A Serious Question for Jon and Kate Gosselin Supporters

Although I am new to this blog, I feel quite aware of the ever present people who are willing to name call, insult and curse at those individuals who have disgust for the charade that the eight Gosselin children are forced into costume for, to provide entertainment to television watchers wherever one can tune into TLC. I am, quite frankly, tired of being unable to have a conversation or stating an opinion without being called "jealous" or "petty." It seems to be a common trend.

I think that those people who continue to misunderstand the people who speak out against the Gosselins don't understand that what the Gosselins are doing is truly despicable. Everyone can let out a big *yawn* after this statement, because what I am saying is not going to be breaking headlines for anyone reading, but I do think that some things need to be put into perspective...

FACT: In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, young workers are protected from employment that may interfere with their education or that may be detrimental to the child's health or well-being.

FACT: Jon and Kate Gosselin are allowed to have their eight children create income for them because of a loophole in legislation that allows children under fourteen to work only if their employment is exempt from the child labor standers not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act. One of the exemptions covers performing in theatrical, motion picture, or broadcast productions and work in a business owned by the parents of the child.

The problem with what the Gosselins are doing is twofold for me. First, they are allowing their children to be viewed on television by anyone that knows how to turn on a television, and second, they are profiting from such exploitation. I classify their acts as exploitation because of this: I would not allow strangers into my home to videotape my children, fully clothed, or naked, on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Specifically, I would not allow my children's resultant video to be placed in national circulation for any sicko (yes, sicko) to pick up and watch.

The Gosselin lovers out there did not like when I stated that large "slathering" doses of butter leads to heart attacks, and I would like to direct those individuals to the following link which provides the nutritional data for butter.

However, I do not believe that anyone can disagree with the fact that the number of known existent child sexual predators is distressing and very worrisome. It is for that reason that we tell our children not to talk to strangers.

Although I assume that the production team for "Jon and Kate" has undergone thorough background investigations, I cannot say the same for every person that watches or has access to the program. In fact, I would venture to say that a child molester that has been released from prison and is not able to access the internet but that can watch television would turn directly to TLC to watch this show.

I realize what I am saying is probably highly offensive to some people and will be thoroughly torn through in comments, but to quote a classic "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!" People want to know why people have such a serious problem with "Jon and Kate" and I just gave my biggest one.

I have a feeling that no matter what reason is given, it will be dismissed as irrationality caused by jealousy, however, I have come to the conclusion that if people cannot empathize with the fact that allowing your children to be placed on television, naked, each week, is a problem, then there is no sense to even make any other argument.

So, I would like to conclude with this final question: Would any reader here be comfortable with the fact that a sexual predator (previously arrested or not) has access to videos of your children?

Reprinted with permission from Mrs. Ricardo.


Anonymous said...

While I'm not a supporter (or non-supporter) of Jon and Kate, I do have a question. You comment that these children could be viewed by child predators, but where do we draw the line? I've hardly seen them naked "every week." Also, other children are on TV quite often. Do you suggest we take all kids off TV and out of movies on the off chance that a child molester will see it or have access to it? I agree that sexual predators are disturbing, but I also know that they don't have to watch Jon and Kate for a fix; they can get that just about anywhere. I'm just thinking it is hard to draw that particular line. Its equally as easy for them to turn on network TV and and find children there. As for the crew, I would seriously doubt they have ever done anything inappropriate, they have been around since the beginning and would have been removed if anything had happened.

Anonymous said...

I was flipping channels last night as I was relaxing in the evening and went right past footage of a fully naked Hannah being cleaned up by her mother. At first I didn't realize what it was, and it startled me. The image just seemed entirely inappropriate to me.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Ricardo,

Bravo on this post. Everything you touched on is an important fact and is something everyone here needs to think about.

My family had a sexual predator invade its life and trust me it is more than just "disturbing". It destroys everything you believed in and you change the way you think about everything. My family member was gone from us for a week and we did not expect them to return home. We got lucky. Said predator was already wanted in another state.

