Gosselins in the Year 2025, Part 3

Joel comes out of the closet and is banished from the house per Kate. Jon still sneaks by and visits him, and is his number one fan when Joel's line of designer jeans hits Nordstroms.

Aaden changes his name to Aidan and is a veterinarian specializing in exotic animals. He works hard and eventually gets a job with the National Zoo. Kate came to visit, but he had to ask her to leave because she kept complaining about the smell.

Collin plays football for awhile, but finds his true passion is boxing. He becomes an engineer and remains single, but has a string of girlfriends who move in and out. He still has his bear buddy, and hides it whenever his mother comes over, for fear she will throw it away.

Alexis is an artist living in SoHo, has varying colors of hair, and is in and out of college. She lives with her boyfriend, a musician, and they have a child together. Kate does not approve of this lifestyle and refuses to visit, but Jon tries to fit in with her friends and learns the lingo.

Leah finishes college, moves to France, and keeps in touch with her siblings. Kate hasn't managed to score a free trip, so she hasn't visited.

Hannah lives at home and works at a local dry cleaners, pressing shirts.

Cara is a ski instructor in Aspen, and has a small apartment over a cafe. She takes classes occasionally, but really just loves teaching little rich kids to ski.

Madelyn is an actress on Broadway and lives on the Upper East Side. She and Alexis are in touch with each other almost daily, and Mady watches Alexis' baby sometimes. They are very close, and Mady helps Alexis get funding together to do her first art showing.

Kate is disappointed in all of her children except for Hannah.

Jon loves them all and still thinks he is 25, like them.

Reprinted with permission from Steph.

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