the boys alone. I am just in so much shock that she is not seeing her obvious abuse. It makes me so mad when she refers to the girls as being smarter and quicker. Remember she even said that the boys just don't "pick up on things" Well DUH when you don't do any activities with them how are they supposed to learn?
On a side note, am I the only one noticing that she is really starting to be nicey nice to Jon on the last few episodes? The one tonight, she asked him to help her with the crabs and he said "sure" she then says "you are so great" HELOOOO when has she ever said that?

Kristyn said...

My eleven-year-old cousin, who has never seen this show, looked at me and said, "Are they even married?" After seeing J&K on the couch. Then when he saw more clips of them with the kids he said, "They don't look like a family. They look like a daycare. They are not playing with their kids at all!"

How terribly sad for her to show such favoritism for the girls against those boys. She doesn't even make any attempt to hide it.

Becky said...

I'm sure those girls are going to treat the little boys just like their mother does......SAD!!!!

How could someone who wanted children soooo badly treat the children she was blessed with like she does?? Most specifically, the boys!!

Why? Cause she had six at once and that made her perfect little world a little crazy. Too bad, sister, that's the risk you take with fertility treatments.

Lonnyswife said...

And did you catch Jon's commentes on the couch:
Jon speaking"Jon, will you get up and see who is crying" "Jon, will you go make my coffee"
and Kate reaches over and covers his mouth were her hand? These two are un-freaking-believable.

Anonymous said...

This show should start winding down. Kate is becoming more and more unlikable. Jon you are slowly catching up to Kate. The kids are starting to get hard to watch. They are getting to old to be having so many melt downs. Mady and Cara are way too old to be crying as much as they do. Poor Jenny she looked so out of place and sad.

K.C. said...

Kate said, in the chair, that she let anyone who wandered in help with the cake and it just happened to end up being the girls--what a crock! Those sweet little boys asked to help but were told it was a 'girl thing'. Awwwwww. She let the girls wash their hands but not the boys and complained that boys' hands are dirty.

First Kate yells at the girls to quit eating strawberries, then she uses the same strawberries as a bribe to coax a smile out of them. Then, to top it off, she teases Aaden with a strawberry by making him beg for it. Come on Kate, quit treating your kids like canines! You had sextuplets, not a litter of puppies!

What's up with this woman's idea of a serving size? She gave out one little broccoli spear as a serving? I served a similar meal in my home tonight but instead of one spear we each ate about 2+ cups of broccoli plus corn on the cob with our swordfish.

Kate looked just like her exaggerated impersonation of Joel when she was slurping on the crab, (while cracking it in the kitchen).

Kate: Thank you that we can live in a FREE country! (I wonder if she heard all of the tax payers reply in unison, You're Welcome Kate!)
I hope everyone in Pennsylvania paid close attention because that was the closest thing to a 'thank you' they will get.

Anonymous said...

As much as J$K piss me off with their lies and greed, I hardly think "forcing" your girls to get braids even pings my radar. Am I the only one who has made kids do things they didn't want to? Wear clothes, shoes and hairstyles they didn't choose? Only if it mattered. Being matchy so I can show the world they are a HOM birth and never having play clothes because gymboree needs to have their clothes shown, I guess in pristine condition. Cornrows for the camera, aren't important (yet, Hannah gets to dictate hair length, twins can't say no to cornrows?)except for the need to do something to get an episode.
It's apples and oranges. They aren't being made to do something for a good reason but for a greed reason.

Anonymous said...

In response to Ravello's remark about Aaden acting "timid and uncertain when Kate was holding him" - right on! I spotted that, and have seen it in other episodes. Once, he was walking through the garage door in the house, and she bent over to hug him and it appeared that he just tried to keep walking. My guess is that if affection is only being doled out in front of the camera, the boys are "shocked" when it happens, and therefore don't know how to respond. It does not appear to be the case with the girls. You'll notice that when several of the kids are standing in front of her, her attention focuses exclusively on one of the girls. And in this episode, the boys did appear to be ghost shadows in the background.

Jon and Kate are blessed with eight beautiful children, and should start acting like they have eight kids.

Becky said...

Poor Jenny. I would NOT want her job for anything. Not because of the kids but dealing with Kate must be a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Kate slapping Jon in the back of the head, while they were on the couch. Will she ever learn?

Anonymous said...

I liked when, towards the end of the episode, Kate was stretched out exhausted in the chair on the deck. Exactly what was she exhausted from - male bashing????

Anonymous said...

There's no way in Hades I'll be buying Jon and Kate (and Beth)'s book, but you can rest assured that I'll be buying Joel's tell-all years from now.

It is criminal how he is treated, and it breaks my heart. I want to say that he will put them in their place years from now, but I honestly think his little heart is just too sweet for such a thing.

Anonymous said...

Kate-"NO MORE! I don't know how else to say it"

Kate two minutes later "Take a nice picture and I'll give you a strawberry. "

And sure Kate you had to go into the far reaches of your brain to come up with that cake that is in every magazine and newspaper from April to July.

BK said...

"Thank you that we live in a free country...even though I'd really like to get rid of that free speech thing. Thank you for the eight little income generat'...err...um "blessings". In IUI...oops, um, GOD we trust. A-scam. Whoops! Amen."

Anonymous said...

Joel is such a sweet and sensitive little boy, I just don't understand their treatment of him. Even when he asked to help his daddy, Jon could have given him something to do to make him feel wanted. Aaden looked in shock when Kate picked him up and hugged him. They are all such beautiful children, and it just breaks my hert to see some of the things we are seeing.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jon mention in the epi where the twins got their musical instruments that Kate has a "great" singing voice? I'd rather listen to Yoko Ono sing after drinking a gallon of battery acid and smoking a case of Camel shorts.

Oh, great, they're showing the epi where the boys are running around in the living room in their underwear, then they show them all in the shower, then to wrap it all up we see Leah (?) asking about her "boops". I know seeing little girls without shirts on is done a lot on television, but I can't help but wonder how many creepy people enjoy it too much. Would you take photos of your 3-year-old daughters without shirts and hand them out to strangers? No. No one would do that. But putting those images out there is, in effect, what is being done to these children.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, where to begin ?

- why force the girls to get rows, then complain when they complain it hurts?

- did anyone notice how long Cara's nails were when she was showing off her frozen crab-in-a-bag? are those things for real?

- i seriously teared up when little joel was rejected-yet again-from participating in the cake that kate "created" (good GOD woman, just keep your trap shut!)

- kate belittling jon (yet again) when he didn't agree to put the decorations on the lower level (she went down the stairs mumbling about "daddy and his little decorations")

- the seafood is "such a rare treat" because we have no $- yeah, ok Kon, whatever.

- poor jenny had to sit on a ledge to watch fireworks when Kon (of course) and most of the kids had big adirondacks

and on, and on, and on.

after watching the show and reading all the comments, i have pledged to myself to try to be more patient, nicer and loving to my own children and hubby. i hope kon learns something before it's too late !!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 boys and 3 girls. I fiercely love all of my kids, but Kate is REALLY missing out on one of the most special bonds EVER....the special bond of a mommy and her son(s). It breaks my heart. I want to scoop up little Joel and smother him with the love he deserves.

FWIW, both my 4 y/o DD, and my 3y/o son are always dirty (until I politely ask them to clean up for a meal, or an indoor activity). That's probably because I let them play outside without freaking out everytime they near the dirt, or the sand in the sandbox. That's what preschoolers do!

My oldest son LOVES to cook with me. I think he may be a chef someday. My daughter could care less, but my little mama's boy is right there with me EVERY day helping me make dinner! :)

dixietrixie said...

So in order to keep their hair out of their eyes she had to take them to a stylist and have cornrows?? Ever hear of a ponytail?? Oh, I guess that would not have filled enough camera time.

Did anyone else see the commercial for the Fair Labor Standards (the legislation that prohibits child labor) attorney during one of the breaks? Thought that was ironic...

