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First Place: 8. Sera: "I think she needs to do more than just pull the stick out. Pull the whole damn tree out!"

Second Place: 9. Kate Crawford: "So has 'NO FRESH STRAWBERRIES!' become the new 'NO WIRE HANGERS!'?"

Third Place: 12. moi: "Worst mommy award' -- Kate, you're about 20 episodes late on this observation."


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Discuss the Gosselins' New Website

This blog entry will be a place where readers can post their comments regarding the recent changes to the Gosselins' website. If comments on that topic are posted to entries other than this one, we won't be able to publish them. There is a permanent link to this blog entry in the top portion of our sidebar. Thanks.

"Parenting is not... a spectator sport."

Administrative Note: Special thanks to one of our readers, Pam, who was the first to bring this latest development to our attention.

Regular readers of this blog will remember our previous mention of Paul Petersen, who established the organization A Minor Consideration to support child stars and other child laborers through legislation, family education, and personal intervention and counseling for those in crisis.

Like many viewers of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 show, Mr. Petersen has evolved from casual observer to increasingly alarmed. His concern has led him to to publish this piece, urging Jon and Kate to stop filming the show: ...continued

"Give a beggar a dime and he'll bless you..."

"Give a beggar a dime and he'll bless you; give him a dollar and he'll curse you for withholding the rest of your fortune." - Anzia Yezierska

This blog entry submitted for publication via email by Stephanie

It bothers me that the Gosselins continue to have their hands out, and continue to beg, even though whatever financial "hardships" they had in the beginning are clearly over. ...continued

They'll Have Only Themselves to Blame

Submitted for publication via email by Jane.

I started watching Jon and Kate about a month after my baby was born. I loved it! I was an instant fan. I was so sleep deprived and so unsure of myself as a new mother that watching the show truly did make me feel hopeful that someday I too would be a great mom. ...continued

A Vanishing Act

Administrative note: Special thanks to BohemianMoon whose investigative efforts were quite helpful in compiling the information below.

In last month's blog entry titled Leaving the Churches High and Dry, we presented information on how Jon and Kate Gosselin were starting to renege on some of their promises to churches and other organizations that had booked them for speaking engagements.

This chain of broken promises coincided with a significant change of the Gosselins' booking conditions: $25,000 PLUS first class airfare and all expenses paid.

Their excuse? They need to spend more time with their kids. This would be great news if they weren't turning right around and continuing to book appearances to anyone who can cough up the money.

In response to numerous requests by readers, we are providing you with a list of known cancellations to date. In addition to the list below, some of the scheduled appearances still remaining on their calendar are rather tenuous and may also end up on the canceled list; watch this blog for further developments.

May 17, 2008 - Colorado Parents of Multiples Convention (Vail, CO) - canceled

May 17, 2008 - Mt. Zion Lutheran Church (Boulder, CO) - canceled

September 27-28, 2008 - New Life Community Church (Pineville/Alexandria, LA)
- canceled

November 1, 2008 - Noel Memorial UM Church (Shreveport, LA)
- canceled

January 23, 2009 - Mission Hills Church (Mission Viego, CA)
- canceled

January 24, 2009 - Mount of Olives Church (Mission Viejo, CA)
- canceled

January 25, 2009 - Bible Fellowship Church (Ventura, CA)
- canceled

March 7, 2009 - First Christian Church MOPS (Elizabethtown, KY) - canceled

April 18, 2009 - Free Methodist Southern Michigan Conference - canceled

October 23, 2009 - Ohio Child Conservation League (Huron, OH) - canceled

Surely self-professed Christians Jon and Kate prayed for guidance when making these changes... I wonder what made God change His mind and tell them that their special brand of Christian inspiration should be offered only to groups who can afford it?

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First Place: 8. Anonymous: "My guess is Jon will read this and the author will get an email saying 'He does the best I can.'."

Second Place: 4. Kristee: "I wonder what kind of person he'd be if he weren't married to the Grinch who stole childhood."

Third Place: 6. Anonymous: "i love that kate informed aaden that he would get lost and then he wouldn't have a mommy... doesn't she realize how tempting that might be for him!?!?"


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Tom and Trix Plus Six

Tom and Trix Plus 6, a Jon & Kate Plus 8 parody blog, has been updated tonight with Part 3 of Trading Spouses, the fictional Gosselin/Duggar crossover.

Upcoming Gosselin Speaking Engagements

Below is a list of the upcoming Jon and Kate Gosselin speaking engagements.

Click here to read how they are starting to renege on some of their promises to churches like these:

September 21, 2008 - Morristown Memorial Hospital (Morristown, NJ)

October 2, 2008 - Birmingham Women's Show (Birmingham, AL)

October 11, 2008 - Southern Orlando Women's Show (Orlando, FL)

October 19, 2008
- First Assembly of God (Waynesburg, PA

November 2, 2008 - Central Assembly of God (Bossier City, LA)

November 14 & 15, 2008 - Women of Purpose Conference (
Hershey, PA

January 10 & 11, 2009 - First Assembly of God (Marcy, NY)

March 8, 2009 - First Christian Church (Elizabethtown, KY)

March 20, 2009 - Roswell United Methodist Church (Roswell, GA)

A Half Million Hits

We at Gosselins Without Pity would like to thank all the readers from around the world who have visited and contributed to this blog. As of today (Sunday August 24, 2008), we have exceeded the half-million mark -- that's over 500,000 hits in the three months since we turned on the counter.

Many of you have simply lurked; many have also submitted comments for publication, and many have emailed us. Here are the interesting stats:

Number of hits to date: 503,783
Number of entries to date: 176
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Busiest day to date: Wednesday July 23 - 20,019 hits
Date we hit 250,000 hits: July 30, 2008

Thank you all -- we appreciate every one of you!

Aunt Jodi's Video - Transcript

Below is a transcript of Aunt Jodi's video (as discussed in this blog entry):

Hi! I'm vacationing this week with my family, we squeezed in a trip right before school starts. I know there are a lot of speculations and questions right now, and to be honest the last couple of months have been very difficult for me and I just needed to take some time away to focus on my family and also to heal from this.

My sister and her family are here with us as well [turns to her left to speak to someone off-camera] "Julie, come say 'hi'.". [Julie appears to the left of Jodi, smiles and says 'hi', then retreats off-camera.]

[Jodi continues.] Um, her blog is true. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, and this is one of those situations. And sometimes not saying anything can be more damaging than telling the truth. Family has always been very important to me, and situations come into all of our lives where we have no control over and it's very easy to let bitterness take over. But we all have a choice, and I'm learning valuable lessons through all of this.

Um [Jodi's voice breaks], I've been overwhelmed by the support of my family, and friends, and strangers. [Jodi's voice continues with a slight quaver] I've received letters and e-mails and comments and even people in stores have encouraged me and I've really been touched by all of this kindness and I thank you so much.

Jodi projected no bitterness or anger; the pain and sadness in her was palpable. She had to try numerous times to be able to get through the taping and finally had to just keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

Aunt Jodi's Video

Many of our readers are aware that "Aunt Jodi" from the show Jon and Kate Plus Eight was discussed on this blog back in June in this entry. We've also made reference to the blog maintained by Jodi's sister (Julie), giving the background to some of the issues involving Jodi and her husband Kevin.

Please take a moment to visit Julie's blog and view this video, where Jodi herself makes a brief statement.

October 28 - The link will no longer work as Julie has removed the video from her blog.

Julie has endured being called a liar and accused of many things that are not true by people who simply couldn't accept that Jon and Kate were capable of the things that Julie revealed; we commend her for being willing to continue to work with GWoP in spite of all that. We appreciate both Julie's and Jodi's candor and have nothing but great respect and admiration for both of them.

How They Really Got There

Have you ever wished there were a way to get caught up on the J&K biography by just going to one place to read a comprehensive summary? I would recommend reading this entry on a blog titled Musings from the Moon. Starting with the marriage of Jon and Kate in June of 1999, this narrative presents in chronological order the events that have brought them where they are today.

Disclaimer: While this piece is quite detailed and generally well-researched, I will make note that some of the dollar amounts alleged are on the high side. There is no definitive source revealing how much J&K have ever been paid for each episode, and the Gosselin PR firm has been quoted as saying that J&K command $25,000 per speaking appearance rather than the $35,000 quoted by this blogger. These issues aside, reading this piece will be a good way for you to get the whole picture of how the Gosselins went from obscure and ordinary parents of twins to the highly controversial juggernaut they are today.

A "Want" is Not a "Need"

Submitted for publication via email by TR.

I've been seeing a lot of people saying the Gosselins NEED an 8000 SF, multi-million-dollar home. Jon and Kate themselves claim that it just isn't "feasible" for them to buy an existing home or pay to renovate one.

Really? Let's see what some other families of multiples "need", shall we? ...continued

Funny Friday: Definitely a BS Degree

Submitted for publication via email by ThreeFarmers.

