How They Really Got There

Have you ever wished there were a way to get caught up on the J&K biography by just going to one place to read a comprehensive summary? I would recommend reading this entry on a blog titled Musings from the Moon. Starting with the marriage of Jon and Kate in June of 1999, this narrative presents in chronological order the events that have brought them where they are today.

Disclaimer: While this piece is quite detailed and generally well-researched, I will make note that some of the dollar amounts alleged are on the high side. There is no definitive source revealing how much J&K have ever been paid for each episode, and the Gosselin PR firm has been quoted as saying that J&K command $25,000 per speaking appearance rather than the $35,000 quoted by this blogger. These issues aside, reading this piece will be a good way for you to get the whole picture of how the Gosselins went from obscure and ordinary parents of twins to the highly controversial juggernaut they are today.

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