There is No End to the Insanity

I am concerned about their parenting skills as well. Madelyn can't go a week without getting slammed by one or both of her parents. Cara races a scooter (to catch up to her dad's rollerblading) without a helmet. Joel is sick with a stomach bug and a fever and vomits on his comforter. Kate puts him on the floor in the laundry room because he "increased her laundry." (Not that she really completes her own laundry...she has minions who fold, iron and put it away.) She bailed out of her son's "one-on-one" trips, although both parents went with their daughters. She was upset that her son Aaden was not "perfect" when he had to get glasses. Jon mocks Joel's speech impediment. Kate had a tantrum and threw a toy grill down the stairs, and angrily interrogated the boys about a dresser knob. Finally, Kate threatened to throw away Collin's security item because he committed the cardinal sin of getting gum on it.I am sure I can think of more...

The Crayola factory nightmare. Apparently, Kate is an ignorant wench who is unaware that Crayola markers are washable, and have been for at least ten years. And she made the guys delivering her FREE piano remove their shoes... even though it was the same carpeting they removed less than a month later. I do believe men moving pianos are entitled to keep their steel-toed boots on... as a matter of fact, I think it is a law.

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amalficoast1 said...

Joel Gate upset me so much, he is such a sweet little fellow and he gets no love or comfort from his mother when he is sick.
Poor Colin is terrorized by his own mother in the gum gate episode.
These 2 events were watershed moments for me

ellen tang said...

Here's a new gate, animalgate, for movie night I was expecting that they would watch some fun children's movie, but they ended up watching Animal Planet and it seemed that watching the predators capturing and eating other animals was disturbing to them. I'm not passing any judgement, that stuff upsets me too and I'm an adult. Of course those shows are just showing real life, but maybe the kids are a tad young to see that side of life!