The Three Stages of Truth

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer


Jon and Kate have posted a new statement on the front page of their website:
To our faithful fans who deserve an answer,

In the recent days, we have been informed there are a lot of lies circulating about us. Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded. Although it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show. Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them. But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us. Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)
Let's take an in-depth look into it.

Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded.

Jon and Kate have actually done the exact opposite of this. They have worked hard to cover up their real lives as much as possible. Their real lives include personal chefs, gardeners, nannies, personal assistants, and a slew of paid helpers that the viewer does not see on their show. Their real lives include multiple weekend speaking engagements where they tell a false tale of poverty in order to collect love offerings from good-hearted Christians who have their own families to support. They even "covered up" their own parent's faces on their wedding video by having them blurred when it was featured on their show.

Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders

There is the standard Jon and Kate defense. They accuse people of being jealous when the truth is told about them. As we mentioned in our previous post, Reasons Why We Are Not Jealous of Jon and Kate, we came up with a multitude of reasons why we are not jealous of them. Jon and Kate use this as a catch-all defense instead of actually responding to criticism. They are so self-absorbed that they think anyone who disagrees with them is jealous. Nope, not us.

Jon and Kate apparently do not see the irony in the fact that they are the ones choosing to be exposed on TV, therefore causing this stress and the criticism of "jealous bystanders." They have the power to stop, yet they continue. Fame and money are more important to Jon and Kate than their overall family well-being.

family included

Jon and Kate are aware that their family members are very uncomfortable with what they are doing and now they are publicly calling them out as liars. On their show, they have visibly cut off both sets of grandparents and Jodi and Kevin -- not to mention the multiple family members they do not acknowledge at all. Do their children have any family members to bond with? They return to their catch-all defense – they are just jealous. According to Jon and Kate, it seems no family member is worth keeping around their children. As soon as they mention a criticism, they are cut off no matter how close they were with the children.

Jon and Kate also acknowledge that family members have been telling others about their real lives -- family members who have seen it all, babysat all their kids, provided priceless emotional support for their family as well a monetary support. Jon and Kate called them liars.

But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us.

This is one of the most absurd statements of all. Jon and Kate do not define truth. They do not even define their own truth. If someone says Jon and Kate have 8 kids that is the truth. They cannot “approve” that statement; it is true in and of itself. The Earth is round and the ocean is blue. This is a stupid statement meant to ease the minds of the sheeple who follow them. Only the most blind fan worshiper could read that sentence and say “Yes, I agree with them. If Jon and Kate say anything I read on the internet or in print about them is not true then I believe them.” Just getting through life means questioning anything and everything around you and not just blindly following what someone says without research. What if we elected our President by following that logic?

Notice also the tone they use with their fans - "But as a reminder." It is such a condescending tone. Like "we know you are not smart enough to grasp this on your own, so we are reminding you."

Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops.

They are actually thanking people for watching the show that causes so much stress in their family. If they had any compassion whatsoever they would see what their show is doing to their children and stop right now. But no, they are assuring their fans that the show must go on no matter what the cost.

Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

As we have proven on this blog, we know that is another lie. The one grain of truth might be in the fact that the children are their top priority as the money makers for the family. We all know that Jon and Kate do not work a regular job with a place of employment. They get paid per episode for doing their show. They get paid through speaking engagements. The only reason they are able to do this is through the novelty of having twins and sextuplets. They make their children work more than the hardest-working child actor. Even child actors get to go home to a safe camera-free environment at the end of the day. The Gosselin children do not have that luxury. Jon and Kate are literally making money off their children’s backs. If the children were Jon and Kate’s priority, then they would stop doing the show.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)

You can see Jon and Kate’s writing style by looking through the rest of their website. They have horrible grammar and punctuation skills. This statement was most likely written by the new PR firm they hired in order to protect their image. So this last sentence is another lie.

It is ironic that going through the FAQ section of their website the #1 item is this:

1. Contrary to popular belief, none of our kids have been given a college scholarship nor are there any funds set up in any accounts to pay for college!!! That is another area where we are trusting the Lord to provide when that time comes!!!!! Scary, but necessary!!!!!

It is well documented that they sell photographs of their children for $20 cash to put in the children’s college fund. They sell these photos at their speaking engagements and to fans who write them asking for a photo.

It is ironic that the Gosselins chose to update their website with a statement telling their fans that everything on the internet and print is a lie, yet they cannot update their website stating that they are no college funds for the children. (They have not even updated the ages of their children.) Maybe it is because they are still trying to mislead the public into thinking that they are poverty-stricken so they will receive more cash donations.

Submitted for publication by AG.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the following statement from today's damage control on

"Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate."

As code for "there will probably be no law suit or direct denial/answers to all allegations, as we just really can't 'splain away our bad behavior. So we will go into broad- based denial, that encompasses EVERYTHING that we don't want you to believe about us and our business. We will also spin throwing OUR family members and friends under the bus to make you believe that we are the ones being thrown under said bus. Offering basket to follow.

And I don't have one cognitive, problem solving thought in my brain?

Serena said...

Well I have a few of my own to add:

Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded.

In a twisted sort of way, part of this is true -- they have succeeded in showing us their "real life": a life filled with exploited children robbed of their privacy and dignity.

Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders

No, this is not the case -- AS WITH ANYONE? There are many, many people "on TV" who are not viewed with such scorn and criticism. You reap what you sow.

We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate.

Actually, retaliation is one of Jon and Kate's favorite weapons, and they use it to this day against family members who dare expose them.

nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us.

Oh this is priceless. How exactly would one discern if something has been "approved" by the Gosselins? Would you need to request an audience with Jon and Kate like you do with the Holy Pope? Is there an official Gosselin Imprimatur that fans will now need to look for in order to know if they are allowed to believe something?

Anonymous said...

Oy, they should just let it be if it is all lies. While I recognize the need to defend yourself, the reason I looked on the internet for information on J&K+8 is because of the show where they answered "viewers concerns" about them. It was the one where they talked about the absence of grandparents. I hadn't even noticed. After seeing Jon's grandmother on the tups 3rd birthday party I had just assumed that the rest of the family hadn't wanted to be on T.V. Once J&K brought up the subject I thought it was very vague, so I decided to look them up on the internet, thinking I would read about some dastardly deed done by the family. Found out that the situation wasn't so clear cut. Now they bring it up on there web site so that their fans can read about controversy. I think this is message is going to backfire since many of them will just scratch their heads and do an internet search to find out what the controversy is. While I'm sure that once they do some will remain fans others are sure to start questioning more. With these kind of issues you either need to come clean entirely or just not bring the issue up period. Bringing up an issue and then saying we're not going to talk about it but trust us anyway, just adds fuel to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Damage control. The power of the internet will prove to be too much for them to try to cover up stuff for too much longer. TLC may just be losing a huge cash cow for them.

I really thought this family was truly special. I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. Until I did a little digging online.

It's a train wreck that is hard to turn away from. I hope the children will grow up happy, healthy and wise. Perhaps they will all learn from this and become valuable members of our society. Good luck to the little ones.

Anonymous said...

Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

Unless, of course, they have a plane to catch for a free hair transplant. Never mind that the children are sick, taking care of the sick children became Kevin & Jodi's top priority.

Anonymous said...

"But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

That is the most amazing, self-righteous statement I have ever read. I think the cookie is beginning to crumble.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see somebody's PR rep woke up this morning and wiped their ass with the funny papers.

That's hysterical.

Actually it reminds me of another time they wished to reel back in some of their words and actions:

The Gosselins called the day after my telephone interview with Kate. They asked to preview this column before publication. My editor declined their request. Kate then said she wanted to retract everything -- even though she admitted all of it was true.

"People are out to make us look bad," she said.

Anonymous said...

"It is well documented that they sell photographs of their children for $20 cash to put in the children’s college fund. They sell these photos at their speaking engagements and to fans who write them asking for a photo."

Do you think they put the cash in the kid's college fund . . . or in their "lets do something fun for J & K fund?" They must not put it in the college fund, or they would have to admit there is a college fund!

Anonymous said...

Only God will stamp their "approval" in the end.They have sold thier souls to the devil in the name of the almighty dollar. So sad these children will have to live with this the rest of their lives.

Anonymous said...

All the statement needs is a few exclamation points and I would have believed that Jon & Kate wrote it. It actually makes sense, it's absurd, but you can understand the topic of it. That was my first clue that they didn't write it.

Also, if they DID write it, it would have a paypal or "love offering" link at the bottom. Oh wait, scratch that, they want cash only. ;)

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that they have posted that statement. And it was also very stupid. Many a fan may not activiley search the boards for behind the scenes, but once they innocently visit the site and read that it's going to get their curiosity going. It would mind. I'd have to find out what on earth they were talking about.

Dumb, dumb, dumb PR move!

Anonymous said...

"But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

Huh?????? What a stupid statement.
Wish I could think of a brilliant response but am too choked up ROFLMAO.
How come their website is "six gosselins". Why not "8gosselins", or even "10gosselins". This just shows where the emphasis (read $$$$) is-on the backs of the tups. Seems like the twins don't even factor into the family web address. Very sad.

Anonymous said...

Also? Does this mean from now on every time I run across someone droning on about what great parents they are, I can ask - 'Did Jon and Kate approve that statement? Because until you're statement is endorsed by them, I really can't believe it. Jon told me so.'

Anonymous said...

Their statement actually validates much of twhat has been said about them. Without meaning to, they have confirmed that "family members" have been telling tales. As far as I know, Julie is the only one with the guts to blog so I take their statement as a confirmation that julie is the family member.

Anonymous said...

"nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

Wouldn't that statement have been better worded "nothing you read ABOUT US on the internet . . .is true"

The way they wrote it implies that anything, even topics unrelated to the show are subject to Kate's approval. Like weather reports. Or how Brad and Angelina are doing.


iluveeyore said...

Jon & Kate have now deified themselves. Nothing is true unless they have approved it.

They DID NOT DENY that they have a chef, gardener, nannies, etc. What's up with that? Do they or don't they? Stop beating around the bush!

NewMom08 said...

Nothing written about us is true unless approved by us?????????

I'm sorry, what? This may be THE most narcissistic thing I've read that was "written by Jon and Kate".
So, if the media said the sky is blue over your house today, Kate, unless you said it was true, it's not?
So, unless you admit to all the lies and wrongs you have done, they are not true?
WOW. I was never really on the "Kate needs help" side of the fence.

Bicoastal said...


You are twenty steps ahead of me. I just emailed you to ask that you make a box for this hubris. Isn't it grand?

These two trivial glad-handers actually think they have some type of power over what appears on the internet.

If we needed any more evidence that TV fame has consumed a few more ego-sotted plebes, the Gosselin post serves as such proof.

I'm guessing their PR handlers will remove it since it's so counter-productive and will only serve to hasten the end of the Gosselin gravy train.

Hoisted on their own petard; oh, how fitting!

sabrinasmom said...

hurtful untruths notice they didn't say "Lies". This way if what is said for example, "Kate has a personal chef." Kate could say that is an "untruth" because in reality, the person providing the meals is not formally trained, so can not be called a "chef", per se but a "cook" or "meal provider". Semantics Semantics Semantics.

Anonymous said...

"But as a reminder, nothing you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

Holy cow!! I just happened to be on their website this afternoon and almost fell out of my chair. Facts need not be "approved"-they are what they are. I agree that the cookie is crumbling, and that it is going to get ugly for Kate. Like everyone else here, I only pray some of what she's reading lately sinks in and she doesn't take it out on the kids.

Anonymous said...

I am one of the fans that some of the previous comments referred to. I love, love, love this show and I can't get my kids to stop watching it either. I had no idea there was any controversy whatsoever (although I did notice Beth's absence as of late) until I read Jon and Kate's comment on

My Mom referred me to GWOP and HOLY SMOKE!!!!! I have a lot more 'research' to do (I'm having problems finding my way around this site) but I'm not liking what I'm seeing.
I have seen a different side of Jon and Kate and they may have lost a fan, and more importantly,
4 viewers.

P.S. The statement about nothing on the internet being true unless "approved" by them...........I honestly don't even know what to say about that one.

Bicoastal said...

I'm going to disagree with a few posters; I'm convinced J&K authored that drivel.

No PR person in their right mind would release such inflammatory double-speak. It has the parents' grandiose stink all over it.

I'm waiting for the message to disappear ( sort of like cute Aunt Jodi). The PR folks will yank it -- or tell J&K to remove it.

'Ya gotta love something so bush-league. I am seriously laughing my ass off at this.

And whoever lives in PA near the Gosselins should contact the local media that previously wrote stories about them. I think this implosion has legs.

Anonymous said...

So all the 'greatness' and 'words of love' being said about them on the INTERNET at rating their upcoming DVD. I am assume those words to be 'unthruths' as well as they were not approved personally by J & K? Cant have it both ways, your cake and eat it too. Especially not before eating an appropriate amount of your dinner!!

Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't deny it.
Of course they're going to leave it alone and 'not retaliate'.

They KNOW it is all true. Julie may have been the one to actually post the information, but they KNOW it was things her sister Jodi had shared with her.

How nice that the woman they moved closer to to be near family 'help' they are now, essentially, calling a liar. The woman who kept their kids so they could go all over the place begging for handouts and hairplugs. The woman who kept their kids while they sat for hours every two weeks for the 'couch interviews'. The woman who she and her husband financially helped them before they went so "Hollywood". The woman who loved their kids enough and saw through the glitz and glamour of here and now to the future and stepped in to say maybe things are getting out of hand and this may not be good for the kids.

A liar?

The part about not believing anything if it isnt approved by them is just icing on the cake. Are they really that used to people at the churches following them so blindly that they think a blanket statement like that will take care of the whole internet? Are you kidding me?

Oh just don't believe anything you read. She's just a jealous liar. Just don't you mind that stuff. Look, over here! Here are some cute kids. Now, give me a dollar.

I think we have just scraped the bottom of the Jon and Kate Barrell, folks. God help those kids being raised by them.

Anonymous said...

The Enquirer article is just the beginning. The scam will be picked up by other media and then it will be over. How can J&K now go these speaking engagements in churches and conventions (as well as on morning TV) and stick with their ridiculous disclaimer??? They really believe that they are above every ethical and moral principle, etc. Thank you to AG for an excellent post!!!

Anonymous said...

For J & K to use the wording of 'jealous bystander' is very telling. Not just jealous, but a jealous 'BYSTANDER'. Definition of bystander, one who is present at an event without participating. I guess jealous bystander refers to anyone who didnt/doesnt dig deep and give to their love offering!

Anonymous said...

Wow....doth the lady protest too much. I completely agree with the other posters who stated that the statement is bound to backfire. I'm wondering if the statement has anything to do with the National Enquirer article (althoug I have ot seen the article and I don't know for certain that it has been published, the timing of the reported article and this satement seem to be too much of a coincidence). In my opinion it is only a matter of time before the main stream media begin to dig around, what with countless channels and a 24 hours news cycle some producer or reporter is going to get interested in the "real" story behind this "real" family.

Anonymous said...

Kate should be grateful that ALL her family members are not blogging about what they know to be the truth.

Anonymous said...

This may have already been posted, but the link is new to me. Sure looks like history is repeating itself. My heart goes out to those kids.

Anonymous said...

"They even 'covered up' their own parent's faces on their wedding video by having them blurred when it was featured on their show." - To be fair, this may have been at the request of the parents. Not everyone wants to be on TV.

Anonymous said...

They have publicly attacked Jodi's sisters blog on this website:

And in this entry they have the same "notice" posted:

Anonymous said...

WOW and WOW! But I will have to say this message did not come across as strong as I thought they might when they finally did say something. I was expecting threats of legal action against this site or Jodi's sister's site.

Anonymous said...

I agree with bi-costal. J & K wrote this - not a PR person. AND, it will disappear soon. A-maz-ing!

Anonymous said...

If a PR firm did write this, J&K need to hire a new one. I'm sorry but being the keeper of truth is never a good position to take, it is a great way to put a target on your forehead. (I can see the interviews now: well according to the Enquirer "XYZ", is this true? Even if you deny it, the information still broadcasts.) However, they could have taken the more logical route and said that they simply would not comment on information other than that which they release themselves.

To follow up on Anon 2:38, it is very possible that the parents didnt sign a release. Can you blame them? I would rather not be associated with what John and Kate are displaying to the world. No thank you.

Frugal Finds said...

Where can I find the National Inquirer article? Is it on news stands now?

Anonymous said...

I can't find where J and K publically denounce Julie's blog... did they address it otehr than the "public decree" on their own site?

Anonymous said...

As a former PR person myself, I also highly doubt that a PR professional wrote that statement. It screams "Jon and Kate" to me.

And as others have mentioned, the statement basically stirs the pot as it encourages visitors to the site to do their own research to figure out what exactly Jon and Kate are talking about. It will probably be taken down soon. I'm glad someone here caught it before it disappears.

Anonymous said...

Enquirer article:

Anonymous said...

The PR person did not write this crap. It's straight from the mouths of J&K. The beginning of the end!

Anonymous said...

Frugal Finds - if you click the "National Enquirer" link on the side bar, it will lead you to a link with the scanned article. We understand the issue date is 7/28, which usually goes to newstands a week ahead, which would be today, but someone got their hands on it yesterday.

Anon - 3:06, as far as I can tell, their only acknowledgement has been the statement on their website.

iluveeyore said...

The article is in the July 28 edition of the National Enquirer. It is on newstands right now.

You can see a small photo of the page on the top right hand side of this blog. Click on National Enquirer Article.

iluveeyore said...

The more I think about it, methinks the Gosselins doth protest too much.

If there were no truth to the NE claims, how would they know WHO had "outed" them?

"Those claims are not true, but we know who told!"

I will repeat. They never DENY the claims. I want to see them write that they do not have a chef, etc. That has to be a big reason why they are not going to "retaliate."

Anonymous said...

A small comparison, different moms handling things differently--Jenny Masche, new mother of sextuplets, trained for up to two hours a night after the babies were asleep to run a recent 26 mile marathon? This mom almost died of cardiac arrest while her babies were being delivered and was in intensive care! I guess she just isn't so exhausted now that she is thrilled to have her beautiful family!

from this article:

The more I think of Kate, the more I think her introversion, lack of satisfaction or accomplishment in anything and possible depression as well as the energy it takes to keep her stories straight is what keeps her exhausted. It has nothing whatsoever to do with her family--it's all self-generated, just like any good self-centered personality would do.

Serena said...

If there were no truth to the NE claims, how would they know WHO had "outed" them?

"Those claims are not true, but we know who told!"

Good point.

Anonymous said...

Rather than this bizarre statement that reminds me of a text from Gossip Girl, I think a GREAT way to put these rumors to rest is to feature Aunt Jodie prominently on an upcoming episode - along with Beth. And maybe let Jodie get the spa day for once?

Serena said...

I think a GREAT way to put these rumors to rest is to feature Aunt Jodie prominently on an upcoming episode - along with Beth.

Featuring Aunt Jodi and Beth would not give truth to the deception being foisted upon the public in exchange for "love offerings".

Nor would it erase the exploitation of the children or restore their privacy and dignity.

Anonymous said...

I looked at the Gymboree cloths on ebay and folks, I don't consider items costing from 99 cents to a lot of boys cloths at twenty dollars a "lot of money." You may or may not get Jon and Kate for something but the consignment cloths ain't it,

Anonymous said...

Clearly featuring Aunt Jodi and Beth wouldn't address the love offering or any other issue, but featuring Jodi, and, to a lesser extent, Beth, would address the Aunt Jodi/Beth rumors. If Jodi appeared on the show, Jon and Kate would prove that at least ONE rumor was false, and, the easiest rumor to refute is the one about Jodi. The statement on the website only really validates the rumors (Jodi and otherwise) since it doesn't issue any specific denials or information to counter any accusations. The vague statement makes all the accusations against them easier to believe. (and BTW, I was initially being sarcastic as I think there is no WAY we will see Jodi).

Anonymous said...

I believe Jon & Kate did this desperate step to try to get info out to their loyal sheeples before the release of the National Enquirer story. So far, they have led their flock like cult leaders. They are so used to their audiences believing everything they say despite the obvious that in their minds,all they have to do is speak and the sheeples will listen.
Well, hopefully this will backfire on them. Especially if the pastors of some of these speaking venues wise up.
I am so sick of the jealous remark. Instead of using that excuse, why not refute the claims-oh wait, they can't because they are TRUE!
I doubt if we will be hearing them say they are going to sue the Enquirer for false reporting because, again, it is all TRUE.

Anonymous said...

"Or how Brad and Angelina are doing"

This is so funny, I meant to put this in the enquirer thread, but this reminded me, in a past enqirer, about 2 weeks ago, I picked one up. There was an article in there about Bran and Angelina, and a little blurb in the bottom corner with a pic of the J&K family, with tips on how to raise a big I had told my hubby, we were away for the weekend, no TV, no J&K everytime I flick the channels, yea! and I pick up a magazine and there they are...Yep, that's who I'd ask if I needed advice...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posters who said that J & Ks statement was a huge mistake. How dumb can they be to give the rumors publicity? That's hilarious.

It interesting that they said they HONESTLY have their kids as their first priority. I read somewhere that people often use the word honestly when they're lying.

I just LOVE the part where it says don't believe anything they don't approve. To me it roughly translates to something like PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN! Lol

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that TLC executives will have a meeting about what is on the internet if they have not already done so. I also imagine they will not care much, what was the old saying "any publicity is good publicity". Just wait until the J&K lovers/haters explode when they intersect on the Amazon book rating blogs.

The kids are adorable the parents are as Jon said when he talked about what he was doing when he first met Kate... "lacking direction". The guy is a lazy slug! Seriously a LAZY slug. Get a job, be a man.

iluveeyore said...

From wandering around various J&K web sites, I have determined that most posters are totally unaware of the NE article.

They think the statement from J&K is just in response to Julie's blog!

No matter what you think of the NE, where there's smoke, there's fire.

Anonymous said...

I've done some PR work in my day, and let me just say that this was not written by anyone who has EVER written professionally! In addition to the tone of the letter, it would be a huge mistake to post such a thing as the great majority of the people accessing their site likely had no prior knowledge that there even was a controversy to begin with. When they say that they won't retaliate? Well, guess what Kate? Ya just did! You called your family jealous and liars. That sounds like retaliation to me! Geez girl, get a clue!

Anonymous said...

The chickens are coming home to roost for these dishonest freeloaders.

I hope more pressure can be applied to TLC to end this disgusting charade of a "reality" show.

The people who give the "love offerings"--do they not watch the show? There is a real disconnect between what J & K spout and what our lying eyes tell us. How can anyone think this family needs handouts? I imagine one of Kate's salon hair streaking sessions costs more than some of these churchgoers spend on weekly groceries. J & K have no guilt, no qualms, no conscience whatsoever.

Oh, and their attempt at damage control reminds me of the Wizard of Oz--"pay no attention to the family members and truth tellers behind the curtain".

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:47

Gymboree clothes are NOT expensive on EBAY. You can get some great deals. However, J&K have their kids dressed in the current line that probably would not be on EBAY yet.

Anonymous said...

eBay is not "CONSIGNMENT"!
eBay is eBay...

Anonymous said...

Minxie - Yes, some of the people who go to the church offerings do watch the show, but a good many don't. They may watch it in passing, certainly don't have the interest that people like us have, and not enough to go and really ask questions and dig deeper. The main draw of the Gosselins at the churches though is the "Come hear this exceptional message from this couple who, when faced with the reality of 6 empbryos on the ultrasound REFUSED to reduce." So, of course a certain demographic flocks to the doors of the churches. That's how they get so much mileage at churches.

Anonymous said...

"nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us"

This is freaking HYSTERICAL. I seriously laughed for five minutes. Who are they, Big Brother? The Nazis? Do they know how incredibly ridiculous they sound? I'm guessing no.

It is their right to put out their own statements about their version of the truth. It is our right to take with it what we will. But this is a free country, our solid foundation is on the First Amendment, and the whole purpose behind it is to get to the truth, to not be like those other countries where the government or someone else is telling you what and how to think and what is right. The truth can only happen when you hear from everyone about an issue, not just Big Brother, The Nazis, The Gosselins. So Jon and Kate, feel free to chime in. You do every week on your show in fact. I would say you are getting plenty of fair opportunity to say what you want. But to shut everyone else out is no better than downright fascism.

Oh and by the way, this couple is firmly Public Figures now. A legal standard. So good luck to them suing.

Anonymous said...

bicoastal said...
And whoever lives in PA near the Gosselins should contact the local media that previously wrote stories about them. I think this implosion has legs.

I already contacted him.

NewMom08 said...

Truly another passive agressive move. I agree with the PP who said that J+K HAD retaliated...despite their claims otherwise.
As far as the church speaking engagements, how long until they either start cancelling themselves or the venues cancel J+K? I find it hard to believe that audience members won't be asking some mighty awkward questions soon. I had planned to go to the church that was mentioned before in this thread on 9/14....we'll see if it happens or not.
Even without the love offerings, TLC is paying these two a bundle. And the perks are a big ole bonus.
Do you all think they are squirming over this, or that they feel above the repurcussions of their actions?

Anonymous said...

It has always surprised me that more people haven't blogged who have details. Like a mom who bought a crib at a yard sale, someone who knows the organic food service delivery people, neighbors who live on the block. Not all of them have contracts that stop them from posting their info on a forum.