The nudity and potty habits of the Gosselin children is wrong and is not something you see in the movies and on network TV by child actors. Advocacy is needed in the reality tv show area to protect these young and innocent children. What frightens me also is from what I have seen written I do not think they would be hard to find if someone wanted to badly enough.

That is truly very scary!

FIONA said...

I don't think your post will inflame as many as you may think. This is the most rational blog I have been on.

I agree 100% with your post. Thank-you for sharing it hear.

I think that is what makes this site unique. We aren't ranting and raving, we have things that have been verified as TRUTH...this site has power. Your contribution was appreciated.

fraulein_b said...

I am new here also, and while I don't know if I qualify as a "supporter" I definately do enjoy watching the show - enough to seek out a message board about the show.

While I understand the concept that some feel that the children are "working" I think it's a grey area. I've spent way too much time with small children to know that it's not like they can recreate multiple takes to film this program...there is no way you could get six 3/4 year olds to do the same thing over and over for the perfect shot. So I tend to think that for the most part, they are living, not technically working (at least not to the degree that children in coal mines used to work...or even as much as the children overseas who make all the stuff people HAVE to buy at WalMart)

As for predators watching these kids, I hate to break it to you folks but they are everywhere. Perverts have a lot more access to much more stuff than the Gosselin kids. Ever go to the beach? I've probally seen more naked toddlers at the beach than I even realize. We can not reform society to protect from every evil...
If what we see on J&K+8 was illegal, it wouldn't make the cut!

I don't think the "non supporters" of the show are jealous or whatever other names they've been called, but I'm a firm believer that the only person you can control is yourself and if you are so opposed to this show and are so disguisted by the content, the only thing you can do is to not watch it...and frankly not help create more buzz by ragging on the show. Call it snark, call it concern...whatever, you are still part of this show and part of what makes it continue by watching it and discussing it. And IMHO, possibly as much to blame for whatever you feel is so disgusting with the show.

Fraulein B

Anonymous said...

What about the millions of parents out there who don't monitor their children's internet access and the kids are allowed to attract sexual predators through their Myspace pages? Look at that 12 year old who was dropped of a store all by herself at a store by a relative who had no idea who she was meeting. Turns out it was most likely some creep she met online. Like someone said before sexual predators are every where. Those kids could be a target of one regardless of whether or not they are on TV. Not every sexual predator watches TV. Every parent that comes to this board could have a sexual predator on their street. Have you check the sex offender list in your area? Why not worry about the sex offenders that could live next door or across and pay closer attention to your own kids instead focusing all your attention on bringing down J&K?

Anonymous said...

Fraulein B, that is so true. Bringing bad press and snarking about John and Kate could back fire and just make the show more popular and make more J&K more sympathetic. How many times have we seen that happen in this country? I think all the people on this board who are counting the minutes till J&K are brought down are going to be disappointed. We are a nation that loves good or bad buzz.

Serena said...

Why not worry about the sex offenders that could live next door or across and pay closer attention to your own kids instead focusing all your attention on bringing down J&K?

What makes you think people can only worry about one thing at a time?

Serena said...

if you are so opposed to this show and are so disguisted by the content, the only thing you can do is to not watch it

Child labor laws wouldn't be here in the first place if people just ignored issues that made them uncomfortable. What kind of people just ignore what they view as child exploitation just because it disgusts them?

Serena said...

counting the minutes till J&K are brought down

Personally, I don't care to see J&K "brought down". I don't care about J&K at all, they're not the kind of people I would ever associate with. I want to see their children be granted the same protection their paid peers receive, and I want the people who donate to them to know that they are being deceived.

Anonymous said...

