"You're not mad at me, are you honey?"

From the discussion page of the Gosselin Wikipedia entry:

Kate did not do IVF. There were no eggs transferred.

Kate used Clomid and Intrauterine Insemination (they inject semen into her cervix) with both pregnancies. But, when she went to get pregnant with the tups, her ovaries became overstimulated with the Clomid and she had 8 ripe follicles. The Dr refused to inseminate her and hospitalized her. Apparently the Drs orders didnt matter to Kate and she had sex with Jon anyway and she was diagnosed pregnant 5 weeks later.

Their website's OUR STORY references the overstimulated ovary hospitalization and the fact that she was diagnosed pregnant a mere 5 weeks after the overstimulation. Furthermore, several times on the show Kate talks about being diagnosed pregnant with the tups and rubs Jons thigh and says, "You're not mad at me are you Honey?" An inference can be had that she had sex with him in an overstimulated state, and kinda tricked him to get her pregnant.

Reprinted with permission from Preesi.


FIONA said...

I think Kate is truly a disturbed individual. I am not making lite of it....but I do think she manipulated doctor's. Some may some, oh well, the kids are here, old news. But if she can do this, she can do other things. I think she needs a very good mental work-up, counseling and probably anxiety medication.

She tells so many different versions of the truth she can't keep them straight. Maybe she is a pathological liar.

From what we have "heard" from her sister, she also seems to be an attention seeker. I just wonder about Kate's upbringing with her not so honest pastor Dad.

Anonymous said...

Actually, she says, "You're not mad at me, honey?" because Jon originally didn't want ANY more children, then agreed to one more because Kate wanted another baby.

I don't necessarily believe the entire overstimulated ovaries/ doctor issue, but in any case, I don't think she "tricked" him into getting her pregnant, as I am sure he knew that she had "overstimulated ovaries."

Serena said...

I don't necessarily believe the entire overstimulated ovaries/ doctor issue,

Kate said on her own website that she was hospitalized for overstimulated ovaries just five weeks before her positive pregnancy test.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW that she had been hospitalized for overstimulated ovaries, but I don't necessarily believe that her doctor refused to do the procedure because of the that reason. Where are the facts and resources to back up such accusations?

Serena said...

I don't necessarily believe that her doctor refused to do the procedure because of the that reason.

Find me a single reputable OB/GYN who would ever agree to inseminate a woman with 8 ripe follicles. The "facts and resources" you want are presumably present in your head -- it's called common sense. Kate was hospitalized for it, no doctor in his/her right mind would even CONSIDER inseminating her in that condition.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate used her nurse's insider position to find doctors she could to go along with her scheme. She was too young and too early into her marriage to undergo such a procedure, and her doctors should not have let this happen--if they could have prevented it. I bet she freaked out when she thought she might have trouble conceiving and decided to take control. What Kate wants, she wants now! The problem is that this procedure put Kate's life and the life of her babies into jeopardy. She's a very lucky woman that her children were born healthy. If she engineered the multiple conception herself, as seems entirely possible, then shame on her for putting so many lives at risk. This is not a woman who should be admired.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has dealt with infertility I can tell you that her story here does have a ring of truth to it. A woman with pcos is multi-cystic to begin with and prone to hyperstimulation. As a person who has overstimmed on fertility drugs I can attest to how painful and miserable it is - and I only had a mild case of it. A woman with a more severe case would potentially need hospitalization. Without artificial insemination, just good old fashioned you know what - I conceived triplets, two intrauterine and one in my right tube. Not a good situation and one that turned out to be a dismal failure as I ended up losing all three and had emergency surgery for the tubal. Many people believe IVF is to blame for higher order multiples - however it is not. The route the Gosselins took - follicle stimulation with artificial insemination is generally where you find the "litter pregnancies". When you are trying very hard to get pregnant and deal with obstacles to get there, including having to take fertility drugs that have unpleasant and uncomfortable side effects - it can be hard to accept being "sidelined" and having an expensive and time consuming cycle scrapped. I do not find it surprising at all - based on personal experience - that someone in that position would do the deed anyway despite the risks.