Houses and Big Changes Recap

This is the show where Jon and Kate will be making a huge announcement! I can hardly wait!

Jon warns us that this is the hardest episode ever. I appreciate his warning and prop toothpicks into my eyelids to keep from dozing off.

There it comes! The big reveal is that Kate's "goal is peace for the kids". OMG! I had no idea! continue

Submitted by guest recapper Marinka. Check out for more snarky goodness!


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Marinka said...

This is the show where Jon and Kate will be making a huge announcement! I can hardly wait!

Jon warns us that this is the hardest episode ever. I appreciate his warning and prop toothpicks into my eyelids to keep from dozing off.

There it comes! The big reveal is that Kate's "goal is peace for the kids". OMG! I had no idea!

Kate loves the smell of playdoh! Another huge announcement. Whoa! Is this sweeps? Because they sure are packing this episode with one surprise after another.

The kids are getting Crooked Houses, playhouses manufactured by a Maine company and made crooked to look like kids made them! Personally, I suspect that these houses are made by kids in some work camp and that's why they're crooked, but that TLC, feeling the heat from the Department of Labor investigation, went with the "made to look like kids designed them" angle. The company sends stencils and the kids color it in and the design team does a rendering. While explaining this, it is important that Jon stand near his tractor at all times, to imply that he is logging the wood and is therefore an integral part of the house construction. 

Jon thinks that any excuse to knock down trees is fun! I am becoming concerned that TLC is in violation of Pennsylvania Labor Laws by letting Jon appear on the show.

There is a lot of tractor/skids action to unload the houses, the upshot of which is that Jon is a huge hero for having a tractor because if it were not for his tractor, we'd all be totally screwed.

Kate tells us that Jon was going to put the houses in the woods, away from the paparazzi. And possibly her. Kate thinks that her five year olds would not be able to go there by themselves. Obviously, Kate sucks at math, because according to my calculations five years old times six kids is thirty years old, and why can't a thirty year old go into the woods? Then there are further math problems when Kate worries that what if three kids wanted to play in the crooked house and three didn't? And there's one adult. OMG, where are the other two kids? Kate says that Jon wants the houses too far in the woods because that's what he wants, not what the kids want. Kate is risking World War III and is putting her foot down. The crooked houses must be closer!

Marinka said...

Kate's stomach is churning. She wants the houses where the adults can watch them. But she also wants to avoid a confrontation with Jon. Hello, Kate? This is about the ratings. Start confronting.

Kate tells the Crooked House guy that they want to sent up Mady and Cara's houses in the woods to make Jon happy. The Crooked House guy looks like he'd received hostage negotiation training as he and Kate scheme on how to break the news to Jon.

Meanwhile, Jon is still in his tractor clearing the Brazilian rain forest.

I get a snack during the commercial break so as to enjoy the promised World War III all the more, and the Crooked House guy tells Jon, "dude, the houses are going here not on your cleared land" and Jon says "OK". Compared to the first two World Wars, this one is not bad at all.

The kids are wearing Create Crooked t shirts which is some kind of a crazy cosmic coincidence since this is an episode about Crooked Houses. Wow, see how they snuck that in?

Kate decides to have a picnic while everyone is assembling the houses. Jon concedes that kids have to eat. Kate says that picnics outside in nice weather is what they're all about. Because clean up is easy by shaking out the blanket. Is that the big announcement?

Kate holds up something that looks like a granola bar and asks if everyone wants one and when they all the kids do, she announces that they can't have it because she only has five. Seriously, is the number of children that she has that difficult to remember? But maybe she's trying to teach them about the recession in a way that the children can understand. Some kid suggests that they can share. A budding socialist.

Kate likes to sit out in the sun and feel the warmth. The sun is nice. It shines on Kate.

The workers are starting to comment that the set up is going to take longer than the time allotted. Tell me about it. A heavy set man tells Jon that he has "something for you in the truck" and invites him to see it. Jon says "cool". Could this be the big announcement?

While Jon is in the truck with the guy, Kate tells us that the kids matter most and that although she doesn't always feel happy and jovial, she puts on a happy face. Is she thrilled with how things have turned out? No. Are there days when she feels awful? Yes. She continues this method of asking herself questions and answering them, therefore taking the pressure off the TLC production team from having to think up questions so that they can focus on what's important--figuring out ways to exploit this family.

Jon admits that he and Kate have not been communicating very well. In other news, water is wet.

Kate tells us that she loves her kids and that they matter to her, and that she will survive. Unfortunately, she doesn't break into the Gloria Gaynor number. Maybe for sweeps?

The heavyset guy who lured Jon to his truck now shows Jon some peel and stick stuff that the kids can decorate their rooms with. Jon says "sweet" and "cool".

Kate had no idea that the whole house installation would take all day. It really cuts in to her couch sitting time.

The kids babble on about something.

Finally the Crooked Houses are done! There is a lot of screeching which I assume is kidspeak for happiness. The kids run in and out of the houses and I am terrified that the doors will slam on someone's finger. 

In case you were worried that the kids were being spoiled with a house each, rest assured! There are only four houses. Like in the Soviet Union, where people had to live in communal apartments.  The boys have a pirate ship. The girls have the Garden Center house. Mady has an animal hospital house. Cara has a spooky haunted house that looks like a coffin. It's just how she wanted it. It's creepy and she loves it.

Marinka said...

Kate admits that she and Jon had a rough day behind the scenes, but they faked it for the kids! Kate says that he has a lot of anger towards her and she'd love to discuss it with him, but he won't. Is it because he has a limited vocabulary? Is this the big announcement?

Jon says that they've been spending quality time with the kids and that's what's been going on and that's what they've been doing.

One of the girls is having a wedding and marrying her brother. TLC must be chomping at the bit for that series. You know, Kate and Jon may have problems, but they both agree that the Crooked House workers are basically angels on earth for whom children's happiness is the most important thing. 

Jon is shining a light on our society, telling us that there are soldiers dying in Iraq and all the paparazzi cares about is what he eats for lunch. I don't follow the tabloids too closely, but I think they care more about who he's having lunch with.

I momentarily pass out because Kate tells us they are entering a new chapter that has not been brought on by the TV show or their career choices. She does not explain what their "career choices" are. Kate tells us that she fell apart for half a day, and hyperventilated and this morning, she needs relief and she needs to turn the page. Jon says that life is a roller coaster and that sometimes you need to get off the tracks. I wonder if Jon knows what happens when a rollercoaster goes off the tracks, because it's not sweet.

Kate doesn't hate Jon and says that she never has and never will (give a week or two issues of Star!)

Jon says that he doesn’t “hate Kate. But you know.”

And with that, America has found its Poet Laureate.

It's hard for him to talk about.

Kate says it's a fork in the road.

Jon feels like he lost a lot, but that he would do anything for his kids.

Kate is tired of smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.

Jon tells us that he and Kate have decided to separate.

Yes, Kate agrees.

Jon says that it's not good for them to be arguing in front of the kids. For more than four seasons, that is.

Kate is not fond of the idea, but she knows that it's necessary. And she's in agreeance.

The kids will live in the house and whoever has the time with the kids will live in the house. I'm guessing that the parent that is not with the kids at a given time will be living in Cara's coffin house. 

Jon and Kate tell us that they are doing everything for the kids. Jon won't be there every day. They'll have a schedule. He'll miss them. For the past few months, Jon hasn't been around as much because he was trying to get into the mode of what will happen.

Kate is confident that they'll find happiness because if you look hard enough, you will find it. Like on TLC Mondays 9-10 pm.

Big reveal! They're doing the show for the kids.

Then we are treated to flashback memories with the kids when they couldn't even walk! Some lady with black hair is trying to help Alexis walk.

Jon will remain on the show, and they will interview separately.

Sort of like they've been doing all season.

Jon doesn't know what will happen. He could be offered a job, which I'm pretty sure will be a sign of the Apocalypse. Kate is worried that her kids will be a statistic. Kate doesn't want to be alone.

Big reveal! Jon says that he's not the biggest communicator. He's hurt by all of this and he's also excited. Place your bets about whether he feels more hurt or excited now.

Kate sprouts more new age-speak wisdom, like "we will come out of this wiser", and "together we can do anything" (err... isn't splitting up like the opposite of together?)

The show ends with our being informed, documentary style, that on June 22, 2009, legal proceedings were initiated in Pennsylvania to dissolve the Ten Year marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin. Talk about eerie. That's like the same date that the episode aired!

I wonder what the big reveal was? I hope that I didn't miss it.

Submitted by Marinka

Becki said...

Brilliant. I didn't watch but waited instead to read an insightful, entertaining, and always hilarious recap from GWOP. Thanks.

Mom2Molly&Michael said...

great recap
I wish this was the very last recap ever because the show was cancelled.

AeroSpice said...

Then we are treated to flashback memories with the kids when they couldn't even walk! Some lady with black hair is trying to help Alexis walk.


LOVED the recap Marinka! ty so much for tolerating it all!

Meg said...

Love the recap -
I wonder what Jon is qualified to do for his big job? I wonder how Kate feels to be ALONE? I wonder if the kids knew about this crap before they found out at school tomorrow?

MominWA said...

I just watched the show, and as much as I hate both of those nitwits, it made me sad. I could not imagine ever getting to that point with my husband, especially given the fact that we have children together. My husband and I are going through one of the toughest times in our marriage right now (our finances are in the crapper, so to speak...) and yet we are closer than we have ever been at any point in our relationship.

So here they are, 8 kids and 10 years later and now they're getting divorced. And for what?!?! Good grief. Jon, if you'd been a man and grown some balls about 9.5 years ago, you wouldn't be going through a mid-life crisis at 32. Kate, if you hadn't been such a shrew for the past 9.5 years, maybe you wouldn't have to be going through this alone! Ah, but we all know she's not really alone. She had that Silver Fox body guard to cuddle up to as soon as the cameras were off.

Way to go TLC! Way to glorify the destruction of a marriage and the exploitation of 8 innocent children!

JT5 said...

Oh my god, I am laughing so hard that I am afraid I'll wake my husband. By the time I got to "water is wet", my stomach hurt and I had to stop (but only for a moment).

I thought I was done lurking this board for the night, but I am SO glad I came back before bed. I am still laughing out loud, and surely will continue everytime I think of this recap. Well done and cheers!

just wondering said...

Kate is not fond of the idea, but she knows that it's necessary. And she's in agreeance.


Yep.. My teeth actually began to hurt when I heard "agreeance."

AeroSpice said...
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Kallie said...

Kate had this giant "pity me" attitude. The whole time "If I confront Jon, it'll be a giant fight." "Oh, World War III will erupt." Because it's so hard for her to say anything to him without belittling him, which causes a fight. Yanno. Calmly and rationally explaining your point does nothing.

I feel for her, as a person because separation is rough, and I do think she is hurting, but she is making some bad choices in her life too, not just Jon. The show, figuratively and literally, does not have to go on.

And Jon just looked like a brooding teenager the whole time. "I'm 32, yannno? Life man." Yeah. 32. Not 16! He has 8 kids. This child needs to grow up. :\ I can only hope this helps him to grow, not regress.

...Jon admits that he and Kate have not been communicating very well. In other news, water is wet.
Kate is confident that they'll find happiness because if you look hard enough, you will find it. Like on TLC Mondays 9-10 pm.

LOL! Best parts of this whole recap. :]

The start to any happiness for Jon and Kate and Cara, Mady, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Joel, Leah and Alexis, I believe, is the end of this show. There's other ways to provide for your children, even if you can't live as extravagantly. I wish they would learn that.

And honestly, I think if they didn't have the added stress of the show (that is, they never did the show), they wouldn't be separating. They would probably be struggling financially, but they would have family and friends, and I can't help but think they would be closer. I think they realize that, but the money has too big a hold on their life now. If they do quit, the kids would probably lose "their home" and they their luxuries. They have to end it eventually, though.

I am sad they are getting divorced, just like I am for any couple who does, especially when children are in the mix, be they few or many. But I cannot believe they are still doing the show. That is the very last thing children with parents who are in the midst of a divorce need! To have these emotional times on display for all the see. They don't even have and family or friends to fall back on. They need privacy, but Kate and Jon aren't allowing that, but they could and most importantly, should. I wish the surviving Dionne Quints would send these folks a letter.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I didn't even know about this godforsaken show till I came home from university a month ago.

My mother is obsessed and can't stop talking about them.

She's been yelling at the ads on TLC leading up to the "big announcement" and crying about how J+K need Dr. Phil - yeah, she loves him, too. FML.

The big announcement happened. The episode ended. She cried and went downstairs to eat ice cream.

Uhh, seriously?!

theothermother said...

It was sad. It's sad to see how little insight two adults have into their lives and how they created the mess they've made for their children. It's sad that it's so easy for them to walk away and blame everything and everyone, but themselves. It's sad they didn't get counseling, although I'm very grateful we didn't have to watch them on Dr. Phil. And, it's sad that this is probably going to continue until TLC has bled everything they can out of it.

