It has been quite a while since a new item was posted here.

I think that Jon & Kate plus 8 has gone the way of the dinosaur. The final straw was probably the dressing up in play outfits while Kate watched from a mattress. Maddy stomped around. Alexis screamed at the top of her lungs. Neither one was disciplined at all. But Lord knows what poor Joel did to rate the death stare (play favorites much, Kate?). Kate gave Jon orders ("I want these kids in bed in 20 minutes"). I'm not sure which would be more exciting -- watching grass grow or paint dry.

Tooth whitening? Jon and Kate dining out without the kids? What in the world are the producers/writers thinking? (I actually doubt that they ARE thinking.) There is no way on earth that they are going to be able to prolong this show for another 40 episodes.

I doubt very much that anyone really cares any more. It is totally unpleasant (not to mention boring) to view this show. As they say in "the business," the show has jumped the shark.


Gatomama said...

I think the show has not only jumped the shark but crawled into the whale's belly. Personally I think it should stay there at this point. Last week's episode was deadly dull and merely pointed out Kate and Jon's weaknesses as parents and the poor behavior they engender in their children.

M.N. said...

All they have to do is focus on the kids. I could watch them interact for 22 minutes a week. Who can hold back a smile when Hannah tells Jon >Enjoy YOURself!!< or when Aaden insists he is not a gooseball? Not me! More kids, less J&K please.

Not a Sheeple said...

Which is why people say it has jumped the shark. The producers have at least for the moment lost their way with freebies for Jon and Kate and not showing cute kids. Really do any of us want or need to see teeth whitening? At least it was educational enough for me to know I'll never give it a thought again!

Anonymous said...

Oh, they care now. Mostly because of this blog. I'm suprised Kate herself hasn't sent you a big, fat thank you email!