Episode Recap - "Embarrassing & Favorite Moments" - 07/21/2008

Jon: “Up until now we’ve filmed a lot of episodes and we’ve come across some likes and dislikes of certain episodes.”

Footage of pumpkin carving, the American Girl trip, the Bounce U boxing match, the train fight at Dutch Wonderland, Jon lasciviously eyeing Kate in her towel (eww), Kate crying at the ‘tups stroller picture in front of their old house. Footage from “Games Gosselins Play” is next, I believe, complete with the screaming fight in the driveway, with Jon all “shut your mouth, stop cleaning and play with your kids.” Nice. By my count that’s many more embarrassing moments than good ones.

Jon blabs on about how it used to be weird to see himself on TV, but now after filming 60 episodes, it’s normal. Can I just insert that ever watching myself on film & knowing that it would be seen by millions would never, ever be easy for me. Does that make me weird, or them?

More strolling down dysfunctional lane: footage of Jon wiping up after “someone took a dump on the floor”, Kate’s plane meltdown…which out of context comes across as really fake, for some reason, and Jon petulantly throwing his (Valentine’s?) shirt down the hall because Kate ordered one that was too small…hee. I forgot how funny that was. “But there are some times where we’re like that was a horrible episode,” says Jon. Like all the episodes they just showed, Jon.

Jen: “Can you give us some examples?” Jon glances sideways at Kate and smirks “Well, there are…” and she interrupts, “Of you.” “Pulling the stick out was a bad one,” says Jon.

And, we’re off.

Kate: “He still regrets that. You never say that. I don’t know what made you say that.”
Jon: “You. The pressure of you.”
Kate: (talking over Jon) “You might think it but you don’t ever say it.”
Jon: “No. I don’t know why I said it.”
Kate: “By you talking about it again they’re going to air it again. Just so you know. So now it will be in two episodes. Aren’t you happy?”
Jon: “So what? That’s the whole point.”

We now cut to the incident in question. They are surrounded by what appears to be 1,000 children. Really, I have no desire for 8 children. Just saying. Anyway, Jon simply asks if the kids will wear their play shoes or good shoes. That’s seriously all the man does. Kate’s all “What did I tell you the other day? Why do you ask every time what shoes they’ll wear?”

Interviewing, Jon says admits that he’s not a good multi-tasker, to which Kate bugs out her eyes and nods up and down emphatically like, “that’s right, dumb-ass, you’re not.”

Back to the fun. After what looks like some time has elapsed, Jon zings “When are you going to pull the stick out? ‘Cause it’s getting really annoying.” Jon, extract the stick yourself & beat her soundly about the head and shoulders with it. You’ve earned the right. Plus, sticks are organic.

Jen: “Did you immediately regret it?” (Read: “Did you know how much you were gonna pay for that one?”)
Jon: “Yes, I was like, oops!” Laughs.
Kate: “I felt bad for him because he doesn’t normally say that. I haven’t heard him say it since, or before that.”

While Kate speaks, Jon is continuously mugging for the camera. Glancing sideways at Kate, glancing at the producer/cameraman/whoever, smirking, tries to cover up his smiling. She is turned to look at him, but he focuses on the others in the room & the camera. He realizes she isn’t done, and tries to pull a more serious face so mom doesn’t hand out another love tap.

Kate: “And there’s a nicer way if your spouse is being grouchy, there’s a nicer way to communicate that if you’re being mature and not immature like you’re sitting there giggling right now. There’s a nicer way to say things. You could have said in a very mature, husbandly way, ‘Kate what are you so bothered about? Can I help you with something?’ I’ve asked you our whole marriage when I’m stressed, say ‘Is there something I can help you with?’ There’s a hundred things you can help me with, but if you don’t ask, I just bark. So, he hasn’t learned that yet. Typical man. It’s alright. We have to love them despite their faults.”

Nothing like a lesson on how to communicate maturely from a woman who manipulates, condescends to, criticizes, and stereotypes her husband, while legitimizing her own bad behavior, all in the space of about 20 seconds. She continues to stare pointedly at Jon, the most awkward of silences ensues until finally Jon says, “I don’t know what to say.” Me either, buddy. I know child support for 8 kids would be tough, but maybe you could fake your own death?

Jen quickly tries to save Jon by getting Kate to describe some of her least favorite moments.

“Well, it’s the Toys R Us episode,” Kate replies.

So, you’re thinking that Kate finally grasps the fact that she showed her ass at the toy store? Not so fast, there.

“Jon was being a child, playing with toys as usual,” Kate says. Footage of day in question, Jon showing the kids animal toys, being a normal human being, etc.

Jon: “Actually I was told to watch the kids.”
Kate: “You were, but you were playing and so involved in your child play you weren’t paying attention to me trying to buy gifts.” Ummm..kay.
Jon: “I was distracting the children so they wouldn’t see what you were buying them.”
Kate: “Right, and you weren’t paying attention to when we needed to move on to the next thing. I don’t even quite remember what it was about except for some reason I needed his help or attention or we were getting ready to…I don’t even remember the details but the fact that I had to yell to get his attention, and yes, I did yell loud, and by the way it sounds louder on the show because I’m mic’ed.”

