Leaving the Churches High and Dry

Jon and Kate are reneging on their previously committed speaking engagements, leaving churches and other groups high and dry, scrambling to refund ticket holders and re-book replacement speakers.

Now that Jon and Kate are being "represented" by a PR firm, we are seeing the pattern of them cancelling the old speaking engagements where they charged a small ticket price and collected "love offerings", only to turn around and reschedule new speaking engagements reportedly charging $25,000 for their appearance plus first class air tickets plus all expenses paid.

Their excuse doesn't hold water -- if they need to spend more time with their children, as claimed, they would not be simply rescheduling talks at different, higher-paying locations. (We keep their current speaking schedule updated here.)

Read the information Manda has collected below, and decide for yourself:


Your dedicated authors here at GWoP travel the Internet highways, hither, thither and yon, to bring you only the most concise information available on the Gosselin family. Once again, a concerted effort has turned up some interesting tidbits the Internet has to offer -- a puzzle if you will, but once put together, the story we see unfolding is quite interesting.

A while back the Gosselins removed their speaking engagement calendar from their website. There was rampant speculation this was done due to someone contacting said locations with less than impressive details about Jon and Kate in an effort to derail these speaking engagements. Having followed their story in print media, TLC, and online venues over the past year, I personally had seen no conspiracy of such forming. In any event, if they felt threatened to the point of protecting their private travel schedule, who am I to argue with their reasons?

Although no one could verify that people had made any contact with these venues with untoward intentions, we did start to notice cancellations of speaking engagements popping up hither, thither, and yon.

Of course, these venues were disappointed with the cancellations, but all seemed to be very understanding, despite the fact they would have hours upon hours of work ahead of them refunding ticket sales and re-booking alternative guests to fill the spots abruptly vacated by Jon and Kate. They were sympathetic to the reasons given by Jon and Kate's recently hired PR representative, Julie May of Media Motion International.

Here is one example of their cancellation letter, provided to the Ohio Child Conservation League State Convention (use the magnifying glass cursor to enlarge the letter for viewing).

Another example of their cancellation letter, graciously provided for us at the somiretreat.org link:

Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 2:08 PM
Subject: Hi Judy/The Gosselins

Hi Judy,

I hope all is well with you.

I wanted to introduce myself as I work with Kate and Jon Gosselin.

I'm afraid that I have some disappointing news as Jon & Kate unfortunately are having to cut back on their upcoming speaking engagements and travel in order to spend more time with their children and we sincerely hope you can understand.

They are really so very sorry that they will not be able to make the trip. Of course, they will be happy to return your deposit if you can please email me the best address to send it to and we'll get that to you right away.

Again, we are so very sorry that they will be unable to attend as they were so looking forward to meeting you in person and also meeting your wonderful group!

Thank you for everything and if they might be in your area in the future, perhaps there will be a way to work out an appearance at a future time.

All best,

Julie May
Media Motion International

It seems most of the events being canceled were those that Jon and Kate, when they were handling their own travel arrangements and booking schedules, had committed to personally.

Imagine our surprise when, fast forward three months now beyond the flurry of activity canceling these engagements, we run across comments such as this:

"I have never posted on anything in my life but felt compelled to post about Jon and Kate. Our organization booked Jon and Kate to speak at our function many months ago. We communicated via e-amil with Kate for months. Kate, seemed very down to earth and accomadating. Our organization receved many reservations over the months. We were so excited,and looking forward to them speaking. Well, out of the blue, we receved an e-mail from a PR firm, stating that Jon and Kate would not be able to speak. Their excuse, too busy with their TLC show, and also leaving the children was getting harder as they get older. Quite understandable, however, we were very let down and left with quite a predicament of reimbursing people that have already paid. I have since been in touch with a prominent speaking agency, looking for replacements. I told this agency of our dilemma about Jon and Kate. The agency informed me that Jon and Kate are now commanding $25,000.00, first class plane tickets, and all expenses paid.So we went from, communicating with Kate, to her shoving us off on their PR firm, to Jon and Kate canceling their previous commitments, because of the money. We were paying them $22,000.00 less then what they are asking for now. Bottom line, the 15 minites of fame has definitely gone to their heads, and they definitely have lost alot of fans and viewers from us. Very disappointing."

With that we are left to wonder: Is it really the commitments to their children and filming schedule from TLC that have them canceling events at a phenomenal rate? Or is it perhaps that these events were scheduled at a time prior to their obtaining a PR firm that now tells them they should wipe the slate clean and start over with the speaking engagement calendar at this new and improved rate?

These are just the pieces of the puzzle we are compelled to give you. You guys put it together.

Reprinted with permission from Manda.


bethanna said...

Is there no recourse for the churches/places that hired them to speak? I would love to see a copy of their show rider or contract. It would seem, especially in the case of the church with less than a month until the show, that Jon and Kate should be responsible for a portion of the monies spent to advertise their event. I hope these places seek legal counsel.

If it is true that Jon and Kate are backing out of engagements because they've been told they can command $25,000, then I would say these churches should have other people call to see if those weekends that were cancelled are now available for the $25000 fee. If so, then we know the answer.

I honestly can't see paying them that sort of money. For what? What can they give you that you haven't seen on television?

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

Dear Speaking Engagement People,
Sorry to disappoint you but you aren't paying us enough. We want airfare, hotels and 25 grand to come speak for you. Since you obviously can't afford this we will be cancelling...tell all those we have disappointed that we are being super good parents and staying at home with our lovely childre...I'm just exhausted you know? I need a break to tell all my helpers exactly how they need to be doing things. Please understand. Also steer your ticket holders toward our new higher priced speaking engagements. We'll let them know about the college funds we dont have and give them a chance to toss money into our plate. Oh and afterwards they'll even have the opportunity to buy pictures of our six for a bargain price of only 10 dollars. We're destitute and Jon is working for himself so this provides us much needed money to send 6 kids to college all at once.
Thanks for your understanding

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or when you read the letter from Julie May offering to refund the money, IF you can provide an accurate address to mail it to, that she is hinting that they would rather it be donated to Jon & Kate?
It is worded really weird. But then again, this PR firm is probably donating their services and you get what you pay for!

Dew said...

Is there no recourse for the churches/places that hired them to speak?

It is not only unprofessional and rude of Jon and Kate to be doing this, but these places may very well have potential LAWSUITS against them.

It's called detrimental reliance, it's a legal standard. If certain churches already presold a ton of tickets and changed the dates of things and overall completely inconvenienced themselves for them, to cancel on them frankly rather last minute in the event world, only a few months prior, could very well be considered a breach of contract in the legal realm. If the churches relied on that speaking engagement to their deteriment, and it appears many did, Jon and Kate have to fulfill their obligation or pay them damages. I suspect Jon and Kate do not have a written contract and will say sorry we never had a contract. Well, guess what, oral contracts are often valid too, suckers. And if they did have a contract, I would be searching the fine print for a cancellation clause and what exactly it says.

I assume Jon and Kate are betting that churches won't sue since it's not the "Christian" thing to do. But if we're talking What Would Jesus Do, I think in this case he would sue the pants off those two clowns for jerking around all these poor unsuspecting people.

Anonymous said...

For people who portray themselves as "down to earth" these folks are in the stratosphere with PR agents and e-mails using clich├ęd apologies. How about the old courtesy of personal phonecalls and handwritten letters when you are likely cancelling for thou$and$ more?

minxie said...

I googled Media Motion--they are a Los Angeles based firm that handles clients in the "life and parenting arenas". Some of their clients are Bill Nye the Science Guy, Nanny 911, etc. I can imagine they take a hefty cut of J & K's booking fees. But I just can't see how any discerning group would shell out that kind of money to hear these two dimbulbs talk about hunting in their couch cushions for money. Church engagements are one thing; this is something else entirely.

Maggy said...