Anonymous said...

I do not have children of my own so I am wondering is it appropriate for a 4 yr old to be around a grill. Like when Jon was grilling and Joel wanted to help maybe he just said no so he wouldn't get hurt.

CarolSue said...

I don't understand, why can't they eat the damn strawberries?

What kind of idiot screams at the kids then says,"smile at mommy".

Unbelievable, they ordered precooked seafood?

We have lived on the Gulf Coast all our lives. I had no idea there was any such thing. It's all fresh, why wouldn't chef Kate cook? The whole thing is a farce.

Don't you dare bleed, this mess just doesn't stop.

Jennifer said...

Did anyone catch this is the scene where Jon was throwing water balloons from the deck to hit Kate below? It's NOT KATE! It didn't look right to me, so I backed up on my DVR and froze the frame. Kate is supposed to be down there with the dustpan and broom cleaning up the fireworks, but instead there is a large MAN carrying the dustpan and broom to the gate. I suppose her marching off downstairs to sweep was all a big show! She's got members of the crew to do it. Not to mention, Jon is throwing water balloons on the crew-nice. Count me in on feeling sad for the boys, too. Aaden looked like he expected to be smacked or something while she was holding him up and kissing him.

luvmytwins said...

I think she's worried about confusing 'gender' roles and thats why she wouldn't let the boys help with the damn cake. She is very strange like that. That's my two cents, like the girls are her job and the boys are Jon's. She's also coming out with a cook book, that should be cute :)

Anonymous said...

When my mother got me dressed for church, she locked me in my room until we left to keep me clean.

If Kate did this she would be called an unfit mother.

Anonymous said...

Why they couldn't just eat that fruit and throw it on that cake however they wanted--ALL of them--is beyond me. This wasn't a catering job for god's sake.

I just can't get over the, "It's just a FUN day." "We're going to have FUN!" And then yelling, threatening, and bribing over the stupidest stuff that adds up to a whole lot of NOT FUN.

She can't even let her kids throw snaps down on the ground without controlling it and making some stupid EVENT out of it. And then mugging and smirking like, "See! I just connected and interacted with my children. Yay ME!"

Anonymous said...

-"Take your plate and run."

What? She actually told her child to take a plate of hot food and a fork (which ended up carried in her mouth) and run when there are 7 other children milling around? That worst mother award is sounding more and more appropriate.

I felt bad for Jenny offering not to take any salmon so she could leave more for Kate. But Kate "graciously" announced she didn't want any so, therefore, Jenny could have some. Hm. I would think the family helper would be treated a little more like a guest and invited to help herself first.

I thought it was hilarious that it did, indeeed, seem that the twins ratted them out about fireworks.

And I actually laughed out loud at the thought of Kate being bombed with water balloons. For any other mom, maybe not funny, but this kinda was.

Many of you have, in jest (sort of) referenced Joel's furture tell all book. I can't help but think of the book "Running with Scissors." I think Joel's future book will have a similar tone.

One thing that stands out more and more to me as I watch: It seems like very often, when there is a melt down Jon and Kate make passive aggressive or sarcastic comments toward the children and/or the camera in stead of dealing with the children as they should. For example, Mady and the hair melt down. Kate got quickly frustrated and said something like, "Try to do something nice and this is what happens." Instead, I think she could actually TEACH the child something by saying, "Instead of crying and shouting, which does not help you, if you can tell me what it is that you don't like about the hair, maybe we can fix it." This is just one example. Almost every week I notice instances in which the parents miss out on teaching the children how to deal with life's ups and downs because they are more worried about addressing the camera than their children.

green said...

It saddens me how dismissive Kate was to Joel. She just turned away from him. She is just so obvious with her preference for her daughters over her sons.

beachluvin said...

Who else noticed Cara's nails? Oh my gosh! That is so inappropriate and dangerous for a 7 year old. If you have it on DVR, check it out when she is showing her dead hermit crab in the plastic bag.

Anonymous said...

Very funny about crab being a rare treat. In Julie's blog there is a story about Kate taking a LOT of left over jumbo lump crab cakes to Jodi's house (I think it was) that had been prepared by their organic chef, who also brings wine and flowers to their house. Rare treat, my unnerwears.

By the way, I don't think my kids have ever had crab and they are teens! It's just not in our food budget.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, "Is it just me or does Kate look a little pregnant? I thought so last week and then again this week!"

No, but I did hear her wish for a second stomach. So...

Anonymous said...

I just saw Cara'a nails and I have to agree they were way to long. I had a pinky nail that was very long. But after a while my parents would make me cut it. I liked to see how long it would grow:)

The praying at dinner was so fake it made me sick.

Chris said...

Joel's face when he was turned away from helping with the cake - awwww. Broke my heart. Shame on you Kate. Incidents like that are the memories they'll remember. Haven't you figured that out by now??? Screw the damn matchey-matchey outfits and hair beads. Bitch.

Anonymous said...

I also feel so sorry for the boys. Kon should be so happy that they are all relativly healthy. Just thinking about how she and Jon treat them is dispicable. Joel, Aaden, Collin will see this one day and then Kon will realize what they have done when none of their sons want to have nothing to do with them. I wish I could do something to make those boys smile
The boys looked so lost during the picture taking

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you all but I've always been more than happy to let my children snack on fresh fruit. She could have divided up those berries amongst the 8 kids and it would not have spoiled their dinner. Oh, I know, she would have had to have the "family helper" fetch the bibs and that would be too much trouble.

Kate, pull the stick out.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what the crew eats while they are filming. I find it hard to believe all the crew ate crab legs, fish, corn on the cob. I wonder if Kate ever thought to make an extra cake with the boys that the crew could eat. As a nanny and mothers helper I understand Jenny asking about eating the salmon. Even though I am there to work for the family I still want to be kind and considerate.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that J&K do not offer any coping skills to the children when they "melt down." They just get frustrated and are critical, usually overly so, to the children. If those kids had more ways to handle their frustration and anger, they would be better behaved.

Also, I think Kate escalates Mady's outbursts. She always makes some harsh ultimatum in a condescending tone, which just makes the situation worse for Mady...thus, producing another bad reaction from that confused and frustrated little girl.

Kate has control issues, alright.
She's the loose nut behind the controls in that family.

Anonymous said...

The long nails on Cara are just weird.. and her behavior is more and more questionable, given that she cried like a 3 year old at the picture taking. these kids are not being taught how to react and I think Mady is so smart that she somehow senses this and just doesn't know how to react other than be angry.

The focus of the kids though was more prevalent tonight, imo and I was so happy about that. There were a number of precious moments, particularly Collin repeating the magic trick "now somebody count down"..

For some reason I cringe every time Kate strokes Hannah as Hannah is so favored. I did indeed get the feeling that Aaden wasn't all that happy being held by his mother and Kate was kind of mean to Aaeden when she wouldn't give him a strawberry until he talked like a grownup, I guess.

All in all, I do think that Kates loves her children, but I think she is not equipped to be a good mother. I think that it is cool that she does things like get in a circle and thrown down snaps, and make everyone say the colors on the fireworks, or get everyone to sing a song. I think Kate desperately wants her family to be happy and what is happening is that her family is not happy because she doesn't know how to raise a happy family - and then add to it that she is obsessed with herself.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Jon and Kate hater but this episode is appalling. Almost never did anyone smile and at the end, they all looked mad. Everything Kate did looked forced and I am tired of her phobias. None of this was fun.

Carolina said...

To the poster who was talking about the special bond between a mom and her son - you are so right!

Growing up, it was just mom, my brother, and me. We were all (and still are) incredibly close, but it just AMAZES me to see the dynamic between my brother and my mom, and it makes me sad to think that Kate has three chances for a bond like that, yet chooses not to take any of them. Come on, Kate! There are so many children out there who don't have 1/100th of the opportunities your family has, but they at least have love between them.

This episode just had me rolling my eyes. I feel so, so bad for the twins and the boys.

