Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD

TLC, via their "Discovery Store", is pre-selling Seasons 1 & 2 of this "wholesome family-friendly" series. This is a 4-DVD set, which is a total of 8 hours long and includes 20 eps (19 are standard half-hour long shows and 1 is an hour long program.)

This is what is included on this set:


10 Little Pumpkins (April 23, 2007)
The family go to a pumpkin patch in celebration of autumn and Halloween. Of course Kate is hell-bent on finding the "perfect" mommy & daddy pumpkins. Each child gets a pumpkin to take home. When they carve the pumpkins, Kate panics and insists on cleaning the table before they are through.

Housekeeper Hunt (April 23, 2007)

Kate interviews a slew of housekeepers but none of them met her high standards of excellence. She actually expected them to get down on their hands and knees and scrub her floors each day (I am not joking!) One of the housekeepers actually told her that she couldn't do it (because of physical limitations) and Kate says "oh OK" in this icy-icy voice. Kate finally hired someone, however she was let go after the first day simply because she didn't pass the "white-glove test." Oh, and I almost forgot, as usual, Jon and Kate "get away" for a night out while Nana Joan watches all the kids. Wow it must be nice to have all that help!

Gosselins Go West (April 30, 2007)

Kate & Jon go to a (paid) speaking engagement at a church in CA (of course the tups are left at home.) They also discuss and prepare their will. For some reason TLC (formerly Discover Health) rarely showed/shows this ep in repeats. This is rather unusual, considering they show both Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Little People Big World in heavy-heavy rotation. But upon contemplation, it's probably because this ep discusses religion and features Jon and Kate in a church which is simply "too shocking" for terrestrial TV. Perhaps it is because Kate steals pinecones from a national forest... and oranges from a private orchard.

Garage Makeover (April 30, 2007)

With the help of Uncle Kevin, Jon transforms their garage. It was so funny when Kevin let Lex hang from one of the ceiling shelves. Kate was trying to stick her nose in everything because she hates: 1) not having control & 2) not having all eyes on her!

Twins Turn 6 (May 7, 2007)

Cara and Mady are treated to a special day out in New York in celebration of their birthday. They go see American Girl. And it was nice to see some of the spotlight on them for once.

Shopping For Ten (May 7, 2007)

Jon and Kate discuss how they "save" and "shop" for a large family. I'm not surprised they didn't mention how they really rake in the big bucks. Cry, Cry, Cry poverty to everyone and anyone that'll listen, accept government welfare, free gifts, money and donations, and go to paid speaking engagements at churches. Keep in mind, all of this was done WHILE THEY HAD plenty of money in their joint savings account. I can just hear Kate now, "you expect me to use my own money on these kids? Puh-leaze!"

Pancakes And Potties (May 14, 2007)

When I was a fan of Kate & Jon I considered this such a cute ep and probably the defining program of this entire series. The family spend the morning having blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon. According to Jon, Kate makes the pancakes every week but the bacon is only made once or twice a year as a "treat!" (BTW, I wonder if the production staff are allowed to eat when they're over, filming? Another quick question, do you think Kate bothered to tip the delivery men who brought her the free piano in an ep earlier this year??) In the second part of the ep, Kate talks about potty training the girls because as she puts it "girls are easier than boys." When Alexis uses the potty for the first time and Kate is beyond ecstatic, she actually takes a picture of her daughter next to her potty.

Jon Turns 30 (May 14, 2007)

Kate plans a surprise party for Jon on his 30th Birthday. The gang go to a Japanese restaurant, but the tups are left at home (as usual -- unless Kate has several of her helpers to do her job). Anyway, of course it goes without saying that Kate and Jon take off for a week's vacation without any of their kids because just a simple party and cake wouldn't be enough.


Sextuplets Turn 3 (October 15, 2007)
Kate puts together an elaborate birthday party for the little ones, complete with clowns, balloons, cotton candy and even two ponies. Suffice it to say, before the party there's a "huge crisis." The washing machine was apparently overloaded so it began to expel soapsuds. No big deal, right? It didn't stop Kate from screaming at Jon to get in the laundry room immediately at the top of her lungs. My favorite part was watching Nana Janet (BTW I love Nana Janet because she reminds me of my own ganny) ride the pony. Kate to Nana Janet: Janet, I don't want you to get hurt, you're my kids' babysitter. Kate: "That pony is saying kill me now."

Breakfast In Bed (October 22, 2007)
Another ep devoted to Kate so she can "get away." In the first half, Jon makes her breakfast in bed. In the second half, Kate and Beth visit a posh salon. At the spa, Kate is incredibly greedy and grabby. She can constantly be heard saying: we have to get that and we have to try that. She must have enjoyed the food a lot because she actually takes it with her, too!