I've decided to take a look at Jon & Kate Plus 8 from a different perspective. Instead of fighting the urge to cut off my ears so I don't have to listen to them ramble on about all that they can't afford, I've decided to evaluate all that I've learned from them instead. ...continued

Figure 8 Films and Congress

I have come to the conclusion that the first place to direct our comments and concerns about the Gosselins is Figure 8 Films. They are the ones in the direct firing line.... aiming at the Gosselins. ...continued

Before You Dig Deep...

Submitted for publication by Katherine.

The thin webs of connection that bind me to the Gosselins are numerous. I have distant family who know Kate's family. I, like Kate, am infertile. She and I both love Disney World and we're both loud and bossy women. We both grew up in very strict, straightlaced religious families and both feared barrenness from a very young age. More than anything else that binds us, though, is our shared faith in Christ. ...continued

An Open Letter to Jon

Published for Cassandra

Aren't you ashamed? Aren't you embarrassed?

I will be going to the Outer Banks with my family next month. I too will be staying in Corolla... in a house with 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, and a pool. However, there will be many differences from your stay at the Outer Banks.

We will be 5 adults and 1 baby. Our house is right ON the beach... no block and a half walk.

We will be PAYING for the house and gas and food and activities ourselves.

There will be NO cameras in our faces.

We will have total PRIVACY.

Aren't you ashamed? Aren't you embarrassed?

We have EARNED this vacation. My husband WORKED until he was 80 years old. He never made a lot of money, but we lived frugally. He never sat in front of a computer in the closet and cruised the internet. My kids never went to Disney World. We've put 4 kids through college -- one at the age of 32, so we also helped support his wife and children.

I don't believe how you go on and on about "we decided to...." or "Jenny is our helper"... or "we decided to look at property that I had researched on the internet." You're a grown man. Shouldn't you be supporting your family? Instead of supporting your family, you are making fun of your children and backing up the insanity that your wife insists on perpetuating.

I don't understand how you have no shame or embarrassment about all the perks you are receiving by letting people photograph your children... in the most intimate moments of their lives.

Aren't you ashamed? Aren't you embarrassed?

A Multiple Mom’s Thoughts on J&K

Submitted for publication via email by Mommy of Triplets + 2

There are many ways in which I, and many mothers of multiples, can relate to Jon and Kate. I am a mommy of triplets +2. They are all aged 4 and under, so things are stressful. Money is tight, and really... multiples are HARD. Especially as babies. I came up with a small list of things I could not be upset at Kate for: ...continued

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If I could ask Kate to change one thing what would it be?

I'd ask Kate to hold and snuggle each child for at least 5 minutes each and every day and tell them over and over that she loves them and values them and tell them how precious that child is to her as an individual. Then I'd ask her to tell that child at least 5 good things they had done that day to make her proud of them.

Episode Recap: Heading South - "Jon & Kate Plus 8" 08/11/08

Leah gets to say “On this episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8”, before the previews start. This is their summer getaway! They’re going to look at property that Jon researched online!

It all started with the two of us … and it ended with a “fertility nightmare”.

The subtitles helpfully say “Day Before Beach Trip”. Oh lordy be, Kate is in uber-packing mode. She has that rigid “I’m stressed and that’s the way I am” look on. She orders people around, but does manage to say please. I will give her credit for that.

Their excuse for the trip is, they had a speaking engagement and didn’t want to leave the kids behind, so they decided this will be their “summer getaway”. Does that mean there will be a “fall getaway”? (Driving to Maine to see the fall colors?) A winter getaway? (So Jon can snowboard?) A spring getaway? (Divorce court?)


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First Place: #16
-- "I'm sorry Kate, but the job of Paris Hilton has already been taken." - Anonymous

Second Place: #10 -- "What company makes that pest strip that was hanging in J & K's garage? It really is effective! Didn't you notice how fast it caught Kate?" - Hawkeye95

Third Place: #6 --
"Good, bad, or indifferent, people are tuning in to watch this sideshow act, but instead of the bearded lady and man with two heads, we get the porcupine headed lady and man with no balls." - Lauri


Here are the nominations, submitted by readers, for the 08/18/08 Comment of the Week. The comment of the week is featured in a link on the sidebar of our home page. It's not going to be easy to vote for just one -- it was a busy week on the blog and we had a record 28 comments nominated! ...continued

"It's already hard enough to develop."

Singer Alanis Morissette, in an interview in the August 2008 edition of Women's Health Magazine, had this to say when asked about the Britneys and Mileys of this world:
"I think it's child abuse to have someone in the public eye too young. Society basically values wealth and fame and power at the cost of well-being. In the case of a child, it's at the cost of someone's natural development. It's already hard enough to develop."

Beach Trip

TLC is airing a new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episode tomorrow night (Monday August 18th) -- a 60-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Beach Trip:
Jon and Kate take the kids to the beach, hoping it works out better than the sextuplets' first seaside experience at age 3, which turned out badly because of cold, windy weather.

Would you be OK with it?

Created from comment posted by "L" in this blog entry.

What red-blooded American family WOULDN'T take a hefty paycheck to allow camera crews into their home to record their daily life if it meant not having to go to work everyday? And who among us doesn't enjoy watching this very attractive family go through their trials every week? I can't say that I blame them for the choices that they've made.

What Did Me In

Submitted for publication via email by Open Eyes.

When this show first hit the airwaves, I was ecstatic. I had watched every special when they aired and I was so impressed with the family and how they were able to manage eight kids all under the age of five. I waited with high hopes for the show to air, and when it finally did I had mixed feelings at first. ... continued

GWoP Too Difficult to Navigate?

We have received a lot of feedback from readers via the comments here and via email regarding the difficulty of navigating the blog. ...continued

Why Haven't They Realized It Yet?

There's no doubt that the Gosselin children are being exploited, if you take dictionary.com's definition, which says exploited means "to make use of selfishly or unethically."

But what about Jon and Kate themselves?

I don't think Jon and Kate realize they are exploiting themselves. If the Gosselins could stop, for one moment, to think about their own roles in this one-time-realistic-and-enjoyable, now grating-and-screechy show, they might not be as thrilled to continue the farce. Jon and Kate's entire life is being played out, not only on air, but also behind the scenes via the Internet, on multiple sites that blog about the horrific, car-wreck-scene millions of viewers witness each day. (Yes, that's each day. The Gosselins are on several times a day, usually.) I don't think this couple realizes that they have not only sold out their kids, which is painfully obvious, but sold out themselves, which might not, at first glance, be quite as clear.

The Gosselins' first special was poignant. You felt how difficult things were. Kate certainly wasn't made up or glamorous in the least. In fact, she was just the opposite, with her unstyled hair and t-shirts and sweat pants.

The second hour-long episode made me squirm. I thought taking advantage of a free tummy tuck -- though yes, her "belly-after-babies" was pretty unattractive -- was strange. I thought it was strange that a viewer offered it and strange that Kate accepted it and especially strange that she also wanted her breasts done and lived with the plastic surgeon and his wife for a week afterwards.

Like other "real families on tv," Kate and Jon have gradually given up more of themselves to make more money. I know people here have unfavorably compared them to the Roloffs of LPBW, but there isn't much difference, except in LPBW, the kids are older and can say no, to some degree. Like LPBW, J&K Plus 8 has gradually turned into a show that focuses not specifically on the unusual challenges of the particular family, but the perks they receive for allowing people to film them. Both families have enjoyed expensive, atypical vacations, extensive home renovations and now, apparently, J&K are rumored to be receiving a new home.

But all this comes at such a high cost that, to most people, the whole thing seems unfathomable. One difference is that the Roloffs seem to take a more relaxed attitude toward their filming. Jon and Kate appear to have completely forgotten their life from even three quarters of a year ago, when, at the time, they still seemed to be striving for a balance between filming, Jon's job, the twins' schooling, and raising their family.

I expect that with forty or fifty episodes in a "season," TLC will experience quicker viewer burnout than if the new episodes are spaced out a little. Yes, right now ratings are unbelievably strong. But how many times can we watch the same family doing the same things over and over? And I'm sure TLC loves the controversy -- none of these anti-Gosselin sites are going to stop the madness or, of course, the check-cashing of millions of dollars in ad revenue. In time, viewers will turn to the next big family or idea de jour and all of the money TLC has dumped into the Jon-and-Kate machine will disappear. Of course, then this family will more than likely be shattered, if not physically, then emotionally.

Yet Jon and Kate don't appear to register any of this.

I imagine all the money, especially after what appears to be some amount of deprivation in their earlier married years, must feel heady. And yes, I'm sure some people are jealous of their current, very cushy lifestyle. But at what sacrifice? I would guess that between product endorsements, speaking engagements, and actual shows, the Gosselins are raking in over a million a year, maybe more. It must be exciting to suddenly see your bank account grow plump, to be able to buy, for the first time in your lives, anything you want. It must be wild to live with nearly twenty-four-hour-a-day help, getting ready to build a free house that most Americans can never imagine living in, and the satisfaction that you've achieved a level of "income" you could never have imagined just a few years earlier.

But Jon and Kate can't see what they've sold away -- not only all of their privacy, but also all of their dignity, all of their future, for the sake of money -- money that, if they are not extremely careful, will disappear a whole lot more quickly than they know right now. I just have to wonder why they don't see what they've sold and how much more that's going to cost them in the end. Jon and Kate, there's no such thing as a free lunch. Truly.

