Truly, a Match Made in Heaven

"Regardless of what the truth is, nobody wins."

Truth is neutral; it doesn't rely on wins or losses. I think J&K and their fans use the "hate card" in a futile attempt to discredit their critics.

No one to my knowledge -- at least on this site -- harbors any hatred toward the parents. I'm more amused by them than anything; their malaprops are a hoot.

Jon and Kate preen for the camera: watch us dance, watch us grow hair, watch us whiten our teeth, watch us shop, watch us, watch us, and watch us some more.

We did watch because the kids were so darn cute. At some point, producer Jen Stocks and/or Jon and Kate deluded themselves into thinking that two unemployed, covetous parents were the draw. I guess that's what happens when you start to believe your own public relations (or your smitten producer's skewed judgment).

It might be time for Figure 8 Films to reconsider its mission statement: "Accuracy is very important as is sensitivity and respect for our subjects and our audience." Get out of town, you kidders!

Figure 8 claims their intent is to make the "world a more understanding place. ..." What I've come to understand from watching their show is this: Jon and Kate Gosselin are divisive, dumb, and way too obvious. And Figure 8 Films profits at the expense of toddlers.

Truly, a match made in heaven.

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FIONA said...

I think it is vital to get Figure 8information out there. I will be doing my own corresponding to the producer of the show.

Secrets are her thing.....hope she is good at keeping them.

I certainly see no dignity or respect in her work. And in looking at others she has lured in, I personally was moved by the cojoined twins story, but have heard many rude comments on blogs comparing J and K to them as if those girls were a freak show. I found that appauling. I don't know how or why Jen Stocks has found people who have struggles that many would classify in a way that I will not....but it is as though she preys on the what most people would consider different or odd.

I have never once seen Jen Stock produce the J and K show with dignity or respect.

Where was the dignity in filming Colin when he was ill?

How about the many times when Mady has been so upset? A little girl, all of 6 or 7 melting down due to the dysfunction of her parents and Jen decided Mady wasn't deserving of said dignity....

How about all the boys outside on their potty seats...not too dignified, but at 3 do they deserve dignity, apparently not.

How has Jen made us more understanding of Mother's with multiples? Not from Kate.

I don't know who is worse, Jen or Jon and Kate or shall I just say Jate or Kon. I am sure they would love a celeb name.

sistah2 said...

Well said. Unfortunately, a producer like this combined with people such as J&K is, as above, "a match made in heaven". The show wont be stopped as long as they are making $$. Reality tv producers may be sleazy, but they need willing participants in order to get it done. J&K are more than willing - they are probably downright demanding for more.

Anonymous said...

Collin was a little constipated - he did not have Malaria.

sistah2 said...

I think you are confusing episodes, I dont believe Fiona meant the constipation. correct me if I am wrong too - but there was the incident when JOEL (?) vomited and was banished to the laundry area, and of course was filmed to the hilt.

Anonymous said...

I saw that episode where Joel was sick and put in the laundry area. But I didn't see anything wrong with is an area of the house with easily cleanable floor and is right across the hall from Jon and Kate's bedroom.
Children that age don't often wake up in time to make it to the bathroom or the provided bucket. With 8 children, the carpet would likely never recover as it seems when one gets sick they all get sick.
Now should that be filmed? Absolutely not, it provides nothing of value and only robs the child of the privacy he deserves.


WHo is really to blame? Jen the producer, J&K the parents, the editors, the cameramen? One of those? Or ALL?

Anonymous said...

I agree, I do not hate Jon and Kate, I feel sorry for them, but I feel more sorry for their kids...I think of the impact the DVD's and re-runs of their lives (potty-training, Collin in the furniture store with his 'problem', mom and dad making fun of them in their 'interview chair, etc, etc) will have on them as they get older...very sad...

Anonymous said...

