Episode Recap: Girls' Day Out - 06/30/2008

Written by SecretMonkey and Grammier. This recap, like all others, is copyrighted and cannot be copied without permission.

Before the snark begins, I want to share a link with Jon & Kate - http://www.notimeforflashcards.com/ It’s a blog all about crafting with small children and is not associated with Gosselins Without Pity. One of my mom friends shared the link and I want to share the love.

The show begins with various scenes of things that are going to happen on this episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Then we have Jon announcing that their music video will air at the end of the show. I know I can’t wait for that!

“It all started with the two of us” -- apparently God was happy with just that, but Jon & Kate weren’t!

Mady says “girl’s day out, roll two, take one.” Then she announces that for girl’s day out they will paint pottery. Jon says that while Kate was going to do pottery with the girls, he was taking the boys to the gym.

Kate announces “Five girls, six including me, painting pottery.”

Then Kate says that all the girls are going to paint pottery, “another mess. I don’t enjoy it.” Kate says that she was in a bad mood that day. She says to Jon, “Unlike you, I keep my word. I’m leaving here at 12:30, I’ll get there at 1. I’ll be home by 3. That’s two and a half hours”. I suppose she thinks that unlike Jon, she can also do math. Smarty pants.

She remarks that all she can think about is the mess. Jon remarks that he thought painting pottery was a good idea, but not with all the “anxiety in the house”. I think the producers thought it was a good idea -- a good way to freak Kate out and provoke the kind of behavior that causes sites like GWoP to exist. Thank you, producers!

Kate says she just hates messes. Kate says she pictured a tight area with all the girls elbowing each other, “slapping paint all over each other,” and making a mess. “I don’t enjoy messes. That’s no surprise to anyone.”

Then they show a whole slew of clips of Kate freaking out over various messes. “Cleanliness, order, organization, that excites me,” she announces.

(We should all be glad that something does.)

Jon says that, thankfully, he’s going away too. Kate says that the little girls should have fun since they have never done it, and she’s excited too, because if it all turns out, she’ll have pieces that they made for her. (Note to Kate: They’re not doing it for you. They’re doing it to have fun, and maybe a child will want to keep her piece of pottery, herself.)

(Another note to Kate: Why would you think that three young children would be able to paint something you’d want to keep, since you’ve never permitted them to paint in your house before? Expecting them to paint something to your standards, on their first try, is setting them up for failure.)

They discuss that boys day out came first, and Kate shows her ignorance of golfing once again.

“Jon took the boys to . . .”

Jon says, “a par three golf course” and Kate says ”whatever that is.” She then says that the girls probably wouldn’t have had fun golfing, “I know I wouldn’t have,” and that the boys certainly wouldn’t enjoy painting pottery. Way to continue to stereotype those gender roles.

Kate is making lunch, if you can call four apple slices and some cheese lunch, and Jon is in with the kids. His arms are folded, but he is interacting with them.

Kate says “Could we have a Kate and Jon switch day? Where I would stand around with my arms crossed?” All the while Jon is reciting all the things he has done already today, gotten the kids up and dressed etc., etc., etc.

Jon and Kate are on the couch, discussing the preceding scene, and she says it is their usual "Jon not helping discussion." She then backtracks, and says that Jon helps quite a bit, but she would just like for him to ask her if she needs his help. It would reduce her stress by 90 percent. (Elephant tranquilizers wouldn’t stand a chance of reducing her stress.) Kate says that he probably doesn’t like that she is airing his faults, but that is his issue.

Then she says, “right, honey?”

Jon says, “yes, I know I have many faults.”

Kate says, “I’m not trying to air your faults, I just wish you would say, “Kate, I know you are trying to get out the door, is there something I can help you with. OK?” Jon says, “OK.”

Poor Jon is sitting there with that disgusted little-boy-who-has-just-been reprimanded- for-something-he-didn’t-do look, but knows that the authority figure doesn’t care if he did it or not, he’s still in trouble. Jen asks if he has anything to add, and he says, “no.” Of course not, nothing he says will make any difference anyway. Kate makes this clear by laughing. Because she loves it when her husband is so disgusted by her words that he clams up! Ha ha!

Jon interacts with the kids, wiping cheese off the kids, kidding around with them. Kate says that the idea of having these days out is to interact with the same sex parent. We get that Kate. God forbid the producers ask you to spend a day with your sons!

Then we see Collin carrying chairs. Kate explains that she asked him to take the little, stacking chairs to the garage a few days ago, and he has been carrying those chairs around ever since. She says he enjoys moving them from place to place. He is persistent. Collin says that the reason he can carry so many chairs is that he is very strong. He looks so proud of himself.

Then they start to put the girls in the car. Kate says this was the first time she took the girls anywhere, just us girls. Well, of course, Kate, we know you don’t drive hither, thither and yon.

Collin gets confused, because he thought he was going in the van. Jon told him that they weren’t going in that car, but he kept trying to get in, so Jon put him in the corner. Poor Collin sat there saying, “Look what my daddy did. Look what my daddy did.” Joel came over to comfort him, and gave him a stuffed animal. “He’ll make you all better, ok?”

Then Kate explains why she doesn’t drive hither, thither and yon. She doesn’t like going into a city. She doesn’t know where she is going. She says Jon has programmed the “GPS thingie ”for her, but then she asks him, “How am I going to get home?” He explains what to do, and Kate actually starts the car, as Jon heads for the garage and the boys. He should have known better. She calls for him to bring her the potty seat. Then as he starts to the garage, she calls for him to bring Cara’s polka dot flipflops. He said he has decided to stay there in the driveway until she leaves. Sure enough she then throws Cara’s Crocs out the window, and tells him Cara wanted her to throw them out, but he doesn’t have to pick them up. Jon picks them up. She drives off, and he says, “Thank God, the queen has left the building,” Then he goes into the garage to get the boys.