Kind of like how home remake shows keep stuff so quiet. I have only read once or twice what a room done by trading spaces is really like (shoddy work), how come no one really talks about what making a reality shows is really like? Is it just the contract or are there just a few of us out there in the forums and everyone else has a life.

To the star trek lady from the spouse trade show....write the book, I will buy it. And thanks for blogging about the experience!

Anonymous said...

From my experience, the demographic that attends the Gosselin's "speeches" is the same one that purchases National Enquirer.

Should make for an interesting wake up call for some people.

Anonymous said...

No matter what you think of the NE, where there's smoke, there's fire.

"The truth is in the tabloids."
Hey, it may be from a movie ("Men in Black"), but the point is made, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Someone brought up Jenny and Bryan. Aren't they adorable? I saw them on The Today Show a while back and I fell in love with their spirit and sheer happiness. It made me take pause, that's for sure, because they not only seem to have it together, but they really seem to be HAPPY TOGETHER.

didn't you love it when Bryan ran the marathon with her? He said that he couldn't be "lazy" and stand on the sidelines while his sweet wife, the one who gave birth just months prior, did the marathon all by herself.

I thought it was tremendous of him to be there for her. It showed true love. I don't know that I could have been as willing. I hate running. LOL :) I love my hubby though, so maybe I would have "walked" next to him. LOL

Love them! Too precious!

Anonymous said...

Well if there was ever any doubt about the validity of the so-called "rumors", J&K pretty much put those doubts to rest.

The way I see it...let's say people in my hometown were spreading rumors about me that were blatantly false. Would I put a huge statement on my Myspace/webpage saying how false they were? I don't think so. I wouldn't need to justify the lies with any sort of comment.

I totally agree with the poster above who said that J&K doth protest too much.

I hope this is the beginning of the end for these two scam artists.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. This brought up a lot of feelings for me; my mom was raised in a dishonest household and was, too, dishonest. She raised us to be distrustful toward everyone: family will screw you, you can't have friends because they'll screw you, all women want to sleep with your boyfriend/husband...I sense a similar mentality with J & K. It took a serious accident for us to get real.

Could this be the Gosselin's "serious accident"?

Anonymous said...

LOL I just read their "statement" had to have been written by J & K themselves. Lots of fractured syntax, crappy word choice, and above all arrogance and dishonesty. Truly a work of art. Bad art.

Anonymous said...

"nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us"

This statement is just ridiculous as many of you have already said. It reminds me of the politcal commercials we're bombarded with.
"I'm Joe Shmoe and I approve this message."

It's so stupid that I truly believe it was written by Jon, not a PR firm.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much the flack from the NE article will affect sales of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 DVD's and their book that's due out in
November?? Maybe the huge dollar signs associated with these items in the Gosselins eyes are getting smaller....

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe Jon and Kate were so stupid to put that up on their website. If they had just ignored Jodi's sisters blog and even the National Enquirer article with no response, their fans would have kept on believing them. But to post such a ridiculous statement on their website just screams, "There's truth to these rumors!" Like another poster remarked, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"

I wonder if a story even bigger than all of this is coming soon, like a family member or a close friend is stepping forward to do a legit interview? Why put such a ridiculous statement up over an internet blog or a paper with a reputation for lies? Why would TLC allow this stupid post to even go up? Have they already washed their hands of Jon and Kate?

I'm really blown away by the nastiness of the Gosselins and the snake oil shows they've been putting on around the country. That family is in some serious trouble, and it's really sad. Knowing all this, I can't watch the show anymore. It's too disgusting.

It's with a really heavy heart that I have to admit, you guys (the blog administrators) were right all along. You had them pegged from the beginning.

Anonymous said...

This statement infuriates me. How can two people have any more hubris? Please consider the following to be an open letter to John and Kate:

You have a lot of nerve. So much, in fact, that I am shaking with anger as I write this. You say that the faithful fans dersve an answer? How about the faithful family who, despite outbursts and slaps-to-the-fact, stood by you? How about friends, or meer acquaintances, that went without so you could feed, clothe, and house your beautiful children? Don't they deserve answers, too? Or, are you done with them? Your arrogance is like a wildfire that burns through an area leaving little to look back on.

Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded.
You've worked hard? YOU, Kate and John? That's half the problem - you've not worked at all. Managing your children is a job. But, all parents manage to do that job and others to be self-sufficient.
Although it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show.
Is this how you justify showing Collin being drug along on a shopping trip when ill or instilling terror in a child over chewing gum? Do you say, "Well, this is the bad. We show it all." If so, then let me tell you that we don't want to see that. We'd rather give those children their dignity.
Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths.
I realize that in your self-centered world, this may strike you as harsh: but, the world is not envious of you, Kate. And, I don't know any husband that's envious of Jon. No one is jealous of your circus. We're not jealous because, despite how hard you've tried, you couldn't quite hide the manner in which you use your children for your own gain and use them as leverage in your family. No, Kate. Jealousy is not the issue here. Let's evaluate the failed relationships you've had. Want to know what the common denominator is? YOU! If you had issues with A friend or A family member, then we may be able to understand your claim about jealousy. But, when you alienate everyone who ever loved, helped, or cared for you, just to make a little more money or get a litle more fame, then it's YOU. When everyone is telling the exact same story, then it tends to be credible.
We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them.
You'll continue to love them? You mean, you'll continue to love the wonderful woman who took your kids into her home while you galavanted about the country screwing her over on even the slightest profit (that she didn't want, by the way). You'll continue to love the people who helped feed and clothe you and watched the twins for your extended, self-inflicted hospital stay? Wow, Kate. That's really big of you.
And, just what sort of retaliation were you planning, but so graciously reigned in? I think your manipulative game of allowing someone to get close to the children so you can yank them away is retaliation in and of itself.
But, you do know that's going to backfire, don't you? What will you do when the checks and freebies and Aunt Jodi's stop rolling in?
But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us.
Does that include the twins birthdays and speaking schedules and people who've wrote adoring essays to your upcoming bid for sainthood...or does it only apply to the things you don't want people to know? Who do you think you are? You don't define reality. Reality does not require your approval.
Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

Nothing except the television show; the freebies; the celebrity; the special treatment by businesses and corporations; the constant "love offerings"; you mean. Because, quite honestly, if your children were your priority, then you'd recognized that what you are doing is wrong. Exploiting your children and putting all of their faults on television is the worst extravagence. Quitting jobs and putting the burden of a household's success on a child (or eight childrens') shoulders does not lend credibility to your claim. If your children were your first priority, then stains and messes on clothes (or bears) would be a non-issue. If your children were your first priority, then you'd stop this televised circus and let them experience childhood without a camera. There are other families who have been in your shoes and chose to REALLY put their children first. They don't have studio lighting in their home. They value their childrens' childhood far too much to exploit it.

If I were you, I would probably be trying to save fast as fast as possible, too. The truth is pouring out of the wood work and you've made a living on these precious children who have NO CHOICES. What will you do when the show stops? What will you do when your children no longer want to be teased at school by classmates who've seen their worst moments? You're supposed to be their advocate, not their boss.

Anonymous said...

I just realized something disturbing. With all of the negative (true) publicity coming out recently and the Enquirer article and the blogs and everything else, I can totally see Kate playing the martyr role. I bet they will probably even do an entire show about "how 'poor' Kate is coping with all the stress..." I'm sure Kate is milking this one for all it's worth and probably even scored another free day at the spa while some more strangers watched the tups.

Anonymous said...

IMHO, they don't need a PR firm. I think Kate and Jon are their own best publicity people--as early as 2005. They were building a HUGE and controversial buzz back then, by the looks of this blog.

I'm sure this may be old news to many of you, but I'd suggest sitting down with a cup o' joe and read as much as you can stomach before it has the possibility of being pulled after the NE article.

Oh, and take special note of the entire text of the Lt. Governor of PA's special 2005 Gosselin Birthday Party message about three-quarters of the way down the page (June 3, 2005). It was removed from the Commonwealth's official site at some point. Save a screen shot, everyone!

Nancy said...

Another commenter mentioned that the way to "stop the rumors" about Jodi and Beth is to feature them in a future episode. This would be very easy to do with unused footage taken before Jodi and Beth were eliminated from the shows. Neither Jodi nor Beth, to my knowledge, ever signed any kind of contract so their permission would not be needed BUT neither would they be disallowed from commenting publicly.
I'll bet that from now on, anyone appearing in the show will have signed confidentiality agreements.

Anonymous said...

Jon used to participate on a forum for parents of triplets. After someone posted a news article from the 2005 nurse-saga, he responded.

It's here:

He basically says that he is "done with the MEDIA" and makes a dramatic post about, and I quote, "DON'T EVER GET INVOLVED IN THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!! Number one mistake." He goes on to dramatically withdraw from the forum, "But we are done with the media and I think this is my last post on Triplet Connection."

Well, maybe he should have taken his own advice!

Anonymous said...

Good post by BethAnna. It sounds like you have some inside information.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link to the Reading Eagle blog. I kept checking the date on the first 20 or so posts because what was web-published in 2005 is identical to criticisms that are posted today! The opinions on that blog pre-date the television show and the tax payers of PA had Kate Gosselin pegged from the get-go.

If Jon and Kate were smarter people, they'd regret the decision to allow such a large audience to peek into their windows. It's like that old saying; if 20 people call you a horse, it's time to buy a saddle.

Disclaimer: This post was NOT approved by Jon and/or Kate Gosselin.

Anonymous said...

Bethanna,you rock!

Anonymous said...

I grew up with a mother who shared more similarties to Kate than not. She is the most unhappy sixty-something that I've ever seen or heard of. Like Kate, she can spin any comment - any attempt to discuss anything of import - into an injury against her. [For example, by even writing this, I am wrestling with the feeling that she'd nail me by calling me an absolute ingrate and disgrace - an unappreciative person by nature.] My father put up with and justified her behavior at every turn. It's toxic. No amount of money in the world will satisfy Kate. She's a bitter, unreflective woman and mother. The communication that she claims to have with her husband is no form of "communication" at all. A mother who can't see or acknowledge the need to work on her shotcomings will cause (almost) irrevocable damage to her childrens' developing sense of individuality and self-esteem. In addition, the impact of such a mother makes it difficult to believe the affirming words of others. Forget humiliating - even with therapy and an outstanding support system, it's tremendously difficult not to hear the voice of one's dissatisfied mother for the rest of your life. Whether you pity Kate-qua-mother (as I do mine) or not, the childrens' sadness will lurk. It is a mother's job to put on her oxygen mask first - to confront her shortcomings head on - so that she can be the best mother that she can be. That is what I find difficult to forgive - the narcissists refusal to account for their own behavior. I've never used this expression, but shame on Kate. I'd participate in a support group with other sons and daughters who've shared my experience - that is, if I could overcome the feeling that I was "disgracing" my own mother by willing to assert my opinion. This could be what Collin remembers when he recalls "gum-gate". A mom screaming in his face over absolutely nothing. I write this simply to add my voice to those who know toxicity and rally against it daily. I am proud to have survived my upbringing and strive to be a good mom. The only way in which I've made my mother happy is through the existence of her grandchildren! I am a tool for her happiness - never a fully appreciated separate individual. BUT, sympathy is not what I seek. I'm a trooper - thankfully, I have a very, very satisfying life. In all aspects. Phew!

Anonymous said...

I think the ole gravy train just might be coming to a screeching hault.

Jon and Kate are 2 very immature parents that need to quit bilking everyone for their personal gain.

Put your children first...REALLY put them first. Grrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

"Jen said...
Jon used to participate on a forum for parents of triplets. After someone posted a news article from the 2005 nurse-saga, he responded.

It's here:"

WOW!! Just read Jon's diatribe. What a jerk. NO MORE MEDIA!! he cries. (Unless we get paid for it). In addition, Kate's claims of privacy invasion by volunteers to the state, while begging for the state to pay for a nurse, is nuts considering the not to distant future of Discovery/TLC's filming of the kids most private moments.
The Triplet Forum must be glad to be rid of him.
Jon & Kate are two imature people who are in over their heads. The sad thing is they are too stupid to realize it.

Bicoastal said...

I'm wondering if GWOP blog founders think it would be effective to copy and paste the "faithful fans" screed to any letters of complaint/concern to the show's sponsors and/or companies considering Kate as a "mom" spokesperson?

I can't imagine national advertisers would be keen on the idea of having such a divisive personality (i.e.Kate) as their public "face." (Granted, the Emtanner's of the world will likely continue to feel honored to have their corny products used by the Gosselins.)

I never studied marketing but I'm guessing Johnson & Johnson, The Gap, Playskool, etc. make it a policy not to invite controversy regarding sponsorship, product placement, and the like.

