Episode Recap - "Sextuplets Turn 4" - 07/07/2008

Authors Note: Writing this recap for that show has been EXHAUSTING for me. I mean, really. I am trying to bring the funny, because that is just the general tone I like to do and I think its good to keep some things light on the blog - show another side rather than just the 'issues' but I gotta tell ya - this one is painful to watch in slo-mo and pause and relive those awful moments. Some of the little stuff in that episode, things I haven’t seen really discussed at length that I think people may have missed I have picked up on and it really is painful. I would pause to write and every time, whether at the bakery or on the couch, and especially that family dinner table, the tape was stopped and just about every frozen expression from Jon, Kate or the kids were painful, heart wrenching, angry faces. I’m sorry it took so long, but it was hard and I did the best I could do. So, with no further delay…

Tups Turn Four, aka WTF???

Well, it’s that time again; the Gosselin kids are turning 4! We’ve witnessed many milestones in their short little lives and now we’ve all been given a personal invitation to come join the festivities, courtesy of TLC.

We start this journey with Kate telling us the kids decided “they wanted a family day” this go round, and who is Kate to say no? Actually, it’s pretty evident this celebration was separate, in addition to a bigger, more celebratory event that had perhaps taken place earlier in private, but J&K+8 wouldn’t be a show without those kids and a birthday episode for the ‘peeps’ is certainly in order.

So let’s get this party started – up in here, up in here.

The Gosselins are on their way to church this day, packing this and that, cute little brightly colored aprons for the kids. Wonder whose idea that was and where were they during the Crayola visit? Gosh, to think 8 little rags of cloth and some trim and ties here and there could have made such a difference way back then. Anyway, good idea and planning there, Kate. After church they are going to decorate cupcakes for the kids at a bakery. Such fun. Such hopes. Such dreams.

Kids run this way and that way, getting dressed in the nice bright yellow Sunday Best. Mady has on her new ‘bellydancerish’ (don’t let Kate hear you say that Jon.) skirt. Joel is adorable this day and honestly maybe speaking a little better than ever. He says he’s “going to make a cupcake myself.” Yes you are little man. So excited. It’s a mad dash and frenzy for the gang to get out the door. Kate states, “It’s more annoying than I can say.” To which I say, oh Katie, you little minx, yes you can; you’ve never let us down before. Mady’s struggling with her little pink shoes in the garage and they hurt her feet. Kate reminds Mady it’s not about HER but about Kate as she chides, “My feet hurt all the time in my shoes. Always! …Jooooooon. Would you call your daughters who are acting stupid about shoes again?”

Did I mention they’re on their way to church?

Jon, on the couch, explains exactly what Mady has said, to clear any confusion any of his peeps may have had about what we had just witnessed, “They didn’t fit. It was a size problem – unbeknownst to us.” Yeah, that’s exactly what Mady had said, pretty much, which Kate characterized as stupid. Back in the car, Kate gives Mady a perfectly acceptable explanation for her problems, “You have two different size feet.”

Well, yes, this has been known to happen, but come on, Mady has both shoes in her hands, exclaiming they hurt. This isn’t her first trip to Disney, yet I guess Kate thinks telling her she has two different size feet will just “WOW!” Mady into submission. Give her that to chew on a while and maybe she’ll quit bugging out loud about it.

Still, in the van, there’s much agony and pained faces, screeching, crying and whatnot.

Kate: “Why is this taking so long today?”
Jon: “Because we have annoying children!”
Kate: (narration) “It’s not just wailing, it’s a lot of words and you can’t hear anything anyway….
Jon: (narration) “Yeah, it’s not moaning and groaning; it’s actual conversation.
Kate: (narration) “It’s just white noise to us.”

But…but…Kate? Didn’t she recently say SHE is the one who listens to what they are saying; she’s the parent who is that adept during these times? Which is it – white noise that’s blocked out by her or she’s the parent who actually stops to hear them out and listen to what they are saying?

Kate can tune it out. Jon wears earplugs, we are reminded. On the couch Jon pulls a funny. “We’re gonna be helicopter pilots with our own headsets so we can talk to each other then and have actual conversations.” Please, the peeps beg of you, get to work on that. Plus, Kate thinks this is one of Jon’s rare but fabulous ideas.

Back to the van and loading up after what parallels Job and his struggles and suffering, Kate chuckles “Oh my word, we’re earlier than normal. That’s scary.” Onward rolls the Big Old Bus o’ Unhappy.

Return from commercial shows the Gosselins leaving church this time, with Mady limping out the door. No shots of the kids being dropped off at class, Jon and Kate singing and praising, and you know, being left alone. They talk about their love of yellow and how easy it is to spot the kids in yellow. Kate grabs Joel, who’s so excited to be heading to make that promised cupcake, and lifts him into the van, but before he settles she spins his head around and plants a big old genuine smoocharoo on his face. He may need that neck looked at.

Turns out, it was quite a haul to make the cupcakes, but Jon seems excited the bakery was willing to open on Sunday just for them. I’m a little amazed myself Jon can still be shocked at the lengths people will go for ultimate monetary gain, but anyhow…it looks as though everyone must put on those fancyass new aprons before anyone can set a foot inside the door of the place. Poor Mady – the shoes don’t fit and now the apron is weird, “weirdest apron ever!”, and it smells weird. All the kids settle in and Kate finds herself a chair and slides up to the cool kids’ table – Hannah, Leah and Aaden, as she questions Jon, “Are you manning them?”, motioning to the table where Collin, Joel and that wild woman Alexis are. Jon mans up; “I’m manning both.”

Mady finally has a wardrobe victory when she gets her big chef hat! Yay, Mady! She’s excited. They’re all excited, no doubt. Big, huge grins all around. The bakery owner explains the plan to Kate: they’re going to make fondant decorations to go on top of the cupcakes, if that’s OK with her. Kate lets her know she’s safe – “as long as it doesn’t get messy.”

You know, if Kate promptly stood up and exited the bakery at that exact moment, I could almost guarantee things wouldn’t get “messy”.

But she didn’t. And so the story goes…

Lauren, the owner of Velvet Sky Bakery, who opened her doors on Sunday just for the Gosselin 10 and appears to be more than likely paying at least two employees to help with the endeavor, who granted, is hoping for a little exposure here for her business through this process, has a one-on-one with the camera and says, to paraphrase, “WTF? Cupcakes are messy.” On the couch, Kate reminds us she’s always concerned about the mess. Jon states he wants them to have fun. So Kate has to go all “LAUNDRY-YOU DIPSHIT-REMEMBER THE LAUNDRY” on his ass. Yada, yada…church clothes…she didn’t feel like changing them from their church clothes because ‘that would be a hassle’…so it’s just easier to hassle the cake lady.

So, the little kids are starting to work on their cupcake with the fondant cutouts. Kate reprimands Jon about which table he’s supposed to be at. Kids….phhhffpt.. you know how they’re always roaming the room. Jon actually firmly tells Kate “No. I’m helping Hannah. I promised her.” So Kate scoots off to the other table, although I rather suspect she’d prefer her foot up his ass, but there she is with Joel, Collin and Alexis to spread more cheer their way. Kate wasn’t happy. She didn’t want to be in the middle of the room. “He took my kids.”

Jon: “Party pooper.”

The kids all cut shapes for their cupcakes as one of the employees explain fondant is like edible play dough. Ohhhh, why did she ever say that? Kate only heard ‘edible food coloring’ and adds this “That’s what I was concerned about.” Again, to which I say, WTF? The kids weren’t dying the fondant – it was pre-colored.

Kate: (narration) “We’re not really into that.”

Me: WTF?

Kate: (narration) “Mr. Ahemahem over here was encouraging them to eat it.”

Kate: (at the bakery) “Hannah, Hannah. No more. You’re gonna get a belly ache.”

Aaden sniffs! Joel makes a STAR! The big girls are excited to do what they wanted with the individual cakes they had been given. Next step for the little kids is to ice their cupcake. Nice cake lady offers to let them do one to eat at the bakery and one to take home. Kate thinks just one to take home will suffice. This isn’t their real birthday after all, just a little extra something like they had said. At this point I’m getting a funny feeling Kate is so OVER this cupcake business. What makes me think such?

Kate: (narration) “I thought they were going to put a vat of icing on the table and let them bathe in it.”

Again, me…with the WTF? Now really, one doesn’t have to have eight kids, two sets of multiples, 7 year old twins and 4 year old sextuplets, to know that doesn’t even come close to anything the gracious owner of the bakery who opened their doors on Sunday just to accommodate your family would ever consider doing. Especially, if she ever got wind of the Crayola Factory fiasco, and it’s just a hunch I have, but I’m betting this lady had heard a thing or two from a little birdie before the big day arrived.

Kate’s sitting in the bakery and she admits she’s a little nervous. She says “it’s out of character for them. They would not normally be in the kitchen making messes at this age.”

Monkey Munch, anyone? Three little girls…powdered sugar..peanut butter…chocolate…bowls…bag…shake…Ring any bells?

Kate shrugs on the heels of the incessant complaining, “But, it’s alright. It’s fun.” As if that can erase every negative nanosecond since walking through the door she has scrutinized. Messy, indeed.

Jon again calls her a party pooper and asks her to just enjoy it. Maybe in the first redeeming moment I personally have witnessed from Jon in a long time he says “You’re going to be kicking yourself in the future.”

Kate: “He does not do the laundry. It’s obvious.”

Maybe the future for Kate doesn’t mean the same as it does to others. For her it may go no farther than Monday’s wash load. But perhaps, just maybe Jon does have a vision of the future after all; one he hopes and dreams and prays for that will include eight children and possibly some grandchildren coming back home to visit on holidays and birthdays and other special occasions for no other reason than they want to. So, as not to belittle what I once again see as a monumental moment in the life of Jon and Kate – the life they invite us into – I will not say “WTF?” I will only say: Listen carefully, Kate, to those words your husband tried to squeeze in in that moment.

Their examination of the incident continues on the couch with Jon asking “Why not enjoy yourself?”

Kate: “Because you don’t enjoy yourself in the laundry room.”

Jon tries the change of clothes approach again, but that’s not going to fly. Didn’t then; won’t now. Kate says, “You would get annoyed with me if you had to change a hundred kids.” Now, despite what Kate would have people believe, and I know her math is sketchy, 8 kids does not equal 100. And here’s a thought: Since the big girls seemed fine and dandy in their own cake bliss, SHE could have changed 3 and Jon could have changed 3.