After the commercial, Jon puts all the boys in the black van without drama or complaining. Amazing! He had arranged with his trainer that he could bring the boys, and the trainer brought her daughter to watch the boys. The trainer gets down on the boys’ level, smiles at their utter cuteness, and asks them to tell her their names. Joel, who is completely awesome, says “I’m Daddy’s son”.

Kate on the couch: “She asked him his name and he said ‘I’m Daddy’s son?’”, incredulous that Joel didn’t say “I’m Kate Gosselin’s son. You know who Kate Gosselin is, don’t you? She’s that poor, exhausted, brave woman who is raising 8 children and has a useless husband to boot.”

Jon: “’I’m Daddyth thon’”

Kate laughs and points at Jon and says “He sounds like him!”

For crying out loud! I rewound this on my DVR, and Joel didn’t lisp, but Jon made fun of his lisp anyways. Bad Jon, bad! Go sit on the time out mat!

At the gym, Jon properly introduces the boys. They are then introduced to the trainer’s daughter, Julia, and her friend Holly.

Jon narrates that Karen is the owner of the gym and his trainer. He is also Karen’s first male client ever.

Kate on couch: Oh? So she’s going to turn you into a woman?”

Jon: “no”.

Karen proudly watches Jon work out on the treadmill, noting that he’s becoming a gym rat.

At the pottery studio, Kate sees all of the pieces that can be painted. One of the studio workers encourages the girls to look around and choose what they want to paint.

Kate voice-overs: “We saw the dishes first and so, uh, I got a brainy idea to try to encourage each of the girls to choose something like a dish that they could paint for me.” Because IT’S ALL ABOUT KATE! Her plan works when Leah agrees to paint a sugar bowl for her. Alexis is guided into painting a bowl. She also convinces Cara to paint a serving platter for her. Kate throws her daughters a bone by saying that someday she’ll get all sentimental about the pieces. You know, after the hypnotist makes those bad memories about the mess go away.

Leah pats the sugar bowl and says “This is MY sugar bowl!” That’s what you think, honey. Hannah is going to paint a creamer and Mady is going to paint an Asian teapot. For Daddy. I adore Mady’s spunk!

And the girls see that there are animals that can be painted. They are allowed to also choose an animal for themselves. To her credit, Kate does not tell them which animal they can paint for her. She actually encourages them to choose something for themselves! I know!

The girls have their own couch interview. The producers asked how different the day would have been with the boys there. Mady answers for everyone by saying they would have needed more pottery, it probably would have been louder and more annoying.

At the gym, the boys play with Julia and Holly. A little obstacle course has been set up in a classroom, with some mini-dumbbells. Some people snarked that Jon really didn’t spend the day with them again, but I liked this segment. They had supervised playtime, instead of being told to amuse themselves in a corner of the gym. They weren’t being told by Kate what they can’t do, and they weren’t being manipulated into painting pottery for her. And since Jon is the hands on parent at home, he deserves a break from the kids more than Kate does.

Speaking of Jon, Karen is getting Jon to lift some weights, and Jon starts bitching about after he’s done, he’ll have to cook dinner and he’ll have to clean up “because I don’t do anything” and explains that was a big argument. He continues to say that he doesn’t ask for help, he doesn’t ask Kate what needs to be done because he already knows. Karen tries to be positive and says that its good that he’s working out to get all this energy since he has a busy day ahead, thinking “Did I ask how your home life is?”

Back at the pottery studio, Kate and the workers put aprons on the girls. Kate is relieved that there are lots of tables and plenty of room to not paint each other. She seems jealous of how blithe the studio workers are toward stains. They say there is a dark blue paint that doesn’t wash out of clothes well, and agree not to use it. The girls choose their paint colors. Kate questions Alexis’ choice to paint her animal purple.

The instructor explains colors and kilns and that they will get their fired pieces later on in the week. They paint. The camera operator makes sure to zoom in on a girl getting paint on a table.

Kate voices over that she’s never painted pottery before and she had no idea that she would enjoy it. Although Kate is not thrilled with the little girls' color choices and painting techniques, she manages not to go postal. Her defense mechanism was to engross herself in her own work and ignore the "mess" happening elsewhere. To give Kate credit, she actually does that. And she had fun! Also to give her credit, she notices that the girls had fun and enjoyed being allowed to make a mess.

Back at the gym, Jon pumps iron. He predicts that Kate is freaking out about the mess, and there will be screaming at each other. I can see why he’d think that, but he’s wrong. Things are civilized and Kate is amazed to be having fun.

At the gym, the boys come out and play with the incline bench. They slide down on it. They get a carefully guided tour of the equipment. One of the babysitters says it was more stress than she expected, but she is having fun. The boys go to the play area and Jon jokes around with Karen.

At the studio, the girls are painting their pottery for Kate. Leah predicts Kate will be super happy. Hannah piles paint on her horse. Cara isn’t painting an animal, she is painting a soccer ball bank very carefully. Mady paints a fairy, then tries to help Alexis paint her whole dog, not just part of it. Kate goes into yellow alert at the thought that Alexis might not have time to paint a bowl for her, but the studio workers step in and save the day.

Kate is still amazed that it was fun. Cara shows her what she painted and Kate blurts out “That looks like real art!” Kate -- it is real art. Just thought you should know. Kate asks if men come to the studio to paint things for Mother’s Day, and upon hearing "yes," says “Smart dads do that,” in the tone that says “if he ever wants to see me naked again, Jon will do that.” Jon gets smoothies for the boys. Aaden wants a “lallow” straw and is so cute I can’t stand it.

Jon suggests they go home and play on their bikes before the girls get home. Collin says they can’t tell the girls about the smoothies, to keep things fair between the sexes.