Footage of Kate’s infamous “Hel-lo!” across the Toys R Us.

Kate: “Everyone that was nearby heard me. But it’s not like anyone in the next building heard me.”

Same “Hel-lo!” footage, except now you notice people whipping around when they hear the bellow of the beast. One lady rushes her kid out of camera range. Then they play the footage again. Jen does not like Kate, y’all.

Jon: “I think I was in lane 5 and you were in 13, so that’s 8 lanes. Everyone heard you.”
Kate: “I’ve never done that since, and I don’t care what he says. We’ve never been in a store where I’ve yelled across the store, ‘Hello!’”
Jon: “Yes we have.”
Kate: “When?”
Jon: “Crayola factory.”

So, it looks like Jon has quite a mental list going of all the times Kate has humiliated him in public and for the enjoyment of the viewing audience. Interesting. And here comes Jen with some more footage! We all remember Kate screaming “Jon!” across a huge room at the crayon factory.

Kate: “That was not a store.” Excellent defense, Kate.
Jon: “No, but you yelled across the whole floor.”
Kate: “Yes, because there was 2,000 people between me and you and I literally yelled to merely have you hear me. I had kids I had to take to the bathroom, kids I had to give to you, and I had to yell, you were way over there and I couldn’t get to you.”

Jon smugly nods the whole time Kate speaks, looks lost in thought for a moment, and says, “There’s three episodes. There’s one at the corn maze, one at the toy store, and one at Crayola.”

OK, I have to say…does Jon not keep track of the many off-camera humiliations I’m sure he’s subjected to? Is it OK unless it makes it to an “episode”? Sad. OK—back to the dirt.

Kate: “I don’t…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
Jon: “At the corn maze in our show open, you yell ‘Hel-lo!’”
Kate: “OK, in the recent days have I done that?”
Jon: “In the recent days, no.”
Kate: “OK, there you go.”
Jon: (mumbling) “You’ve been away three days.”

At this point, Kate looks shocked, pissed, and puts her head in her hands. When you see all this dialogue between them written out, it sounds like the conversation between a 15 year-old and his castrating mother. Unpleasant to witness, and really just shoots out of the water any notion that these two are a loving couple. Business partners is a more accurate description, trying to sell their Gosselin ”brand” to the sheeple. We are treated to more Jon-emasculation via the “frickin’ dog” footage outside after the Toys R Us debacle.

Kate: “And, yes, that was a learning moment for me, how that came across. I don’t know what I would’ve done differently, but I just wish Jon…I wouldn’t have yelled, obviously, but I wish Jon would be more sensitive and pay attention to the big picture of what’s going on. Right?”
Jon: (hostile sideways glance at Kate) “Sure, I’ll try.” That dripped in all kinds of insincerity.
Kate: “Thank you.”

And for the funniest moment of the evening, Jen says, “This episode might be a most embarrassing moment.” Jen and the cameraman crack up, Kate laughs in a kind of confused way because she once again does not see that she’s the joke, and Jon just gives Kate YET ANOTHER sideways glance like, “You can’t embarrass her, trust me.”

OK—Joel footage. And as much as I love me some Joel, “Boys have wieners,” is not his greatest hit for me, and, if we’re honest, this episode is so much more about the idiotically embarrassing
parents than the cute kids. The kids are adorable, and as far as I can tell, never do a single embarrassing thing. I heart them, but won’t spend a lot of time recapping their adorable-ness. It’s a given.

After the commercial break, Kate interviews that the ‘tups 3rd birthday party “that everyone says was so over the top” was one of her favorite moments, what with the perfect weather and great memories and whatnot. Then, she explains that really what got to her about that episode is what she said at the end of it. She did some speechifying about how they were lucky to get through the pregnancy with all the babies, etc. which is all true. But the important part is that her own words in that episode still move her to tears. OK, crazy.

Footage of Collin trying to stuff a baby doll in a bike compartment & pulling kids along in the wagon. Cute, yeah, but did Collin really do nothing else in 60 episodes? Oh, wait, I remember my favorite Collin moment. Let’s use that instead. After his mom screamed at him and his brothers for removing a knob off a dresser drawer, she turned her back and he did a “Nanny, nanny boo boo” dance at her. Hee-hee.

OK, back to the “marriage slowly disintegrating” footage. Apparently “Slapping Jon” has been made into a favorite moment. For some. Guess who.

Kate: “Maybe embarrassing and funny is the episode where you have all of the clips of slaps of
Jon…it’s like ‘pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!” (as she pretends to hit Jon all over again).

Footage of 8 or 9 “love taps”. Jen really does not like Kate, y’all.