I find it hard to believe that J&k are commanding $25k for a speaking engagement. Is this the normal fee for such things? Does anyone know? I didn't realize they were so famous to be worth so much. If they do expect such treatment, then I'm thinking they are shooting themselves in the foot. The mind boggles.

Queenie said...

So. At least now they are skipping the fraudulent "love offerings" because they don't pay off as well.

I must say, I am happy about that. I know J&K's motives are not in the right place, but I'm happy unaware people will not be donating to them. They'll be buying tickets now, which is a stupidity I am more comfortable with. Everyone buys tickets for movies based on good trailers and then the movie ends up being really crappy. It happens. Hopefully, word will spread in the same way about J&K as for crappy movies.

I've said it before and I'll say it again--Jon & Kate have nothing to offer, I have no idea what they talk about or know that makes them an expert in anything. They aren't especially bright. They are not good parents and even if they weren't whoring their kids out and Kate wasn't a lazy neurotic harpy and Jon had a real job, they would be nothing more than average at parenting. Her uterus wasn't blessed, all of that was science, only the health of the babies could be considered a blessing, the only involvement Kate had was in ignoring the doctors to play with fire--to get her own selfish way. I see nothing special or keynote-speaker worthiness in that. But they have been practicing their schtik for quite awhile now, I'm sure they know exactly what buttons to push and how to say things juuuuuuust right to move people in the way they wish to move them (toward their wallets and purses). I suppose that could be considered some kind of talent, it's what all motivational speakers do. But usually speakers are encouraging and giving, J&K are only showboating, begging, and trying to take.

It occurs to me that if they are cutting out their Christian venues for more conventional ones, they won't be talking about God so much, right? Again, I have no idea what they are going to talk about if they aren't talking about how God provided. Something tells me He won't be so happy with that. They have warped any gifts and support He did give to them and now they are just so big I guess they don't need Him anymore. They have TLC, sponsors, and speaking engagements. I cannot judge their relationship with God or Christ, but I can say that their actions and attitudes indicate that they now worship the world and money (and themselves). I would say that even doing a few speaking engagements wherein they put God on the back burner should have them looking out for lightning bolts.

Then again, since we know everything they say is BS, maybe God will be happy to not be associated with their speaking content, LOL! I would have to disagree with any idea that says God paved the way for them to be celebrities so they could get money from the show and sponsors, I cannot reconcile God's values with that path. I'm not saying it's a bad path for all, but I will not accept that God meant for these children to suffer in this way. It seems that Kate had treated His original gifts just like everybody else's--not good enough. Paper towels and magic coin couches kept them going, but would never get her to the spa or her teeth whitened or those kids in Gap clothes! But I guess titling your speech, "God Provides, Just Not Good Enough" wouldn't get a whole lot of seats filled.

Jayne said...

Good night, Gertie! I already have a hard time stomaching the crap that the Gosselins shove at the public on a daily basis. This new tidbit is just over the top whoring. They should be spending more time with their kids instead of gallivanting around under the pretence of offering something of substance to people. Oh, that's right, Jon didn't want the kids (or at least the 'tups) and Kate is to exhausted from giving directions and going to the beauty parlor (hint: it ain't working, hag) to play with them.

Grammier said...

As ridiculous as the $25,000 speaking fee is, it is a much more legitimate way to bring in money through personal appearances than the free event, pass the hat for love offerings thing. Count me as one more who feels better with this arrangement. I wouldn't go see J and K for free, myself, and my respect for any group that pays $25,000 to have them speak, would diminish immediately. Still, this removes it from the scam catagory, legitimizes it, and makes it a career. Lot of people add to their living or make their living on the lecture circuit. Of course, most of those people have something worthwhile to say that people want to hear. The same can't be said for Jon and Kate.

Serena said...

Of course, most of those people have something worthwhile to say that people want to hear. The same can't be said for Jon and Kate.

And most people don't have to constantly leave behind eight young children -- children who are displaying chronic signs of separation anxiety -- in order to do so.

Anonymous said...

Now that they are avoiding the smaller more intimate settings in favor of the larger conferences, they can more easily avoid having to hold a Q&A session and being asked some tough, uncomfortable questions.

Jayne said...

Queenie: I liked your post... I was thinking to myself as I read it, how does God provide anything to these people. They go against everything God is supposed to stand for. Charity, love, hope? These are only some of the God-like things that come to mind. It seems they've stepped on their children above all, their family and their fans. WWGD?

laura linger said...

Firstly, Dizzy: who is that precious little tot in the picture? :-)

Here is who I would put on the case for Jon and Kate's rider: The Smoking Gun.


For what it's worth, I don't actually fault them for having requests at venues where they speak. What I do fault them for is reneging upon prior commitments to the people who made them who they are today.

sabrinasmom said...

One of "Truth"'s earlier posts (IIRC) mentioned Jon & Kate's move toward "secular" appearances because "they paid more".

This was months ago.

I had a feeling from the nuances of "Truth"'s blog that she was not making anything up.

I do agree with the posters that say "legitimate" groups will a) not pay that much for THEM b)Jon & Kate's hook was the "refusal of reduction" - "secular" groups don't care about that.

This reminds me of Kate's refusal of her Father's Church's help - not good enough. So now, all the churches they booked are "not good enough".

I was disgusted to read that one of the Churches - rearranged one of their revivals or whatnot to accomodate Jon and Kate, only to have them cancel.

Whatever the reason (well, we know the real one - $$$$) they shouldn't use the kids as their excuse. As children get OLDER, there is a progression for separation anxiety to DECREASE.

Just another example of how their "empire" is built on the backs of their children.

Steph said...

There are other speakers charging less that sound MUCH more interesting than Jon and Kate. And John Walsh, who would be an awesome speaker and is a household name, only charges in the 40K range. (Yes, that's a lot, but he would sell out)

Other speakers who charge less than Jon and Kate:

Stacy Allison, first American woman to climb Mt Everest: $17,500
Wally Amos, founder of Famous Amos cookies: $12,500
Alan Bean, fourth man to walk on the moon: $14,500
Mark Victor Hansen, author of the Chicken Soup books: $17,500
Jack Hanna, Host of Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures: between 15,000-25,000
Marilu Henner: $25,000
Ed Koch, former mayor of NYC: $18,500
Bob Eubanks: $12,500
Greg Gumble: $15,000
Bruce Jenner: $15,000
Ann Jillian: between $10,000 and $15,000
Peter Vidmar, Highest Scoring American Gymnast in Olympic History: $12,500

K.C. said...

This appearance is not at a church:

October 11, 2008 - Southern Orlando Women's Show (Orlando, FL)

Meet Jon & Kate!
Meet the stars of TLC's reality hit "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and their eldest twins, Cara and Madelyn! Jon & Kate Gosselin have been blessed with twins and sextuplets in the past three years. They will be appearing on the Fashion & Entertainment Stage on Saturday, October 11th at 1pm.

Cara and Mady will be appearing on the Fashion & Entertainment STAGE? Very interesting.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

LOL that would be squishling my middle child. The only reason I ever watch this show is because my two oldest like watching "the yiddle kids" or the "beebeis" lol depending on how old the show is.

Sicking the Smoking Gun on them is a wonderful idea. I think that now that NE has broken the story more and more legitimate publications will be looking into JK8gate...

mamamitch said...


No more free babysitters who loove their children... that's why they have to cut back on the speaking engagements AND charge more money.

Bicoastal said...

Maybe Jon and Kate aren't so selfish; they're becoming the gift that keeps on giving.

Their new PR agent - Julie May - sure pens lousy kiss-off letters. "All best," - what the heck kind of closing is that?

Ms. Julie lists Harvard as her alma mater; are Jon and Kate so toxic they've already dumbed-down a Harvard grad?

Run Ms. Julie; run! In the name of all that is holy, run for your life!

laura linger said...

