Zondervan Publishing Has No Scruples

Zondervan Publishing has no scruples, and this poster gets it. So does this one.

Jon and Kate's new book (co-authored with Beth Carson, erstwhile friend) is being published by Zondervan Publishing. Zondervan pegs itself as "a world leader in Christian communications".

Really, Z? There is no good defense of this decision. Either they didn't adequately research the Gosselins and therefore are doing this in ignorance, or they know about the lies and other decidedly un-Christian actions of the Gosselins and are proceeding anyway for the sake of profit. Hmm, sounds like the Gosselins themselves -- are they just birds of the same feather?


Anonymous said...

Zondervan seems to have removed all comments to their entry about Multiple Blessings. Apparently they can't stand the heat either.

FIONA said...

So Zondervan had a place to write comments and they took it down? Well that says alot, and so do those remaining comments. That book will end up on the $3 rack at B and N.