Jon: “She likes that,”
Kate: “Yeah, I do.”
Jon: “…and that’s an embarrassing episode for me.”
Kate: “Is it?”
Jon: “Yeah, it’s really strange.”
Kate: “It’s for emphasis, I’ve done that my whole life. It happens to be that you’re the one next to me most of the time, so you receive the brunt of it.”

Jon, with a look like “Yeah, go sell that crap somewhere else, lady,” merely says thank you.

Aaden footage! He is very curious about the cameras and seems to like the cameraman, Scott. I love Aaden.

OK, a bunch of blah, blah about not knowing it was illegal to take the pinecones out of the forest in California. Who cares? Some more blah, blah about storing said pinecones in the garage & the disagreement about which box to put them in. Scintillating. Kate then busts out with a compliment for Jon. I know, you’re shocked. Me too! Are you ready?

Jon is good at figuring out how to put things in boxes.

But wait, Jon, before you go and get a big head…you weren’t right about the pinecone box. Sorry. You may be good at putting things in boxes when the cameras are off, but when they’re on & the box is full of illegal pinecones, you’re still a dumb-ass. Again, sorry.

Footage of Hannah kissing her siblings goodbye as she goes for her special day. Sweet. Kate, however, has not been spoken of in the last 10 seconds, so we must get back to her. Sorry, Hannie! We’ll see you later when you’re covered in your own feces, don’t worry!.

Alexis footage. Cutie! But, wait, it’s still kind of about Kate. Footage of Kate coming home from her tummy tuck. The way she comes through the ‘tups door with a big phony “Mommy’s home!” really grates. So contrived. Anyway, Kate is very gratified that Alexis is so amazed to see her. Like she’s a burning bush or dancing elephant. Alexis says sweetly “Hi, mommy, hi!” Aaand now that we’ve portrayed Alexis in a positive way, we can show her covered in poop during the first hour-long special. Classy.

More footage of fun times, Dutch Wonderland, Disneyworld. Kate and Jon both interview, yet again, that their family wouldn’t have ever been able to go to Disney without the show and that they’re so blessed. But, now that we’ve brought up Disneyworld, Jen takes the opportunity to exhibit Kate freak show, episode 278: Vanillagate!

Jon: “Ice cream at Disneyworld.”
Kate: “No.”
Jon: “I thought that would be an embarrassing moment.”
Kate: “Oh, yeah, that was embarrassing.”

Cue the Vanillagate footage, with all its attendant barked orders, mocking, shrieking children, and spousal criticism. And a very uncomfortable-looking Beth, I might add.

Kate: “He disappears, leaves me. I always beg him to protect me, he doesn’t. He’s over there chatting. Letting me freak out, and not even…again, a husband who loves his wife would have stepped forward, despite how embarrassing it appeared, if you wanted me to stop all you had to do was say ‘How can I help you?’. But part of this is you choose to ‘Oh, she’s embarrassing, good-bye! I’m just going to stand over here and chat and act like I don’t know any of them.’ That’s not a help. I just need help. When I’m freaking out it’s because I’m frustrated, can’t move fast enough, and nobody helps me. So if you can just say ‘How can I help you’ instead of mocking me, laughing at how I act, you know, whatever, it could change it.”
Jon: “OK, no one helps you.” (he left off the “whatever, bee-yotch”)
Kate: “I…did I just say that? That no one helps me?”
Jon: “Yes you did, ‘and no one helps me,’ you said.”
Kate: “Yeah, standing aside and watching it all unfold and crumble.”
Jon: “I was watching my kids enjoy the princesses. I didn’t want to go and rehash it again. Sorry for opening my mouth. Maybe I won’t suggest any more embarrassing moments because I’m getting grilled in the seat…”
Kate: “Right.”
Jon: “…every time I come up with an embarrassing moment. So from now on I’m not going to say anything. Hopefully this conversation is over.”
Kate: “It’s not, and that’s not communication. Good try, though. Do you under…”
Jen: (interrupting) “Let’s go back to favorite moments.”

Wow, so, literally everything is Jon’s fault. Kate’s meltdowns are because he doesn’t help her enough when she gets frustrated. He could “change it” (her behavior) if he protected her and gave her enough attention. If the man walked up to her and said “How can I help you?” she would have made him feel like an idiot for not knowing immediately what to do. Jonny-boy cannot win.

Apparently, Leah’s shining moment from 60 episodes is talking about Hannah pooping in her “unna-wears”. OK, cute. Whatever. Commercial break.

Favorite moment with Mady is when she bosses the ‘tups at their old table. Mady and Cara are cute (according to their parents) when they talk about Alexis and her disgusting poop. The whole family goes to cut down a Christmas tree. Jon swears he will never do that again, for which he is shouted down and punched in the face by Kate. Just kidding, but she hints that he will indeed be doing it again, as it is a GOSSELIN FAMILY TRADITION, and you don’t f-around with those.