I would also imagine that a large portion of John Walsh's speaking fee is in fact for the National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, the group that he founded after his son Adam was murdered back in 1981.

Here is a very interesting list:


I'd want Vicki Lawrence for my next event, only because you KNOW she does a routine during her speech as Mama! Now, THAT I would pay to see!

FIONA said...

Can it get any worse? Yea, I think it can...I am almost afraid to keep reading, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

One thought, when all this ends, and it will-we won't know anything about the kids, how they are doing...I will miss them.

I have a feeling, when Jate are done, we won't here about the kids again-at least till they are free of Mother and Father-she will keep them from all of us. "The haters that brought us down"-kids......

Anonymous said...

It will certainly be poetic justice and beautiful karma when their speaking venues start to cancel THEM. If I had booked them and went to the website and read that self-serving, pretentious message to their faithful fans, I would really have to reconsider.
How many women that speak at prominent womens' conferences have been featured in the National Enquirer, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I still don't think they would be quite as popular with the general public(and be able to get $25,000) if the truth was known about the personal chef, nannies, laundry brigade, college funds, etc.
You don't see the hired help anymore on the show. This to protect the "image" they want to portray. And their audiences at these speaking engagements are "star struck" from seeing them on TV.

Maggie said...

Hmmm, spend my money to hear an astronaut who has been to the moon, the first American woman to top Everest, the inspiring author of the "Chicken Soup" books or Kate Gosselin and her amazing uterus?

I am insulted that anyone would book Jon and Kate for their hypocritical drivel and the fact that they are famous for exploiting their young children.

seashell said...

The only thing about this that keeps my dinner firmly planted in my stomach is...you can only piss off so many people/speaking venues before the offers stop coming in. They are literally biting the hand that feeds them.

This is just further proof that J&K's greed and fame whoring knows no limits.

Anonymous said...

Queenie? just because they are now charging 25K doesnt mean they arent getting love offerings.

laura linger said...

"Hmmm, spend my money to hear an astronaut who has been to the moon, the first American woman to top Everest, the inspiring author of the "Chicken Soup" books or Kate Gosselin and her amazing uterus?"

A note to the administrators of the site:

This is the greatest comment that has ever been made in the history of this blog. Because of it, I have poke, garlic, and raw onion bits stuck in my left sinus, not to mention all over my monitor. Can you all memorialize it in some way? It says so much in such a succinct sentence.

And yes, I am totally serious. Maggie, well done.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Orlando area and went to a Southern Women's Show several years back. It wasn't all that entertaining, but I almost want to go this year just to hear what they have to say (so that I can come here report back all the untruths).

Also, they're bringing Cara and Mady? That's not really a normal thing for second graders, is it? There will be a LOT of people there, and while I'm not a parent myself, I can't see bringing second graders to a big event like that where they will basically be on display for a huge bunch of people. It just seems inappropriate to me. I would guess that maybe they're bringing them with because it's close to their birthday, but still... it seems weird to subject them to that. Especially if J&K aren't telling the whole truth with their daughters sitting right there with them. I'm not sure how the event is going to go, but they better prescreen questions or hope random people don't come up talking/asking about all the bad things they have heard. That would be sad for the girls.

Serena said...

A note to the administrators of the site:

This is the greatest comment that has ever been made in the history of this blog. Because of it, I have poke, garlic, and raw onion bits stuck in my left sinus, not to mention all over my monitor. Can you all memorialize it in some way? It says so much in such a succinct sentence.

Your wish is our command -- check out the sidebar, under "Sticky Stuff". :)

SmartyQ said...

I have a feeling, when Jate are done . . .


If you're going to combine the Gosselin's first names, I think 'Kon' is better than 'Jate.' Just MHO. :)

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on here? $25K to speak? About what? What could they possibly say that hasn't already been on the show? They treat each other like crap and disrespect each other, Kate moreso than Jon, and they drag their kids around hither tither and yon to act like they're having fun, which most of the time they're not because they're afraid to get dirty. Who wants to hear a Christian message from people that don't appear to practice it in their daily lives? What more needs to be said? Surely nothing that any intelligent person would pay to hear. The whole situation with this family is just beyond bizarre.

Anonymous said...

The 'Dear John' letters sent by the PR agency representing J & K are terrible. Totally unprofessional.

IMO J & K are enthralled that they 'have agents'. LOOK AT US!!! Not being the sharpest knives in the drawer, they don't even notice the poor quality of letters being sent out in their name.

The churches should count their blessings they are being passed by and put their money to causes where it is really needed.

Anonymous said...

"Kate and Her Amazing Uterus"! I can visualize a series of "girl-sleuth" books a la Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden.

Seriously. I poke around for change in the sofa cushions all the time, and since plastering my kitchen walls yesterday, I'm feeling a bit exhausted. Where's my 25-grand speaking fee?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:03:

You and I are in complete agreement on that one. As soon as I read the ridiculous reference to " send us the best address, etc.,' I thought, This Babe WORKS for Media Motion and she's pretending that she doesn't have the "Wierdly Gruesome's" contact info for these venues?"

You bet they were looking to see if the church would be "understanding" enough to donate the deposit.

Tacky Tacky Tacky.....Typical.

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog - thank you so much for it. I used to love these two and this show, now yuck! Kate is such a bitch! I'm glad I found this link and look forward to reading your blog and passing it along to all the FORMER Jon & Kate lovers who have had a bad taste left in their mouth one way or another because of these two.

Anonymous said...

What I find interesting in the letter from Julie May , in the opening of her letter she says "I wanted to introduce myself as I work with Kate and Jon Gosselin". However, she DOESNT introduce herself and offers no further explanation of who she is or her exact title other than 'I work with Kate and Jon Gosselin". Hardly an impressive introduction for someone that is managing and or works within the public relations aspect of a client that demands $25,000 + per speaking engagement.
In her closing paragraph, "Thank you for everything and if they might be in your area in the future, perhaps there will be a way to work out an appearance at a future time". They actually paid someone to write this rambling nonsense? The entire letter IMO, just reeks of all kinds of AMATUER!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm awful funny now that Jodi and Beth are out of the picture these two dimwits are now canceling speaking engagements. No more free sitters = stay at home with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I read the link for Mt. Zion School, and it looks like the school is going to have to compensate the ticket holder's Paypal fees, too. What a shame. This was probably a fund raiser for them, and now they are losing money. I think J+K should be paying those fees, but I am sure they won't.

JillyWilly said...

Wow lots of posts this weekend to catch up on. Personally I think Jon and Kate have decided to step up the gravy train as they see in the future it will not be as *hot*. Seriously how long can a show go on with kids? Once the potty training and cute stage is over ... the Gosselins are over.

I read the Enquirer article on line and it looks like it could be information from Jody's sister's site doesnt it?

Kate must be madder than a wet hen. I guess she will head to the Hershey Spa and take out all of her nastiness on the spa workers. The little people you know.....

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that they canceled an October 23rd speaking engagement (for $3000) but can make an October 11th one(for $25000) in Florida. I wonder how long they have been booked for the one in Florida. Also, to a previous poster, trust me they are not getting the PR firm in Los Angeles free. I have first hand
information on that.

Serena said...

it looks like the school is going to have to compensate the ticket holder's Paypal fees, too. What a shame.

Not if the school refunds the correct way -- if they use the little blue "Refund" button on the bottom of each payment receipt to issue the refund, then the PayPal fees will be refunded by PayPal since it is PayPal who received those fees.

If the school refunds by simply issuing a payment, then, yes, they will actually be in the hole with each refund.

LALA said...

October 11, 2008 - Southern Orlando Women's Show (Orlando, FL)

Meet Jon & Kate!
Meet the stars of TLC's reality hit "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and their eldest twins, Cara and Madelyn! Jon & Kate Gosselin have been blessed with twins and sextuplets in the past three years. They will be appearing on the Fashion & Entertainment Stage on Saturday, October 11th at 1pm.

