Reasons Why We Are Not Jealous of Jon and Kate

Kate is surrounded by 8 frequently loud and rather ill-behaved children. Nope don't need that. Although 8 well behaved kids would have been OK when I was younger. (Yes, I have adult children so I know how to rear well-behaved ones.)

Kate has industrial lighting and is being followed around by a film crew over half her life. Nope don't need that either. I had bit parts in two TV shows and two movies. That was way more than enough of the lights and mess and waiting for crew to set up thank you very much.

Kate is being told where she's going and what she's doing half her life for the now scripted "reality" show. Again, thankfully don't have that. That would drive me crazy. Can you imagine the stress from that alone? I value freedom too much to tolerate that.

Jon and Kate seem to think that giving spiels of a sort of fiction at churches and having their children's lives good and bad on TV is a good way to "earn a living." Nom not jealous of that one either.

Being recognized almost anywhere I go and being pestered by either fans or anti-fans. Couldn't most of us live without that?

Um, there is something about Kate's life I'd want? I can't think of anything right off hand. The amount of money they are getting to me isn't worth the trade-off of loss of personal freedom, privacy, and self-respect, but they have made another choice. I preferred to work in a more regular job and build up a successful retirement and provide a decent life for my children that didn't involve cameras and such. We had the option years ago to take a different path. After much thought, we decided not to go that way. I've never regretted it.

Why aren't you jealous of Jon and Kate? What do they have to deal with that you are happy not to have to handle?


Anonymous said...

I am happy to not have to handle a spouse like Kate. My hubby leans towards the Jon side of things but my hubby has cajones to stand up to me. Does that make me a Kate type? Well, kinda, I have had Kate-like moments but I recognised them and apolygised as nessecary. Now I wouldn't mind having a sexy asian husband (hehe) but I'll just deal with my Italian Stallion one.

I also could do without a gaggle of kids all the same age who whine and don't know how to be happy. I am blessed with a little girl who is my world. I hope to give her some siblings in the future, but it will be one at a keep my sanity!

seashell said...

Good post!

I'm not jealous of Jon and Kate because I actually like my spouse. We don't put each other down and disrespect each other. We actually like each other and have fun spending time together. I would not want any part of their tension-filled charade of a marriage.

I'm also not jealous of J&K because I would NOT want my life under a microscope. I snark on them regularly, but they brought it on themselves.

Lola said...

1. On one of the episodes, Kate specifically said that the filming crew/producers call her ahead of time to discuss the type of episode they want to do, then set up a day to do the filming. To me, it doesn't sound like the film crew is there all the time. Additionally the industrial lights can be shut off when not in use.

2. I can understand disagreeing with having the children filmed. I have to question the validity or reasoning of some of the remarks about the organic chef, the yard person, etc. As someone who only has two kids, I find it hard to get these things done, let alone 8 kids. What, exactly, is the issue here?

3. Mady and Cara. I think they act pretty normal for the most part. At least from what I know of 7 year old girls. I acted alot like Mady when I was a young girl.

4. Jon and Kate's relationship. My fiance and I bicker *a lot* and I'm sure to outsiders I look like a bitch. But that's how our relationship is - we are very honest and sarcastic with each other. But we also love each other very much. I think, unless you are actually *in* the relationship, you're a bit hardpressed to *know* what drives it. Or if it's a "real" relationship.

That is all for now....

Jen said...

I'm not jealous of Jon and Kate for many reasons, but primarily I'm glad that I still have my family and friends intact and haven't chosen to sell out everyone in my life. In the end, while it might be fun for them to be well-known and get free stuff and piles of cash, they seem to have traded it for their family and friends who have likely given much to them.

I wouldn't be able to live with myself for being so selfish. Those poor kids, who have no say in how they are being portrayed and no real voice or understanding of the situation. I won't even post a pic of my son online for a cute baby contest because I worry about who is looking at those pictures. Nope, not jealous one bit.

Dew said...

I don't have a problem with judging Kate and Jon's relationship. If I were to see a couple with domestic violence issues, which as a matter of fact I see every day at my job, I would never excuse that as well I'm not "in" that particular relationship so I don't know. Domestic violence is what it is, it's never acceptable, and should be judged. Similarly I don't see Kate's constant berating of Jon, her verbal abuse, their bickering in front of the children and undermining each other, both of them, as at all acceptable.