Jon interviews that in one episode he wore a striped sweater that made him look like a “big, fat, dog.” The footage shows, that it is, indeed, an ugly sweater. Jon talks about how he looks fat and in the episode is at a buffet, so he mimes shoveling food in his mouth. Kate cackles, because she loves to hear Jon, herself, and anyone else refer to Jon as fat. Jon needs his “fuzzy-bunny” ASAP. He also didn’t like that producer Jen wouldn’t let him shave his “beard” for filming continuity during a few episodes.

Blah, blah Cara loves all the ‘tups, but Mady doesn’t, she just pretends to so her parents don’t sell her to the gypsies. The footage of Cara & Mady from the first special shows what we’ve all observed…there are light years between the twins at four and the ‘tups at four.

BS shots of Jon & Kate kissing culled from different episodes. Again, whatever. Ahhh…a last dose of vitriol for the road. Kate says that the episode has helped them learn some things and have some “counseling” in their “counseling chair."

Kate: (hugging Jon) “So do you love me even more?”
Jon: “I’m not saying anything.”

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Anonymous said...

Very funny! Such an awkward episode . . . I have a recapped it as well on my site. Somebody needs to step in here, IMO.

ana bee said...

yup, this episode took the cake for "most likely to induce a bout of painful wincing."

1. i actually think this episode was NOT jen stocks' idea; it was probably kate's half-brain attempt at damage control... which backfired, to no one's surprise. but i do agree: jen can no longer hide her disdain for kate.

2. i'm convinced jon and kate seriously ARE just business partners at this point, and once the twins are old enough to wipe their own asses, jon is jetting out of that situation with half the earnings and all the kids. at least, this is really what i hope.

Anonymous said...

Not ONCE did the words "I'm sorry" "I was wrong" or "I made a mistake" come out of Kate's mouth. This woman is unbelieveable!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does the voice not sound like Jen doing the interviewing? Jon also referenced "my producer Jen" rather than "you, Jen" not that that means anything, but I really thought the voice was different. Maybe mediaguy knows something about the "new to me" voice.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever wonder why when Kate does all the yelling across stores etc. for Jon she just doesn't call him on their cell phones and tell him what she needs or wants? Sure would save embarassing moments that Kate doesn't acknowledge of course

Anonymous said...

I agree, Anon 12:48. Some people snark at Jon just as much as Kate, but he felt bad and was sorry about the stick comment, and laughed at himself when he looked silly in the sweater. That's the idea behind the show, to laugh at yourself or maybe explain it in case there were some extenuating circumstances.

Turns out there were certain circumstances that needed explaining. Everything KATE did, was because Jon was a child, or immature, or involved in his child play, or not helping her. I am so glad she got a chance to justify herself. Now we know who the real villain is behind her Hellooos; Jon, the child. If he would just calmly ask her how he can help, she will melt into a pool of calmness in the middle of her meltdown. Please, I am hoping Jon tries that the next time. Cause I am sure that will help.
Get a little humility, laugh at yourself, and learn to say you're sorry.

Sorry to be so heavy on the sarcasm. Seeing the episode in print really makes me irritated all over again.

Anonymous said...

Great recap! Thanks!!

This episode showcased Kate's narcissism to its full extent!! Wow!! I was almost speechless after watching her try to explain away her horrific behavior!!

Also, I'm shocked (mock horror) that Kate didn't mention gum-gate as one of her most embarrassing moments!! I mean, she only traumatized her sweet little boy by threatening to toss his beloved bear because it had a speck of gum on it.
Oh, and she didn't mentioned how she bashed her SIL on national T.V. for giving gum to the kids that she takes care of for free!
I just watched the Utah episode where Jodi flew to Utah, just to fly back to help Kate with the kids!
No spa trip or chocolate for her.
Just a sweet lady who loves her nieces and nephews...who cares about family!!

Lisa....from CA (MacGirlRN)

Chela429 said...

I agree with anabolotin, in part. I think the episode was for some kind of damage control. Who's idea it was, I have no idea. I agree however that it backfired. For as much as the children looked as cute as ever, as a couple Jon and Kate looked awful. Kate talking over Jon, Jon rolling his eyes at Kate, the akward body language. It was depressing to watch, yet fascinating. If they do go their seperate ways I hope Jon gets custody. If not those children will be in for a ton of issues.

Anonymous said...

Great recap!

I loved how even though Kate admitted that it was the ONLY time Jon has ever said "get the stick out" she still said he needed to learn his lesson?? Newsflash, Kate. When he said he regretted it and hasn't said it since, that means he learned his lesson!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, everything that goes wrong in Kate's life (and, certainly, all of her amazing meltdowns) is Jon's fault.

I keep thinking that episode had to be a joke. Can she really believe that if Jon would only spend 24 hours a day saying "How can I help you" that she wouldn't scare so many people?

Robert said...


I feel for ya dude. I've been yelled at more than once at Toys r Us because I was playing with the toys...

It's like taking me to Home Depot and not expecting me to play with the tools.

Besides If you weren't supposed to be rocking the Hannah Montana karaoke machine they wouldn't have it out on display.

