If I ever find out who this Wiki person is, there is going to be hell to pay!

The recent addition of quite a few controversial facts to the Gosselin Wikipedia entry have Jon and Kate (or their minions) in a tizzy. They have been going nuts trying to get the more damning ones removed, only to see them re-instated when proof is provided to the Wiki powers that be.

One reader of this blog speculates on the scene with Jon hunched over his computer-in-the-closet, feverishly challenging what he knows is true:
Jon: ...I am trying to get the whole thing deleted. Now get out of my closet. Your wild arm gestures are moving the hangers around and the clothes swishing around my head disrupts my mad IT skillz.
Kate: Oh you better get the whole thing deleted. I am NOT going back to nursing and you are NOT ever leaving this house ever again, leaving me with those little monsters, so you better keep the dollars rolling in.
Jon: Why don't you go print up some more bible quotes on index cards and post them all over the house?
Kate: If I ever find out who this Wiki person is, there is going to be hell to pay. I am Kate Gosselin! My sheeple are legion! They will go out in a great wave and cover the earth and spread my word and give me money...
Jon: Sigh. Go away. I have to challenge some more facts and need to think. Your hair is giving me a headache.
Kate: Oh yeah? Well your hair is giving me a headache. You're SO ungrateful, Jon.
Reprinted with permission from Kablooey.

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laura linger said...

I suspect that Lord Gosselin has been a recent visitor to my blog, too. I've had an awful lot of interest lately from a particular part of Pennsylvania, and the posts that reader is interested in all have to do with Kate.

What Lord Gosselin doesn't know is that I am a paralegal, a professional writer and editor, and I know my business. If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen...and the law is on the bloggers' side on this one.

I (and everyone else who writes about them) would not know who they were if they hadn't stuck themselves on television. You cannot have it both ways.

p.s. For what it is worth, I praise just as many people on my blog as I criticize.