K.C. said...

--Anonymous said, "Is it just me or does Kate look a little pregnant?

Yes, I noticed that too. I hope & pray that she's not. I'd bet that's just fat due to Kate's greed, gluttony, sloth...

--Did anyone catch Kate slapping Jon in the back of the head, while they were on the couch.

There's no way she can call that a love tap. That was just brutal. He even said something like, 'get off me'.

--Who else noticed Cara's nails?

I did, WOW! There is no way I would EVER allow that, especially not at 7 years old.

linnea said...

To Anon 7:43 and Ravello

I know exactly what you mean about Aaden's expression. The preview of this weeks epi showed Kate asking Aaden if he was a crab man. They ran the preview alot and everytime I saw it I could not get over how uncomfortable he looked. His little 'yes' just melted my heart. As a mom of all boys and two dogs, the G boys are welcome here anytime to go fishing, play some football and get as dirty as they want!

Anonymous said...


"Kate made good food"


Didn't it come precooked from a box?

Anonymous said...

If you are asking your kids what their favorite part of the week was.... why did you answer for them - Getting your hair braided!

Isn't that like leading a witness?

Anonymous said...

Does Cara's long nails mean the piano lessons are over???? Whats with Mady and the violin??

Anonymous said...

The gender stereotyping has been passed down a generation already.

When poor Joel wanted to help with the cake, one of the girl tups told him "It's a GIRL thing." He was not only rejected by his mother, but his sisters too.

I get the feeling he's the odd man out amongst the boys. He seems to frequently wander around looking for a buddy. He was also seen approaching Jon and asking to help in this episode. And no one said a word when he was whacked in the face before the prayer. And that was no love tap.

At least the camera guy likes him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's right...in the music lesson episode Cara had to trim her long nails for her lessons. Kate remarked how everyone always complements Cara's beautiful nails.

Anonymous said...

Saying over and over it's a "free" country..oh they irony of her saying that. lol.
Not letting them eat fruit when the cake was already decorated and then letting them eat it a minute later anyway..controlling witch!!

balletbrat said...

I had to laugh when Kate said, "you're gonna get the animal rights activists after us. We'll get emails you know. *how dare you.*"

And Jon choking and hamming it for the camera, "they're not organic!"

Those 2 things seemed like they were for us.

Morgue thing was funny.

Hannie the supposed favorite was the one that reached for the strawberries last in which Kate screamed right at her, "NO MORE!"

sabrinasmom said...

Who else noticed Cara's nails?

I did - way back in the "Twins Cook" episode. I gagged. Then the "Musical Instrument" episode - there is no way she plays piano.

The contradictions from week to week. Unbelievable.

Last week I made a comment about Proctor & Gamble not being part of the show because I could have sworn a Cascade box was blurred.

Come to find out that Kate is a spokesperson for P&G.

So my bad. BUT this week again shots of the dishwashing detergeant - it is no doubt Cascade.

So - has Kate been dropped as a P&G spokesperson or is it a conflict of interest for the show?

Kate Crawford said...

So has "NO FRESH STRAWBERRIES!" become the new "NO WIRE HANGERS!"?

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm a little annoyed that the whole gender roles issue was associated with why Kate turned the boys away.

Most chefs are male. Men cook all the time. If a mother expects her sons to be able to fee themselves prior to marriage (supposedly to a woman who will do all the cooking), they are doing them a favor by teaching them how to cook.

It's not like Joel (and I think Colin came in, too) was asking if he could shave his legs or something.

I don't think gender roles have anything to do with it, since I'm pretty sure if Jon could make something other than just coffee, Kate would have had him in the kitchen early on. I think it's just Kate's favoritism toward the girls. The could have been roping steer, and she still would have excluded the boys.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said:
"And sure Kate you had to go into the far reaches of your brain to come up with that cake that is in every magazine and newspaper from April to July."

If Aunt Jody was still in the picture, I'm sure there would have been something much more creative than that stupid Good Housekeeping cake. It looked like she put about 20 blueberries on the cake out of the huge bowl full. Also, the box of crab was easily several hundred dollars, not to mention sea scallops and shrimp...photo sales must be up!

My observation on tonight's episode was that everyone seemed bored to tears, and speaking of tears..... there was more screaming and crying than usual. The twins looked so miserable. The forced fun has worn out it's welcome, the time really has come to end the shenanigans. As cute as the tups are, they're just not that much fun to watch anymore. The girls have become "mean girls" to their brothers who are becoming more introverted.

Quinn said...

This episode literally made me feel tense, like my blood pressure was going up each time the show returned from a commercial break. It wasn't relaxing or entertaining for me. Rather I almost cringed at the thought of what Katie Dearest would do next. If she's not being a complete witch to Jon she's screaming at her kids. Jon needs to seriously GROW A PAIR. I hope others find this show as stressful and annoying as I do because then maybe it will go away. I don't know why I still watch it, really. It's mostly because I want to keep up to date with this blog! LOL And by the way, I seriously don't think I ever tasted crab until I was about 24. Gimme a break Kon. Get jobs and go away. I was thinking tonight...imagine if you were having your birthday party, celebrating the 4th of July, etc as a child and had to turn to a camera and say "on this episode of blah blah blah" How insane for these kids.

Steph said...

Cara's long nails must mean she is done with the piano. That was a waste of money...oh, but they didn't pay for it, so, no big deal.

My kids also did not know what crab, shrimp, scallops or calamari were at 4. They knew tuna fish and that's about it.

I loved Madelyn this episode. I understood why she was mad about the braiding...she is almost 8 years old and she didn't want her hair braided. Kate HAD to win and made her get one. So, Maddy called her out on the fireworks later.

Also, I don't think Madelyn and Cara crying about the fireworks/wanting to go home had much to do with the fireworks. I think it had everything to do with all of the losses they have suffered in the last few years. Plus, the recent losses of Beth, her daughter Taliah, and their aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin and those cousins. Since the tups were born, they have lost all grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins on both sides of their family, plus Beth's family. I think they were reacting to those losses. Not everyone can just turn off love like Kate.

Anyway, another sad day for Joel and the boys. Please, Jon, man up and love and protect them. You only get one chance to raise them, so please do it.

And speaking of Jon, dude can't even BLEED right. If Kate had been injured, it would have knocked her out until spa time.

I love Jenny. The first genuine smile I saw from Cara in months was when Jenny did her magic trick and then Collin wanted to do it. Sadly, Jenny is paid help and will leave, too. Sorry, kids. Don't get too attached.

If this is edited to make them look good, I am terrified to see what they do off camera. I agree the boys seem confused when Kate is affectionate.

Kristee said...

~~Anonymous said, "Is it just me or does Kate look a little pregnant? I thought so last week and then again this week!"

I thought she looked pregnant in the photo's of their "vow renewal" too!

Omg, if she is pregnant the laugh will be on all of us b/c that would mean Jon does have balls after all!

Ginny303 said...

anon 9:14
Almost every week I notice instances in which the parents miss out on teaching the children how to deal with life's ups and downs because they are more worried about addressing the camera than their children.

Oh Lordy how I agree! I can't stand it anymore! Those kids are not taught to respect there elders or one another. They're not going to be able to talk to Mady at all once she hits her teens! They never ever tell them what is not acceptable behavior. Instead of saying don't throw a fit/cry/scream, calm down and tell me what is wrong. Use your words. They say "You're going to bed". Nor do they say, you do not talk to your mother like that, or that was rude we don't act that way. They don't teach what is and is not allowed. A lot of good a mission statement was, when there are no household rules. We all had them, it taught us wrong from right. It taught us respect and control. They never correct them. I know you are thinking Lord those kids don't get enough love now imagine if she were on there case about other things. I believe life might be much calmer around there if there were boundaries, rules etc.
To just sit there and watch your child hit her brother in the face and say nothing is not parenting in my book! J&K, how many times does your "reality" have to smack you in the face for you to finally see the scares and bruises?

