A FEW is understandable; ALL gets suspicious.

I suspect that Kate feels she had a good reason for cutting her parents out of her life. However, it was a fairly recent decision. Her mom, at least, was very involved prior to and shortly after the birth of the tups. Her mom watched the twins quite a bit and also visited Kate while she was in the hospital on bedrest. Kate mentioned her mom's support while she was hospitalized in one of her church talks.

So let's say her parents became evil, or she felt they would be harmful to her children, sometime after the tups were born.

When did Jon's mom leave the picture? He was living with her when he met Kate, so it wasn't like she was completely uninvolved with her sons after the divorce. She was also at the wedding and on speaking terms when Kate had (or was pregnant with) the twins. Another family member who is toxic? Getting stranger, but okay.

Then, there are Kate's sisters. She has three-Kendra, Christen and Clairissa. We already know, from Clairissa's blog, that Kate made her choose between her parents or her. Clairissa also noted that she only sees her nieces and nephews on TV and that she has regular contact with her parents. Christen lives in Ohio and was allegedly told she had to pay full price to place an ad on the Gosselin website. Kendra's husband helped paint the twins' room, so she might have contact with her. We don't know. We know for sure that at least one of her sisters has been cut out. Her brother is also now apparently cut out as well...a brother and sister-in-law who were very helpful and close to the kids.

Then there are Jon's two brothers. He has never mentioned them on the show, not even in passing. I can understand them being camera shy and not wanting to be on the show, but Jon never even brings them up when he discusses his OWN childhood. It can be assumed that they are not in regular contact, either.

That's quite a few family members, from both sides. I find that pretty abnormal, especially since Clairissa and Christen seem like nice enough people. I find it difficult to believe that they are all toxic and out to cause their family harm. I think Clairissa aches to see her nieces and nephews, especially since her own son is around the same age as the tups, and she lives close by.

A FEW family members is understandable. ALL family members gets suspicious.

Reprinted with permission from Steph.


NewMom08 said...

Nice post. I have wondered about this, too. What is particularly interesting is that when asked to do a reality show in today's day and age, it seems to me that one would anticipate the digging into one's life done by the public. I certainly would and it would give me pause and make me concerned about what would be dug up or what "skeletons" would come forth....WHY in god's name did J+K, Figure 8, etc not think that these "skeletons" would be a problem. And WHY has no one reigned in the behavior that continues to create such "skeletons" like poor Aunt Jodi, etc.
To that end, could someone please tell me what happened to Beth's involvement with the family? Is there a rift and why?

Molly said...

Hi, where is Kate's sister blog? and what is "tups"?

Serena said...

Hi, where is Kate's sister blog? and what is "tups"?

The URL to Kate's sister's blog isn't being published here, and 'tups is an abbreviation of "sextuplets".

Serena said...

could someone please tell me what happened to Beth's involvement with the family? Is there a rift and why?

Beth suffered a fate similar to Jodi's; beyond that we aren't elaborating just yet.

Anna said...

New here so I hope I'm not out of line in asking this but why isn't her sister's blog being published here? Is there somewhere we can find it or is it a secret??

Sorry to be irritating, just curious!


Serena said...

New here so I hope I'm not out of line in asking this but why isn't her sister's blog being published here?

It's not being published in compliance with her wishes.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a picture of Kate's mom - from the website where she works.


Blogger Note: link removed from original post.

Anonymous said...

Where did Kate's sister post on this site?

And also, has Jodi been cut out of the tups lives completely?? Is Jodi ok with her sister's blog? Will she herself ever speak out directly?

Do you think we will ever hear about Beth? When did the estrangement occur?

Anonymous said...

You have to give permission to be mentioned on a show like theirs, even in passing. For example, on Big Brother (which is filmed and broadcast online basically 24/7) if the cast starts to talk about someone they know who hasn't signed a waiver, they immediately cut the live feed. I have a friend who was on that show, and for him to mention me I had to sign a 5 page contract, pledge CBS my life for the next 3 years pretty much, say they could show up and interview me whenever they pleased, could not interview with unapproved people, could not speak about the contract or certain aspects of production that were supposed to be secret... you get the idea. It's a big deal to be even MENTIONED. On an INTERNET FEED. Much less on a primetime cable show. I would guess that TLC would want some kind of long term commitment out of any family members, like I would guess that Jodi signed for 3 seasons. It's a big invasion of privacy too. Do you think that Jodi can just go about her life now without being recognized and bothered out in public? Just because a family member didn't sign doesn't mean that the person does not have a relationship with the Gosselins.

