How Many People Does it Take to Write a Book?

Zondervan's original press release regarding its upcoming publication Multiple Blessings announces that it "has signed an exclusive agreement with Kate Gosselin", and it notes the publication date is scheduled for October 2008. It announces that the book is to be co-authored with [erstwhile friend] Beth Carson. Notice the dust jacket -- no mention of Jon.

Following the rift with BFF Beth -- the same Beth that we have seen Kate fawn over in previous episodes... the same Beth that Kate described as an "angel from heaven... the same Beth who was a regular babysitter of the Gosselin children -- the dust jacket received a makeover, this time adding Jon to top billing and pushing the publication back a month, to November 2008.

Also with the addition of Jon came 16 additional pages (jumping from 208 pages to 224) -- I wonder if Kate let him type without interrupting him, correcting his grammar, or slapping his face?


Anonymous said...

I've seen a few mentions of Beth not being in the picture anymore, but don't have a clue what people are talking about. Are they no longer friends or what happened? Can anyone tell me? I think this is sad since Beth seemed like such a lovely person and Kate was lucky to have her in their life :(.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought the dipute would be about the proceeds (percentage) of the book. (Not that Beth needs the money - just thinking along the lines that Kate would want 99%)

Anonymous said...

I too would like to know what source can be credited for the "rumor" that Beth is no longer Kate's friend.

Perhaps Beth now chooses to stay under the radar to avoid being continually subjected to the same sewerage that Jon & Kate are now covered in!

Yes, I say that as a HUGE fan of Jon & Kate! I "love" them, their show and wish them all the success in the world!


Serena said...

Perhaps Beth now chooses to stay under the radar to avoid being continually subjected to the same sewerage that Jon & Kate are now covered in!

Beth has nothing to worry about. If she dabbled in child exploitation and lying to the public like Jon & Kate do, she might generate some of the same consequences.

Beth has more integrity than that. The rift is not a rumor.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for Beth to write her own book. Maybe she will take the high road and keep circumstances to herself. Maybe Jon "threatened" her to keep quiet, he seems pretty busy in the closet these days working on damage control (pahleeeeze). Maybe Kate had enough of Beth becoming more loved and popular than The Queen Mother herself and decided "she just won't be in our daily lives". Jodi, also. Maybe she won't pimp her life, or the lives of the Gosslings out to make a buck.

Maybe she worries about the Gosslings but can't deal with the Honking Manure Machine Goose and Gander's behavior anymore and just jumped ship, to concentrate on her own family.

FIONA said...

I guess anyone can author their comments as they see fit...

Anyway, my thought is that Jon's name was just recently added as an author. I suppose the terms were changed and that could have caused a riff.

I am not sure if I feel that Beth has as much integrity as we may have given her credit for....but giving her the benefit of the doubt, for now...maybe she just got sick of Kate's behavior.