Gosselins Go Dutch (October 22, 2007)
The family go to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park. Before leaving, the usually (very) well behaved Cara has a small tantrum over a pair of shoes. As is par for the course, while at the park Kate goes ballistic on Jon for some minor (and mindless) infraction (such as going to the bathroom).

Sextuplets First Dentist Visit (October 29, 2007)

All of the children have a check-up and sit still, very well. Well, all except for Lex. But she was just a baby so that's expected. But Mady screamed and cried like there was no tomorrow. Sometimes I really think this kid will do anything for attention because she loves having all eyes on her. Mady is suffering from a classic case of "only child syndrome."

Red, White & Gosselin (October 29, 2007)

Jon and Kate take the kids to a 4th of July parade. It was so cute watching Aaden sneak the candy that Kate forbade him from eating. Later on, they visit Beth and her family. And no one bats an eye when Taliah, Cara and Mady go swimming during a lightning storm.

Sugar Rush (November 5, 2007)

Kate and Carla take the tups to Chocolate World, because daddy has to go to work (and Mady and Cara are in school). Even though they were 3, this was Kate's first time out with the kids without Jon and she claimed to be "nervous."

A Cow Purchase (November 12, 2007)

Kate and Jon take the children to visit Natural Acres, a farm. As is typical, when Kate saw something that she wanted she (again) behaved in that acquisitive fashion that is now all too familiar for longtime viewers.

Sara Snow Visits! (November 12, 2007)
A cable cooking show host visits Kate and gives the entire family tips on cooking and conservation. This is one ep that I'm not overly crazy about. I like the family and don't like watching outsiders come into the mix because it's always less interesting.

Babies And Bedrooms (November 19, 2007)
Bob, a contractor and neighbor (not to be confused with Bob Carson, Beth's hubby), comes by to renovate the attic into the twins' new bedroom (I smell another freebie). Meanwhile, Kate looks into getting the little ones big-kid beds. As usual Mady makes a few wry remarks reminding everyone that'll listen that the new room is hers and no one can come in without her permission.

A Day At The Zoo (December 3, 2007)
Jon and Kate take the children to the Pittsburgh Zoo. (This is their second trip to a zoo. The first trip, to the National Zoo in Washington, DC, got "rained out," so they made the family go again.) They all really love animals. Lex especially loves alligators and it was so touching when she got to see a baby alligator. And she wasn't even afraid, at all.

Hit The Road (December 10, 2007)
This is a 2-part ep. Jon and Kate drive to Disney World with their kids. To me, it seemed like they were trying to make such a huge deal out of it. Wouldn't it have been much easier to fly? I don't like flying but I'll be damned if I have to drive with 8 babies across 7 states for 19 hours! But I'm very sure Kate wanted for nothing during the car trip. In the second part of the ep, the family arrives at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Beth, Kayla and her 2 other daughters were also on hand to lend a helping-hand to the family.

Cutting Room Floor (December 17, 2007)

This includes "never-before-seen-clips" of the family. However, like the Sara Snow ep, this one also lacks any creativity. It may also be notable to mention that the series has featured at least 5 or 6 different retrospective shows that often keep recycling the same old clips and the same stories and anecdotes and used-video of past-shows. I wish they would stop doing it. However, it's incredibly quick, easy and very cost-effective so it will likely continue. By the way, I can totally tell that the production staff talk about Kate behind her back, every chance they get. After all, who wouldn't? Because most times, Kate's such a condescending and thoughtless shrew (on one ep she actually threw a dirty diaper at Jen the producer and then laughed about it in her face). Perhaps they can put together some of these outtakes for a new ep?

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Joni; edited by iluveeyore.


AireZoe said...

I originally read this on, of all places. If you want to find snark in an unexpected spot, check out the reviews of the J&K DVDs on Amazon.
We are not alone!

Can't wait for the reader book reviews to start making an appearance on Amazon.

Lipstick girl said...

No thanks I will not be purchasing the dvd set with my hard earned money. I have also cleaned off most of the series of J&Kplus 8 from my dvr.

FIONA said...