I think it's terrible Cara and Mady will be making an appearance. It's their birthday weekend, can't they get an ounce of privacy? J&K could make this a really wonderful weekend for the girls away from the tups, lights, and cameras. Instead they're going to be paraded around on a fashion and entertainment stage in front of thousands of people? I guess turning 8 is no reason to stop working. It really breaks my heart.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Disney is kicking in another trip for the Gosselin 10?

I will be at WDW the following week (and have castmember friends). Hopefully we'll find out the truth.

Anonymous said...

If my PR person wrote a letter like that, I'd ask for my money back.

Harvard grad??? Seriously??? That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

October 11, 2008 - Southern Orlando Women's Show (Orlando, FL)

Meet Jon & Kate!
Meet the stars of TLC's reality hit "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and their eldest twins, Cara and Madelyn!

Guess we now know what the twins will be doing for their 8th birthday - their "golden birthday" no less as they turn 8 on October
8th. I hope that TLC doesn't decide to turn this into another trainwreck episode "The Twins Turn 8!" "Catwalk-gate" anyone? Of course, it won't be a big deal since it's not on their actual birthday. Just a little extra special day.

Anonymous said...

This saga gets more interesting by the minute. I'm sure Julie Carson May of the PR agency thinks she can market Jon & Kate to groups with big budgets for speakers but I certainly can't imagine why any group would hire them. Their bread and butter on the speaking circuit has been the big Christian churches and groups where the subject of their "motivational" talks has been how the lord has provided etc. I thought the whole reason they began the public speaking was to discuss their Christian faith and the role that faith has had in guiding their family, now they are turning their backs on those venues and that message too? The curtain can't come up fast enough on these two in my opnion.

A completely unrelated thought....I find it interesting that they are still using the phots from when the kids were two for so many of the promotional pieces, book cover etc....this is the photo on the PR firm's web site, I don't think it is completely coincidental that they are using images from when the kids were younger. Also, and Bethanna you will probably bet a kick out of this one, coincedentally Media Motion also represents diet chef Devin Alexander. Devin used to be known as Renee Simone from Wyomissing PA. She went to the same high school as Jon and the houses they grew up in where on the same street, probably less than a half mile from each other. Anyone who knows how small Wyomissing is will appreciate this coincidence.

Anonymous said...

"Hmmm, spend my money to hear an astronaut who has been to the moon, the first American woman to top Everest, the inspiring author of the "Chicken Soup" books or Kate Gosselin and her amazing uterus?"

A note to the administrators of the site:

This is the greatest comment that has ever been made in the history of this blog.

I have to respectfully disagree, although this was a hilarious statement, my vote is for the poster who described the table at the bakery where Alexis, Colin and Joel sat as "The Island of Misfit Toys". THAT comment produced quite the "spit-take". LOL!

SammysMom said...

Well, I'm sure with all of the upcoming publicity they'll get for their new book this Fall they WILL be booked for a # of $25K speaking engagements into 2009.

I am a book buyer in my f/t job, and have been getting several emails a week from Zondervan PR and sales reps regarding the upcoming book and the publicity behind it. Trust me they are planning to make this one a NY Times bestseller right out of the gate. It is currently #11 on the amazon.com top pre-orders list, and word on the "book buyers street" is WalMart has taken about 100,000 copies for their stores alone. And while it's not confirmed, they're talking to Kate about a cookbook and a children's book. She got a fat advance on this first book, and after "paying that back" to Zondervan, the cash will roll in based on the sales. It will sell very well in the Christian bookstores and WalMart since they have a huge Christian books interest. If it does sell at about 40-50% of print, they'll absolutely be signing her up for more, unless her contract already signed her for more than just this first book.

So yeah, they're riding this gravy train out as long as possible barring nothing takes the show off the air.

And since Beth is named as an author on the book, I wonder if she'll go on the "book tours" with them? I haven't seen anything come across with her name on it other than the cover photo. Most ghost writers or people who "help" a big celebrity/athlete write a book never tour, but Beth's name is (currently) as big as Kate and Jon's. I for one, WILL be reading the book (I'm hoping to get an advance copy) to see how much Jon & Kate tell that we don't already know from the show, and if they'll answer the "burning" questions about the lack of extended family in their lives. I'm hoping they'll paint a more detailed history about how/where they grew up, what life was like for them prior to even meeting each other. If it's just more "whoa is us we now have 8 kids" stories, then I'll definitely be "skipping and flipping" through, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contacted Smoking Gun or Access Hollywood?

Serena said...

I have to respectfully disagree, although this was a hilarious statement, my vote is for the poster who described the table at the bakery where Alexis, Colin and Joel sat as "The Island of Misfit Toys". THAT comment produced quite the "spit-take". LOL!

Oh that was a great one, LOL!

The "Comment of the Week" (see sidebar) is a new feature -- so start taking note of those great zingers and submit them at serenaleighbell@yahoo.com!

sistah2 said...

sammysmom, I had the same questions re: the book and posted about it. I do wonder what this book will contain, and I wonder how much legit fact-checking will be done. If they do parade themselves around the media, they better be prepared to answer the hard questions (hopefully there will be those hard questions!)
I also wonder how Beth could go along with this. I guess that will come to light sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the J&K Book, doesn't the NYT go based on how many books are shipped rather than how many actually sold?

SmartyQ said...

And while it's not confirmed, they're talking to Kate about a cookbook and a children's book. But how could that be? Didn't Kate say good cooks don't follow recipes?

Perhaps Kate's children's book can be 'The Case of the Purloined Recipes'? I certainly hope the children's book doesn't include a picture of her Saran-wrapped, clown-car abdomen. That won't get her a Newberry or a Caldecott.

Anonymous said...

OMG to the person who wrote about the upcoming book. It is what I suspected and feared was in the works.

After this book, Kate and Jon might be set for life. Or at least on their way to a media empire like Martha Stewart. Do you really think Martha thinks up all those recipes &crafts? Not anymore, she has a team do all the work for her. She's basically a smart sounding spokesmodel and so will be Kate. The sheeple won't look too closely. I doubt she will write any of that book....we have seen that she is barely literate. Used to be people who got endorsement deals and book deals needed a skill and a clean image. Not anymore. Now people who are attractive but controversial sell because they are molded and distorted beyond recognition by their 'handlers'.

These people are all Svengalis now and ethics is the last thing they consider when molding the "next big thing"

Is there anyway to campaign to prevent Zonderven from releasing the book??? That seems to be the only way to halt this machinej b star

Carla said...

I wonder how much Kate HATES having Beth's name on her book. I have a feeling what started out like a good idea now burns her britches, especially since the falling out.

Anonymous said...

Carla said...
I wonder how much Kate HATES having Beth's name on her book. I have a feeling what started out like a good idea now burns her britches, especially since the falling out.

I'm new so bear with me. Besides not appearing on the show any longer what is the basis for the belief that Beth and Kate had a falling out?

minxie said...

So, was the Kate/Beth split because Kate didn't want Beth to get paid for TV time, a la Jodi? Do we know?

Also, I seem to remember Kate "calling" Beth after we thought they were on the outs--I think it was to ask for sugar. I wonder if Kate was actually talking to a dial tone.

Serena said...

Also, I seem to remember Kate "calling" Beth after we thought they were on the outs--I think it was to ask for sugar. I wonder if Kate was actually talking to a dial tone.

No, Beth doesn't live near enough to Kate for it to make any sense to call her for a last-minute ingredient. Jodi lives in the same subdivision, right around the corner within walking distance... but it wasn't Jodi she was calling either.

Ostensibly it was just a neighbor, but my money would be on a dial tone or a recording of the current time and temperature. No wonder Kate struck out.

minxie said...

Serena said...

No, Beth doesn't live near enough to Kate for it to make any sense to call her for a last-minute ingredient.