How they being deceived? They are grown people with minds of their owns. If they want to give, they can give. You know what you pay in taxes most likely doesn't go to what it suppose to. There are taxes hidden in your cell phone bill that go back to the company that it is issued from and not to the government. Are we are talking probably millions of dollars here. And a lot of charities money goes towards overhead instead of getting to people more than you know. And do you think that gas companies really need to charge us $4.00 for gas because they need it to buy more oil to produce gas? Heck no. Most of that $4 is probably going into the executives pockets.

Serena said...

How they being deceived? They are grown people with minds of their owns. If they want to give, they can give.

Obviously people can give if they want, but most people don't take kindly to giving, only to find out later that they gave under false pretenses. Most people would consider it deceitful to collect donations from people who were led to believe something that wasn't true, which is what the Gosselins do on a regular basis.

Jon and Kate travel regularly, on average two out of four weekends per month, to appear as speakers. The usual venue is a church, where they sit up on stage and talk about their tales of woe from four years ago. Stories about how they were broke and unemployed and had no money -- characterizing themselves in ways that no longer apply to them and haven't for quite some time now.

What they fail to mention is their considerable earnings from doing the show. They don't talk about the freebies and donations that have been steadily showered on them in the past few years. They don't bring up the trip to Disney World, or to a ski resort in Utah where they lived in a rental home charging $1,790 per night. They don't mention the free cosmetic surgeries, the free clothing, the free groceries, the free spa visits, etc., to these people in the audience.

Rather, they go on and on about things like how they had to scrounge around in the couch cushions to meet the mortgage payment. The speak as if this is their current reality, when in fact they most likely make more in one month than many of the people sitting there listenting to them make in a year.

Why do they do all this? For the grand finale -- at the end of their little talk, the basket gets passed around and the people are expected to drop in their "love offerings" to help this allegedly poor, strapped family survive day to day.

Afterwards, the fans are invited to pay $20 (CASH ONLY is the rule) to purchase a photograph of the Gosselin clan. The fans are assured that the money is being collected to go towards the children's college education funds -- funds that the Gosselins continue to claim do not exist when in fact, they DO exist.

THAT is how the public is being deceived.

Anonymous said...

They are being decieved because they are being told a story that is four years old. Gone are the days they found the house payment in the couch and the paper towels magically appeared on the porch. They still answer questions like "How do you feed a family of 10 on $150 a week?" It is simply not an issue now with the church donations, product endorsements (which aren't ONLY products), reported 5K per episode, appearance fees for Oprah, Dr. Phil and the likes, closets too full for the doors to shut on the donated clothes from Gap and Gymboree, light bills paid by TLC, money they make by selling advertising space on their website, money they make by selling photos at $20 each. I'm sure I have forgotten a few.

None of that is mentioned at the churches. They present to the good parishioners a woeful tale that suggests they are still struggling and that is far, far from the truth.

Yes, if they revealed all of that and were an open book, and THEN the people coming to hear them speak could be considered well informed and then make the decision to drop a $20 in the hat - so be it. But that is not what is happening.

Type (little) a aka Michele said...

While I agree that it's terribly disingenuous for them to cry poverty in their speeches, my question is, why the hell do people believe them and "dig deep"?

I guess I'm just puzzled that anyone in the audience would buy it. I've met people in poverty, and it wasn't on a stage before a packed house, that's for damn sure.

laura linger said...

I'm not interested in "bringing down" anyone, not even Kate Gosselin, who I do not like, nor Jon Gosselin, who I think needs to grow a pair.

My concerns have always been for the children: for the intrusion that the show must be into their everyday lives, for the scrutiny such attention invariably brings, and the financial situation.

Those "love offerings" are CASH. Are they reported to the IRS? Are they putting money away for those kids? What about the money coming in from product placements and endorsements? Those eight children deserve to enjoy the fruits of THEIR notoriety.

I've asked this before on my blog: where is Paul Petersen and A Minor Consideration in all of this?


"Young Performers are first and foremost, children. They cannot give "informed consent." They do not have the Power to Disobey. In all states but California our working children do not even own the money they earn."