So Serena and fellow GWOP founders; would pasting the goofy "faithful fans" statement to our letters of protest to J&K+8 sponsors be an effective tool?

And from my evil twin --- what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in Jen Stocks' office. See what happens when J&K don't get Jen's seal of approval? She needs to tighten the leash on those two bone-heads. Jon and Kate are screwing-up Jen's foray into the big time.

sistah2 said...

I loved reading all of these comments- they all hit the mark & especially the above "open letter to Jon & Kate" - wouldn't you wish it actually gets read by them?
right now I am thinking about the upcoming sham of a book tour - the book is doubt another pack of JK lies. However, a book is different from a reality show. TLC has no conscience (we know the parents don't) cuz they are making millions - they can show what they want & are not obligated to expose the JK church scam, etc. But - in the book world , especially after the James Frey debacle, publishers are taking a harder look at these "memoirs" they publish. I think I will email them & remind them to re-check the fact- checking on that one - before it gets published they really HAVE to know the truth of it. I have a feeling if they find out what's out there, they'll have to halt it/or at least question some of the spin. btw- how uncomfortable will such a book tour be? will Beth participate?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the local PA people quickly realized the greed of Jon and Kate. And after reading Jon's nattering on the Triplet site and in the local Berk's paper blog, I can see he is as bad if not worse in the greed and deceptions as Kate. Looks like they were told to move out of the local area and peddle their hard luck story to someone else.
Maybe they've sucked the churchgoers of PA dry and need to move to a warmer climate in the bible belt to find more suckers to dig deep into their purses to pay for Jon and Kate to live in idle splendor.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Kate didnt have a big enough 'bib' to cover all the mess that is currently surrounding her life. It is one thing to be able to control the mess and grass stains on children but so much harder when it comes to removing the dirtiness caused by telling lies. If Kate thinks she spent hours on stain removal prior to the National Enquirer article, she will need to be on complete bed rest after trying to remove the big fat 'stain' that is now left of their reputation. Good thing she has an uber washing machine that spin cycle sure will come in handy!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully J & K will be offered a body wash endorsement in light of the National Enquirer article. Lord knows they could use a good soul cleansing! However, there might not be much soul left to cleanse considering they sold it to the devil.

Anonymous said...

I started doing some backtracking, reading some of the links that have been posted here, to get more history on the ongoing saga of the Gosslins, and ran across a comment that appears to be written by Jon himself. The comment by Jon (about 20 or so comments down from the top) was found at the website below, which was already listed on this comment thread, and relates to an article in the Reading Eagle back in 2005. It would be very interesting if this website could work on creating an index of links to Gosslin related articles that are available on the internet, although I'm sure that would be a daunting task. Below is the link and Jon's comment.

"Hey. People we don't write the articles. Make sure you have all the facts before you comment. Also do you believe everything you read in the newpaper or see on television. Do you believe everything on the internet? Also the Pittsburgh article is from a columnist not a journalist big difference. Until you walked in our shoes don't tell us anyhting about your life. You must compare apples and apples. The State made us promises and then took them away. How would you feel if you depended on something and it was taken from you? At the last minute. No planning. I think people should realize what is happening. Most people stand idly by and watch and never ask. So don't sterotype us. That's just plain ignorant. The media will make us out to who they want us to be. Lets remember the care is for my six kids not for the twins or my wife and I. Let me tell you its a scary thing putting privacy out there. You can't hide someone will always find you. You have to weigh the whole situation. Finally, I will do everything and anything for my family especially my kids."

Posted by: Jonathan at May 20, 2005 01:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Interesting how Jon stated in the parents of triplets forum, 'no more media'. It is the entertainment media in which the show J & K + 8 appears. It is the DVD media which you can purchase season episodes of J & K + 8. It is the book media in which you can purchase their soon to be released book. Again, it was the entertainment/television media in which they appeared on shows such as Ellen, Oprah, Dr Phil, Today Show et. He utilized the internet media as a source to enlist donations and more recently to release a statement to their 'faithful fans' Last but not least, J & K are now including a multi media presentation in their speaking engagements. I think Jon needs to go to the time out mat for lying when he said 'no more media'.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they've sucked the churchgoers of PA dry and need to move to a warmer climate in the bible belt to find more suckers to dig deep into their purses to pay for Jon and Kate to live in idle splendor.

Don't be too quick to count those 'bible-belters' in as gullible enough to fall for their scheme. They may be the type to hand down clothing and cook a meal or two (which we know is of no interest to Kate) but when it comes to just blindly digging in their pockets - maybe not so much. They see two parents not working, possibly building some McMansion with sponsor trucks rolling in and out of the driveway and it could really turn them off. There's a strong sense of helping thy neighbor, but an even stronger sense of "God helps those who help themselves."

Anonymous said...

That post by Jon is just, well, pathetic. In many, many ways. I used to give him a bit more credit than Kate; no more.

Anonymous said...

Bethanna you nailed it!

Thank you to the person who posted this link:

It is where you will find, (among other things), the comment mentioned above from Jonathan.

I can not stress this enough...everyone should read through this blog! It is full of people who know J&K. A few examples of what you will find:

"My mother in law was a volunteer and had 7 kids and has 8 grand kids and volunteered to help with a bunch of other people only to be fired."

"Kate and her family refused 2 mini-vans that where given until they said yes to the 3rd.(they were not good enough)"

A member of the media reports: "I was at the house the day the television crew came to film "Home Delivery" and I was just appalled at things that were said by Kate once the cameras were turned off and she thought her voice couldn't be heard. She complained about the nursery saying the murals would scare her kids and that the twin’s room was "horrendously horrendous"...a phrase I just can't forget. She then went on to say "thanks for nothing..." I couldn't believe my ears and I am not a naive person".

"After the Gosselins 1st Birthday Party a final comment to the Media was not thank you for the college funds or the nurse or the donations or volunteers but instead, "WE NEED TRANSPORTATION." "A 15 PASSENGER VAN, WITH PLENTY OF STORAGE.""

"I do not see how Jonathan can always say that the media gets it wrong. The arrogant attitude he has on the triplet website is the same one I see in the articles that are published. He often states he would do whatever it takes to care for his family, but apparently that is not working overtime."

"I found him complaining about baby chores, talking about being stalked, complaining about the home makeover they received on Home Delivery, telling how Kate wishes she could go back on bed rest now that the babies are here, and in his few ‘supportive’ emails his overall tone in many of this posts just comes across as very condescending to the triplet parents. I know it is hard to detect tone from emails but there seems to be a constant reminder that he has sextuplets plus twins. Yeah, I am sure they get it. But still most of them seem to be in awe of Jonathan and giving him constant praise. But then there was an e-mail about the nurse situation and amid the many “I hope you they let you keep her if anyone has special circumstances its you” there are a few who say they need help but NOT from a nurse paid for by Medicare. Jonathon whips out a “Thank you, but goodbye” speech for the lack of support. Of course he doesn’t really leave just waits for the “oh please don’t go” pleas. Now is back with us as stalkers. Looks like drama just follows him."

Jonathan would like to sue someone for writing libelous comments, and have someone arrested for stalking their babies. If anyone is actually stalking them/the babies, that's one sick person. It's probably a case of 'daddy needs attention'.

"I would like to know where Jonathan finds the time to post on a message board....if he's gone 12 hours at work, he shouldn't be playing on the web. At home, he should be helping with the kids!"

"Jonathan, as a West Reading resident who attended Wyomissing and as a former patient of your dentist father, I say this: You and your wife get a job and quit whining!!! My father drove a fork lift for a living and we never got any handouts. Get a clue and a life please and spare us all!!"

"Johnathan, You and I do not know each other, but I am a former patient of your father's and I knew your older brother T. from Wyomissing High School.He was the goalie for our soccer team. I am trying really hard to be on your side but you and your wife are not coming across very well, and it is frankly your fault. Grow up."

"To all of you that thought you could read what Jonathan had "posted on the Triplet Connection". He requested that all information he had posted be removed. Why on earth would he want to do this? If we arent supposed to belive everything we hear or see on the media, then why when Jonathan would have been giving in his own words? Information and to ask that it be removed? Where your words incorrect as the People of Berks County reading it? I also heard something about a past volunteer "Stalking your babies"? I wonder how anyone could stalk your family?"

"I also know several people who have met the Gosselins and were treated very rudely.
Also, I have a friend that emailed them on there very public website about the constant begging for money and Jonathan posted the email address on the triplet connection and they received emails from members that do not care for Mr. Gosselins attitude to warn what happened."

I also found this there:

Kate is quoted as saying "Me & 6 babies isnt fair"

Did GOD ever tell you that life would be fair ?

Is it fair that our children have to go to IRAQ never to return to their families ?

Is it fair that some children are born deformed ?

Is it fair that Tax payers have to care for these children?

Is it fair that some people make more money than others in their jobs?

Is it fair that some mothers get to stay home with their children while other mothers have to go to work ?

Is it fair that some children must go to day care so that their parents can provide for them ?

Is it fair that some children will never know their mother ?

Is it fair that some children can wear name brand clothing (ie gymboree) and others will never know what a name brand is ?

Is it fair that some children are given, diapers and babyfood the first year of their lives....and others arent given anything ?

Is it fair that some children will get a college education from the TAP FUND and others wont get one thin dime ?

Is it fair that some babies have a nurse care for them their first year of life, when others arent even lucky enough to have a mother ?

Is it fair for some babies to have a single home in a suburban neighborhood ?

Or is it fair that some babies even have a roof over there head ?

Tell me about what is fair ?

Posted by: Kevin&Kendra at May 20, 2005 09:06 PM

Correct me if I am wrong but isn't Kate's sister's name Kendra? And isn't Kendra married to Kevin, (the one who helped paint the twin's room pink)? Keep in mind, this is just a very SMALL sample of what is on there...

If Jon is not a 'cyber-bully' then I do not know who is!

Anonymous said...

This is a quote from Kate from a column by Dimitri Vassilaros May 2005 about wanting the state to pay for a registered nurse when the healthy tups were one. 334106.html

"I might be able to meet their physical needs, but not the emotional needs. It is very difficult. I'm talking about time to talk about feelings, read books and the absolute bare necessities to get done. I cannot do it five days a week."

Am I reading correctly that Kate needs a nurse to provide for the "emotional" needs of her one year olds? WTF?

It doesn't take much time to cuddle, coo, and talk to each baby. Heck she can do it while feeding or changing them. According to her comment she can do the physical caring, not the 'emotional' stuff. Very telling comment from 2005.

"I cannot do it five days a week."

Another WTF. Is Kate saying she is only a parent 5 days a week and takes 2 days off?

Her gall was already in view in 2005. Nothing's changed.

As for Jon, after reading his comments in various sites, I have lost all sympathy and regard for him. They deserve each other. All 8 kids deserve kind and compassionate parents. Like Jodi and Kevin.

FIONA said...

I think next weeks epi, titled embarrassing moments is so apropos, in light of the cat being let out of the bag.

Wonder what stuff they find funny and embarassing? Probably stuff we find sad and pathetic. I am betting this will be another painful show to watch, with J and K narrating and justifying.

I am exhausted just thinking about it...

Anonymous said...

Barring the now defunct TWOP Forum, my impression is that there was Gosselin controversy in 2005 and the controversy skyrocketed to comparable levels in early 2008. It causes me to wonder where was the speculation in the intervening years. Perhaps I have overlooked such articles, but did the 2005 criticism ebb when their pursuit of government funds ceased? It would be great to have some timeline of articles in newspapers and blogs to chart the "negative publicity" and the campaign to censure it, especially on Wikipedia. Then again, maybe this idea is faulty because somehow the Blogspot administrators will shut down this blog because the Gosselin parents and those who profit from them cannot endure 140,000 hits of cross-examination and, my oh my, it lacks the Jon and Kate Certificate of Truthiness.


Anonymous said...

K.C. -
Kevin is her brother - married to Jodi. Kendra is her sister - married to Jeff (the guy who helped paint the twins room).

I don't think that you can guarantee that the names signed are the 'real' names of the person(s) blogging. And if they are real then it is either a couple with similar names to family members - or it is sister and brother making a comment.

sabrinasmom said...

Posted by: Kevin&Kendra at May 20, 2005 09:06 PM

Kendra and Kevin are Kate's Siblings. I think Kendra's husband's name is Jeff. Kevin is Aunt Jodi's husband

Anonymous said...

In case anyone is interested, here is a link to the book publisher, check out the comment section.

Funny how the comment section to the book publisher is closed down too..

The worst part about all of this falling apart, is that no matter what, the kids are going to be involved. It reminds me of the commercial for insurance fraud, with the dad in the car, after getting caught.

FIONA said...

I don't know how many doubters are on this site, but I can imagine that there are some and that all this news is a let down, to say the least. I once liked Jon and Kate, but that changed quickly.