Anonymous said...

Could she be any more lazy? I know she can turn on a dishwasher because she made a show of it. So what is WITH using flimsy paper plates for this kind of food? A sandwich, maybe! How can those kids carry heavy paper plates of food without dropping it? How great for the environment that this lazy shrew just uses paper all the time instead of washing some plates!

Sera said...

I had no idea they made organic Cool Whip! ;-)

This episode was painful to watch for so many reasons. Why force those girls to get those braids? Who cares about their hair on holiday, just tie it back in a ponytail. I don't blame Mady for being upset about being forced to get her hair done but what was more telling was Cara saying "Mady just do it!" almost like she was trying to protect Mady, knowing it would be worse for her if she didn't cooperate.

However, Collin was absolutely adorable with the nickel trick. I love that boy: "My favourite was eating the cake!" And Leah was so cute telling Collin to cut his cake into pieces so he has more. Precious moments.

But Joel was really the scene stealer and heart-breaker of this episode. One of Joel's greatest qualities is that he is so innocent and accepting of everyone, and is completely unaware of his low spot on the totem pole. But sadly, it is what breaks my heart about him because he just has no idea how poorly he is being treated or how dismissed he often is. Jon could have easily let Joel stand nearby holding a BBQ utensil as his assistant - all Joel wanted to do was help his daddy! And Kate was just so rude to not let him help with the cake - give him something else to do then, lady! Why are they so mean to that precious little boy?

For the first time I actually screamed and cussed at the TV watching Kate. She made me so sick, she never lets her kids have any fun and the small amount of fun they do have is always tightly controlled. I think she needs to do more than just pull the stick out. Pull the whole damn tree out!

She has eight of the most beautiful, kind and loving children and she is just stifling their spirits with her control-freak ways. I am heartbroken for those children. As someone who desperately hopes to have even one child of my own one day, it makes me so angry that Kate recklessly abuses her position as their mother and caregiver, and pays little mind to their wellbeing and happiness. Does she not realize how fortunate she is? Her ungratefulness enrages me.

TPA said...

I am no longer watching this show because I do not want to support KON in anyway but I have to say that I am enjoying your comments so much.

BK said...
"Thank you that we live in a free country...even though I'd really like to get rid of that free speech thing. Thank you for the eight little income generat'...err...um "blessings". In IUI...oops, um, GOD we trust. A-scam. Whoops! Amen."

Comment of the week please....I nearly droped my laptop when I read this.... LOL!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny that some of you felt inadequate watching the Wonder-Mom and then started questioning the truth of the situation! I felt the same way!

It is a shame about the boys. I really took offense when they started going on the individual "special" days, and the girls got the "privilege" of having Mommy come along. But she's not interested in going with the boys!? She stated how they really could see how important it was to have that alone time with each child - to hear them, see their expressions, etc. Really she just meant that for the girls? It must be so obvious to those boys! Poor babies!

~D~ said...

Going back a little-did anyone else think Aaden looked unsure of himself when Kate was holding him saying, "Are you a crab man?" and kissing him? He looked like he didn't know quite what to do....mom holding me....strange...

OKAY wow. I noticed that too. He seemed like "WTH is going on?" I can't believe someone else noticed!

Quinn said...

Omg, if she is pregnant the laugh will be on all of us b/c that would mean Jon does have balls after all!

This made me laugh! I nominate this for comment of the week!


Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice when Jon was in the kitchen and took a blueberry Kate says “No, those are for my flag dessert”. Jon says “I don’t care what they’re for”, pops it in his mouth then looks at the camera and makes a choking sound and whispers “they’re not organic”

At the start of the dessert making I LOVED when Maddy sings “you’re the strangest people” to the tune of You’re a Grand Old Flag. Kate stops singing and says “you’re going to go away”

Holly said...

Per the norm, my 7 yr old daughter watched this episode with me and sadly, I think this was her last. She's always enjoyed watching the 'tups, as well as Mady & Cara (they are the same age as my daughter), so I've put up with it and watched with her.

Tonight, she sat beside me and started crying..crying hysterically. I had no idea what was going on and she looked up at me and said "I feel bad for Joel-y. I know we don't have a lot of money because Daddy is in the Army but can Joel-y come live with us". Oh my dear, it broke my heart into pieces.

I just don't think I can let her watch this show anymore or perhaps, I'll screen the show and save it on DVR for her if it's a "better" episode. She was so distraught, she felt SO bad for Joel and I kept thinking to myself "If my 7 yr old is picking up on this and feels this horribly, I can't even imagine how Joel is feeling".

It's just so, so sad :(

Steph said...

Ginny, I must disagree with you that the Gosselin family doesn't have rules.

Here are a few.

Boys do not hit girls.

Girls are encouraged to hit boys. Same goes with the parents.

If it's free, take it, even if you hate it, like salmon.

If you have to pay for a service, be sure to diss them. Oh, wait. Even if it's free, diss them.

Family is only important if they are doing something for you. If they can't or won't, then they "are not a part of your everyday lives."

Any and or all rules are subject to change at any time, with or without a reason.

strannika said...

Something that seems to describe the general Gosselin atmosphere and especially JK's couch interviews: Everything they do now seems so - robotic. They KNOW that they're on point with a lot of former fans. You can tell Kate is uncomfortable trying to include in her act the things many, many people have criticized her for. This whole show is very, very contrived.

I will say Jon somehow seems more, not openly hostile towards Kate, but you have to wonder if he secretly relishes the fact that, although he isn't held blameless by the viewing public, Kate is by far the one deemed most "horrendously horrendous."

Finally, the tragedy of tonight's episode, IMO was the cakegate. She not only blatantly and repugnantly used her girls as an excuse for why the boys (Joel in particular)couldn't help, she was unconcerned/oblivious to the effect of the ban on Joel. That was a heart-wrenching face - and the fact that the crew caught it and showed it - they know controversy is the best publicity. An outright shame.

Munchkn said...

fozzybear said...
"Jon, go light the fireworks! Living in jail might be preferable to living with Kate!"

LOL! Sounds like a "Comment of the Week" to me!

Open Eyes said...

Oh my goodness- where to begin?

I cringed when Kate had the girl's hair braided. On the commericals last week, I saw that that is what they were going to be doing this week- and my jaw dropped because I know girls my age (in their 20s) that have had that done and they say that it is something that is so uncomfortable and at times painful. On little heads and scalps- it is just NOT appropriate, I don't blame Mady.

The thing with the cake, was in theory, a good idea- however it was ruined by Kate not including the boys. Oh so interesting that ONLY the girls "wandered" into the kitchen. Um, Kate- you kind of gave yourself away when you basically admitted that the boys were being "watched" outside with Jenny. She even had the nerve to turn around and tell Joel that he couldn't help! Poor little Mady piped up and said, "But he wants to help!" But again this is all explained away! Oh but that's right!! It was the girls that became "protective" of the cake! Um... something tells me that the
"biggest" girl there, has the lowest maturity level. Again, open mouth- insert the obsessively clean foot.

*sigh* You know- the sad thing is is that this behavior is so awful towards children so young. It is easy for some to turn around and tell Kate to "get help" but what people don't understand is that she isn't going to do that until a shock factor wakes her up to what she is doing- the sad thing is is that I don't thinnk that that will come for her until she is old, alone, and wondering why she is still desperately scrubbing her floors instead of being with her family.

sabrinasmom said...

So what is WITH using flimsy paper plates for this kind of food?

Potential ammunition to secure a deal with Chinet.

"Before Chinet we HAD TO RESORT to eating off of plates that were thin as newspaper. They were horrendously horrenous!!! We were in DIRE NEED of something else!!! LORDY BE! I was so exhausted having to ask Jon and the kids to pick up their scraps off the floor. Calgon take me away - Sorry wrong sponsor."