Submitted for publication via email from Anonymous.

Give J&K Enough Rope, They'll Hang Themselves

I think this post explains the title of this blog entry with no additional commentary from GWoP required.

"This show has become a sham and I'm not talkin' pillows."

People in this area aren't happy the Gosselins are moving. We're better than that. What's upsetting is that after all this time and all the people, businesses, and cash, we've given to help, they don't seem to be very thankful for how well they have it.

This is a family with eight children that has been on more vacations than most families take their entire lives. This is a family of ten that has never had to fret about feeding, diapering, clothing, or caring for the kids. This is a family with eight kids that has never had to say "no" to an event or trip because of a sick child (think about that). There has always been an answer to their needs and it's not God. It's the community. It's the generosity of the state of Pennsylvania.

How many dollars did this family of eight pay for the births of their children? Nothing. Despite the extended hospitalization and NICU care. Nothing. I have premature singletons and we almost went broke paying the hospital bills. I'm not saying that they shouldn't have been paid. But, where is the appreciation for what they have? When they got a remodel, Kate started complaining before the paint was dry. After a weekend of intense labor and freebies, this is the woman who couldn't see that a community did everything in their power to help. She saw "a disaster." After getting a new house, she could only see the rooms she didn't have.

Despite the fact that most families who choose to have eight children live in much less, Kate doesn't enjoy; she covets. She wanted an easy life and she found a way to get it. Unfortunately, it was on the backs of her eight children. Remember, this isn't a family who took a bit of time off to deal with the multiples and then went back to work. Jon was raised in a well-off home and never knew what it meant to need. Kate was raised in a family that treated her like the beautiful queen bee. I've heard some people speculate about her childhood. They want to know if they had needs met by the church because she's a PK. The answer is not as often as needed to create these sort of entitlement issues. Her dad and mom are better people than to demand things they want over what they need. Her parents are decent people. This can be seen in her brother Kevin and the other siblings.

People are tired. We've been lied to so many times that it's hard not to be cynical. Kate said Jon would go back to work as soon as they got past this tough phase of infancy. The state gave him a job. He quit. He doesn't work in any capacity other than doing appearances. Some might say that was just a change of plans... but, it's hard to believe they ever meant to work after the way things have gone down. Kate said she'd give all the freebies to charity. Well, that never happened. Everything went to consignment or was sold in yard sales. She was even approached by a friend who knew a person in our community who was about to have twins and wasn't financially able to pull everything together. Did Kate donate to the cause or pass along the generosity? Nope.

Kate and Jon said in an early interview that they wouldn't make a spectacle of the children. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHA!! Yeah. I'll let you all finish laughing. They played the poor card and then had the audacity to tell people that used items weren't what they had in mind. So much for beggars not being choosers, eh'? Jon and Kate promised to give back to the community at some point... what they didn't mention was that they'd hang a speaking fee on it. There are other, smaller fibs, but it's trivial stuff.

The point is: E-town, Wyomissing, and surrounding areas are exhausted by the Gosselins. We got burned. Everyone here feels for the families that did nothing more than help them in their time of greatest need and expected nothing but love in return. Did Kate ever offer Jodi a spa day? Did she ever take her to lunch or give her a nice gift on mother's day for making her life easier? Nope. So... some of you will have to excuse us locals. To quote Kate: "We're exhausted." What's sad is that there are people who will think twice the next time a family with multiples needs help.

Blog entry created from a comment posted by BK.

Funny Friday - All Aboard Again! Our Fantasy "Jon & Kate Plus 8"

Note: some of us thought it would be fun to rewrite the "All Aboard" episode as we would have liked to have seen it. Then we realized we had a blog post! Writers include xsandlapper, SecretMonkey, Breanna, hurtinfrog, grammier, geistmadl, Ravello.

The show begins in the tups’ rooms. They're up and at 'um getting dressed and making their beds. Not perfectly but a good try. They all skip down the steps following Hannah, the leader, in anticipation of their great train ride that morning. “Woooo! Woooo”ing with Alexis sounding VERY much like the train whistle!!!!!!!

As they enter the dining room Mady and Cara are setting the table as Mom fries bacon, scrambles eggs and checks on the cheese toast in the oven. Dad is catching a few more winks as the drive home from NC last night was exhausting.

Kate says, "I've never been to Strasburg Railroad, but I'm looking forward to it! I heard there will be lots of other kids there - our children will have fun meeting new friends!"

Joel asks Collin, "Tell us about when you went there for your special day!" So Collin gives a brief recap.

"I'm sooooo excited we're going there today!" Leah exclaims, keeping her voice down so she doesn't wake the sleeping Jon.

"Mady, your earrings are so pretty", Kate says as she serves breakfast. "That orange really goes well with your shirt".

"Thanks Mom!" Mady replies, as she graciously helps Aaden onto a dining room chair. "Be careful Aaden, remember we got rid of the high chairs last week in the garage sale to help out those less fortunate than us!"

Kate turns to the camera and says, "Jon is still sleeping. He drove all night, the poor guy. He's really wonderful about helping out with the kids around here, so I'm letting him sleep in until it's time for us to leave."

Jon gets up and stumbles to the kitchen. Kate says, "Good morning honey, here is your coffee, just the way you like it."

They both sit down at the table to eat breakfast with the kids. They all have an enjoyable breakfast, and Kate compliments the ‘tups on keeping their shirts so nice since they are no longer wearing bibs. Just after she says that, Aaden drops a piece of bacon on his shirt and it leaves a grease mark. Aaden looks a little scared, but Kate assures him that it's only a shirt, and spots don't matter, and besides, he will get dirtier than that when they go to the train place.

Since the 'tups are no longer using sippy cups, all of the boys and Alexis manage to spill their non-organic Juicy-Juice all over the table, themselves, and the floor.
Kate says cheerfully, "Oh, don't worry about that! No need to cry over spilled juice!" She calmly mops up the mess. Then she cleans up the 'tups, bathing the ones that are particularly sticky, dresses them, and settles them into coloring with markers. She compliments Joel on his superb coloring ability and hangs his artwork on the refrigerator.

After cleaning up the kitchen, Kate turns to Jon and says, "What can I do to help you?"

They all go into the garage to put on their shoes, and all the shoes fit, and everyone is happy with their shoes. The boys go to the driveway and start playing with the water in the downspout. Jon comments how he used to enjoy that when he was a kid, and not to worry, it's only water, it will dry. Kate comes out, sees the boys playing in the water and throws her head back laughing. She notes how cute they are, and how they can find enjoyment in the smallest thing, like a puddle of water. Kate encourages the girls to come and join in the water play until it is time to leave.

Jon reminds everyone to go to the bathroom before they get in the van. The kids line up, half at the downstairs bathroom, half at the upstairs bathroom, and wait their turns.

Mady and Cara wait their turn at the bathrooms, too: one upstairs, one downstairs, to make sure that the little ones go and don't make a huge mess of themselves. M&C do this without screaming, yelling, crying, or descending into Instant Low Blood Sugar.

Mady does a little interview to the camera where she says that she feels a real sense of love and responsibility toward her younger siblings, and that her mother taught her to love all of the children equally for their own strengths, faults, and unique talents. When asked if this included Joel's lisp, Mady answers, "What lisp?"

Cut to a couch segment: Jon and Kate, puzzled. "What lisp?"

Out in the garage, Kate starts to laugh. “O Lordy Bee! Help, Help, Cara, Mady,” Kate laughs. “Daddy has his face all stuck in a funny look. He looks just like when we finish laughing in bed!”

Once all the children are outside, where Kate is patiently waiting for her brood, Mady and Cara report that all of the children used the bathroom, wiped if necessary, and washed their hands. Kate and Jon are delighted at the grown-up behavior of their four year olds, and give them each a thumbs up, and a "good job!"

The children climb into the van, Cara and Mady strap themselves in, and Kate and Jon each take three to strap in. Once all the children are safely in the van, Kate climbs into the passenger seat, and Jon climbs into the driver's seat. The van seems so much cleaner and smells so much better now that the potties have all been removed.

Kate puts on a CD of kid's songs, and the whole family begins to sing along. Later, they plan to play an alphabet game, because the ‘tups are beginning to recognize and be able to find both upper and lower case letters. Kate is hoping that today on the ride, after a tup finds a letter in a sign or license plate, Mady and Cara, and some of the ‘tups will be able to think of other words that begin with that letter. Lately, the children are playing many of these educational games, and having so much fun with them that they have no idea how much they are learning.

Kate's new hairdo ripples in the breeze as she rolls down her window. "Remember those spikes in the back that poked you in the eye when you hugged me?" she asks Jon. "What was I thinking?!?"

"You were thinking you had to look a certain way because you were on TV", Jon says. "And because I was unfairly asking you to be blonde like you were when we met. I'm sorry I ever did that."

"It's all right, Jon", Kate says. "After all that intensive therapy, I now know that I am responsible for my self-esteem and I can look however I want to. What happened in the past stays in the past."

When they get to the station, Kate is excited to see how many people there are. "I was hoping we wouldn't be the only ones here! It's always nice to be with family, but it's nice to meet other people too!"