I recently viewed the episode where the boys are with Jon and Bob at Bob's house and the boys are made to go potty outside. First of all, I thought it was really insensitive and gross to make them do their business out on the front driveway...if it had to be outside (as to not mess up the Carson's million dollar home), why not the back??? Then on top of that, they were filmed, all three in row, pants down, doing their business. YIKES

Then Jon goes on to comment in length on how the boys react to having to "go" outside. Hey gotta fill up that airtime somehow, right?? Then, and this is the kicker, he comments about how Collin felt weird because he didnt know who was watching and so he took a long time!! I had heard Kate say this before when she was potty training them in the house. She said Collin had "performance anxiety' and that's why it took him so long (unlike Alexis the super pooper)

Now I have to ask.... why do they all seem to lack the most basic common sense and respect for privacy for these kids?? Why are they treating them like barnyard animals and not respecting their basic human rights? Not only did no one say say... geez this might be embarrassing for these kids later, let's not film this, but some of the tups were obviously embarrassed NOW and instead of reacting like a normal concerned parent and ceasing to film,realizing what a bad idea it was to begin with, they choose make the segment extra long with all the comments about Collin's hesitations and embarrassment and pooping skills. Well collin buddy, you were right to be worried about who was watching... not only the folks out and about your neighborhood that day, but MILLIONS OF VIEWERS later.

I tell you it TOTALLY boggles my mind and I will never be able to understand what is WRONG with this adults. Is greed worth it?????

Anonymous said...

Collin was a little constipated-he did not have Malaria.

Jeez, this "disturbs me to my core" as Queen Kate would say.

Collin is a small child, a child still in diapers at that time, he can't grab himself some Colace, step up his roughage and fluid intake as an adult might know to do.

I worked as a pediatric nurse for several years, more importantly, I actually loved, cared for, and raised my own sons.

Responsible parents have the honor and obligation of monitoring their children's well-being.

Spiritually, emotionally, physically,all the way down the road.

Collin's parents KNEW that he was having problems. They said as much. Typically, they ignored them.

Sometimes prolonged constipation goes this way: Constipation--fecal impaction--bowel obtruction-big and potentially dangerous condition.

Collin was no longer constipated, he had progressed to impaction. We know this because when his mother finally paid attention to him { largely because she was annoyed at being interrupted during her "as important as World Peace" catalog-perusing} she fobbed him off on his father. Jonboy then had to manually remove his stool.

Collin had severe abdomial pain, was sweating profusely and crying-begging for help.

I'd love to see Kate in that situation, while she clearly lacks the ability to feel empathy for anyone, perhaps a taste of what her son was going through would be poetic justice.

If HerHighAss were to find herself in Collin's predicament, however, I'm certain she would demand a Police escort and Private jet to the Mayo Clinic whilst the Surgeon General was put on high alert.

Same goes for dragging toddlers out past bedtime for a contrived dinner when they have double ear infections.

Should a child need to have Malaria to get access to a modicum of parental concern?

Narcissism, arrogance, ignorance, thy name is Gosselin..

Anonymous said...

you know reading the last few posts, one thing is clear to me, Collin is developing big problems from having to potty in public. He is probably tensing up becuase he doesnt know where the cameras will be next and deep down he knows that cameras in his face while hes going to the bathroom is just plain wrong!

He might also be reacting to the tension in the home. Kids are mirrors, after all.

Anonymous said...

What is Collins reward for being uncomfortable being filmed on the potty? Why that's easy....being filmed on the potty MORE and having his pooping habits dissected for the world. What ass backward logic, pardon the pun. Juat a way to make sure to psychologically mess him up even more.

Kate and Jon are the Anti Parents.

Anon1967 said...

I wonder if the filming doesn't contribute to the constipation issue, if they try to hold it until they think it's safe? I know my son always had a hard time at school, and I actually wrote a note that if he had a stomach ache and needed to come home, he was to be allowed to call me to come and get him. This was in Jr High, and there sometimes weren't doors on the stalls..I never did understand them taking them drinks while sitting on the potty at all..
Another thing that I wonder about, is when the washing machine overflowed, IIRC, someone said it happened often, although I could be wrong. I bet it's from all the destaining she does (or someone does)

Anonymous said...

I know Anon 1:45's post is meant to be absolutely serious, and I have posted much of the same myself time and time again...but it just gave me the mental footage of Kate's behind being filmed from behind while she's walking the way Collin did, and what that would look like, you know...with a load of unmovable poo. Remove the schtick, sweetheart!

Pass the brainbleach, please!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, here is a little something I found in the comments section of the 09/2005 Reading Eagle. Of course, can't verify if it truly came from the relatives Kevin and Kendra, but from the tone and the random CAPS, it seems somebody was already SO over J&K, way back when.