No one wants to hear that people they admired aren't what they thought.

It reminds me of when I heard that John Denver had wrapped his sports car around a car driving drunk. As a teen I looked up to him and admired all I thought he stood for. I was angry and sad. How could I have been so foolish.

I don't know if it is the same, but I am sure there is some grief to know that Jon and Kate aren't what you thought. I am sorry for those of you who are feeling that.

No gloating or I told you so. While I personally am glad that are getting caught, I can't help but wonder what this new stress has trickeld down onto the kids. That worries me alot. I sure hope that Jodi and Kevin are staying aware and would pray that they would do whatever may become necessary, even if it is hard.

Think about the kids right is not a pretty picture.

sabrinasmom said...

Then again, maybe this idea is faulty because somehow the Blogspot administrators will shut down this blog because the Gosselin parents and those who profit from them cannot endure 140,000 hits of cross-examination and, my oh my, it lacks the Jon and Kate Certificate of Truthiness.

This started out as a source of amusement for me. I was not a Kate fan, per se, but I defended her. I thought how could people judge her when most of us have not had 6 kids all at once. When TLC started airing the show ALL THE TIME, I was able to catch things that I never did just watching occasionally. I think what hit me the most was - why did the Gosselins have no immediate family support? If it were some members who did not want to appear, I could understand. But most? And from BOTH sides of the family? I started to think the only common denominator was Jon and Kate. Jon has two brothers that he has NEVER even mentioned on the show. It is not like he has never had the opportunity. For example, Cara has shown an apptitude in soccer. Jon explains that she takes after him. Well - I have never seen him play soccer. Guess what - Jon's brother, Tom, is college soccer coach in Maryland. Don't you think in any normal situation you would attribute a child's talent to the appropriate family member? I digress.

If blogspot chooses to shut this site down, then I would be the first one to say I would contribute to pay for a private domain.

I don't want Kate or Jon to have the satisfaction of the ability to shut down their detractors - especially when we are just trying to get at the truth!

Anonymous said...

In response to the post asking why there has been such a lag time from 2005 to present with respect to J & K controversy. IMO, In 2005, Kate requesting medicaide to continue to provide her with a nurse to assist in the care of her children may have infact initiated said controversy. However, it wasnt too long after that the reality show J & K + 8 was televised. In the early episodes, just post controversy, we see and hear that Jon is working outside the home. Making efforts to provide for his family. Kate also returned to work as a nurse on a part time basis. Their image was portrayed at the time of J & K working outside the home and pulling their own weight and may have distinquished the controversy fires of 2005. As the episodes progressed, and the admission of Jon quitting his job to work with Bob and flexible hours to Jon quitting that job to 'work from home' ie, stay at home dad , the speaking engagements and 'love offerings', continued freebies and donations, the luxery vacations and vanity procedures and most importantly the continued exploitation of the sextuplets, IMO, poured gas on a fire that was still a bit smouldering. Thus, creating the J & K controversy FIRE that we see and hear present day 2008. The controversy never went away. It was diminished somewhat by the image they presented themselves as in the early episodes of J & K + 8 that may have appeased the 'naysayers', albeit temporarily. As J & K in their owns words say, "as with anyone on TV" . People on TV, especially those that appear on a supposed, REAL LIFE, reality type show comes controversy and criticism. Apparantly critics did not have to look very far beyond J & K's very own back yard to find a very revealing source of controversy.

Serena said...

If blogspot chooses to shut this site down, then I would be the first one to say I would contribute to pay for a private domain.

Since you mentioned it, I will comment on that. Last month we setup a free account to an on-line backup service to do an automatic backup of this blog every night.

Last week we paid a $49.95 annual fee in order to have the ability to restore that backup to either another blog, or to a private domain, should the need arise.

If that were to ever happen, people could always contact us (you have written down our contact info from our CONTACT US button on the sidebar, right?) and we can tell you where our new home is.

Anonymous said...

Why would blogspot shut this site down? Are you suggesting that they would have legal pressure to do so or would it be because of the amount of traffic this site receives?

Serena said...

Why would blogspot shut this site down? Are you suggesting that they would have legal pressure to do so or would it be because of the amount of traffic this site receives?

We're not expecting it to happen, but just based upon past history lessons we know that blog hosting sites will shut down a blog if it becomes too much of a thorn in their side... for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

I've bookmarked GWOP and will follow it wherever it goes.

Here's an admission: I began watching this show last year because my 9-year-old daughter's name is Kate. Just Kate, not Katherine or Kathleen. She and I were looking on the satellite guide, saw the show's title and decided to watch. Of course we loved the kids, and we looked forward each week to the show; we talked about the tups and their funny doings. The sheen wore off for me around the time of the Disney World episode but I kept on watching because my Kate still loved it; I gritted my teeth and put up with J & K's idiotic commentary (the things we do for our kids). Fortunately, bit by bit I
got us out of the Monday evening viewing habit; (my) Kate is busy in summer, and when I watch the show it's usually a quick glimpse late at night so that I can indulge my morbid interest in the Gosselin trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

I actually think they did write it.

I am a writer, and if a PR firm is paying someone to write that paragraph, they should be fired immediately. There are many errors and odd word choices throughout the whole thing.

I would believe them on this one, guys. They probably did come up with it on their own.

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean to have so many typos in my response (the open letter). AND, I see now that we're not to write like we're assuming Kate or Jon read. I'm sorry. I guess I was just too fired up.

I can't stand to see the manipulation Kate employs to get the things she wants. It has never been about what the kids want or need. It's always about what Kate wants.

Serena said...

I didn't mean to have so many typos in my response (the open letter).

That's OK, your meaning was loud and clear.

AND, I see now that we're not to write like we're assuming Kate or Jon read. I'm sorry. I guess I was just too fired up.

No problem, sometimes an exception to the rule is warranted.

Anonymous said...

If you Google websiteoutlook/sixgosselins, you'll get a little insight into a small Gosselin money maker.

My other personal fav is this article on The Daily Stroll. It had me on the edge of my {white plastic} seat. Again, you can Google The Daily Stroll/Kate Gosselin.

Basically, the editor of TDS, a website devoted to "all about children" saw the Gosselin show and had a question about the Daycare type table they used.

Thus, she emailed Kate to inquire about said table.

Naturally, Kate seized the opportunity {Who is she to say no?}. She replied and made sure the editor was aware that the Gosselin begging, I meant to say "wish" list had moved on to "bigger" things and promptly put the bite on this woman for the six passenger deluxe-o stroller.

Lots of Sturm und Drang about not being able to go for walk, trapped in the house etc.

WHEEE! The excitement as I read about this editor putting the pedal to the medal, like yesterday, to contact the stroller people, get that discount, free rainhoods for all, AND put out the clarion call to subscribers one and all to pony up the scratch for this wheeled wonder. I personally was exhausted just reading about this early Gimme two-step.

Anonymous said...

Just read this post on another blog,:

I was on a flight with Jon and Kate from Michigan to Philly recently. (Jon and Kate flew first class, of course!) It was on that flight home I realized I would NEVER watch that show again. Jon and Kate only have all the freebie's they receive because people like us watch their show and give them ratings. So when people like us give them a simple "Hello, I love your show" they should NEVER be treated the way Jon and Kate treated their "fans." Kate had the nerve to shush me in a public place while I was giving her a compliment. She acted like she was above everyone else and too good to be bothered. I will say this, Jon seemed as if he would have spoke to everyone and not as acted as ignorant if his wife wasn’t such a nut case. He looked scared to acknowledge everyone for the simple fact that Kate is crazy and freaked out screaming "No Pictures, No autographs" in an airport. I feel bad for the kids, how can a kid be a kid with a complete nut case of a mother and a father who is treated as a child! Those kids are in for it, what a shame!

Anonymous said...

After reading that plane story, I googled and found out they were in Michigan
May 1 thru 4, 2008: Michigan International Women's Show - Detroit, Michigan

That's an awfully looooong time to be away from those lovely kids they adore so much.

NewMom08 said...

Thanks for the insight, Autumn.
Maybe no pics, no autos because they weren't getting paid to sign or pose for them.
The more I hear about this woman, the more it strikes me that I have no choice but to believe what I really didn't want to....that she is TRULY narcissistic, feels she is above all repurcussions for her actions and has no regard for anyone, including her children.
I had read the blogs from the Reading Times a while ago...sheesh there is alot there. The folks in Wyomissing and the surrounding areas HAD ENOUGH of the "greedy Gosselins" as they called them.
As far as Jon goes....he is in a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship, folks. He won't get out until he has no other choice....and now that the gravy train is coming to an end he may be able to see the daylight.

NewMom08 said...

"You can't hide someone will always find you. You have to weigh the whole situation. Finally, I will do everything and anything for my family especially my kids."

Yes, Jonathan...
Funny how Jon knew this in 2005; yet chose to continue down the public path, lying all the while; and whether outright deception or lying by omission, lying nonetheless. So, he knew eventually all that was private wouldn't remain so...the skeletons come out of the closet eventually. As far as the last statement, seems a bit contrived and canned to me...kinda like it was added in as an afterthought to remind people of his struggle to support his family.

Anonymous said...

That brief history lesson in their shameless self-promotion helps. Now have any sponsors withdrawn support from Jon and Kate? Or rather, have the dysfunctional duo removed any prominent backer from their list of favorite business? I am sure someone out there monitors such things!


Anonymous said...

I've seen a few accounts of Kate being less than polite in airports. I take it that unless you're at one of the speakings dropping a dollar in the hat, she isn't quite as endearing to 'fans'.

This was posted in an online group discussion back in February:

"I actually had become a fan of the show for the past year. I have a two year old and I thought my life was hectic and I was amazed by the show. Last weekend (February 11) my husband and I were at the Lafayette, LA airport and when we walked into the airport from our flight we saw Jon and Kate sitting there. My son’s Montessori teacher is a big fan of the show and my first thought was she would love an autograph. So, I walked up to where they were sitting and politely asked them to sign an autograph for me so that I could give it to my son’s teacher. Kate was EXTREMELY rude to me. She rolled her eyes and said well, “we don’t really like to do that kind of thing”. I said ok and was ready to walk away when Jon asked what I would like him to sign. Kate rudely snapped at Jon and said, “just sign Jon and Kate Plus 8 like you always do”. She really was quite rude to me and made me feel terrible. I have decided that I am no longer going to watch the show. Kate needs to realize that when you choose to do a reality show that you will have fans and you should be gracious. She really acted like a diva and I would encourage everyone to stop watching her show."


Jon & Kate, as well as their two oldest children, passed through our airport today. I was not in a position to say hello to them, nor did I get the impression that they wanted to be recognized. Given their recent trouble with air travel, I don’t blame them one bit. However, when one of my co-workers walked down to the gates to say hello to them, they brushed him off with barely a word.

LKB said...


As a frequent poster here, I am simply writing to show my support for the 114 messages upline from mine. There is nothing much that I can add to what has been superbly already stated above.

Additionally, I will follow this blog in the event that it, too, gets shut down and Serena,, regroup.

I will also be following this train wreck until the bitter end. My attachment to the program is in seeing the children every week. I can see them growing and changing week to week.

Thanks to all who help make this blog Ground Zero on all things J&K.


laura linger said...

I cannot state enough that I AM NOT JEALOUS of these people or their lifestyle.

For me, it started about the deification of mothers of multiples in this country, when it is in fact a risky and health-threatening process, both to children and mother. The thought that "reduction = murder" is repugnant to me and my pro-choice sensibilities, particularly when Kate Gosselin volunteered for those possible consequences/choices.

Now it is about those children: ALL of those children, those sweet, wonderful little individuals who have their childhoods presented as infotainment for the unwashed masses like us to view. I want to know why a closer eye is not kept on the intrusion the camera has made in their home.

And finally, I want to know about the financials. Both as a concerned adult for the children, and as a U.S. taxpayer.

But no, no jealousy here. I have a lovely, warm, loving, caring marriage full of respect and free of love taps. I have no children, and that's by choice, but I have family who I love and respect. There are family members with whom I am on the outs. I don't ever close the door on them. I love them too much to do that, they are too important to me and our family story.

No jealousy here.

Anonymous said...

The folks in Wyomissing and the surrounding areas HAD ENOUGH of the "greedy Gosselins" as they called them.
You have no idea how accurate that statement is. As I said, Kate burns through people like a wild fire consuming everything and leaving a trail of destruction. It's not just that she covets material things, it's that she truly believes she is entitled to EXACTLY what she wants and will except no substitutes. The phrase beggers can't be choosers didn't apply here because she did choose...and people fed her desires because it was either give her what she wanted or the fur would fly. I said before that Kate insisted that everything be new, but there were some who didn't know that. There was a large drive, I think I siad that before, to get clothes, diapers, cribs, bottles, etc.,. Many people simply bought gift cards for stores that carried those things. But, I saw others (who I knew to be financially strapped) bringing things that they probably could've kept for their own use with the next child or whatever. Kate reasoned that since the donations were gifts, she could sell them on consignment or garage sales to collect money to get new things. She's right about the items being gifts, but people who'd donated items would see or hear that their things were being sold. One friend went into a consignment shop and found items she'd donated a week before (cute, hand-made dresses for her own triplet girls). The dresses had been worn once.