Kate squats down to the tups' level and gathers them in a circle around her. The tups look so cute in their different colored shirts. “My little Rainbow Coalition,” Kate says happily. 'Now, remember,' she continues, “These people are nice enough to arrange special things for us. Let's always be polite.”

She stands and Hannah moves to her side. "Now, Hannie," Kate says, "I want my special boy, Joel, to hold my hand today. You be Mommy's big girl—and we'll discuss that when we get home—and walk with Cara."

Their designated rep greets them. The kids smile and listen attentively as he outlines the planned activities for the morning. The sextuplets wriggle with excitement, but they do not shriek because they don't want to interrupt the nice man. As pre-arranged, he escorts them to Thomas the Tank Engine. But they don't jump ahead of anyone - the show producers have carefully been managing the line-ups so that everyone will get a turn. Jon & Kate take their place in line and hold hands, like they did when they were newlyweds.

"Hey, it's Jon and Kate Plus 8", exclaims someone passing by. The Gosselins turn and wave. They smile as people take pictures of them in line, and they are careful to keep the line going at the same time.

Commercial Break!!! (Cheesy music)

Hey Kids! Now you can party like the Gosselins!

Twelve hits sure to be a classic with YOUR family! Sing along with the Gosselin 10 to the following:

You ARE the Sunshine of My Life (Stevie Wonder)
You'd Better Run (The Young Rascals)
You'd Better Sit Down Kids (Cher)
You Are The Only One (dedicated to Hannie) (Ricky Nelson)
You Can't Do That (dedicated to Collin and his bowel issues) (The Beatles)
You Can't Take It Away (dedicated to Bear-gate) (Fred Hughes)
You Could Have Been a Lady (Dedicated to Kate) (April Wine)
You Don’t Have to Be a Baby to Cry (also dedicated to Kate, in airplanes)
(The Carvelles)You don't own me (dedicated to Jon's missing balls) (Lesley Gore)
You Don't Know What You've Got (Until You Lose It) (sung by Jon to his missing balls)
(Ral Donner)You Will Cry (from Kate to Jon) (Rene Y Rene )

and that old Sinatra favorite jazzed up as only the Gosselins can, "We did it ARE way!"

(Back to the show)
On each train, the Gosselins take their seats along with other families. They listen attentively to the conductors and make a special point of thank each helper. The kids are happy and chatty, so thrilled to be on a real train!

Everyone is smiling as the van pulls into their driveway. Kate has a surprise for the boys. She has planned a make up "special day out" with them and it is this afternoon!

Kate will drive hither dither and yon with the 3 boys and each child will choose an activity. They will choose in reverse birth order, which means Joel goes first.

Cheering erupts, with broad smiles on the boys’ faces. Hannah starts to cry and grabs Kate's legs. Kate kindly byt firmly tells her this is a Boys only activity with Mom. Hannah settles down and goes into the house.

Kate and the boys get into the white van. Jon offers to load it up, Kate informs him all she needs is her purse and the three boys.

Joel chooses first. He reminisces about how wonderful the Happy Meals were in Utah. He chooses McDonalds. While in line, Kate holds him in her arms and they snuggle, hug and kiss. Kate allows him to place all the orders.

The manager sees the family and rushes out to apologize- they just ran out of plastic bibs. He offers to go next door to K Mart to buy plastic ones. Kate laughs and tells the manager not to worry, everything they wear is washable.

By coincidence, Aunt Jodi, Uncle Kevin and the kids are there. Kate moves a table and 4 chairs over, and the Gosselins join in the fun. The 2 families eat together. Everyone laughs when Aaden's ketchup packet explodes on his shirt and there are ketchup drops on his glasses. Even Aaden giggles when Kate shows him his glasses – he knows that they are laughing at the ketchup, not him.

The kids finish eating and go outside to play on the playground equipment. The parents can supervise through the window.

Kate and Jodi catch up on old times and plan their upcoming joint family vacation to North Carolina. Jodi asks what she should bring. Kate assures her no need to pack anything but their clothes. The rental house is fully furnished, they will rent bikes on site and grocery shop down there.

Next choice is Collin's and he chooses an outing at the 9 hole chip and putt course. Kate rents clubs for everyone and cheerfully assists each child with the mechanics of holding the club and aiming for the hole.

Kate is surprised at how much fun they are having. They are through 9 holes before she can blink. Since it is Collin's choice, he holds Mom's hand and goes first on every hole.

Next choice is Aaden and he chooses an outing at Jon's gym. He wants Kate to meet the nice lady who trains Daddy and he wants another strawberry smoothie. The ladies are happy to meet each other. The trainer raves about Jon's dedication to his job and family and Kate remarks how proud she is of him.

The trainer apologizes, her smoothies are not organic, Kate said not to worry. Everyone has a smoothie, even Kate. Kate assists the boys into the van. They drive home.

Some neighbor kids are out on their bikes and Kate agrees they can skip naps and join the neighbor kids. What a day, what an afternoon Kate had with her beloved sons. Kate tells Jon she cannot wait to do it again.

While the kids are playing with the neighbours, Jon prepares a Korean dinner. Kate walks through the kitchen on the way to the laundry room, and makes a big show of playfully smelling the air and making yummy noises. She then gives Jon a quick kiss before she goes into the laundry room and turns on the CD player. She sings along to her favourite music while she removes the clean clothes from the dryer and folds them. When everything is folded, she calls out for Cara and Mady, and they help her put away the clothes.

The phone rings and Kate answers. It's Beth! She's calling to confirm the slumber party tomorrow. Her daughter will be spending the night at the Gosselin's, along with the twins' special friends from school.

Supper is now ready. The twins help the ‘tups get settled in their big boy and big girl chairs. The supper is delicious and organic. After supper, Jon loads the dishes into their energy-efficient dishwasher. Kate takes the children downstairs, to their crafting table. The children make “Thank You” cards for all of the people at the Strasburg Railroad. Cara and Mady do all of the printing. Each child draws a little something on each card – Hannah draws a purple horse. Jon comes downstairs to watch and to help when needed.

After the cards are made, Jon and Kate direct the children to say “good night” to the camera. The ‘tups blow kisses and wave, and then are led upstairs.

On the couch, Jon and Kate explain their new nightly routine. The parents bathe the ‘tups, while Mady and Cara practise on their musical instruments. Then they gather for family prayers, and the ‘tups are put to bed by both of their parents. Cara and Mady take their own baths while Jon & Kate go downstairs for a couch interview.

But none of the night-time activities are filmed. Jon explains, “This is personal family time and we think it is important to have the privacy to bathe our kids and say our prayers, just the ten of us.” Kate simply smiles and nods her head in agreement, her right hand loosely intertwined with Jon’s hands.

Sponsors of Exploitation

In response to numerous and ongoing requests from a multitude of readers, we are publishing a link to this blog.

Although we are not affiliated with this blog, we are offering the link here because it is a repository of the type of information you've been asking for, and we've been told that it will be maintained and added to as time goes by.

We've also added a permanent link to it in our sidebar.

Published from information provided by Jen.

"I Wish Kate Could Just Lighten Up"

The Gosselin kids are adorable, all of them. I wish I could reach through the screen, and hug them all, then take them in my back yard to play. I'd let them make mud pies, wade in the creek, roll around and get grass stains on their clothes and dirt on their faces, pick up frogs, play with my dogs, dig in the dirt -- whatever. Not to freak Kate out, but just to let them be kids. I don't think Kate is evil, but she is sometimes very anal. I try to give her the benefit of the doubt. I want to root for her, and her family, because I want her to be the best mom she can be to those precious kids!

Remember the TLC show Kids by the Dozen? I wish Kate could go spend a week with Ma Winters, the one whose family opened the homemade dress store. The Winters family seemed diverse, content, thankful for their blessings, and very relaxed (in a chaotic, kooky sort of way!) and happy to be together. I wish Kate could just lighten up. I know that order is necessary in a family that big, but not to the point of constantly stressing yourself, your marriage, and your children out about it.

I also hope that Kate is more thankful for the charity and help they receive than how it comes across on TV. If I had someone that came over and folded my laundry every week out of the goodness of her heart, no matter how many kids I had, I would be showering that lady in flowers, candy and hugs on a regular basis! If you can afford a 1.7 million dollar house (the price of the one they were looking at here), maybe it's time to pass on the charity to other familes of multiples that are really struggling? I don't begrudge them the volunteers or charity they got when the 'tups were infants. I'm sure they needed it then, but it comes across as a little greedy and entitled now.

Although I like watching the kids grow up, I hope they don't do the show much longer. I worry that the kids will see themselves as having "roles", and feel like they have to live up to them. I don't think it's good for the kids, and will be worse as they get older and more self-aware. I think it's already affecting Cara and Mady greatly. If Kate wants the kids to have such a "normal" childhood, get them off TV!