Kate relates her favorite story: at the studio, she is trying to paint her vase and not watch what the girls are doing, since they are painting stuff for her as a surprise. She looks up and can’t not look away as Alexis whimsically paints the inside of her bowl with her “strange brush marks.” (In hindsight she admits that the bowl was rather big for a four year old to paint.) Then the bowl is flipped over, and Alexis is placing hand prints on the outside of the bowl, having dipped her hands in “soppy water table mess.” So Kate stands up thinking “I have got to rescue that darn bowl.” NOT -- “Oh look, my precious daughter is placing her handprints on that bowl. Those handprints will be a special memory to me.” NO, Kate stands up, asks if she can “help” finish the bowl, and paints all over the handprints. She gave Alexis “the top circle” (the bottom of the bowl) and is quite proud of how she managed to distract Alexis and paint over her artwork. Then she shows the finished bowl to the camera, snarking that it doesn’t look like something you’d eat out of, but the outside is pretty. When Alexis ambles over, eating her shirt, Kate does manage to pretend she likes what Alexis did.

So to recap -- Kate's favorite story is how she painted over her daughter's artwork because Alexis' painting wasn't good enough for her. Alexis will find out the truth years from now, when she sees this episode on a DVD. I hope she smashes the bowl when she does!

There is one last project -- each girl is going to place her own handprint on a bowl. Marcy, the studio instructor, helps them with this, with all the patience and encouragement a little girl could ask for. See, Marcy knows that a child’s handprint is precious!

Back on the couch, Kate hints one more time to Jon that he is to bring the kids to the studio and paint something for her. Jon looks ready to fall asleep after listening to Kate yammer on about how she had fun for once.

At the studio, Cara and Mady have a special activity of their own. They pick out their own beads to make a piece of jewelry for themselves. Kate praises Cara’s “pretty” ankle bracelet, and insults Mady’s “obnoxious orange bracelet with obnoxious orange earrings” in the voiceover -- which will be preserved on DVD to torture them with forever. Kate says that, in the future, she’ll be fighting with the girls to keep the pieces because their work is caught in time “no matter how awful Alexis did her dog or Hannah did her horse.” The point is, no matter how crappy her daughters painted, she’ll want to keep the pieces. And in the future, she'll probably still be saying their work was crappy.

At home, Jon opens up the van and discovers the boys have gotten messy with the smoothies. He wipes off the car seat buckles and cleans up the boys and then hits practice golf balls at them in the spacious back yard. They compete to see who can gather the most whiffle balls. Why the heck do they play in the driveway when they have so much yard in back? Oh right -- the driveway isn’t grassy.

The female Gosselins return, with sleeping little girls. Jon tells Kate he has burgers on the grill and she snarks at him to not burn them.

To cap the pottery painting, Jon praises the work, especially Cara and Mady’s. The camera shows Cara's bank, Mady's teapot, Kate's vase, and the bowl that Marcy decorated with the girls. Nothing that the littlest girls painted. Kate is glad she has that portion of time frozen in pottery, and they will all go back together. She throws in one more hint for Jon to bring the kids back to paint more stuff for her.

And then the last fifteen minutes of the show are dedicated to that stupid Gosselin music video, and I am not recapping that crap!


petrichor said...

This show would be a great example for people to watch if they want the real deal on Kon's marriage. I was really horrified at how bad it's gotten. It appears as if Jon doesn't even have the willpower to fight back anymore. If my husband was so fed up with me that he would only sarcastically respond with one word, I would be so crushed. I think this marriage has absolutely zero chance of lasting once the kids are out of the house, if they make it that long. They are devoid of affection, respect, or even companionship with each other. It's like the train wreck has already happened and they're just lingering in the broken wreckage of what was once, ostensibly, a decent relationship.

Tiffany said...

Kate questions Alexis’ choice to paint her animal purple.

When I saw this episode, that part really irked me. She's a little girl. In her imagination, animals can be any color she likes. Kate shouldn't be discouraging her like that.

Robert said...

I remember watching this episode and when I saw the bowl Alexis was painting I thought, "Oh, that will be really neat for the family to have in the years to come".

Then I watched in shock as Kate painted over the handprints. I'm thinking, "No, she did not just paint over those handprints".

I looked over at my wife and she said, "That's the saddest thing I think I have seen on this show. She just doesn't understand what it is to be a parent."

Okay, I'm a guy. We're generally not known for our tender dispositions, but damn, even I know better than to do that to something my child created for ME.

I've got a great collection of candy dishes, sun catchers, and picture frames created by my kids, and I cherish them all. Most parents do. Your kids grow up too fast. You never get this time in their lives back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not recapping the music video, I couldn't have handled it, I could hardly handle watching it in the first place, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Katie Irene was in any position to criticize Alexis's bowl. Alexis used her imagination, and Katie painted stripes on her vase, which was, by the bye, ugly.

I was intrigued by Katie's comment, 'Unlike you, I keep my word.' What did she mean? What was Jon's unfilmed trespass?

Anonymous said...

First post. This is the episode where I truly came to despise Kate Gosselin and her wretched mothering skills. I was watching along with my 19-y-o son (home on summer break from college and who had never seen the show before) and my 9-y-o daughter. When Kate made the comment about Mady's "obnoxious orange earrings" my son and I looked at each other and he said, "I can't believe she just said that." Yes, boys and girls, a 19 y-o male has more parenting sense than Kate Gosselin. Then, when she made the comment about how "awful" the little girls painted their animals, my 9 y-o, who was cuddling in my lap (we have an oversized recliner for just that purpose) announced that "good parents wouldn't say that kind of thing about their childrens' projects." She was visibly hurt for those girls.