Kristee said...

~~~Last week I made a comment about Proctor & Gamble not being part of the show because I could have sworn a Cascade box was blurred.

Come to find out that Kate is a spokesperson for P&G.

Wait...what?? Is she really?? Dang, another bunch of products I can't use anymore.

Was it just me or did Katie look like she had ant's (or crabs?) in her pants the entire time she sat on the couch next to Jon Boy? She couldn't sit still and scratched at her legs constantly. Geeze, you never know what you'll bring back from the beach, right?

mlou said...

Sera said:"I think she needs to do more than just pull the stick out. Pull the whole damn tree out!"

This is the best suggestion I've heard in awhile. Nomination for Comment of the Week please!!!

balletbrat said...

LOL at K8 tapping the back of his head. "Ow that hurt with your ring, right on my scar, thanks...get off me" as K8 strokes his face.

The first time they dropped the balloon, K8 was down there. After Cara dropped it, the camera showed a guy in blue sweeping. Was he helping her or was it really staged?

The exchange with Kon on the couch where she covers his mouth, honestly that was completely innocent and funny to me. They were teasing and joking about if he had bombed her with the water balloon (and rightfully so...)

When the twins were throwing a fit about lighting fireworks and crying they wanted to go home, I didn't feel the least bit sorry for them. That just seemed like total bratty ungr8ful behavior. And Mady having no regard for animals in the wild, "I just want to light fireworks!!" Kids cannot do EVERYTHING they so desire. Also, cameras or not, they were on a nice vacation with plenty to be thankful for. Just because you don't get to set off your own fireworks does not mean we should pack up and go home. I have never in my life touched a firework and I've managed to survive!

Anonymous said...

The twins are way too old for constant meltdowns over the most trivial things. Something is bothering them and I have a feeling it might be the constant cameras. It's just not normal. Please cancel this show.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I can take it anymore - Kate blames the girls for taking possession of the cake - but SHE'S the one who puts the kibosh on Joel - his look going down the stairs is heartbreaking.

Boys' nails gross and dirty? and Kate you would describe Cara's as....?

and Lordy bee! Kate handing out strawberries like Holy Communion - that's real religious.

Anonymous said...

Treat? Everything is a treat....

I suppose the Trick is on the viewers.

Ally said...

Watching this episode, I thought of one thing: "it is so unfair that these kids, these smart and amazing kids, are lost in the crowd instead of getting to be individuals."

I feel so badly for them all.

I feel bad for Cara because she tries so hard to be good and still has to have a sh!tty mother like Kate. She is so caring and loving and it’s unfair that she has to deal with such an awful scenario for her childhood.

I feel bad for Mady because she knows what's going on, and can't stop it. She has such a strong personality and is so determined and loud. It’s not fair that she has to be forgotten and put into the background yet broadcast every day showing her awful moments.

I feel bad for Aaden because he's not "perfect" and he has to be stuck in the middle of this whole mess. If only he could have the opportunity to explore the park, or bugs, or reading and writing. Instead he’s stuck looking into a camera and going places to create “memories.”

I feel bad for Collin not only because he's treated like a "boy", but he’s also downplayed and put into the background. He’s shown as stubborn, but I think if he were on his own instead of always in a crowd, he wouldn’t have to be so stubborn to get what he wants.

I feel SO bad for Joel, not only for the reasons I listed, but because his parents constantly degrade and emotionally abuse his soft, sweet, and caring soul.

I feel bad for Hannah because she is her mother's favourite. I actually think she'll have the most considerable damage when she sees what her Mommy did for her while ignoring everyone else.

I feel bad for Leah because I feel they downplay her personality. I know everyone else's labels... Alexis is wild, Hannah is the helper, Collin is the engineer, Joel is sweet, Cara is loving, Mady is “horrible” (strong and willful), Aaden is the “professor.” What label have they given Leah?

I feel bad for Alexis because though she is a girl, she’s not together with Leah and Hannah. She is wild and strong and wonderful, and her parents never portray that they realize this.

I feel bad for every one of those kids, because they’re stuck in a group and never get to be individuals. They have each other, and I hope to goodness that they stick together and love each other throughout their parents’ mess. However, if only they could be loved and adored as separate people and given the chance to be on their own along with being in the crowd.

As they get older, what will be their safe haven? Their home, the place they go to escape from working and the realities of the world? They will be six years old and ten years old and they will have cameras in their faces, a mansion to live in, and the vague knowledge that there is another world out there, that could be filled with comfort instead of insanity. I hope so much that one day they will find themselves at home with each other and their parents, instead of lost in the mess that has become their lives.

Anonymous said...

Seafood dinner. Crab legs, Shrimp, Salmon, Scallops, & Calamari...

Cut to commercial.

Red Lobster.

Do I smell a sponsor (with melted butter)?

pokie said...

I watched this episode twice. I agree with most of the points here except for the ones criticizing Jon re Joel and the grill scene. In that scene where Joel asks Jon if he needs help, and Jon answers 'no...but thanks for asking buddy', when the camera pans on Joel, Joel actually puts a BIG smile on his face. Jon did not dismiss Joel the way some of the posters here said he did. When I saw Joel with that smile it made me smile. He seemed very happy that he was appreciated.

Ravello said...

I need to stop watching this show, I am getting too upset watching Kate's despicable treatment of her sweet sons, especially Joel. This episode upset me even more than Joelgate, at least then Joel had a fever and may not remember the laundry room floor.

I cannot stop thinking that Kate ( and to a lesser extent Jon) would benefit from an intervention. An intervention is an event where family, friends, significant others come together in love to confront another person's bad behavior or significant issues.

Someone needs to confront Kate before the damage to the boys is irreversible.

But wait a minute, Kate has thrown away her family and friends. Her parents, Kevin and Jodi, Beth, some of the helpers, all banished.

Dr. Phil- can you help?
Is there a mental health counselor reading this blog who may have an idea how to help?
Instead of these corporate donations of " things" , is there a professional who can donate time and ideas for the benefit of these kids?
TLC- not only are you exploiting the Gosselin kids but you are an eyewitness to the psychological abuse of children. Why don't you insist she get help if this show is going to continue?

My heart aches for these kids, especially for the beautiful boys.

Anonymous said...

"Girlfriend couldn't hold up on taking the picture for five minutes while her daughter visited the bathroom? "

The Gosselins are not the only family in the world to do this.

We've done it in our family--I've seen other families do it with _______ activity.

Kids may have to pee--but kids that have been potty trained for a year or more can "hold it" a couple of minutes.

Not sure which kiddo did it--but they have said that one of the tups will say she has to pee when she doesn't.

With that many kids--a 5 minute potty break can turn into 30 minutes or more.

Hardly a controversy at all.

Anonymous said...

I think this episode should officially be called CRABGATE.

How far they've come from digging around in the couch cushions for loose change and praying for paper towels.

One thing I learned in this episode. Apparently now we know that Kate doesn't even get out of bed in the middle night if her children need her, especially since one of her favorite things is SLEEP. I'm no Jon fan but at night he bathes the kids, dresses the kids, puts them to bed, tends to them in the middle of the night, and STILL has Kate's coffee ready in the morning. No wonder he doesn't work. It sounds like he's up half the night.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kate's bribing of girls with a lollipop was so telling. She can't get the kids to behave because they don't respect her - she has to bribe them to behave. Just wait until their teenages, Kate - as the saying goes "what goes around, comes around".

Ruthe said...

"What's with all the 'rare treats'?"

She probably called it a 'rare treat' because she had to make it with her own two little hands.

(Although we didn't acutally see her whipping up the cake batter. Which one of the crew's job was it to do that?)

Anonymous said...

I'm finally seeing the light! I've slowly noticed over the past few months how awful this show is...but last night solidified it with the excruciatingly sad face of Joel when Kate told him he couldn't help with the cake. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? Why can't the boys help? Kate, you are seriously lame.

Then it was totally sketchy how she let one of the little girls get her hair done (blatantly in pain), then admitted to realizing she knew it hurt them, yet still made the other 2 do it? Is TLC running out of material?