Serena said...

Where did Kate's sister post on this site?

In addition to her own blog, Julie posted an entry here on this blog.

And also, has Jodi been cut out of the tups lives completely??

We don't know how far beyond the show the rift extends.

Is Jodi ok with her sister's blog?

Jodi is aware of her sister's blog, and this blog, and has not objected.

Will she herself ever speak out directly?

We don't know.

Do you think we will ever hear about Beth?

There may or may not be an explicit reference to Beth, whom Kate referred to as "an angel from heaven", but her abrupt absence speaks volumes.

When did the estrangement occur?

Early 2008, after the trip to Utah.

mrsbethannabanana said...

Kate uses people up. She takes all they have to give. When they can't give more, she finds some petty thing that she doesn't like and creates a war around it. The gum is great example. She wasn't really mad about the gum - it was about people liking Jodi better and her guilty conscience from cutting Jodi out of compensation. Kate refuses to consider her part in any feud. It's easier to shun people than for her to take responsibility for her part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those answers. I am glad Jodi's sister is speaking out on her behalf. I hope it makes Kate rethink her decision and if not, I hope Jodi says something on her own.

I was actually wondering about Kate's sister Clairissa who I thought I read posted on this site in addition to having a blog. I understand if the blog is private or you can't post it but can you direct me to where clairissa commented on this site? thanks!

Molly said...

IMHO, julie's blog is rather damaging then helping Jodi. If Kate will see the hatress Julie has towards her, she will not be any more keener for Jodi to be in their daily lives. I dont know the full story behind (noone does), but it looks very, very biased. LIke the gum story. Im sorry, but I would also hate the gum on my kids clothes. I dont even go to the movies cause there are gums stuck under every single chair. Yet alone have it on the clothes. I really hated how Jon gave that little one a gum on teh skiing trip straight from teh mouth (i thnk it was Leah??) that was so gross i got nauseaus (gums make me nauseas, generally though) Doesnt explain Kate's otherissues, but i totally agree with her on this one

Molly said...

Serena, that entry looks like Jodi's sister blog, not Kate's.

Serena said...

Serena, that entry looks like Jodi's sister blog, not Kate's.

You're right, sorry, my mistake. I misread the question.

Kate's sister Clairissa posted here, however it was a lengthy proselytization irrelevant to the theme of this blog and as such, it was removed.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

Just to clear up a few questions. No one other than J&K had to sign anything until the beginning of Season 4. Maybe that was an oversight? A lot of things have changed since they got a manager and I think they blindly went along with things without much research or thought for the future.

Nothing I have to say will have any bearing on Jodi's relationship with the kids or J&K. Kate doesn't care what people think of her, that's pretty obvious. She doesn't even try to sensor herself in front of the cameras. She does what she wants and doesn't even consider anyone else. I don't hate Kate, but I do hate the way she treats everyone she comes across and I hate the lies and deception.

Of course, I am biased. Jodi is my sister and we are very close. I have spent time with J&K and I have talked to others who know them. Everyone has the same story to tell. I have yet to read anything, from anyone who actually knows them, that is any different than what my experience has been. Are we all just making this stuff up? Are we all just jealous, hateful people? I don't think so!!

Anonymous said...

I can't comment about the parents, their motivation or their personalities. I don't know them, and whatever I perceive through the "reality show" filter I believe to be as staged as any other television production.

What concerns me more is that we as a society allow a television studio to put very young children on display in what is for them intimate and stressful situations for our entertainment.

I believe that the producers feel the need to build interest and consequently ratings by whatever means they can - and that's where I am uneasy. By watching the show we are complicit, not as much perhaps as the parents, but still actively complicit in the exploitation of these children. If they simply filmed the parents talking about organizational issues and cooking and cleaning with all the product placements they want or all the cosmetic surgery they want, and kept in all the whining and begging and bickering, as long as they didn't comment negatively about the kids... I would have nothing to say. They could have a cameo of the kids running in a field or something benign - but that should stop there. The children's very real tears and tantrums and frustrations are not for our entertainment, any more than their toilet habits.

I won't watch anymore.

sugarjay said...

How do we know that Kate's brother has been cut off? I haven't heard anything about that before.

I feel really sorry for J & K's children if it is true about Beth being cut out as well. Wasn't her daughter the twins best friend? Sad.

Serena said...

How do we know that Kate's brother has been cut off? I haven't heard anything about that before.