AeroSpice said...

some lady with black hair...bwaahhahahahahahha...STILL laughing at that one....
Very well done Marinka.

On a more serious note...I'm sure it would take weeks to do, but has anyone ever thought of capturing the BLATANT LIES and CONTRADICTIONS these two have told both in print/interviews and the show (such as kate saying.."I've always said this house is for the children" vs. "It's mine..alllll mine") ..splice them all together on youtube or start a seperate post on here then send it to proper authorities to show everyone what DECEIVERS they are..I would do it but I know very little about that stuff, but would be willing to help come up with a list of lies!

Techymum said...

Guess the Crooked Playhouse company just invested about the worst $10k plus ever....
Checked their website the other day, and it was full of very negative feedback.
Today? Website updated - all reference to OCC and JK+8 removed.
The whole Crooked Playhouse thing made me wonder how these transactions come about. Does a company approach TLC? Does TLC contact a company? I'd sure like to hear....
But in the end, we can see THIS is how we can save the kids. Keep on top of the advertisers, plain and simple.

Silly Me said...

i thought the big reveal was Kate was getting a new haircut and Jon was getting a wardrobe makeover. silly me!

Momof2 said...

I think the ratings could drop so dramatically on this show and Kate still wouldn't get how despised she is. She is one of the most loathed TV personalities and she thinks we just cannot get enough of her.

AmyAZ said...

great recap and fast I didn't watch it but really happy you took the time to write it so quickly.

SnowJob said...

Excellent recap. I only saw a few minutes. Jon and Kate are dissolving. They found out their property is infested with venomous Pennsylvania shrews. They can only be safe if they remain on pavement or all terrain vehicles kind of like the creepy tentacled creatures in Tremors. The constant click of shutters and flashes keeps the horrifying creatures at bay but a few crew and family members didn't survive. Wasn't that the announcement? Isn't this The Ex-Files?

Did they claim the dinner out was for Mother's Day? I only heard it was a "fine dining" opportunity and noticed it was also an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Wow, fine dining establishments that serve chewing gum! And have bibs!

Kallie said...

Also, my friends are crying for Jon and Kate. Probably because there will be no more cute, perfect family moments from them with their adorable little children. God. They can't even see the real issue here. :\

Also, Marinka, TMH is not a bad website! :] I'm enjoying read through the entries. Heh.

Miss X said...

I'm so bothered by the fact that they played this out on tv. Those poor kids.

Loved the recap. I don't even have cable but I still haven't been able to not hear about the Gosselins!

Does anyone think this show can go on now? It just seems like it won't be the same show if the parents are going through a divorce. And who wants to watch that real-life drama unfold? Too many of us have been touched (and hurt) by divorce to want to tune in. I think their ratings are going to take a huge nosedive after this.

Amy said...

You forgot the recap of the end of the episode when they go to a fancy brunch and the kids are wearing bibs to protect their dry-clean only outfits. They had to listen quietly as Cara read off the menu. Kate will never spend a holiday away from the kids...what holiday were they celebrating with the brunch...Flag Day?

MirandaB2008 said...

I did watch parts of this tonight. And as much as I Loathe the person Kate has become? I felt pretty sad watching this show. It was like I was seeing a very private part of something between 2 people that we shouldn't have been able to ' watch'? hard to put into words really.
Nothing entertaining about it at all, and nothing amusing . just plain sad.
I wish that yes they could have gone on to say that they had also decided for the health of the 'family' the cameras would now be turned off......... and I hope in time that WILL happen. I mean? what is there to ' film' or record after the Funeral is over with? and watching tonight? that is what I felt like I was seeing. The Death of a marriage. you could stay there and record the grass growing over the grave I suppose? but for what reason?

if legal proceedings have been 'instigated' as of Monday, June22nd? that means things have been in the works for months now, as a lot of us speculated, and safe to say? they have probably been ' separated' now since Christmas time, if not before.

En français s'il vous plaît! said...

My husband used to get so annoyed whenever I wanted to watch this show. He used to say he didn't understand why I would want to watch a woman as superficial and bitchy as Kate. I guess he saw beyond the fake lies. This whole situation is so sad. Poor children! I hope their mom let's their uncles and aunties back in their lives so they have a good support system. Those crooked houses sure are a distasteful metaphor of this mess.

stampersim said...

Did the crooked house people gift these to the kids? Or did J&K pay for them? Each of those houses is $2,549 !! Whoa. For that amount of money, one would think the insides would be painted.

I really don't see the show staying on the air. I am glad, though, to see that they will keep the kids in the house and not uproot them during this. As much as 2 people may disagree during separation or divorce, it's nice to see that they will split responsibility and not fight for custody. I say that separated parents are better than "together" parents who bicker constantly.

mommyms said...

Too Sad. TLC should pull the plug now! Those kids are poorly behaved at it is, now a divorce to watch them deal with it all? No more watching for me!

stampersim said...

Momof2 ... I have to just say that I can't stop laughing at your awesome profile pic! That is classic !!! hahahahaha. I love it !

MirandaB2008 said...

another thing to add to my previous comments. Kate said something about ' the kids will look back with fond memories about the Crooked Houses they had when they were kids!?? is she serious? With all of their Lives exposed on Videotape? doncha maybe think they would come to despise those houses as " oh right! the houses we got on the Episode where Mom & Dad announced to the world they were splitting up" .... good memory makers there all right.
I agree with what another poster mentioned about ' the house is for the kids and always has been' ......... Kate should sit down and watch a few ' episodes' where she is heard many many times saying the words ' My House'...... as far as I can see it's Mine! All Mine!....... etc etc.

she says that she is tired of smiling on the outside while she is crying on the inside.... simple solution to that. Turn the Cameras off and focus on spending all the time she can WITH the kids........ no cameras to need to smile FOR........

Teri said...

Well done Marinka! Great recap - a thousand times better than the show. Thanks for getting it posted so quickly.

8 - Kate said...

Thanks for the recap. I couldn't even stomach the trailers, so I'm glad I didn't have to watch the episodes.

Something to keep in mind is that a restraining order doesn't have to be about violence. Kate could ask the court to restrain John from spending money, for instance. That's what I suspect is going on, when she talks about protecting herself.

Jon&Kate Go Away said...

I just loved how Kate said "the show must go on". She AND Jon are still so delusional about this whole i-don't-have-to-work-because-i'm-so-famous-from-my-kids thing. Seriously, they still don't get it.

I feel terrible for the children. They were so happy when those crooked houses were being built (especially Cara and Mady), and to know that these material things don't matter at all. Jon mentioned how he does everything for his kids like building crooked houses for them and stuff. WHY are they still so focused on $$$$$$ ??? They make me so sick.

I do believe Kate has some remorse, but she won't admit it of course. It's easy to see that Kate had a lot to do with it by the whole "Jon won't talk to me. He's very mad at me."

Someone help these kids.

AeroSpice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CityGirl said...

1. Did I watch, YES
2. Do I regret it, YES
3. Did I eat too many snacks while
watching, YES
4. Who the hell asks themselves
question upon question and
answers each of them, themself
5. And why won't Jon talk to me?

P.S. There's really no one else in the interview room with her, and since she loves to hear the sound of her voice, she asks and answers all the questions she has always wanted to know about her own life./ and just when she remembers that she'll be shown on camera, she remembers to cry. Because she does have Eight kids, dammit! Also, while risking the complete ruin of mascara, she is addressing some serious issues here. You know, she did break down for like half day over the breakup of a ten year marriage!!
And some haters think she's a cold hearted B**ch. Oh, my!

Observer said...

You know I just thought about something. Kate keeps saying Jon has a lot of anger towards her and she can't understand why because he won't talk to her (for obvious reasons). Ironically, when they did their first TV special (when the tups were babies) she said something very similar. She said she felt that deep down Jon resented her for making him have another child after the twins. I don't know why that crossed my mind just now, but that statement can be very telling. Was their marriage in trouble from the start and they decided to pull together enough to make some money, which eventually turned into this? It's obvious their marriage has been in trouble way before recent events, but it makes you wonder if it's been like this all along.

AeroSpice said...

sorry I'll repost

stampersim said...
Did the crooked house people gift these to the kids? Or did J&K pay for them?
I'm a funeral director so this made me laugh very hard. The term Kate used was "bequeathed" know...

1 : to give or leave by will —used especially of personal property
2 : to hand down : transmit

Duckman said...

Now that JK are going to be taking turns living in the house, what does that do to the standing rule barring the kids from the master bedroom?

Also, will JK be taking up residence by themselves, or will they be accompanied by "roommates"?

Dianna said...

Thank you Marinka for a wonderful funny recap!! You're quick girl!

I didn't watch the show but I did set it up so I could hit the "last" button on my remote to tune in just for the interviews at the end. I knew they'd make us wait for the "big announcement". Yep, crafty I know- a little insight on how my mind works- lol.

First off.. if I hear "We can't go back only forward" one more time I'm going to pull my hair out. Kate, please come up with something new.. we know you can't go back we get the picture.

OK.. What I got from the interviews- I think Kate did cheat and Jon is fed up and has finally grown a set. Why else wouldn't he talk to her? Something has happened but never addressed. She said herself he won't talk to her. Also, he's probably pissed she's playing the victim and throwing him under the bus. To me he seemed happy to be rid of her and he's looking forward to Jon minus Kate. She on the other hand doesn't want to to be alone, she doesn't want to be separated but she knows it has to be done.. she's in "agreeance" ya-duh ya-duh.. boo hoo.. tissues next to her for just-in-case. I can't feel any sympathy for her- she's brought this all on herself. I do feel sorry for the kids they deserve so much better. And yes, the show will go on.

Unknown said...

Awesome recap. "Water is wet"... too good.

The only thing anyone learned from this episode is that someone should make K8 a t-shirt that says "My kids are walking billboards". The t-shirts they were wearing were just so subtle....

If that kind of stuff doesn't prove that these kids *work* I don't know what will. Heck - they could make minimum wage if they did it handing out fliers. At least then they'd be protected from money hungry monster mom...

Monty said...

I had a LOLment earlier today. My mom and I were watching some trashy news show, and they had clips of Kate pre-spray tan. My mom was like "Who is that in the wheelchair?" I thought she was going to do a spit take when she found out!

Anyway, with regards to the episode, I too didn't watch. My parents just split up as well, and watching people announce their marriage is over on NATIONAL TELEVISION.... ugh. makes me sick to my stomach.

Though I know it's likely false, I really hope these kids are mostly oblivious to all of this nonsense. In addition to being in a family circus, I would hate to have something that private broadcasted :/

Huh said...

Thanks for the re-cap! I didn't watch this week or last week. Doing good!

So Kate is wondering why Jon is mad at her? I'm thinking if she really did break up with him months ago, he might still be a little bitter. Not to mention the 10 years of abuse she's put him through. Gee, I wonder why he'd have some resentment for her.

Part of me is actually surprised Jon still wants to be part of the show, but I guess he wants money too. And then again, if I were him, I sure wouldn't want to give Kate full access to a camera without being able to give my side of things too. Then we'd constantly hear about how she magically became pregnant through sheer will power and had to do everything all by herself the last ten years! She's truly amazing!

And lastly, those poor, poor kids. How can two parents put wealth and fame above their own children? It's just beyond my ability to understand.

ntv/nat group, ltd. said...

You'd think those Crooked Houses would at least be (white) *PRIMERED* on the inside for those outrageous prices. Looks nice on the outsides, but a person w/ even moderate artistic talent can do it at 1/3rd the budget. I guess KEIGHT likes the "prestige" of it.

The kids are (((already))) becoming materialistic -- gee, I wonder where they got THAT from??!! -- when one of the kids (((commanded))) INDOOR AND OUTDOOR furniture!!!! So... uh, draging a little plastic chair from the inside to the outside is too difficult? Not goood enough for them?

Maybe some of you KON viewers would know this, but there's this British sitcom ("Britcom") called 'Keeping Up Appearances' about an unbearable lady who thinks prestige is (((everything))). It airs on some PBS stations. Kate Gosselin reminds me of the star character of the show Hyacinth Bucket.

Nick said...

I don't know this big announcement rating is good or not. But I am pretty sure after the Monday show, the rating will drop a lot.

Why? Because divorce is the end of a happy family. Basically. All the damage to the kids is the done deal already. These two nasty stage parents are going to start dating without hiding it. And no one cares because it's depressing the kids have to meet and accept mom's new boyfriend and dad's new girlfriend. Some of the new boyfriends or girlfriends might have their agenda in mind, seeking fame and money. Who wants to watch that?

It's gross and you can't report child abuse for that. Apparently, as long as you feed the children, send them to school and you only hit their bottoms, you are ok. You can exploit them, verbal and emotional abuse them all you want. You can get away with it. They can't call your disgusting behavior child abuse.

Phoebe said...

Great recap!

I wonder if the other family with Sextuplets (I think the Hayes family?) are now regretting their decision to put their kids on television.

I wonder if they will change their minds and stop their show after this season especially after seeing Jon and Kate’s marriage fall apart?

say what said...

Marinkia said...

