What's Kate's Excuse?

It's really hard to tell from a distance what is behind someone's behavior, but like other viewers I've talked to, I think there is an element of abuse or at least ill treatment in Kate's past. That sort of damage to the childhood psyche can manifest itself in several ways -- including coloring everything about how they view their past.

She could now be thinking of herself as having been quite deprived materially, hence the negative comments about how she never got to "go anywhere" growing up. It would be a way to make her a victim while distancing herself from the actual abuse -- if she was abused, it would mean that she was bad and not worthy. If she were simply "poor", it would help let her off the hook.

It could explain her apparent treatment of Jon as merely someone she can control and upon whom she can heap her frustration and disdain.

It could also explain how she seems completely incapable of feeling any maternal bond with her children. Speaking for myself, that bond is incredibly strong and powerful, and while it may not make me a perfect mother, it absolutely prevents me from treating my children the way that Kate treats hers. I could never live with the guilt of thinking that my own cruelty was causing my children emotional distress -- but Kate seems not only unfazed by that thought, she seems totally oblivious to the possibility.

Anyway, who really knows... but Kate's horrible treatment of those around her seem much too pathological to be just a spoiled brat acting out of resentment -- she seems to be acting out hurt and rage that didn't have a place to go when she was a child. Not that I have any sympathy for her; if that's true, there are plenty of adults who cared enough to seek therapy and course correct so as not to perpetuate the cycle.

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