Kate needs to develop the ability to selectively mute herself. Grown ups DO NOT go around spouting the first thought that comes into their heads! As I tell my kids, before you are going to comment on somebody or something they did, ask yourself: "Will what I say be helpful in some way?" If not, then DON'T SAY IT.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall a comment made by Kate about how she was scared they would have to sit by eachother or other kids..around the same time she said that she was scared they would be painting eachother and what not. I remember this because as soon as I heard it.. I had one of those 'ugh, I hate that woman' moments. So, I was just wondering if anyone else caught that. It wasn't in the recap..so either I'm remembering it different or I heard wrong.

Anonymous said...

jcmomma, you heard that correctly. It was referred to in the recap, a few paragraphs below the first screencap. She was worried about them squeezed in so tightly that they would get paint on each other.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone will agree that their ludicrous music-video was asinine and uncalled for, at best

Anonymous said...

I swear that when I watched the replay of this episode on another evening, the entire scene where the Shrew repainted the bowl was edited out! Anyone else notice this or was I having a momentary lapse in brain capacity?!?!? Also, I have yet to see the replay of the cupcake episode! Hmmm.... wonder why.....

Anonymous said...

this is one of the last eps i watched, i can no longer watch this family because Kate makes me so ill. On Mondays at 9PM I read a good book instead and I am much better off

Anonymous said...

So Kate doesn't like driving into a city? She doesn't know how to get home? And we know she doesn't pump gas. What a wussy. She gives women a bad name. She's setting a horrible example for her daughters by showing that there are ONLY men's tasks and ONLY women's tasks. And that women should shriek for a man to rescue them if something goes wrong. It's a passive/aggressive, manipulative message.

And I have no sympathy for Jon. Not one bit. Unlike the poor children, he has choices. He's an adult, if he doesn't like the way he's being treated he can issue some ultimatums (marriage counseling, separation) to Kate and follow through
on them. I'm pretty sure he would never do it because he likes the sweet setup they have now--he would have to get out of his closet and go find a real job. He's rather roll his eyes and act like a little boy than seize the situation and make it better.

Anonymous said...

This episode also made me sick.
I took the triplet babies I nanny to a pottery place for mothers day and PURPOSEFULLY got paint on their feet, and made little prints on a mug. Their Mother cried...knowing how precious these tiny prints are. They will never be so little again.
The black paint I used on their skin came off with a [generic brand] WIPEY.
Take a chill pill Kate, enjoy the REAL Art your children are creating, and take some advice from Thumper: "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all".

Sera said...

What was most telling about this episode for me was the fact that Jon kept bitching about Kate to his trainer. That was just uncalled for. While I don't disagree with his complaints, I thought it was really inappropriate for him to be airing his dirty laundry with the trainer; it's bad enough airing it on TV during the couch confessionals, but if he says these things about Kate while the cameras are on, I can only imagine the stuff he says when not on camera.

Kate's behaviour toward the girls' pottery and crafting was abhorent. My mother still has all the crafts I made as a kid, such as the lumpy, lopsided and poorly painted tiny bowl that still sits on her dresser, and our "paintings" are proudly framed and displayed in the kitchen. I thought the girls did a fine job considering they've never painted anything before.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I just took it as she thinks her kids are too good to sit with other kids that may have been there. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

The only thing I remember about this episode is thinking "more free stuff?" Then I changed the channel.

Their lives revolve around conflict and free stuff.

violet said...

Couldn't believe it when Kate threw Mady's shoes out the car window. She might as well have yelled, "Here boy, over here, fetch". Did she really expect him to leave the shoes on the driveway when the van was right behind him? I would have loved to see him do that and Kate and Mady come home to flattened shoes. Poor Jon would have gotten another slapping!
Had to laugh when my husband and I were in the car yesterday disagreeing about directions. My six year old son called from the back seat, "Could you please stop arguing, you sound just like Jon and Kate!" OUCH, that hurt!

Anonymous said...

"I swear that when I watched the replay of this episode on another evening, the entire scene where the Shrew repainted the bowl was edited out! Anyone else notice this or was I having a momentary lapse in brain capacity?!?!? Also, I have yet to see the replay of the cupcake episode! Hmmm.... wonder why....."

I can't say for certain if that part of the episode was edited out or not. But my Mom & I both noticed that with Cara and Mady's Birthday episode, they sometimes cut out the part where the whole family goes out to eat. So it is possible.

I haven't seen the cupcake episode in repeats either. I only saw it on the original air date, and that was it.

Anonymous said...

In response to:
"The only thing I remember about this episode is thinking "more free stuff?" Then I changed the channel."

The only thing I remember about this episode is how Kate had to PURPOSEFULLY sit at a table away from the tups and put up an invisible defense wall in order to even spend a few hours with her children as they participate in an activity. When a parent has to literally remove theirself from a situation involving their own children by placing invisible walls as a defense mechanism because of their own phobias and neurosis, it is seriously time for that parent to seek some professional help! I totally understand that phobias and obsessions can be overwhelming, but when the phobias and obsessions are in conflict with a parent'a ability to appreciate and enjoy interacting with their child, it really is time to address the real issue. Putting up invisible defense walls and isolating herself from the children and the activity might have been what worked best for KATE at the moment, but what about her children? I really felt bad for one of the tups when she said, 'look what I did mommy' and Kate replied, "I dont see anything". Kate removing herself mentally from the situation and putting up invisible walls between her and her children is hardly what I consider a quality ' Girl's Day Out.' IMO, it is another example of TLC's scripted scenerios where Kate is placed in a situation she doesnt want to be in and the CHILDREN suffer as a result.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing avidshrewwatcher! I missed some of cupcakegate, though I pretty much don''t think I want to see it now that I've read how horrible it was. But I looked for a rerun to no avail and came to the same conclusion. Though, I wonder why they continue to air gumgate. That was hard to watch.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this episode yet but it makes me sad to think she painted over the handprints. My Christmas present from my girls from school were plates they made with their handprints on them. It was to precious! Also a friend of mine had their kids footprints put on a shirt and gave it to her Mom and wrote on it 'My grandkids walk all over me' She LOVED it! Those precious moments will be gone before she knows it she needs to treasure them. Again I wonder what she tells the kids teachers at school.