Anonymous said...

"why the hell do people believe them and "dig deep"?"

Why? Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Joel, Colin, Aaden. Cara. Mady.

I've heard that while the plate is being passed, there's an adorable slide show with music rolling of the kids.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is being deceived. The people who attend the J&K talks are most likely people who watch the show and are, therefore, privy to the same information as everyone else. J&K may talk about the hard times, but given that they are billed as "stars" of Discovery channel show J&K+8 I'm pretty sure the attendees are aware of their current situation.

Anonymous said...

Laura Linger:
"I'm not interested in "bringing down" anyone, not even Kate Gosselin, who I do not like, nor Jon Gosselin, who I think needs to grow a pair."

This is a great point, Laura...I don't think anyone here or elsewhere is interested in "bringing down" the Gosselins. We are not monsters, we are only observing a couple whose actions are bringing themselves down. They will lose some notoriety and income, but I do think things will be better for the children, once it all washes out. My largest concern for the kids once things are said and done, wrapped up so to speak, would be the consequences to their parents' marriage, and how that may effect them.

But, life goes on and while hoping for the best for the kids, we will see, as these parents have made it their choice to have us see.

Anonymous said...

John and Kate hold their speaking engagements in evangelical Christian churches - attended by right-wing bible-banging zealots who take everything literally. They buy into the John and Kate "poverty" claim hook, line, and sinker because they do not have the intellecutual acumen to know any better. It's interesting that J and K never go to mainline Protestant churches or Catholic churches...they can't - as people in these churches know a load of bull when they hear it. Are J and K planning to do these speaking tours indefinitely? The game is over - hopefully after that book comes out from Zondervan, they'll go away for good. It is disgusting how they have pimped out their children. Kate is a clinical narcissist and Jon is emasculated loser.

Anonymous said...

It's because that's the crowd that would allow her to waterboard one of them on stage and they'd all coo and shake their heads in unison and sigh ~~ "Look at that - That child is here because she didn't reduce. How adorable."

Meanwhile, the same right wingers are up in arms because the African American mom across their very own town who can't buy groceries AND keep the lights on needs a little help, and be damned! if their tax dollars go to her HER. "Get a job!"

All this without a word of Kate Gosselin appealing to keep her state funded Medicaid nurse longer than necessary because she was "special" EVER being uttered on the stage.

kristen ciara said...

What I want to know is, where do you all find out this information about the Gosselins, basically, how do you know for a FACT that they are looking for donations from Church's, said these things about Aunt Jodi, etc. ? I'm sorry but until I hear it from Jon and Kate's mouths or another reliable source close to the family, I really can't believe it 100%. Just because others say these kinds of things don't mean they are true, I mean they could be, I'm not saying for a fact that they are true or false, it's just a rumor and an opinion for the most part.

I really don't think the kids are being completely exploited, the kids seem to enjoy the camera's and even on the show you can see the kids watching episodes at naptime and they enjoy it. J&K said they set aside money all the time for their college education so it's not all going into J&K's pockets to use on themselves. I personally like the show and maybe I'm just not caught up enough of the negative parts of the Gosselin's lives. I've never came here before, just found this board through a simple google search, so I haven't read every post and I don't know every detail so please excuse my ignorance lol :)

Hope to get some reliable insight on the matter.

- Kristen

Serena said...

What I want to know is, where do you all find out this information about the Gosselins, basically, how do you know for a FACT that they are looking for donations from Church's,

First-hand accounts from people who have attended the talks and have described the "passing of the basket" for "love offerings". If you want to see a current example, this Church's announcement of Jon and Kate's upcoming appearance at their Church explicitly tells attendees that they should come prepared to give a love offering.

said these things about Aunt Jodi

We have met personally, face-to-face with Aunt Jodi's sister (Julie). We have verified her identity to our complete satisfaction, and we believe her account of what happened. We aren't trying to convince anyone -- it's up to each person to believe or not. We are simply exposing what we have come to learn.