Don't worry Jon, the peeps got your back.

Anonymous said...

This episode for me solidified my suspecions that J&K 's marriage will be over very soon. Notice how he doesn't put his arm around her in the chair anymore? In fact he seems to stay as far away as possible from her now. In one recent episode (sorry i can't remember which one) I'm pretty sure Kate has to grab his face for a kiss...i think it was the Korean food episode (I could be wrong). It was all about J&K not the kids this time. I think the show has lost it's focus.

Anonymous said...

Everyone now. Sing along!

The Reality Show Gosslinillies

Come listen to a story about a man named Jon
A good ol' boy, who didn't like to cut the lawn
Then one day he was shopping for some food
When he heard a big heeelllllooooo from his wife with the tud

Kate that is, white gold, narcissistic tea!

Well the first thing you know ol' Jon's a millionaire
Kinfolk said please don't move away from here
Jon said North Carolina is the place we gotta be
So they loaded up the big 20 passenger van and moved to Caroliny

Gated hills that is
Swimmin pools, reality stars.

The Gosslinillies!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, J&K preview the episodes a week before they air. So, I'm assuming all episodes receive the J&K seal of approval. Then why, oh, why would they approve this episode in particular? Their couch interviews are more damaging than anything said on the internet about them.

Angela said...

dubiwag, you have my applause for such a funny and observant recap, and for sitting through that painful episode more than once. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Angela--thanks. Never done anything like that before, but as a TWoP recap addict, I felt the urge. Hard to pass up such rich material.

Anonymous said...

When people say they feel sorry for Jon and criticize the way Kate treats him, the Kate worshippers chime in with "They really compliment each other, he knew what she was like when he married her, etc. etc. etc." (barf)
Funny, I have never seen anyone turn that around when Kate is berating Jon for 10 minutes about how he doesn't listen, she has been telling him over and over and over how to handle her when she is "grouchy" - she just gets more sympathy from her fans. Well, I have to say, Kate, you knew Jon was laid back and un-motivated when you married him, so why would you expect him to change now?
He is so obviously just phoning it in at this point. They are about as pathetic as 2 people can get and the lack of respect in their marriage is crystal clear.
Say goodnight, Jon-boy.

Anonymous said...

Everyone now. Sing along!

The Reality Show Gosslinillies

Come listen to a story about a man named Jon
A good ol' boy, who didn't like to cut the lawn
Then one day he was shopping for some food
When he heard a big heeelllllooooo from his wife with the tud

Kate that is, white gold, narcissistic tea!

Well the first thing you know ol' Jon's a millionaire
Kinfolk said please don't move away from here
Jon said North Carolina is the place we gotta be
So they loaded up the big 20 passenger van and moved to Caroliny

Gated hills that is
Swimmin pools, reality stars.

The Gosslinillies!

LOL! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a Winner! My vote for funniest post! Love me a good sing-along! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I think that in the past many viewers would say "Oh, that's just Kate! It's okay. She has EIGHT kids!!!" That's why we have seen all of Kate's "color". Now, I believe even the most loyal J&K fans are taking another look and wising up. It would be rather stupid of them to air another negative episode.

Anonymous said...

Honestly this episode had me disgusted. Narcissist Kate's behavior is behind commenting. I just shake my head and wonder how the hell her supporters can continue to defend her. Heck I USED to be one of those people. And now I can't believe I even liked her much less went on message board sites and wasted my time defending her. Like she cares? LOL. She's just a bitch and those kids. Those poor kids. They're forever going to be the ones who are going to be living with this nuckin' fut. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

It is really a shame that Kate is not aware of one of the basics of cognitive behaviourial therapy and that is that we are all responsible for our own behaviour. It is a difficult thing to take responsibility and be mindful of our impact on others but it is worth the work. Not to blame the whole load solely on her but it is glaringly obvious that she needs therapy or this family is just going to chug along and nothing is going to improve. She has alot to lose.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why having 8 kids would be any kind of excuse for acting the way that Kate does. I'm sure that having 8 kids is difficult. However, I have four kids, 6 and under, one set of multiples, and one with autism. By her logic, I should be justified in being half as bitchy and horrible as she is. If I ever get anywhere close to half as bad as Kate, I hope that someone knocks some sense into me.

They did have odd favorite moments. None of my favorite moments involving my children involve poop for example. But then again, I actually play with my children and so we have experienced a lot of special moments together.

Manda said...

Oh. That was painful. Has anyone else read the book Blink? There's a chapter about a lab the analyzes couples as they talk and can predict with a good degree of certainty whether the couple will divorce or not. 1 key point was 'contempt' as shown by eye rolling and other facial expressions in the same vein. Another was validation - the couples who had successful marriages where the ones who could concede to the other, i.e., "You're right. I'm sorry. You do a lot for me."
It would be interesting to see this lab analyze a couch interview.
Also, I have noticed that Jon tends to withdraw - crossing his arms, saying, "I'm just not going to talk anymore," until someone behind the camera (not Kate) begs him to please keep talking. He has been doing this more and more (or they have been showing this more and more).

ana bee said...

oops, i meant sextuplets* learning how to go to the bathroom by themselves

(see comment up, up above)

p.s. i would totally be happy watching this show if all they filmed was the kids playing together for a half hour every week. no joke. get outta here, mini-couch confessionals!