Three = Far cry from 100.

Shall we move on now that is has been well established cupcake making is messy? Good. I need some happy.

"Ohhhhh, myyyyy!" Never have sweeter words been uttered. Little Joel with a big grin on his face and the nice cake lady who came in to work on her day off so the kids could have a special moment, helps him pipe green icing on his cupcake. What a sweet moment.

But, Hark! “Don’t touch!” bellows from the beast. Damn, I knew it couldn’t last too long.

We interrupt this descent to cupcake hell to insert a personal message. Everyone else can busy themselves with a drink or a smoke, perhaps a snack. I need a second. I know, it’s been a long one. If you think it’s rough on you, imagine what I have gone through the last four days trying to write this crap.

Hey—pssst – Jon. Buddy, you may need to hire a professional “stick extractor” as opposed to Fuzzy Bunny – and hint, they can usually be found in the yellow pages with words like “M.D.” and “Psych.” following their names….just sayin’

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Oh hell. Sorry folks, it wasn’t over. Not even close. The Velvet Sky Bitchfest continues:

Kate: “…not eating them here…”
Jon: “Kate….”
Kate: "No. Not in these dresses. No. Sorry."

Kate: (narrating) “I didn’t want them to eat them because it would be messy.”

Well, you don’t say!

Thank God, someone in the editing room is clairvoyant and sensed me sitting over here hyperventilating over what I was witnessing, because FINALLY, someone gave me a little Collin-Love. He delights in decorating his “uwrange” cupcake, with the help of a bakery employee. Come to think of it, I never saw Kate actually help any of the kids at her table with the decorating. But, surely, that’s a good thing. I’m not complaining. Mady and Cara are over in their secure corner, given permission to eat the cupcakes they had made. Mady sneaks a bite and whispers to the camera. “Don’t let the little kids see.”

Jon does make an attempt to humor his children and for all the grief ::coughcoughfacebookasscoughcough:: I give him, I have to admit, at least in the bakery he seems to try to make the best of what should only be one of the best situations, but unfortunately, just isn’t. How many children would jump for joy at the thought of a cake store opening just for them to nibble, play, decorate, and cut out fun stuff for their very own cupcake? At least Jon acknowledged that fact and genuinely seemed to want them to enjoy this moment. He tells them if they can lick their elbow they can eat their cupcake there. Yeah, we know it isn’t likely to happen, but a least he gave them hope, something to laugh at and a quick distraction from the forbidden fruit of the cupcakey-goodness sitting before them.

All the kids finished off their cupcakes with sprinkles and toppings. The kids sang a cute rendition of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Last thing was a cake they all got to decorate with their names on it. Kate finally acknowledges on behalf of the bakery staff, “The ladies were kind to think up that idea for them (the cake with all their names on it, I assume) and they did a good job controlling the mess. Generally, everyone had fun.” Kate seemed to strain to find these words. Jon says, “No one killed each other.” Kudos to YOU, Jon. “We spent a lot of time together – that’s probably the most important thing.” And Kate agrees, “Yeah….Agreed! Good one.” Score one for Jon for coming up with a non-forced, positive thing to say about his family. Kate seemed amazed at the progress he is making.

So, as we leave Velvet Sky Bakery, Kate says it’s “time to head home and eat dinner and dessert…but THIS DAY is nooooo different than any other day.” Yeah, we picked up on that.

Back home the kids are playing outside and Kate tells us it’s “Dinner, dessert, bath and bed.” She was thinking on the way home “It’s a lot of hours til bedtime. I’m exhausted.” Kate asks Jon how much she’d have to pay him to eat one of the kids’ creations and so, back on the couch we revisit their general rule of not eating anything prepared by juvenile hands and they both descend into some pig-face, slurpy, sloppy faced mockery of their children.

Kate’s in the kitchen milling around preparing dinner as the kids play outside and she notes “They’re crying, which means they haven’t been abducted and they’re not dead, so that’s a good thing right?” Kate eventually has the kids change from their Sunday Best yellow outfits they were playing outside and in the driveway in into some play clothes they can find in their drawer. Next thing you know, the time has come and Jon is passing out cupcakes! Oh boy! There’s Leah’s…Alexis’…but then Jon reminds us of THE RULE: No dinner. No dessert. And that sticks, so some didn’t get their cupcake. Collin and Aaden are getting fruit cups, however, instead of dessert. Aaden peers happily into the camera, eating away at his fruit cup. At this point, I don’t think it has quite dawned on him, this is as good as it gets, little buddy, and the Cupcake Train has rolled right on out of this station, leaving him far, far behind.

Kate imparts some of her parenting wisdom unto us; it’s fine if they don’t eat their dinner – it’s not the era of the ‘Clean Plate Club’. But in the end, some of them aren’t getting their treats this night. Shots of them at the table show Joel with his head buried in his hands, Collin crying, Hannah’s hair being brushed back by Mady’s hands while she and Kate feed Hannah the required bites needed in exchange for the cupcake. Kate has Hannah’s fork in her hand, now sitting beside Hannah, but quickly gives it up herself and leaves the job of feeding Hannah to Mady. Mady lovingly explains what Hannah needs to do and scoops up a fork full for Hannah who purses her lips and doesn’t actually take the full bite – at best, she did what could be characterized as licking the tip of the fork. Cara tells her ONE bite is everything on her fork, but her plate is still full, and Kate leans over the table to intently hear Hannah’s question before she clears the still obviously full plate, “Do I get my cupcake?” Meanwhile, Joel has his eyes on Kate just as intently waiting to hear the answer she gives Hannah. He looks so hopeful there is still a chance he may get his. In narration, Kate justifies, “She did make a good dent.” The plate as Kate cleared it, from my perspective, appeared just as full as it was in the first shot, but I digress. Simply because it is too painful to linger on too long. Those of you with DVR feel free to closely review this entire scene, pausing as necessary as I did to soak it all in and draw your own conclusions.

Alternatively, the boys “just weren’t even trying”.

God, how I wish those boys would have just. licked. a. fork.

“Collin didn’t try. Aaden barely tried. Joel certainly didn’t try.”

Joel: “Yes I did! I ate chicken.”
Jon: “You ate nothing.”

The boys did not get a cupcake. Aaden realizes this is really going down like that, and it is absolutely pitiful. He’s sitting there with his fork in his hand, eating his fruit, which, incidentally, a fruit cup was also in place on the table in front of either Leah or Alexis, and by Kate’s own admission, he had ‘barely tried’. What? Did he LOOK at the fork as opposed to LICKING it? He wails, “I don’t get my cupcake? Aaawwwwwww….”

Jon: “You don’t get your cupcake.”

Interrupting this episode again for another personal message: Jon, make that a table for two at the Stick Extractor. Or, at the very least, the Re-Nutter Factory for you. I get that eight kids is a lot, but come on, that tells me you had them once, right? Surely there's a little sumpin-sumpin left down there to work with.

All of the boys are crying. Not freaking out, screaming, but with just truly broken hearts. After the build up and excitement of the whole day centered around one fucking cupcake – just hold out until after dinner boys – such disappointment. Collin quietly begs, “I want my cupcake.” Truly some of the saddest faces I have ever witnessed. After ‘working for a living’ all day, cameras in their faces, putting on the Gosselin Gang Show, with the payout of one fucking cupcake, and it is denied.

In the interview, Jen, the producer says, “The boys were really sad….”. Jon shakes his head, “Yeah…yeah…Guess what?! They had no clue the next day. They didn’t even ask for them. They never even missed them.” Somehow I can’t believe but that when those little boys laid their heads down that night and thoughts of the day ran through their heads and they remembered everything, they missed it.

But I’d love to know; did Jon and Kate OFFER it to them the next day? Talk about a cliffhanger! I haven’t been this hyped up since somebody popped a cap in J.R.’s ass.

Then, the icing on the cake (pun intended) is the shot we get of Jon passing out the cupcakes to all of the girls as the boys, who lets face it, are DONE WITH DINNER, I’d say, are forced to remain in their high chairs and watch the girls eat their cupcakes. There’s Hannah gently ushering her pink confectionary delight to her lips while Joel looks longingly at her. Aaden whimpers at the injustice even this recently turned four year old no doubt senses going on around him.

Kate narrates: “Now that they are four, they talk, they have attitudes, they have memories…”

Yes, they do, Kate. Yes, they do.

Kate is relieved she’s survived another year. Wow! It’s been four years already! Kate, again with the sketchy math, looks forward to 14 years from now when it’s all said and done, but Jon reminds her and all of us – no, it’s 18 years. Don’t forget about college. No let’s not ever do that.

Finally, the last scene in this excruciatingly painful display is Jon at the kitchen counter eating HIS cupcake, red velvet it appears and Kate sweeping around the table. She says, “I’m a little worried about your work out situation as you’re shoving all the baked goods in your mouth. You’ve ate constantly for five or six years.”. A couple of the kids are still at the table, Hannie licking the last bits of icing from her cupcake wrapper. Jon responds, “I’m working on it. You can insult me all you want. You’ve called me fat for the last three seasons.”

Kate is extremely upset that Jon references their life in terms of seasons and the issue is no longer his weight, diet and most assuredly not her criticism of those things. Noooooo. Quickly, those core issues are deflected onto his use of the term “seasons’. There’s a smooth little hand-broom clap combo from Kate as she voices her disgust at the word “seasons” and says to the camera, all of us, “He is just so…so…so…I don’t know what the word is but that is just tacky.” On the couch, with time to reflect, Kate explains, “Your life is not in terms of seasons. I’m sorry. THAT was the issue. Did you miss it?” Well, again, in defense of Jon, that was quite a quick switcharoo on issues she pulled on him with the “You’re shoving food in your mouth for 5 or 6 years.” to the semantics lesson the grammar police pulled over one word, “seasons” instead of “years”.

Jon attempts to get his point across as Kate buries her head in her hands, “Oh, my.” He begins, “My point being – all she does is make fun of my weight and now I’m doing something about it.”

Kate: “I could care less. It’s past the weight. We don’t live in terms of seasons. I could care less what they call us. We don’t live in terms of seasons. You could say ‘the last three years’.”

So Jon tries to end it with “the last nine years.”

How long have they been married?

Kate doesn’t hear the nine years’ reference and just says “Don’t use seasons in terms of time for me anymore because you lose right there.”

Jon: “Yep..Ok…I’m sorry. I’m sorry to offend you.”