Among other things listed, I certainly am not jealous of their spekaing schedule. Away from their family all weekend, sleeping in a strange bed, in a strange town with strange people, long flights and all that great stuff. Hm, nope, not jealous of that either.

And you know what? I'm not even jealous of the freebies and I know neither are a lot of other people here either if they don't mind me speaking for them. I happen to believe life isn't about "stuff." I don't need a ski trip or a new bed or a bigger house. I don't want any kind of plastic surgery or a bunch of spa trips. I like my life. I like what I can afford with my own money. And I would not pimp out my children to get more "stuff." Clearly here, "stuff" has not made them a nicer, happier family.

anabolotin said...

reason #183: i like my family and would not like to part with them anytime soon, even if it means i get free bunk beds and hairplugs

p.s. whyyyyyy are jon and kate featured so much more prominently on the show these days? i'd rather watch the tups and twins saying cute things than watch kate wax ungracious in the florida keys or wherever.

Jayne said...

Great comments and great blog post!

I would add-- what is there about Jon that is remotely good?

1. He is extra rough with the kids. We've seen it time and time again when he grabs the kids arms and tells them to sit or go in the basement.

2. He is very petty and sarcastic with them which makes the kids sarcastic in turn. It is almost like he wants to provoke them.

3. Sure, Kate is rough on Jon (and using "rough" is being kind), but he's no prize either. He is cutting and nasty to Kate as well. Which makes neither right.

4. What about helping support your family? After Jon said he was working for Bob and then later (I believe) stated he had started his own business that allowed him to work from home, we see nothing of it. I would think this would be an issue- having so many kids at home while he's trying to work in the closet. It would be much more interesting to see how he copes with this new job with the kids than watching him work out with his "personal trainer".

Anonymous said...

I am not jealous of the fact that images and video of their children are everywhere. I get nervous when a friend puts a photo of my son on their Facebook page. I can't imagine having my child's image be so accessible. It would make me nervous.


green said...

Yes (Anonymous, July 16, 2008 8:19 pm) I cannot imagine having all the episodes, images, and the photos (like the ones that are sold at speaking events for their college funds) that are circulating out there and being comfortable with it especially if it is of the children. I don’t even want to think about what will happen when those children grow older and begin to find them on the internet.

I am not jealous of the notoriety that this show brings to the family.

Anonymous said...

I am not jealous of J&K. Watching the show does sometimes make me wistful. I miss having 4 year olds. It is such a great and fun age for kids (or it should be). My children are teenagers, which is also rewarding (even though teenage angst can sometimes be challenging). It is unfortunate that J&K do not seem to appreciate their children for who and what they are. But J&K will have to live with themselves for the rest of their lives. When they are old (and alone), what will their regrets be?

Steph said...

I am not jealous of Jon and Kate because I would rather have relatives than money.

I would rather have friends than spa trips.

I would rather have stress free vacations close by than a filmed, stress-filled vacations that cost lots of money.

I would rather work for a living than beg for one.

Anonymous said...

I get real uncomfortable when people say they have a relationship like Jon and Kate and it's just fine. I too have had to work with abused spouses and it usually starts of with verbal abuse, then comes the love taps, then the slap, shove, then continuous escalation until someone is really hurt or they are lucky to realize the toxic behavior and get help before the escalation.
I don't know of any counselor that would say any type of demeaning remarks to a significant other is OK. It doesn't even take seeing a licensed professional to learn that good relationships are not based on mutual disrespect as there are plenty of women magazines that discuss the correct way to speak to your significant other and children when there are issues that need to be addressed.
I don't want to go on a rant but I do want to say I'm in agreement that both Jon and Kate need to learn better ways of communicating not with only each other but their children too. I don't think I will ever think it's OK just because other people in the world also behave the same why with their “loved” ones.

Anonymous said...

I'm not jealous because in my opinion, J&K have sold their souls.

sugarjay said...

I'm not jealous of Kate because she seems like she's very unhappy, never satisfied and always pissed off. I wonder what it would take for her to lighten up. She had the children she always wanted and feared she couldn't have, the tups are all normal and healthy which is very lucky for HOM, she doesn't have to work at nursing anymore, she lives in a nice home, they get freebies and rake in cash and yet she still always has something to complain about! I don't understand this, I really don't. If the worst problem in your life is laundry and "stain removal" you should count yourself lucky.