The blatant lack of family at their 4th of July celebration... (why no mention of aunts, uncles, relatives)? I know every family is different, but with such a lavish vacation you think there'd be some mention of extended family.

I'm not watching this show so that I can accurately report if social services come knocking on my door looking for witnesses, so I feel guilty for feeding into this giant mess of a family. And I continue to feel worse and worse for these kids - who don't deserve this lifestyle.

TLC - get a grip.

Anonymous said...

" Hm. I would think the family helper would be treated a little more like a guest and invited to help herself first"

Jenny had helped her to salmon. I suspect the salmon was especially prepared for her b/c perhaps she didn't care for crab or what not.

Jenny was very gracious to leave some for Kate and Jon.

While Kate could have been more polite about it--what exactly can you do.

It happens to me sometimes--I am caught off guard when someone saves something for me that I really do not care for.

I have gotten better with age on how to respond so it doesn't sound like I am being ungrateful (got treated quite poorly in my youth by a step-mother for this..mostly her fault).

But sometimes it is a catch-22 when you are in the midst of something and someone says here, this is for you.

I think Kate handled herself well for Kate and Jenny learned something new.

But I didn't find it inhospitable at all.

Anonymous said...

Figured out the problem why the boys and Kate don't interact physically as much as the girls. Its those gross, dirty, little boy finger nails and hands. She does not like to be tough by dirty hands. She should know by now that soap works on both boys and girls.When my sons were little we allowed them to play in puddles, make mud pies and get dirty, after all, skin is made to be washed..even boy skin. Shame she is destroying what could have been a wonderful relationship with her sons over her obsession with being clean.
Still say there is nothing sweeter than a sticky kiss or hand of one of your kids showing you a little loving.. What I wouldn't do for just one more of those sticky little hands to hold mine again. Lighten up Kate and enjoy before its too late.

Anonymous said...

I loved how Kate made a big deal about getting local seafood. Those were KING crab legs. You don't find those on the east coast. I would LOVE to see her crack open a crab with all the the gunk inside and pick it. Oh, that's probably why they got the king crab legs.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many people these kids have seen really "go away," it always seems so creepy to me to hear Kate threaten the kids with that: "Do it again and you'll go away."

Anonymous said...

I need to correct you Anon at 5:26...they weren't King Crab Legs, they were Snow Crab Legs, but yes they're still an indulgence. We eat them all the time here so I know the difference. I don't have 8 kids so I can afford them. If I did have 8 kids, I guarantee they wouldn't be eating crab.

Anonymous said...

"The twins are way too old for constant meltdowns over the most trivial things. Something is bothering them and I have a feeling it might be the constant cameras. It's just not normal. Please cancel this show."

I strongly agree! They are 7 years old going on 8, way past the age of 'melting down'. IMO, they are angry, frustrated, and absolutely fed up with how this show has taken priority over any resemblence of normalcy they once knew/had. J & K just dont GET it!!

Ruthe said...

"why no mention of aunts, uncles, relatives"

I wonder the same thing. I am one of five, and on every holiday whether it be Christmas or Earth Day, my siblings and I all call each other - even if it's only to say "hello" and "what kind of plans do you have for the day?"

It's understandable that such banaal activities won't be filmed or viewed because it's not interesting tv, but making no reference of any extended family at all by either of them is really strange. You never even hear them say something about "when I was a kid, my mom and dad would do this with me".

Anonymous said...

Jon and Kate were reminiscing about their previous July 4th celebrations in Wyomissing - the parades, cookouts, etc. Well, guess what? That's all history kids. This is the way it's going to be from now on, so no use crying. Mom and Dad have decided that the almighty $$$Dollar$$$ is more important. No friends, no relatives, nothing but producers and cameramen.

Good work J&K!

Anonymous said...

So has "NO FRESH STRAWBERRIES!" become the new "NO WIRE HANGERS!"?

The comment of the month please!!!

I can say with all honesty, that watching J&K has made me a better parent and now I know what not to do!!

Anonymous said...

In response to Steph's comment, what ever did happen to the Go$$elin Family Mission Statement - help others, be kind, you know - blah, blah, blah. So far, we haven't seen evidence of it in any episodes. Maybe next week?

Anonymous said...

Until seeing Jodi's video I was well, a sheeple. Now I'm a bit wiser. Something that stood out to me was the twins....They are really a mess. I have a child about their age and there are very few similarities. These girls act like they are two all the time. Everything is hysterical tears and drama. I have to wonder if they are that way at school because the kids would be looking at them like they had two heads. That just isn't the way an 8 year old behaves. Mady always acted poorly but, now Cara is also. I think J and K really need to socialize more with other kids so they can see how different the twins are. Playdates, field trips with the school etc. Being so isolated I wonder if J and K have any idea? I am sure playdates with 8 are hard but, taking them all to the local park would open their eyes. I'd like to adopt Joel....my kids adore him and feel so bad for him after this episode. And I have boys and girls and neither are icky. They are all capable of washing their hands and cooking with me.

Anonymous said...

In the opening of the early episodes, J&K are describing the kids individually, she is heard saying about Joel that "everyone forgets about Joel". Well, guess what, they still do! Poor little Joel, he is such a sweetheart. My heart breaks everytime I see how he, and the other boys, get treated.

And in response to Anon's (12:22a) remark about Kate giving Aaden a strawberry as if she were dispensing Holy Communion - right on - I am Catholic and that is exactly what I thought of when I saw that.

Anonymous said...

"Going back a little-did anyone else think Aaden looked unsure of himself when Kate was holding him saying, "Are you a crab man?" and kissing him? He looked like he didn't know quite what to do....mom holding me....strange..."

Yes, definitely a confusing momment for him ! Kate might like to think she was convincing in her affection but 4 year old Aaden, and this viewer, knew it was staged.

Jen said...

Cara's long nails must mean she is done with the piano. That was a waste of money...oh, but they didn't pay for it, so, no big deal.

I'll bet the piano's already sitting in the consignment shop.

Treat? Everything is a treat....

I suppose the Trick is on the viewers.

I nominate this for comment of the week.

And Kate's "thank you that we live in a free country" remark? I think she meant "free" literally.

Anonymous said...

I am surtprised Kate hasn't thought of using the old technique from the 60's where everything was covered in plastic (sofa, charirs, etc) to protect them. Just a thought.

avidshrewwatcher said...

I hope Hermie isn't really dead! I hope his little crabby body crawls into the Shrew's food supply, bites her manicured finger and makes her bleed into a nice batch of Monkey Munch! (Hermie = boy crab = icky and gross... hmmm....)

Sara said...

When she was getting the girls' hair braided and complaining about it being in their faces, did she refer to it as "stribbly"? What the hell does that even mean?! And she tells JON to think before he speaks!

Second of all, her favorite things are:
1. crab legs
2. sleep
3. the spa

MY favorite things are:
1. cooking with my family
2. planting the garden with my family
3. having big holiday dinners with my family

I'm sure everyone else here's lists are somewhat similar, in the fact that IT HAS TO DO WITH YOUR FAMILY. But noooo, Kate, at least 2 of your 3 favorite things involve something that will magically teleport you away from your kids and husband.

Anonymous said...

My 14 year old got hooked on the show early on. Lately, she refers to it as "Jon & Kate Plus 7" and repeats it many times during certain episodes when certain things happen.

"No, you can't help"
"You're going to go away"
"You won't have a mommy."

PutaforkinmeI'mDone said...

I am proud to say that I did not watch this episode. I am done watching this family. I came here to read about it because I chose not to watch it. Next week, I am not going to bother to come here and read about it. No offense to this site of course! I am removing everything related to this fake family out of my media/TV watching life. I will miss seeing the kids, but not that much. The only exception would be news that this show is finally cancelled. On that day I will celebrate!

Anonymous said...

What was the deal with the strawberries? Did she say why the kids couldn't eat them? And, actually, they were strawberry SLICES. Even if the girls reached in the bowl 4-5 times they still only got a total of one stinkin strawberry. And berries are so nutritious, I would think she would be pleased they wanted to snack on fresh berries. And their shelf life is not very long. She probably ended up throwing them away.