I haven't read every post and I don't know every detail so please excuse my ignorance lol :)

No problem, this is a busy blog and it's hard to play catch up! Glad to have you here.

kristen ciara said...

Thanks for the info Serena. I'll just do a little research here and there on my freetime and get caught up on things :-)

FIONA said...

J&K said they set aside money all the time for their college education

I have seen every episode several times, and I have NEVER heard them state the parents state they were putting money away for college.

Welcome by the way!

kristen ciara said...

I think the place I heard them speaking about it was either during the will episode, where it was mentioned but I heard it more during one of their couch talks. It was in an earlier season I believe.
- Kristen

Anonymous said...

In the post upthread giving link to the specific church where J & K will speak and wording of 'love offering', it also states that children are welcome as it will be a fast paced multi-media event that will promise to hold a child's attention. So now J & K speaking engagements are multi-media?
What do they include, a slide presentation of their family over the years including their recent music video? As if it wasnt enough that people can watch their 'reality' show numerous times daily over the course of the week that they must also shove images of themselves and their chldren down the throats of the speech audience in an attempt to further pull at the heart strings and in turn reap the benefits of more 'love offerings'? But, it doesnt stop there. Before departing, you can also PURCHASE a signed photograph of J & K + 8. This is a perfect example of J & K pimping out their family/children for profit !!

FIONA said...

I bet so..and I bet you get to see their new music video.

Anonymous said...

See this letter from the surviving Dionne quints to the McCaughey family.

Anonymous said...

TV show,speaking engagements, music videos, photos for sale, a book--what's next? Jon and Kate--the movie? Kate's organic Monkey Munch available in upscale supermarkets? Kate's Definite Guide to Stain Removal (buy now and receive two for the low price of $19.99 plus S&H)? Only in our pop culture driven world could two not-too-bright, untalented people media-pimp their children to live the good life. Carry on, little Gosselins. There are untapped opportunities out there. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

This is unfortunately the reality of living in our culture. Any one of these things may actually happen - a movie, Monkey Munch, etc. John and Kate are simply trailer trash and will continue pimping out their kids as long as there is a market for it. Interesting that their "base market" are the evangelical Christian wingnuts. I wonder what that moron, Dr. James Dobson, would have to say about pimping out your kids?????

Anonymous said...

God apparently left paper towels outside the g's door when times were tough. Then, they were offered a TV show. And a tummy tuck, and a ski trip, and hair plugs, and Disney. If God isn't talking to Jon and Kate, He's not talking to anybody

Anonymous said...

In response to the original question about allowing this type of footage to be shown (let alone filmed at all)...I think it's reprehensible and should have never have happened. I'm mom to a beautiful little boy and have received comments from complete strangers that he should be a child model. I won't even post his picture on a public blog of a friend because I don't want wierdos looking at him, so the thought of making money off his image is simply not an option to me and my husband. How people can do this and sleep without the nagging thought that some crazy person might go after their child is beyond me. I would be scared to death.

Anonymous said...

watching a recent show the kids are 4 yrs old and still wearing bibs and sitting on potty chairs and are still referred as the "babies". Jon is Kate's doormat. Kate should be grateful she has Aunt Jodie,Beth and Beth's daughters to care for the kids. I don't know how they can stand her. All she seems to do is take,take take what does she do in return for all the help she gets financially and physically from everyone involved.

McAngie said...

I say more power to Jon & Kate, we're a large family too and I'm expecting my 8th child. What people don't know or understand, which is ok, is that when you do have alot of children, you HAVE to be organized and you HAVE to have a schedule. But hey, we're all entitled to our opinions and frankly opinions are like buttholes we all have them and they all stink. It's their life, this is the way they are choosing to live it.