Kate laughs it off as if it was all no big issue anyway, “I’m sure you’re sorry.”

Jon: “Deep down, I am.”

Yes, I bet he is.

Reprinted with permission from Manda.


Anonymous said...

Well done! Few writers have the ability to make a reader laugh about a sad, sad situation. Those poor little kids, stuck with a mom who is slowly going crazy on national television, and a dad who can't or won't do anything to help the family.
Everytime I watch this trainwreck, I feel dirty. But then I think, well, they are the ones making the purported $65K an episode. Who am I to say no to tuning into such 21st-century entertainment?

Serena said...

Jon shakes his head, “Yeah…yeah…Guess what?! They had no clue the next day. They didn’t even ask for them. They never even missed them.”

Oh I love this attitude, just wish they would have wiped those shit-eating grins off their faces as they said it. Just because kids are resilient doesn't make what they go through irrelevant.

Great job, Manda -- perfect mixture of pathos and humor. As painful as it was to relive by reading it, I can't imagine how grueling it must have been to have to re-watch it in slo-mo and write about it.

Occasional Kate said...

I will admit, it's nice to see the boys starting to enunciate and speak properly (Joel's ohh my and Aaden's I don't get my cupcake!) .... but good greif is it sad that it had to happen in such a horrid episode!

I cannot believe how much of a beatdown Kate gave Jon over the "seasons" thing.

I do like watching this show... originally I liked it because I felt a tiny bit of ocd/control kinship with Kate.... now I watch the trainwreck.

Anonymous said...

We do appreciate the re-cap. Well done!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Just great. A perfect blend of sad and funny. Methinks J & K jumped the shark on this one. Or was it the stupid-beyond-belief video. Or was it the....yada yada.
Look forward to your next post.
Take care.....

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. You're a great writer! What a sad, pitiful episode. I think kate is depressed. I'm not sure I can watch again, but yet, it's kind of like a train wreck . . . I'd send cupcakes to all the boys if I thought they'd actually receive them!

Juliet said...

This episode really got to me. I was actually upset about it for a couple of days after, and thinking about it still bugs me. Why? they're not my kids. I don't know the Gosselins. It bothers me because I am a mother with two wonderful boys, and seeing the sadness on those faces is heartbreaking.

As for Kate's grammar fit at the end of the episode, a woman who in the past said that Mady was in "very much trouble" has no room to talk.

Anonymous said...

Well writen Manda! i love that you throw in humor, its nice to luagh even thought the whole thing is really really sad!

Cannot wait to read your spin on the Korean dinner!

Anonymous said...

::sigh:: Again, so sad. when the boys didn't get their cupcake. bless their hearts. i grieved for them. they'll be so messed up when they're older, trying to find a "wife" like their mother. ugh. can you imagine? i mean really, isn't that what most men do? they end up marrying someone like their mothers? shudder the thought.

i haven't watched any episodes since this one and well, i doubt i will. it's too painful. i'd rather watch a group of happy kids, playing together and laughing their head's off at daddy's "tooting" in the kitchen just before dinner... yeah, this stuff? it's what goes on in my house. :) i'd rather watch that any ol' day.

Anonymous said...

After ‘working for a living’ all day, cameras in their faces, putting on the Gosselin Gang Show, with the payout of one fucking cupcake, and it is denied.

That is the perfect summary of the extreme contempt I now feel for J&K. I couldn't quite sum it up myself, so thanks for that.

Excellent recap, once again. You are a very talented writer...I'm just sorry you had such vile material to work with this week.

Anonymous said...

That was perfect!
J&K annoy the hell out of me. As a former PreK teacher-I have done messy projects with 10 or more 3 and 4 year olds at once-and you know what? They had a great time and I did too! Those kids are missing out on the POINT of being 3(now 4), and it is really sad. I wish they could come to my house for the day-we would finger paint, write our letters in shaving cream on the table, make cupcakes-decorate them...AND EAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

Good job on the summary, I know I wouldn't have been able to inject humor into such a trainwreck kudos to you.

My husband was even a little taken aback by this episode. When I first started watching the show it was like aw look they are kinda rude sometimes how real! Now its like "God does she ever stop sniping at her husband or kids" Jon isnt blameless but I know a lot of men in marriages like that just give up. When they start asserting themselves life gets a little more hell like. I've seen it happen.

My heart absolutely broke for those kids. Why wouldnt you make sure to say at the beginning of dinner, "remember kids you have to eat your dinner to get your cupcake" I dont think the kids were even thinking about the rules they were just thinking about lasting till the glory of the after dinnertime cupcake.

Also again I ask what the hell kinda crappy freaking washing machine does Kate have? Because in all the shots I've seen those things look uber. I manage 3 under 2 worth of stains in my craptacular apartment machine and I dont spend much time pretreating. I may occasionally spray a lil oxyclean on somthing but that is it...they invented this wonderful thing called...LAUNDRY DETERGENT...jeez

Anonymous said...

Great job and I totally agree with you that it's getting to be "laugh so we won't cry"

I feel for Joel so much and his "Oh myyyyyyyyyyy" touched my heart so much I can't even tell you. What a sweet sad little boy, so deprived of love. I'm sure making the cupcakes with those genuinely nice and kind bakery ladies was a high point of his life. Too bad the day ended in such trauma.

Has anyone commented on the boys awareness that it's not good to be a boy? Like when Joel called himself "Daddy's girl" That takes on a whole new meaning now. I though he was a little gender confused but now I think he meant that he may not have his mother's love but to his daddy he is as good as a girl. It's so sad.

And also remember when Kate mentioned that Collin likes to needle everyone purposely and when he wants to bug her..he will either mess up the edge of a carpet a little.. because he knows it drives her crazy, or else he will say "Mommy, you a BOY" because, according to Kate "That is the worst thing his 4 year old mind can come up with" Gee I wonder where he got the idea that to be called a boy was an insult. Could it be from the extreme lack of love shown to him from his own mother, the horrible way she treats his prime caretaker, role model and father, and the attention and praise lavished on the girls just for being girls?

Finally, I really wonder if the laundry thing is an excuse because Kate is making a lot of money from reselling her freebies in mint condition. I never understood the stain removel obsession. It makes more sense if she wants to resell them for top dollar as new or mint If she is making money off of each article of clothing worn by the tups, it makes more sense now.

They must really be RAKING IT IN for all these different avenues and Kate is so greedy she has to maximize everything. Sick.

Anonymous said...

I agree Juliet. It bothered me too and I know, they're not MY kids so why should this upset me? Ugh. I don't know, but it does. I don't watch it much anymore, and haven't seen any episodes since the cupcake one for fear I'll spend an entire day angry for children I DO NOT KNOW. Grr.

I mentioned in another post that I had a personal experience with Kate that left me wanting less of her. LOL But, I agree with the trainwreck comment, it's hard to not watch. It's like that Anna Nicole show from year's back. LOL My hubby and I would always get a kick out of that show (when Anna was larger than life), wow, what a mess. Of course this isn't exactly the same, but it shows our willingness to watch the annoying and frustrating. At least for ME anyway.


Anonymous said...

I saw this quote on someone's blog, about going to see J&K speak.

"They went through all the emotions of anger, denial, frustration, etc...then, wishing God would "take a couple" before they were born..."


Anonymous said...

I actually cried watching those little boys not get their cupcakes. My son just turned 5 and I can't ever imagine denying him a cupcake even if it wasn't his birthday. My god woman they're only little once. I've always watched this show, thought it was a fun little glimpse into a life so different than mine but I don't think I can watch it anymore. It's too too sad.

Anonymous said...

WTF! That says it all!

I actually felt sorry for Jon at the end. The way he mumbled the "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend." To me it really seemed like he was beaten down, done, had given up. It really struck me when I viewed it for the first time.

I know everyone wants him to 'grow a pair', but I think living with the relentless Kate has just completely worn him down - it's like he doesn't have anything left.

Anonymous said...

Manda, that was outstanding. Even with all the humor in your post, your words echoed the pain that most of us felt in watching that episode. I think this will go down as the "jump the crazy shark" moment for this show.

Anonymous said...

Jon shakes his head, “Yeah…yeah…Guess what?! They had no clue the next day. They didn’t even ask for them. They never even missed them.”

Let me tell you something J & K - because I am pretty sure you are reading this blog, I have a very distinct and unforgettable memory in my life at the age of 3 or 4. One is an incident in preschool. All of us kids were getting ready to eat our lunches (provided by the school then) Some kids were throwing around a burnt green bean and it landed on my plate. So I proceeded to stop the game and threw it on the floor because I wasn't going to eat it. I got in trouble for it, no one else did. I was told to pick up the offending bean or I wouldn't eat. Well, being the rebel I was, I retorted it wasn't mine and I wasn't going to pick it up. Fine they said, "you won't eat lunch". So I was forced to sit there, hungry, and watched all the other kids eat their yummy lunches!!! Can you imagine this happening now in this day and age? It is a forceful memory I will never forget and it still breaks my heart to think about the cruelty of the situation. I have many other distinct memories of a sad and broken childhood but have also blocked out so many others to this day. Don't ever try to justify your cruelty J & K because kids will remember their version of the events, NOT YOURS.

sabrinasmom said...

aka WTF???

This is exactly what I thought Aaden waswas going to say after "I don't get my cupcake?"

Anonymous said...

Great job, Manda. I'm sure it was very hard to re-watch this disaster and find some humor in it.

Kate must have had one bad childhood (in her eyes anyway) because I thought her behavior bordered on the sadistic. She seemed to be enjoying the power she was wielding over who would be happy that day and who would not. Good job, Kate. You should give parenting advice and write a book. Jon gets one fondant point for standing up to Kate at the bakery, but for the most part he came across as an immature, smirking jerk. Good job, Jon. You should write a book and go on the lecture circuit too. Oh wait. They already do these things, don't they?

Bicoastal said...


Fabulous, hilarious, every "ous" I can think of describes your recap.
You hit the proverbial nail regarding the "seasons" fit from Kate. How strange was that?

J&K signed on the dotted line to expose themselves and their children to the public airwaves. Their Dr. Frankenstein (TLC) sure describes the Gosselin family life in terms of seasons and episodes.

I know Kate is not a Rhodes Scholar (even though she might be able to con TLC into a Gosselin-family road trip to Oxford); surely she is aware she has turned her family into just one more phony reality TV show comprised of so-many episodes-per-so-many-seasons.