That's why I thought it was odd. I swear she said "Beth", even though Beth disappeared after the Utah trip. Maybe it was another "Beth". The call seemed phony.

Gia said...

There is talk of some of the people wanting to buy the Gosselins new book. I would never buy this book, because it would put more money into the greed machine.
For those who are curious might I suggest checking the book out at the library and it would be free. This would keep the money from flowing into the Gosselin's pockets.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

From what I've heard about the book, it sounds like it's going to be Beth's spin on Kate's story. I have a feeling that is it going to be a stark contrast to what we see on TV. They started writing the book probably close to 2 yrs ago, so alot has happened since that time. Beth has always tried to show Kate the blessings, tried to teach her to be appreciative and grateful. That's the kind of person Beth is. So the story is Kate's, but the perspective is Beth's, at least that's the impression I get.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

I sent an email to Zondervan, they passed it on. Whatever, I at least feel like I did something. I told them that I would not be using their publishing house nor would my family. We will get all of our christian publications etc elsewhere. I'll also try to get my church to do the same. It probably wont make a difference unless a whole lot of people protest against it.

Maggie said...

I think the sugar call was to Bev or Beverly, can't remember. Isn't she one of the folding, ironing, slaviacs?

minxie said...

Maggie said...

I think the sugar call was to Bev or Beverly, can't remember. Isn't she one of the folding, ironing, slaviacs?

You're probably right. Yes, she's the poor laundry folder.

Anonymous said...

You know, I could care less is K & J want to make a living writing books or childrens books, whatever. Who are we to begrudge their career choices. However I do have a major problem with the speaking fees and "love offerings" and the show itself. If all those ended, I could care less how much of an empire Kate makes for herself, as long as the kids get a decent life without cameras in their faces.

Anon1967 said...

Does anyone remember if they were talking about the book when they were on Oprah? If they were, it might be helpful to write to her, remember what happened with that other book that she told people about? Maybe she'll do a show about the inconsistancies in the book?

littleangelkisses said...

Interesting...I wonder what Oprah would think about the rumors?

Hope said...

The sugar call was definitely to Bev, the laundry folder.

She practically hung up before there could be any answer. It was a phone call "just for show," as I'm sure the truck was already warmed up for the trip to Giant.

Jen said...

I also wonder what Oprah would think, especially since she took James Frey to task on her show for writing a book filled with "untruths". Since Jon and Kate have been prior guests on the show, it might be interesting to see if she would do the same thing. Of course, Jon and Kate would simply not agree to be on the show so it would likely not happen. But I wonder how Martha, Ellen, Dr. Phil, Oprah and the other shows they have been on would react if they learned some of what has been dug up about these two?

I also want to add, and I've mentioned this before, that all of this was completely avoidable. They could have flown a bit more under the radar and not been so grabby with the freebies and no one would have cared. It was just that they took this entire thing to such an extreme, to the point that it brought up concerns about the childrens' welfare. If they had just been smart and a little more gracious (and less concerned with milking these poor kids) they could have had a very nice little side gig. They got greedy....that's karma for you!

wilma said...

To Sammysmom, do authors whose books end up being sold for $1 at Dollar General (in my town they sold a bunch of books by the perky woman host who was fired from Trading Spaces)still make a ton of money from the publisher and get set for life? Or can I assume that if they end up at Dollar Tree/Dollar General that the author just broke even?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the Oprah appearance was that they got no freebies and were only on for 15 minutes or so.

I went to the Oprah message boards recently (they seem to be down right now) and noticed a bunch of misspelled posts complaining that Oprah didnt give anything to "this deserving family" and that what they enjoy most about Oprah is the "geanourosity". And that it was hard work to pack up the family and take them cross country for only a 15 minute segment and no gifts to the family!! There were 4 or 5 posts in this same vein. I was shocked! I suspect Jon was behind those posts but he was posing as a viewer. It was so transparent though that I wondered how Jon could be so dumb and that is when my impression of the family started to change.

I later heard that Jon called the Oprah appearance "fun but impersonal" or something. I wondered if that meant she was not open to a freebie shakedown.

i wonder if Oprah was semi on to them.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

Here's the thing. I dont care if they choose to write books or whatever. I DO care that a Christian publishing house is publishing the book of liars and manipulaters. This is NOT okay. This is NOT what they are supposed to be standing for.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Jon and Kate, but I'm totally in favor of them making money in more legit ways. Speaking fees are quite common and much more ethical than "love offerings" in these circumstances. A book is a way better way to benefit from their situation than more TV episodes.

I really wish some of this money was going directly to the kids though. I'm very skeptical that J & K will share with the kids once they are older.

Anonymous said...

Maggie said...
I think the sugar call was to Bev or Beverly, can't remember. Isn't she one of the folding, ironing, slaviacs?

July 21, 2008 1:03 PM

IMO the whole running out of sugar was manufactured. Perhaps contrived would be a better word. Kate is making something with the kids that will be filmed. Nobody checks to make sure all the ingredients are there, AND happens to have cameras set up to film their arrival at the food store? What a joke. Who are they kidding? Not us!!

Anonymous said...

Boy do i ever feel dooped at the money i spent to go to the michcigan international women's fair to see them speek. Esp now that i know how much they get for speaking engagements. uggg refund please!!!! and if they are thinking of bring cara and maddy tothe one in orlando they are crazy to put them on the stage if it's anything like the one in michigan tons of people and cameras flashing like crazy...

Annalise said...

I think that Beth seems like the sweetest person with the kindest of intentions and I feel very badly for her.

I don't think she helped J&K in order to be on TV, she hardly seemed like she wanted to be on
TV at all. I think she is a kind and generous person. She obviously has been blessed with much in her life, and maybe this was her way of giving back--only to be burned by Kate (if we can beleive what we are reading)

No, I do not know Beth. I just can't believe that Jon and Kate would 'throw away' somebody like that, let alone remove her from their children's lives. They are users, plain and simple.

As adorable as those children are, and as much as they need the Aunt Jodi's and the Beth's of the world in their lives, there is NO WINNING against Kate. It's all or nothing with her, and I wouldn't put up with her games for a second longer, even if it meant I could no longer see those precious kids.

Sometimes you have to know when to say when, and I hope Jodi and Kevin have done so.

Anonymous said...

[bold]Also, to a previous poster, trust me they are not getting the PR firm in Los Angeles free. I have first hand information.[/bold]

They must be paying low rates to get an illiterate Harvard grad to be sending out those letters. Really, Harvard University, the one in Boston, graduated Julie? I guess her dad is a wealthy alumnus. SMH

Anonymous said...

ANON 4:44 said: They must be paying low rates to get an illiterate Harvard grad to be sending out those letters. Really, Harvard University, the one in Boston, graduated Julie? I guess her dad is a wealthy alumnus. SMH

I worked at Harvard for more than 10 years and here is what many people do not know: even Harvard has its duds. As much as I loved it there, there are a number of marginal individuals who get degrees from there. Even Harvard has its cash cows - she must have gotten her degree from the School of Continuing Ed. or if she got a master's from Harvard, it's either from the School of Ed. or the Kennedy School of Government. Julie is a low-class loser - perfect to represent J&K.

anya said...

While browsing this celebrity speakers site posted earlier:

I noticed that Jon and Kate's $25k fee is around the same (sometimes more) than Rue McLanahan of Golden Girls fame.
Say whaaat? I'd rather hear Ms. McLanahan talk about paint dry than listen to any of that J&K spew.

Anonymous said...

OH! I was wondering about Oprah too! Especially after she outed James Frey the way she did. I got the impression that Oprah was sort of doing the interview only because they were on the discovery health channel at the time and she had just bought that network. Funny how they are no longer on that network!!
I am sure Jon & Kate would not go back on the show to be outed but maybe Jodi and Beth would go on to out them!! Even all the other family members they no longer talk to.
I did have a conversation with a Philly news station about this story today. I asked that they please do some follow up on the NE article and find out the truths about the college funds and more and call them out on the scam. The person said there were giving the information to the investigation team!!

laura linger said...