Jon and Kate take the children to the Pittsburgh Zoo

They actually got to go TWICE...remember the first trip it rained and TLC didn't get enough footage. You can hear Mady, I think, say, the zoo, not again.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the uproar over the fact that Kate wanted the floor scrubbed (on hands and knees) or let the cleaning lady go because she didn't clean to Kate's specifications. I'm of the mind that if I'm paying someone to do a very personal job (like help clean my house) and that person half-asses it, I'm going to let them go to. If they can't do the job I want, I'm not going to hire them. I find it hard to find fault with Kate on that front. That was a big flap on TWoP also, I still don't see why.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,

The floor scrubbing stuff seemed silly and fussy to me at the time. I thought Kate should use the time to take care of her children, instead of worrying about the floor but I didn't think about it very much. I have a different opinion now. My opinion of Kate as a nurturing mother has sunk lower and lower as each season unfolds and I've put the floor wiping into some perspective. Now I think of it as one more examples of Kate's misaligned priorities. Clean floors are nice. Happy children are better. Kate can afford to hire someone to mop the floors so she can play with her kids. However, as we have now seen, for Kate, playing with kids is not the fun that some people think. Wiping floors several times a day is proof of how tough life is. Kate is a martyr.

Anonymous said...

My point was that if she's paying for someone to clean her house, what is wrong with asking them to do it a specific way? My mom used to have someone in to do the laundry and ironing, and when it wasn't done the way she wanted (to her exacting standards) the woman was let go. If you are paying someone to do something for you, why shouldn't you get what you want? Kate is villified for asking for things, both when it is appropriate and it isn't appropriate. This, in my opinion, is an appropriate request. You pay for a service, it should be the service you wanted. Barring anything else Kate does wrong, or whether or not she's a bad mother, I think it is not a big deal to ask a cleaning person to dust, sweep behind things, and clean the floors the way you want.

Anonymous said...

You know why Jenny is going to last? Contract aside, of course. When she said, "the challenges are sharing," she quickly took the blame saying, "That is one thing I need to get better at."
Either she is an astute observer of the show, a quick study, or the producers filled her in. Stay obsequious Jenny! These kids need someone to watch them in the driveway.

Anonymous said...

Right on Leah! "Everyone's Asian!" I can't get enough of those kids.

Anonymous said...

I saw all the episodes once. Believe me, that's enough.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

I think the problem with the floors was Kate was expecting this woman to get down on her hands and knees SEVERAL times a day and scrub them. Mops work, seriously there are all kinds of mops. The was a bit of dust behind some random piece of furniture...yeah thats more important than making your kids happy. Seriously where did all that dust come from. I think the OCD about the house is a show for the cameras.

Steph said...

The problem is that Kate Swiffers the floor. She doesn't get down on her hands and knees, either! It's a power and control issue.

When I used to have a maid (and I will again when I can afford it) I insisted they NOT get on their hands and knees and scrub my floors. I felt like an ass asking them to do something that I don't do! I wanted them cleaned, but a really good mopping and getting the edges with a foot and a towel works just as well.

Maybe that's why I had such a loyal maid, who never broke anything, stole from me, or did a half ass job...because I treated her with respect.

Anonymous said...

The point of having someone clean is to have someone do the things you don't want to do, don't have time to do, or can't do. I don't think Kate treated them badly, she was polite, she just wanted a job done that wasn't. She didn't hire the one that couldn't do what she wanted. The one she did hire did not dust under things, or sweep behind things. It was her first day, what had Kate done that was so exacting, besides asking her to do her job? By the by, she didn't say they had to scrub the floors three times a day every day, because they weren't going to be there that much (it wasn't a live-in). She said that's what she did and she wanted (when they did the floors) to do it the same way. Whether she did or didn't, I don't know. I'm not a huge Kate fan, but people hate her so much that even when she does something reasonable people hate on her for it.

A maid is there to do a job, its is not an issue of power and control to tell someone who works for you what to do. That is what you do.

Anonymous said...

A maid is there to do a job, its is not an issue of power and control to tell someone who works for you what to do.

I have no problems with Kate stating clearly what she expected the maid to do. But Kate is also perfectly aware that she is being filmed. So to walk through the house making disparaging comments about the cleaning lady was just mean. I have enough trouble with the way Kate speaks to her husband and children. But this was a woman who clearly had tried to clean, even if it didn't meet Kate's standards. My objection was that Kate treated this woman with disdain -- and that was just more of Kate's inability to self-censor herself.

Steph said...

There is no reason to wash the floor on your hands and knees. In fact, most cleaning services DON'T provide that. Do you think restaurants have people who come in on their hands and knees and clean the floor? It is ALL about power.

I found it particularly odd that Kate would insist on this when she doesn't do it obviously, she does NOT see it as a necessity, either.

Read "Nickel and Dimed" to understand the mentality.

Anonymous said...

