Dateline or 20/20?

I wonder why Dateline or 20/20 hasn't picked up on the Gosselins. If the Gosselins truly have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, you would think the family would welcome an investigation to get at the truth. Reputable journalists have the resources and the staff to reach the truth, and either this story would become an exposé to a very greedy set of parents or it would clear the Gosselins of any allegations of exploiting their children. It's time someone protects the children and you would think TLC would place the welfare of these children before profits.

Another question I have, does anyone know if an online petition has been started to cancel this show?

Reprinted with permission from beachluvin.


FIONA said...

Great comment....IF the G's have nothing to HIDE, they would WELCOME the exposure and publicity. YOu know that one of the news shows would LOVE to interview them.

But they aren't going to do it....because THEY DO HAVE STUFF TO HIDE. They would have to answer tough questions. They aren't going to volunteer to do this type of show....

There time is coming though...

Anonymous said...

I hope so. Someone needs to take these people down, especially for the fact that they masquerade as Christians and swindle love offerings off of unsuspecting church goers.

Anonymous said...

Because dateline and 20/20 would never chose to bring down a family with eight kids when there are internet predators, murderers, and millions of other people out there who should be brought down before the Gosselins. 20/20 and Dateline have bigger and more important people to excpose. Not to mention, if people don't want to give to J&K. They don't have to their appearances. You all act like J&K are holding guns to peoples heads to go to their appearances. They are not. And if they go to an appearance, they don't have to buy a picture or give a love offering.

Natalie said...

Fiona - You are totally right. The G's have plenty to hide - HOW ABOUT FRAUD for starters? The college scholarship lie, the faux poverty claim, and perhaps beaucoup bucks in unreported income, hmmmm???

And to have to answer more serious and astute questions from an articulate and educated journalist (and people, I DO NOT MEAN OPRAH!)would send the personality-disordered Kate running for her life (with Jon-boy not far behind!)

Bicoastal said...

I think the local news reporters who first covered Kate's "... shout from the highest mountain ... " demand for the taxpayer-funded nurse/helper should revisit the family's story. That would be a great start to the unraveling of their scam.

I'm sure the Gosselins are quite infamous in their neck of the woods. I don't know who wrote the original articles about them.

I know someone here knows; that reporter (or newspaper) should be contacted via email -- in a concise manner -- and asked if they would consider a follow-up investigative piece on the parents. There's so much material -- quitting their jobs, the freebies, the lack of privacy for their children, the alleged new house, product placement, and of course the phony-baloney tales of poverty from the stone-age to gin up more cash hand-outs.

The fact that the show is a TLC "hit" makes it even more appealing to a journalist interested in how the camera ultimately corrupted two middle-class parents; their hunger for swag has become more of an audience draw than the not-so-little kids whose existence provides the swag.

It would be a heck of a story, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

I dont think it was necessarily the 'camera that corrupted, but
J & K's own selfish wants and desires that motivates their continuing of this show. The 'camera' just allows the viewers to see in real life just how selfish, narcassitic, foolish, and immature these two sad example of parents are. Sure TLC and its production have their own agenda, but it's ultimately J & K that allows this train wreck of a show to continue all at the expense of THEIR own children.

Anonymous said...

I am new here. I was so happy to find this blog which confirms everything I have seen and gathered from the show.
All 8 children are precious little souls. Watching them being exploited for the almighty dollar makes me sick to my stomach!
Jon and Kate COULD be honest about their lives. They COULD allow a once or twice a year show of their family. They COULD speak once every three months so the kids would not have to deal with the pain of parents being gone. They COULD allow family members to be part of the children's lives for the children's sakes. They COULD protect their children at all costs like most parents do.
Oh yeah. Wait! They are Jon and Kate.