I agree about Beth. She just seems like a neat lady who had only the best of intentions. I always felt that Kate's jealousy of her was palpable. Beth is loving, the Gosselin children are crazy about her, she has what appears to be a good life with a good husband. She is physically very attractive. She seems able to give freely without requiring anything in return.

Crazy Mommy said...

I wish I had an extra 25K laying around. I'd pay them so I could throw rotten fruit when they spoke. It would be money well spent. Normal folk are struggling to pay their mortgage and fill their gas tanks and these money grubbing scabs are raking it in hand over foot. Sick.

AireZoe said...

"Hmmm, spend my money to hear an astronaut who has been to the moon, the first American woman to top Everest, the inspiring author of the "Chicken Soup" books or Kate Gosselin and her amazing uterus?"

I vote for the comment about Kate sitting in her plastic chair like a mall Santa, waiting for her post-shift cigarette and whiskey. That did me in.

Anonymous said...

Is the reason Jon & Kate took their speaking engagement schedule off of their website because they didn't want the sheeples to see that they canceled them and then rescheduled for more $$$$$.

SammysMom said...

Well, I spoke with someone at Zondervan today about this book since I'm bringing it in for my bookstores. Before anyone flames me about that, I HAVE to buy the book because it is my job, and I work for a company that likes to see good sales and a profit, and it's my job to help them get it. Like the majority of books that come across my desk, I wouldn't personally buy it, but I am not going to judge who will.

Here is what I was told: The book is mainly written by Kate and is in her voice. Jon was added last-minute because he did contribute some to it, but Z-contact was kind of vague on that, LOL. Beth, who according to my Z-contact is Kate's "best friend," mainly helped Kate write the book (i.e. editing and grammar checks, fleshing out parts), but it is Jon & Kate's FAITH story about the kids. This isn't a regurgitation of the show, supposedly. They chose the Christian publishing division (Zondervan) of the major house (Harper Collins) because they don't show how much their Christian faith is a part of their lives on TLC, and they wanted to tell that side in their book. It sounds like a lot of it will be about their decision not to reduce the number of babies once they learned there were 6 (7 originally I think?) and how their faith guides their everyday lives. so yep, people live for that stuff, especially in the Christian lit market, and it will sell well right out of the gate. Fun fact I learned (you all may know) is that J & K +8 is TLC's #1 show and has 2.5 million viewers per episode. And the advertiser's wait list to be in the first 15 minutes airtime is about 100 deep! So nope, it ain't going nowhere anytime soon.

Take what you want from that about the book. So I have good news and bad news next: good news is she's SENDING ME AN ADVANCE COPY! Bad news is I had to sign an affidavit that I will not reveal any of the specific details in the manuscript prior to the 10/14 street date and all the upcoming publicity. Sorry, LOL, but it ain't worth my job (which I love) to "bust" the book here. I will be happy to post my opinion about it and if I think it's drivel/made up b.s. I'll say so and let you decide later. I am actually curious to see what she has to say in any case, but I'll be peeved if she starts to come across as "preachy".. if that makes sense. As much as I "know" about her from how she behaves on the show, I'll be peeved if she starts to try and preach the "good news" to me... just stick to the facts sister and keep it movin'. LOL.

Speaking of publicity, the WHOLE family is currently booked to appear on GMA, Today Show, and several more major morning shows. Z-contact is sending me the lineup this week, so I'll let you know specifics in case you want to know... and see the Fall 08 Gymboree lineup on all the kids.. ;-)

The print run is 250,000, and yes it will more than likely hit NYT and USA today bestseller lists since they're sold at about 70%already to the major retailers. NYT is 2 weeks behind though, so it won't hit until last week of October or 1st week of November.

Someone asked about the $1 books in the Dollar stores - those are called remainders, and no the author is not getting more $ for those sales. Those are remaining copies from the original print run and the publisher has either updated the version of the book to a new edition (happens a lot with cookbooks) or it went from hardcover to paperback or they have no immediate plans to reprint it and they need to move that inventory out of their warehouse. Remainders are a big business for places like dollar stores, those outlet mall bookstores, and other discount stores that sell "bargain books." Even Borders and B& N do a good business with them. And yep, one day in the not-so-far-future even Multiple Blessings will end up with a $5.99 sticker on it in the Dollar store. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, looking at the rabid fan club they have those folks would most likely be thrilled to cough up the big bucks to be in the presence of Kate the Great!!! And why shouldn't see be raking in the big dough. They'll just repeat the refrain good on them for being able to fleece the little old nana's out of their pocket money, causing other SAHM feel like gee if Kate can do it with 8 I can do it with my 2,3 or 3 not realizing that Kate's got a boat load of help those SAHMs will never see. I'm not sure who I feel worse about the ones that give money to people that don't need it or try to live up to a hero who is hiding the truth about her real day to day life.

Serena said...

SammysMom - would you be OK with me running your most recent comment (above) as a front page main blog entry instead of as a comment here?

wilma said...

Thanks Sammysmom, I am not sure if you can answer this but how much will J&K make on this book?

Maggie said...

Sammysmom, thanks for the insight into the publishing world! I have no doubt the book will sell well.

I will certainly read it, just because "Enquiring Minds Need to Know", but I will not pay full price for it, although I do for any other book I want to read.

As long as they keep on with the "we would never reduce" they will have fans. The new mantra.

Anonymous said...


Thank you, sammysmom, for your very informative message! I would not touch the likes of Kate's book if they marked it down to a penny. I have no interesting in what Z or J&K are trying to peddle. However, with 2.5 million viewers each week, it will be a major seller.

I will look forward to future messages from you regarding this new and fledgling Gosselin gold mine.


Anonymous said...

This whole $25,000 thing has really been bugging me.

If a church or group has that kind of money to bring in guest speakers for ONE evening, why don't they put that money to much better use and send it to a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, abused women's shelter, hell..even a humane society? Why not have a guest speaker who used to be homeless/abused/etc come in and tell their story of how they overcame real poverty (not J&K's definition of poverty).

It just seems like a colossal waste of money that could be put to much better use. I think any group putting out that kind of cash for J&K should be ashamed of themselves.

SmartyQ said...

SammysMom: Thank you so much for the information. Please do not do anything that would compromise your job. If in doubt, don't!

Having both of the Gosselins' writings, I suspect Beth really wrote the book. I also suspect that Kate will assure us Beth didn't.

SammysMom said...

Serena: Yes that would be OK.

Wilma: I don't know how much they'll make but I'd guess their advance was low six-figures ($100-$250K) and once they've "paid it back" in book sales, they'll get a nice royalty check of double that or more, depending on if the publisher goes back to reprint.

sistah2 said...

My main question about the book at this point is, will it be truthful regarding their real life? Besides the message of "faith" and not reducing, what's left to tell?
I have a feeling all the poor me, financial woe stories will be part of it - but they have a responsibility to share how that has changed drastically. I just have a feeling they won't. How dare they go on the Today show, etc. with this drivel...maybe by then, the other side of the story will have gotten out, and they'll have alot of 'splainin to do.
sammysmom, did you mention anything to the Zondervan rep about what you've heard about these two via this blog?

Serena said...

Serena: Yes that would be OK.

Thanks, SammysMom. I may hold onto it for a bit before posting, but it will show up here sooner or later as a blog entry.

SammysMom said...