I also thought it was interesting that she had such a huge bowl of blueberries for that project. At about $4 and up (think organic) a 1/2 pint, she must have had, what...20-30-some bucks worth in that bowl? I'm thinking she sent someone to the store with a list that said "blueberries" and the shopper knew better than to call her and ask "how many?"

About the kids only getting one broccoli floret on their plates, maybe they don't readily eat it and she just gives them a token piece to offer it. But then again, they were screamed at for eating a couple strawberry SLICES, I suppose it could be that all kid food is tightly rationed. I just don't get it.

And one more food comment: J&K sucking down crab while preparing the children's plates was gross and rude. You couldn't pay me to do that on camera. Ok, well maybe if it was 70K. Nevermind.

Acertaingirl said...

I ate crab as a child- we caught it off the dock and cooked it up! No king crab legs for us!

Poor Joel, he looked so sad, at least Jon was kind to him.

I knew Cara's crab was circling the drain last s Episode.
What is she now, 0 and 2 in the crab arena? The morgue was hilarious, especially Kate's "marge".explanation to the tups.

dixietrixie said...

8/25/2008 10:23 PM
sabrinasmom said...

Last week I made a comment about Proctor & Gamble not being part of the show because I could have sworn a Cascade box was blurred.

Come to find out that Kate is a spokesperson for P&G.

So my bad. BUT this week again shots of the dishwashing detergeant - it is no doubt Cascade.

So - has Kate been dropped as a P&G spokesperson or is it a conflict of interest for the show?

Hard to believe, but yes, Kate was involved with P&G earlier this year


So Kate's interpretation of "giving back" is using coupons from a company that is most likely giving her tons of freebies.

I'm guessing they dropped her. I too noticed the very prolonged and blurred shot of Cascade being poured into the diswasher last week and thought it was really odd.

Anonymous said...

If I recall, there is a previous post that comments on the upcoming Good Housekeeping magazine article and Kate being their 'Mom of the Month'. If this is true, I cannot believe a reputable women's magazine would sink to such low standards! The simple fact that she has 8 children, two sets of multiples in and of itself does not qualify her to be 'mom of the month'. If this is true, I will certainly end my subscription and email them expressing my outrage !

Acertaingirl said...

I noticed the following...

Left handed - Mady, Hannah, Leah
Right handed- Collin, Aaden, Joel, Cara, Lexi

Anonymous said...

"Worst mommy award" -- Kate, you're about 20 episodes late on this observation.

Comment of the week!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate has a "great" singing voice? I'd rather listen to Yoko Ono sing after drinking a gallon of battery acid and smoking a case of Camel shorts.

I almost choked. Comment of the week nominee...PLEASE!!!

Moons in Leo said...

Watched this episode. Don't think I can stomach another one. Just checking off sponsors Weight Watchers (?), Purina (they don't have pets, can't stand them).

LOVED the way Kate tried to pass off the flag cake as "almost" organic!

Too funny when she slapped Jon on his "hair transplant" scars! They still hurt?!

When Joel asked to help Jon at the grill, Jon did say, "No thanks, buddy," or something actually polite and caring.

Dreadful family. The kids are a few months away from being no longer cute in a commercial way.

J.S. said...

I think EVERY episode should be called "Crabgate".

Anonymous said...

Kristin is right. I noticed that too. Kate claimed that Jenny would be there the first week to help them get into a routine. Now, she's filmed there, and they are talking about leaving within days.
In any other family, you'd say...well..they changed their plans. While watching them, you begin to think: "Just another fabrication for the public." As in we don't really need a helper for our entire vacay...just to help us get set up.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is being too hard on Mady. After all, what little girl doesn't try to be just like her Mommy?

Anonymous said...

I am tired of seeing this family flaunt their new wealth, but pretend that everything is such a rare treat. Like the seafood is not a rare treat. All Kate has to do is click her heels and she could have anything she wants. Their greed and lack of appreciation for anything is wrong. You can see that the children are starting to become really spoiled and bratty. I am so tired of hearing the whining and the crying. The kids are too old for that.
I believe this whole show is fake. I think the camera crew just shows footage of the parents, cooking and interacting with the children. But I think that it is just that footage. I dont think they actually take care of the day to day needs of the children, they just pretend to.
TLC could not of picked a worse woman to do a show about. I cant stand to see her. There is nothing warm or motherly about this woman. She is pure evil. At least TLC could put something in the works to get a new Kate Gosselin to play Kate on the show.

Canadian Kate said...

I could 100% relate to Kate's list of favourites. Jon's, too. I only have two kids, am a really good mom if I do say so myelf, and when my children were little, all my favourite things were not kid related. Parenting just two children is intense. Parenting 8 must be traumatic.

Don't misuderstand. I'm not at all a fan of Kon's. I continue to be upset at the way the children are being exploited, creeped-out by Kate's personality disorder (keep you bleeding to a minimum?!), infuritated by her gender biases and sad every single episode for Joel and often Mady. Sometimes all of them.

Anonymous said...

Okay, did anyone else feel uncomfortable when Alexis was hugging one of the girls (I think Maddi) and Kate says, "I hope you two always love each other". I kept thinking that children learn by example. The way she throws away her family, unfortunately, her children will grow up thinking that is what you do - even to sisters. What exactly are they telling the kids about why they no longer see Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin. Kate if you want your kids to "always love each other" then SHOW them how YOU love your family!

Jan said...

Two things:
1. It's not right to always use FOOD as a prize for behaving or doing what the parent wants the child to do.
2. The twins are obviously wanting stability in the form of the old home town, regular routines, family and little friends.

Moons in Leo said...

Didn't Jon mention in the epi where the twins got their musical instruments that Kate has a "great" singing voice? I'd rather listen to Yoko Ono sing after drinking a gallon of battery acid and smoking a case of Camel shorts.

Oh Lordy be, Three Farmers, COMMENT OF THE WEEK! I laughed till I cried over this one!

Moons in Leo said...

Three Farmers another COMMENT OF THE WEEK nominee:

It's not like Joel (and I think Colin came in, too) was asking if he could shave his legs or something.

Anonymous said...

The fact that most of those kids had already started eating when that prayer was said tells me that they aren't used to praying before every meal and that that prayer was done for the cameras.

Those kids, BTW, hit far too much. I spend a lot of time in a pre-school filled with 3 and 4 year olds and they don't hit all the time like that. The tups use it as their initial reaction to anything negative.

Katherine said...

I think some people are being a little too hard on the twins for their immature behavior. You have to look at it from their point of view.

On one hand, their mother praises them for being "easy" and not giving her as much trouble as the little kids. But, then they are expected to be the other set of "parents" for the little ones, and are often seen conforting them and sticking up for them when the parents are being unreasonable.

Secondly, they are isolated from friends and family that they have become close to all because of this show. I think I read on different boards that they have been teased quite a bit at school, which explains why one is angry all the time and the other is so closed up.

Not having anyone their own age to relate to or play with, leaves them only their 4-year-old siblings to grow up with, and when they see that crying and throwing a tantrum works for some of the kids, it's easy for them to regress and do the same in order to get their way.

On one hand, they are very mature, mimicking their mother and her STUPID little quips and comments. But, everyone forgets that they are still just little girls, who are missing out on a lot because of decisions that their parents have made for them.

They aren't allowed out to play with neighbors, they can't have friends over, and their interaction with the outside world is limited to the time and budget constraints of a film crew. It doesn't sound like a very balanced life to me.

Just my opinion...=)

BeeTee said...

Watching this episode It’s almost as if KON is mocking their audience; it seems they are fully aware of what is being written in blogs…from Kates’s self-deprecating comment of getting the worse mommy of the year award (as she should) to their comment about getting “emails” (if they would only take some to heart!) to telling the viewers how exhausted she is (while sitting on the chair doing nothing) to having a “rare treat”, explaining how the cake is not organic, etc. I would love to see a show were the entire episode is narrated by Cara and Mady. Sit them down on that love(less) seat and we would hear the truth!

done 2 said...