I'm not jealous of Jon because he has no balls. His wife is the boss of him and it's shown on television nationwide weekly not to mention the reruns. Not once, ever, have we seen the kids do one thing that Jon thought was okay and Kate didn't like. Kate says no markers, the kids don't use markers. Kate says no cupcakes, Jon goes along with it. I wonder what goes through his head when he watches himself get treated like a chump on national television. It's pretty bad when your kids are wearing full length aprons and still can't eat one fucking cupcake that they drove 75 miles to decorate just because Kate said no. One would imagine that the other parent would act as some kind of voice of reason at times like that, but I haven't seen it happen yet. Every outing revolves around how any given activity would impact the laundry.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the kids, it can't be mentally healthy to grow up with cameras in your face and being a television character, so I feel no jealousy towards this family.

I wonder if they really believe filming their life is a good thing, I can't imagine anyone believing exposing your life and your kids on a reality show is better than living a private life. I wouldn't do that to my kids.

I don't feel jealous of Kate, she is way too uptight and way too loud, I wouldn't enjoy being around her.

I actually feel guilty that I like watching these kids, but they are so cute, just love that little Aaden. The parents aren't very entertaining, more annoying in the case of Kate.

minxie said...

Since J & K look like they can't stand to even be in the same room with each other, I'm certainly not jealous of their marriage. We have a boy and a girl and am very happy with that, so I'm not jealous of their huge family. I'm very close to my sister and have some great friends, so, check that off the list too. Money? Well, since the money comes from whoring out their kids' lives and lying to easily-duped sheeple--no thanks.

Anonymous said...

It's not jealousy that compels me to analyze these people. It's concern and sheer amazement at the level of greed.

Like if you were at the zoo, say the DC zoo, and you saw one of those cute little Tamarin monkeys frolicking happily through the trees, but suddenly it accidentally falls into the lions den - sure you couldnt help but watch, in horror and possibly disgust, shielding your eyes from time to time, but what could you do? The horror of it doesnt make it any less riveting.

I certainly wouldnt be jealous of the monkey, or lion caged up either for that matter.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of your points, but wonder why the word thought of when commmenting on J&K is JEALOUSY? The words that come to my mind are pity,(for that family), fear( for the emotional health of those kids), and hope( that this family is able to turn themselves around before it is too late). Just my view, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Privacy is paramount to me. I could never imagine giving up my privacy to the sake of a buck. It's probably way too late now, but when the show was being conceived, couldn't they have at least given false names and false locations of where they really lived? They would at least keep their lives a little more private. But, as we all know, Kate loves the attention!

Serena said...

couldn't they have at least given false names and false locations of where they really lived?

The last thing a narcissist wants is anonymity.

Serena said...

I wonder what goes through his head when he watches himself get treated like a chump on national television.

I'm guess the same thing that goes through his head when he watches his children being exploited on national television -- being able to stay home full-time, free hair transplant, free teeth whitening, free trips, personal "fuzzy bunny" trainer, duped worshippers digging deep for their love offerings, etc.

Money corrupts.

moi said...

I have no problem with judging the way Jon and Kate speak to each other as way, as my parents are exactly like this. It is extremely damaging to the child to be in that environment on a regular basis. Even as an adult, I would blurt out to my dad, "Don't let her talk to you like that! Don't be a doormat for God's sake!" right in front of her, thinking something might sink in. It never does, because these couples seem to take some kind of perverse pleasure in living with disrespect.

I am always worried by the Jon/Kate defenders who shrug and say "My husband and I talk like that to each other all the time!" That's not normal, folks. And you're doing your kids a world of sadness. I've been there.

...I'm not there anymore because I finally cut off contact with them and their manipulative and emotionally abusive ways; my mom is a narcissist and Kate makes my blood run cold because it is exactly like watching my mom. I know, "So why do you watch?" Ah, Kate is not the only person on the show, folks, imagine that!

Anonymous said...

I am not jealous of Jon and Kate because they have eight children who are now celebrities, and are used to being around new caregivers and crew members all of the time. Can you imagine the saftey risks of trying to herd eight little ones in public when strangers know their names? I would be so scared they would just go off with any adult who knows their name!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what goes through his head when he watches himself get treated like a chump on national television.

I've wondered that myself since it appears that Jon worries about his looks and the way he dresses, so you would think he'd have some concern that there is a constant discussion, even among J/K fans, that Jon has been emasculated. I wonder if it's one of the reasons why the couple appear to be so socially isolated? When J/K took the twins to California, they left two of the kids with Susan, an old friend of Jon's (btw- we never see OLD friends of Kate's). Susan was never seen again; his mother is not part of his life; nor are his brothers; nor even the babysitter who had watched Jon when he was little.