"I have no problems with Kate stating clearly what she expected the maid to do. But Kate is also perfectly aware that she is being filmed. So to walk through the house making disparaging comments about the cleaning lady was just mean. I have enough trouble with the way Kate speaks to her husband and children. But this was a woman who clearly had tried to clean, even if it didn't meet Kate's standards. My objection was that Kate treated this woman with disdain -- and that was just more of Kate's inability to self-censor herself."

To disparage a person on national TV is despicable. This woman was a total stranger who probably was excited about being on TV, told friends & family to watch only to be publicly humiliated by a brainless tacky twit. It was totally uncalled for and downright mean. What misplaced arrogance Kate has. She really thinks she is a somebody.

Anonymous said...

Well, we would not have seen the "maid" had she not signed a release to TLC. Not so despicable.

Anonymous said...

"Well, we would not have seen the "maid" had she not signed a release to TLC. Not so despicable."

If she signed a release I am sure it did not state she had to endure public embarrassment. I stand by my comment.

Anonymous said...

Well, we would not have seen the "maid" had she not signed a release to TLC. Not so despicable.

I respectfully disagree. While the woman might have been foolish to sign a release (although I doubt she was briefed on Kate's personality), that doesn't excuse Kate's behavior. To disparage someone - husband, child, sister-in-law, or maid - on national television is cruel.

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, the "maid" knew what events had transpired and agreed to allow TLC to broadcast the sequence. Maybe she did not feel she had been publicly humiliated and that is only in the "eyes" of some beholders.. Guesos

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, the "maid" knew what events had transpired and agreed to allow TLC to broadcast the sequence.

Do you sign a release AFTER you participate or before you participate. Also, the maid wasn't there when Kate was making her remarks to the camera -- so even if the maid thought she had cleaned up to Kate's standards, she wouldn't have known what Kate was about to say about her.

Where's Carla? said...

I think it is a riot that the episodes that TLC has included on the two DVDs are the ones that are repeatedly reaired. Thanks to TiVo, I don't have to contribute one penny to the DVD sale.

moi said...

Didn't Kate say on the show that there was a language issue with the maid? I am all for knowing a very good amount of English if you're going to live in this country, however maybe she was in the process of improving her language skills AND trying to hold down this job, and here she is being picked apart for what she rights she did or didn't sign away! I feel sorry for this woman: She ends up on the show to try and work for the Gosselins and she ends up getting dissected on the Internet for not handling the legal aspects of the situation correctly. That is rich.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

It was her first day, what had Kate done that was so exacting, besides asking her to do her job?

Thats right it was her first day and there was already a PILE of dust that "OCD" Kate expected her to clean...SHE IS FAKING omg I swear seriously its ridiculous. She's putting on a show for crying out loud. If it bothered her that much it wouldnt be there and she had to go looking in random places for dust. RIDICULOUS.

iluveeyore said...

I've just been to According to Amazon, the dvds are coming out on Sept. 9. They are now taking pre-orders.

Anonymous said...

Dizzy said: Thats right it was her first day and there was already a PILE of dust that "OCD" Kate expected her to clean...SHE IS FAKING omg I swear seriously its ridiculous.

I have said it before, but it bears repeating, OCD fears/problems are not consistent or rational. She could be insane about germs but the dust wouldn't bother her. I don't think she's faking the OCD. I have a best friend and a cousin who both suffer from OCD. Their houses are disgusting (I wouldn't sleep either place), but they still have compulsive handwashing behaviors, have to sweep every day a certain way while dirt piles up everywhere. I think a lot of people misunderstand OCD and think it means you have to be a clean freak.

I read this on Amazon and I notice that here is says "While they had plenty of money in their joint checking account" but on amazon it says they had "two hundred grand." Anyone know why the discrepency?

Anonymous said...

I have an adult sibling who was diagnosed with OCD about ten years ago by basically the most paramount authority on the disorder in a six state radius. The guy is basically a genius and is a psychologist as well as a professor...I feel that he literally saved my sibling's life, basically. Yes, he is that good at what he does.

I agree with you. It doesn't mean that you're a clean freak per se. Clean Freak-Outs are a manifestation of this disorder that sometimes occurs in certain patients, however...sort of like miniature Panic Attacks as far as I am concerned.

Kate resembles certain characteristics of OCD, but after exhibiting it in somebody who's extremely close to me and only recently got a proper medication to help curtail it, I think she's not bluffing and might really and truly THINK she has it, but it's my firm belief (although I'm not a doctor and just a family member who's been through sheer hell with this) she doesn't suffer from it AT ALL.

There's no way as far as I can tell and have been briefed that she would be able to handle the stress of all of those camera crew people, let alone all of those kids being in her life that often and that up close if she suffered from this disorder.

