Kate is Definitely Uncomfortable

After watching last nights episode where Jon takes the boys out to golf, I felt that Kate was very uncomfortable while the cameras were on her. I have been watching the show since the beginning and feel like I have seen her many moods and personality caught on camera enough to make this assumption. My first comment refers to when she was buckling Alexis in her car seat and Alexis said she needed to pee. Now I realize that kids can manipulate and are probably learning some great tricks that Kate herself employs. But this is the tup that also vomits at will. Kate just seemed pissed off during all of that footage. I thought the way she shut the van door was like.."just leave me the hell alone"...And once home, Kate who usually is always mugging at the camera for validation, was clearly NOT doing that. She was barely going thru the motions with her 3 little girls. I have a feeling that all of the bad publicity is getting to Kate-maybe Jon not so much. While Kate seems tough and bitchy on the outside, my guess is she gets HER feelings hurt easily. I think she is very much struggling with the fact that many, many people do not like her and find what she is doing with her children terrible parenting.

Also, during the chair time with Jon, she looked haggared and sad. That woman shocks over the littlest things. "Where were the boys playing"...."could you see them"....Plus-is Kate just STUPID? I don't know alot about sports but I pretty much know the basics of them all. She had NO clue about golf! This woman who is in such dire need for her kids to have life experiences, doesn't want them for herself. Kate is a sad and sick woman who desperatly needs help.

Reprinted with permission from Fiona.


Lisa said...

I think Kate just looks strange lately, period. I think she's had some Botox and perhaps a little work around her eyes ... and her lips looked plumped-up.

Anonymous said...

I can kind of feel for Kate on the whole Alexis/carseat issue. I have two of my own and they have played that game as well and I know there have been many times I've slammed my door shut and grumbled to myself. LOL But Kate is looking tired/haggared and just not wanting to be there.

What I did find funny with the carseat thing though was that Hannah was sitting right beside her and was trying to pull the same crap as Alexis. Looks like Hannah is a follower Kate, not so much that leader that you like to call her so much!

Serena said...

I noticed during the whole "making Monkey Munch" scene, Kate looked just grumpy and checked out of it.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Kate appeared extremely disconnected in last night's episode including her body language ie. arms crossed during the couch confessional. The making of the monkey munch scenes in the kitchen were so obviously scripted as were the driving to and from the grocery store. Although we never really witnessed Kate doing any real grocery shopping with her three little girls. I dont understand why TLC scripted a show topic of daddy and the boys at a golf course? The boys had absolutely zero interest in the concept of playing golf even though Kate was ademate in her suggestion of dressing them in appropriate golf attire, collared polo shirts. Why a golf course? Daddy should have just taken them to a playground or the park it was obvious that the boys had more fun and were perfectly content running and playing on the grass... which im sure a 'rare treat' to them. Last night's episode is a perfect example , of many, of how scripted this show has become. Am I to really believe that the boys spending a day with daddy playing golf and the girls in the kitchen making Monkey Munch with mommy is just a typical day in the life of the Gosselin family?

Serena said...

Why a golf course?

The first thing Jon said on this episode was that golf was the only thing he could think of that HE would enjoy doing.

I have a feeling that production heard "golf" and had to go out and find a course willing to close down on a weekday so they could film there with no one else around.

No other golfers were there -- thank God, it would have been insane to take three little boys out on a course where golf balls are whizzing around.

But yeah, this show isn't scripted... it is just the silent, unobtrusive cameras following them around in their natural element.

laura linger said...

My money is on Botox. Her eyes look wonky these days.

Anonymous said...

It does appear as if Kate has had some botox done to the so called '11' lines on her forehead between her eyes. In the older episodes the lines are obviously apparent, not so much in the more recent episodes. Im pretty sure we can add botox to the ever expanding list of vanity procedures for Jon and Kate. Better keep those love offerings coming people, botox only lasts about 3-4 months at best. Unless of course, one of the upcoming 30 or so new episodes features a Kate's Day out complete with Botox product placement.

Christi said...

If Kate's as organized as she claims, how did she run out of ingredients for Monkey Munch? (And is the powdered sugar that essential for Munch?) At least it got her to drive somewhere with the girls.

Golf was such a lousy idea for a boys' day out, at least "real" golf. Mini golf would have been a much better time, IMO. (DH agrees, and he's at least played golf; I never have.) But the boys did manage to get some running-on-the-grass time out of it, so I guess it could have been worse.

Flip Flop Diva said...