Submitted for publication via email by

"State Treasures" Now Tarnished

Since Jon and Kate Gosselin's sextuplets were born, they have been showered with love, time, volunteers, free food, free trips, free year of taxpayer-paid nursing, free TAP college funds for 8 created for them by the Lt. Governor, and kindness from many many many people and businesses in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The Lt. Governor even called the sextuplets "State Treasures". So it was very upsetting to me when on last nights episode of their TV series, TLC's Jon and Kate Plus 8, Jon and Kate made disparaging remarks about my great state. Last night's episode showcased their trip through Virginia and North Carolina. They looked at houses and property because apparently they are moving.

The first house (http://tour.circlepix.com/tour.htm?id=591089) is an astounding $1.9 MILLION DOLLARS! They then looked at 12 acres of woodland. Neither were good enough for them. They then went to their NC beach house for their vacation and took a Jeep tour of the beach and climbed a lighthouse. After they came home to Pennsylvania they sat down for the couch interview.

This is the dialogue from the show last night:

"There is so much more to do down there [in North Carolina]!"
"Yeah, what is there to do in PA?"
"Look at silos?"

They acted like Pennsylvania sucked and all there was, was Silos and Farmland, and PA was boring and not good enough for their $1.9 million dollar tastes!

I guess that once they suck Pennsylvania and its citizens dry and treat us like their servants (from reports we've heard), we Pennsylvanians are a little boring. But our state is waiting on pins and needles for you to leave so we can rinse the bad taste from our mouths that having you as a neighbor has caused.

But for all you normal, regular families (those who let the kids have fun and get messy) out there who want a great vacation and fun educational trip I leave you with a few links:


As for Jon and Kate?

Don't let the door hit you!

Submitted for publication via email by PaMom.

Announcing the 08/11/08 Comment of the Week!

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The Truth About the Move

In case you do not keep current with the ongoing Q&A dialogue in this blog entry, here is a reprint of a recent question and answer that you may find of interest, relevant to the Heading South episode that was just aired last night, Monday 08/11/2008:

QUESTION: Did Jon and Kate ever discuss moving out of state with Jodi? I think they are moving out of state because of all the fighting with friends and family, nothing is keeping them in PA anymore. I remember a show a few months ago when they were looking at land in PA, not out of state. It is a major change.

ANSWER: A long time ago (probably close to a year), they were talking about building a house close to Beth.

It's been at least 6-8 months now that they have been talking about building a house in NC. J&K attended a wrap party for Season 3 back in May down at Figure 8. When they returned, Jon said that property had been purchased and all of the sponsors had committed. Everything is being provided including appliances, furnishings, TVs, etc. J&K are not paying for ANYTHING.

They have been showing their house plans to various people. Supposedly, it's going to be 8000sf with a pool and pool house. There will be an area designated for the crew including their own entrance and kitchen.

Moving out of state has nothing to do with fighting with family and friends. That has been going on as long as I have known the family. We believe that in order to get the house of their dreams, the production company has stipulated that it needs to be near them. They have no intention of ending this any time soon.

Blog entry created from comments posted by The Truth Shall Set You Free.

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1. Anonymous [regarding the All Aboard episode]: "
This week, the trainwreck takes place on an actual train!"

2. Elise: "
If they don't make any money from the show, they will say when they are older, 'I had my own reality show for years, but all I got from it was this stupid Em Tanner t-shirt.'"

3. Anonymous: "Jon finally found his voice - it's been hiding in his pants with his balls."

4. Anonymous: "The show is called 'John and Kate plus Eight' not 'Jon and Kate Plus Hairplugs'."

5. Anonymous: "They are a family in need of counseling and a audit from the IRS."

6. Anonymous: "She's trying to be a celeb and blend, but that '80's punk hair meets the butt of a porcupine' just doesn't do it."

7. Anonymous: "Kate doesn't do baths, Kate doesn't do laundry, Kate doesn't do gas, Kate doesn't drive long distances. Kate doesn't do messes. Kate doesn't change clothes. Kate doesn't do family. Kate doesn't do mornings and on and on and on. Can someone please explain why this woman is considered to be 'Supermom'."

8. F.: "We should come up with t-shirts that pay homage to Kate that say, 'Is your goal to help me?'"

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VoilĂ !

Gosselin Family Sightings

By popular request from multiple readers, this blog entry has been created to as a place for you to post any real-life sightings of the Gosselin family.

There is a permanent link to it in the sidebar of our home page, so that even when it scrolls off the home page you will be able to locate it quickly.

"My heart took the pictures..."


I don't know if this is correct or not. I'm sending this to you because I've read here that one or more of the Gosselins read your very informative blog. If you think it will be of any benefit and follows your criteria, please post where appropriate.

I am a 58-year-old grandmother. Our precious baby rushed into the arms of God on February 10th, 2008. She was 24 yeas old. Candace left us with her two beautiful daughters, a 3-year-old and her baby that turned one nine days after she became an angel.

The Gosselins explained (paraphrasing) that they were doing the show to document their children's lives. My point, we were the parents that more often than not forgot a camera. Candace was more important than the pictures, although we do have many snapshots. Many, because of family and friends that happened to be there for whatever event she was in that day.

I remember once, Candace questioning me with an attitude of disdain, why was the camera left behind? I felt awful,thinking "How could I forget again?". Later that evening I followed up on her question. My response was, "my heart took the pictures and I'll hold them inside forever". Those pictures mean more to me than anything taken with a camera.

Be very very careful, material things mean nothing without the people. I was a good Mom, however every harsh word or action I regret more than I can begin to put into words. I could list all the inappropriate behaviors I see for 22 minutes an episode. Gosselins, you know what they are and yours to correct.

Submitted for publication via email from Carol Sue.

Love is a Behavior, Not a Feeling

I have read many comments defending Jon and Kate with the sentiment that "no matter what, they love their kids". I beg to differ. Many of the decisions being made by Jon and Kate are clearly not the decisions of loving parents.

Love is a loaded word in the English language, full of shades and nuances. We use it to refer to everything from the immature warm, fuzzy feelings of affection to an actual commitment borne out by a behavior.

All love begins as a feeling, an amalgamation of pleasurable emotions. Often those feelings never evolve beyond the simple, uncomplicated affection we hold for casual friends and other acquaintances. The love we hold for close friends, parents, siblings, spouses, and other relatives is usually stronger, but more complex and makes us more vulnerable.

The love we hold for our children, however, is incomparable to any other. The child begins life as an infant, and through growth and maturation -- a challenging struggle -- becomes a fully-realized person. The same goes for the love a parent has for a child. It usually begins as a powerful, sweeping, all-encompassing emotion before settling down into a sublime warmth deep in the heart. And while the word "love" is used to refer to those powerful feelings, there is deeper meaning of "love" that goes light years beyond mere human emotion.

The mature, fully-realized picture of parental love requires work and sacrifice. It is a decision and a commitment. A decision to act in the best interest of the child, and a commitment to continue making those decisions even when it becomes very difficult to do so. So when you say, "Jon and Kate love their children.", you could be referring to squishy feelings for their children, but it is doubtful that you are referring to an ongoing commitment to make decisions in the best interests of those children.

The way I see it, the love that Jon and Kate may feel for their children has not yet grown into mature parental love. Mature parental love would never encourage and participate in long-term exploitation. Mature parental love would never publicly mock and ridicule because it makes good TV. Mature parental love would not repeatedly succumb to greed and selfishness at the expense of children's needs -- it would not sell out a child's privacy and dignity for money and material perks or fleeting fame.

Mature parental love is a behavior, not a feeling. An ongoing, selfless commitment demonstrated by specific behaviors -- far more mature (and more difficult) than just enjoying a warm fuzzy feeling. And considering that narcissistics are pathologically incapable of mature parental love, I don't see Kate growing in this area any time in the near future.

Heading South / Wild Horses

TLC is airing two new Jon & Kate Plus 8 episodes tomorrow night (Monday August 11th).

The first is a 30-minute feature starting at 9:00 p.m. Eastern titled Heading South:
Jon and Kate want to combine a speaking engagement in the South with a family trip to the beach, so they pack up for the drive, but the long car ride may pose a challenge to the sextuplets.

The second is a 30-minute feature starting at 9:30 p.m. Eastern titled Wild Horses:
Jon and Kate take the kids on a ride in a Jeep as they track wild horses along the beach. Later, a climb up a lighthouse reveals one of them is afraid of heights.

Interesting comment from Corolla Outback Adventures (emphasis added):
Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8", recently brought their twins and sextuplets on a working vacation.

The fruits of that work, featuring staff from Corolla Outback Adventures, will be shown Monday, Aug. 11 at 9:00 p.m. on The Learning Channel. The Gosselin kids will supply the adventures.

Kate Gosselin: A Woman of Deep Faith

Part One:

I have posted here before, but I would like to keep my name off of this entry. Additionally, what I'm about to share was told to me by someone intimately involved with the issue. This person doesn't wish to answer any questions, but they would like the record to be set straight. They are tired of the lies perpetuated by Jon and Kate.