I have to say I'm with you. I love this sight but when I watch the show now I feel like I need a shower!

Anonymous said...

I also had a huge laugh when Kate the Queen of Organics served her little ones plates overflowing with fried potatoes, fish covered in butter, corn (which is not a veggie) covered in butter, and one tiny piece of broc. It looked like a garnish! The camera crew had to know that was a very funny moment.
As Kate would say, "Helll-OOOO!"

Anonymous said...

My heart also broke for little Joel last night!!

There was a scene where 2 of the little girls were hugging and Kate took their picture and said "I hope you sisters always love each other like that!" Doesn't Kate have 2 or 3 sisters she doesn't even speak to? Along with the rest of her family ...

Interesting that they showed the Memorial Day show at 10pm - why not show the July 4th show from last year? We don't even get to see Beth in the old episodes??

Anonymous said...

My heart broke for the twins last night. They came across as so unhappy and in my opinion didn't seem to fit in with the rest of the family. I can't put my finger on it, but something isn't right. The emphasis on stereotypical gender roles is inappropriate and will only harm the kids in the future; tehy'll liekly end up in marriages like their parents. Corn rows? If Kate was tired of their hair getting in their faces in the pool/ocean then have them wear bathing caps! Forcing and bribing them the have their hair braided was a waste of time. Maybe Kate would have thought twice about it if SHE had her hair braided as well.

sis said...

Did you notice that Kate so wistfully looked at the cameras at the end and said "I love it there! I can't wait to go back!"

Cue the moving vans.

And we all know the neither Jon nor Kate are playing with full decks.

At least the kids got to play on 3 big ones this episode.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Kate had some wine. She seemed more pleasant than usual in this episode. She should drink more often :)

Anonymous said...

Anonomous said...I think the worst thing J&K is doing is actually instigating sibling rivalry among their children. The boys can't help because they're icky, Cara is better at everything and sweeter than Mady, Alexis can't sleep with her sisters, Joel is just left out completely. It's sad because Jon and Kate are CREATING tension between their children on purpose!They've cut everyone else out of their children's lives and are also managing to remove any bonds between the kids themselves.

Anon-I think you and I have lived almost identical lives. I'm so sorry for you and what you've been through.
You are SO right. Jon and Kate can be assured that if they keep this kind of parenting up, their children will have no relationships with each other whatsoever in the future. The kids are so lucky to have so many siblings and aunts/uncles and close friends who care about them.

I have two children and since the day my second was born, the most important thing in the world to me is that they will ALWAYS remain close and are ALWAYS there for each other. Someday my hubby and I will be gone and they will always have each other. There is nothing more important than family.

I miss mine every day because my parents insured that we would grow up resentful and bitter toward each other. And it worked. And even though we are now all intellegent adults, the damage is done.

Wise up J$K. It's not too late. Yet.

April said...

I am so D O N E with this show.

angiemack said...

I have had corn rows twice in my life, and Lordy, it does hurt! They have to pull on teeny sections on your hair to get the braids tight enough. It also ruins your hair when it's time to take the braids out. Everything comes out all broken and tangled. I would never let my child do this.

Also, with the cake.. I though the cardinal rule was "We would NEVER eat what kids make." Hm.

ALSO, the "rare treat" thing... they better not try to pull that crap after they move into their McMansion. You aren't fooling anyone, people. It's going to turn into a big episode of MTV's "My Sweet 16."

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments:

- The cornrows were ridiculous. Not only the pain it caused the little girls, not only that Mady was reprimanded for expressing her personal opinion about her own hairstyle, but that Kate said that all rules were suspended and everyone was allowed to do what they wanted....yet time after time they were made to do things they downright hated.

- I am surprised that during the picture-taking incident some of the little kids didn't pee their pants. Imagine withholding a potty break to take a picture. Couldn't it have waited five minutes?

- Decorating the cake: "It's a girl thing!" and "You cannot help" after Kate had said anyone who happened to wander in could help. Enough said.

- There have been a few comments in this post and previous posts about Alexis not really being a part of the girls' group. I don't necessarily see anything wrong with that. Yes, there happens to be an odd number of girls; yes, the twins have each other and Hannah and Leah are best friends; but Alexis seems pretty independent and doesn't seem to suffer for it. Of all the eight, she actually seems to me to be the happiest and most well-adjusted. She is excitable and wild, but not in a desperate, unhappy sort of way---more like a normal 4-year-old sort of way. JMO.

Anonymous said...

"The fact that most of those kids had already started eating when that prayer was said tells me that they aren't used to praying before every meal and that that prayer was done for the cameras."

Thank you for mentioning this observation!! I am one of 6 children and we always said a prayer before a meal. However, we werent even allowed to so much as pick up a fork before every one seated at the table and prayer was said! I thought the footage of the G's praying was totally scripted and another attempt at viewer response damage control. We have seen them eat how many meals over the course of many episodes and this is the first seen footgage of the family praying??

Mimi said...

I want this to be on record for Mady for the day in the future that she decides to search online for what people thought of her family when their show was on TLC (and we already know it's not going to be there forever).

I think you are GREAT, Mady and I hope you have a fabulous life!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Interesting that they showed the Memorial Day show at 10pm - why not show the July 4th show from last year? We don't even get to see Beth in the old episodes??"

They reaired last years 4th episode today :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to point out how Mady reacted in fright, horror, screams and crying at the little sand crab on the beach, but Mady shows a remarkable attachment to her hermit crab(s).. Poor child is so mixed up.

I have figured out that the way Jon and Kate parent is to shrug their shoulders (no matter how their kids act) and keep pushing on to the next park ride, etc. They don't discuss things with their children to help children understand. I cannot believe that Kate is so unaware of her actions and her clipped manner of barking orders at her kids - and how she expects them to turn out in the future.

Also make no mistake, kate was yelling at Jon to hold Cara and Mady's hands when they were standing in about 3 inches of ocean water. That is totally ridiculous and Kate is screaming at Jon while her 6 other kids are at her feet trying to play in the sand. Does Kate not know that every scream is reverberated through the souls of these 4 year olds?

beachluvin said...

Anonymous said:
"Dr. Phil- can you help?
Is there a mental health counselor reading this blog who may have an idea how to help?
Instead of these corporate donations of " things" , is there a professional who can donate time and ideas for the benefit of these kids?"

Oh, they've already been there, done that and walked away with more freebies. I guess it didn't "take".


Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
"I think everyone is being too hard on Mady. After all, what little girl doesn't try to be just like her Mommy?"

8/26/2008 7:11 AM

Comment of the week please!

Anonymous said...

mimi brings up a great point. A day will come for each of the 8 to google themselves and their family. They will discover the good, the bad and ugly from hither, tither and yon. And there are only two people in the whole world who could have protected them from such a fate.

Anonymous said...

My heart is breaking for Joel. That sweet little boy just wants to be included and he was rejected by both his parents in one day. At least Jon was kind in his response to Joel. The kids do all the same activities, I don't know how the boys can be so much dirtier than the girls.
Jon has said he is trying to teach the boys to be gentleman by always letting the girls go first. He used to change the girls diapers first and so on. At such a young age this isn't going to teach them to be gentleman, it is going to teach them that they are not as important as the girls. I can already see the younger girls being rude to the boys and having little attitudes, especially Hannah. I really worry about the damage being done to their self esteem.

That looked like the most boring
4th of July celebration ever. All they did was eat a meal. Why weren't the kids allowed to go swimming and have some fun in the pool? Why hang out in the pool area and then yell at them for getting wet? I think the lack of outside interaction is really starting to get to Mady and Cara. They looked beyond bored and frustrated. It isn't normal for 7 1/2 year olds to cry that much.

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