In some ways, it appears that Kate has isolated them to the point that SHE is Jon's only adult companion. Everyone else, who might ask Jon why he permits the treatment he receives, has been cut out of their lives.

I'm not suggesting that Jon isn't an adult capable of making the decision to permit this behavior -- but in domestic abuse situations (and I'm not saying this is) - isolation is a critical component.

sistah2 said...

I suppose this was posted in response to so may of the sheeple that claim there are those of us who are "just jealous" of J&K. well, i'll respond first by saying its very possible to just dislike and be disgusted by these people & it has nothing to do with jealousy. Yes, that is the way Kate thinks - as a narcissist, it must be "they are just jealous! Look at all my free stuff! Look at my fake boobs! They want what I have!!" Meanwhile, the sad part is she is making a buffoon out of herself and her children on TV, non-stop. I am not jealous, because that would embarrass me to no end, to see myself like that. But, they see no shame and embarrassment, because their pursuit of the almighty dollar is paramount. It IS like watching a train wreck - sadder because it involves these children.
The combination of greed and narcissicm = deadly (throw in reality tv cameras, dash of compulsive lying, mix with religious hypocrisy = shocking disgust for most viewers : a tv network's ratings dream.)

Anonymous said...

While reading a previous blog on this forum titled, 'Just The Cash Please', in the description of what J & K 's speech will entail, it also mentions that a plate will be passed and be prepared to 'give back'. Does this imply that the church feels J & K have given so much of themselves that they are due a just reward by others giving back in the form of CASH ONLY?? Or, does 'give back' suggest , as an audience member it is your duty to 'give back' in return for the 'pleasure' of hearing J & K speak?? I guess I am a bit taken aback by the wording of 'give back' as if J & K were a charity and supporting their cause would be the 'right' thing to do. IMO, this is why so many question the integrity and motives of J & K with respect to their speaking engagements. When it comes to J & K Gimmie More Gosselin, its all about the CASH PLEASE !!!

Anonymous said...

I am not jealous either. There is not one aspect of their lives that I would want in my life. I am so thankful that I have a normal life with normal kids. I don't have to worry about my children coming home from school after being teased all day about their bathroom habits or being in time out.

sugarjay said...

Anonymous 8:24 Kate Gimmeoselin. That's a good name for her. lol

Someone posted that the kids are celebrities, I wonder if they'll have any issues like a lot of former child stars after the show is over.

It is weird that everybody they once associated with seems to have disappeared. What ever happened to the other couple with multiples that they went to eat at Shady Maples with? Jon said he was his mentor or something like that and then they were never seen again, not even at the big 3rd birthday carnival. On top of all the other people who we never see anymore that were just on last season's episodes. I wonder who else was at the family party for the tups 4th birthday besides Jodi and her family. It's just a matter of time before Kate pisses someone off enough to go sell their story to The Enquirer.

minxie said...

Jon has no ambition and doesn't seem as though he wants to work. So imo he'll put up with whatever Kate dishes out while dreaming of snowboarding down a mountain or flying off to yet another free vacation. Whatever pride he had has been traded away for money.

Remember the nice plastic surgeon's wife who arranged for Kate's tummy tuck in the second show? I wonder what she thinks of Kate now. She seemed like a generous, thoughtful person who just wanted to do some good. Didn't she say she wanted to have Kate to her house again? I wonder if that ever happened.

Anonymous said...

Im not so sure Kate would be pissed off if she made the pages of a rag magazine like the Enquirer. Kate is ALL about attention, the good the bad and the ugly.

Anonymous said...

Reason #245

My children will never have to worry that they are no longer "cute enough" at the age of 8 when the freebies stop coming in and the stores stop closng down just for them.

sistah2 said...

Minxie, I was thinking the same thing. that's what started it all off. this may have been brought up before, but I remember Kate asked also for a free boob job at the time, and the good dr. said no. after that, it was VERY noticeable that she did have it done, just has never brought that up on the show. Wonder who footed that bill - since they are making millions anyway, she may have done it all on her own. I think Rosie ODonnell said recently on some show - fame is a drug. These people are addicted hook, line and sinker. They'll crash eventually - maybe not a Britney Spears thing, but something just as grotesque.

Cherish said...

No jealousy here, or judgements...just some observations.

The entire family, like them or not, and for all their idiosyncrasies, is just plain interesting.