#1 - Kate's disdain for family is not an entirely passive pursuit. The incident with Aunt Jodi being a perfect example: Kate set an arbitrary limit (no gum, except when Kate personally gives it to the kids) and then aggressively bitched out Jodi for getting gum on the bear. This was not the first incident where Kate gave Jodi rules that were only rules for Jodi. In fact, depending on who you are, the rules can change quite dramatically. These subjective and autocratic rules are the reason why the extended family is not "actively involved". Kate was confronted by more than one member of her family a while back and those who dared question her were dismissed. But, it doesn't stop there. If that were the end of it, then this person wouldn't have come forward. The problem is that Kate never forgets a slight and will continue to use it as ammunition long after the original grievance. Understandably, people tire of this treatment very, very quickly. Many of the extended family are hurt by the cold shoulder that has been extended to them. Some have even chosen to remove themselves from the kids lives as they feel that bouncing in-and-out at the whim of an arbitrary dictator would cause the children more harm than good. Children deserve stability. Even if the stability includes a lack of extended, familial support.

#2 - The "fender bender". Kate has allegedly claimed that she was fearful of stopping to exchange information because she didn't want to be recognized. She felt "unsafe". Keep in mind, this accident did not happen on a busy interstate or bridge or location wherein pulling over or finding a parking lot was impossible. Does she really imagine herself to be such a celebrity that she fears people who SHE bumps? It would be understandable if someone purposefully tail-gated or rear ended her (or otherwise made her feel stalked/followed). But, I seriously doubt that everyone in Pennsylvania is driving around hoping to get hit by one of the Gosselins. This is a weak excuse and further illustrates the lack of reality based thinking.

#3 - The signs on the lawn became the talk of the neighborhood. The general consensus was that it was a step towards promoting the "fears" she has for her family. However, interestingly, she didn't stop any of the delivery men who came to the door with freebies. A couple of neighbors suspect that the signs were, in part, a reaction to kids in the neighborhood who wanted to play or see the house/'tups/twins. Granted, having kids on your lawn when you don't want them there is annoying. However, if you don't wish for your children to form friendships in their neighborhood, then maybe you should not play in plain sight on your drive-way and give pedestrians the evil eye as they dare walk past your home or drive by your home. Other people live in that neighborhood.

#4 - At a recent family outing, a child came over to the family and asked for an autograph. The family was not eating or engaged in something that required their attention, but waiting for cameras to be set and shots framed. The child was rudely turned away and, supposedly, Kate was heard to remark that the "child needed to learn privacy and manners". I think anyone who seeks out a reality show and accepts repeated and constant donations from the public should learn how to smile and give a child, who likely was very excited to see someone from television, a freakin' autograph! Adults should know better, sure. A child? That's a little different. It would've taken a moment to be kind. That's it.

In conclusion, I believe that the edges are starting to fray. If you desire an isolated, private existence, then do as the Dilleys and other families with multiples have done: turn the cameras away or limit the intrusion to occasional updates. People who have donated substantial money, time, and goodwill do not deserved to be treated as second class citizens. For all that the G's have been given, they show no effort to give anything back. Would it kill them to give an autograph without a cover charge? Or, how about giving one of their freebie trips to a family who has a relative in hospice? What about giving the hand-me-downs to a homeless shelter or children's temporary custody home? I'm not going to play the Christian card on them. After all, that's not our job. But, I don't think it's crossing the line to suggest a bit of humility or consideration for human beings less fortunate. Thank you for allowing me this vent.


Part Two:

Truth Will Set You Free, thank you putting yourself out there to say what needs to be said. From what I've heard, seen, and experienced about Jon and Kate, they have no concept of the phrase "Get over it!" That makes them people I have no desire to expose myself to. When I used to my real name to post, I got a shit storm of nasty-grams from someone who I'm almost positive was either Jon or Kate. I don't fear the e-mails. But, I do think that once this cookie crumbles, they'll start looking for legal recourse from the people who gave out this sort of info.

Kate has an iron trap memory and will never, never, ever take ownership for her words or actions. It's far easier to kill the messenger. That's part of the passive-aggressive behavior. She claims that the world is out to get her or that some of what has been said is personal. She can't answer to the issue or a critique; but, she can shun, twist, and manipulate people.

Maybe you can confirm, or deny, the following behaviors/actions?

An ex-friend (and helper) of the Gosselins said that Kate looks over the kids head-to-toe after they've been with Jodi because Jodi was "too permissive and didn't watch the kids as well" as she (Kate) does. Kate told this same person that people who've been on the show should have no reason to complain about how they've been treated because she was "gracious" enough to allow them to travel with them on fun trips. But, this rings contrary to what we've seen on television. During the Disney World trip, and despite the fact that it was a fully covered trip with no expenses, Kate would not allow anyone to pick up the rooms that the helpers were staying at. These women were in no way compensated for their help and Kate believes that just being taken along was compensation enough. I have no doubt that these women volunteered to help. They are good and decent people who know how to look past someone's flaws and see the bigger picture (the children's happiness).

But, we're seeing a pattern of Kate going out of her way to be unkind and, at times, completely dismissive of the people who help her. Jon allows her to do this which makes me question his integrity. It's not a male power (husband is always right) thing... he shouldn't have to the power to veto all of her decisions or share an opinion. But, as a spouse, you should attempt to help each other grow and become the best people they can be. Jon should wake-up and see just how bad this situation is getting. But, in a sense, I think he deals with Kate much like an ostrich that sticks it's head in the sand. It's easier to agree with her and hop on her delusional bandwagon that it is to correct/critique her or speak up. He's guilty by association and tolerance for poor behavior.

When I heard about their potential move, I was not surprised. In fact, some locals called it as much as 18 months ago. Many people who surrounded the Gosselins with love, support, and...let's be frank, cash and freebies, are done. Stick a fork in them. Kate uses someone until they question her. Then she dumps them and moves on. There are few in this town who still regard them with respect. For the people in their locale, this isn't about a TV show or the G's fame. It's about being treated like garbage. It's the fact that they have to put up with this egotistical nonsense first hand. Kate exhausts people (Ha! Maybe her use of the word reveals more than we think?). Moving will give her a relatively clean slate. She'll have an entirely new population to take advantage of and con into believing that their life is one difficulty after another. Kate's like a wild fire that burns through a forest at epic speeds and destructiveness. Like the burnt forest, it takes a long time to repair the damage and get back to normal.

Blog entry created from comments posted by

Episode Recap: A Day in the Life - 01/07/2008

Written by Dew

Alexis or Leah: "On this episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight!" I cannot for the life of me tell those two apart. Not that I'm trying very hard. Though everyone else? No problem.

Anyway, on this episode: Screaming! Crying! Hitting! Harder hitting! Chaos! More screaming! Kate says huffily, "Kids everywhere!" Yeah, that might happen when you have eight children. It's 6:10 AM, and everyone is awake. Even Kate, who has said many times before she routinely gets to sleep in while Jon and everyone else takes care of her responsibilities. She's complaining about being up so early, of course, and pounding the coffee. I think the producers thought it might look odd to just let Kate sleep in like normal on a filming day. Besides, Figure 8 knows for damn sure it's all calm and pleasant and rather boring, frankly, when Kate is not around, so I suspect producer Jen probably dragged her out of bed at the ungodly hour of six AM so they could get some good footage right off the bat and not have to wait several more hours for the real show to begin. I try to remember the last time I got up later than six AM, but I'm only depressing myself. Kate informs us that perfect twin Cara always awakes and gets ready for the day "beautifully," because she is the good twin. Mady, the evil twin, in case you didn't remember, does not. "Say whha???" says Jon. Jon rightly and justifiably corrects Kate and tells her actually no, Cara is just as much of a pain as Mady, get your facts right, beeitch! Well, that's not exactly how he says it, but close enough. Turns out reality is Cara does not get up quite as beautifully as she does in Kate's head. This six-year-old can't even dress herself, actually. Jon has to practically put her clothes on for her. And for some reason she brings her clothes downstairs to dress. Even with the crew there and the cameras and the rest of the zoo? That's a little odd. But no one else seems to think this is all that strange.

Cara is shown whining around downstairs. It's so beautiful when a child whines. Jon says "let the people know" that he is the one who gets the twins ready for school. It's okay Jon, we already knew that. We believed you a long time ago. Kate is all making fun of him that he wants his public, I guess that means us, to be clear about who is pulling more than their fair share here. It would be fine to make fun if she actually did stuff. But since she doesn't, point goes to Jon here. Again, it was always perfectly clear who does the lion's share of the work in this family, so Jon can just relax.

Haha, Mady is informing Cara over breakfast that she is sitting in her spot. Cara is all, I am not. Mady insists, "Just one day you just stole my place." I'm sure that's exactly what happened back in the day, and I'm sure everyone believed Cara's version of the story and not Mady's. But since "places" at a table are a little silly, and it should kind of be first come first served, like most things in life are, I'm afraid Mady's gonna have to suck up this particular issue. Jon and Kate talk about how their schedule has changed so much since the twins started first grade and go to school all day. I assume they mean they can't plan as many production events that involve the twins during the week anymore, and since production usually wants all eight kids present come hell or high water, now that they're in school scheduling certain tapings has become really hard! Good job, twins, it's all your fault.