Anonymous said...

A lot of fans seem to identify with the dynamic between Jon and Kate. That's sad. This doesn't look like a healthy marriage, and it's all so public. Train wreck just keeps coming to mind.

Anonymous said...

The irony to me in this episode is that rational Kate can't see that all she would have to do is say, "Jon, I need some help, will you help me with...?"

But no, she blames Jon for not reading her mind, in case she hasn't figured it out, men don't think the same way as women, they don't read women's minds and of course that could be why they are so nasty, icky and dirty.

Anonymous said...

This is a great recap. It was an uncomfortable episode to watch and I was waiting to see the comments about it. I appreciated seeing the kids but I wouldn't have necessarily chosen those clips of them. Jon and Kate's relationship seems so antagonistic. They act more like a couple meeting to settle a divorce and not a couple doing a "couch confessional". This family is so far away from how they were in the first special.

Anonymous said...

I will grieve for those kids if they go out of state and live in some isolated McMansion. The only support system they have is their whackjob mother, passive father and a TV crew. Oh, and the paid strangers who take care of them when J & K are gone.

The show will become even more freakish and unreal. It will show the kids in their new roomy digs (that should take up one whole episode) and then lots of contrived, paid excursions to who knows where.

Anonymous said...

Does kate have a poop fetish maybe? I mean... I have a baby only 5 months old and many many lovely memories of playing with her, bathing, her laughing first foods. first turn over... little nicknames and their stories... none of her poop has been cute thus far...and I don't forsee it becoming cute (does it??). I do have a cute fart memory... but it was cute because it was in the tub and the look on her face when she made bubbles not the fart itself.

How is poop or talking about your sibling's poop a favorite moment for anyone?

As for Jen's disdain for Kate... maybe she's aiming to get Jon once he leaves her.

Anonymous said...

This really was a great recap and yes, their exchange did look worse in black & white. I didn't even think that was possible!

I agree with LALA. Julie said J&K get to see, (approve?), the show a week before it is aired. She wrote about this in reference to gumgate. Something about Kate not even calling Jodi to warn her or try to excuse her behavior before it aired.

Unknown said...

I found it interesting that Kate expects everyone to help her. She has talked in many episodes (and in real life) about having help. She needed that extra nurse for a year, Jon needs to help her all the time, the kids need to help each other and fetch things for Kate.

Kate also mentions the word "protection" and in the same breath, help. Jon should protect her- from what? Herself? Her demons? The hurt child within?

I completely understand that in Kate's perception, she's had a rough childhood, but give it a rest. She has people- people who wash her clothes, dry them, fold them, put them away. She has a personal chef (according to some sources), assorted babysitters, and other people who help watch the 'tups.

As much of a limp vagina that I think Jon is, he needs protection too. He needs protection from hits, slaps, verbal and mental abuse while Kate stays in bed or barks orders. It would be different if she had some sort of disability (perhaps she could claim depression?) but until then, get your ass out of bed/plastic chairs and be a MOTHER.

The children need protection, too. Protection from J & K stealing the money that they've been whored out for. Protection from being under the spotlight every day. Protection from the day they will no longer be in the public eye (and probably broke). Most of all, they need protection from the verbal and possible physical abuse of J & K. These children are going to be in a world of hurt as adults and require tons of therapy.

Anonymous said...

Minxie, I keep picturing them off in another state away from everyone too. Totally isolated, living on a movie set full of props and facades. Taking contrived trips, complete with made-for-tv-memories. I have a really bad feeling we are about to see the 2008 version of the Truman show with Aaden, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Alexis and Leah as the lead characters. The twins experienced several years of life before the show. They have gone to school and made friends. They know there is a world out there. On the other hand the 'tups don't. Can you imagine? I keep picturing Jim Carey in the Truman Show and how he reacted the day he realized his whole life was fake, designed for entertainment value.

Serena said...

I have a really bad feeling we are about to see the 2008 version of the Truman show with Aaden, Collin, Joel, Hannah, Alexis and Leah as the lead characters.

Funny you should say that. We have a reader-submitted piece about that exact topic scheduled to be published in the next few days. Spot on.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

As pathetic as it is I actually got a little anxious watching this show. Like the beginning of a panic attack, the whole thing felt like 20 minutes of confrontation. I would have LOVED to see lots of funny clips of the tups and twins rather than the disintigration of a marriage...Every time Kate said something like "I need you to ask me what you can do" I cringed, riiiight she would snap his head off and shove it up his butt. Not that it was nice but the stick comment was accurate and walking around with that stick up your butt isnt setting a good or fun example for your kids.

Anonymous said...