First and foremost...the children are adorable. Bright and full of personality; truly the shining stars of the show,imo.

The parents are relatively good-looking, have opposite personalities and parenting styles. They love their children and make no apologies for the choices they've made and who they are. They express themselves readily and unabashedly.
The producers obviously like these elements because they play it up with the editing constantly. I'm sure Jon and Kate are encouraged to play themselves to the hilt, because they seem to do just that.

Anyhow, bottom line for me is I choose not to hyperfocus on their imperfections, perceived or otherwise. I know the show is a show. I know it's edited with a purpose, and the fact is I don't know these people personally at all. For the most part I simply enjoy watching the kids- although one couldn't help but notice the focus on Jon and Kate's activities outside the children was heavily cashed in on this past season. The producers et al. trumped it up with spas, trips, makeovers,etc... no doubt because a hot scenario with many of these reality shows is when "reality meets fantasy."

Darcy said...

While I'm not jealous of them I think they have a nice life. Just because we don't understand it doesn't make it bad. I don't think the children are any more misbehaved than other children. I have three myself and while I too "know how to rear well-behaved ones" they have their moments! I think the kids are sweet & darling.

Lola said...

Neither I nor my DF is in an abusive relationship. I *have* been in one extremely abusive relationship - I know what it is, what it feels like, how it tears one down, etc.

Just because everyone doesn't talk to each other the way that others think they should does not equal abuse.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, I always have to laugh at the Gosselin groupies, accusing the rest of us of being jealous. If there is a hell, Jon and Kate will be there. From where I'm sitting 9 out of 10 commandments have been broke on national TV alone. Once one of those couch smacks become fatal, it will be 10 out of 10. No jealousy here, I'll take my life any day, thorns and all.

Serena said...

Just because everyone doesn't talk to each other the way that others think they should does not equal abuse.

But it goes both ways. Just because certain behaviors don't leave visible marks doesn't mean those behaviors aren't abusive.

I think Kate is incredibly abusive towards Jon, and I don't think he's totally free of guilt himself.

Serena said...

While I'm not jealous of them I think they have a nice life. Just because we don't understand it doesn't make it bad.

What's to understand? It's not rocket science -- they have nice things because they have robbed their children of a private, dignified life.

I don't object to it because I "don't understand" it, I object to it because they GOT that so-called nice life at the expense of their children's childhood.

laurie said...

First off, I don't mind all the kids. That seems to be the easy part. :)

Why I'm not jealous? One simple reason (I haven't read the above comments so I don't know if this has been covered yet)... the relationship between Jon and Kate.

Over the years my close friends envy the relationship I have with MY husband. I always thought it was rather silly, to envy ME, because my life is so boring-normal. You know? (same thing, different day, type stuff) But as the years passed they began telling me why they envied me.

My husband is my best friend, hands down. He is kind, loving and is always telling me wonderful I am. I do not deserve the praise (I like it though! LOL), but he always lets me know how he loves me. In our fourteen years of marriage he's never said an unkind thing to me. When we argue it is through love. It may sound silly but it's true. We made it a priority to keep it "clean" and to never emotionally harm the other. We've never done so.

After all these years he brightens my day when I hear his voice on the phone. I am blessed to have him in my life and I let him know it. Our home is happy and despite the chaos of schedules and four kids, we always find ways to let those around us know they are loved.

It breaks my heart to see how Jon and Kate treat one another. It might all be "in fun" as Kate says, (the smacking etc), but the kids do not always understand that behavior. They do however, understand when they see their parents hug and show love, use kind words about the other person (your dad is the best! you are so lucky to have a dad like him!). They UNDERSTAND happiness and kindness...sadly they understand strife and anger. Sure they can be different when they grow up and get married, but the true fact is that they will most likely emulate what their parents did.

We have a sign in our house. It reads: Above all else, be kind. Is it really that difficult? Really?

FIONA said...

Darcy said...
While I'm not jealous of them I think they have a nice life.

What is nice about their life? The cameras, the stressed out kids, no family or friends...I really don't get that....

FIONA said...

I am jealous of one thing, actually 8, but not things, kids.

She doesn't realize how lucky she is to have had 8 healthy children.

She doesn't realize the cool opportunity she has in front of her. I am jealous because she had 8 children as does not appreciate them.

sistah2 said...