Jon and Kate seemed genuinely shocked that the girls are actually in school all day now, as if they didn't realize this moment would come and come very soon. It's not nostalgia exactly, it's more like, dang, I didn't notice our children are in first grade until now. Well, it would be hard to notice what with trying to put on a national television show all the time. Kate takes us through a laundry list of foods Cara and Mady like and don't like as she finishes packing their lunches. I suppose this is to convince us she pays attention to the individuality of her children. Not convinced. And, yawn, boring. Except for the part about Mady not liking dairy products. Really, all dairy products? Kate scoffs at this just being Mady, but I worry that the child might possibly be lactose intolerant which, by the way, occurs much more frequently among the Asian population. Kate maybe should know that, being a nurse, bring it to the attention of her pediatrician and maybe get her some meds that would make dairy a lot more pleasant for her. However, Kate never sees Mady's little quirks as anything more than annoying inconveniences Mady has dreamed up to make Kate's life harder. Poor Mady, she's going to miss out on string cheese her whole life AND have brittle bones, because of Kate. Kate tucks a family photo and a note in their lunchboxes to read at school, which is what my mom did sometimes, and I adored it. Kate made a little bubble coming from her mouth in the photo. Oh, God, Kate won't shut up even when it's just a picture of her! I assume the bubble says, "Hello, over here, eight kids coming through!" or something to that effect. Okay, Kate's napkin note to Mady is debatable. On the one hand it's sweet in that it talks about how much she loves her and misses her. On the other hand, it's a passive-aggressive lecture about being kind and not being a brat at school. Which is annoying at any age. I would feel better if Cara's note were identical so I would know Kate's not just picking on Mady as usual, but we never see hers. Nonetheless, I've never known a first grader to actually pull out their napkin and use it for anything other than spit wads, so I don't know if Mady ever even saw the note.

The little kids are in the master bedroom watching morning cartoons, according to their parents. You know, Kate and Jon often lie and say the kids don't watch TV, when they in fact do watch TV. But it appears they watch a reasonable amount and it's never been suggested they watch too much or are plopped in front of the tube for any lengthy period of time, and I don't get why Jon and Kate ever felt the need to pretend that their children don't watch TV. It doesn't mean you're a bad parent or something. It's perfectly reasonable to let them watch twenty minutes of cartoons while the adults focus on getting the twins out the door. Sadly, I think the TV thing is truly a reflection of how on the defensive they are right now about their parenting. And how much they miss the mark on what the real issue is that so many people have with them. I'll give them a hint, it's not about how much TV the children watch. But it does have to do with TV, and how your children are on it. Every week. Without so much as a break between seasons. It's like they heard the public was upset about something to do with TV, but didn't quite get all the details. On the actual TV though? That looks like Jon and Kate Plus 8 to me. Is this considered a cartoon to Kate? I suppose sometimes it feels like maybe Road Runner the way she clonks Jon all the time. All she needs is an anvil. Good, so the kids can start the day fresh watching their parents berate, belittle and ridicule the six of them, Mady, and each other. They might need cups of coffee of their own after this. Collin says "Sassy" hit him. Who's Sassy? A Tup we don't know about who until now managed to escape all this madness somehow? Oh, it's just Alexis. I guess that's her new nickname or something. I'm not sure how Kate says with a straight face, "We don't touch other people. We keep our hands to ourselves." Since Sassy/Alexis was just watching Jon and Kate Plus 8, maybe she saw her mother hit her father and just imitated it. Like kids imitate video games and things like that. Anyway, she heads to time out. I wish someone would send Kate to time out when she slaps Jon. Kate and Jon say time outs are "sporadic" and "often." Last time I checked, those two words were antonyms. Kate needs to be donated a dictionary. Maybe the Webster people were watching this episode.

These parents get into a ridiculously long explanation of their use of time outs. They've already covered this ad nauseum in previous episodes, so I won't go into it lest I fall asleep. Bottom line, when the kids hit, they go into time out. When Kate hits, it's a big joke. Geez, Kate says when Alexis wants something "she'll like beat somebody to get it, and that's just Alexis." Um, no, that's just bad behavior.

Kate says it is so lonely with the twins gone all day, even though that's crazy to say. It's crazy to miss your kids? Okay, Crazy. Coming up! Kate is so lonely without the twins she has resorted to throwing dirty diapers around. And at the producer who pretty much made her who she is, no less! We're back, and the kids are talking about how Aaden peed on the floor last night. Ew, how did that happen?! Kate can't believe the boys still aren't potty trained. But wasn't it Kate herself who said she was holding back the boys because she wanted to do the girls first? So, maybe that's why they're not potty trained, genius. The thing is, these kids have everything else done for them, it doesn't surprise me they don't realize they actually have to go to the bathroom by themselves. Kate indulges Aaden by changing his diaper in the middle of the living room floor. For some reason Kate chucks Aaden's dirty diaper at producer Jen. I thought the point of a reality show is to pretend the crew isn't there. She is treating Jen like her, well, her maid, I guess. Although most people I know with maids are much more polite to them. Kate claims she can't even remember this incident. She has what is termed selective memory, just like what my grandmother always said my grandfather had. Fortunately, Kate's dirty deed was captured on film, otherwise we might as well just resign ourselves to the fact that it never happened. Jen says, "You wanna tell me why you think that's okay?" That's right, Jen! It's not okay! Kate kind of laughs it off, and Jen somewhat chuckles, but you can tell it's a chuckle that sort of says, "I'm irritated about this and it was very inappropriate, but it's kind of hard to convey that without being a total bitch." To that I say, go ahead be a bitch. But that's just me. Kate actually apologies. Although it really has no actual sincerity behind it, because Kate is one dimensional and thinks Jen is completely joking. Even though Jen really isn't. At most, she's half joking. Jen continues firmly, "you're sorry that you threw feces at me?" I'm for one sorry that Jen got feces thrown at her. I think Jen is smart, kind of hip, and I like her glasses. But I do not like that she is an active participant in the child exploitation that is this show.

Moving on. It's breakfast time, and now Kate is throwing stuff at her children, this time a bib at Collin. Kate thinks this is hysterical, but Collin is slightly annoyed, I'm not sure over the fact that his bib was thrown at his face, or that he still has to wear a bib. Honestly, they need bibs at breakfast? For heaven's sake, are they having barbecued fruit loops or something? I wish Collin had a little better hand/eye coordination and threw that bib right back in her face. Oh well, the time will come, soon. Kate says in that martyr tone she loves to embody, all she does all day is make a meal, clean up a meal, and change diapers. She forgot, and make her TV show. Hannah has a few bits of cereal on her placemat and is eating them off the mat. At most it's like four little cereal flakes. Kate warns her, "If you make a mess, you're done." Done? What does that mean? That sounds serious. And Hannah is only three and physically doesn't have the coordination yet to eat as neat as a new pin, so how much of a mess will Kate allow here? You know, Kate puts these children in bibs, sort of acknowledging messes are going to happen. Certainly they shouldn't be intentionally making huge messes, but a little disorganization is a reality at meals when kids are this little. Besides, that's how you learn how to handle the task better. Before Hannah can even get a chance to clean up her four-cereal-flakes "mess," and mind you there wasn't even a cut here to indicate any passage of time, Kate says that's it, she's done, and takes her cereal away! So, she doesn't get to eat breakfast now? Hannah is understandably upset. Normally I think Hannah gets away with murder just like her mentor Cara and I'd be happy to see her not getting away with something for once, but this is way out of line. Even more disturbing? Hannah tries to explain that she simply didn't want to eat the milk and was trying to get the cereal out of the milk. She wants dry cereal, you see. Heck, maybe she's lactose intolerant, too. But that doesn't cross Kate's mind, again. All Kate has to ask is, "Does the milk make your tummy hurt, honey?" This is not hard. Instead, she drags Hannah into time out when Hannah tries to explain herself further. Kate suggests a whole episode about kids going to time outs. Um, no thanks. After breakfast she brushes their teeth. Tip from Kate: leave a set of toothbrushes downstairs and one upstairs. Okay, that might actually be the first rather useful household tip she has ever given us, even though most mothers have probably figured this out already. Because kids never want to brush their teeth in the first place, so having toothbrushes close by so they don't have to trudge all the way upstairs to do it isn't a bad idea. Of course Kate might be surprised to learn that a heck of a lot of Americans can't even afford a two-story house, so this isn't really an issue for many families. Production lets the kids listen to the headphones and play with the microphone and camera and interact with the crew. This episode really lives up to its name, Day in the Life, in that the children do indeed spend many days with headphones, microphones, and cameras in their faces! Well done.

Kate takes the kids outside where she has tied in about six knots a jump rope to Collin's little car and a little wagon. Collin is picking up and pulling around various siblings, which is cute. Kate says he does things like this because he's a control freak. Wonder where he gets that from. Aaden wants a ride, too, and Kate instructs him to say "Excuse me, Joel, it's my turn." Instead, Aaden turns to Joel and just says: "Out." Ha! After all the people on the forums complained for about six months that Kate never reads with her children, they finally show us Kate sharing a book with them. Well, when I say children, I mean the important ones. The girls, that is. Alexis, I think, clonks Collin on the head. Kate sends her to time out, where she screams and a sound guy stands by to capture it all with the microphone. Why is the crew in every shot of this episode? So weird. I guess I go back to, since it's day in the life, and the crew is part of that, that's why they keep showing them. Commercials.