Spread a little love people.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I know too much about this family and I would not give them one red cent. People, please think, would they do the same for us? NOT. Greedy people, that is all they are and I would not watch their show, because frankly, those kids screaming like banshees get on my nerves and more attention for those greedy parents. Hair plugs, really! Poor kids

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at what I am reading! A "love offering"? Please!! How many parents who accept "love offerings" have plastic surgery? Where is the true humility?? Kate is vain, selfish woman who is making her kids as OCD as she is! How cruel to take your children to bakery that has very generously offered to let the kids decorate cupcakes for free and all this while the shop is only open to them, and Kate is jumpng out of her skin with fear that kids may get frosting on thier clothes! Clothes that she has not even had to buy!! The whole " we will do anything for kids and not feel guilty about it" is just an excuse to pimp those kids out with no shame! Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

I actually used to watch J&K until it became very obvious that they are greedy disgusting people who are using their kids for fame, money and the right to sit on their butts and not work. People can support them all they want too and become angry with others who do not like them. However, is it just a coincedence that the Gosselins entire neighborhood cannot stand them nor do the people who shop where they do because they know J&K and they know how greedy they really are. Hello I know, I live there. Is it also weird that their famalies do not speak to them because of this as well. Their program is legal "child slavery" simply because it is on TV. The fact they they do allow their children to be shown nude is just another example of them whoring out their kids for money. It is a disgrace and rather troubling to see these 2 idiots use their children no matter what and how for a profit.

Anonymous said...

I was a fan of the show until recently when i read aunt jodi's sisters blog. I am truely disgusted. Everyone writes things that maybe untrue, but when aunt jodi got on the site and says that everything is true, I turned the show off. I agree with everyone that says we should stop watching. If it werent for fans like us they wouldnt have any money, kates stomach would still be gross and jon would be totally bald. Apparently, he doesnt have hair on his kiwi's either because he lets kate walk all over him. She treats him like a dog, critizes his speech, critizes his breathing etc, i could go on forever. I dont care how they sugar coat why they fight and talk badly to each other in front of the kids, but it is a sure sign that she does not respect him. Dont they realize kids feel the effects (and they are sometimes long term) of parents fighting and talking badly to each other in front of them. They are also picking up that its ok to treat people badly and talk to your spouse like a they are your whipping boy not their equal partner. But jon lets it happen, so he deserves to sit in his misery. I am truely disgusted by kate. She better realize that everything always comes to an end. Once that show is cancelled, lets see how long that money lasts and see how many family member are gone with it. Its lonely at the top, especially when you burn people on your way up.

Anonymous said...

Are Jon and Kate aware of all the negative info being portrayed against them. I too use to enjoy the show but Kate has irritated me to the point that I can't watch it anymore, she is mean spirited, lazy and I don't see how her life can be that difficult. I am a single mother of a child afflicted with Cerbral Palsy, I have done it ALL by myself, I never had a personal chef when he developed acid reflux, I was never given a vehicle shen he became too large for me to lift into a car, never mind breaking his 400 lb wheelchair into 5 pieces and loading it into the car (one trip took 15 minutes to load, 15 minutes to unload each way and if it rains, well, we do it in the rain) I never had anyone come help when he was sick, or injured, or with laundry. Give me a break. I'd have more sympathy for her if SHE were actually particpating in raising her chidlren but from what I read, she isn't she jsut complains about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Jon and Kate are very aware of the negative criticism, but they justify their behavior by claiming people are just jealous.

They have grown to lust after all the money and celebrity they receive and are not about to let that go, even if it means their children are targets for future emotional suffering and endangerment from whack-jobs out there. Only when some lunatic comes after one of their children will they wish they would have stopped this charade before it even started.

I have been a teacher for a long time now, and see many families with MUCH less than the Gosselins ever had, and still manage to treat people with kindness and respect and not have their hands out for freebies all the time. It is rather sad to watch J&K attempt to be so mature and act as role models, but come off as two extrememly immature individuals who can't see the forest for the money trees.

Anonymous said...