Obviously, Kate sucks at math, because according to my calculations five years old times six kids is thirty years old, and why can't a thirty year old go into the woods?


I don't get it. Does that mean when Mady and Cara are both 8 they can drive a car because their combined ages equal 16?

Maria said...

TLC has blood on their hands. I will never look at TLC the same way again. I won't take TLC seriously as a learning channel.

These two shameful parents are going through the kids' money like those Vegas Jackpot winners spending happy. They are the worst human beings.

nohate4kate said...

Aerospice said

..."but has anyone ever thought of capturing the BLATANT LIES and CONTRADICTIONS these two have told both in print/interviews and the show"

send me a list of lies and I'll compile a video.

Neededtohappen said...

I hate to say it because I believe in marriage, but this is good news. These two need to separate. Kate has sucked every last bit of life and manhood out of Jon. Jon has become a big child. They both need to live away from one another. I don't think there is any hope for Kate since she is a narcissist and those people almost never "recover" from that.

But Jon...there may be hope for him yet if he can get a regular job (and keep it) and start dating someone who isn't a total shrew that shrieks at him over not using a coupon. The fact that she was doing the shrieking over lack of coupon use in a million-dollar home was ironic, but whatever...

I have to say this though - Kate is going to be a bitch of an ex-wife. She will do anything and everything to make him absolutely miserable once she sees him moving on and away from her completely.

TK said...

It's all about ratings. Kate and Jon and TLC aren't going to give up this cash cow any time soon. Cancel the show? Yeah right. Bet you we'll soon be seeing episodes of those two idiots "working" on their marriage instead of accepting the freebies. Or probably more of a formula like this episode - half an hour of freebies, then half an hour of "drama" and discussion of marital woes/reconciliation efforts.

What a crock of crap!

cho boco said...

Believe it or not, "agreeance" is a real word. It's actually not one of the Kate-isms.

Anyway, OMGWTF at the fact that they're going to CONTINUE THE SHOW AFTER THE DIVORCE.

I still had some respect for Jon and Kate, I thought they still at least had their kids best interests in mind even if they disagreed on what was best. But that's gone now, I've finally realized they're out of their minds.

I'll give Kate a hand though, at least she didn't say "he signed the legally paperthings, we're going to live separate-y and see if we feel divorce-ish".

CherryCheeseKATE said...

[[Kate's voice on camera]]
"Yes-s-ss {{sniffle}} I am SO devastated over the {{Kate dabs at eyes with kleenex}}break up over my marriage. {{wring of hands}} Jon and I just grew apart, I blame the media for pushing our marriage over the edge {{distraught look}}. EVERYTHING I did, I did for MY children {{emphasis on "MY"}}. I am heartbroken, sad beyond belief {{another dab at eyes and blowing nose}}. I cried and cried, my - it HAD to be atleast 10 or 15 minutes, over this whole mess. I will go on, {{shifting position on couch}} FOR MY KIDS..I HAVE TO GO ON!" {{blowing nose and looking soulfully into camera}}

----DIRECTOR YELLS "CUT"!----(cameras STOP rolling)

[[Kate's voice to crew]]
"OKAYYYYYYYY--HHHHHHHH...someone powder my nose! Is it me, or did the lighting seem all wrong!? C'mon, I need a Starbucks coffee - and I need it NOW!! Listen, {{turning to wardrobe assistant}} I think I needed a blouse that showed more of my cleavage. I didn't pay no chump change for these babies {{adjusts silicone *girls*}} I want them to SHOW UP on camera!! Hey, {{calling to the hair stylist}} My spikes are wilting, where's that cement hair spray--I need a spritz!!!! LET'S GO PEOPLE ~ TIME IS MONEY!!!!!"

Clever Elsie said...

I don't normally watch this anymore--I stopped watching when I realized they were making gazillions off their kids' private moments while pretending to be poor--but I decided to tune in for the big announcement as a last hurrah.

As fed up as I am with these two, this left me unexpectedly sad and sick to my stomach. Lots of reality couples eventually separate, but this is the first time I've seen it played out on camera like this. I felt uncomfortably voyeuristic, like I was witnessing something that never should have left their living room.

One thing I can say is that Kate should've had a career in PR. If I didn't know better, I might have bought the role of the pitiful abandoned mother that she cast herself in. As it is, I wonder who they are working harder to delude, the public or themselves. It boggles my mind that these two think that expensive digs and playthings can replace their own presence in their children's lives or that these children will ever be at "peace" with cameras shoved in their faces. For all their bitching and moaning about how the paps have victimized them, why can't they see how much more this is victimizing eight innocent lives who never asked for any of it?

GottaLaughOrGoBreakDishes said...

Marinka, who are you? You had me in stitches over this!

I feel guilty I'm laughing so hard, because this is divorce, and children are involved, but the parents have become jokes. After pulling the wool over our eyes for HOW LONG, the well ran dry on our empathy for them.

Well, Words Trip Me Up said...

just wondering said...
Kate is not fond of the idea, but she knows that it's necessary. And she's in agreeance.


Yep.. My teeth actually began to hurt when I heard "agreeance."
I couldn't believe I heard that new word. Replayed it and, yep, I'm in agreeance...that's what she said.

grannyoftwo said...

You know...I think I would or could have a little bit of understanding of Kate if she would only be an adult and say that, "yes, it is alot my fault, I have made alot of mistakes, one of which was run my husband out of our (are) lives with my brash ways and the way I treated him. I am truly sorry Jon for the way I treated you and made you feel on national tv and throughout our (are) marriage". Why can she not just apologize to him? And by doing it on tv or even just in print would make a big difference to him I think. Don't know that it would save their marriage at this point, but it sure would make her look so much better to the world. I guess she is just going to go down with the ship, so to speak! The recap was great BTW.

logical said...

Some lady with black hair is trying to help Alexis walk.

OMG too damn laugh of the day!!

Closerfan said...

I think Jon and Kate's separation was much after the move to the mansion.

Nonna2three said...

Can you imagine if the "announcement" was made durig the school year and the kids having to go to school and hear about their parents divorce from other children?
I wonder when exactly they told the twins and tups. For the love of God(or in their case money), I hope it was BEFORE this show aired.

I hadn't watched a show for the last two seasons and felt dirty and slimey for watching this one.
Could there be two more disgusting, money-grubbing fools on the planet?

Oh and folks, be sure not to blame the show or TLC for any of this. Code for keep our money train and the selling of our kids going.

Susan said...

This was horrible to watch. I've been married for 14 years. If we divorced after having troubles for a few months, we would have been divorced 10 times by now. I can't believe Jon and Kate are giving up already. Those poor kids. J&K need to earn themselves out of their marriage. They have not done that.

Reading news said...

Okay, first and foremost, Kate, when you are doing the performance of a lifetime worthy of an academy award, please wash your feet.

The entire "show" was so full of soup and some new words from the dictionary according to Kate G. First of all, the Green Hills Inn is open for dinners only and I guess when they do open for the Gs only the menu does include all organic juices.

I also wanted to mention that not only did Kate give a performance worthy of an Oscar but her two new words - upsetness and agreeence - will be burned in my brain forever.

livid said...

I am just appalled that they would not try counseling before giving in. Who does that? Especially with 8 kids? And I'm divorced! But not without two years of counseling with a stubborn, emotionally abusive husband. I live in PA..they will each have to go to a parenting class session where they are told how to and how not to behave to the kids. Things like don't use them as messengers, don't badmouth the other parent. Things that are common sense to most people but...

Heather said...

Wasn't it just last season they "renewed their vows" to show their children how they would be together forever? What a bunch of liars (to put it nicely). In a few short years the kids will put it all together and see how they did EVERYTHING for money, and not for "the kids". Heck, they are even "sharing custody" for money. You know as soon as the lights go off after this season (hopefully) it will be an all out battle. My heart continues to break for the children.

met said...


That was a fantastic recap. I love your wit!

Genevieve said...

ah yes. They'll separate, but the SHOW MUST GO ON! ugh. money hungry parasites, living off those poor babies. Disgusting!

sara said...

I have to say that the episode also made me very sad. I think their solution to them coming and going and the kids staying put is very good though. I've never been divorced - because I chose a good man to begin with and am not a shrew. I've always hated the thought of any kids of divorced parents shuffling to and fro while the parents start their new lives. Finally, Jon and Kate are doing something positive for the kids.

I pray that they will be able to find a way to be civil to each other and not belittle the other parent in front of the children - as they did during their marriage.

kamilleon said...

Does anyone have a timeline when these interviews were done? My thought is they were done around the tups birthday party.... I can't tell. It all seems so pieced together. I don't think it was very recent based on Kate's hair....

ratherbkayaking said...

Marinka - great job. I didn't watch the episode, but feel that I didn't miss a thing.

Kate grieved for a half day!!! Didn't she blubber longer than that when they couldn't land in Utah?

The Crooked House people must be kicking themselves for investing time and money only to be the background for the official breakdown of this doomed marriage. I see their website has removed any trace of their houses on the Gosselin property and the string of negative comments.

Makes me wonder a few things -

Will the resort in Hawaii demand their money back for the money they invested in the fake vow renewal? Will other vacation spots shy away from giving out freebies and we'll be seeing more picnic lunches and 'staycations' and no more 'exploications'?

Didn't Jon buy a condo in Utah? Will he sell that and purchase an apartment in New York? Or will the alimony he gets from Kate pay to keep both?

Will Kate keep the name Gosselin? I doubt if she'll return to the name Kreider. Maybe she'll just be Kate.

themommy said...

Product placements can happen either way. If I were the Crooked House people, during a deep recession, I would be all over this opportunity. Their cost to produce the houses is much less than what the houses sell for. So for probably about 6K, they got a ton of "free" publicity. Keep in mind, that most who watch the show (and it will air over and over again) don't hate the show. I suspect that the Crooked Houses people contacted the production company.

As to more well known products, ie Juicy Juice, those companies have staffs that work on product placement.

Sandie said...

Sad, just very, very sad. I'm hurting for the children today ;(

Ms.Peach said...

Hmmm....Kate forgot to mention her pay raise to $150,000 an episode.

Thanks for the recap. I did not watch but checked this site after 10:00. I knew the reveal would blow. The ratings may have been up last night, but it'll drop like a rock now.

On "Morning Joe" this morning, they were laughing at Kate using "agreeance".

"Today Show" had the Kate-loving senior editor from "People" on. Yuk. The good news is that the show will be on hiatus for a few weeks. One thing I found interesting, and I need to see if there is some discussion about this, was Kate's released statement as to why she filed first---something cryptic about Jon's actions this weekend. Hey, she's the one who has disappeared.

Hate to see couples to divorce, but this is for the best for those kids. Now, just to get the show off the air.....

season 5? said...

Super recap! Ugh.

It sounds like the not-a-nanny has won custody by default.

Honestly, I shudder at what could possibly be coming next.

It still hasn't dawned on them what it's REALLY going to be like juggling multiple living spaces, child care arrangements, travel schedule (if anyone in their right mind would still book Kate), all the emotional outbursts from kids under such strange living arrangements, the loneliness,

not to mention making everything so public, including the accusations that will be flying.

Why oh why didn't they decide to suspend filming?

Jon has possibly gained his freedom, Kate has lost hers but doesn't know it yet, IMO.

Time to step it up, lawmakers, labor dept, d.a. etc. and get some laws in place to insure that a faisco like this is never produced for America's viewing pleasure again.

Pilgrim Soul said...

I felt sick the whole time I watched this train wreck, but could not help myself. However, I do think this episode represents "closure" for the audience as well as KON (or so they say). The show will never be the same. There will probably be some court order that J & K can't bad mouth one another on the show. There will be no interaction between the parents. The show will be sanitized by the producers to avoid conflict. Not to mention the tups, through no fault of their own, are aging-out of the baby-toddler-preschooler cuteness phase. They will be replaced by a new show, with younger kids (the Maschlers?) The show is over.

Just a note on Crooked Houses - the kids got CUSTOM houses - valued at 5,000K each. Plus Crooked Houses charges $250 per house to set them out. I think they're adorable, but that Crooked House guy was pimping out his merchandise in the midst of this debacle with absolutely no shame. I've never seen so much blatent product placement even on KON before. The shirts, the houses, come to my truck, Jon.. I've got a little gift for you.... Wall stickers, also available for purchase at Crooked House. Surpised they didn't bring a couple of their dog houses for Shoka and Nala, too...

Anyway, this is the end, beautiful friend. And J&K and TLC know it deep down. I just hope some authority steps in and makes sure that the kids have money in trust, because once this gravy train derails completely, those coffers are going to be empty.

Marinka said...

Thanks everyone for being so nice about my First Ever Jon & Kate recap! I certainly hope that I didn't jinx this fine couple.

I'm still laughing at @ endoexo's mother's reaction. Although who can blame her? Ice cream really makes everything better.

cmvbbay said...

I think they both just killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. I don't watch this show anymore. If there is anything (precious little these days) I want to watch on TLC, I record it and skip the commercials. Under no circumstances do I want a nickel of my money to go towards supporting this group of people, nor do I plan to waste another minute of my time on this sorry couple. Those kids deserve better.