And the cupcake episode, in Gosselin-season 3, was sad, indeed.

Kudos, Manda!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the recap!! I wish I had just read the recap and skipped the actual episode! It would probably be better for my mental health!

I have a question--- during "Seasongate" does anyone remember Kate saying something like "I don't care what they think" and gesturing out into TV Land. I didn't get if she meant "they" as in Jen and the producers or "they" as in Twop, this board, and all of us disillusioned TV fans out there. Manda, in your reviewing for the recap did you happen to parse out what she meant? It was something I thought was odd and kind of rude when she said it (imagine that!) but then haven't heard it mentioned so thought maybe I misunderstood. But, hearing that little ditty at the end of that terrible episode, my immediate thought was, "Go jump off a cliff."

Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't ask for it the next day. They probably figured "what's the freaking point? Mom's a twit and won't give it to us anyways."

She keeps ripping on Jon's weight, yet she seems to be getting a little "thicker" as the SEASONS progress. Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Constantly bitching about the laundry. SHUT UP, LADY! If all I had to do was pretreat, wash and dry, laundry would be a breeze! She has others to do all the PITA stuff associated with laundry duty. Hell, I have 3 loads to do every day! Yet my kids still are allowed to have fun.

Great recap!!!

FIONA said...

Excellant writng! Really! It was better (more painful) than the actual show which means to me you are a very discriptive and honest writer. With that said, all of your pieces should be bound to gether in a book for Jon and KAte. You know how they like memory making and this was a blow by painful blow of an important day in the life of the Gosselin family.

Joel's "OH MY" was probably the most precious thing I have ever heard, EVER! I love you Joely Gosselin, and in 5, 10, 20 years, you look Fiona up and I promise to be your friend and help you anyway I can! Got it...FIONA! I will never change my name.

I was pleased that Mady and Cara seemed to have a fun day. Yea! Don't blame you Mads for having to wear shoes that hurt your feet. You are not stupid-you are actually brillant. Tell Mother, or maybe Father to take you to Famous Footwear...it is by one get one half off currently....shoe dilemma solved, at least for 3 months or so. Maybe you can whisper in the ear of the shoe store owner that children usually grow out of their shoes every 3 months. Best you not say it kiddo, OK?

And Aaden's AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....God he was so disappointed, I still can't bear to think of it. Colin-he is so tough. He hates to cry in front of Mother. He waits until he is locked up in his room with his bros and they probably have a 4 year old bitch fest. Remember guys, you are being filmed in your room....so maybe if you crawl under you beds before you flip you Mother off it would be in your best interests!

Hang in there Mady and Cara!
Joel, Aaden and Colin-since Mother thinks you are icky, I would try and stay out of her path. Hang with nutless Father as much as you can. Little girls-I guess if you can keep Hannah happy, you might have a chance.

Love to all the G kids,


I am exhausted now-and depressed....

Anonymous said...

I SOOO don't get the laundry obsession of Kate's. Let them make a mess in their clothes! Who cares? They only have a short season to wear that exact outfit--it will be too small next year. Who cares if it gets an awful stain and gets shoved in the play clothes pile? Get over it.

I didn't watch the show, but I agree with the no dinner, no dessert rule. However, the boys should have been excused from the table and allowed to play while everyone else had dessert. That's cruel to make them watch everyone else eat.

iluveeyore said...

Some additional thoughts:

1) What is the point of "church clothes"? The kids do not attend services. They go to play groups. I'd suggest that they wear clean, presentable play clothes.

2) All the kids were wearing full-length aprons (with their names on them) at the bakery. What would have gotten on their clothes?

3) "No cupcakes unless you can lick your elbow," might have been funny -- but it was also cruel. And Jon was really enjoying his little "joke."

4) The boys might not have asked for cupcakes the next day because they (J/K) have a "rule" that if you ask for something a second time, you go to time out! I'm SURE, they remembered them -- and they probably always will! I remember a couple of cruel things that happened to me when I was their age.

5) I swear that Jon and Kate were actually smirking when they told the boys they were not getting cupcakes. And I very clearly remember that Hannie did not even open her mouth when Mady was trying to feed her. BTW, who sits and feeds a 4-year-old? Hannah had a full plate in front of her. By not announcing beforehand that "no dinner, no cupcake," they set those boys up -- big time.

trish66 said...

Admittedly I am becoming a little obsessed, but the "reality" of this show is getting harder and harder to believe. Let's say J&K did church in the morning, which they have previously stated in closer to their old home about an hour away, they then drove from there (the Reading area)to Jenkintown where Velvet Sky Bakery is located, a trip that is about two hours when all is said and done. The return trip from the bakery home is, per mapquest ...the (obsessed part referred to above), 92 plus miles and one hour forty one minutes, again another two houres when all is said and done. It is an incredibly long day of travel for small children, even the twin, particularly on what looked to be a beautiful day. So I'm left thinking that either the episode was staged and the footage pieced together from different days, or they have spent the better part of the kids waking hours in the car to go and slap some icing on cupcakes which some of them did not get to eat anyway. They probably would have had a better time if Kate could have made a few cupcakes from an organic mix and let them ice and decorate them in the garage. Kate, don't you think you could have broken down and let them have a cupcake at the bakery considering you were going to get into the car and travel hither thither and yon? Another thought, where is Sara Snow and her green encouragement. In my opinion this family uses an obscene amount of diesel fuel to go hither and thither in the shuttle bus. Now we know TLC is paying for the fuel but they are still using it wastefully....so much for the Gosselins trying to reduce their carbon footprintt.

Anonymous said...

Excellent recap! It brought back the very few seconds of pleasure (Joel's exclaiming 'Oh my!') and the mainly uncomfortable and cruel balance of the show.

I predict that, when J&K are very old, Mady and five of the tups will be looking for nursing home for their parents. Upon entering one of their choices, Mady will say, 'Not enough people tied in their wheelchairs and parked in the hall.' Alexis, 'One of the staff spoke pleasantly to one of the residents.' Aaden will sniff the air, 'Doesn't smell too much of urine.' Joel will say, 'Too good for them.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone. I appreciate YOUR appreciation of and ability to see my intent here.

I'm not much of one for baring my own soul so publicly but here goes: While watching this episode the first time and then my note taking process to eventually my final draft, I REALLY did not think of this, but as a child growing up between the age of 7 and 12 (very formidable years for a girl especially, but all children I would say) I lived with what I used to refer to as 'my stepmonster'. Now, I'm not one of those who has ever said "My mom was just like Kate!" and such, because #1 - I dont consider her my mother and #2 - she doesnt cross my mind much any more. Not until this post was done and published did I make the connection that perhaps some of my own experiences as a child really drove this post. She criticized my weight endlessly, scrutinized every bite I put in my mouth, hid food in her bedroom that only she and and her beloved, precious son had access to, and just in general warped my head a little bit. Some nights I remember it was like sitting there trying to swallow an egg whole as I sat across from her at the dinner table to eat.

I eventually came to terms with all those issues as a teenager and made my peace with her. But you know what made it all rear it's ugly head again? Not this episode of J&K. This is minor. No, it was the birth of my children twenty years later, and looking into their eyes, and having a 9 year old son myself and looking at his innocence and joy for life and suddenly becoming baffled at the thought that ANYONE would ever mistreat him or try to break his spirit. And to give credit where credit is due, that a father would see it and allow it to go on and on.

I hold no ill wll towards my stepmother. I respect her as my father's wife, which is a testament to the woman I became despite her worst intentions and a lot more consideration than she EVER had for me by simple virtue of the fact I was the child of the man she claimed to love and married. But can I say now, as a mother myself knowing I'm holding everything my boys will ever be in my own two hands right this moment, that I completely forgive her for what she purposely and maliciously did to a child? No.

Those things and that treatment of a child cannot be condoned or erased, and certainly not forgotten.

I know, I know --- "Heavy, maaaannnn." - right? Sorry.

I'll get back to myself in time for Jon Cooks Korean. Don't worry. My stepmother never cooked Korean so hopefully it won't trigger any painful childhood memories to rehash. Unless, of course, she doesn't let Joel eat it or hides a bowl in the closet just for Hannie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe stains on the clothes lower their resale value. Consignment stores want clothes that look new. Of course, most of these clothes were free to the Gosselins, but who are they to say no to money?

Anonymous said...

"Frumple a rug" means to frown not "mess up the edge of a carpet."

Anonymous said...

I wrote a long letter to TLC - I actually got a response back today. I'm pretty sure it was canned but it said "due to the nature of my concerns" they were forwarding to their programming executives.

Maybe if enough of us write and explain to them that although the show has high ratings, it's more akin to the high ratings the news networks get during a time of national disaster.

I know that's dramatic, but is there anyone actually watching it for *pleasure* anymore?

Anonymous said...

As for Kate's grammar fit at the end of the episode, a woman who in the past said that Mady was in "very much trouble" has no room to talk.

Yeah, not to mention the "You’ve ate constantly for five or six years" from the last episode.

And as to Kate's obsession with stains, I think it all stems from the fact that she resells these clothes. If they're stained, she'd get less for them. So again, the almighty $ is more important than her kids' happiness!

Anonymous said...

Oh, regarding the "Sunday Best" clothes..I tried to subtly point out the blaring contradiction Kate exhibited, freaking out over the clothes at the bakery at every turn, but at least some of the kids, all the boys, were allowed to play outside, unsupervised (unless you count the camera crew as babysitters) in their yellow outfits until it was time to change for dinner that evening.

Bicoastal said...

"I have a question--- during "Seasongate" does anyone remember Kate saying something like "I don't care what they think" and gesturing out into TV Land. I didn't get if she meant "they" as in Jen and the producers or "they" as in Twop, this board, and all of us disillusioned TV fans out there."

I love it -- Seasongate." I thought Kate gestured as well toward the camera when she stated she didn't care what "they" think.

She couldn't have meant her mentor Jen, considering how Kate and Jon seek Jen's approval for every utterance during the boring couch talks.

I'm guessing the "they" Kate doesn't care about means either Gosselin "fans" or Gosselin critics.

And making a wild guess, I'm sorry to say this, friends --- Kate doesn't care what we think.

That does it for me; I am so not sending Kate a brand new pair of Easy Spirit size 9.5 (WIDE)walking loafers (in neutral buckskin, no less) even though she apparently cannot afford well-fitting shoes for herself.

Well, maybe I'll change my mind depending on what happens in GOSSELIN SEASON 4.