The details can be found in this blog entry.

FIONA said...


Thanks for the update, and most of all, your concern. It sounds like Jodi will still see the kids...regardless of being paid or not...her intentions are pure. Funny how soooo many people who have been treated so badly, still stick around for the kids. So Kate doesn't even have Beth for a friend anymore??? That is beyond sad. I certainly don't blame Beth at all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen Stocks,
That $380,000.00 home of yours must be easy to sleep in. I know if I was able to afford a house of that price off the backs of little innocent children I couldn't sleep in it at all! You must be just as narcissistic as Katie Irene to not feel anything you are doing is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think deep inside, Kate does care what people think and say, as do all involved in the production of this show. Kate just radiates insecurity to me. So critics get verbally attacked (not normal pro-show people but the goons), Jon deletes negative email so Kate won't get upset, and the show changes according to the negative buzz. Kate strikes me as delusional. She so wants to believe that she's being validated--by the God she prays to, the people who adore her, and the companies who shower her with money and freebies. I criticize this show because Kate, Jon, Jenn, and the sponsors see and hear, and care. The world is full of people who soar, crash, and burn, and Kate chooses to involve her children.

nsiteman said...

I just read the three part "twisted" entry in Jodi's sister's blog. Kate certainly has never mentioned an organic chef - in last weeks girls day out, she chastised Jon for not helping her prepare a meal. Now it sounds like she doesn't prepare the meals. What a phony.

Autumnn said...

Although I have not one ounce of respect for Jon, what else does Kate expect him to do?

-He gets the kids off to school.
-It's his job to bathe all the children.
-He has now quit his job so he can be errand boy.

THEN on top of that Kate:
-Kate now has a personal cook.
-Kate does not do her own laundry.
-Kate has a nanny to look after the kids.

Seriously what else is left to do to run a household???? What on god's earth does that woman do all day that she feels she has the right to bitch like that?

Molly said...

Ok, Autumn, even if you'd have a personal cook and a nanny and not do your laundry i can assure you that with kids (or even wtih two) you'd still find yourself very busy. They are both doing what they can.

I agree though with you on bitching, she could do less of that

Steph said...

Molly-yes, if MOST moms didn't have to do the household stuff, they would enjoy spending time playing with their kids. But since Kate doesn't particularly enjoy that either, her days are a mystery to me...

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of energy to be the center of attention all the time. You have to be on constant lookout for other people who may be interesting, attractive, funny, or whatever and then concoct a way to get rid of them. You need to create drama to keep all eyes on you. It's not easy to be the queen.

Anonymous said...

I have attempted to follow this blog since its inception but must have missed the post referring to Kate now having a personal chef to prepare meals. Could someone please enlighten me as to WHY Kate now has a personal chef on her payroll? Or is the chef another in the ever growing list of freebies accepted by the Gimmie More Greedy Gosselins.

Lorelei said...

Who is this Jenn that is being referred to? I don't remember seeing her on the show.

Anonymous said...

I think it was stated under J&K's travel schedule that Beth was keeping the kids while she was doing her mothers day speaking engagement so how and that was more recent then the trip to Utah so how do we know there if a rift between them?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Jenn that is being referred to? I don't remember seeing her on the show.

lorelei, Jen Stocks is the producer of the show. She works for Figure 8 Films.

Anonymous said...

Most of Kate's family is staying behind the scenes. No doubt a good decision. As much as I dislike Kate, she didn't get so toxic on her own. There's a story here. Do I care? Well, I'm so exhausted from hearing about Queen Kate, I probably don't.

Anonymous said...

One of the MANY things that bothers me about K&J that I have noticed - when they leave the kids w/ babysitters to go out for dinner - the babysitter is responsible for baths, dinner, p.j.'s etc - or "baths if you can get to it"....when I leave my 3 young children with anyone, including Grnadparents at night - I have them fed, bathed and p.j.'d - all they need to do is teeth and prayers...just another observation on how she excpects SO MUCH from everyone.

Anonymous said...

Watching the piano re-run episode - do you think she tipped the piano delivery man when they delivered the FREE piano. ugh.

And another episode I watched late last night - she mentioned one of her errands was hitting the consignment shop to drop off clothes.....who has ever heard of someone making money off of free clothes. Is there not a salvation army in the area she could DONATE the clothes to? I don't think she is taking the credit at the consigment shop to buy more clothes as all her kids clothes are free via gymboree, the gap, the list go on.........