NoUse4Kate said...

The neighbor girl is all caught up in this and felt sooooooooooo bad for katie poo because she seemed so upset. I felt like saying "give me a f*cking break!" but alas, she is only 17 and that would not be a good example. :/ I didn't bite my tongue on what I think of her, I just worded it a little more nicely. I wonder how many others bought into this.

Glad I didn't waste my time watching, thanks for the recap.

Tetotomom said...

I don't think they got the 10million viewers they were hoping for. Just heard on the radio that it was just 3 million viewers.

Barkingdog said...

Lost in translations: Several times, at least three, Kate refers to "not" wanting to be alone. Hmmmm. Setting up on the announcement of a new leading man?

Could Jon's anger be the result of "already" being "replaced"? Angry and not talking to Kate = injured party.

kristen bonanni said...

It wasn't really Mother's Day. I live about 20 minutes away from the Gosselins home and the weather was beautiful on Mother's Day! Not a cloud in the sky!! It's been raining almost everyday for the last 2 weeks - I guarantee that footage was shot then.

Vee said...

Why watch the show when you can come here and read the brilliant recaps!

season 5? said...

I just want to add that I really did think this was a super recap, not being sarcastic at all.

The "ugh" was referring to the content of the program and J & K's decision to air their dirty laundry on prime time.

And for the forseeable future.

I'll say it again.


mommyoftwo said...

I like how they say they are separating because it's not good for the kids to see them argue in front of them. I guess it is okay for the kids to see them bad mouth each other in front of millions of people and let all of the details of why they can't get along be public knowledge. Nice logic. I will NEVER watch this show again! Jon & Kate make my skin crawl.

Grace J said...

You know we hear all the time about atrocities done to children at the hands of people they are supposed to feel secure with. These 2 are worse, because of the slow, methodical torture of these children. Congrats KON, it is one thing to have this claim to fame as America's first "Reality" family , it is another to be known for what you ARE - soul crushers.

delilahboyd said...

Kate said (paraphrasing) that she was happy they "received" the Crooked Houses.

Another amazing freebie.

The Kate Pity Party Of One on the sofa was pathetic. She's a terrible actress. "Do It Alone," my Aunt Fanny!

Alone with an army of paid helpers, Kate?

Stop lying, Lady!

Ben said...

how does Jon fit all his kids into his Z car?

imdamom said...

First off-Marinka- BEST. RECAP. EVER. Second- K8- for gods sake WASH YOUR FILTHY FEET!!! Those nasty a$$ things on camera? And you a germ a phobe? I tuned in very briefly, and got treated to the sight of those horrible feet. No wonder Jon is giving up!

On to may major thought- K8 insists the show MUST go on- how else will she keep up the massive highlighting, tanning and boob jobs to which she's become accustomed? Who cares that her kids (yes we know she wants peace for them *sniff sniff*) are going to have to have years of therapy? I simply cannot watch any longer. Her crocodile tears are getting boring, and Jon's passive wussiness has become totally boring.

ImFrancie said...

Great recap! Very well done! I commend the writer both on her wit and for burning the midnight oil to get this posted for us non-watchers.

And, applause to the mods for their untiring devotion to this cause!

cossysmom said...

Jon says he has always let Kate make the decisions and he was never able to speak up--as though this was the root of the problem. Does he realize that the decisions that Kate made enabled him to have all the free trips, the expensive cars and now an apartment in NYC?

I have lost all respect for these people.

I think the last straw for me was the vow renewal. How could those two look their children in the eye and say that "we're renewing our vows because WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT" when they apparently knew then that they were in serious trouble? Jon mentioned the trip as being a good memory--HOW?? For me that would be an awful reminder of how we were forced to lie to our children.

These two "adults" are living in a fantasy world. I fear for what will become of these children.

Just Be Nice Kate said...

ratherbkayaking said...

Kate grieved for a half day!!! Didn't she blubber longer than that when they couldn't land in Utah?


That was hilarious! Literally laughing out loud!

MonsterKate said...

Jon needs to take custody of the three boys. Kate will undermine them and prevent them from building any self-confidence. She certainly made Jon feel subservient to her. I'll bet she will do it to the boys.

Unknown said...

I completely died laughing at Marinka's recap!!!!!!!


Expecting #2 said...

long time lurker here.

We all knew this was coming I guess, but deep down I really was hoping for something different. My heart BREAKS for those beautiful 8 children. I can only hope & pray those 2 "parents" keep their composure in front of the children at all times. Kate seems the type to play the game "you need to like being with mommy more than being with daddy", and that could mess up those precious kiddos even more.

I am thankful at least for their decision to keep the children at home at all times. No bouncing back & forth between mommy & daddy's house & basically living 2 lives. I guess the $ they made by destroying their marriage & exploiting their children has it's perks that they can afford to do that.

This is a sad day.

doubleD said...

OH are so silly. We all know you aren't really "alone" cough*steve*cough

TLC, if you are out there reading, please do those kids a favor and CANCEL THE SHOW! Haven't these kids been hurt enough?

These two would have been divorced eventually, show or no show. The show just accelerated things. It's kind of hard to focus on the family when you're acutely aware of every moment being recorded.

DJ Jazzy Jeff said...

I watched it. Yes, I'm guilty.

I was hypnotized by Jon's winking diamond stud earrings (yes earrings)But he is a young man of 32 and needs to get back in touch with his inner teen/frat boy self...shame he has 8 children that will inconvenience him in this quest for beer, nachos and young girls.

Kate was Kate, no surprise. As a former hair dresser I once again tried in vain to figure out what her hair stylist had been thinking. There was no blending, no sleekness, no polish whatsoever to Kate's possum hair.
The Show must go on! I think was Kate's battle cry. Sad.

I watched the show in the very beginning and enjoyed it. Seeing those clips of them in the pumpkin patch was rather unsettling. If they could go back in time to the days before the show do you think they would?
Sadly, I don't. Even though it cost them their marriage, and no doubt is forever scarring their children, I don't believe they would change a thing.

GAmom said...

Miranda B said:
Kate said something about ' the kids will look back with fond memories about the Crooked Houses they had when they were kids!?? is she serious? With all of their Lives exposed on Videotape? doncha maybe think they would come to despise those houses as " oh right! the houses we got on the Episode where Mom & Dad announced to the world they were splitting up" ..

I couldn't agree more. My parents behaved so badly in my wedding preparations that I can't even watch the video 10 years later. The thought of it makes me cringe. As adults, these poor kids will cringe EVERY time they remember a trip or toy that is tainted by their parents greed and destruction.

Way to go, J&K. You have just made some psychiatrist a very wealthy person.

GAmom said...

Mods or anyone in the know- could you post a timeline recap for us- I would really like to know in real time when the show began, when the tummy tuck and hair plugs happened, when they moved to the Etown house, when they went to the Keys, when they renewed their vows, and when they bought the mcmansion. I think that would really help put everything in perspective.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the recap! I'm a long time lurker and have always enjoyed this site.

I feel sad for the kids for having such nitwits for parents. I have stopped watching the show a long time ago. I stopped watching after the bunk bed episode where Khate was more concerned with choosing a bed than her crying son.

I can't really blame Jon. If I was married to her, I would look for a way out too. One can only take so much from someone like her... She is only in it for the money and attention...afterall, money is what can buy you fake boobs, fake tummy and fake tans. Yeah...Khate is a fake...

As for Jon, I hope he finds peace and happiness and I hope he doesn't do anything stupid. He's the saner of the two and the kids need him. I feel he's trying to relive his 20's... He was tied down with the shrew and 8 adorable kids by the time he was 28.

Again, thanks for the great recap! I love coming here and reading all the comments and stories. I still will not watch the show.

Joanne said...

Now that Kate wont have Jon around to bully, guess who will take the brunt of it now? Yep, those poor kids.
I didnt watch but thanks for the recap. I dont feel sorry for them in the least.
I saw this coming in the first season. Kate has humiliated her husband over and over and over again. I knew one day he would just blow up and that this would end in divorce.
I am worried for the kids that Jon is only going to be around on the weekends, so the brunt of the time they are with mommy dearest. I think it will especially hit Joel hard since he is very attached to his dad.And, he is not treated well by his mother, except when a camera is on them.

I almost long for the days when Britney was constant news. I cant stand these two freeloaders. I hope all their money goes to lawyers. lol. That would be funny.

Heidi said...

I think it is utterly disgusting that they would use the end of their marriage as a ratings boost. And she blames the amount of kids,not the show, not the book tours, not Babe, or Steve..on the ending of their marriage.

They both make me sick and I hope somebody steps in (CPS? HELLOOO!) and stops this train wreck.

givemeabreak said...

Been lurking here for a long time, but I can no longer stay quiet. WHAT is there left to watch once the tups go to kindergarten in the Fall? Certainly there will be no cameras in the classroom. We all know Kate will be busy flying off on her next book tour (yawn) or going to some spa (for free) while Jon will be busy looking for his next 'mid-life crisis girlfriend'. He's only 32 after all...with 8 kids...and no real job. Please...there is nothing left to watch here. These people are delusional and completely self-absorbed. This has become nothing but a cash cow for two people who seem incapable of handling employment responsibilities in the real world.

Parisjasmal said...

Kate is confusing being a National Joke with fame. I think Jon sees it for what it is....a joke.
The youtube video of her drinking water right in front of a thirsty Mady did me in. Kate Gosselin is VILE. Her whole victim act last night made me cringe. She is mean and overbearing and horrid UNTIL it blows up in her face then she plays the victim. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

First time posting... I live about 15 min. from Jon and Kate. I've seen her at Target and other places around town. I used to feel bad for Jon - but after last night... I've switched side and am totally on Team Kate now. He is a selfish, immature, riduculous excuse for a "man" I've ever seen. I'm sick of his poor me mentality. He hates the paps and the attention - but it gets him all the toys his immature self could ever want. Wah wah... you're only 32 years old. Big deal. Your life is a cake walk now without a care in the world except for who might be photographing you in your photo ops in the front yard, when you have 26 acres to play with your kids in that can't be seen. How do you walk out on 8 kids? What kind of daddy issues will all those girls have and what a great lesson you have taught your boys now. You can get married (twice) have 8 kids and still walk away and act like a teenager with your new pierced ears and ed hardy tshirts. Jon has made his money and now he wants to play. Kate is at fault as well but I honestly believed her last night and felt bad in that she recognized where she went wrong and did not want a divorce. It's so very sad for the kids.

The brunch they went to was at the Green Hills Inn in Berks County. It's not open every day and has odd hours and anyone can book a private dining experience, thus the reason they were the only ones there and parked in the handicapped spot.

Ms.Peach said...

"MY KIDS ARE WALKING BILLBOARDS" is THE line, my friends, that describes the Grosselin freak show in a nutshell. A version of that was tweeted and noted in a TV review. Absolutely brilliant!

Babs said...

It wasn't really Mother's Day. I live about 20 minutes away from the Gosselins home and the weather was beautiful on Mother's Day! Not a cloud in the sky!! It's been raining almost everyday for the last 2 weeks - I guarantee that footage was shot then.

This was shot back in April under the premise of being for Mother's Day. It was featured in an Entertainment Weekly article back in April, about 3 weeks before Mother's Day. We all know where Her Highness was on Mother's Day.

CourtneyM87 said...

"Marinka: Kate tells us that Jon was going to put the houses in the woods, away from the paparazzi. And possibly her. Kate thinks that her five year olds would not be able to go there by themselves. Obviously, Kate sucks at math, because according to my calculations five years old times six kids is thirty years old, and why can't a thirty year old go into the woods?!"

HUH? I wouldnt let six 5 year olds run through the property alone, u never know what weirdo has snuck in and is hiding in the woods. So six five year olds do NOT equal a 30 year old. they're 6 small separate children who dont stand a chance as an adult tries to take them.

In general, i feel bad for the kids. when theyre older they will be able to go buy the DVD and see exactly what happened over and over and over.

this show was a bad idea. specials 1-3 times a year are fine.
with specials, they could still do a book at some point, small tour, still work and carry on somewhat normal lives. it may have been tight with them working normal jobs, but if they made 50,000 a sepcial, 3 times a year, thats plenty extra in my opinion. they should have done that.
but i feel bad for those poor kids.

saratogachris said...

Made my husband watch with me last night... sorry, I couldn't help it, I watched. My husband of 25 years actually sympathized with Kate. He said that when you're a father, you don't have the luxury of acting like Jon. He was quite upset with Jon's attitude and thought he was acting like a big baby, not a man with eight children to worry about. He also said that marriage isn't easy (he's right about that!) and they haven't been allowed, since they are filmed in their house, to fully resolve issues that come up day to day. We fight, bicker, disagree almost daily and I know I would not feel comfortable doing this type of silly fighting in front of so many people.