People in the area also got tired of the hints that were dropped anytime Kate (Jon wasn't bad at all) felt entitled to something new. As someone said above, the vans were a prime example. There was, allegedly, a dealership that wanted to give them a buy one/get one on minivans. The G's didn't just say "no thank you", but said that that wouldn't work because money was in short supply and they wanted a van that they could all fit in. It's not an unreasonable want, but it's not a need and when you're being offered a FREE vehicle, it doesn't make sense. Get the two vehicles and then, when you can afford the big van, sell the little vans and put that as your down. But, that's not immediate gratification. So, the hints continued to be dropped until someone offered to help them with the bigger van. They even brought up the fact that Ford gave the McCaughey septubplets a van. I remember because my son, John, said "They have SEPTUPLETS...sextuplets aren't as cool." But, just the fact that Jon and Kate knew what other parents of multiples had been given was telling.

PA has given this family so much and would do so again because that's just how we are. Hearing Kate make snide comments and continually hinting that she needs "more" is insulting to those who gave so much and expected nothing in return.

A note about the college funds - I asked around this week to find out what was up on that. I was told, and I don't have verification so take the info as hearsay until then, that there is A FUND for the tups. It's set up in all of their names collectively; not individually. And, it carries limitations about where the kids could go (in state) to get the biggest bang for the buck. In that light, Kate's not telling a lie, but she is being obtuse. It still doesn't explain how she can tell church groups that they have no money for college and yet collect money for pics.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I am wondering - in the midst of this firestorm of the National Enquirer story - I'd really love to know how Charlene and Kenton Kreider feel. You know, they must feel horrible, sad, humilated, hurt, etc. It is hard to watch your own flesh-and-blood do such evil things. I am sure they love the grandkids and I have to say, my heart goes out to them. It must be painful to be Kate's parents. I wonder what, if any, kind of support they get from people in their community. It has long been clear that people in Reading alone hate J and K's guts. If I were Charlene, I do not know that I could handle this -I might feel the need to go over and slap some sense into her. And what about Kevin and Jodi? They live just around the corner. I know they love the kids - but at some point, if I were them, I'd have to tell J and K to f*ck off and give them a piece of my mind. But, then again, Jodi and Kevin are probably already know that this would serve no purpose when dealing with narcissists.

Anonymous said...

Just found this little ditty on another site-don't know if it is true or not, but wouldn't be surprised:

I have never posted on anything in my life but felt compelled to post about Jon and Kate. Our organization booked Jon and Kate to speak at our function many months ago. We communicated via e-amil with Kate for months. Kate, seemed very down to earth and accomadating. Our organization receved many reservations over the months. We were so excited,and looking forward to them speaking. Well, out of the blue, we receved an e-mail from a PR firm, stating that Jon and Kate would not be able to speak. Their excuse, too busy with their TLC show, and also leaving the children was getting harder as they get older. Quite understandable, however, we were very let down and left with quite a predicament of reimbursing people that have already paid. I have since been in touch with a prominent speaking agency, looking for replacements. I told this agency of our dilemma about Jon and Kate. The agency informed me that Jon and Kate are now commanding $25,000.00, first class plane tickets, and all expenses paid.So we went from, communicating with Kate, to her shoving us off on their PR firm, to Jon and Kate canceling their previous commitments, because of the money. We were paying them $22,000.00 less then what they are asking for now. Bottom line, the 15 minites of fame has definitely gone to their heads, and they definitely have lost alot of fans and viewers from us. Very disappointing.

Serena said...

to Jon and Kate canceling their previous commitments, because of the money

Oh, but Jon and Kate said that they cancelled due to wanting to spend more time with their children.

Take a look at their current speaking schedule... sure looks pretty full to me, and getting fuller.

Anonymous said...

FIONA said: The agency informed me that Jon and Kate are now commanding $25,000.00, first class plane tickets, and all expenses paid.

Let's do the math on this one, shall we? According to the speaking engaement schedule, J and K will be at 15 different venues from July 25th through next spring. Multiply $25,000 x 15 = $375,000. That's obscene.

Unknown said...

If Jon and Kate did not write it, and their publicist did, their PR firm could use a copy-editor.

As it reads:
To our faithful fans who deserve an answer,

In the recent days, we have been informed there are a lot of lies circulating about us. Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded. Although it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show. Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them. But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us. Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)

As it should or could read, to make it smoother:

To our faithful fans, "who deserve an answer" is assumed and not necessary

In the recent days, we have been informed there are a lot of lies circulating about us. Just so you know, we have worked hard to successfully show you our real life. Although it is not always easy, we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show. Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV, there are jealous bystanders and family members who may insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members and will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them. But as a reminder, not everything that you read on the internet or in print is true. (the rest of the sentence is confusing and unnecessary) Thank you for your continued support as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been, and always will be, our top priority. the rest is repetitive.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)

So, I tend to believe that they did write it, after perhaps consulting with their PR agent. But the PR agent would have written it much better.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with a previous commenter that Jon and Kate authored this pathetic bulletin on their website. Only they would be so pathetic to come up with something as banal as "But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us." That is "SO us" as Kate would say. How could anyone be so egocentric to say something like that? Oh wait - Jon and Kate have given a new MEANING to egocentric.

This is the beginning of the end for these clowns. And I can't wait to see the crash and burn. Just a few more articles in the National Enquirer or better yet, People magazine, showing what a fraud these two are - and they will go down in a ball of flames. I can't wait to grab my popcorn and watch that show!

Anonymous said...

While I am an avid fan of Jon & Kate's show, I truly feel sorry for this whole situation. I'm choosing to read what is being said but not make any judgments, because like everyone says, you cannot believe everything that you are being fed. Like people argue, we cannot believe everything we see on the show; likewise, if I don't believe everything on the show, I can't automatically believe everything I read on the internet or blogs, etc.

If this is true about Jon and Kate, then yes, it would be incredibly horrible. But after reading all of this, I have realized that it makes me sad to read all of this on both sides. To read bashing on J&K and to read bashing on Aunt Jodi or Jodi's sister, is equally hurtful. It pains me to see people taking the time out to hurt people, no matter who it is. Because really, no matter what people say or do, it's not going to change the truth (whatever it is). So I really just want to hope for the best for both sides, and prevent other people from bashing. It provokes, and it hurts. And regardless of what is true and which side is telling the truth, Jon, Kate, Jodi, Julie, and anyone else involved receives some kind of bashing.

I'm sure what I've written isn't perfect, and might even get deleted, but I just wanted to express my opinion.

Unknown said...

If the Gosselins go down,I wonder if, like Jim Bakker, they would have to pay back the people they defrauded? Since there are no records (all cash) if would prove more difficult.

I think that the speaking engagements will dry up, and the show will be much less interesting after the tups go to school.

I will laugh when they have to buy the Bar S bologna and store brand frozen peas like the rest of us! What will even be worse for Kate is when no one recognizes her any more.

Anonymous said...

Anon above~ I wholeheartedly agree with you. Regardless of what the truth is, nobody wins. The children will most likely see all the hurtful things being said about their parents someday and how will it affect them? There is a lot of judgement being flung around on both sides. There are hateful hurtful comments being made on both sides of the argument.
All of the rumors and things that I have read that I'm not sure about yet (I havent gotten the Gosselin seal of approval so I'm not sure if I am qualified to discern truth in the same superpower sorta way J&K do), have made me not want to watch the show. I even cut my hair today because I was growing it out like Kate's but I changed my mind with all the recent "rumor diarrhea".
I feel bad for the kids, I feel bad for everyone involved. I have a feeling the press does spin things. Kate has a very strong personality and whether she is truly a narcissist or not, is not really clear because we dont have first hand interaction with her. We are relying on the account of Kate's sister in law's sister who I believe is a credible source but I also believe she has a strong opinion of Kate that while it is valid, it's not necessarily "everyone's reality" of Kate.
I think if Jodi or Beth or one of Kate or Jon's family or close friends spoke out, then it would be the final nail on the coffin but for now, it's still sort of just mounting evidence that is not absolute, yk? Man, it's late and I'm tired and have been living, breathing, eating, drinking this whole thing for the last few weeks.
I think we're all on the edge of our seats waiting to see if Julie will post again or if someone will come out of the woodwork and expose more of the "greedy Gosselins". Time will tell and as the old saying goes "Time will heal all wounds".

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to wonder how the show on TLC came about. Does anyone know for sure?

Kate claims "they were approached" but I am having a hard time buying that. I feel like Kate must have sent in a demo tape or something. It's too much of a dream gig for them in terms of money and power.

I cannot believe how much they are making off their children's innocent backs.

Unknown said...

I agree that the children are the victims. I don't think there is any way, at this point, that the kids are NOT victims. Either of ridicule and scorn for years to come from the current show and DVDs, or from their parents being too lazy to get jobs, or from the national media pointing out that their parents are dishonest.

I did not make the children victims. The National Enquirer did not make the children victims, and the internet did not make the children victims. Their parents-the ones who are supposed to protect them at all costs, who are to put their children's wants and needs above their own, and the ones who need to make certain their children are safe and secure, with as wide a circle of love as possible, are the ones who are making them the victims. Judges and juries don't take whether a thief has children into consideration when sentencing. It is always sad for the children when the parent suffers consequences. But that doesn't mean the parents are immune from consequences.

Anonymous said...

My wife tipped me off to this site a few days ago and I've been reading the comments and perusing the links and doing research on the Gosselin family. I didn't watch the show with more than a passing interest, mostly because of my wife liking the kids and show.

I have very mixed emotions about the whole Gosselin situation and it's hard to properly put them down on keyboard. There are victims in this, the kids, who are growing up in an unhealthy environment with cameras around them off and on and with a lack of a full nuclear family around to love and support the kids as they grow. Their nuclear family consists of camermen, producers, directors, and the few friends that still grace the picture. I'm not sure that's the best environment for those kids long term.

I won't judge Jon and Kate because that's not my place but having seen stories of their behavior, read various accounts, plus seeing what is on the show, I know that there are some real issues at play in that family and it's just sad to see the kids have to be a part of that...paraphrasing Kate, they "didn't choose" to be raised by those parents nor have the cameras on them.

The internet is the newest "Wild West" frontier. I'm a victim of having my name libeled online and had to threaten legal action to "end" the problem (with Google around it never fully goes away but it's much less of an issue).

I choose to comment anonymously on message boards and don't release personal information, not even name, on any internet discussions because of the easy accessibility to information that one can obtain with a simple googling. The reason I say this is not because I'm sympathetic to Jon and/or Kate...I'm not...but because in an age of instant access information you have to choose your words, your thoughts, and everything you say extremely carefully because every soundbyte will be dissected by pundits and will be used against you regardless of how true or not your words really are. Some people just aren't going to like you and all it takes is one individual with an axe to grind, even if the axe is misguided, to mess your reputation up.

With that said, the Gosselins haven't helped matters much with the way they go about things, from posting on message boards to posting messages on their website that are poorly constructed and managed. With the fact they utilize a PR firm one would think they would have the firm scrub their message to improve its communication or that they themselves would proof the message before posting utilizing the infamous sundown rule by sleeping on their words to make sure they want to say what they're going to say.

Written and spoken words matter a great deal these days, sometimes as much as actions. In the end, the ones that the Gosselins' own words and actions will hurt are not others, not themselves, but the eight kids they love.

Anonymous said...

This situation reminds me of the Dionne Quints. These children spent their early years under a microscope. They were removed from their parents, displayed like puppies in a pet shop and became the property of strangers. Their later years were marked with mental illness and an inablity to relate to others. The Canadian government finally issued a apology and a small financial settlement (since others had profited from them). To date I believe that only 2 of these quints is still alive and living in poverty. Here's hoping that TLC is ready for when these kids grow up and see the injustice that was done to them and decide to take matters into their own hands.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I agree with so much of what has been said. I do think this was written by J&K, and I think their statement might just backfire on them. They know that most of what I'm commenting on is from things that Jodi has told me, so they are actually calling Jodi a jealous liar! That's not relatiating? What about withholding your children from people who love them? That's not relatiating? They say they will continue to love these family members. HUH? How do they do that--by cutting everyone off??

I also think it's funny that they didn't deny anything, but they called it "hurtful untruths". Sabrinasmom hit the nail on the head. Semantics!!! These are the exact games that they play!

