Jon and Kate parody

Tom and Trix Plus Six, a Jon and Kate Plus 8 parody, has updated with a new chapter. It's GumGate time!


PineappleHair said...

I hope Jon and Kate read Tom & Trix so they have some idea how they look to the "real world". These two jerkoffs are turning into some of the most vain, self-absorbed people I've ever seen. It seems like they are so into themselves anymore that they couldn't give a crap less about what they're doing to their kids. This is not a normal family! Jon is a lazy doormat and Kate is a first class greedy shrew. Nothing "Christian" about these two, it's shameful.

M.N. said...

I bet they HAVE seen it. Both of them, along with their friends, have been known to show up on various sites to defend the almighty Go$$elin name/business. In fact, there is one person posting on TWoP who I would SWEAR is Kate!