Sistah2: No, I try to remain neutral as possible about all books I select because the publishers take my and other buyers opinions very seriously. To that I mean, a buyer should not let word get out that "that retailer" will blacklist a book based on such-and-such information especially if it's mostly opinion, or "that retailer" is biased against books about certain topics like Wiccan or witches or Harry Potter or something like that. Some retailers don't care about that, like WalMart who does have a bias against certain topics. But most retailers, especially bookstores, try and maintain objectivity and not bring their personal feelings into selections. For instance I don't read or like sci fi or fantasy for the most part, but I know I have lots of customer's who do, so I make sure we have a good selection of them. Where I do draw the line is on "questionable covers" like the time a publisher sent me a book right after Hurricane Katrina and there was a dead person floating in the water. Completely tasteless, and while I couldn't care less about the content, I wasn't going to put that book out their for my customers to see. I "know" my main customer base and I know we would have caught Holy Heck if I'd put that cover. The publisher took that seriously and changed the cover. There was another book cover with a hand holding a gun pointed at a cow's head.... again, tasteless and I didn't want to be picketed by PETA, LOL.

So when I talked to my Z-contact I basically didn't say much, just listened to her, and asked basic "buying" questions like how many copies are you printing, what media do you have lined up, what retailers are going after it in a big way, etc... Yes the publishers try and "feel me out" about the books they present because bottom line is they want to know if I'm going to carry it at all, and if so, how high on my list will it be, which equals how many of my stores it will get into.

Probably more info. than you wanted, but there you go!

sistah2 said...

Thanks Sammysmom - yea, I was wondering if you said (off the record) to your Z-contact, that there may be a backlash to this book due to possible negative publicity surrounding J&K.
Keep us informed on the book happenings!

Anonymous said...

If they go on a book tour - they will undoubtedly appear on mainstream media shows (all the usual morning programs, maybe Ellen and Oprah again,etc.) Wouldn't it be really cool if Larry King of Larry King Live invited them on? Larry has NO problem asking the tough questions - he is so totally unflappable. He'd ask them outright: "This story in the Enquirer, is it true what they say?" "DO you have a college fund set up or NOT?" Larry knows a load of BS and will make them come clean in his inimitable way. Well, maybe even HE won't be able to make them come CLEAN - but he can certainly unnerve them/make them squirm.

Anon1967 said...

I wrote to DR. Phil, since he donated the nannies for hire, IIRC, to see if he would look into it, also to Oprah. Will update if I hear anything..

Anonymous said...

After the book how long before we see

The Gosslin Childrens clothing line at Walmart - stain, gum, and fun resistant.

The Sextuplet Dolls - Each tup doll comes with bib, sippy cup, and matching potty with plastic poo.

Tup Toys - safe for children under age of 2 but to be forced on children over the age of 3.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking through all J&K's "favorite businesses" on their website and came across this:


I wonder if this is the self-employment Jon is doing in the closet? I also wonder what their scam is - posting ads on the internet or something?

SammysMom said...

OK, not sure where else to post this since I posted about the book here before. Upcoming publicity confirmed is:

Good Morning America
Fox & Friends
Kate will be "Mom of the Month" for October on a popular parenting website
Good Housekeeping mag - book excerpt in Nov issue

I am reading the advance now, and hooo boy it definitely is all in Kate's voice. Mainly about life pre-tups with Cara and Maddy, the birth and delivery of the tups, and life when the tups were newborn and home. Kate shows her true drill-sargeant self in this book, repeatedly. Wow. Ordering the hospital around on her bedrest there, super-anal about the schedule when she got home with the babies.

She does paint a good picture of how stressful it really was for them especially when they were all home. I can completely empathize with her and Jon's position then - especially as this is them BEFORE all the TV show madness. As anal as she comes across, they are grateful for all the help and support they got. It doesn't seem it on the show now, but at the time, they absolutely needed it. She mentions a lot of her helpers by name and thanks them all. But you also get little tidbits of her true personality, and suffice it to say the show has just made that come out 200%. And surprise, she hasn't always been estranged from her parents, not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

On the Figure 8 website, Cara and Mady's names are spelled "Kara" and "Maddy".

Does anyone else think it's hysterical that their OWN PR FIRM can't seem to get the names right? I mean, it's bad enough that the letters they write sound like they were written by 8 year olds, the website should at least get the spellings of the twins correct. Oh yeah, and their website doesn't even NAME the sextuplets. One can only imagine how those names would be butchered.

softballcatchermom said...

I was very suprised to come to this website and find that my posting, that I posted on another website ,was here. I am the one that had Jon and Kate cancel on our organization. I have to tell you that when I was contacted via e-mail by Julie Carson May, yep, Carson, I am sensing perhaps a relative to Beth Carson. I was utterly shocked and beside myself. We had been selling tickets for quite sometime, so imagine, my suprise when I received this e-mail from Julie Carson May, stating that Jon and Kate would not be able to fulfill their committment. I have to be honest that I had a feeling this was going to happen, as I had been e-mailing Kate at her personal e-mail asking her questions about the travel arrangements for the engagement and what a shock "no reply" from her. I contacted Julie Carson May , as she did send me her number and I begged her to have Jon and Kate reconsider ( I could kick myself now , for doing that) but,as convention chairman, I did not want to let the organization down nor the ticket purchasers. I offered to "up the ante" and pay them $5,000.00, with the original plan, travel and hotel. Julie, said that she was sorry, but, they are just so busy,but, would we like an autograph picture of Jon and Kate and chidren would that help???Uhhh, NO! I did send an e-mail back saying that, with fame always comes greed and unfortunately, it is at the expense of their children, and disappointing their fans. I assure you, I am a fan, NO MORE! I see purely what they stand for and the bottom-line is money. Julie e-mailed me back and said "Thanks for understanding, Blessings". HA! SO there you go...

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for understanding, Blessings".

Hmmm....sounds like she's even admitting they are in it for the money. Nice.

So does this mean Beth is still friends with Kate, if she's got her family doing their dirty work?

K.C. said...

I too have been responsible for planning large corporate events and I know exactly how it feels to have so many people counting on you. That must have been a very stressful situation for you. As I'm sure you read in the post above, you are not alone. Many people have made statements regarding the lack of common decency and professional courtesy exhibited by J&K recently, (including their fans). Thank you for speaking out. The blind acceptance and the level of devotion shown by J&K's fans is startling. Some people absolutely refuse to see what is going on, (even when provided with irrefutable evidence). Hopefully more people like you will come forward!

Other than Julie and Beth having the same last name, is there anything in particular that leads you to believe they are related?

Anonymous said...

Thanks, SammysMom, for the update. I hope one of the shows ask about what's happening now. Do the publishers pay for the people to go on tour for the book or do the shows pay Kate to show up and shill the book?

Steph said...

OK, put yourself in the PR firm's position.

They have all of these gigs lined up, but they don't want to do them. In fact, they want 5x the fee, plus better hotels and airfare.

Granted, I was appalled (as a grammarian) by the letter that was written, but she has to do a kiss off letter while lying. Granted, "Thanks for understanding, blessings" is a lousy kiss-off, but it's the best she can do. She obviously lacks writers.

You DO know they can be sued, right softballcatchermom? Sue them for the hours you spent getting this together and then trying to find another act at the last minute, plus lost ticket sales. SUE THEM. That's the only way they will learn.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a previous post asking why any church or group would pay what seems to be an extroidanary high speaking fee to hear the likes of J & K? I am not convinced that J & K have anything worthy to say that justifies any group, church, or organization paying $25K to hear them speak. I personally know a woman who is a 24 year old widow and mother of two whose husband served in the Iraq war and was killed in action on Mother's Day. Two weeks after he came home to see the birth of his son. She has done speaking engagements telling her story and paid NOTHING!! Her story is powerful, inspiring and one of hope and truly overcoming the challenges in life. IMO, it is extremely insulting for J &K to demand $25K to speak when there are individuals, such as this woman that have a much more powerful REAL LIFE story to tell. Individuals that truly wish to share their story with the hope of uplifting and perhaps changing a life with no monetary self serving agenda. With all that has happened in our world over the past 4+ years, J & K's story is so yesterday and there are far more inspirational stories to be heard.

Jayne said...