I think what is scary is not only the fact that they let the world watch the kids going potty and getting baths, but the fact that they let grown camera men watch and film these children is quite disturbing. Do you think they have done background checks on everyone coming in and out of their home? I am also wondering if any of these men are ever left alone with the children? I would never think of letting strange men film my children going to the bathroom..that should strike a nerve with mothers everywhere if they truly put some thought into if they would let grown men see their half naked daughters. It does not matter if the men are predators or not...it is still creepy that a mom would not have some objections to it.

Anonymous said...

Quote : "you HAVE to be organized and you HAVE to have a schedule. "

Any family regardless of how large or small operates more smoothly when they have a schedule and are organized? However, there is simply NO justification for exploiting one's own children for the sole purpose of monetary gain !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think what is scary is not only the fact that they let the world watch the kids going potty and getting baths, but the fact that they let grown camera men watch and film these children is quite disturbing.

This would be a huge issue in the real world, but in J&K's world, as long as you throw $$$, freebies and vacations their way, they are willing to keep the blinders on.

You know, I am not seeing how the filming of undressed minors ( and butt cracks ) in this situation is not considered child pornography. How is this different? If I allowed a grown man into my home and allowed him to videotape my minor daughter (or son) on the potty, in the shower, or changing clothes, that man and myself would most likely be arrested.

I found the following on a website where you can ask a lawyer about photography laws in the state of PA.:

"Jessica wrote: My question is…. If someone could please tell me, honestly… Is it against the law to take a nude photo of your own child… Ex. “In the bath with a younger sibling, cousin. etc. (all bein under the age of 4 yr old.)??? Also just to add… I’m referring to pictures like just for memories to have when they’re older!!! I am not IN ANY WAY… being perverted!!!

February 6th, 2006 at 10:44 PM
Andrew says:
Jessica: I don’t believe it’s against the law to take the photos. You could run into trouble depending on what you do with them, though. Don’t display them or share them widely. But for the family album? Shouldn’t be a problem."

Soooooo....don't you think it's a problem when J&K "share" these nudie videotaped episodes on national tv?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Are Jon and Kate aware of all the negative info being portrayed against them."
Are you kidding? J & K are not only aware of the negative info but are so dependant on that information that they live their lives TO THE SCRIPT by said negative information. What the public and viewers see in J & K is not a true representation of their life, but a fabrication of actions, behaviors and events forumulated to off set the negative opinions and critics and appease the 'faithful fans' who live vicariously through them.

Anonymous said...

"People can support them all they want too and become angry with others who do not like them. However, is it just a coincedence that the Gosselins entire neighborhood cannot stand them nor do the people who shop where they do because they know J&K and they know how greedy they really are. Hello I know, I live there. Is it also weird that their famalies do not speak to them because of this as well. "

And is it a coincidence that every person who knows them and is coming forward is speaking of negative experiences with them or negative things they have done? Where are the people who know them and love them who will speak up on their behalf and say positive things to counteract the tide of negative publicity they are getting? The answer is that there is no one. Jon and Kate have burnt every bridge and stepped on the backs of every family member and friend along the way as they climb the ladder of greed and notoriety. Their only inner circle is people who make money off of them. And they are all united with Kon in the pursuit of maintaining their materialistic, greedy lifestyles at the expense of eight young children. They don't care about their naked images being broadcast all over the world. They care about lining their pockets. To do this, they have to strike while the iron is hot. Cute kids get older and are not as cute anymore. The shelf life of a reality TV show is not indefinite. So Kon and their crew will continue to lie to their fans, deceive their audience, and pimp out the kids until somebody pulls the plug. They will not voluntarily step down. They will ride the gravy train til the bitter end.

Anonymous said...

I find the "child predator" angle to be an odd one stemming too deeply and darkly into the realm of sheer paranoia. And butter? Meat is bad for your health too, why not mention that, if you wish to be that nitpicky on their diet.