Why I'm a "Hater"

Like many people, I enjoyed the first couple of specials. Adorable kids, she's kinda mean, but it was pleasant viewing.

Once the series started and people started talking, I realized how much hypocrisy there is.

For example, if you go to the FAQ page on the Gosselins' own website, they state:
Contrary to popular belief, none of our kids have been given a college scholarship nor are there any funds set up in any accounts to pay for college!!! That is another area where we are trusting the Lord to provide when that time comes!!!!! Scary, but necessary!!!!! :)

But a little Googling reveals that on the sextuplets' first birthday, the Lt-Governor of Pennsylvania announced that tuition accounts had been set up for all eight Gosselin children.

One TWoP reader hypothesised that perhaps the parents didn't know about this. Um, this was announced at the birthday party. I think Jon & Kate would have been there ...

Another hypothesis is that nobody has actually donated to the funds, which I doubt. My personal opinion is that (a) Jon & Kate have no control over the funds so therefore they don't exist (b) mentioning the funds, even giving directions on how to donate, on their website diminishes their portrait of themselves as people in need.

Once I realized this deception, I started looking more closely at the situation, and I guess I became one of the "haters". I don't call Child Protective Services on them, I don't e-mail churches where the parents will appear, I have no idea where the girls go to school - but since I don't speak of the parents in glowing terms, I get classified as a "hater". And believe or not, I don't spend my free time Googling the Gosselins.

Want to know another way that they portray themselves as in need? They go to speaking engagements and tell of how hard it was for them in beginning. And I do believe it was hard for them, I am sure they were overwhelmed.

But now? They are selling photos of themselves and their kids. If you have a Facebook account, you can see one of the pictures with some comments here.

Note that the person who bought a picture said "THAT postcard was $20 the regular-sized ones were $10...i just had to tell myself...ok, poor college student, it's for a good cause! lol"

I think college students are more of a good cause than the Gosselins! The Gosselins have all sorts of freebies given to them, they are not a good cause any more. Except for the college funds. ;-)


PineappleHair said...

It's such a shame that the Gosselin's are taking advantage by portrayng themselves as people in need. This is baloney! If they are so in need, why isn't the husband working? Do they have no shame? I would be embarassed to accept money, services, gifts, etc. from anyone if I was truly not in need. Save the charity for the folks who need it, there are plenty of them out there.

amalficoast1 said...

Kate and Jon give talks for money around the country. The canned script is very disengenuous and conveniently leaves out the fact that they earn big bucks from the TV show and speaking engagements. They are not needy people

Anonymous said...

I just want to know how they get to take their children on all of these vacations? They are in this week's US magazine in Hawaii with all of their kids renewing their wedding vows? That is what upsets me. They don't pay for the vacations and Kate complains that it is so hard getting the kids places... It can't be too hard when you don't have to pay for anything. I feel badly for the kids also because they can never get dirty.