I've been responsible for coordinating events as well and that is why in our contracts, we spell out exactly what is expected of everyone. We had an attorney draw up a contract that explained what we provided (in terms of facilities and compensation) and the terms under which the speaker agreed to function. We have a section that states in case of cancellation (for any reason) any fees associated with travel (hotel, airfare, etc) and the portion of the event that they were a part of, woudl be their responsibility to reimburse the organization for. So for example, if J & K cancelled to overbooking or whatever, they would be responsible to reimburse the organization for the tickets and hotel fees incurred as well as any cancellations from attendees resulting from their cancellation AND if it was an event with them as the sole speaker, any costs (such as printing, promotion and facilities) would be their responsibility. Obviously, we cut slack for certain situations, but we're not going to eat someone's inability to organize a schedule.

Anonymous said...

I just got back home from Target where I lost it laughing when I saw baby bibs that said, "Photo with baby 50 cents". I had to stop myself short of buying 8 of them to send the Gosselin way. Although, I think I would've had to add a few zeros!

Anonymous said...

IMO someone who has an "inspirational" story shouldn't charge others to hear it. If they were truly worth 25,000 to they wouldn't charge churches that. I thought J&K having iphones was ridiculous. If watch the hair implant episode carefully you’ll see them.. But 25 grand for john and kate to speak is absolutely appalling. And all the money from the book they will get!! Why should someone with 8 kids get to live better than the average American family with 2?

DJ said...

Wow. Somehow I missed this blog earlier and just now read the letters cancelling some of engagements. Even if they hired a PR firm they should have fulfilled their previous engagements.

It's interesting. One of the excuses they gave for cancelling was that the children are finding it harder now when Jon and Kate go away for speaking engagements and that the children are their priority. Funny, they didn't seem to worry about them when they left them to get Jon hair plugs AND they were all sick at the time !!!

Anonymous said...

'IMO someone who has an "inspirational" story shouldn't charge others to hear it'

I totally agree. Four years ago, their story may have been one of human or current interest but I hardly consider it to be inspirational. To the degree of being worthy of a 25K speaking fee or 'love offerings'. Without a doubt ,there are far more inspirational stories to be heard. Stories that do no involve scandal, untruths, and are not based on greed or exploitation.

Lonnyswife said...

Not only was the kiss off letter sign off unprofessional (All Best) the salutation was unprofessional as well (Hi Judy).
And how in the world can they claim they need to be more attentive to their children so must cut back on their schedule when:
Oct.2 GA
That's a Friday so someone will either have to stay with the kids because of school or it's a fly-in, do the gig, fly home thing
Jan.10/11 NY
A Thursday and Fri and school should be back in session after the holidays. So what only one parent going? For 25K you really should get them both!
Jan23/24/25 CA
Okay, clear out in CA. Mid-week. Just the parents going? Only one of them? The whole fam damily? Taking the kids out of school??
Mar.8 KY
Mar.20 GA
The GA gig is on a Thursday so I have the same questions.
There are FOUR gigs scheduled in Nov. All during the week.
Their excuse about needing to spend more time with their kids is a load of crap, pure and simple. And what exactly is it that they are both so busy doing that one of them can't work the speaking schedule without a PR rep?? It isn't taking care of those kids. And I'm not talking about feeding and clothing and sheltering.
I am talking nurturing.

Moons in Leo said...

I thought Media Motion was their agent, not essentially a PR firm. If so, MM is probably reaping 30% of J&K's income that is arranged by them. If they don't book it, they don't get their cut.

Laura said...

Wow, you guys are incredible at digging stuff up.

I think it's rather disgusting that J&K are so money hungry that they cancelled their old "self-booked" gigs to book high paying ones. That's just gross and classless.

Why couldn't they have thought oh well we booked it so we should go. We promised these people so we should show up. What are they thinking? People actually want to and will pay to hear what they have to say. If EVER any one of us should be so lucky to experience the same thing.

You know all this makes me think that one day they won't be so lucky and what comes around goes around. Be careful J&K, Karma is a bitch.

Laura said...

And another thing - I just find it morally offensive to label yourself as "Christian" and try to make money off of it.

Kate and Jon are lousy "Christian" role models.

They are knowingly mis-representing their "needy" situation to congregations in order to receive a love-offering.

God will do the judging. I feel sorry for them already.

Anonymous said...

After reading all these posts and watching the past 6 months of Jon and Kate plus 8, I decided to cancel my trip to go see them speak on Sept.14th (in Abington, PA). I can see them on TV and that is enough for me. I will be paying gasoline to see them and my time away from my church and family. I also am going to Dutch Wonderland that weekend and to see Thomas the Train and maybe a pretzel factory the same weekend and that is sure better than going to see them speak when they are not even nice to each other and seem to spend quality time with their children. It's all about the money now and it's so sad to see.

quietlyconcerned said...

Has anyone been able to match up the dates of previously "cancelled" bookings with the the "newer and more profitable" bookings?

If that happened to me with my church, I would be seeking redress through the courts.

SouthernMom said...

That cancellation / appology letter to the SomiRetreat was pathetic.

I cannot believe that it was written by a PR rep. However, I can believe it was written by Kate Gosselin. It was of very unprofessional and uneducated verbiage.

I found it interesting how it is "unfortunate" that they are having to cancell speaking arrangments due to spending time with family. Really? It is unfortunate to spend time with your family? How in April did Jon and Kate know that they would be "spending family time" together in October. Furthermore, wouldn't this have been known upon scheduling the engagement to begin with?

Maybe since Aunt Jodi is out of the picture, finding caregivers is more of a job than Kate thought. Oh, but who am I kidding? An unknowing suspect would be enthralled to help out, right? Then, sadly, to be used up and tossed away by Kate in the end.

I cannot wait until these children are of age to know and fully realize that they are "working" and making their own money. I am sure that Kate already has this script written and rehearsed.

... The money went to provide you a better roof over your head, clothing, food, all the necessities a parent should provide.....

Yes, Kate, correct. All the necessities a PARENT should provide. Not from profits made by exploiting your children and your family.

Anonymous said...

We just returned from the Orlando Women’s Show where we met Jon and Kate. All I can say is what a waste of time!

They both seemed annoyed to be there. There were hundreds of their fans at the show from Grandma ,moms, dads and kids. It was so cute to see the kids wearing shirts they wrote on saying #1 fan and as well as signs. The women’s show told everyone during the Jon and Kate Q & A session no pictures. We were like whatever.

The Show had a Q & A forum style setting. Their fans were able to ask questions. Let me tell you the questions were screened first by the shows employees. They had no enthusiasm at all. Cara and Mady were suppose to to be there but, Kate said they were at Disney. One of the questions was what was one of your favorite vacations? Jon responded by they are not vacations with 8 kids. They are like working at a different destination.

They then had a meet and greet session. Which we were lucky to get a number to see them . We thought at least we though we were lucky. They only had 150 tickets to give out to the guests to met them.

We waited 30 minutes to met them . My husband told me Kate ordered for more security for them. Remember no kids were with them. The fans were totally under control.

My kids were so excited to met them. We had two copies of the Good Housekeeping magazine fir the girls to get their autograph.

When they both came out to the meet and greet they hide their faces to the ground and walked quickly to their seats. I never saw anything like this before. Once again we were told no pictures at all not even with the flash off. Like they are such big celebrities!!!

When we arrived at the table to meet Jon and Kate they never looked up to say even a hello. They signed the girls magazine and Kate made a comment on my daughters named Hanna .

My other daughter Haley was extremely polite and said to them that she is a huge fan of the show.
There was no response what so ever.

It looked like they were just there for a paycheck and nothing more.

They need to realize that without their fans they would not have the nice things or be able to go on any of the trips they experience.

My family and I rethought about all of the money we’ve helped them make and the support we have given them.

If you ever meet with them make sure your expectations are very low.