"How could I have been so wrong about these two?"

This blog entry had some interesting points to make. The opening paragraph reads:

How tickled was I, just a few months ago, to finally discover the guilty pleasure called TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight? The show focuses on the Gosselins, a Pennsylvanian family comprised of two parents, two pre-’tweener twin girls, and a set of (now) four-year-old sextuplets. Beyond the obvious kiddie cuteness factor, it is tough to articulate the show’s appeal. This is particularly true for me, since I do not generally find the children of other people to be interesting or reliably endearing. But I think if you are a new parent, there is something inspiring about watching Kate try to juggle 8 kids in diapers. It allows you to think, “Eh, I’m not doing so bad, am I?” And the appeal is not just limited to the mommy set, even Mr. Right-Click got sucked into the Gosselins’ web and after emptying our Tivo of back episodes, I think we both are out of new episodes to watch.

Don't get too excited, Jon & Kate fans -- that's just the beginning. As you continue reading, you will discover that Anna's initial rosy impressions take a turn that is by now too familiar to many of us. I guess Nancy K. is not the only convert out there.

Reprinted with permission from Anna, author of ABDPBT.


minxie said...

But these are children who have been whored out for free melamine plates and plastic surgery since they were six months old. And who has served them up to me like characters ripe for deconstruction? Their parents!


Couldn't have said it any better myself. I laughed at the "Whore of Babylon" outfit line--and that screen shot of J & K--they DO look like they are barely hiding their "thinly disguised hatred" for each other.

Anonymous said...

I know this wasn't what I was supposed to take away from that blog but this comment was priceless and it killed me: "Meanwhile, Kate is sitting next to Jon, dressed in her Whore of Babylon getup..."

I actually thought that was a pretty revealing top as far as what I've seen Kate wear for "the past 3 seasons!"

sugarandspice said...

Great post! What is also interesting is the link to the article on Kate wanting her "nurse" for another year. That article was written in May 2005 and from the comments posted there these people were on to her from the beginning.

green said...

This is a great post. There was a link to an article from 2005. Kate wanted an extension for a licensed practical nurse that Medicaid provided. Wouldn’t Kate just need to hire a child care provider? At that point, the sextuplets are described as thriving. Kate is a nurse herself. Wouldn’t she be able to detect if any of the sextuplets needed medical attention? Is this were the entitlement started? It is hard to read this article after having read The Truth Will Set You Free blog. I also wonder what Bobbi McCaughey thinks of Kate. She was mentioned in that article as having talked with Kate at that time.

Judging from all the reactions caused by the July 7th episode, will cupcakes cause the Gosselin television show to be less popular? Or, will it cause higher ratings as more people tune in to see what all the controversy is about?

Manda said...

Plus, the crew comes in handy when they’re trying to load and unload the kids from the hotel shuttle they use as a family car.

I love it.

Please, by all means, comment here on the beauty of it all, but please also show ABDPBT some love in her comments section too.

And sugarandspice , there's a lot of stuff out there about the true nature of these two that goes back years. We didn't start the fire - it was always burning...

For instance, the hotel shuttle bus they use for a family vehicle? It was originally on their "prayer/wish list" as a 15 passenger van, but when it was never ponied up, the Gosselins had to settle for the 10-seater urban assault vehicle they tool around in now, they had to purchase themselves.



aly,benji n siennas mom said...

That was good.

I too noticed that tan line!!

I hope the kids got a tan also.

Anonymous said...

I need to make a few comments about this episode. First of all, precious Hannie hardly made a dent in her dinner, AT ALL! But there was no way she was going to miss out on her cupcake, no matter what, was there? I agree, the look on Joel's face was just sad and pathetic.

I would also like to point out just how terribly rude J&K's comments were about the cupcakes. They said the boys didn't miss them the next day and didn't even mention them. I wonder how the Velvet Bakery ladies liked that. They tried to do something special for this family (for free advertising of course) but I'm sure they hoped it meant something special to them. The ungrateful asses just had to make a point though that the boys didn't give the cupcakes a second thought. Did they ever consider the feelings of the bakery ladies when they said that? Those two disgust me.

J&K said they don't eat anything the kids make, yet Kate had her fingers all over that pink cupcake when trying to fix the frosting. Did she ever hear of a spoon?

Let's also not forget Kate's words when walking into the bakery. "I don't know where we're going but let's go." WTF! She sure's hell would have known where she was if it was a spa!


miemic said...

Do you all know about the t-shirts they have for sale on CafePress? Do they make money from these as well?

Juliet said...

I was with her until the Asperger's comment. I doubt she meant it to be offensive, but my 5-year-old is a high functioning autistic, so it bugged me.

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out the game Kate was playing during a repeat episode. It was Christmas or right before the Christmas episode. Kate mentioned that she gets emails requesting an address to send gifts to the kids. She said if someone wants to send her kids gifts, she doesn't see anything wrong with it and lets the emailers know where to send them.

Stop, right there. Wait a minute. Wouldn't the best way to go about those requests be to email back and request that those who wish to send gifts should send them to a local charity. Politely stating that they don't need anything and those gifts would be a blessing to those in need???

That greediness right there made me pause and think. She really does feel entitled to anything and everything.

That moment was THE moment I realized that the parents that I thought were just amazing, are not really all that amazing after all.