I didn't get the whole golf course thing either, but did anyone else catch Jon's comment to the boys when they were scared they would get dirty? It's just sad to me that little kids, boys especially, are THAT worried about getting dirty.

Sharla said...

It bothered me that Collin of all the boys, Collin, was worried about getting dirty. I fear the gum on the bear is going to linger in his mind for awhile. Prior to the gum issue, I don't think Collin would have noticed or cared.

Anonymous said...

I, too, for a time, jumped on the "I hate Kate" bandwagon. Is she annoying? Yes. Could her parenting skills improve? Absolutely. Does she speak to her husband in a totally inappropriate manner? A thousand times, yes. Is she a bit shallow? Sure. If we're honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of the same things, perhaps to a lesser degree or with less frequency.

However, I've come to realize that the degree of vitriol aimed in her direction is wholly out of proportion and bordering on the unhealthy. Yes, the Gosselins asked TLC into their home, and yes, I'm sure they did it for financial reasons. Money is such a driving factor in our society today, I'm not so sure any of us can say with total certainty that we wouldn't be swayed by such an offer with 8 mouths to feed (yes, I know they received a lot of charity, a lot of things for free, I know, I know).

Not many people could withstand the level of scrutiny these people receive. Humble yourself and remember the times you've yelled at your kids, snarked off to your husband, looked like crap, had sticking-up hair, shown poor judgment, taken the easy way out, whatever. Now imagine it was caught on tape and replayed to a national audience ad nauseum. Even if I got paid every time the damn thing aired, I'm not sure that would take the sting out of it for me.

I'm really not trying to be confrontational. I am just as guilty of judging these people harshly as is anyone else, I promise. It's just that one day I stopped and wondered how it would feel to be Kate. And it seemed like it would suck, all the way 'round.

Serena said...

Even if I got paid every time the damn thing aired, I'm not sure that would take the sting out of it for me.

Jon and Kate have always had options. Their choice has been to renew their contracts each time the offer was made. I'm guessing it really doesn't sting all that much as long as the money keeps rolling in. I think you're feeling sorry for the wrong person.

It's just that one day I stopped and wondered how it would feel to be Kate. And it seemed like it would suck, all the way 'round.

I've wondered the same thing about the children... how would it feel to be raised in a fishbowl by a narcissistic control freak mom. The difference is, Kate is where she is because of her own choices. The children have no say in their exploitation.

I'm really not trying to be confrontational.

You have a viewpoint and stated it without being rude -- noted and appreciated! :)

Anonymous said...

I read the FAQ's to make sure to avoid being redundant, & noticed a lot of declarations of "child advocacy". While I would never deny anyone's stated intent, I will offer the opinion that some of the posts veer into shallow criticisms, which could undermine the "advocacy" message coming across.

Do I think that the children are being exploited? Maybe, but if they are, it's due to overexposure, lack of privacy, restrictive shooting schedules, etc.

It seems a lot of the things being brought up here have to do with Jon & Kate's parenting choices, which would probably be the same whether or not they were being filmed. Jon rolling his eyes, Kate's unsafe grocery cart practices, Jon playing golf & ignoring the boys--these are all things that could be open to legitimate criticism, but not from a "child advocacy" point of view. None of those parenting mistakes have to do with exploitation by the show, except that they happened to be filmed.

I never post on blogs, but read posts a lot & hate when they degenerate into back and forth rudeness. Hope my comments are taken in the positive spirit they're meant!

Serena said...

I never post on blogs, but read posts a lot & hate when they degenerate into back and forth rudeness. Hope my comments are taken in the positive spirit they're meant!

Those are excellent points, and I understand what you are saying.

There are many different people reading and posting here, and not all of them have the same motivation.

Personally, my main concern with Jon and Kate is that they are putting their children in a position that would be illegal if the children were professionals living in other parts of the country.

There are child labor laws for a very good reason, laws that parents in the industry have worked long and hard to have established and enforced, and my opinion is that the Gosselin children and those who follow in their footsteps deserve to be granted that same protection. I honestly believe that there have already been serious consequences which will only get worse as the years go by and their fishbowl existence drags on.

As far as Jon and Kate's parenting and general personality -- well I have complaints about that as well but I don't spend much time ruminating on those because I think I have bigger fish to fry.

I might snark on those from time to time just because, well, there is the perfect storm of so much material AND a woman who is adored by fans who use exclamations like "wonderful!", "amazing!", and "awesome!" to describe her.