I think I could almost like the crazy Duggars; at least the parents don't try to hide the fact they're wing-nuts.

Anonymous said...

"No cupcakes unless you can lick your elbow," might have been funny -- but it was also cruel. And Jon was really enjoying his little "joke."

THANK YOU! That was terribly cruel! It obviously can't be done, but they were trying their darndest. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:59 - I have a question--- during "Seasongate" does anyone remember Kate saying something like "I don't care what they think" and gesturing out into TV Land. I didn't get if she meant "they" as in Jen and the producers or "they" as in Twop, this board, and all of us disillusioned TV fans out there.

Yes, I know what you are referring to, her gesture there. She nodded towards the crew, and my gut tells me maybe she was referring to the technical talk they hear with the production staff around so much, but it could have been directed to 'their people'. Just unable to peg that one for sure.

Re: The comment in reference to Anna Nicole Smith :

Yes, Anna Nicole was a nut-filled-goodie-bag all on her own, with or without the drugs - OK, lets say WITH the drugs. But even she had the wherewithall to keep her son's bedroom off limits and respect his wishes not to be on camera MUCH of the time, anytime he asked from what I understand, and I certainly never saw her mistreat him or tell the world secrets he may have uttered to her late in the night when the cameras were gone and he felt safe with his Mom. I only saw a mother who NO DOUBT adored her son when it came to that relationship. Through all her faults, imperfections, depression and sadness, she adored her son.

LKB said...

I would like to thank Anon, whose message is 4 up from mine (or thereabouts) for coming up with the answer, in my opinion, as to why Kate freaks at the thought of a stain. It may have to do with resale of the children's clothes!

I remember in an epi a few weeks back that she was muttering about what a full day they had ahead of them and she reeled off the schedule, which included the word "consign." I took that to mean consign-mart.

Thanks again! I owe you a drink!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for such an insightful recap...I love your writing style and you captured my impression of the episode exactly!

Kate sure has her man issues doesn't she? Actually, the fact that she married someone as passive and dull as Jon makes sense. She was controlled as a child and now is acting out controlling and punishing all the men in her life. She seriously needs help. I had issues with my dad and his controlling behavior too, but I worked those out prior to having kids so I wouldn't repeat the cycle. Now I have a fantastic husband and amazing little boy who I respect and love. She doesn't know what she's missing out on. And that's sad.

Anonymous said...

There was an episode a while back, I think it was the "Pancake Morning" one where Kate makes homemade pancakes for everyone. Anyway, she mentioned how they use paper plates and they go through something like 20 paper plates at each meal. I can't remember if she always uses paper plates or just uses them on Pancake Morning. It just seemed really ironic for someone who so strongly believes in organic (the whole "green" movement seems to go along with it) and yet she has no qualms about using paper plates, totally contradicting the "Go green" thing. I guess it's another example of as long as it suits Kate, it's fine. Does anyone else remember that episode more clearly? Maybe I'm way off- I'd appreciate clarification if anyone has any and apologize if I presented the situation incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

I know there isn't much love lost for Kate on this forum, but I do have a thought about her.

Remember when she wasn't so bad? When she could make fun of herself and point out how OCD she is? Remember when she gave the kids hugs and kisses and didn't say, "Boys are icky." every episode?

I have a feeling Kate and Jon regret doing this show, or at least want out of it. Still, the show brings with it a lot of financial benefits and freedom, so they are scared what life would be like without it. I see a woman who is angry about the position she is in knowing this show is no longer good for her family, yet feeling tied to it.

And I prescribe therapy and medication.

Anonymous said...

There's something different about Jon & Kate's dynamic this SEASON. Jon seems more mumbly and embarrassed, and she's louder and more outrageous. It's like she's been coached to say more entertaining stuff, and he's not going to risk being edited into a buffoon, so he just keeps his mouth shut. In the past SEASONS, he's been pretty open in front of the camera. This time, his eyes are averted a lot and it looks like he just wants them to go away. Anyone else notice his demeanor has changed?

Anonymous said...

"Frumple a rug" means to frown not "mess up the edge of a carpet."

Ok. So when Kate said Colin "frumples a rug" with a hand gesture that made it seem like she was wrinkling something, she was actually saying he frowns? and it drives her crazy? That doesnt make sense.

Serena said...

I have a feeling Kate and Jon regret doing this show, or at least want out of it.

That may be right, but I get the feeling that any regrets are tied to THEIR OWN discomfort, not any harm being done to the children.

Anonymous said...

I agree taht there is something different about Kate and Jon's dynamic this season. Before it seemed like she still liked him (and she would occasionally say "I like you" note, not love) now it seems they can't tolerate each other. It's like they are running a nursery together and can't agree on the ground rules.

When Jon said about the cupcake fiasco "And we got to spend time together which is the most important thing" it totally seemed like a damage control statement. Why should they have to drive 4 hours to spend some strained time icing cupcakes to spend time together? Arent they supposedly doing that at home full time? Maybe at home the nannies deal with the children. Telling.

Anonymous said...

A poster above mentioned a recent episode- "Pancake Morning" about Kate using paper plates- just wanted to say that I saw that episode and thought the very same thing...even for pancake morning, it seemed like a lot of paper plates, and does seem to go against the whole "green/recycle/organic" theme that comes up in many episodes.

I have yet to see the birthday episode... I think my daughter and I were eating cupcakes for dinner when it was on.... ;) The episode recap was well written and funny...albeit in a sad way.

Anonymous said...

Unless, of course, she doesn't let Joel eat it or hides a bowl in the closet just for Hannie.


Bravo, Manda! You should get combat pay for deconstructing that episode so thoroughly. It was painful, depressing, sad, infuriating and silly all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

“There’s a smooth little hand-broom clap combo from Kate as she voices her disgust . . .”

It looks like clapping is the new “love tap”. I hate it when Kate touches Jon underneath his chin like she’s checking for a roll of fat or she expects it to jiggle like jello, to me that’s worse than a “love tap”.

What small amount of respect I had for Jon at the bakery when he told Kate she would kick herself in the future was lessened by telling the kids they could have a cupcake if they could lick there elbow, and was totally annihilated by his actions after dinner.

Anonymous said...

"...then, wishing God would "take a couple" before they were born..."

That's just all kinds of messed up. Let me guess, Joel was one of the last two to be birthed, right? No wonder that poor kid gets so much grief - he didn't "disappear" like his parents had hoped and prayed.

iluveeyore said...

"Frumple a rug" means to frown not "mess up the edge of a carpet."

Is that you, Kate?

Somehow I don't believe that. I don't think it would bother Kate at all if one of her kids frowned.

Anonymous said...

Serena said: I get the feeling that any regrets {ABOUT CONTINUING THE SHOW} are tied to THEIR OWN discomfort, not any harm being done to the children.

Serena, if they gave up the show, J would have to get a real job. As we know, he has no real education and probably would not be competitive for a semi-decent paying job. The PA governor gave him that job after he had been unemployed for 8 months. I wonder if he got canned from that gig - I do not think he is particularly motivated or terribly bright or ambitious. And, as for Kate, with her reputation as a ticking time bomb/shrew, I don't think she would get any nursing job offers in PA. They'd have to move to some small town in some backwater where no one would know them. Maybe then they could get subsistence jobs and qualify for food stamps, medicaid, etc. This is assuming that they are/will have blowing/blown through the money they took in as pimps. I hope someone will step up to the plate and ensure those kids' welfare if they show goes belly up. I don't trust J and K as parents.

iluveeyore said...


Kate's father is a minister. To everything there is a season....

I'll bet Kate heard that word a lot when she was a child, and it brings back "bad" memories. Other than that, her reaction to the word was so out in left field that it's rather mind-boggling.

Why on earth would Jon have to apologize for using a word? My word!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: A poster above mentioned a recent episode- "Pancake Morning" about Kate using paper plates- just wanted to say that I saw that episode and thought the very same thing...even for pancake morning, it seemed like a lot of paper plates, and does seem to go against the whole "green/recycle/organic" theme that comes up in many episodes.

Organic, yes. Green? No. Organic is the focus because it means something that effects KATE and her family. It's all about what they eat and how it impacts them. Green would mean they were doing something outer-directed: how do our actions effect the Earth? Can we reduce our footprint? Reduce our trash, our carbon emissions.
That would mean Kate and Jon are thinking about others. I've seen very little evidence they truly think of others' needs, display empathy. If they can't empathize with their own children, there's no way they are going to look past their wants and needs to someone else's.

Anonymous said...

Kate's 'smooth hand-broom clap combo' IMO was the equivalent of a spoiled brat stomping their foot because they cant get their own way! Thing is, she wasnt even talking in the direction of Jon when she was trying to get her point across, she was looking directly at her production crew for validation of the nonsense verbage she spewing !

Anonymous said...

I too thought the " we got to spend some family time together' statement by Jon during the cupcake episode to be very telling.What about Friday family movie night? Or was movie night an equally scripted and produced Gosselin family making memories moment that only occurred as a lame attempt on behalf of TLC to do damage control? Perhaps the J & K version of spending time with family is any opportunity where a business ponies up some freebie that includes closing their doors to the general public thus setting the stage for the filming of an upcoming J & K + 8 episode. Spending time with family doesnt always equal what you specifically did or do but the quality fulfilled end result experienced by ALL that counts the most. From what I witnessed of the cupcake episode, there were alot of tears and not so happy little faces at the end of the day.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the cupcakes. Kate could never live in our house, because on your birthday, pretty much the rules are ignored as far as treats go. I am, admittedly, one of the strictest mothers in my circle of friends. My kids do regular chores, we watch very little tv, limited computer time, that kind of thing. My kids know what is expected of them and what to expect from me.

That said, I think kate is TOTALLY MISSING OUT one the fun of keeping things light. How great would it have been for her to tell all the kids to just eat up their cupcakes right there at the bakery and (gasp) bring one home as well-can you imagine their delight???? it would have been so amazing. That is one of the best parts about being "strict"-when you let your kids do the fun stuff, encourage them to get messy and be creative, and occasionally relax the rules, they are ecstatic. And, even at four all of my kids have understood that it's just a special occasion. Having dessert before dinner on their birthday would NOT ruin years of the routine, it won't make them victims of childhood obesity and it might actually create some real warmth and affection in that home.

plus, maybe she needs to read the ingredients of cake: eggs, flour, milk (okay and sugar)-but at our house if there's leftover birthday cake, you get to eat it the next day for breakfast. Of course, at my house we also LOVE messy art projects, so kate could never hang out here.