I'm also glad to see Bethanna back! Everything she is saying is consistent with what I have also heard and know to be true. I would like to comment on the gift cards. Kate had a portable filing system for all of the gift cards. I heard that they lasted her for years!

Honestly, Jodi and I are not hurt by their statement. IMO, it just proves that what I am saying is true. They can try to cover it up and deny it all they want. More people are beginning to come forward, and everyone has the same story to tell. The truth needs to be told, and I'm not backing down.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I'm really sad for the kids in all of this, because this entire situation was completely avoidable. All Jon and Kate had to do was be honest and humble and thankful for the things they received.

I was trying to think of what I would have done in their situation, and for the life of me, I can't ever imagine being so rude and ungrateful and greedy. If my husband and I were in a tough spot financially because of our kids, I would do everything in my power to be gracious and thankful for even the smallest thing. Those used cribs? Sure, we'll take them gratefully! Gently-used kids clothing? If I had six kids, I'd be happy to receive it. And, I would have definitely paid it forward and given those donations a second life with another needy family once I didn't need them.

This is what Jon and Kate need to's about the kids. People came out to give you things FOR THE KIDS! You, Jon and Kate, are not the focus of everyone's generosity. Somewhere along the line, they started to make everything about them, and grabbing everything in sight like greedy little kids. If they had just toned down the amount of time the kids had to be featured, been gracious, given back and just generally been good people, no one would have cared! They could have still had a nice life, with a little show or occasional special as a side gig and they would have been fine. Instead, the used those poor kids up like employees because they got dollar signs in their eyes.

It's really so incredibly sad, and I hope that the kids are able to understand this in the future. Those kids need to be set free to enjoy their lives without lights and cameras in their faces. They need a childhood.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the most frightening, confusing, painful things a young child can be subjected to is their parents being attacked. I say this because I personally endured the experience as a child. Young children largely feel themselves as an extension of their parents. It confuses and hurts to the core to hear bad and mean things about them. Gut-wrenching is the term that sums it up best.

For the record. I don't side with J&K, I side with the children.
I am concerned about them on many levels. One thing I can actively do on their behalf is respect them
and their family. Regardless of their parents' behavior and choices. Regardless of how the court of public opinion views them.
Because the undisputed fact is these children love and cherish their parents no matter what.

I just feel that acknowledging and respecting this fact in regard to the Gosselin children is very important and needs to be taken as seriously as anything else.

Thank you.

Serena said...

There is a lot of judgement being flung around on both sides.

There is also a lot of legitimate, valid concern being expressed.

Not all negative statements are judging.

Saying, "You're going to hell!" is making a judging.

Saying, "Child exploitation is harmful to children and should be stopped." is making a discernment.

Whether or not one agrees with a particular statement does not make it a "judgement".

I think one of the most frightening, confusing, painful things a young child can be subjected to is their parents being attacked.

And again, the children have their own parents to thank for that.

There is NO WAY to put an end to a situation like the Gosselins have created without causing pain. But that doesn't appear to concern Jon and Kate in the least. Even if Jon and Kate somehow delude themselves that they are not exploiting their children, they cannot deny the fact that they have turned their children's lives into a three-ring circus and the children are clearly showing adverse effects from it.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

"I think one of the most frightening, confusing, painful things a young child can be subjected to is their parents being attacked."

I agree with Serena on this statement. I'd also like to add that I don't understand the logic behind those who think this will be shocking for the kids, family members, neighbors, etc. to read. The truth is being told, and those who are personally involved are living it. They don't have to read about it--no one who knows them will be surprised.

I also don't understand how being silent would benefit the children. If things continue in the same way, those kids are going to have a lot of questions when they grow up. They are going to be living with the pain and lasting effects that have been brought on by their own parents. These issues stay with many people for the rest of their lives. They may look back and see these "home videos" and be horrified at what they see. They may wonder how this could have been allowed and why no one spoke up. I want to believe that one day the kids will look back and appreciate the fact that many people were concerned. Many people loved them enough to speak out and try to "save" them from their situation. It might be overwhelming for them to know that perfect strangers cared enough to fight for them. Family members did try to help them, but they were cut off. I want them to know we are trying to give them a voice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kate is still "friends" with the plastic surgeon's wife who said that they planned to get together yearly?

Anonymous said...

I think one of the most frightening, confusing, painful things a young child can be subjected to is their parents being attacked.

Serena said:
And again, the children have their own parents to thank for that.

I agree with you on that. My point is it is detrimental to the children to have that burden placed upon them by the public, or anyone for that matter. I know all too well what it is to have your parents make a mess of your life. The last thing you want is to be reminded of it by others.

My father was an alcoholic with depressive mental illness. In the small city where I grew up, people talked about him and our family all the time. I knew he was a drunk. I knew he had issues, caused us problems, but I was a child and he was dad, and I loved him anyway. Just the same, it hurt to hear the things I heard from the "court of public opinion" and extended family. All it did was add insult to injury for me and my sibs, and it was truly a source of deep pain, sadness and shame. I would never want to risk putting that feeling upon a child.

Stories, comments and accusations concerning the Gosselins are all over the internet and now it's hitting the newsstands. Those children will absorb this if they haven't already. I can't help but think of the affect it will have on them; particulary Maddy and Cara, who are at the age of reason. They have so much to deal with already.

Anonymous said...

If I belonged to an organization that wasted $25,000+ to hear these two idiots speak, I would lead the charge to have that decision-maker fired! Speak about what?! The fact that they weren't content with 2 perfect children; that they doctor-shopped until they found an irresponsible, unethical doctor; that they have bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars from the poor taxpayers of PA because they are too lazy to work; that their greed knows no bounds; that their children are being horrendously exploited, etc., etc., etc. Please! Maybe the state can file a lawsuit to be reimbursed now that these scam-artists are raking it in!! God help those children, no matter the outcome of this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found this blog! I have always thought J & K were in it for the money. As another poster mentioned, I became aware of Kate's greediness way back when she asked for the good doctor for a boob job in addition to the free tummy tuck. I couldn't believe it!! What may I ask you does that, teeth whitening, and hairplugs have to do with the kids? Furthermore, I am infuriated that they take advantage of people across the counry at speaking engagements. When I would look at the TLC message boards I felt like I was crazy for thinking ill of "Saint Kate". I must also say that from the beggining I loved Aunt Jodi and would give anything if my two little boys had such a sweet and fun aunt! I CANNOT believe Kate would remove Jodi from those children's lives. How, is that "putting the kids first" as they always claim they do?

sistah2 said...

First, I dont think there should be any real worry that Mady & Cara are aware of all this criticism of their parents. At their age, I would hope they are not surfing the net. They may however, witness alot of back & forth damage control, phone calls, emergency meetings with PR people, etc. that is the JK priority right now. The public and/or relatives expressing concern and outrage now can only help them in the future, when they will be much more aware of the circumstances that their own parents set into motion. People care about the kids and the injustice of it, and that's why this blog exists, so we can use public pressure to possibly stop the circus NOW.
As far as this new $25k fee goes, I am confused about what churches can afford this. Maybe the love offerings were not raking in enough $$ so they resorted to this? Or are they still handing out the plate?
Who is gullible enough to pay it? I dont get this. Or are they branching out past the church crowd? again, who cares to see them that much?

Anonymous said...

“First, I dont think there should be any real worry that Mady & Cara are aware of all this criticism of their parents.”

Huh? The twins attend a private day school grades K-12.
I’m certain those two poor girls have heard plenty from any of the “mean girl” middle schoolers. (Not to mention the overheard gossip from parents repeated in front of the twins.)
I believe it’s Cara who loves school & wants it to be year round. Mady, on the other hand, said she hated it & wanted to stay home.
One guess who is being teased the most?

Anonymous said...

Again, all of this is THE PARENTS fault. And it will continue to get worse for all the kids if Jon and Kate continue on this endless gravy train. The TRUTH needs to get out so the sheeples can decide if they still think Jon & Kate are worth $25,000. Sponsors need to know the TRUTH-see if they want these scam artists representing their products.

But as for the kids, they were born into this mess and as long as Jon & Kate see $$$$$ it will not stop.

It will only HELP the kids for the TRUTH to come out!

Anonymous said...

I agree with an earlier poster...the sooner this travesty is put to rest the better it will be for the kids. Every day that this goes on is doing more damage. It would be so much better for the kids if this became a temporary, blurry memory of theirs that doesn't end up defining their childhoods. How many kids (actors, I mean) have we seen who have dabbled in show business only to find that they never seem to be able to escape it either physically or emotionally. Look at former teen idols of my day...Corey Haim, Corey Feldman...they simply can't function without being in the spotlight in some way. They have no other recourse, no talents or discernable education to fall back on.

Now, I don't think that the Gosselin kids necessarily fall into this category because I think the parents are trying to make sure they are properly educated, but do we know why the tups aren't in preschool? Is it so they will be more available to "work from home"? And, do we know that the older girls haven't been pulled out of school for filming?

Case in point: the episode where the see the alligators. They bring the rest of the kids to Aunt Jodi's and they say that Mady and Cara have the day off from school because it's a snow day. There is literally less than an inch of snow on the ground. More like a dusting at most, and it didn't stop J & K from driving to the alligator place some distance away. Were they just kept out of school for filming purposes? I always thought that looked odd to me.

So my vote, and I wish I had one, would be to pull the plug on this show now and let the kids get back to a normal life.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of people asking about Beth and I found this that may answer you guys questions. Beth obviously is involved in their lives and does not agree with the judging of Jon and Kate! People need to see this link so they know that Beth is in fact still a part of their lives. She obviously went out of her way to defend Kate!

This link is to show you that people who have actually met them think they complete eachother and care deeply about eachother and their children!

Serena said...

Beth obviously is involved in their lives and does not agree with the judging of Jon and Kate! People need to see this link so they know that Beth is in fact still a part of their lives. She obviously went out of her way to defend Kate!

Besides the fact that that was posted almost a year ago, before the subsequent falling out when Kate refused to let Beth get paid (as she did to Jodi a few months later), it's never even been verified that that was actually posted by Beth Carson.

people who have actually met them think they complete eachother and care deeply about eachother and their children!

People who "complete each other" do not insult, demean, and humiliate each other on worldwide television.

People who "care deeply about their children" do not exploit them on worldwide television.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one of the fastest ways for the Gosselins to dampen all the internet attention and protect their children's present and future well-being is to end this TV program now. Of course, this will not happen. They've signed contracts, made deals, and mortgaged their kids lives. I'm not convinced that they couldn't make a decent living with one of them getting a job, the freebies that have been promised until the tups turn 18, and the pair doing some paid speaking gigs. They must have a ton of money saved since they don't seem to have to actually buy the necessities and luxuries of life.
If I remember correctly on the hair plug episode, Jon said that he didn't care about getting hair plugs, but Kate told him he should take advantage of the opportunity. That's what they seem to be doing--milking the cash cow for every cent they can get. The kids are getting lost in the mad dash to the bank.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

"I see a lot of people asking about Beth and I found this that may answer you guys questions."

I found that link too, but it didn't seem like something Beth would say or do. I asked Jodi and she confirmed that it was someone impersonating Beth.

There are also fake MySpace pages for J&K and someone created a fake profile for Jodi and Kevin--(picture and all) and added them as one of J&K's top friends. Jodi and Kevin have never had a MySpace page.

Anonymous said...

You know what comment I find very disturbing? "it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show." Jon and Kate didn't qualify this statement whatsoever. It wasn't, we will continue to do the show until the children say they are really tired of it. Or we will continue to do the show until school becomes just too painful for the twins. Or we will continue to do the show as long as our family is happy and having fun doing it. Just point blank, come hell or high water we will go on with our show. They don't care about those kids an ounce or how they feel about all this, they just want to stick it to everyone and prove them wrong by continuing until the bitter, bitter end with this damn show.

Anonymous said...

Truthwillsetyoufree, you are one of the reasons I came back. Your sister didn't deserve Kate's foul treatment. Unless the truth is put out front, people have no choice but to believe the lie as constructed by Jon and Kate. I will give the production company some wiggle room as I'm almost 100% positive that they didn't know some of this stuff before they started filming. I think there are a great many people who've been swept up in the wave.

Only, Kate's not throwing anyone a life vest. She's like that guy in Titanic who smacks people with the oar so they don't swamp her boat.

