Explorer problems

If you are having difficulty reading the blog with MS Explorer, you may be successful with another browser. I'm currently using Opera and Firefox also seems to still be working. Hopefully this is a temporary site problem.

Edited by SecretMonkey to add: "Thanks Colleen! I removed the Sitemeter code and the blog is working fine now with MSIE! Yet another reason why people should be using Firefox instead of Explorer!" ;-)


Anonymous said...

It's the Sitemeter code in your sidebar. It's crashing any blog that has that displayed.

minxie said...

I have a Mac and I use Safari, which works nicely too.

seashell said...

Oh thank goodness! I have been having trouble all over the web tonight. I thought my computer was rebelling against me...Lordy Be!!

Stupid site meter. I almost didn't get my daily dose of GWoP.

Anyway, thanks so much for the heads up and for figuring it out.

Fidelia said...

I am having a blazingly perfect experience here with FireFox.


FIONA said...

I was having problems with 2 sites and my hubby with a couple of his. We were dying! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm using Microsoft and can view this blog fine, however when I got to other blogspots I get an error message

Anonymous said...

Oh, I ws having trouble accessing this site and the other Color Me gosselin site--Now, this a.m. I can get on this site (I use Explorer) so I don't know what changed.
Now, where can I find the sitemeter, and what should I do then?
Thanks for any advice.

Anonymous said...

I still can not get into your blog or any other blogspot.com blog on internet explorer. I have firefox but I don't think people who only have IE can even read your message

Anonymous said...

Is anyone having difficulty getting on Aunt Jodi's sisters site. Has it been removed?

Anonymous said...

What other Color me Gosselin site?

Confan said...

Here is the fix and it works! I have been so frustrated and googling and finally found this!

Here is the fix for users of IE 6 and 7 who are getting the "operation aborted" message. (Via user "Ferg" on another web site.)

Follow These Steps Exactly:

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on the menu Tools -> Internet Options.
Click on the tab Security.
Click on the icon Restricted Sites.
Click on the button Sites.
Under Add this website to the zone:
Type the text ‘ *.sitemeter.com ’ (with asterisk and dot & without the quotes).
Click the Add button. Click Close. Click OK.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how you became aware that sitemeter was the problem? I have serveral different blogs that I manage (play around with) and would have never known if I didn't read it here. Thanks for that info.

my9cats said...

Confan said...
Here is the fix and it works! I have been so frustrated and googling and finally found this!

It worked!!
Thank you soooo much.
For a while I thought the J&K police threw a hex on the website LOL. Thanks again.

Little Mady said...

Uh... um...

I have a question. If someone cannot get onto this blog, how can they read the directions telling how to get onto this blog?

Anonymous said...

Confan--You are brilliant! YAY! Good info.
After a while, I COULD get onto this site, but not on the Color Me Gosselin site.....which may help answer that other question, as you might get on one site, but not another while having this problem with Explorer.
Thanks again!

FIONA said...

CONFAN is brilliant!

Wink, Wink!

Don't you just LOVE this site!

Anonymous said...

I work in tech support for another blogging service (TypePad). We started seeing a lot of reports from users that their blogs weren't opening in IE. Turns out all of the blogs had the Sitemeter widget or Sitemeter code on their blogs. I removed the widget from my own blog and that fixed it.

I don't know the official story from Sitemeter, though.

Glad I could help :)

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed Sitemeter and they sent me an email back. They have fixed the problem and apologized and everything is working without problems now.