Aunt Jodi's Video - Transcript

Below is a transcript of Aunt Jodi's video (as discussed in this blog entry):

Hi! I'm vacationing this week with my family, we squeezed in a trip right before school starts. I know there are a lot of speculations and questions right now, and to be honest the last couple of months have been very difficult for me and I just needed to take some time away to focus on my family and also to heal from this.

My sister and her family are here with us as well [turns to her left to speak to someone off-camera] "Julie, come say 'hi'.". [Julie appears to the left of Jodi, smiles and says 'hi', then retreats off-camera.]

[Jodi continues.] Um, her blog is true. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, and this is one of those situations. And sometimes not saying anything can be more damaging than telling the truth. Family has always been very important to me, and situations come into all of our lives where we have no control over and it's very easy to let bitterness take over. But we all have a choice, and I'm learning valuable lessons through all of this.

Um [Jodi's voice breaks], I've been overwhelmed by the support of my family, and friends, and strangers. [Jodi's voice continues with a slight quaver] I've received letters and e-mails and comments and even people in stores have encouraged me and I've really been touched by all of this kindness and I thank you so much.

Jodi projected no bitterness or anger; the pain and sadness in her was palpable. She had to try numerous times to be able to get through the taping and finally had to just keep it short, sweet, and to the point.