Anonymous said...

"Alexis will find out the truth years from now, when she sees this episode on a DVD."

Years? That's all the kids are allowed to watch!


Unknown said...

If I'm remembering correctly, wasn't this the episode where in the beginning when Kate was in the kitchen talking about what they were doing that day, she said something along the lines of: "I like to plan it out in my head" only she couldn't because they'd never been there before. She almost seemed panicky to me because she realized she wasn't in control of the situation. Just like she pictured in her mind the girls being so close together and getting paint on them, etc, she had already worked herself up and decided that SHE would not be having a good time, and not even thinking of the girls and what the fun experience could be for them. I didn't hear one positive thing come out of her mouth even before they left the house that morning.

Anonymous said...

I just wish she would let these kids be kids and have fun and get dirty for a change. What was up with the tups having to wear sandals in the water at the waterpark and bibs at lunch. Is she going to follow them to school and tie bibs on each of them when they go to lunch or follow them around the playgoround yelling "stay off the grass you might get dirty or I might have to get off my plastic white chair and spray some shout on your clothes"

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone objects so much to the "free stuff" for the Gosselins. If they didn't plan episodes around these free trips, the content of the show would become quickly redundant, even to the folks who adore the eight kids. It's no different than Little People, Big World or any other show where trips or projects are funded by the show to create content. I just don't see the issue at this juncture.

Serena said...

I don't understand why everyone objects so much to the "free stuff" for the Gosselins.

Because it's not really "free".

True, Kon don't pay for it, but their children pay (and pay dearly) in the form of a compromised child robbed of the dignity and privacy that should be their heritage.

Anonymous said...

Serena, your answer reminds me of the scene in "Thank You for Smoking" where Aaron Eckhart shows his son how to twist an argument off-topic.

Several posters have complained about the simple fact the Gosselin family is receiving free trips and events, and special treatment at said outings, with no reference to the issue you are suggesting, and I am responding to that.

Anonymous said...

The thing I found interesting about the Girls'/Boys' Days Out is that all J&K were concerned about is if THEY were going to have fun. Jon was especially specific in stating that he wanted to do something he enjoyed and he'd bring the boys along (not necessarily something that the boys would enjoy). To me, one of Kate's biggest concerns was that SHE have fun. Since there are more girls and only one mom, I think it most important that the little and big girls have fun. Mom needs to *see the fun through the [twins and] 'tups eyes" (as she told the twins at Sesame Place. Hmm...

Serena said...

Several posters have complained about the simple fact the Gosselin family is receiving free trips and events, and special treatment at said outings, with no reference to the issue you are suggesting, and I am responding to that.

Your response was in the form of wondering why people object; my comment was to enlighten you as to exactly WHY so many people object.

I hope that now you do understand what you could only wonder about before.

Anonymous said...

Serena said...
Several posters have complained about the simple fact the Gosselin family is receiving free trips and events, and special treatment at said outings, with no reference to the issue you are suggesting, and I am responding to that.

Your response was in the form of wondering why people object; my comment was to enlighten you as to exactly WHY so many people object.

I hope that now you do understand what you could only wonder about before.

Yes, she answered it they way I would. Kate wanted free dishes from the trip and got them. yeah, for her. And managed to insult the work the girls did in the process too. Does she do anything that isn't free. And even though it's free she sucks the fun out by insulting those children and collects a big fee for doing so. I'm sure she can manage to be a hateful mother without collecting all the freebies along with it. She's gross in her distain for her children that she sells out their dignity for money in her own pocket.

Anonymous said...

My daughter (7) loves watching this show and watching this particular episode gave her the idea that she would love to try painting pottery. So a few weeks ago, I went on the internet to see if a facility like that existed in our area and it did, so off we went! My daughter had just gotten brand new "Camp Rock" clothing and she HAD to wear it; did the thought of paint getting on it cross my mind? Yes, of course. Did I freak out and make her change when she had her heart set on it? Nope! Do I realize she WILL make a mess? YEPPERS! Do I also realize that most of these places use washable paint? UH HUH! Eat your heart out Kate :)

We walked in and I chose 2 pieces for me to paint and my little one picked out 1 piece to paint for her older sister (who was away on vacation) and 1 small planter because she is growing green beans and wanted to transplant them. *GASP* What's that you say? She didn't pick out something to paint for HER MOM and I wasn't upset? You bet your bippy I wasn't upset; imagine that, allowing your child to pick out their own art to create and not making them feel bad for it!

Lordy Be, my kid made a mess...a big whopping one too! Paint on her face, on her hands, on her clothing & I watched every second of it and I loved it! CRAAAAZYY!! Her brushstrokes were a little nuts, but they were all hers and not only did I love them but SHE was proud of it and that is all that mattered to me.

I did gasp a bit at the price, the total was $73.50 for 4 pieces and the studio fee..must be nice to not worry about stuff like that! There was a vase there much like the one Kate painted and I wanted one but it cost $66.00 and being as we're an Army family, we just couldn't do it. Maybe someday I can have a magical uterus and my own reality show and I too can paint my own expensive vase for free!! Nahhh, I'm much happier and content living the life I am leading :)

We had a wonderful day making a mess, making art, eating snacks and enjoying making a memory together. Who woulda thunk it Kate?

Anonymous said...

In response to:
"I don't understand why everyone objects so much to the "free stuff" for the Gosselins. If they didn't plan episodes around these free trips, the content of the show would become quickly redundant, even to the folks who adore the eight kids."

If the Gosselin family on their own cannot carry the show without all the all expense paid trips and activities, then perhaps there is nothing particularly exciting or special about them to warrant them having reality show. If the premise of the J & K + 8 show is 'a day in the life of' and the only way the show can remotely entertain and hold viewer interest is to give the family 'free stuff' then their is 'truth' in the opinions that J & K are getting paid to do nothing!