Lastly, he said that he thinks Kate has regrets. I agree, but she is regretting the wrong things... in 10 more years she will probably regret exploiting her kids and there will be nothing she can do about that either, it will be too late. Her children will be more of a mess than she is now.

In the state I live in, children are assigned a law guardian in these situations. I hope PA has the same type of system because these kids need someone who will put a stop to filming these poor kids during what is going to be a very tragic and sad part of their lives.

second time poster said...

I have been trying to build a time line for 4 years but I get lost every time.
I would like a time line that listed everything, even dates of when Kates meal ticket died (Jons Dr Dad) and the immediate sending out videos of her family.
I want the exact dates of when she snubbed kelly Rippa to even Beths time with her.
To see it all spelled out once and for all would be great.

I also think we need a future travel schedule for Kate.
I am curious if any churches or others will bring her in now.
Will any sponsors drop her?
Will she get new ones?

I wish our child advocacy movement could go in a more record keeping direction.
Let's document every single thing.

A timeline along with a future TV behind the scenes documentary would finally show just what "reality tv" truly is.

Mom23inNC said...

How could those two look their children in the eye and say that "we're renewing our vows because WE WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT" when they apparently knew then that they were in serious trouble?

When I watched this episode (as a re-run because I had lost all patience with the show and what J&K were doing with their kids) I felt that it was a big sham. Kate was too adamant about the 2nd wedding's purpose. I felt that there was something going on in their marriage and household that compelled her to say this so that not only would her children's fears be allayed, but also her own. I think Kate felt that if she said this aloud, and carried on with the farce, then all would be OK.

Hiding your head in the sand does not solve or make problems go away...

Mom23inNC said...

Forgot to add that Kevin & Jodi have a video taped interview about last night's show on Radaronline...

samcarter said...

It's sad enough that the parents are divorcing; kids deserve a home with a father and a mother. You can tell that the kids genuinely love Jon; Kate, they are wary around. Now Jon will be gone all week. I bet the kids will be counting down the days until it's Weekend Time With Daddy every week.

What's INCREDIBLY sad is that the show is continuing. The kids aren't even getting a SHRED of privacy so they can adjust to their new, topsy-turvy life. Divorce is so hard on kids (especially after they've been lied to during their parents' "wedding vow renewal ceremony"--lying liars who tell lies!). The least Jon and Kate could do is pretend to have some class and say, "The cameras are turning off so we can adjust to our new life privately."

On the other hand, as my husband pointed out, at this point, the show is providing for the kids. Turn the cameras off and the kids are left with a bitter, jobless, angry wretch of a mother. With no money for a nanny to give the kids affection, Kate will self-destruct.

Geri said...

Momof2 said...

I think the ratings could drop so dramatically on this show and Kate still wouldn't get how despised she is. She is one of the most loathed TV personalities and she thinks we just cannot get enough of her.


Love your avatar, Mom of 2!

I agree that Kate is loathed...evidently TLC did not get that memo! But perhaps TLC is looking for the best way to end this train wreck. We can only hope.

Geri said...

livid said...

I am just appalled that they would not try counseling before giving in. Who does that? Especially with 8 kids? And I'm divorced! But not without two years of counseling with a stubborn, emotionally abusive husband. I live in PA..they will each have to go to a parenting class session where they are told how to and how not to behave to the kids. Things like don't use them as messengers, don't badmouth the other parent. Things that are common sense to most people but...

I've been yelling at the TV telling these 2 Bozos to go to Parenting Classes for years. Too bad it is taking a divorce to get them to do it.

nameurl said...

You can tell when this meal footage was filmed by Kates hair.
She recently had them shorten it (I believe due to public criticism).
I have TIVO and will go peek at the hair.

However that blue shirt and Jons white short was worn a while back. They are actually in a photo shoot with those same clothes on. They are standing up and sort of separate for the shoot.

Ok watching TIVO and I believe Kates hair was her April-ish hair.
The front hanging thing was down, where now they seemed to have thinned that out and it stays behind her ears.
I also believe Jon has gained weight since then (you can't blame him) and the kids seem tanner now.
Does anyone know this restaurants well enough to recognize the landscaping and guess the season?

To me this show was several different tapings chopped up and stuck together.
Thats nothing new really.

The Frugal Countess said...

Grow a pair, Jon. You said you let Kate "rule the roost for too long - and for the first time I'm standing on my own 2 feet and I'm proud of myself."

Um, try standing on your own 2 feet about 5 minutes before you take said feet to the bar with a 23 year old. Try that.

I used to feel sorry for Jon. But he's a bigger tool than anything used by the Crooked House guys.

And he's "of course, hurt, but excited" about the future. I bet his kids aren't excited. I bet they're just hurt.

I think the producers should leave the kids out of the show and follow Jon and Kate on their time away from the kids. I'd pay money to see Jon get drunk and hook up with college girls any day of the week.

Geri said...

Brilliant recap Marinka!

I went to bed sad about the Gosselins. I woke up sad too. Then I turned on my computer and read your recap and got the best belly laughs!! I so needed that. Thank you!

Your fan,

Not a fan of either said...

Marinka, my favorite part of your recap was what you said about Jon getting a job!!! That was so funny and true. I bet CEO's all over America are in an uproar today trying to get to him first.
He did have on nice earrings, even though he looked ridiculous wearing them. His remark that he is only 32 got me too. Um (Kate's word) time to grow up, Jon.

Kate was so phony it had no effect on me at all. In all her sadness she still managed to bitch though. Also noticed in the brunch part she was again chomping away on her cud, I mean gum. She is a real class act.

These two, plus TLC, should be shunned by society (the way some religions do) for airing the dissolution of their marriage on TV. How very tastless. They disgust me. I hope their ratings continue to tank.

Child Labor said...

I hope the PA Dept of Labor was watching as Kate said the filming of the Crooked House episode went on ALL DAY tsk tsk....

samcarter said...

When Jon said he was "hurt and excited" at the same time, it reminded me vividly of something.

My brother, for about three years, was living with his girlfriend, a very controlling, dominating personality, a lot like Kate (and our mom, come to think of it). She wouldn't let him do laundry because "he'd do it wrong" but then she'd leave the piles all over the chairs when he had company, so nobody could sit there. Things like that. She was VERY controlling.

Anyway, finally he told her she had to move out (it was his house). The next day, after she'd left, he called me up and said, "I feel like a man let out of prison. I can do what I want, with WHO I want, WHEN I want, HOW I want." I was so happy for him.

I bet that's how Jon feels now. That he'll be charting his own course--hopefully keeping his kids in mind all the time--but he can dress the way he wants (probably why he's pierced his ears and is wearing punk clothing), ride what he wants, eat what he wants, et cetera. While a divorce is always, always sad for the kids, in a way this might help Jon figure out who he really is and create a meaningful life for himself.

Rebecca said...

Yeah, I was pretty floored about Jon's comments re: Hawai'i. He's a complete idiot if he thinks what the kids remember about that trip is meeting his extended family and seeing where grandma (who isn't really a part of their lives) is from.

As a kid of parents who divorced when I was six, I would bet money that what Hawai'i will represent to them is a betrayal by their parents, with all of that talk of "being together forever" not even a full year before announcing divorce on national TV.

Pilgrim Soul said...

I knew Kate Gosselin was a grifter the minute she hit up that plastic surgeon for a free boob job, in addition to the tummy tuck.

The Doc told her to get a good bra! Good for him.

GOV mommy said...

Does anyone think this could be an act? They divorce and then later on in the season "realize" they made a mistake and need to be back together. They start dating and go over seas for another wedding?

SarcasmIsFunnyWhenYouGetIt said...

2Anxious said in regards to Marinks's recap:

"HUH? I wouldnt let six 5 year olds run through the property alone, u never know what weirdo has snuck in and is hiding in the woods. So six five year olds do NOT equal a 30 year old. they're 6 small separate children who dont stand a chance as an adult tries to take them."

This is what is understood as sarcasm on Marinka's part. You don't really think her math is that poor, do you?

Ellen said...

Did anyone else hear one of the boys talking about having his "girlfriend" over to his new (Crooked) house?

Maude said...

Looked up the definition of "agreeance" on after a poster said its actually a word.

I had to laugh; under usage it says:
considered obsolete and a bastardization of "agreement".

That so sounds like Kate to me!

Dee said...

OK, they finally did it. I will not only not be watching J&K+8, I will not be watching TLC at all. That means Charm City Cakes, Cake Bass, Duggers, What Not To Wear, Baby Story & Bringing Home Baby, among all of the others will also lose my viewing.
I am not someone who does this, but last night was the last straw.
TLC needs to read up on what the Canadian Government did to the Dionne chilren. This is what TLC is doing to these children with the exception the parents are willing participants!!!

I will say that it says a lot that Kate bashed Jon through the whole thing. I didn't hear him say really anything negative about her.

Anjanette said...

I know everyone wants Kate to be the bad guy but I was distracted by Jon's earrings. When did he get those? And the silver ring he was wearing... "very punk rock" of him... He's equally responsible for the mess they are in....And equally stupid...

MamaBrown said...

Last night I started to think, "oh, that's good that they aren't going to shuttle the kids back and forth"...and then I suddenly realized that the kids won't be shuttled because THE HOUSE IS THE SET for the show. It has nothing to do with the kids and everything to do with production. Gross.

I also agree that her "I don't want to be alone" comment was to garner sympathy for her...thus Mr. Gray or whatever his name is will be more accepted by fans.

I was shocked that Jon brought up the Hawaii trip last night as one of his favorite memories---all I could think of was their vow renewal and what a joke that was. I remembered watching that episode for the first time and not seeing much love between the two as they danced---they seemed awkward. How disgusting if the separation had already been put into motion. ICK!

I hope the paparazzi will stop following these two...then Jon can move on and Kate can get a clue. If the paparazzi stops following them, the ratings will continue to drop and they will be left with only the fans who refuse to believe anything other than what Miss Kate has to say for herself---which are such contradictions. I would love to see the contradiction video posted on youtube!

Bayou Librarian said...

Thank you for the awesome recap! So glad I have stopped watching. Divorce is sad, whether or not it's good in the long run. It is still the break up of a family.

And sorry Kate, but you didn't try to save your marriage. Putting in a last ditch effort to talk to your husband during the final few weeks of your marriage is too little too late when you spent over nine years breaking his spirit and being demeaning. And sadly, the sheeple will buy her "woe is me" litany of excuses and think that she is this martyr.

Making a marriage work takes years of effort- not just one week of suddenly being open to talking things out.

Everyone is saying it but I'll say it too- those poor kids.

bcsurvivor2001 said...

Good recap. Once again - a very disjointed - trying to fill in 60 minutes of "show". Crooked houses - mixed inbetween announcing they are seperating - being slammed with a "surpise - this is all BS anyways cuz we filed for divorce BEFORE you fools could air this show haha - then the piece-to-resistance.......A fancy-smancy high faloutin brunch in a totally empty restaurant on Mother's Day - that surprise surprise actually has all organic foods on their menu? Whew - you people were busy little beavers huh?

Brother - this is the saddest sack of nothing I've ever seen. Bellow on and on mumbling in cliches and saying nothing. Only to undermine your OWN SHOW by filing papers BEFORE you can make your BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to the world. Can't even get this right.

Sad sad sad - I just hope the kids will somehow come out of this OK.

Nicole said...

LMAO that recap was GREAT. And CherryCheeseKATE that was awesome and probably the "realest" part of that show! I, too, am sad that they are divorcing, only because of the kids and because WE saw the warning signs and WE knew what they needed to do all along but THEY still don't get it. Wonder what Kevin and Jodi are thinking about all of this? Maybe when it's Jon's time with the kids he'll reunite them with their extended family, as another poster mentioned. It's just all very sad for the kids :(

Lissa said...

The thing I noticed about this episode more than any other was they were telling more than they were showing. Like when Kate told Jon to move the houses, it was in an interview where Kate said "I told him this..." but they never showed the actual interaction (with the exception of Jon's reactions). It is like TLC is letting Kate edit herself to look better in this whole mess.

tina said...

I have been complaining to TLC and sponsors for the last couple of years to get this sad mess of a show off of the air and quit exploiting children on all of these so-called reality shows.

As much as I despise these "parents" on these shows, I can honestly say that they have made me take a good hard look at how my husband and I have been as parents (we have two smart, physically fit and well rounded daughters getting ready to go to college)....I am glad they were able to play six sports; have friends over for sleepovers; have food fights and water fights; eat pizza and ice cream for breakfast; eat their birthday cake for dinner and breakfast the next day; color with markers; spend the night at grandparents, aunts, and cousins' houses ....I can go on and those parents out there that have allowed their kids to be kids great job.

Pray for the Gosselin children because it is evident that they were never allowed to be kids. Any parent can tell you that they are not growing up "normally" by looking at their 8 and 5 year old sad faces. My kids were always smiling and laughing and dirty at their ages. No amount of money can replace their childhood. I cry for them and wish them well.

Let's all stop watching TLC! And, thanks to all of you for letting your kids be kids.

ForeverHopeful said...

Thanks, Marinka, for a great recap of last night's show!