My other concern is the deceptive practices Jon and Kate engage in when dealing with the public -- practices that are tailor-made to get as much money and as many donations thrown their way as possible. But I am hoping that, like often happens in life, their lies will catch up with them.

Serena said...

P.S. I fixed the broken link in the FAQ.

Flip Flop Diva said...

I will say that I watched the one hour special that aired on Discovery Health a long time ago and was immediately intrigued by this family. When they got their show on TLC, I watched when I could. I have noticed a huge difference in the “approach” that is used on the show, as I’m sure many of you have. I think some of that is partly on the fault of production and editing, because you can edit anything to make it look a certain way. I would not say that I am a fan of the show, or a hater of the Gosselins, I’m just interested (and those kids are adorable). I do cringe at some of what is said and done on the part of Kate and Jon, but I try to keep in mind that we are only seeing parts of the story, and those parts are what makes for good (though sometimes lacking) television, and it’s what keeps the viewers tuned in. I can’t help but to try to learn more and more about Kate and Jon because it seems that there is so very little out there to be found. That is what interests me the most, the fact that there seem to be so many secrets or “unmentionable” items attached to this family. I suppose that portions of the secrecy could be done on purpose by the Gosselins because there truly is something they do not want everyone to know, or it could be for publicity plain and simple. Some may say that it is because they would like to have some type of privacy, but it does not seem that this family is very concerned with privacy in any other aspects of their lives, so it does lead me to believe that they protest a little too much. Just my opinion, for what it’s worth…

Anonymous said...

I understand also that production and editing can make a situation or person look worse than in 24/7 real life. I also believe that if the footage wasn't there, it couldn't be edited into such circumstances.

I also think that if editing creates a poor reputation for Jon and Kate, or emotional circumstances for this family, they should simply push the "no" button on contract renewal, buckle down and make a different and more peaceful life for their family. This, I believe, is the poorest of Jon & Kate's parenting choices. I also believe we all snark about this and that with these two, as they put the target on themselves being in the public domain, but ultimately the exploitation of filming these children within such a demanding and stressful schedule is what would be great to see and end of. Anonymity is golden, if Jon and Kate hate the bad press, they have no one to point fingers at but themselves.

Anonymous said...

Word to that, watchoverthem. J and K are their own worst enemies, immortalizing their dysfunctino for all the world to see and then crying foul. The children are the innocent victims of their parents' greed and poor judgement.

Flip Flop Diva said...

WatchOverThem, agreed.

I actually started my last comment with the intention of stating that I thought that J&K had fairly decent intentions with allowing their lives to be filmed in the beginning. I really do believe that somewhere in there, they were trying to provide for their children. However, now I think they are riding the gravy train as far as it will go. It happens all the time, greed takes over and clouds judgement.

Anonymous said...

 Yes, something is very off with Kate - her comportment is just odd. I saw a glimpse of the interview they did for the Today show and again odd. She appears distressed, awkward and measured. I really believe that she did not read the negative email in the beginning and thought that everyone, save a few dissenting weirdos, loved her and thought she was a supermom. By the way, did you see the episode where they read email and someone called her supermom? Either through her facial expressions or words, I can't remember, she came across as so pompous and pathetic - bleeech. Back to my point, I think the disdain for this woman reached a critical mass that even the blissfully unaware Kate had to acknowledge. At this point, I think she vascillates between wanting to be seen in a better light and then intense resentment. It looks like she doesn't know what the right words or expressions are so she is flat. Like she goes back to her agent and says "There are you happy?". I also wonder if Jon ever uses the dislike of her against her in fights. They are the least Christ-like people I have ever witnessed. Also, that silly, melodramatic show of emotion by hugging and rolling around on the ground with a daughter only then to be seen callously blowing off the son who wanted to say goodbye just shows how completely incapable of seeing how she comes off. She was trying to play loving mom but the production company kept enough footage to show it was an act. What mother could resist grabbing and hugging your child when they are basically pleading for you to love them. Horrible.

FIONA said...

This was posted on Imperfect Parent....A woman saw Kate at the Hershey Hotel yeasterday checking in for a spa day. The woman, who states she is a fan, recongnized kate and said hello. Kate responded with, "I,m not her today"...not hello. I don't know if this is true...it sure could be...however, when this gets back to Kate, and I am thinking it will...perhaps she should remember to be a bit friendly to her fans.

Oh, I don't know what I would say if I ran into her......hmm

Anonymous said...

Alexis is not the one with the vomit, that is Leah.

I worry about how she lets them stand up in their high chairs at the dinner table sometimes...but I can see how it would be difficult to stop.