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Our mailbag is always a source of interesting emails and we appreciate hearing from our readers. Today we received an email that was of the "Why wasn't my comment selected for publication?" variety, and we thought it would be a good idea to put the answer here on the blog so that everyone might benefit:
Hello [name withheld],
Thank you for writing. Based on the comment you included below, I can give you an idea of why it wasn't one of the submissions we selected for publication.

It looks like the main problem is that instead of simply stating your position or view of things, you frame your comment in a way that editorializes on the views that others are expressing. In other words, we tend to stay away from publishing comments whose main focus is to object to the manner in which others are commenting.

For example, if we have two comments to consider, and one says, "I don't have a problem with Kate's hair, I think it is cute" and the other says, "Snarking about Kate's hair is crossing the line", then we'll publish the first comment and not the second.

Another example, if we have two comments to consider, and one says, "I don't snark on the family because I don't think that's very helpful to the children", and the other says, "Do you really think your snarking is going to help the children?", then again, we'll publish the first and not the second.

Finally, because we encourage readers to contact us directly with certain issues (which is why we have a prominent "Contact Us" button on the front page showing our email address, and we also display our email address in the sticky post at the top of the front page), we generally don't publish comments that editorialize on our publishing decisions -- so comments that say "I am disappointed that I logged in to read ABC and found XYZ instead." would be better sent to our email address rather than to our comment queue.

I hope this has answered your questions in a helpful way. If not, please feel free to write back for additional clarification. We do have a group of administrators handling the comment queue and sometimes our publishing policies may be interpreted with subtle differences among them.
Remember that we welcome your emails and we answer them all except for the ones that are obviously trollish or inexcusably rude. If you do have a question as to why your comment didn't show up, please include a copy of it so we can better answer your question(s).

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