Just finished reading everyone's comments and have really appreciated your insight and humor, too!

I have a few of my own comments and observations...

I saw a very different Kate last night. It was a sad Kate but sad, I think, NOT because her marriage was over but because the cat was out of the bag. SHE knew things were bad, but now the whole world knows the truth, too. I think her sadness is that she really didn't realize that the world would be able to figure out the lie she was living. I really do think that SHE thought she was hiding her feelings sufficiently.

I also think that she's sad because she KNOWS that with cancelled appearances, the tabloid stories, family being pushed away, and Jon not agreeing to stay on as her whipping boy, that she won't have what she's had these last six months or so (spa days, book signings, free trips, etc.) because the gig is UP!

Kate remains in denial about her part in this because that is the way she operates. It's always ABOUT her, but it's never HER fault.

I DID see a few seconds of the "old" Jon and Kate in the episode, though. Probably my favorite part of the whole episode was watching Jon and Kate take the children into the restaurant by umbrella relay. Jon even used his umbrella to cover Kate's to make a larger area to protect from the rain, and Kate, suprisingly, didn't scream when the two umbrellas got intertwined for a second there. They were in perfect sinc, working together FOR THEIR CHILDREN and in perfect "We will take care of you and keep you safe and dry" mode. Nice!

Very early on-- in the first year of the show I think-- both Jon and Kate said how they just would say what they needed to say to one another RIGHT THEN rather than wait until later on. While this made sense, I can't help but wonder how much more successful it would have gone if the sarcasm and screaming was removed and a hug and a smile took it's place. Maybe Jon and Kate's communication would have been good enough to allow them to weather whatever stress was going on at the time, and they WOULD have been able to grow and learn about how to be a KIND workable team of parents.

Because they have decided to just QUIT the relationship, it tells me that NEITHER wants to change who they are and the way they react to things. It tells me that they are each stubborn in their own separate ways. They are both tired of trying to make one another into the partner they WISH they had.

I find it INCREDIBLE that neither Jon nor Kate have seemed to learn anything from watching themselves on the episodes! Wouldn't Jon SEE how he should have stood up to Kate sooner? Wouldn't Kate SEE and HEAR how caustic she was acting/speaking? Couldn't either of them see the tension that was being brought on NOT by the children and all the responsibilities OF having eight children, but by THE ATTITUDES and BEHAVIOR of themselves as parents?

Well, Jon and Kate wanted to use this show as a way of documenting the children's lives. It accomplished that. What I don't think they realized at the time was that it would document not just the Kodak Moments like a still camera photoshoot does. The VIDEO with all of the sarcastic sounds will forever document what the children and the WORLD saw and heard. Video captures much more than just the smile for the camera.

I guess "Be careful what you wish for" would definitely fit here.

AnneMarie said...

OH OH OH you know what I'd like to see??? (Besides the show falling off the face of the Earth) ??

One of those pop up shows. They run an episode, and all those little pop up ballons of behind the scenes details come up on the screen.

Like dates the clips in the show were actually shot, pointing out inconsistancies in the show, counting number of times a particular word or new word is used, high-lighting the "red spoon".

Reading news said...

Check Julie's blog for a new video from Jodi and Kevin.

HappyMommyAndWife said...

"Kate doesn't want to be alone."

Isn't she always with a bodyguard, nanny, 8 kids, a film crew, paps or salon staff? I guess I don't understand the definition of "alone" ha ha ha!

Odoacer said...

The absolute worst comment of the night went to Mr. Eloquence, Jon Gosselin: He's "excited" about his new life!

Sorry kids, but dad's more excited about snowboarding and hanging out with 20 year old girls than you! I'm sure that comment won't leave a mark on the kids.

He is so lethargic and dull that he must be doing drugs or has some type of frontal lobe brain injury.

Although he is a miracle-worker too - he's made Kate look more sympathetic.

Pull the (hair) plug(s) on the whole thing!

Patty said...

Okay, so we know all know that JON does NOT have any plans to get CUSTODY of the KIDS. He kept saying he was excited and hurt but he DOESN'T KNOW what the future holds. He said that he might be OFFERED a job. What?! He doesn't have a plan to GET a job? He's waiting for someone to offer it to him? The only thing he's good at is taking care of the kids. He's not much of an IT analyst considering that their own website is down and has not been updated for so long and they had to hire someone else to do it. He's not much of a communicator, his maturity level deteriorated these past few weeks, and oh yeah, instead of trying to fix his marriage and protect his kids, he was dating and drinking.

I think both Jon and Kate should find decent jobs and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi gets custody of the kids!

John said...

TLC announced today that "Jon & Kate Plus 8" will be retitled "Kate Plus 8, With Special Guest Jon, One Weekend A Month, Alternating Holidays, and Two Weeks in the Summer.

just me again said...

Ok - here goes:

1. SHAME on the Crooked House people for being a part of this travesty of an episode.

2. I wonder if the NY apartment will be 'shared' too -- so when one parent is at the house - the other will be at the apartment? If not - WHERE will KATE be going?

3. As the wife of a recently retired US soldier - Jon's comment about the military, although true, was in poor taste.

4. I am sure they both have 'PR Instructors' -- I believe I read that Jon had gotten one in one of the articles over the last few weeks. I am sure that is where some of their more 'scripted' comments are coming from.

5. Since Kate was so 'not into' this 'seperation' - has anyone checked the documents at the courthouse to see the REASON filed for in the divorce? Were custody papers filed as well? In our state - those are public record items - so I wonder if its the same in PA?

6. The recap forgot to mention Kate's insistance that the dogs 'go to their crates' - and that 'a couple of hours won't kill them'.

7. What new tattoo? Saw a couple of people mention it - I missed it.

8. I wonder why they addressed their trip to Hawaii so much - but then said nothing about the actual vow renewal? Were Jon's comments the 'tell all' about that? That TLC wanted the vow renewal - but that THEY were there SIMPLY so the kids could meet his family?

9. What happened to Jodi and Kevin? Did they get slapped with a lawsuit or threat of one? Or did they get paid off?

10. Why hasn't any info come from ANYONE about Steve Neild? I mean the guy MUST have friends and/or family - and I can't believe NO ONE in his life isn't beyond being paid off for info? Or is it because the media HAS looked into it and their is nothing juicy there so they have nothing to report?

Ok - I'll stop at 10 but I have SO many more questions and thoughts!

Pauper Princess said...

You forgot Jon hanging up on her when discussing the placement of the playhouses, Kate's slamming of Jon during the entire episode, and Jon talking about reclaiming his cajones. All important plot points, IMO. :-)

ManicNarcissism said...

For those speculating when the crooked houses were delivered and the "Mother's Day" brunch was taped...

I don't have any answers yet, but it is bothering me too.

What I know so far...

Kate was home from 4/19-4/23. Kate states that they waited for Spring. I speculate that this is when it took place. She isn't home again until at least 4/30 but that would have been not more for a day or two then she was back out. Then came home 5/10 (Mother's Day). It was cloudy on Mother's Day, but no pics of raining. Also, she was thinner in the brunch clips last night and Jon not as pudgy. There are pics on Just Jared of 5/10 and the kids in the afternoon with Jon picking flowers and there hair is all messy. It was done up very nice and out of their face for brunch, no reason they would have come home and took them out and look like they just rolled out of bed without brushing their hair.

4/20 - Kate and Jon are spotted at Gymboree (new outfits on kids for brunch.)

4/21 was the date that her and Jon were supposed to film a romantic night away at The Stable Bed and Breakfast.

So, I don't know for sure, would love to find the posts about people seeing the playhouses going up. I'm curious because obviously when they taped "brunch" they were still going to pull off happy family. They sat next to each other. If they were together at a brunch now, they could both be there but they wouldn't sit next to each other. And Kate and Jon were being pretty open with their hostility with the playhouses, I guess if this had not been pushed they would have edited it differently, but just curious how far back this goes. Also, Kate stated it was a bad day for her and Jon so that peeked interest.

Unknown said...

I thought those Crooked Houses were cute!

This whole thing is just sad. I feel bad for those poor kids.

Maude said...

Puddin317 said:
...I honestly believed her last night and felt bad in that she recognized where she went wrong...

I'm sorry, I missed that part. All I heard was her saying she didn't know why Jon was so angry at her, that Jon refused to talk to her, that disagreeing with him would start a fight

All I heard was her blaming Jon for everything. She systematicaly picked away at him for ten years with her verbal abuse and now can't understand why he's angry and doesn't want to talk!?

I'm in no way defending Jon. I agree with the poster that stated he should have stood up for himself years ago.

Short of intensive therapy, I don't see Kate Gosselin ever taking responsibility for her own self serving, vile behavior.

Red said...

Last night's episode made me very sad as well. Although I think I have seen this coming, as have most viewers of the show with ANY insight, for a while now. Do you remember when the show was first on and Kate would say over and over that she was so afraid of Jon leaving her and the kids? I'll go ahead and warn you that I am a psych major BUT didn't it see like, looking back over the years that she basically fulfilled her own prophesy? She pushed and pushed until he broke! I don't think Kate cheated AT ALL. Kate was too busy worrying about the show and making money. I think at the end of last season Jon made it very clear that he did NOT want to continue the show. I think that was the deal breaker.

That would explain why she approached Jon with the "contract" that he could do whatever he wanted as long as he did the show! She didn't want a divorce by any stretch. I honestly think that people like Kate (I know several) honestly think that they are in the right no matter what they do or say. They take so much pride in their "goodness" that they are shocked when someone tells them they are wrong. That's what I think happened when Jon wanted to quit the show, Kate was shocked and decided that oh, well, she would keep him around and eventually he would see it her way. Well, it didn't happen.

The reason she filed for divorce and her statement are a mystery though huh? I wonder if she tried pushing him around again and he threatened her or something? A recently freed caged animal can get pretty aggresive when someone tried to out him back in his cage...

Mimi said...

I hate to see any marriage break up and I hate to see any one party blamed because it takes to to make or break a relationship. Yes, Kate is controlling but honestly, how could a family like that function without extraordinary control - and Jon - he was the 9th child. Apparently he has been unable to hold a job pretty much since they got married - he needed to grow up a long time ago -glad somebody else mentioned the earrings - I didn't think I'd seen them before. He simply wasn't willing to do the things that 8 kids required and I hope he figures out soon that his childish behavior may change 8 lives negatively forever. Kate having an affair - I seriously doubt that. I figure her metamorphosis has at least in part been due to trying to keep his wandering eyes focused. I may be wrong but she still appears to love him and I don't see that Jon cares for Kate in the same way. I loved watching the kids and realize that they probably could never have made it without the money which Jon (and his new car - 2 seater and apartment shopping in New York - both of which don't seem real conducive to staying close to his 8 kids) didn't seem to mind so much. So very sad.

Lower Heidelberg Neighbor said...

Snow Job said:
Did they claim the dinner out was for Mother's Day? I only heard it was a "fine dining" opportunity and noticed it was also an Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Wow, fine dining establishments that serve chewing gum! And have bibs!

This is only post I have to clarify...This is their Lower Heidelberg Neighbor again. They were having lunch in a very fine restaurant indeed. It is called Green Hills Tavern and has wonderful french food. My husband I have have celebrated some lovely special occassions there. It obviously was not open to other patrons at the time...hence the empty restaurant and parking lot. The must have brought their own gum and bibs.

Brookie Wooks said...

Great Recap!
i have a few random replies:
First off - "My Dad's Gone Crazy" (by Eminem) was on my ipod while i was reading this, it was hysterical reading this and that song happened to pop on the shuffle feature. LOL

I'm kicking myself for actually feeling bad for Kate though. I actually kinda understand how she feels, she painted herself in this corner with her controlling ways and now when it's something important (like having the kids' playhouses within eyeshot) she feels that she cant speak up. It's her own damn fault but still for some reason I felt bad :-/ ugh. shoot me.

Also something hit me that I'd never thought of before last night... The whole mom-to-monster thing... I was thinking about it, and if we're honest with ourselves she was quite the bombshell in the footage from their first wedding. She was thin, platinum blonde and pretty much just what she looks like now, but with longer hair. then she didnt have time to keep that look up because of having a gazillion kids, and now she's got the time to keep herself up the way she used to be...

Just for giggles i looked up the prices of the crooked houses.. they START at 1,250-4,450 for the house then there's stuff you can add on and shipping is 300.

oh and where did those earrings of John's come from? and if i'm not mistaken that's a donny darko t-shirt he's wearing? What is he, 15?

was my reply random enough?

mom-of-one said...

did anyone else find it foreboding how the one twin chose a creepy haunted house design for her crooked house?

it's probably how she sees her own "home" (dark, scary, crooked, morose).

i'm sad and disturbed for these kids, it makes me sick.

RachieDough said...