I heard the same thing about the gift cards, Truth. I was told she had some of them in a plastic file box (like you'd use for coupons). I've also heard that she was very perturbed that one store wouldn't cash in her cards. But, both are rumors I've not confirmed. It just doesn't surprise me.
It's also not an accident that every freebie they get is in another town. This area is done. It's been worked over. Besides wanting a bigger home, I can see them wanting to move to a "fresh" new town that will kiss their rear as people here have.
They've done it before. When the church added and remodeled the old, Dauphin house, Kate didn't wait for the paint to dry before telling people it was going to burden them because it would make their taxes go up. Keep in mind, they stayed in Hershey unil the tups came home. And, the church was going to pay for this renovation until Home Delivery called. So, what Kate expected, I have no clue. She hadn't been living in the home since she was hospitalized and she knew that this remodel was going to go forward because the house WAS very small. But, she still whined and complained through the process and long afterward. The comments were never about the time and money put in to helping. They were all about the added tax burden, the murals she hated, the carpet being ugly, the quality of lighting, and such. I guess we should've figured out that Kate didn't want a remodel to fit the children. She wanted a remodel that would've added value to their house when they decided to sell it less than a year later. Many people were hurt by that fiasco.

Sorry for the long vent. The more I think about the things that have happened, the more I feel duped.

Anonymous said...

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I found that link too, but it didn't seem like something Beth would say or do. I asked Jodi and she confirmed that it was someone impersonating Beth.

The person pretending to be Beth wrote:

"P.S. Tracee, if you desire an explanation of why and how I stumbled upon your blog, please email me and I would love to enlighten you."

If you read down a bit you will notice that the blog owner, (Tracee), tried to contact 'Beth' and the mail was rejected. This is what made me doubt that Beth really wrote it.

Tracee wrote:

"Beth, I did try to email you about how you stumbled on my blog - but my email got returned. I am curious though."

Hmmmmmm...Thank you Truth! As always, you confirmed my doubts.

Anonymous said...

All good things come to an end. And Jon and Kate's time will end.
Lies always surface. I don't see jon as a bad guy. I think he is afraid of his wife. The show can not go on forever. When the kids go to school what are they going to show Kate telling Jon how fat he is all day. Kate reminds me of a selfish women. It is hard to find someone you trust to watch your kids. I can not beleive she would do that to Jodi. How many people do you know that would look after 12 kids at one time. Jodi has children if the show paid her I bet that money would go directly to Jodi's children so in a way she was taking away from her nieces and nephews. I am curious did she ever watch Jodi's kids and give her a break? Selfish is the best word to describe her. She was worried about throwing out a pair of socks how much did it cost to fix the wall that one of her kids put a hole in?

Anonymous said...

I've just can't believe how gullible people can continue to believe that Kate and Jon deserve to be adored and looked to as heros. How do their defenders go around with blinders on to the children's well being? I'm tired of the they have 8 kids so therefore they can do no wrong! How is that an excuse? I don't see the other sextuplet parents living off of the children but for some reason it's A-OK for Jon and Kate to lay the burden of their financial wellbeing on the shoulder of 3 year olds.
And if they can sell that shop worn story for 25K a gig then there are a lot more foolish people in this world then I care to think about.

NewMom08 said...

Its nice to see you back. I think what is so amazing to see is Kate's pathology, even in the beginning when the tups were born and they were living in Wyomissing.
She appeared on TV as this soft spoken, doe eyed little "mommy". And all the while bitching to everyone about the things that were being done for her, gratis. All the while scheming to manipulate her way into money and perhaps the limelight that she was getting used to.
I guess the hard part for me is that I was able to bring my self to believe the issues and behaviors and lies going on NOW, but didn't think they were going on THEN too....never thought that this manipulation was so early on, you know? It just is really pathological; and I feel bad that you and others (Jodi, et al.) were brought into such a situation and then used until you were no longer needed, with really no thought to your feelings or emotional attachments..
It will be interesting to see if that changes when things turn around for J+K.
Thanks for sticking around Bethanna, and you too TRUTH!!!!

Anonymous said...


I am glad you came back too.

Anonymous said...

I found a picture of the Gosselins that was almost the same as the one that NE used for their article. Although if you take a close look at Mady, I believe Jon has learned how to do some photoshoping...

Compare Mady from the NE pic to the one on their season 2 DVD.

NE pic

Season 2 pic

Anonymous said...

"Although if you take a close look at Mady, I believe Jon has learned how to do some photoshoping...
Compare Mady from the NE pic to the one on their season 2 DVD."

Actually, 3 of the kids are different in the Enquirer photo. Collin, Mady, and Joel are all scowling, while in the DVD photo they are seen smiling. Also in the Enquirer photo, Cara's shirt color is changed from orange (matching Mady's on the DVD) to blue.

It's possible (imo, likely) that the Enquirer elected to do some "helpful editing" of their own...a few grimaces thrown in to accentuate negative connotations.

Anonymous said...

"I believe it’s Cara who loves school & wants it to be year round. Mady, on the other hand, said she hated it & wanted to stay home."

Didn't someone state recently Cara been on camera much less as of late? Maybe she didn't want to be on TV much anymore and caught wind of what the "mean girls" were saying at school about the family and told her parents she doesn't want to be on TV much anymore?

Anonymous said...

If anything, the photo on their DVD cover is the one photoshopped. I've seen the one in the Enquirer before and I even posted back on the twop board about it. It's interesting that Hannah is on Kate's lap and Mady is half cut out of the picture, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Actually I agree with Anon5:57. The NE photo is the original. The DVD cover has been "cleaned up". The background on the DVD photo is blue sky, puffy white clouds and perfectly clipped green bushes all covering the original landscape. I noticed this a few days ago when the DVD cover appeared on If you take a close look you will see where the faces have been replaced on the DVD cover. Remember, Kate has complained in the past about how hard it is to get all 8 children to look good in the same picture.

Anonymous said...

Way upline Anon 1:28 noted the very telling name of the gosslin website "sixgosselins". I agree that it's pretty awful to exclude the twins in the head count.

Yet, even that pales beside Kate's gagalicious email address at that time: "sixymomma". Ugh.

I guess "" was taken.

Anonymous said...

I read Jodi's sisters blog and I would be proud to have a sister like that to stand up for me like she has. Takes alot of guts! I just wish she would post her email somewhere on her blog, I would love to send along my support and let her know how what she's doing is pretty damn awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I read the NE article while standing in the grocery line today...LOL

Oh my, it sure doesn't present them in a good light.

Anonymous said...

I can remember seeing the NE picture (frowns and all) before. I think it's the real shot.

If you download and use photoviewing software on the DVD cover, you'll see where the photoshopping was done. It's obvoius that EVERY child has been pushed toward the center, which is not big thing. But, Maddy's photo (based on shadowing) is clearly not from the same photo and her neck is wrong (look at it close). What's really strange is that the rest of her body was shopped in, too...but, from a different pic. In other words, they built a softer looking Maddy out of numerous shots. Cara's shirt has been re-colored to fit the rest of the family.
EVERY boy has been photoshopped. EACH AND EVERY one. Interestingly, the tups girls are untouched. Even Hannah, who's not even looking at the camera, but playing with her sandal is the same.

I've wondered, too, why they keep using old pictures. I suspect it's because it draws more empathy to think of a woman with six two year olds.

I heard something really funny from a church friend, today, at coffee klatch. We were discussing the show and this lady said, "everytime I watch an episode, I see one more person who's no longer in the "circle of trust"". She's referring to Meet the Parents, of course, but it got us laughing because it's so true. I keep expecting to turn on the show and find that the producers have blurred out everyone without the last name Gosselin.

Anonymous said...

Off the subject at hand, but I noticed on an earlier post that you were referred to as someone close to the situation. Care to clarify, just out of curiosity? I am new to this blog as of last week and have spent hours trying to catch up. I was one that used to love the show, but the episode with the boys using the potty outside was the beginning of the end. I have a precious 13 year old boy facing the challenges of autism. We lost three babies after that, and now I have an amazing 2 1/2 year old boy also. One of my greatest gifts in this life is that I know what a miracle healthy children are and how to treasure each popsicle-coated smile. When Queen of the Shrews tormented Collin with his bear I wanted to jump through the t.v. I totally related to another poster who said that she is gaining something from watching Kate, as am I for which I am grateful-the abilty to reflect as I watch her on how I have spent the day loving my children and have tucked them into bed with a clear and grateful conscience.

Anonymous said...

I have never posted but I felt compelled to write this after reading this blog for several weeks. I came across Jon and Kate plus 8 during a late night after studying in college. What started as mere curiosity quickly became my favorite show. I got so hooked that I started to make my roomate watch and slowly I had the entire sorority house of 35 girls tuning in. What we saw as a nice family has quickly turned into a trainwreck. My main problem with the show is there new found love of money. While I think the lengths these two will go to to earn a dollar is disgusting more than anything I am disgusted by the message they are sending to their children. They are teaching eight little ones that self responsibility and a strong work ethic is not important. That they are entitled and that hard working people should support them. Instead of providing for his family like most men Jon is content to ride the gravy train. This to me is the most disturbing because if J&K continue on this path they will do their kids a great injustice. They are showing their kids that it is not an individual responsibilty to provide for yourself through hard work and education but instead that others should support you. The most important message and gift my parents every gave me was to show me how hard they worked and how important education was. I really hope that instead of sending the message that we should get something for nothing because we are special that they will try to teach these kids how fortunate they are that they have the opportunities to go to private school and college something they could not do. While I doubt this will be the message I hope that when the gravy train ends the kids will realize that daddy not having a job was a huge mistake. Maybe when they are older the eight will become disgusted by their parents all to willingness to do anything for the almighty dollar. I hope in 10 years we hear that these kids are in college fighting for other exploited children. Wouldn't that be ironic Until then I have been forced to turn all of my sorority sisters onto this blog and try to show them that are love of everything gosselin is really just a sham.

I want to add a thank you to Jodi's sister for speaking out. I only hope that your courage will inspire others to do the same and that I love your sister and know how important aunts and extended family can be!

Serena said...

To the Anonymous poster at 9:20 (above), tell your sorority sisters to check out our latest blog entry... I thought your comment added an interesting perspective that merited conversion into a blog entry.

Nice job for your first time posting here!

Anonymous said...

Jen said: I was trying to think of what I would have done in their situation, and for the life of me, I can't ever imagine being so rude and ungrateful and greedy.

I have been in their situation, to a much lesser extent. Basically as much as I grovelled back then (I was actually told to STOP saying thanks so much!), I still hope and sometimes worry if I was thankful enough. (I hope no one is reading this and saying about me, yeah, that triplet Mom I helped a few years back was sooo ungrateful :-/)

Sometimes in the fog of multiple babies plus, it's hard to do anything beyond basic functioning. I wouldn't fault Kate for not seeming thankful THEN, if she made up for it later. I did my best back then but as the fog lifted made sure to send thank you notes as well as paying it forward to other families. We have sold very little of our baby gear - it was passed on, some to other triplet families, some to others, some to friends, some to perfect strangers. I have also delivered dinners, etc. to new moms, triplet or singleton, because I remember what a HUGE blessing that was to my entire family. I don't limit myself to helping only triplet families with 3 other kids, that would be crazy. Her comment "when they have sextuplets plus twins, THEN they can ask me for help" is insane. Anyone can help in some way, even if it's just to pass on the outgrown clothes!

Now, I don't fault her for consigning her stuff, either. I choose not to because to me it's not worth the hassle for the small price. And it certainly is not worth not letting them get dirty! It's the way the resale value of the STUFF is the first priority that gets to me. Those kids WILL remember for the rest of their lives that STUFF was more important than they were. How sad!

To be so ungrateful and selfish NOW is not from being busy or being in a fog. It's from just BEING an ungrateful person. And don't dare say I can't judge that if I have not walked in her exact shoes. Her children are not babies anymore that need 100% of her attention so that she can't help others or even be bothered to express thanks. If she is still in a fog, she needs to seek professional help.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I also meant to add in my previous post about Beth being impersonated and the fake MySpace pages---I have read that there have been recent "sightings" of Jodi with J&K and family down at the beach in NC. Although it's true that J&K and the kids were there, Jodi did not go with them. I have a feeling these "rumors" were started by someone who wanted to discredit me and try to show that Jodi is still involved.

Anonymous said...

Putting together some info seen here on the blog over the last day or two -
1) There are no signs of life at the Gosselin home (even on beautiful weather days)according to a poster whose daughter lives right near them.
2) Kate always has a tan and her tan lines are visible.
3) They are spending time in North Carolina (where Figure 8 has its offices).
THEORY: They have already purchased and relocated to a mansion in N.C. and only come back to PA to film. Maybe they come back for a week at a time and film numerous episodes non-stop. The "house" is merely a set. They recycle the Mady and Cara getting off the bus clip to make us think the girls are in school and everything is normal. Furthermore, what keeps them in PA? They have no family and no friends - they've alientated everyone or cut them off (Jodi, Grandpa and Grandma Kreider, Beth, and so many others).

Anonymous said...

Why on earth do you care so much about them to design and post to a blog that takes up so much of your time. I was shocked to see all of this all because of them. Who cares what they do or how they are portrayed or edited for tv purposes.