Anonymous said...

Great recap, and I bet you are EXHAUSTED!
Since you have the show recorded, you may want to check, but I really thought I heard Kate say to one of the boys at the start of the show something like..."Yes, you are going to make cupcakes and then eat them!" Imagine, Kate telling a lie, who would of thunk it?

When Jon and Kate state that the boys didn't even remember the cupcakes the next day, which I believe was their way of saying, "The boys really weren't that upset over not getting to eat them." I can't help but think (and yes, I know the boys are only 4)that the boys thought to themselves, WTF?, well heck with them, we don't need no stinking cupcakes, let's just act like they never existed and let daddy eat them with all our germs and snot all over them, that'll teach em!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in a household of 8 kids, 2 parents and the occassional friends for dinner. The only time we used paper plates was when we were grilling hamburgers out back.

She's a bit ridiculous and needs to get over herself. It's not the end of the world that you have 8 kids honey, and it doesn't entitle you to a free ride either.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Christmas episode--Kate gave the kids sticky buns and cocoa for breakfast (and she wonders why the kids go ballistic-all that sugar, and no protein)? She said anything goes on that day, that the kids are allowed to eat candy and sugar and just have fun. There's no rhyme or reason or logic to anything J & K do--they should not be dispensing advice about parenting or anything, because they are always pulling it out of their respective asses, and hoping that we will just not notice. Advice from the Gosselin parents? LMAO.

laura linger said...

That was a great recap, sister.

Big Ole Bus O' Unhappy (paraphrasing): a new name is born!

I was talking to my mother about this episode recently and she reminded me of my 3rd birthday. I remember that Mom made me a chocolate cake with homemade pink frosting, and I had a candle with the number "3" on it.

And I'm 37 years old, and I see it like it was yesterday.

Trust me, the boys do remember the cupcakes. They will for a LONG time.

arwen said...

I thought about a couple of things when Jon and Kate were acting like the boys weren't upset/didn't care/forgot about the cupcakes.

First, I can't imagine Kate having 5 huge bakery boxes sitting around on her counter - especially when they were filled with those 'horrible' things that the kids made. So, it seems quite likely that she probably threw them all away. Heaven forbid, she and Jon would NEVER eat anything that their kids made. Goodness sakes, she acts like the kids are diseased or something. We have all been there Kate - we have eaten burnt cookies, undercooked things and food that just didn't taste very good ALL because our children made the items. We were praising them and showing them how proud we were of them for going to the trouble to make something for us. But anyway, since she obviously didn't care about the cupcakes or cakes at all, she certainly could have thrown them all out. Since there were no boxes of goodies the next morning, the boys might have forgotten them or figured that they were just gone.

Secondly on a previous show, one (or maybe a couple of the 'tups) got into big trouble because they asked for something to eat TWICE. They had to go to a time out or some other punishment. So, even if the boys did remember the cupcakes, their memory of the consequences of "asking for something to eat more than once" might have kicked in and they felt a cupcake wasn't worth a punishment.....

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

"Frumple a rug" I googled and did a couple other searches generally little phrases like that turn up meanings if there are any...this one did not. She was talking about crinkling a rug

So I went to TLC to write them an email bout my concern about this show. I stopped watching even though my 3 year old LOVES the tups. Anyway I went on TLC after writing an email to Zondervan I actually have bought a lot of books for them as have many family members. I let them know that I was pretty disgusted by their choice of "christian rolemodels" while I was on TLC I saw there was a community area for chatting, all the shows are there...exept one...Why isnt J&K+8 there? Did they protest at the fact people didnt like them? Hmmmm it was veeeeeerrrry interesting to me.

Serena said...

"Frumple a rug" I googled and did a couple other searches generally little phrases like that turn up meanings if there are any...this one did not. She was talking about crinkling a rug

Yeah, to "frumple a rug" is not to "frown"... if I recall correctly, Kate even made a gesture with her hand, pantomiming scrunching up a handful of rug on the floor. That's what she meant... we've seen her freak out over nothing, I'm sure a bunched up rug would be the perfect thing to get under her skin.

Anonymous said...

while I was on TLC I saw there was a community area for chatting, all the shows are there...exept one...Why isnt J&K+8 there?

I came here to ask this very question, after having just visited the TLC site. The omission of a J&K+8 forum is very curious, especially since the show is supposedly one of the most watched on the network.

Anonymous said...

nice entry!
agree with what you said.
and the "seasons" thing was so stupid! Kate just wanted to steer the attention away from her own flaws and make Jon seem like the bad one. he was talking about her being hard on his weight and she just turns it into a discussion of grammar!

Anonymous said...

Anon, I imagine TLC didn't want to publish criticism of their cash cow. Boo. There are many bad players in this show.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt that Jon and Kate would ever want to take there kids on an outing like this if the world wasnt watching. It seems more like acting with them now. If there werent cameras and a show the kids would probably stay at home all the time with God knows who while Jon worked out and Kate went to the spa.

Serena said...

I really doubt that Jon and Kate would ever want to take there kids on an outing like this if the world wasnt watching. It seems more like acting with them now. If there werent cameras and a show the kids would probably stay at home all the time with God knows who while Jon worked out and Kate went to the spa.

I think that's why Kate was sitting there with her arms folded across her chest and looking resentful the whole time.

I never saw her crack a smile, never saw her actually participate in the "fun". I think she was pissed that they had to do this under contract and that's why she sabotaged the icky boys from getting to enjoy the cupcakes.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

Found this on TLC site in the Multiples Forum.

There is no forum at present for Jon&Kate+8.
If that should change, there will be an announcement
on the show or the fansite.
Currently, I understand, there are no plans for a

Anonymous said...

"plus, maybe she needs to read the ingredients of cake: eggs, flour, milk (okay and sugar)-but at our house if there's leftover birthday cake, you get to eat it the next day for breakfast."

Okay, Bill Cosby, is that you? "Dad is great! Gave us some chocolate cake!" LOL! J&K should rent that stand-up routine. They might gleen a lot about parenting from Mr. Cosby.

Anonymous said...

Serena, I wrote this before, but I totally agree with your assessment. Kate got pissed at the bakery because she had to do something she didn't want to do. That's why the icky boy-targets didn't get their treats. Can we say "payback"? Petulant child, that Kate. But, hey, performing on cue for the cameras is what the kids do to support the family, so Kate you need to get with the program. It's YOUR life, after all, and you have to work for the freebies. Even the usually clueless Jon got Kate's number on this episode.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said...
and the "seasons" thing was so stupid! Kate just wanted to steer the attention away from her own flaws and make Jon seem like the bad one. he was talking about her being hard on his weight and she just turns it into a discussion of grammar!

My opinion is that the diatribe about the use of the word "seasons" was about Kate hearing out loud that the first years of their children's lives were seasons of a television show. She seemed to be saying that they (the producers, the television execs) see them as a commodity and she probably still believes that they are still just living their years that happen to be caught on film. If that is how Kate reacts when a truth about her ugly self is revealed I hardly think she would be a good candidate for therapy. She would probably get hostile if anyone challenged her choices, pimping uhh, I mean parenting and general craziness. I am sure I didn't articulate my thoughts about the "season" thing very well - hopefully Serena or Manda or Truth can give a more lucid explanation for me - Kate is so assbackwards that I am but a shell of my once articulate self.

Anonymous said...

I could swear there was a forum on TLC's website for J&K. I seem to remember reading it and it was a lot more positive in its posts. But that was a while ago and the show has def. gotten worse since then.

Am I imagining things??? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

My opinion is that Kate is always changing the rules because that is her way of gaining control. I have read where some people say Kate lacks consistency when she disciplines; I do not think that matters to her. She will create, alter, amend, bend, and modify whatever rule she needs to to get that all important control back. And boy (or should I say girl) in this episode, she sure did. She left no doubt about who is the one in control in that family, and at the very end of this episode it looked like she gave Jon a small taste of what those boys where feeling when Kate decides on a rule.

FIONA said...

Totally agree with you....she means it literally. Messing up her rugs would piss her off. Colin's got it figured out!!!

LKB said...

No, you are imagining things. It was there and it was taken down long ago. When I asked about it on another board, I was told (rightly or wrongly) that it was taken down because of the change of networks -something about the fact that it was first presented on the Health Channel and then there was a switch.

I had to accept that explanation but I really thought that the family did not want the negativity.

But perhaps not.


Anonymous said...

While we all agree that there isn't much normal going on over at the Gosselin's, I do believe that Kate was right to say that their lives should be referred to in "years" not "seasons". Don't get me wrong! That broom clapping thing, over-reacting, poor grammer, defection from the issue, and over-the-top anger were completely inappropriate, especially to someone that you set out to raise a family with.

However for the sake of the children and their family and in any attempt to maintain some shred of so called "normalcy", they should be calling their past few years just that and not "seasons". While they are certainly acting like actors, they are people and that is the more appropriate term.

It just would have been better put as..."Jon, I know we have all this madness going on around us. But, really, we live in years not seasons."

Anonymous said...

ITA Messing up a rug would drive her insane....so would calling her a BOY ("Mommy, you a BOY")

Colin may be a genius.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that the "seasons" castigation was about grammar as much as it was about Jon threatening her contrived reality (all this time she tries to sell the idea that this is their everyday life, and her Jon pipes in with a comment that undermines her "twist" on the truth.) Perhaps Kate has picked up on the audience's acumen regarding their true motives, including their overt materialism and the abatement of whatever authenticity and accuracy the show had in the beginning, and it bothers her?

She probably sees the comment as Jon giving the viewers ammunition to use against the family- "Oh, well, here even Jon admits that they live season to season as others live paycheck to paycheck" . Her overreaction to his statement actually reveals that this is a sore topic for her- whereas Jon said it matter of factly, and I took his statement at face value, her adamant denouncement shows that she has given some thought to how their life is being lived/perceived.

Anonymous said...

ITA Messing up a rug would drive her insane....so would calling her a BOY ("Mommy, you a BOY")

Colin may be a genius.

My 4.5 year old boy says that to me too - it's cute. I don't see him saying it as an insult to Kate - it's just their little minds trying to figure out who is what.

Anonymous said...

I keep reading about Kate clapping the broom in a kind "temper tantrum" while she was talking to Jon about his "seasons" comment. In Kate's defense, I think she was hitting the broom to shake something off of it. She did it more than once and seemed to be looking down while she did it. Just my opinion.