Techymum said...
Guess the Crooked Playhouse company just invested about the worst $10k plus ever....
Checked their website the other day, and it was full of very negative feedback.
Today? Website updated - all reference to OCC and JK+8 removed.
The whole Crooked Playhouse thing made me wonder how these transactions come about. Does a company approach TLC? Does TLC contact a company? I'd sure like to hear....
But in the end, we can see THIS is how we can save the kids. Keep on top of the advertisers, plain and simple.
Wrong... if Crooked Houses sells more than FOUR playhouses as a result of last nights show it was a spectacular investment. Negative feedback isn't great for business, but this is not a large enterprise, not yet anyway. I guarantee that Crooked Houses comes out on top in this situation.

Those houses are freaking adorable, if not architectually complex. I could make them myself, but think of all those viewers with some extra cash! Hundreds and hundreds of crooked houses are being ordered as we speak.

SheepleNoMore said...

As a former Sheep-person, I'm horrified to see some posters laughing at last night's "revelation." Divorce isn't funny. Especially when the people who are going to suffer are 8 unwitting minors.

I have no respect for either parent, Jon and his new bling scounting "exciting" apartments in NYC. I don't care if he's still "just 32" he is NOT a free man, he is a father 8 times over.

And Kate with her "I don't want to be alone." Then care for the man you love Kate. And "my kids will be a statistic." Again thinking about the external appearance of things.

Also what I'm not reading here is how perverted the separation arrangement is. The kids keep the house and the parents fly in and out. Perfectly understandable in some private divorce situations, but forcing the kids to stay there where TLC gets to tape them, is JUST like being in a Zoo. Sure their mansion is a gilded cage, but a cage non the less.

When I was a sheep-person, I watch the show to root-on Jon and Kate in their challenging life. I don't like to go to animal zoos and I certainly refuse to watch the TLC child zoo.

I'm done with TLC. I'm also done with GWoP. I don't want to laugh at, criticize or pay attention to this "family" any more. Attention is the worst thing I could do for the kids.

Thanks GWoP for this forum, it has been very cathartic and educational. But, my hope is that there won't be a need for GWoP in the future as TLC will cancel this show and the Gosselin fame will wane. That is what I'll pray for.

RachieDough said...

I used to feel sorry for Jon. But he's a bigger tool than anything used by the Crooked House guys.

And he's "of course, hurt, but excited" about the future. I bet his kids aren't excited. I bet they're just hurt.
How crazy was that? Jon, do not mention your excitement at what the future holds. Not now, not for many months. It's just too damn soon.

And for the record, even if you are no longer married you should NOT be hanging out with young girls in nightclubs and wearing Ed Hardy jeans. And get rid of those diamond studs, you look like a pale ass rapper. As mentioned above, you are a HUGE TOOL!

wramblinwreck said...

Thanks for a great recap, Marinka!

I don't get the Team Jon and Team Kate mentalities. Both of these people made the decision to do the show for 5 seasons, both of them made the decision to exploit their children to earn the family's income, both of them decided it's okay to continue the show now that they're divorcing. Both of them chose not to try to do everything they could to work on their marriage. Divorce should be a last-ditch choice, not a quick fix, especially when children are involved. Both of them are selfish and immature and more focused on what they want as individuals than the well-being of their children. Neither one of them deserve a pass for their behavior, they're both culpable in the destruction of this family.

Unknown said...

The headline in today's People "after the events of this past weekend, Jon left me no choice" but to file for divorce "to protect myself and my children". Wanna bet she's gonna take the kid hitting his head and turn it into some sort of Kramer vs. Kramer child abuse bs. She's playing the victim to the hilt.

disgusted said...

I am so disgusted with these people.

How MANY bad decisions can you cram into 10 years??

I held out hope that they would get counseling, cancel the show, anything that actually WAS in the best interest of the kids (as they proclaim so often).

So sad.

Sprudeln said...

I'm quite passive myself (even my husband tells me I need to be a bit more aggressive and stand up for myself), but dear lord I couldn't put up with the likes of Jon, either. I'd yell at him a bit too, I think.

Kate, on the other hand, seems to never have learned compromise. I was watching a rerun (Best & Worst Moments), and Kate kept telling Jon that when she melts down (as with the ice cream at Disney), he needs to ask her, "how can I help you". He'd just be inviting himself to join in the crazy!

Neither of them seem willing to meet the other in the middle. Too bad that's where happy kids live.

it'sNotCheatingWhenYoureSeparated said...

They should totally run the Hawaii episode and last night's back to back so it will be evident who these people really are. shameful liars.

spepper said...

Excuse me, but for what they have allowed the public to see through their show, they are a pair of tools!

I was a fan in the beginning, and after rewatching the first episodes, I could see why. You could really see a commited couple trying to raise these beatiful children.

But the last seasons were just unwatchable. Kate would go berserk on Jon because of his laid-back attitude, and he obviously uncomfortable, would let this behaviour go on and on (maybe he tried to stop her, maybe he didin't, but all of us could see what srew she was to him). Kate had it coming to herself, but Jon's no better. It's as if he was waiting the opportunity to send her to hell and live his new found 20's 10 years later.

Have any of them really tried for their marriage? We will never know, but the way they showed it, the answer is a big NO.

But hey the most important thing prevails... THE SHOW! Isn't that nice? The show must go on, it's for the kids after all, right? Who cares about mommy and daddy solving out their differences when they have such beautiful crooked houses that will make them remember these times with a smile...

We really live in a weird weird world...

Ling said...

"Jon says that it's not good for them to be arguing in front of the kids. For more than four seasons, that is."


On a more serious note, shame on them for throwing their marriage under the bus for the sake of a television show. Even Lucy and Desi managed to stick it out until their show got canceled.


Great Gazoo said...

If Jon is so concerned about the kids, then why is he moving to New York? Can you say "mid-life crisis?"
I love the earrings- Kate probably never allowed him to have them so he's declaring his independence. I am not sure if the hair plugs are working or not...the back seems to be the same.
I just cannot understand how he keeps saying that he wants what is best for the kids but has not learned how to communicate yet. Thirty-two and he acts like he's 19! I used to pull for him since Kate is such a dragon but he's not making any sense with his actions. Very passive-aggressinve.

justmy2cents said...

Geri said...
Brilliant recap Marinka!

I went to bed sad about the Gosselins. I woke up sad too. Then I turned on my computer and read your recap and got the best belly laughs!! I so needed that. Thank you!

Your fan,

I went to be HATING J & K Gosselin and woke up this morning HATING them even more! Neither of them are deserving of the eight children they have. They are an insult to parenthood, truly dispicable in every sense of the word!!!

FYI said...

Montgomery County, Penn. Divorce docket:


samcarter said...

What really torques me off regarding the Gosselins...they played this announcement for the ratings. MOST couples, even celebrity couples, will announce their separation in a press release, to the papers, while asking for privacy.

Oh, noooo, not Jon and Kate! They had to dangle the "announcement" for the sheeple viewers, to try to drag them into watching their trainwreck of a show, when responsible, loving parents would have been circling the wagons and shoring up the castle walls to keep their children's lives out of the frakking limelight.

They're both disgusting. And TLC is disgusting.

GWOP Lurker said...

I (shamefully) watched , but didn't hear any couch talk becuase I was so distracted by Kate's filthy feet. Seriously- did anyone else notice? The bottom of her feet were black!

mrst said...

This was not the announcement that I was hoping for although I am not at all surprised. This is just so sad and so wrong.
The actions of TLC, Jon and Kate all contributed to this sad day. I do not know why they could not stop the show, take a breathe and try counseling to save their family.

ihatethisshow said...

divorce record

Angelrae said...

First time poster. I'm sorry to admit I watched the show last night (I had refrained all season). It made me literally sick to my stomach. Those poor children! The big annoucement was nothing we all didn't already know. It was funny have TLC tried to paint Kate as the sympathetic victim and John as the villian. They were definately pro Kate. However on the E show I watched later that night they were pro John and made Kate look like the mini monster.

I did find it telling that while playing in the new Crooked Houses one of the boys said my girlfriend is coming over or something like that. Why would a five year old say that unless it is something he's heard? Five year olds don't pretend to have girlfriends and boyfriends. Seems mommy and daddy have had their significant others over at the house quite often and the kids already knew what was going on.

Also Kate's teary eyed speech about it's going to be hard on HER because there will be times she HAS to be away from "here". (when John is living in the house during his scheduled times with the kids) Yeah right boo hoo. She sure didn't have a problem being away for WEEKS at a time doing book signings and publicity tours etc. Didn't seem to miss her children then. I'm sure she'll be out partying and living it up those days John has the kids. She'll probably dread going back to that house to "take care" of her kids.

I was hoping beyond hope the big annoucenment was the discontinuation of the show. But apparently that show is more important than the eight children Kate and John decided to bring into the world. Sickening.

4thekids said...

Jon and Kate spent more time celebrating (him)/lamenting (her) their separation on that interview set than they did trying to save their marriage for the sake of their children.

They buy a house "for their kids".
They do the show "for their kids".
They take trips "for their kids".
Kate "works" (snort) "for my kids".
They even breathe "for their kids".
They do EVERYTHING "for their kids".

And yet, they won't attempt marriage counseling or stay married for their kids.


Unknown said...

If the parents aren't going to put a stop to this show I really think TLC should be more responsible and realize they are helping to destory 8 childrens lives. Contract or not, when a family is going through something like this, it shouldn't be filmed.

Better then having to cancel it now, they should have just never signed on for a 5th season in the first place. Obviously they were unhappy together, and Jon wanted to stop last season, so why agree to 40 more episodes when you're pretty sure it's all going to fall apart? Were you really thinking about your kids then?

I admit that I have watched this trainwreck from the start and I just couldn't see to stop, but I won't be watching anymore. I don't care if it effects the ratings or not, this just isn't right anymore. Those kids deserve so much better then what they have. Those trips and toys and the big house aren't going to make up for the fact that their life is on film for everyone to watch and they will be dealing with the reprucussions of this for the rest of their life.

Can you imagine being those kids and having everyone at school know all your business? Growing up is going to be difficult for them.

Shame on TLC for caring more about ratings then about the family. Watching a marriage dissolve isn't fun, but I guarantee that watching the aftermath is probably going to be worse, so turn the cameras off and let the family deal with this ALONE.

Ms. Lydia said...

Puhleeze, time for a reality check here. The show was the only reason Jon stayed in that marriage this long. 22 yrs old, and immature at that, he gets seduced by a hot piece of tail who can't wait to procreate and after a brief time rushes into fertility treatments and lands him with twins. Many times Kate has said that Jon wanted to stop there, but noooooo, back she goes into fertility treatments and there are six more buns in her oven. Trust me, Jon was ready to bolt, and would have if it wasn't for the offer of doing a reality show. Trust me again, Deanna wasn't his first affair, only the first one he was caught by the media. And who thinks Kate the narcissist has sat back while her husband runs around, and not had affairs of her own? Trust me one more time, Kate's been wracking her little brain for years trying to figure a way to jettison Jon without jeopardizing the gravy train. Like a female insect that eats its mate after procreating, I'm sure she sees the divorce as shedding dead weight. Meanwhile, giving her the opportunity to reinvent herself as the victim and squeeze as much financial mileage as possible out of that. At some point we'll see her trade-up to a more TV-friendly mate, who will be cast as the perfect TV stepdad.

One thing Kate has made very certain, the show will go on. And she wouldn't say so unless she has the go-ahead from TLC. They won't be satisfied until they absolutely wreck those kids psychologically. Another eight shots at reality shows in the future.

LaurieBelle said...

The one thing that stuck in out to me last night was when Kate said something like, "I have been putting on this happy face for so long even though inside I was in so much pain." Umm... if this has been Kate's happy face, then I am petrified of what's to come!!!

caroleena said...

There is a commercial by oatmeal where the kids in the schoolyard are bending over and another kid brings a wind up key and they get sudden energy. Memo to Jon, use the key, my god you are about as exciting to listen to as a discount audio book that drones on and on. This "I am here for my kids" statement is getting old. The crooked people were there for the kids as you and Kate felt the need to air your filthy laundry on national tv. This marriage has been in trouble for a very long time and media has nothing to do with it, all it did was show the world what idiots you both are. Kate saying that we will continue the show and whatever person has the kids will be interviewed?? what??? The show is about a "married couple" raising 8 kids. The dynamic is lost, it's like Jerry Springer interviewing heads of state, not pretty. This will be interesting to see how Maybe Jon Maybe KatePlus8. Since the Gosselins can't just say no, TLC needs to be held accountable for the whole mess at least stopping this charade starting now. Very very sad for these children.

Military Mom said...

Great recap Marinka! I promised myself that I wouldn't watch but I did. I am now hanging my head in shame.

It't all about the ratings - but I don't think that K8s "pity me" act is going to work. Too many people know her for what she is. The ratings will go down the tubes if they try to re-do the show as Kate +8 because with all the "helpers" and not-a-nanny no one will believe that she is a "struggling" single mom (especially with the pay check that she brings in).

When she is at her academy award best she does remember to cry for sympathy - but then she dabs at her chin with the tissue and not her eyes. WTF??!! Is she drooling over the money that she is going to make that she thinks will be "Mine, all mine!" not that Jon is out of the picture? Those poor kids.