Thesaurus Rex said...

If they didn't plan episodes around these free trips, the content of the show would become quickly redundant, even to the folks who adore the eight kids.

The incessant trips make the show boring and redundant IMO.

Anonymous said...

But this is the way most reality shows are run. When Matt does a big project on Little People, Big World, sometimes it is funded by him, but more often than not it is funded by the show. I don't disagree with anyone that Kate is greedy and is using these free outings to her advantage, but I have seen several posters complain that the Gosselin family should not receive TLC-funded outings when in fact this is standard for most shows

laura linger said...

Holly: you rock. I hearby deign you The Anti-Kate.

And you know that your little girl wanted to wear her special clothing because she was so excited and wanted to dress up. How right you are about the washable paint, and that clothes are just clothes. They are replaceable. Memories are not!

FWIW, my mother and I went to one of those pottery painting places together, two adults, and we made a hell of a mess, and had a hell of a good time.

notakatelover said...

Has anyone else noticed that Kate always has her palms faced up when she stands? Is this a subliminal message for a "handout"?

Anonymous said...

I have a comment to make about the kids and money. Kate and Jon say, and their website also says, that there is no account set up for the children. Oh really? Why not? They have shared their lives with America for how many years now? They deserve to have something to fall back on in their old age (read college age for the rest of us). The whole show wouldn't exist without them. They deserve to make money from it, their parents are. On top of that, have Jon and Kate ever heard of compounding interest? Even a few thousand in 15years will be a nice, little chunk. They deserve a piece of the pie! And I am not talking about the lousy $20 bucks they charge at speaking engagements for pictures. Please! I understand that raising 8 kids costs a lot, but something should be set aside for each child, in their own name. If they don't make any money from the show, they will say when they are older, "I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt." Now, that's not right!

Unknown said...

YES Beachluvin!! I noticed how she places her hands to her sides too and have always thought that a little odd, but then again, Kate IS odd....

Anonymous said...

"I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt."

That is a classic!!!! Well Said !

Thesaurus Rex said...

"I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt."

I nominate this for quote of the week next week!

Serena said...

Renee - I just added it to next week's nominations, thanks.

JessieTYCG said...

"I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt."

LOL! Ahh Nuts! Why did I have to be drinking a soda when I read that? Now my nostrils burn!

funkycatt said...

Just a few thoughts:

Free stuff

The problem some people seem to have about the free stuff seems to be that Jon and Kate feel entitled to it, because of multiple births.

Also, people used to like the show because it showed the fascinating content of how they pay for that many kids and how they deal with the needs of that many kids that close in age. The freebies change the show and not for the better.

All in all, however, I can’t necessarily begrudge them the freebies. This America, we’re a consumer society and we love our “stuff.” Of course, many have questioned using your kids, their privacy, and your own privacy and dignity to get said free stuff.

Brush strokes

Ok, at times I’ve been tempted to paint over my sons brush strokes, or to cover up the bare spots on his projects. But seriously, what would be the point? If I do it, it’s not HIS artwork. You know, if I want a perfectly painted wooden train, I can paint my own.

And not to romanticize too much, but each artist has their own individual type of brush stroke, not just covering a pot or realistically replicating something on canvass, but expressing themselves through the very way they smoosh the paint around. Why steal that from your kids?

Help from Jon

Kate gets too much help from Jon so she’s come to take it for granted. No matter how much he did for her it wouldn’t be enough. (Perhaps there’s a hole in her that can’t be filled?) I feel for Jon, and I’m really surprised he hasn’t gone on “strike” as mom will occasionally, just to see if anyone notices when the stop doing all the little things that keep a house going. (I have, and for the most part, people only notice when the kitchen gets a little rank, or the dirty clothes take over the whole house)

Anonymous said...

I nominate: "I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt."

Mark my words, they'll be saying this on David Letterman years from now.

Anonymous said...

Elise's comment "I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt" is a definite nominee for next week's comment of the week. Nice one, Elise! LOL

Anonymous said...

I have posted here before, but I would like to keep my name off of this entry. Additionally, what I'm about to share was told to me by someone intimately involved with the issue. This person doesn't wish to answer any questions, but they would like the record to be set straight. They are tired of the lies perpetuated by Jon and Kate.

#1 - Kate's disdain for family is not an entirely passive pursuit. The indcident with Aunt Jodi being a perfect example: Kate set an arbitrary limit (no gum, except when Kate personally gives it to the kids) and then aggressively bitched out Jodi for getting gum on the bear. This was not the first incident where Kate gave Jodi rules that were only rules for Jodi. In fact, depending on who you are, the rules can change quite dramatically. These subjective and autocratic rules are the reason why the extended family is not "actively involved". Kate was confronted by more than one member of her family a while back and those who dared question her were dismissed. But, it doesn't stop there. If that were the end of it, then this person wouldn't have come forward. The problem is that Kate never forgets a slight and will continue to use it as ammunition long after the original grievance. Understandably, people tire of this treatment very, very quickly. Many of the extended family are hurt by the cold shoulder that has been extended to them. Some have even chosen to remove themselves from the kids lives as they feel that bouncing in-and-out at the whim of an arbitrary dictator would cause the children more harm than good. Children deserve stability. Even if the stability includes a lack of extended, familial support.

#2 - The "fender bender". Kate has allegedly claimed that she was fearful of stopping to exchange information because she didn't want to be recognized. She felt "unsafe". Keep in mind, this accident did not happen on a busy interstate or bridge or location wherein pulling over or finding a parking lot was impossible. Does she really imagine herself to be such a celebrity that she fears people who SHE bumps? It would be understandable if someone purposefully tail-gated or rear ended her (or otherwise made her feel stalked/followed). But, I seriously doubt that everyone in Pennsylvania is driving around hoping to get hit by one of the Gosselins. This is a weak excuse and further illustrates the lack of reality based thinking.