OCD cannot prolong itself and exaccerbate cantankerously into something worse and life debilitating in that sort of environment as far as I've/We've experienced it.

A lot of the sorting and resorting and maniacal frenzy over losing and misplacing things or reorganizing and cataloging things; bascially the extremely structured/anal retentive behaviors, in other words, are performed in extreme secrecy when others are asleep, at work, gone out of the home, etc. and there is no one watching who can hear or interrupt the Obsessive Compulsive individual.

I don't personally feel that OCD can escalate and mushroom into something that is highly debilitating if you're living with that many people who could interrupt and buffer the rituals that make it occur in the first place.

Many folks have and deal with OCD in secrecy for YEARS before they ever even get diagnosed. How can you keep a mental disorder like that a secret in order to prolong it and keep it churning continuously in a house full of that many people, most of whom are children with big tattletale mouths? And while a TV show is being directed? You can't as far as I can tell.

After ten exhausting and thorougly heartbreaking years of exhibiting it in my own family, I feel that it's impossible in Kate's case and lucky for her that it is, but that's just my own personal experience with it and nothing more.

If anyone else has first hand knowledge that is the reverse of my/our own decade long experience, I'm free and more than open to peaceable introspection and reflection by all means. I just think it is a disorder that needs to fester and flourish and in that CONTROLLED and highly populated of a home environment it could not. Therefore, I agree with the posters here at GWoP who are saying she exhibits signs of catering to and milking her obvious control and impatience/insolence issues, yet most likely does not have OCD itself.

Thanks for hearing me out.

Anonymous said...

I have an OCD best friend and an OCD cousin. My cousin does not have any ordering tendencies, she has obsessive fears. She won't touch hand, carries a bottle of purell, wears a surgical mask. There is absolutely no order in her house whatsoever.

My best friend is a nurse (like Kate) and spends her time doing rituals. Her house is dirty as all get out, but her floors are swept in the house every day in the same pattern, and if she doesn't do it that way her husband will die. She also will be doing an activity and then a sudden fear will push her to stop the activity (I really thought of her when Kate hit a wall and needed the pumpkins cleaned up NOW because Kate seemed so scared and anxious about it).

My point is this, both are diagnosed, and neither has the same set of fears or anxieties. They are both (now) heavily medicated, but living in a home with 5 siblings, two parents, and a grandparent is where my best friend's started and bloomed. Her rituals are done, but not necessarily in secret (her sweeping, for example is done in the open but people didn't realize it was in a specific pattern).

I guess what I'm trying to say is Kate's behaviors are very much in line with what I have seen with my friends and family, all diagnosed and medicated. They were all around a lot of people and managed to have their OCD become, little by little, an interfering force. We didn't interfere or correct the behavior, because when someone washes their hands a lot, it doesn't seem like a cause for concern. Its once the behaviors have spiraled to the point that the person refuses to leave the house that you realize they have a problem. OCD, in my experience, is all across the board in the types of behaviors people express, in severity, and the types of fears that people have. I'll have my dad watch, who is a psychologist, see what he thinks. He has pointed out some behaviors of hers in the past as consistent with OCD.

Anonymous said...

My brother lived with us for 9 months before my husband kicked him out due to laziness, being irresponsible and his self-righteous attitude. We haven't heard from him in over 3 years. He went back to live with my parents and he has not left the house in 3 years since then. Before this, he had been washing his hands constantly all day long. They are so red and dry it's hard not to notice. It literally took him over 2 hours to get ready to go out. And even worse, he is a diabetic and just doesn't take care of himself. He started the hand-washing thing when he was about 12 when my grandfather died - my mother claims my father made him touch the body in his casket. I can see how that might have triggered his OCD. My brother refuses to get help and he's 33 now - it's sad. I don't think Kate has OCD but definitely has OC tendencies. For the poster who says their sibling was helped by medication, could you give a little more information?

Kate definitely needs help but not with just that, but also marriage and parenting counseling.

Anonymous said...

Anon. said: For the poster who says their sibling was helped by medication, could you give a little more information?

This wasn't directed at me, but my best friend has had incredibly good luck with Anafranil and klonopin. Anafranil is not commonly prescribed any more but is still available. Even with medication coping mechanisms had to be in place, and sometimes the tendancies are still visible.

Anonymous said...

Lordy, Amazon is going to have a mess on its corporate hands when this DVD set comes out and people start "reviewing" it. It's not as if there's anything new or artistically interesting on it. Jon's going to be busy in that closet protesting about all those mean, jealous people out there who don't love their latest money-making endeavor.