Funny someone mentioned the Enquirer- just bought this week's issue and guess who is figured prominently? Yes! There is an expose article on Jon and Kate. Finally - word is getting out on these two. Headline: "J&K+8 labeled a complete sham" ..
the article goes on to repeat much of what this blog has been reporting.
Huge photo of the kids...can you imagine...was it worth it J&K?

Anonymous said...

While I am not surprised that John and Kate are in the Enquirer....I cannot believe that the kids are being subjected to that magazine. They don't have the capacity to make that choice and they should not have to deal with the eventual backlash. Can you imagine what school will be like for Mady and Cara this fall? How embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine what school will be like for Mady and Cara this fall? How embarrassing.

I feel sorry for Cara and Mady, but again, let's put the blame where it belongs. The parents have chosen to expose their family to this kind of scrutiny -- and to perpetuate a fraud on this "reality" show. If the allegations are true about a large bank account, a private cook, gardener, etc. -- then the truth is going to emerge in a variety of venues. TLC must have known that it couldn't keep this stuff under wraps.

I'd also like to add that it does show you that the expression "what goes around, comes around" is especially true for Kate. Had she been a little more generous, had she not objected to TLC paying Jodi, had she not cut Jodi out of the show -- then Kate's little scam might have lasted longer. But thankfully, Julie decided to protect her sister and to post the truth -- and it's been picked up by the national press.

Thanks too to GWOP for insisting that the truth be told.

iluveeyore said...

Why I am not jealous: I actually feel kind of sorry for J&K. Neither one is smart enough to have prevented this from happening. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

They have been spouting lies for so long. Even about stupid little things, like whether or not they have a "family movie night" or whether it is "Jon's turn to cook dinner."

They are caught in a gigantic web, and they cannot get out of it. Neither one has a job, they've alienated every friend and relative, and they've signed over their souls (and their kids' souls) to Figure8 Films.

Jealous? You've got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

With the appearance of the National Enquirer article, do people think that churches will begin to ask questions and consider canceling the speaking engagements? OR - will they, in their fundamentalist minds, discount it and say that J and K are simply being persecuted because people are jealous?
I would like to believe that this article is the beginning of blowing their scam. Will J and K's PR people try to do damage control? Or -is Kate laughing this off and attributing it to jealousy? SHe might be - she IS a narcissist. I do think this article with the picture of the entire family is horrible for Mady and Cara. What will their little classmates say when school starts again in the fall? I feel very bad for the kids. They are the victims - again!

minxie said...

The Enquirer is the least of Mady's and Cara's problems. The horror show is there every week on TLC--no need to read a tabloid to see how narcissistic, greedy and unscrupulous these two parents are. Now the family's home life will be available on DVD--sold to the public by the very people who are supposed to keep their kids safe: Jon and Kate.

Darcy said...

What is nice about their life? The cameras, the stressed out kids, no family or friends...I really don't get that....

I think a lot of things are nice about their life. The kids are very happy, the parents are happy, they have a nice home, they're healthy, the kids have parents and siblings... We don't know that they have no friends, just because Beth and Jodi are gone doesn't mean they have zero friends.

I like to know the facts but I also like to keep things in perspective. Nobody has to agree with me about them having a nice life, but I'm still going to think that because that's what I see. I just don't buy into that the kids are being abused and harassed by the cameras, they're not the only kids to ever be on TV and I haven't seen any behavior indicating that they are troubled.

iluveeyore said...

You don't see crying, screaming, and vomiting as indications that the kids are troubled? Jon goes out to run an errand and Aaden goes ballistic. The kids are left at a play group in church (as they supposedly are every week) and Alexis starts to vomit. Mady marches in from school on her birthday, drops her backpack in the driveway, slams the door, and puts her hand in front of the camera... just perfectly normal little kids???

I really don't mean to be nasty, but I hope you don't have or know any kids like that.

Anonymous said...

If the Enquirer article results in a snowball effect and exposes J&K for what they are - liars, scammers, and child exploiters - they will be totally "personas non grata" everywhere. How will they be able to live? They have no talents, no jobs, no ambition, etc. They would have to go to Alaska or some God-forsaken place and have to live in anonymity. God knows they've burned so many bridges and cut so many people out - Grandma and Grandpa Kreider, Aunt Jodi, Beth, and probably a number of others that we may be unaware of. Karma is finally making its presence felt.

Anonymous said...