THank you, thank you, thank you for this recap. I read it while I watched the episode. My hate for Kate is full on after having watched this train wreck. I think these kids are the cutest things, but I simply cannot watch this show anymore, not even to watch the little ones. I cannot give any more time to a woman who treats her husband, the man she supposedly loves, in such a horrid, disgusting way. Done, done and done.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the show. Even with reading the comments about it beforehand, all I can say is WOW, beyond my expectations. Kate was so patronizing and condesending. Jon looks like he has given up and doesn't care anymore. IMO the producer seemed stunned by the interaction and didn't really know what to do other than say, okay let's move along to a favorite moment. The only other thing that I noticed that wasn't mentioned in the recap was that Jon brought up most of the favorite moments, but as soon as he did Kate would interrupt him and start explaining her version of what happened and why it was one of her favorite moments.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Jon and Kate are getting along so poorly now because Jon is no longer working out of the home and being stuck with Kate for 24/7. Before he was gone long hours and didn't have to put up with her that many hours in the evening.

Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

dizzy_squishling_and_bean said...

I would most certainly think that him being around all the time is contributing to the animosity. I love my husband to death but when he's around 24/7 for long periods even I get a little aggravated and need him to go away lol.

Anonymous said...

That was so hilarious I almost peed my pants! Thank you for the much needed laughs this morning!! You have a gift for words.

Anonymous said...

When I first started watching this show, I thought the Gosselins seemed like a flawed but charming and loving family. The affection between J&K and J&K and the kids seemed entirely genuine to me. I saw lots of humour and the ability (at least on Jon's part) to laugh at themselves and their foibles. How sad to see how much things have changed. (did I mention I only started watching in Feb.this year?)

In terms of body language, I noticed a few things in this episode.
1) In the interview segments, Jon can barely stand to look at his wife anymore. It's one more example of how desperately disengaged he seems to be from her.
2) Kate continually looks to both Jon and the producer/interviewer for validation.
3) Haven't seen any "love taps" in a LONG time.

Unlike a lot of you, I won't speculate on why these changes have occurred. You all seem to have your own ideas about that. However, if what we see on the screen is any indication, this is a family that needs to make some changes in their lives before the runaway train they're on crashes and burns.

It's just sad...

Anonymous said...

I am not really sure how I feel about this family after all of things i have read lately. I have seen the pine cone episode and Kate seems to be so proud that she was right, but does she not also realize that she was wrong too? She insisted that those freakin pine cones would fit in that "more compact box" and they didn't. They were both right, and wrong. I sure didn't hear her admit that she made a mistake too!

Anonymous said...

have you guys notice how KATE crosses her legs==its pointing away from JON...so...from what i read somewhere there is tension in the relationship on her side.

what someone wrote about body language==have read that legs crossed towards you mean that the person is interested in you, and wishes to converse.
Legs crossed away mean that the person is uninterested in you and does not wish to be bothered.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be ugly at the post above me, but I have a hard time believing that the way Kate crosses her legs shows the tension between her and Jon. Sorry, that just doesn't fly with me. I cross my legs the same way since I was 12, and that never determined who I liked and who I didn't like. I could be wrong, I just had to add my two cents.

However, I will say I can tell a big difference between the last season and this season. To me, the filming once seemed to be a neat idea, and I could really see the love between Jon and Kate and their children. Now, from what I have read, I'm beginning to go back and look at the episodes and I see that it has kind of been a downward spiral. At the beginning you saw Jon and Kate working together to raise their kids. Now, I see other people coming in to raise their kids! Scary, but true. At least this is my opinion. I've never posted on here before.

I will say through experience that I hope Kate doesn't lose all ties with her family. When times get tough....and let's face it this is life--times will get tough...she will need her family to turn to. Sure she may have Jon and the kids, but she is going to need her parents sometime...I'm just sure of it. But maybe someday Kate will realize that she needs to take a good look at her life, and change some things for the sake of HER CHILDREN.

Anonymous said...

I only wish I COULD cross my legs ;-)

I think that Kate and Jon's overall body language says a lot.
I noticed, even way back when, that there is always a huge gap between their bodies. Even when Jon's arm used to be behind her.

I've heard the leg crossing theory before, and certainly put together with all of the other body language signals they're putting out, they can't stand each other.

Not even long enough to 'fake it' for the couch segments.

Anonymous said...

The producers should watch the Roloff family series to get some better filming ideas for the Gosslins. I know there are some who don't like that show either but
they seem to have a better balance for the kids as they grow up on TV.

First why not have Jon and Kate admit the obvious.

Yes we have a nanny. Introduce the nanny because she must be an important part of the children's lives but PLEASE show more time of Jon and Kate ACTUALLY playing with the kids. Make Kate play with the kids if you have to. I would love to see her actually reading them a book.

Yes we have a cook. Let us see Kate working with the cook to get a list of meals the kids will eat that are healthy and organic. Show times the cook messes up and the kids refuse to eat the meal. (then have the cameraman give them cupcakes LOL.) We the watchers would LOVE that.