We're back, and in a further attempt to convince us Kate is attentive and engages her children, she is setting up little art projects for them with crayons and stamps and things. She warns them if they fight over the crayons they will be "gone." Into the black hole where Hannah's cereal went I assume! Kate admits she needs to make more of an effort to do things like this with them, which is refreshing to hear. Kate is making lunch. And by lunch I mean about four tortilla chips with a little bit of salsa on top. That looks so very filling and satisfying. Kate has left all of these children outside alone in the garage again, Mady and Cara for sure aren't there since they're at school and Jon is at work, and when she opens the door we don't even see any crew anywhere at least making sure nobody dies. I really fear someday some terrible accident is going to happen and not only will no one have seen it to know what happened, but no one will be around to help the poor child. Frightening. Alexis, I think, is screaming and clutching her head. Collin hit her. Kate orders Collin to say he's sorry and hug her. Alexis rightly cries, "No!" and brushes Collin off. Be battered by an abuser, then hug the abuser. Yeah, I think I would be saying "No!" too. I also think there were no crew out there with them because nobody caught this incident on film. Otherwise they would have shown it. Though I'm more concerned poor Alexis was told to hug the child who just hurt her. Kate brings them out their four tortilla chips. She remarks how cranky her children are at lunch and how "horrible." Maybe because their lunch consists of about four tortilla chips? Just a hunch. Alexis and Collin are fighting once again. This is getting old. Collin forcefully pushes her off the bench at lunch. I shouldn't find this funny, but I do. He was so persistent about it, pushing and pushing until she topples over. Alexis screams like a banshee. A literal banshee. God. Kate and Jon explain those two are not good together. You might say they go together like oil and water, tea and salt, or Kate and her estranged family members. Kate's punishment? She orders them to "hug each other. Now!" I thought punishment was time out. They just explained time outs before the last commercial. Now the punishment is hugging? Realizing she doesn't have much of a choice here, Alexis reluctantly leans in for a second to allow the abuser to touch her again. "They will not be taking each other to the prom," Kate remarks. Ew, I would hope they wouldn't be doing that anyways. This isn't the Duggar family or something. At least I don't think so. However, Kate loves Collin because he helps clean up everything. He is her helper boy. He is forgiven I guess. The way to Mommy's heart is through a dust cloth. It's naptime, and Kate is still insisting the kids hug. Why? It is naptime, not disembarking for the Italian Riviera for the summer. The kids are like, whatever. Even one of the boys says, "For cripe sake, Mother, I don't want to hug!" Actually, he just says "I don't want to hug," but same idea. The girls say they want to have nap time with the boys, and Kate says they may not sleep with the boys until they are married. I know what she means, but ick! It makes it sound like they can't sleep with their brothers until they get married. Gross. Naptime isn't exactly naptime, we find out. It's a time for Kate to turn on the TV for the kids and have some quiet. Fair enough. Woo-hoo, they're watching Dutch Wonderland, which I recapped here. And if you read my recap you'll know how horrendously traumatic and stressful this episode was, not the least of which was Kate and Jon remarking about what a downright pain in the ass Mady is all the time, so this is great naptime viewing here for the kids. Even Kate admits, "A lot of howling in that one." Ha!

Kate says the episodes are comforting to the kids. Comforting is not exactly the word that comes to mind when I think of this show. I suppose since Mommy and Daddy are telling their story all over the country every weekend at various speaking engagements, or locked downstairs doing interviews, or on the phone about the show and everything else, this is all they have sometimes. And then something truly hysterical happens. Truly, truly hysterical. An episode is playing on TV, and in the episode Kate is yapping about something as the camera films the TV as the episode plays. And a child reaches up their hand and draws a giant "X" with their finger over Kate on the TV screen. What the hell?? Oh my God, who did this? And how outrageously hysterical! I swear to God this hand looks a lot bigger than the little kids'. Kinda like it might be Mady's hand, even though she's not home. But this could have been filmed out of order. I just about pee my pants. And wish so much I knew which child that was. But to whomever that was, I salute you!

Coming up, Kate dreads the time of day when Cara and Mady come home from school. We're back. Kate and some of the children greet Mady and Cara off the bus. They don't even look at Kate, I notice. Mady says school is great. Oh, good, I am so relieved to hear that. Because after Dutch Wonderland I really pitied that child between the hours of nine and three. Then Mady says, well, not that great. Oh, geez. We find out that the jump rope used to tie Collin's car to the wagon? It was Mady's. And she's quite pissed off that her jump rope was tied in about six knots and used in this manner. On the one hand, she should share her toys. On the other hand, WTF! It's her jump rope, her property, nobody asked her if they could use it, and, moreover, they misused it by tying it up a bunch of times and then not even bothering to put it away when they were done. It probably has wrinkles in it now from all the knots. And Mady had to untie the damn thing herself and it looked like it took a long time. So I'm on Mady's side for this one. Kate points out how perfect twin Cara said they could use her jump rope. Fine, then go use Cara's. And that's different, since Cara is offering, and her jump rope wasn't taken from her behind her back before she could even say how she felt about it. But that doesn't make Mady's disgruntlement any less important. At minimum, I think Kate should have at least said, we so appreciate that your rope was around since the little kids needed something to tie the cars together. Thank you, Mady. Instead she acts like, golly gee I don't get why Mady would be bent out of shape about this! Maybe, just maybe, if they asked Mady first, Mady might very well have said no problem. The issue here is it was swiped from her without so much as giving her a say, and then wasn't untied and put back when they were done, showing a total lack of respect for her property. What I don't understand was why Kate didn't just return Mady's jump rope to the garage when they were done and Mady would have never been the wiser. Mind you, the car and wagon scene was before lunch, before their naps, hours before the twins came home. I sometimes wonder if Kate subconsciously likes to get a rise out of Mady by doing things like this. And if so, that's really sad. Kate has finally found a new word for exhausted. She must have gotten a thesaurus. She's "ragged" now.

Poor Aaden isn't feeling very well. Kate starts cooking dinner and freaks out over something. Not sure. I think she's mad that one child was in her way. Okay. Mady is outside watching the children. Kate starts to say how helpful that is and what a good job she does, but then she just can't do it and has to throw in how very rough and bossy Mady is. Rough and bossy. The pot calling the kettle black might we say? Upstairs, one of the blackout blinds on the window is refusing to go up. This happens all the time with these kind of blinds, you have to sort of just gently fiddle with it and it will slide up. Kate tries to fix it by pulling on it so hard that the whole thing comes crashing down on her. Ha! I suspect she will blame Mady or possibly Joel for the blind falling down. By the way, I love blackout blinds. I love as much darkness as possible when I'm sleeping. I'm getting tired, this episode feels really long for just being one day.

Aww, poor Aaden threw up. Kate gives him a bucket and he is so unbelievably precious with his little glasses staring forward as he clutches the bucket. His expression is all, "Ehh, my tummy don't feel so good." Poor little guy. Kate gives him a sweet kiss on his head. He goes to lie down in a chair and Leah strokes his hair and comforts him so sweetly. Hannah comes over and Leah is all like, you should get away from him or he'll throw up on your hands. Leah is basically like, shut up, Hannah. At least someone's not afraid to tell it to her like it is. Daddy is finally home. Kate is already bitching that Jon is going to be mad she hasn't turned the air conditioning on. He always says, "Why isn't the air on?!" And Kate says, "Because I don't have time to do a scavenger hunt through the house!" Does she mean closing all the windows? Because I would hope she knows where her house's windows are and doesn't have to actually do a hunt for them. She reminds us so often how small this house is, it can't have too many hidden windows for her to be looking for. When we turned the air on, I remember my mom making me and my sibling "hunt" around the house and close all the windows. I think it took all of 30 seconds. These kids are almost old enough to be able to close the windows themselves, depending on how hard to move they are. Cara and Mady for sure can be instructed to close all the windows. Unlike the twins ignoring their mother when they get off the bus, the kids run to Daddy and are thrilled to see him. Jon asks, "Who ripped the blind?!" Kate, Jon. Kate! Blindgate! Kate won't fess up though. The episode ends with even Jon complaining how annoying Mady is. I guess she wanted to hand him the art projects the little kids made. Who cares who hands it to him as long as someone does? Yes, that is just so annoying! Not. Mady wants to be in control. "I don't know anyone like that," Kate says dryly. You would think it's nice she at least acknowledges her control freak nature. Except for some reason I think she's actually referring to Jon here! Funny. Every day, Kate says, "is painfully the same, yet vastly different." The hell? Every day is painful to her? Sorry, but what an ungrateful bitch. She just got to spend a nice day with the kids when most working mothers would kill to be able to stay home when their children are this age. They read, they did art projects, pulled each other around in a wagon, and had a nice long nap. And that was painful to her? The kids will be watching this episode too during naptime, I presume. And then randomly, Kate and Jon make a beeline for some gourmet jellybeans behind the interview couch. I could use some gourmet jellybeans myself, to wash away the bad taste in my mouth after this episode.