While is is good to see an article exposing Jon & Kate's scam, I don't think the National Enquirer is going to have much effect.
It does not have a stellar reputation for reporting the truth. I believe most sheeples will not believe it.
However, it is a start and hopefully, some mainstream media outlet will pick up the story.(And what a story it is!!)
I am glad the story focused on the lies and deceit.
Of all their issues that is the worst for me.

K.C. said...

Minxie & sistah2

Re: your comments this morning

I thought the same thing!

I recently watched the 2nd 1 hour special for the second time, (the tummy tuck episode). The first time I saw that one I was a bit of a sheeple. This time I really saw it in a different light...Kate asking for a free boob job seemed inappropriate to me the first time I saw this episode but this time I really paid attention and wow! The look on her face when the Dr. told her to buy a good bra instead. She looked furious! This time I also noticed that it appears she asked for the additional work when the Dr. originally contacted her, (BEFORE she even met the Dr. & his wife in person). I can just hear her on the phone now: "Oh yes! I would love a free tummy tuck! You know, since you're offering to bring me to NY for free plastic surgery, I also want a boob job, liposuction, a few nights of hotel accommodations for Jon and I, use of your home for my recovery, your wife to nurse me back to health and please don't forget the makeover--complete with hair, makeup and new clothes."

There is something else about her that looks different now too, (other than the boob job). I looked at her profile in the 2nd year special and there is a bump on the bridge of her nose that is no longer there in the current episodes. She also has that tell-tale dent/dimple on the ball of her nose that happens to people when they get nose jobs. JMO.

Anonymous said...

Can someone type out the enquirer article? I will try to find it but I'm afraid I will miss it...enquiring minds want to know! LOL

Anonymous said...

If the show is cancelled tonight, Kate and Jon have more money than they ever dreamed of having. Those 40K a year jobs are always available to them. Will the Church's quit them - well, I don't think so. Jodi and the ex pals - well, pals come and go. Contrary to many posters, they are not going to be out on the street, begging for handouts with eight kids by their side.

SmartyQ said...

If there is a hell, Jon and Kate will be there. From where I'm sitting 9 out of 10 commandments have been broke on national TV alone.
I say Katie Irene has broken all ten commandments. Killing a child's joy of life, killing his/her sense of adventure by making him/her afraid to get even a speck of dirt on clothing, killing a child's need to communicate by ignoring that child, killing a sense of security by constantly disappearing to rake in the sheeple's dough. There's a big difference between living and just not dying.

Anonymous said...

"She also has that tell-tale dent/dimple on the ball of her nose that happens to people when they get nose jobs. "

I've realized that. My attention is always drawn to the tip of her nose during the interviews because there are two shiny spots, and I'm thinking there should be just one right in the middle.

Anonymous said...

And Aidan's did go to ballistic. That tantrum was tame to the ones my niece and other kids I have seen throw. My niece probably would have out there holding her parents for dear life. And we are talking about a kid who is an only child right now and gets all the attention in the world.

Anonymous said...

1. Would "ill-behaved children" willingly sit in time
out, not getting up until their parents tell them to?
2. I admit that letting a camera crew into your home is not an ideal situation, but where would these kids be if they didn't have the show? I don't think we can assume that they're worse off being on the show when we don't know what the alternative would be.

Serena said...

Can someone type out the enquirer article? I will try to find it but I'm afraid I will miss it...enquiring minds want to know! LOL

There is a link to it on the sidebar on our home page, under "Sticky Stuff".

Bicoastal said...

"I admit that letting a camera crew into your home is not an ideal situation, but where would these kids be if they didn't have the show?"

Probably bathing in privacy, using the potty without a sound guy nearby, and having a meltdown in their bedroom out of view of the cameraman.

Fidelia said...

I can only speak for myself:
I don't have to *try* to get the sheeple on our side, they come flocking over here on their own.


Manda said...

Contrary to many posters, they are not going to be out on the street, begging for handouts with eight kids by their side.

Contrary to many posters...what?

I can only speak for myself to an infinite degree, but I know these ladies here and have come to know others through their posts, and I just don't believe anyone wants that simply for the sake of the children! There may be a random extremist wander onto this blog, although that is even rare with the superb moderation that weeds out the wackos, but as a whole, I think it is safe to say, no one here wishes them destitute and homeless.

sabrinasmom said...

If the show is cancelled tonight, Kate and Jon have more money than they ever dreamed of having.

I agree, so why wait for the show to be cancelled? Why not just stop? Greed, that's why. The welfare of their children be damned!

Would "ill-behaved children" willingly sit in time
out, not getting up until their parents tell them to?