One last point, Puddin317, just because you are the only car at any establishment does not entitle you to park in the handicap spot. Sorry, but that's the law. If they had been caught they would have been ticketed.

lindahoyt said...

This proves one thing. We SHOULD believe every single thing that we read about Jon and Kate.

EVERYTHING that has been written about those two has come true!

bowlwoman said...

ntv/nat group, ltd. said...

Kate Gosselin reminds me of the star character of the show Hyacinth Bucket.


That's "Bouquet."

Unknown said...

One of my facebook "friends" thinks Jon is being a total jerk & she feels so bad for Kate. She also can't wait for karma to get Jon.

I can't wait for karma to get Kate.

WhoDidWhatFirst said...

Did anyone else get the feeling that Kate was having a very difficult time keeping the tears near the surface? And who the heck was that woman with the soft, sweet voice? If she thinks she is going to continue this subterfuge as the offended woman she is in for a big surprise. The paps will be on her like flies and she is going to find out that she and Steve will have nowhere to hide. The thought of her trying to pass herself off in the past as a good Christian woman just want to make me barf.

Definitely proof that the Devil doesn't wear Prada - just Ann Taylor.

Hmm said...

mommyoftwo said...
I like how they say they are separating because it's not good for the kids to see them argue in front of them. I guess it is okay for the kids to see them bad mouth each other in front of millions of people and let all of the details of why they can't get along be public knowledge. Nice logic. I will NEVER watch this show again! Jon & Kate make my skin crawl.


I agree wholeheartedly. It is terrible for any child to have to endure the split of their parents but on television for the world to see? I wish SOMEONE would take the moral high ground and take the show off the air, if not Jon and Kate then TLC. How can anyone think it is OK to televise the couple's demise and the aftermath when the lives of eight innocent children are at stake?

The entire situation is just too sad and disgusting for words. it almost embarasses me to be an American.

Sisi said...

Someone mentioned that the houses were 2549 each. Nope, they are MORE! The CUSTOMIZED houses start at 5000, where they end is your guess.
So you're looking at 20,000 dollars worth of play houses.
I know a wonderful couple with 11 children (all singletons) who run a charitable organization out of their home and spend their own money to keep it going. Recently I saw their house on a pre-foreclosure listing.
Imagine if they had 20k to save their house and keep their family and their organization going....
no, but KON can get some plywood shacks for their kids in the backyard of their mansion on their "estate".
It truly upsets me how the world rewards this kind of selfishness and greed.

Sisi said...

Oh and a note: The father of the 11 kids has a "real" job and several advanced degrees in addition to his non-profit commitments. Mom has 11 kids so that's her job.

Mari-Leigh Smith said...

During the brunch, I kept waiting for Kon to tell the kids the big announcement. I wouldn't have put it past TLC to air those poor children's reactions.

Punkinbugg said...

People magazine's website says:

Kate Gosselin on Divorce: 'Jon Left Me No Choice'

It's so obvious that he did ask her to choose: OUR MARRIAGE or THIS STUPID SHOW.

...and we all know what she chose.

Double Dog Dare You said...

"Over the course of this weekend, Jon's activities have left me no choice but to file legal procedures in order to protect myself and our children..."

Huh? I bet she was livid that he was giving away those autographed photos for free. How dare he!

Kendra said...

"In other news...water is wet."

HILARIOUS! Great recap, Marinka. I admit, I did watch out of curiousity, and the whole time I was waiting for the "big announcement." I got so sick of all the back and forth. You did an excellent job recapping for all those faithful non-viewers! Thanks!

penny said...

Hilarious and excellent recap! I was LMAO. This made my morning. Thank you.

Deb A. said...

I taped the show out of curiosity,so I could fast forward through the "Poor widdle me" segment of Kate's announcement.

As for the dirty feet in front of the camera, it just goes to show that "you can take the girl out of the trailer park . . . etc."

Gee, another thing, my son had earrings just like Jon's—when he was a senior in high school!
Seriously, times must be tough when Jon is talking about getting a job.

But above all, the show must go on, because we all know that everything Kate does is for "my" kids.

Obviously, there is WAY more to the story that we are not getting.

I think US Weekly said that Jon caught Kate in an affair with the bodyguard, which would explain why he is not talking to her.

The question is—how do you save kids that have had cameras pointed at them every second of their lives?

You often hear actors, and politicians talk about how difficult it is to adjust their new lives once they are out of the limelight. What happens to children who have NEVER had one moment of normalcy?

It's not going to be pretty.

blamingoftheshrew said...

FYI-According to the Courier Times, The Gosselins did not file for divorce in Doylestown, Bucks County PA, they filed in Berks County , where they live! I live in Bucks County.

Yolanda said...

chocoboat said...
Believe it or not, "agreeance" is a real word. It's actually not one of the Kate-isms.

According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary - "agreeance" is NOT a word.

I personally have never heard that word used before. Can you tell me where it is considered acceptable?

Bladeofgrass said...

Wonderful recap and laughed my butt off. :)

It disgusts me that they are continuing with the show. At least some upcoming episodes have been in the can to be aired after last nights big announcement. This will give the kids some break I hope. My heart goes out to them and Kate is in for some real trouble with the kids. The twins are going to give her a real hard time. IMO I am sure they will blame this all on their mother. I pray the children will be ok...but I just don't know.

"Agreeance" is a word and used in Austraila. hmmmmmm...where is Steve from?

I think the show will tank now. I really hope so for the children's sake.

It seems Kate has taken a lot of advice from GWOP..playing with kids, filling her own gas tank (alone) and anything else her PR people can find to make her more loveable, ha ha.

Last but not least...such selfish parents to keep the gravy train moving right along. stink like a bucket of dog turds sitting in the sun for hours. I will never watch anything on your station again. The Loser Channel.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Great recap! I wonder who would offer Jon a job, because they usually require some kind of skill set...

I'm really disappointed in them for announcing this on TV. I'm not surprised, but just disappointed that it actually came to this. It also backs up Kevin and Jodi's story that they've been separated for months already, if they're moving to dissolve their marriage instead of just separating.

qtrfan said...

Pilgram Soul said: that Crooked House guy was pimping out his merchandise in the midst of this debacle with absolutely no shame.
I am sure he had no idea that this show would end up spliced with their divorce announcement, which was obviously filmed at a different time.

What a mess.

pippu said...

This episode was named wrong. It should have been titled "Crooked Houses and Broken Homes".

Fabulous recap, Marinka! The best two lines (I literally laughed out loud):

"Jon admits that he and Kate have not been communicating very well. In other news, water is wet."

"Kate is confident that they'll find happiness because if you look hard enough, you will find it. Like on TLC Mondays 9-10 pm."

I really appreciate the recaps. I haven't watched a single show since the fake Hawaii vow renewal. I could tell way back then that something was not right--the scene after the renewal where J and K are dancing together was so uncomfortable to watch. They seemed to hate each other even then.

I recorded another show that was on after the season premiere, and caught the last few minutes of J and K on the interview couch. I felt like I was watching something private. Something I shouldn't be seeing. Kind of like walking in on a conversation you weren't meant to hear. REALLY uncomfortable. I can't even stand the thought of watching an episode now.

Kate is absolutely seeing someone else. You don't go through that big of a physical transformation unless you're trying to impress someone. I have a sister who went through a divorce, then completely changed her appearance to appeal to other guys. This is exactly what Kate has been doing.

...Amy... said...

You know, I'm not sure Kate would have been in this situation (doing this all "alone", lack of communication, every other complaint she has...) had she listened to Jon at the end of last season when he all but got down on his knees on camera, begging her to end the show/cut back the filming. I mean, she probably would be b/c she's abused him so much to this point, but maybe he'd be more agreeable and approachable had she listened. I think Jon still wants the money, but could have handled a new episode every month or so instead of 40 episodes in a season or something like that...who knows.

I did watch last nite, but the recaps are always better. Thanks for writing them, everyone! :o)

Also, who thinks that they had to add the info card about them starting "dissolution" proceedings into the episode yesterday afternoon once the news broke about the divorce? (Jon totally screwed over TLC and Kate...I really don't think they were expecting him to do this yesterday-he is the one that filed, right?) I think that the wording in the taped interviews in the episode were alluding to just a physical separation so that they could still milk it out w/ counseliing, etc on camera...and then the BIG, BIG announcement at the end of the season would be "hey, now we're getting divorced...suckers!" Anyone else agree?

Rita said...

More free stuff - the Crooked houses are $2500 each!

Bev555 said...

For those of you who are feeling more sorry for Kate now and that this is more Jon's fault. Have you forgotten what Kevin and Jody said? That six months ago Jon came to them and told them that Kate said the marriage was over and he could have a girlfriend as long as he would continue doing the show! Too bad Kate did not address that last night in her sob story.

I could not believe that on the first episode of the new season she actually admitted that yes she had been hard on Jon for the last ten years and that she regretted it.

Yes I think Jon is inmature and not handling this appropriately but he did say one thing that I thought was profound and have even heard Brad Pitt say something similar in that we have a sad society when men are dying in Iraq and people want to know what he had for lunch!

...Amy... said...

Ooh! Forgot to mention...anyone notice that they parked in a handicapped spot at the restaurant? I thought that they maybe would have moved it once the kids were inside...but I highly doubt it. I sincerely hope someone who really may have needed that spot wasn't denied it...oy.

Wasn't it reported that they took the kids out for a nice brunch in between legs of her book tour or something? I liked how it said "Mother's Day" on the screen...b/c it definitely wasn't Mother's Day (it didn't rain in PA on Mother's Day, plus, Jon was seen playing w/ the kids outside on their b-day/Mother's Day and we all know those kids couldn't possibly play in the rain even if Kate wasn't there...)

Moons in Leo said...

Absolutely brilliant recap! Thanks so much for bringing laughter to my day!

Oh, P.S.: These two nitwits should never have gotten married, never had kids, never have had a television show. TLC, will you please, PLEASE cancel this show?

Jude Susie said...

"Crooked Houses"...what a perfect metaphor for this whole despicable "experience". The houses are "supposed to look like kids made them"...hmmm, as in it is supposed to look like "we are doing this all for the kids", when, in fact a bunch of grown men assembled them (meaning TLC?). Not to mention, the houses may be cute on the outside, but are completely empty on the inside...kind of like their perfect little family? Perfectly matching gymboree outfits cannot guarantee inner beauty or happiness, folks! Nor can a tummy tuck, hair plugs or breast implants.
Wow, the more I think about it, this episode with the crooked houses definitely sums up the whole gosselin experience, right down to jon and kate's indecision as to WHERE to place the houses and kate's backhanded comments like "it only took all day" ungrateful, greedy woman.
Next episode, The Big Bad Wolf comes to blow down those crooked houses...Oh, wait, that's already happened...

Nikki said...

Just a little confused here. I thought that they wanted to deal with everything privately. So much for that, hugh? These two are hilariously hilarious in the fact that they will do anything for a couple of dollars.

mariasmom said...

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' goes on production hiatus
07:32 AM PT, Jun 23 2009
Jon & Kate are taking a break!

TLC's hit reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" is taking a production break after the couple said on Monday night's show that they were separating.

The show, which follows the lives of Jon and Kate Gosselin and their brood, has become a pop culture sensation, getting TLC its best ratings ever and providing the tabloids with a steady diet of gossip. The couple have been on more than 40 magazine covers over the last two months including seven in a row on US Magazine.

TLC said next Monday would be a clip package with some new footage, but that the next all-new episode would be on Aug. 3. People close to the show say the desire to take a production break came from the network.

So far, six new episodes of the show's 40-episode order have aired. The premiere episode drew almost 10 million viewers and the show is still doing better than it had in its previous four seasons. It has also boosted the ratings of TLC's new show "Cake Boss."

Because of all the turmoil in the Gosselin's marriage, TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes right now as its production schedule had become very last minute. Episodes this season were often completed as late as the day of airing.

-- Joe Flint

Colleen said...

My parents went through a very ugly separation and divorce when I was in high school. I realize that is quite a leap in age from the Gosselin kids; however, I also remember being Mady & Cara's age and literally praying for my parents to divorce because being under the same roof with both of them was that unbearable. I remember going to camp and lying to my friends that my parents were split up, because it was all I wanted. And then when it finally happened, it nevertheless proved to be an extremely rough time for me -- and I even had the luxury of being able to deal with my feelings off of the public radar!

My point is, Mady & Cara (and probably at least some of the little ones, it's not like they're 2 anymore...) MUST be attuned to this incredibly dysfunctional presence in their lives, and even if they are like me, hoping to find some peace in their parents' parting, separation and divorce is never an easy time for a family, let alone one with small children. I am pretty much at the end of my rope as is, but I am officially done with TLC as a whole if they continue to squeeze the last pennies out of their cash cow as the kids enter this particularly difficult time. I just can't believe any of them will want a camera shoved in their faces in the weeks and months to come. We are way beyond the realm of charming wacky-family entertainment at this point, into something much darker and frankly disturbing. They need their privacy now more than ever.

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