FIONA said...

I think Colin is very bright. I think Mady is probably very gifted as well. I really think they are all blessed.

Anonymous said...

It just would have been better put as..."Jon, I know we have all this madness going on around us. But, really, we live in years not seasons."

Yes, Anon, and I would not disagree with you that she had A point. But it was a separate point she could have made, but at some point she needs to acknowledge the fact that her husband is one miserable man because she HAS called him FAT and publicly criticised his weight for the last *whatever time frame anyone chooses to call it*.

Instead, Kate needed to totally deflect the point Jon was trying to make that, hey, this is bugging the hell out of him and absolutely refused to accept ANY blame or responsibility in that SHE could be errant in HER choice of words at times throughout the course of what he lives and we have seen.

Hear the words this woman said to her husband, in front of their children and a production crew again: “I’m a little worried about your work out situation as you’re shoving all the baked goods in your mouth. You’ve ate constantly for five or six years.”.

I'm sorry - that just seems a much more egregious and disrespectful statement by her than the man, who is around a production crew by their own account 3-4 days a week, their ENTIRE lives revolving around a filming schedule, hearing their lingo, and juggling this show which consists of SEASONS who says 'seasons' instead of 'years'. Once.

Anonymous said...

All of this is for "the sake of the kids." Uh, sure it is.

You people are a trip. (Shaking head here)

Anonymous said...

Kate sure has her man issues doesn't she? Actually, the fact that she married someone as passive and dull as Jon makes sense. She was controlled as a child and now is acting out controlling and punishing all the men in her life.

You know what? (And I mean this with respect.) I don't care about Kate's issues. I don't care if her father locked her in a closet for three days because she wouldn't practice her violin. I don't care (in the words of Monty Python) if her mother hit her on the neck and shoulders while singing, 'Alleluia.'

Let's have a dose of reality therapy there. Yes, it's sad if Kate didn't have the childhood she wanted, but she's an adult now, and the mother of eight children. You can't keep making excuses for inexcusable behavior.

Manda womaned up to her far-less-than-happy childhood. She made her peace with the situation. She moved on to live a happy, fulfilling life. We all know stories like this, and we've all seen people move beyond the crimes committed against them when they were unable to defend themselves.

Kate Gosselin is not exempt from decency because she was ooooooverdisciplined as a child. She is not exempt from morality because she married a wretched little weasel-man with the cojones of a titmouse.

Anonymous said...


I think it's perfectly acceptable to ponder the impact of Jon and Kate's actions, both those directed at the children and those directed at each other that they witness, when taking into consideration how the dynamics at play here could eventually affect these children with regards to their view of their parents, their respect for their parents as well as how it may shape them in the future when one day they have spouses and children of their own.

Also, any questions regarding the motivation of this blog are generally answered in the sidebar under the FAQ tabs.

I personally suspect the ultimate confusion may lie in the fact that perhaps some came to this site looking for mass hysteria, poster bashing and a basic free-for-all. Instead they got well thought out posts, undeniable facts, slow and steady diligence and tons more dignity than you ever counted on. It's Ok. Stick around a little while and you'll get used to it.

Unknown said...

I'm not a huge Dr. Laura Schlessinger fan, but she wrote an excellent book titled, "Bad Childhood, Good Life" about putting your childhood in the past where it belongs and living your life now and going forward in the best way you can.

None of us had perfect childhoods. That doesn't give us the right to inflict our "bad childhood" on our own children. Kate needs some outside intervention to learn to love her sons, Alexis and Maddy unconditionally. Otherwise, she will have five angry teens and adults and three more who will be shocked when the world does not meet their every whim.

MB said...

Can someone clear something up for me? Maybe I missed an episode that explained it, but why is Alexis sleeping in the basement? Last I'd seen of the sleeping arrangement was the twins got their new remodeled attic room, and the tup girls were in the room they used to share with the boys. Then I watch family movie night and they're referencing the fact that the playroom is also Alexis' bedroom. Was that explained somewhere or does anyone know why she's there?

Anonymous said...

SHE could have changed 3 and Jon could have changed 3.

This makes me wonder ... when is the last time we saw Kate dressing any of her children? Choosing the clothes, directing the dressing process, critiquing choices made, yes ... but actually helping the kids put on their clothes?

The way she phrased this part of the couch confessional ("“You would get annoyed with me if you had to change a hundred kids.”) makes me think that actually getting down and helping someone pull on his Thomas the Tank Engine underwear isn't one of the many things contributing to Kate's exhaustion.

That just flummoxes me. The hassle involved in dressing a wiggly little body is such a basic part of parenting, and if we've seen her do it, I don't think it's been recently.

Anonymous said...

I really am curious how much of a dip in viewership we'll see on Monday due to the turmoil this last episode caused. I'm curious because if they lose viewers, that's one step closer to this show ending...and I think we've all had enough of it already.

Anonymous said...

My guess is, Kate has participated in actually dressing her children as much as she spends 'hours on stain removal'. One is something she just doesnt do, the other something she claims to do. In all reality, I have witnessed her actually doing none of the above!

Anonymous said...

Manda....you are such a great writer and have a great sense of humor. I loved your blog and agree with everything you said.

Kate is truly "Mommy Dearest" and I think the kids will be writing a book one day. Kate is really such a bitch and Jon simply has no balls. It doesn't look like their happy with one another this "season" and it really shows. They are pimping out those beautiful children and it will come back to bite them in the arse one day.

They are both obnoxious and make poor parents. I feel for those kids, especially the ones that are not in her favor. It is so obvious that Hannah is her favored child. The boys come in dead last.

Anonymous said...

thanks for narrating the show. I thought the same thing when I watched the cupcake one. It's sad that they turned into this, instead of a family trying to be Godly, thankful people.

You know I see they are speaking at a local theatre for you (?) Keswick theatre on Sept.14th. would you go to see them just to hear what they have to say?

Anonymous said...

I watch this show with my 10 yr old daughter and this cupcake episode has really changed the way I feel about this show. Why oh why in the world would you take the kids to the bakery to decorate a cupcake if you didn't want them to get their hands or God forbid possibly clothes messy. That is why they make Spray N Wash and Oxi-clean. That could have been the most wonderful fun time for everybody but it turned out to be too painful for me to watch. Those sad, sweet little boys couldn't have been coaxed to eat a little more so they too could enjoy their birthday creations? And really could changing clothes be that hard? You take a bag with a t-shirt and pants for each and they change clothes at church before they leave. These kids aren't babies anymore and can do things by themselves. Really Kate, you need to loosen up and just have a good time before your chances are up and the kids are too old to want to have fun with you.

Lisa said...

I just don't think I can watch this show anymore. I have read over at TWoP and agreed with so many of you.

The cupcake incident was the worst. There has been others that have got to me. Gumgate, Joelgate, Kate laying on the floor hugging one of the girls and one of the boys asking her if she is going to miss him and all she says is yes. Didn't get up and hug and kiss him or even look at him. WTH is wrong with this woman?

I am sure the kids didn't wear the aprons at the Crayon Factory because no one had sent them to them as a love offering yet. I don't even know why they had them on they still were not allowed to get messy.

Oh Why Oh Why couldn't we have a show called Kevin and Jodi plus 12.
Then we would get to still see the kids but without J&K. :)

It is a good thing all of these memeories are being taped for Kate because I have a feeling this is all they will have in their old age except maybe Hannah.

Jesus Warrior said...

Can someone clear something up for me? Maybe I missed an episode that explained it, but why is Alexis sleeping in the basement? Last I'd seen of the sleeping arrangement was the twins got their new remodeled attic room, and the tup girls were in the room they used to share with the boys. Then I watch family movie night and they're referencing the fact that the playroom is also Alexis' bedroom. Was that explained somewhere or does anyone know why she's there?

J&K said that Alexis was waking up in the middle of the night and getting out of bed and waking the other tups. So they dumped her in the basement.

sabrinasmom said...

J&K said that Alexis was waking up in the middle of the night and getting out of bed and waking the other tups. So they dumped her in the basement.

That doesn't explain how putting her in basement would prevent her from waking the other 'tups. Do they lock the door to the basement or something?

Anonymous said...

Even up they felt Alexis needed to sleep somewhere other than with the other two because she woke them up - did they need to put her in the basement by herself??

Couldn't they have let her sleep somewhere on the main floor where Jon and Kate's bedroom is also located? Not only does it sound awful for this little girl to be in the basement by herself, it seems to be unsafe. If there was a fire, would firemen know that there were children on the second floor and that there was also one poor kid in the basement? With all the publicity about this family, you know there must be wierd-os out there who stalk and search for kids like this. I would feel very uneasy with one lone child in the basement by herself. Just my opinion.....

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, the "seasons" comment really got to Kate. Any why? Methinks she doth protest too much!! I think Jon is sick of being on TV and acting like a trained monkey for the camera in their contrived "reality" sketches. I mean really, this episode was so set up to make Kate look bad (and she doesn't need that much help) and shock the poor viewers. Now we all can't wait to see the next episode of "We All Hate Kate". I'm guessing Jon is fed up and wants to stop the shenanigans and go back to work so he doesn't have to be around her 24/7 and go begging every Sunday at church. What man with any cajones wants to sit in front of a camera on a sofa next to her and listen to how she calls him fat? This show is no longer about the kids, that's when it used to be entertaining. Now it's about Jon & Kate and what nasty turn the conversation is going to take. Kate's not about to let the golden goose get away so she's forcing Jon to play along with the producers and he's not happy. That comes across very clearly.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Recap!

I made me very sad the way J & K talked about not eating food that the children made. I used to have to cook and eat the food that my son killed. Unknown types of fish, the worst ducks imaginable, rattlesnakes, you name it. It was pretty awful, but I did it for him and he was thrilled to eat his "hunting" products.

Sadly he has passed away, but I am awfully glad I could do that for him and share it with him. Kate will have big regrets someday, if she does indeed have a heart.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Alexis sleeping in the basement. I whole heartedly believe that daddy Jon is spending some nights on the futon also. This thing that they call a marriage is gently falling apart more each week.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,

So sorry about your son. I couldn't imagine smirking about my children's food creations--all made with pride and love--and on television no less! Jon and Kate don't deserve these adorable children, and I can't imagine the children as adults will want much to do with them.

Anonymous said...