#3 - The signs on the lawn became the talk of the neighborhood. The general consensus was that it was a step towards promoting the "fears" she has for her family. However, interestingly, she didn't stop any of the delivery men who came to the door with freebies. A couple of neighbors suspect that the signs were, in part, a reaction to kids in the neighborhood who wanted to play or see the house/tups/twins. Granted, having kids on your lawn when you don't want them there is annoying. However, if you don't wish for your children to form friendships in their neighborhood, then maybe you should not play in plain sight on your drive-way and give pedestrians the evil eye as they dare walk past your home or drive by your home. Other people live in that neighborhood.

#4 - At a recent family outing, a child came over to the family and asked for an autograph. The family was not eating or engaged in something that required their attention, but waiting for cameras to be set and shots framed. The child was rudely turned away and, supposedly, Kate was heard to remark that the "child needed to learn privacy and manners".
I think anyone who seeks out a reality show and accepts repeated and constant donations from the public should learn how to smile and give a child, who likely was very excited to see someone from television, a freakin' autograph! Adults should know better, sure. A child? That's a little different. It would've taken a moment to be kind. That's it.

In conclusion, I believe that the edges are starting to fray. If you desire an isolated, private existence, then do as the Dilley's and other families with multiples have done: turn the cameras away or limit the intrusion to occasional updates. People who have donated substantial money, time, and goodwill do not deserved to be treated as second class citizens. For all that the G's have been given, they show no effort to give anything back. Would it kill them to give an autograph without a cover charge? Or, how about giving one of their freebie trips to a family who has a relative in hospice? What about giving the hand-me-downs to a homeless shelter or children's temporary custody home? I'm not going to play the Christian card on them. After all, that's not our job. But, I don't think it's crossing the line to suggest a bit of humility or consideration for human beings less fortunate. Thank you for allowing me this vent.

notakatelover said...

Your comment that while waiting for the cameras to be "set" and "shots framed" is another indication that these children are working in place of their parents. When is someone going to step in and stop this mess?
If Kate wants to act like a celebrity, then let her be treated like one. The maximum penalty allowed by the law should be applied to her to set an example that celebrities are treated just like us and without preferential treatment.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate fends off people coming over to her because she is afraid of what might be said to her. I think she is afraid of something negative being said to her. I'm sure she knows of the things being said about her on the internet.

I had a neighbor once who was a horrid woman, made enemies wherever she went. She was so afraid to go anywhere alone that she always had to have someone with her just in case someone went "off" on her.

Could this be Kate's issue as well?

Anonymous said...

I think it's unfair to criticise the sign on the lawn too much. It's contradictory to care about the kid's so much that you would post on a website about it but then criticise something that could potentially be for their safety.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

bk--I believe every word of your post. Your insight into the family dynamics is so true.

"Some have even chosen to remove themselves from the kids lives as they feel that bouncing in-and-out at the whim of an arbitrary dictator would cause the children more harm than good. Children deserve stability. Even if the stability includes a lack of extended, familial support."

Kate seems to have no rhyme nor reason to what she does. As bk stated, she has rules for some people that don't apply to others. She shuts people out and then out of the blue, tries to reach out to them. Then they are supposed to be so grateful that she thought of them or they're supposed to jump and do whatever she wants. It's a weird game that she plays. She decides who's "worthy" to help and what they are allowed to do. She doesn't have time for anyone who is of no use to her. She uses people up and then moves on to the next "victim".

She wants to rationalize the lack of family support by says "it's their choice" or "they don't know how to help us". That's just ridiculous and is an insult to many people who love them.

Anonymous said...

Truth Will Set Your Free, thank you putting yourself out there to say what needs to be said. From what I've heard, seen, and experienced about Jon and Kate, they have no concept of the phrase "Get over it!" That makes them people I have no desire to expose myself to. When I used to my real name to post, I got a shit storm of nasty-grams from someone who I'm almost positive was either Jon or Kate. I don't fear the e-mails. But, I do think that once this cookie crumbles, they'll start looking for legal recource from the people who gave out this sort of info.

Kate has an iron trap memory and will never, never, ever take ownership for her words or actions. It's far easier to kill the messenger. That's part of the passive-aggressive behavior. She claims that the world is out to get her or that some of what has been said is personal. She can't answer to the issue or a critique; but, she can shun, twist, and manipulate people.

Maybe you can confirm, or deny, the following behaviors/actions?
An ex-friend (and helper) of the Gosselin's said that Kate looks over the kids head-to-toe after they've been with Jodi because Jodi was "too permissive and didn't watch the kids as well" as she (Kate) does. Kate told this same person that people who've been on the show should have no reason to complain about how they've been treated because she was "gracious" enough to allow them to travel with them on fun trips. But, this rings contrary to what we've seen on television. During the Disney World trip, and despite the fact that it was a fully covered trip with no expenses, Kate would not allow anyone to pick up the rooms that the helpers were staying at. These women were in no way compensated for their help and Kate believes that just being taken along was compensation enough. I have no doubt that these women volunteered to help. They are good and decent people who know how to look past someone's flaws and see the bigger picture (the children's happiness). But, we're seeing a pattern of Kate going out of her way to be unkind and, at times, completely dismissive of the people who help her. Jon allows her to do this which makes me question his integrity. It's not a male power (Husband is always right) thing...he shouldn't have to the power to veto all of her decisions or share an opinion. But, as a spouse, you should attempt to help each other grow and become the best people they can be. Jon should wake-up and see just how bad this situation is getting. But, in a sense, I think he deals with Kate much like an ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. It's easier to agree with her and hop on her delusional bandwagon that it is to correct/critique her or speak up. He's guilty by association and tolerance for poor behavior.

