Don't Want to be Anonymous?

This was published here a while back, but based upon recent comments I think it might bear repeating. Please note that you do NOT need to set up any kind of Google account, or provide your email, to post with a nickname or handle rather than as Anonymous:


While we will always allow "Anonymous" posting, we have heard from readers who want to be able to post using a nickname but don't know how to. So here is how to do it:

At the bottom of the box where you type in your comments, there are several radio buttons. The default button selected for you is "Anonymous" (or if you are logged in to your blogger account, your blogger account name is the default).

To post with a nickname, click on the "Name/URL" radio button. Then you will have a place to type in the nickname you want to appear on your comment. Put your nickname there (the URL entry part is optional), then click on "Publish Comment".

VoilĂ !


My9Cats said...


FIONA said...

To All You AA folks...Just kidding,

Make up a name...I would really like to be able to "know" the person I am "talking" to ! :)

Tootie said...

Thank you for the info, I am so computer dumb. Finally a name with my comments! Yippie!

Fidelia said...

Best Blog of the Year!
Best Moderator(s) of the Year!

Are we outgrowing this lovely space?
The private antics of the G's are getting to be almost as amusing as the show.

We are well over 100 messages on some topics.

Moderators are doing a wonderful job in keeping this together and allowing us to vent.

Thank you for your very informative topic of North Carolina. It is my hope that someone in MSM exposes this to the viewing public.

Serena said...

est Blog of the Year!
Best Moderator(s) of the Year!

Thanks! Readers are invited to vote for this blog as their favorite -- there's a link to do so at the top of our sidebar.

We are well over 100 messages on some topics.

Yep, and at the rate of hits we're getting each day, we anticipate reaching a quarter million hits within the next week or two.

We really appreciate all our wonderful readers with their interesting comments and emails.

K.C. said...

I've been watching the number of hits increase daily, WOW! This is AMAZING! The word is spreading.

FYI: It's really simple to register to vote for this blog. I did it, (there is no co$t), and it only took a minute.

Anonni said...

Where are the Best Blog Commenters of the Year catergory, huh?

Carol said...

thanks for the info!

IMHO said...

AA? How about BA (Blogger's anonymous) (Smile!)

Love anonni too - clever!

iluveeyore said...

There is only one problem I have with people posting as "anonymous." I think it would be helpful if we could know where each person was coming from. We could do that if a name is repeated. We could kind of know the mind set of that person.

You don't even have to "register." You could be "Joe Blow," it really doesn't matter. Just use the same name every time you post.