I've seen enough arm grabs and more than gentle nudges toward the time out spots to think that these kids know what the happens if they don't sit in time out.

I think it is safe to say, no one here wishes them destitute and homeless.

No one wants that, but it's safe to say they have enough of a nest egg built up for at least one of them to return to work so that their children have a life that resembles some sort of normalcy.

Anonymous said...

"I would add-- what is there about Jon that is remotely good?"

I think Jon gets a pass way too often because Kate's arrogance, sense of entitlement, shrewishness and over the top freakouts and meltdowns overshadow his behavior. And Jon picks up the slack on camera, takes care of the kids, does the projects, and can sometimes come off as a good dad, especially in comparison to the Queen Shrew.

But there is a side of Jon that is scary. The internet bully, the passive aggressive slacker, the rough handling of the kids, the mocking of Joel's lisp, the gutless minion that keeps his mouth shut, sells out his kids, and rides the gravy train right along with greedy Mama G.

I am not jealous of a family that puts materialistic gain ahead of the emotional well-being of their children. Who goes after fans that put up a thougthfully designed website of pictures and turns their backs on YouTube videos showing their children bathing, toileting, and tantrumming.

With priorities like that, what indded is there to be jealous of?

Anonymous said...

There is a new disclaimer on the Gosselin web site insisting that some family members are spreading lies about them out of jealousy...but they won't retaliate.

Seems to me that finally, finally Jon and Kate may be getting concerned that the sham they have been promoting is being revealed.

Thank goodness for GWOP and Julie's blog.

Anonymous said...

How would Kate ever go back to being "just" a mother? She simply wallows in all the free stuff she can't say no to, luxuries that she probably didn't have growing up. Kate obviously enjoys being the center of a universe, albeit a cable station reality show universe, and when the show ends, she's going to be even more unhappy than she is now. I don't think the family will be out on the streets, nor would I want that, but life will change. Frankly, I'd like to see Kate taken down a peg or two when the scam is exposed.

Anonymous said...

Here is a snippet from the disclaimer on the home page of J and K's website:

"But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

What a joke!!! Are they insane? Do they think we are stupid? They do NOT have the ethical, moral, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual capital to approve anything!!!!!!!!!! They are totally bankrupt!

Anon1967 said...

OMG, that pic blown up like that, seeing each of the kids faces, look at their eyes, they say a lot, and it's not that they are happy.

Anonymous said...

This post was reasons we are not jealous of J&K. I agree with most everyone, the payoff to the children is not worth a fat bankroll.
Here's who MAY be jealous. Mady and Cara's schoolmates. They may watch each week and start seeing all the fun, cool things they get to do/go/wear. The teasing and jealousy may rear its ugly head there first.

micki said...

Jealous of these two? Jealous of that goofy looking husband who thinks he's the second coming of Marlon Brando, when really he isn't even the second coming of Tiny Tim!!! Her and her bitchy ungrateful mouth and now she wants a boob job for free? Who doesn't? She made her body that way taking those fertility drugs and having those kids. No wonder those kids are brats, they see all the goodies they get. But what happens when they are no longer young and cute and crazy from all the exploitation? Don't worry there is always a state hospital around and they will broadcast from there. What is next? My kid is almost grown and boy am I glad. Another thing, how does she find time to read all these blogs what with her speaking engagements, trips, surgeries, and the like. Must be that full time staff she barks orders to.

CookSpot said...

Just came across this blog.

Jealous? Of what? Actually, their situation would horrify me as I am such a private person, the very thought of people filming me hours on end and the loss of my privacy would be reason enough to me.

Also, I'd never sell out my brothers, sisters, parents for the almighty dollar. Money is not that important to me.

Anonymous said...

I think referring to the 'tups as "brats" is really unfair.

First of all, I don't think they're brats at all, I think they suffer from maternal deprivation.

Secondly, they aren't responsible for this fiasco------that blame lies with Kon.

Please don't jump all over me, I love to snark as much as the next guy (and I have no mercy for J&K)but I feel the kids should be off limits.


FIONA said...

My thoughts as well. Actually, I don't think they are badly behaved at all.

The kids have good coping skills I think. They just need someone to parent them.

Hopefully, Jenny can fulfill some of that.

So, this is the first trip that Beth or Jodi hasn't gone on! Who will Kate cry to?

Poor Jenny is going to have alot on her plate. I wonder if she is bound to a certain number of shows, or can she quit at will???