Gosselins in the Year 2025, Part 2

Aaden will still be getting a sibling or parent to help him put on his unnawears properly and tie his shoes.

Leah will be in an eating disorders program.

Hannah, who is so close to Leah and has tried the puking trick might be in an ED competition with her. Especially since Hannah is getting chunky and Leah is so petite. Such a set up for competition. So maybe Hannah will be eating disorder treatment as well.

Alexis will be out on her own and won't be giving her family the time of day. Except for maybe Collin...who hopefully won't be in jail for beating people up.

Joel will be living at home with the folks, studying fashion design (which will scare his parents to death).

Maddy will be an older version of Alexis, though I see her still having contact with the 'rents in order to create drama in their lives and make them pay.

Cara will be married and a mom. She'll be the caretaker, the problem solver, the mature one that everyone leans on. Years down the line she'll be angry and bitter that she spent years putting everyone else first, but no one in the family puts her first.

Reprinted with permission from nanasez.

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