Admit the household wealth has increased and you no longer need gifts and love offerings REALLY!

Admit moving and being blessed with a big free house. We would think better of you if they were simply HONEST.

Do we see the Roloff teens waist up in the shower? DON'T show these kids either! Potty training is complete. Those kids should be using the real toilet and washing their hands.
Yes show us they cam wash their hands and brush there teeth ALL BY THEMSELVES.

The producers need to write into the contract MARRIAGE COUNSELING. There will be no show if the family falls apart.

Give us 4 two hour specials
a year. It would be fun and interesting see the kids grow up without being so intrusive into their lives.
All these "new" shows are mostly recaps of old shows. BORING!
Give those sweet babies a break! Please stop filming the twins during their breakdowns and pain. They don't need that in their lives. Those two girls need OUTSIDE FRIENDS.

Invite the family and friends back into the show. We love the friends and family. Pay them for their valuable time. So Kate says she won't do the show if they are paid. CALL HER BLUFF! Bet she won't really quit.

Jen the producer we love these kids. Please show us it is possible for you to care about them too.
We do NOT want to be watching the cameras chasing these kids 20 years from now on the TV show COPS.

Anonymous said...

"it was odd seeing the now-estranged Beth"
They're estranged from Beth too? I'm sort of new on the Gosselins-are-not-all-good bandwagon, but I hadn't read that elsewhere! Sad. She's losing loved-ones left and right.

Anonymous said...

sad, your comment at 11:21am is one of the best I have seen on this or any site. Constructive, thoughtful, and creative. You have some great ideas there that would not only help the show but help this troubled family in their actual life. If only Kate were open to advice...

Anonymous said...

Kate has not really appeared to engage with her children in the past season or two. Her interactions with them seem staged or forced. I suspect she likes having employees around to raise them for her.

Anonymous said...

Although your post (sad, July 25 11:21am) does have some very good ideas, I have to wonder if it will work in regards to Kate. They don’t show her doing most of these things now, and if they started to I would view it as damage control. Jon seems to be the more "hands on" parent of the two. It has been mentioned on the show that he is the one that gets them up, gets them ready, and bathes them. He seems to enjoy doing things with the kids while Kate is usually shown on the side watching, cleaning around them, or sitting with a child on her lap. I have to wonder how Kate will react to doing things she does not want to do. In my opinion, making someone do activities they are not inclined to do will just build up resentment.

I definitely agree with wanting more honesty if they really do have all this extra help. It drives me nuts when I read someone say if Kate can do it with 8 children then my 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 children should be easy in comparison. Then you read about speculation and rumors about nannies, a laundry folder, a second person to iron the laundry, and a third person to put the laundrey away, an organic cook, a gardener, personal assistants, Jon being self-employed, free clothing, "love offerings", a brand new home, etc. and you have to question whether it is really as "exhausting" as Jon and Kate would have us believe.

Anonymous said...

Kate's frequent slaps and hits on John set a poor example for the children that hitting is acceptable. These she does while being filmed and on her "best" behavior. I wonder what happens when the cameras are off, she is even more tired than she claims to be and one of the children sets her off? Does she haul off and paddle them? I think she has a major anger problem and little children are no match for an angry adult woman.

We have noticed how the kids scream, slap, poke and outright push one another over. This is aggressive behavior that will become more dangerous as the children grow up.

I have observed that children that are happy and well mannered grow up to be happy and well mannered. These children are not being taught good social skills.

Anonymous said...

I finally got my hubby to watch a J&K+8 eppy with me, this was his first, the Favorite & Embarrassing moments one. He sat silently for the 1/2 hour, then when the ending credits were rolling he started shaking his head from side to side and said "These people are whacko, why in the world would most of their favorite moments include someone shitting?"

So true, so true.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the posts here and have commented on a few, but I have never actually literally cringed at an episode until this one. (I didn't see cupcake gate, but I hear that one is cringe worthy too.)

I sat and watched with my mouth open. I couldn't believe how clueless Kate is about how her actions affect others. Or, how clueless she is that her actions are actually her responsibility and not Jon's.

And, Jon, he looked miserable. He looked like he couldn't stand to be in the same room with the woman. Kate sat there clueless as usual.

My favorite was when she asked if she'd done anything like that in the past few days to which Jon mumbled that she hadn't been home.

It seems that hair plugs isn't all that Jon's had implanted.

Anonymous said...

Colin seems to be short tempered with his siblings. I have not seen the show in awhile, but I remember that when I saw how Colin behaved and certain quirks that he had were very similar to how I use to behave when I was his age and when I was small. My parents and teachers have done a lot to teach me how to express my feelings better and help me interact with others. Colin may need to be given help in this way when he goes to school, and I don't believe Jon or Kate would be able to understand his needs or any of their other children's emotional needs. I have seen a clip on youtube were Kate basically said she wishes Aaden didn't have glasses, because she wants her children to be perfect.