I too, wholeheartedly agree that Jon is now resting his newly hairplugged head at night on the futon in the basement.

FIONA said...

What man with any cajones wants to sit in front of a camera on a sofa next to her and listen to how she calls him fat?

Well I don't think he has much in the way of manberries by the way he allows to be walked all over, JMO! And I also don't think he wants to go back and work a regular job, JMO again. I do agree that he probably hates being around Kate so much. They do see each other alot and that would drive me crazy and my hubby is a really nice guy. I think the best all around solution is that Kate should go back to work, full-time, let Jon stay home and take care of the kids...you know, like he is already doing. Kate is out of the house, kids are happier, Jon is happier...and quite possibly, Kate might be happier. Problem, the patients she would be careing for. Oh well....at least they would only be around her a short time.

NewMom08 said...

OK, I have been waiting to see the episode on DVR in its entirety all week (work and kids..I'm EXHAUSTED lol). I know its been talked about but I gotta say, in addition to the looks on those boys' faces watching the girls eating the cupcakes and the nasty looks Kate gave "her table" at the bakery, the dynamic between J+K is caustic at best. Wow. If that is how they talk to each other on camera, IMAGINE how it goes down in private. For her to say to him at the end of the show (paraphrasing here), you've been eating constantly for the past 5 or 6 years...good grief. Just desserts would have been him turning to her and saying, "yah and you've been bitching constantly for the past 5 or 6 years."
The show is about the kids....or it was rather. Now it's like watching a train wreck. Hard to turn away, but you know what the ending will be; eventually.
Finally, I just have to say, that little Joel and his "oh my" comment.....wow. Its the fact that Kate can't even see how wonderful these moments are because she is operating and focused on her script of behaviors and no longer has a genuine reaction or interaction with anyone. Unfortunately, I think for her, she will end up lonely and in the darkness.

LKB said...

I agree with you that Jon probably does not want to back to work. At this point in time, J&K seem to be building their wealth (I think it's for a home - not college) and Jon is really worth more at home helping to care for the kids. How much can an IT guy make?

However, going back to work would solve nothing in that marriage - if anything at all it would do is just put off the inevitable.

Jon needs to have a heart to heart with her (maybe he has tried this) and tell her in *no uncertain terms* that he will no longer allow her to belittle him. If she continues that crap on the couch, he needs to get up and stop the filming and demand that the comment be removed from the tape.

If that does not work, perhaps just a hello on the couch to viewers and rest of the narrative could be voice overs - separate.

Could these two people be so blind as to not be aware of how this looks to the public? It's getting might old. However, I noticed several weeks ago on an episode that Jodi making excuses for this behavior.


Anonymous said...

I was so upset by the cupcake episode. I totally agree with your blog Manda. A few of my observations are:
- How unfair it was that Cara and Mady were allowed to eat their cupcakes at the bakery and the little kids were not.
-Remember the picnic at the playground after church. On the way home they stopped off for ice cream. They made a point of saying they were having it for dinner. Those little boys should have been allowed to eat those cupcakes. It was just cruel and heartless.
-I agree about the lack of love and affection for the boys. It's disgusting. Little boys need love and kisses too.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

"Could these two people be so blind as to not be aware of how this looks to the public? It's getting might old. However, I noticed several weeks ago on an episode that Jodi making excuses for this behavior."

I'm interested to go back and watch this episode. What was it that Jodi said?

Nancy said...

Perhaps the casual viewer would not notice the disregard with which the little boys were treated, and indeed, I have seen comments by sheeple who say that Kate was only following "house rules" by denying the boys their dessert because they didn't eat enough dinner. Others say it was no big deal because it "wasn't really their birthday" (but it was really a mealtime!). WHY weren't the boys told to leave the table since they were done with dinner? WHY were they made to sit there and watch their chubby sister wolf down HER cupcake? Why was Hannah spoon-fed so that she'd "earn" her dessert? I call BS on that scene with Mady trying to make Hannah eat; if Mady were going to help someone, it would probably be Leah with whom she has always shared a special bond. Or did Mady help others and we didn't get to see it? Editing seems to be playing a huge part in these newer shows. However, no matter how it's edited, the boys did NOT get their cupcakes. That was just too sad and WRONG. Makes me wonder how many other mealtimes end the same way... the "icky" boys get nothing while the girls get dessert....

Anonymous said...

The Producers need to have a heart to heart with both Jon and Kate. I loved the show but the cupcake incident really turned me off and I imagine a lot of folk who are not "critics" of the show. I don't want to watch this meaness and certainly not be subjected to the nasty interchanges between Kate and Jon. That is what is may be killing the show.
Imagine how much fun, it would have been to see the kids actually decorate and eat the cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant synopsis, Manda.

Anonymous said...

Even if we , as viewers, are to blame editting on the way in which J & K were portrayed and the events that ultimately played out in the CupcakeGate episode you cant blame editting on the fact that the boys obviously cried REAL tears and were genuinely upset. If its the intention of editting to create an 'illusion' of cause and effect on to the viewers for the sake of ratings or drama, its very disturbing that they would do so at the expense of the REAL feelings and emotions of small children! The Gosselin children are NOT trained actors that are being instructed to 'react' in a particular scene by 'pretending' to be upset and cry on cue. To infringe on the REAL emotions and feelings of small impressionable children for the sake of editting and wanting viewers to believe that something did or did not occur , IMO speaks volumes to the true exploitive nature of this show. I agree with Dr. Laura in her opinion that reality shows, ie J & K + 8 molest the very innocence of children in an attempt to gain viewer ratings and keep people tuning in each week. What is most unfortunate, is that the children's very own parents are condoning and allowing this uneccessary 'emotional molestation' to occur year after year (or season after season) for the sake of lining their own bank account. In the grand scheme of things, CupCakeGate has so very little to do with cupcakes or J & K's dinner time rules but so much to do with TLC's disturbing manipulated yet intentional exploitation of the REAL emotions and feelings of the Gosselin children.

Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of the show for the past 2 years (NOT/NEVER a fan of Kate.)

However, after this show I really got a good look and it made me sick.

How dare Kate treat her sons like this?

Fine, if as a mother she feels that they do not deserve it, then why force them to sit there and watch the girls eat theirs?

And did you notice how bitchy Kate was at the bakery?

She's always been moody, but this was even bad compared to her standards.

This is a new low for Kate.

I just cannot believe how incredibly cruel and hateful she is.

LKB said...

This message is specifically for Truth:

You asked me several messages upline from this which episode it was that I saw Jodi defending J&K in terms of their behavior towards each other.

Jodi made a concerted effort to explain away what might be seen as abnormal to the seasoned viewer. I have a great deal of respect of Jodi. My feeling about her is that she is a genuinely kind and considerate human being and that she was forced to explain away the behavior of Ozzie and Harriet of Stalag 13.

The episode was a rerun and I cannot remember her exact words but it something to the effect that they crab at each other and then it's over - you know - kinda normal like.


Anonymous said...

I remember the show you are talking about.. it was when Kevin helped put up the shelves in the garage....

Anonymous said...

I think Fidelia is talking about the garage makeover episode a LONG time ago. Jodi was (I think) introduced for the first time and said: "They just 'meow meow' and then it's over." Like I said....a LONG time ago she tried to explain them away.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I think that was the very first episode Jodi and Kevin were on. The garage makeover.

Just a cute little story...

The producer told them what to say when they introduced themselves. Kevin was to introduce himself and then Jodi was to do the same. What was shown, was Kevin introducing both of them. Jodi said on the first "take", Kevin took her "line" and she looked over at him and laughed. They shot the scene over, but aired the one of Jodi laughing when Kevin introduced her.

I just went back and watched it, because I remembered Jodi making a statement about J&K's relationship, and thought that was probably what Fidelia was referring to.

I now think that was the beginning of giggly, ditsy Aunt Jodi. Jodi told me how embarassed she was that the first time she was shown, she looked so silly.

iluveeyore said...

I remember that episode very well. Jodi seemed to be adorable.

FIONA said...

Yes, Jodi was darling and Kevin seemed really like a neat guy.

Only a nut would open the garage door for 6 toddlers to come out and play when such a huge project was going on.

I did enjoy that show, for the most part. But Kate just had to be a part of it.

For those of us who watch just to see the tups, it is fun to look back and see how their personalities have developed. I think a large part of that is what kind of a label you peg on your kid. Like Alexis...the wild woman. I guess she is living up to that expectation. She knows if she screams and acts crazy she gets attention. And Joel with his whining....oh wait, that won't work for you bud-you are just back ground noise. And Leah is the tiny princess...she plays the baby and it works...etc....blah, blah.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate keeps calling Jon fat because she hopes the right person will be watching and will offer him a free tummy tuck.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate keeps calling Jon fat because she hopes the right person will be watching and will offer him a free tummy tuck.

July 18, 2008 7:03 PM

Kate's in no position to raze Jon on his weight. Her love handles are growing exponentially with her ego. Her plastic surgeon must be cringing. All that hard work gone to waste. By the way, in the episode on the tummy tuck Kate stated she would have annual visits with the surgeon's wife (see, I am friends with a doctor's wife. Yipee!) Does anyone know if indeed this occurs, or is it another quickie tradition--established at the moment then forgotten.

sabrinasmom said...

I think Kate keeps calling Jon fat because she hopes the right person will be watching and will offer him a free tummy tuck.

Maybe not a tummy tuck, but who do you think pays for the gym and the sessions with snuggle bunny?

- Not Jon or Kate!

I think it would be ironic that in Kate's need to seek out all freebies and "wish list" items, that Jon did indeed run off with the snuggle bunny.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kate was very rude to the owner at the beginning, the owner looked at Kate and told her they were going to make their own cupcakes, Kate never met her eyes and said something like it's fine but don't let it get messy... RUDE She needs some serious counseling on her control issues and to quit projecting her anger onto her children. She's plain weird.. Poor Kids.

Anonymous said...

Are you freakin kidding me.. They opened that bakery just for them.. cmon... She's a rude lady who didn't even acknowledge what they did. Jon seemed appreciative.. It's crazy not letting children have their birthday cupcake. There is 364 other days to play Master and Commander.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...Did Jon really say: "Well, we have annoying kids"? I watched the episode (and hated it, of course), but I don't remember him saying that. What a mean thing to say.

Anyway, great re-cap (especially the discription of that painful scene of Hannah being fed her dinner while the boys "didn't even try...")

Sigh...Now I want a cupcake. Lol.