"You dont even have to pay postage! You can now fill your 2 vans!! They are accepting donations @ Boscovs East & Ted Smith on 724.

I am sure you could get a volunteer to watch all the kids, maybe even Angie would stay a little longer.

They need it all, Cribs, dressers, strollers, high chairs, infant seats, swings, bassinettes, diapers, formula, bottles, food & water to just name a few.

I am positive that you have some if not all of these items.

Wouldnt you feel GREAT to know that you have definately GIVEN back to someone in NEED !!

As you not only have a lovely home, 3 vehicles, and a family to tuck in at nite. These people coming here, dont even know where their whole family is ? Nor do they come with anything but the clothes on their backs.


Posted by: Kevin & Kendra at September 7, 2005 10:25 AM

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen when the tups interact with children outside their family...

sabrinasmom said...

Jen Stocks profile states she has a niece. I wonder if she would feel comfortable if her niece (I don't know how old she is) was filmed in the same situations as the tups?

Jon and Kate Plus 8 is not a subject matter comparable to their other productions.

I Figure 8 has sold out (IMO).

Maggie said...

Figure 8 only has the material they are given! I don't think they are doing the Gosselins any favors, I think they probably can't stand them and have quit trying to spin the series more positively. Trouble is, Jon and Kate don't even seem to notice.

The production crew is laughing at them, as are many viewers. Maybe the crew are trying to get out a message. It seems to be working.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

I think when a lot of people say they hate J&K they don't necessarily mean that they hate THEM I think they hate what they've become. Lazy, self indulgent, cruel, and not fun to watch. Seriously who puts footage of their constipated or peeing or bathing kids on national tv like that. As much as some people may not like the Rollofs or the Duggars...they at least treat their children with a measure of dignity.

Anonymous said...

1:45PM I adore Collin - he is my very favorite, however, Collin was walking - not bent over - not laying on the floor, not screaming in pain which he would with a fecal impaction. Jon would not have been able to relieve an impaction but would have required a Physician and probably surgical intervention.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:56 ~ I'm not sure why you believe that a fecal impaction would require surgery. I was a nurses aide many years ago and I can tell you that I frequently had to 'help' residents by manually removing the impaction. Perhaps you were thinking bowel obstruction.

Anonymous said...

If it's OK with J&K and TLC to have the kids' bathroom habits and constipation problems on display, it's only fair to have the kids sit around talking about mommy and daddy's bathroom habits. Can't these kids have a little privacy and dignity?

Anonymous said...

"Can't these kids have a little privacy and dignity?"
The answer is the same as when asked if they could have some fun at the Crayola Factory - "No, not these kids!"

Anonymous said...

"Narcissism, arrogance, ignorance, thy name is Gosselin.."

Thank you anon 1:45. That sums it up perfectly.

Guilty Too said...

WHo is really to blame? Jen the producer, J&K the parents, the editors, the cameramen? One of those? Or ALL?

Shribbled, I agree with your post. I would also like to add viewers have a part as well. Many posters (including myself) express their concern for the kids, yet admit to watching for the trainwreck aspect. Again, myself included. IMO, we are fulfilling our own "greed" by continuing to tune-in each and every week, reruns included. Perhaps if the ratings go down, the cameras will go away?

Serena said...

I would also like to add viewers have a part as well.

Although I do see your point, it would be difficult to be credible when contacting various sponsors, child advocacy representatives, and media outlets with complaints about the show, only to say, "Oh, I never watch it but I hear it's bad.".

We cannot be effective advocates against a show that we never even bother to watch... how else are we to stay well-informed about what the children are being dragged through week after week?

sistah2 said...

getting back to Figure 8 films and their role in this...I believe this was brought up on another thread, but with 40 episodes to fill this year, how quickly will we see the following damage control shows:
helping homeless episode
soup kitchen
dropping off used clothes for needy
stopping at local childrens hospital
That would infuriate me more, at least when we see the vanity trips for hairplugs, etc. there is a hint of reality there. It would be interesting tho, to see Kate grit her teeth doing anything genuine for others.
I guess this week the producers will be brainstorming.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine Jon and Kate being sent out for some charity work. I can also see Kate sulking and lashing out later at the kids because she was forced into doing something that she didn't want to do. It's all about Kate.