When I heard about their potential move, I was not surprised. In fact, some locals called it as much as 18 months ago. Many people who surrounded the Gosselins will love, support, and...let's be frank, cash and freebies, are done. Stick a fork in them. Kate uses someone until they question her. Then she dumps them and moves on. There are few in this town who still regard them with respect. For the people in their locale, this isn't about a tv show or the G's fame. It's about being treated like garbage. It's the fact that they have to put up with this egotistical nonsense first hand. Kate exhausts people (ha! Maybe her use of the word reveals more than we think?). Moving will give her a relatively clean slate. She'll have an entirely new population to take advantage of and con into believing that their life is one difficulty after another. Kate's like a wild fire that burns through a forest at epic speeds and destructiveness. Like the burnt forset, it takes a long time to repair the damage and get back to normal.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking around, reading this blog since the mid to late July, when by pure chance I went to the Gosselins' website and saw their cryptic "people who are jealous of us are saying mean things" message. Actually, I was showing the website to my tech-illiterate but Gosselin-loving mother. I had visited the site before and found it lacking, but I though she might like to see it. Confused by the message, I did a little searching and turned up, well, all the scandal and passion on display here. And I am totally, to the point to a bit of embarrassment, hooked on this trainwreak as it's called of J&K+8. Thanks for the entertainment and the though provoking insight.

That said - since I began reading the blog, I've sought out and watched many of the most talked about episodes (I'll admit to being a causal viewer, mainly catching the first few minutes after Little People went off). Gumgate, Joelgate, the dissing of the pottery - I can put a check mark by each of them now. I watched looking for all the nastiness you all commented on, the utter b*tchness and cruelty that so villified Kate. And, well, to be frank, I was somewhat disappointed. I didn't think Gumgate was that bad. I don't think she was right. She certainly overeacted to a little gum. And you shouldn't even pretend to throw away "comfort items." But I thought she wasn't anywhere as near as down right mean as many posters made her out to be. Same thing with Joelgate. Okay, I don't want her taking care of me when I'm sick but she wasn't cruel. Not warm, not caring, but not cruel.

Now after sort of defending Kate, let me say how horrified I was by my recent viewing of the Carpeting the House and Game Gosselins Play episodes. Jon moved all the furniture alone (sorry, she carried (and whined the whole time) one end of two pieces)! I'm sorry, but it is just wrong to be on the computer (what Jon said she was doing) while your husband (or anyone else for that matter) is involved in physical labor that benefits you and is work you are perfectly capable of doing. And why did she dump Alexis and Joel on Beth? And on the Games show - the way she just moved a couple of boxes around then complained that Jon should stop playing and work. Then she walked into the house.... Man, boiled my blood. Also on that show, Jon was caught speaking to Kate in a tone that was every bit as bad as anything we've heard from her. That's a twisted, dead end road that runs two ways.

However, the one thing that really gets me about Kate is the interview sessions. Okay anyone can lose her temper with a family member in the heat of a moment. But the way she speaks to Jon in the interview sessions, without any stress or pressure or crying kids, is unacceptable. And absolutely unexplainable. If I knew I was going to be asked to sit down and "explain" events recently filmed, I think I would be able to think far enough ahead to try and appear reasonable, kind, ....... You get the picture. What's up with that, Kate?

Also - I totally agree with all the comments about how horribly J&K treated the guy at the railroad. That may be their worst moment yet.

I've got the Hair Implant show on my dvr - can't wait.

Thanks for the great blog. I'll keep visiting.

Anonymous said...

My heart truly broke when I started poking around and found out how the Gosselins are misrepresenting themselves. Frankly, I'm not nearly as bothered by all the free stuff from business who, in exchange, have their products and/or services highlighted on the show as I am the fact that they still present themselves as a family struggling to make ends meet and accepting "gifts" from people who, in this economy, can't easily afford it.

I've always found Kate's attitude and demeanor quite unbearable, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. Now, I have no problem saying that Kate has all the charm of a dial tone. The scene that was the hardest for me to watch was when J&K were going out to dinner one night and Jon was ironing his shirt and Kate berated his manhood because he was ironing instead of helping her, despite the fact that he had asked her if she needed anything ironed.

They are kidding themselves when they sit on that love seat and talk about how the way they treat each other works for them. It's working for them because they are both still young and have a large family to raise. But there will come a day when one of those harsh comments with be the last straw.

I speak from experience. I had a Mother who spoke to us (my father, myself, and my sisters) in much the same way. Everything was a huge deal and she would think of the most hurtful way possible to get her point across. She was selfish, spoiled, and entitled. One day I was just finished with her. I walked out that door and never returned and didn't have a thing to do with her for the last 5 years of her life until she died suddenly. Do I regret it? No. From the moment she died, it felt like an enormous burden was lifted from my shoulders. We all get along much better now that my mother is gone. My only regret is that I'll never know what it's like to have a Mother's love that is genuine and unconditional.

I so wish Kate would learn how to deal with things with a little (ok, a lot) more grace. That nasty tone she uses with nearly everyone sounds so sarcastic and superior when all it does is reveal how shallow and insecure she is.

Anonymous said...


I applaud your comments and agree 100%.

I also agree that many adult children feel a great burden of relief when a truly abusive parent dies. You cry for what could have been and you rage about what was.

I hope Kate one day sees how blessed she was with 8 remarkable, funny, and sweet children. Nothing is more important than loving your children. At the end of life, they are the ones who truly care about you. I how Kate realizes this before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

(Perhaps there’s a hole in her that can’t be filled?)


Yeah, the hole is from where her soul used to be. She didn't want it anymore because it wasn't free.

NewMom08 said...

Ally said: (Perhaps there’s a hole in her that can’t be filled?)


Yeah, the hole is from where her soul used to be. She didn't want it anymore because it wasn't free.

8/22/2008 9:42 PM

I nominate the above for comment of the week.